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This Old House: Things to Consider When Moving Into A Retirement Home

The decision to move—whether to transfer to an assisted living community, an independent living community, or to a nursing home—is often only the beginning of what can be a long and challenging journey. Helping someone through this important phase of their life takes a lot of planning.

The Old Place Moving into a retirement home means a person has to leave the current house in exchange for a downsized and more manageable home. For the current home, it might be better to sell it before moving. Working with estate liquidation companies makes this part easier, as they often take care of everything, from selling the house, handling the papers, to moving the furniture and other home items.

Unless the elderly person has family and friends who are willing to help pack and move, hiring professional movers is usually the best choice. The cost will depend on how much stuff they are moving and how far the new place is. The local movers will be the ones to handle everything, from the packing of the furniture and other home products, delivering them to the retirement home, and unpacking them.

The Moving Costs

The New Place Once the elderly person has moved into the new home, there will likely be some spending to improve the home and make it more comfortable for the new dweller. Small home improvements, such as building extra shelves for storage, extra clothes rack in the closet, or a new cupboard may be in order. New appliances may also be needed for the resident’s convenience.

The Old Stuff One of the hardest parts of the moving process is giving away, throwing out, and disposing many of the old possessions and belongings. Many home items are likely a few years old and have sentimental value for the homeowner, so parting with it is understandably difficult. Downsize and deal with the distribution of the belongings early to avoid making moving day a chaos. An estate liquidator often helps with selling the things no longer needed, and a senior move manager can help with all the logistics. The move to a nursing home brings a huge lifestyle change. Do remember that most of it is for the better. Accepting the good things about the move and building upon those will make it a positive experience in the end.


This Old House: Things To Consider When Moving Into A Retirement home