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Man On Bike Development

I went into making the final of this brief with the mindset of ‘I’m just going to do it and if he likes it great, if he doesn’t then at least I’ve attempted it in my own way’. I used a niche visual language that I didn’t think he and his production team were looking for, however I got a great response from the image I submitted to them. This gave me confidence in my practical methodology and how I used the metaphor to communicate the films content. It’s taught me to always go with my instinct, don’t work to what I ‘think’ someone wants from me, and make work that I will enjoy and benefit my practice.

There were edits they wished me to make regarding compositional elements, and the order of credits which was fine. It was great to get an idea of what film students saw as a successful composition regarding a poster. This collaborative process, emailing back and forth has taught me how other creative brains see and work out problems in an entirely different way to me. It’s also helped me, professionalize my ability to refine, pitch and keep in contact with people I’m working with.

After experimenting with colour palettes that I took from film stills as well as my idea of the overall temper of the film, I came to four new designs. As well as the changes to credits, I played with the composition slightly to try and make the poster read more wholly, rather than – top text, image, bottom text.

Matteo’s response was positive but still unsatisfied, as it was clear something just wasn’t right. The re-edits are really easy to do and don’t take too much time out of my day. However, it’s the fact that the project is just rolling over and over which is starting to alarm me. I’ve got so many other briefs currently running along side this one, as well as CoP and tasks for PPP etc… I need to try and get this brief squared off and sent so I can focus on others now.

The changes he asked me to were beneficial, as they taught me how to further experiment with composition to re-enforce the concept – by turning the man upside down reflects his life turned upside down from the accident – that’s so simple but really effective in my opinion. It’s a great chance to learn about external opinions and feelings towards my work and what I do without directly asking for advice. The deadline for this is Sunday which is great as it will be finished within the week, but I just hope it can be finished sooner so I can really get my teeth into the 170 th anniversary / train station mural brief. So far so good though, I’m really enjoying collaborating with a film student to create something that could potentially be printed and put to use.

Man On Bike Development & Refinement Process  
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