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George Burgess DESIGNER Being creative has been a big part of my life and from a young age, I always knew I wanted to be a designer. I was always drawing, sketching, colouring and painting. Around the time I started my GCSE’s is where my passion for design started to develop even further and through to A-Levels, where I was sure I wanted to become a designer. I have now taken my passion through to university level, at Nottingham Trent Universoty, which has taught me to become more free and expressive with my work and has encouraged me to break out my comfort zone and discover new techniques and styles.

SKILLS: Adobe Creative Suite

CAD (Solidworks and AutoCAD)

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Contents Donkey 4 for Isokon Plus Klammer for SCP London Last Orders Tea/Coffee Set Letto For Springvale Leisure Shard Chair For Heal’s Pazzo for Kartell Stat Wear + Hear for Garmin

Donkey 4 for Isokon Plus

Isokon have been devloping the Donkey since 1932, with 3 Donkeys generations being designed since then. For this project, the breif was develop a forth donkey for the range, which would be fit for todays homes and lifestyles, but still keep the Donkey ethos.


WHO Outdated

24- 55

No modern functioality

Medium to High income

Not been redeisgned since 2003

Understanding of design and style Knowledge about Isokon heritage

To make it suitable for 21st Century living


WHERE Must be suitable for manufacture in Plywood

Living Room

Keep the Donkey ethos

Lounge Area

Be more suitable for modern technology and trends

Home Office or Studio

Be portable

IDEATION + CONCEPT The Donkey 4, or the Audio Donkey, is designed to store records, CDs, Books and electronic devices. From primary research I gathered that Isokon users have some sentimental value for items such as records and casettes, which is what gave me the idea for record storage.


Klammer for SCP London

SCP London are renowned for their minimal, quirky aesthetic. Founded in 1985 as a distrubutor for high quality, stylish furniture, SCP London have now branched out to designing and manufacutring of their own product lines. For this project, the breif was to create an innovative lamp, which keeps the style of SCP and thier ethos.


WHO Smaller Homes= Smaller Furniture

24- 55 Medium to High income

Saving space on the desk


Non stylish alternatives


Prefer a certain quality and style in their homes

WHERE Must be a lamp

Living Room

Must fit the SCP style

Lounge Area

Have an innovative feature

Home Office or Studio


FINAL PROTOTYPE The Klammer, meaning clamp in German, is a minimalist lamp which clamps to the side of your desk, saving space, with no bulky bases. Its sleek Ash finish shows quality and elegance and its LED panel gives an ambient light perfect for work. The steel clip strong, yet non damaging to the desk.

Last Orders Tea/Coffee Set

Part of my families heritage was an old pub that had been owned by my family for 3 generations. Unfortunatly it has now been turned into houses, which is what inspired this project. This project is based around highlighting the closure and reuse of traditional pubs in Britian. The set is designed to keep the memory of the pub alive and keep it going with in the home.


WHO Highlight the closure

Pub goers

Highlighting the reuse

Those who have memories of the pub

keeping the memories

Those who want to keep the pub alive


WHERE Must have an element of casting

Living Room

Must use an element of timber

Lounge Area

Must convey a narrative



This project was based around narrative, so every item had to have some sort of meaning. all the items are based around the pub but all have different meanings. The coasters hold picutes, keeping memories, the sugar tray is cast from concrete, highlighting the demolition of old pubs and resembles and ashtray, the pint glass is the symbol of the pub, but is slightly distorted, which is showing the reuse of traditional pubs and the tray brings all the items together, like the pub.

Pint Glass Cast Pint glass which is slightly off set in the mould.

Sugar Tray Resembles and ash tray but holds sugar instead. Notch allows for spoon holding.

Memory Coaster Allows you to store photos within the coaster by sliding them open.

Serving Tray Brings all the items together, like the pub

Final Prototype

Letto for Springvale Leisure

Springvale Lesiure provide furniture and upholstry for some of the largest static and non-static caravan companies in the UK, along with contracted funiture for hotels and department stores, such as Harrods. The breif was to develop the standard 3 fold sofa bed for a chosen target market.


WHO Standard 3 fold is awkward to use

60+ Comfortably Retired

Has a very bulky system

1-2 birth caravan

Needs developing


WHERE Must fit in a caravan space


Must be suitable for 60+


Must have a nicer system


Mechanisms The Letto use a hydraulic mechanism, which allows it to to move smoothly and with little force applied. It is arrange in a similar way to window hinge so that the back it self stay on the same axis, meaning it doest have to be moved away from the wall in order to fold flat.

Final Concept

Shard Chair for Heal’s

Heal’s is one of the largest high end furniture stores in the UK, stocking prestigoues brands from around the world. Heal’s arent just a furniture store, they also design and manufacture their own furniture to sell in the stores. This breif was about creating a piece of furniture, which suits their style and can be manufactured by them.


WHO A new product was needed

“Core Cosmopolitans”

Fresh Ideas

Aged 25-34

Give youngers a chance to have thier idea’s commercially manufactured

1.4 million potential customers with in 23 minutes of the store


WHERE Must suit the style of the Heal’s store

Living room

Must be suitable for the “Core Cosmopolitan” client base

London Apartment

Must be able to be manufactured by them

Smaller area’s but still stylish

IDEATION + CONCEPT The concpet for the Shard Chair is that it is suitable for a couple to sit on and/or cuddle or relax together. It takes inspiration from Scandinavian design and architectural structure.

Final Prototype

Pazzo for Kartell

Pazzo is the product of self expression and experimentation within my own design process. For this project, the focus was around online furniture retail and being able to create a product which would be able to be sold on an onlien store and then be packaged and posted to the customer, but still create a product that was sleek and stylish.


WHO Experimenting with shapes

24- 55 High income

Exploring Memphis design


Exploring a new design route


Have a quirky style

WHERE Must be a piece of furniture

Living Room

Must fit with Kartell

Lounge Area

Should be quirky

Home Office or Studio


Pazzo uses a collaboration of simple, Plywood shapes, inspired by Memphis design in order to create a quirky, yet functional, coffee table. The design perfectly fits Kartells bizarre style and ethos, but its subtle enough to fit a modern home and still be able to be sold online and packaged.


Stat Wear + Hear for Garmin

Isokon have been devloping the Donkey since 1932, with 3 Donkeys generations being designed since then. For this project, the breif was develop a forth donkey for the range, which would be fit for todays homes and lifestyles, but still keep the Donkey ethos.


WHO Utilising wearable technology

Active people

Cheaper alternative

People who want/need a training aid profesional athletes

Appealing to casual actives


WHERE Must be suitable to fit on the body Must be waterproof/sweatproof Must be suitable for Garmin

Outdoor Gym Home


Stat Wear is a combined training aid and media centre for casual or proffessional actives. Stat wear consist of a smart skin containing sensors, which monitor heart rate, body tempreture and calouries burnt. It also contains 16gb of storage for music and media allowing you to listen to music while training with the combined Stat Hear.


Thank you for your time! Contact M: 07807466219 E:

2nd Year Portfolio 31/06/17  

Compilation of 2nd year and 1st year work

2nd Year Portfolio 31/06/17  

Compilation of 2nd year and 1st year work