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Pazzo for

kartell the brief for this project was to create a piece of furniture for an online retailer or brand. we had to design the furniture taking into account the style of the brand, ethos and target market. .

With its Memphis inspiration and minimalist aesthetic, the Pazzo is the perfect blend of style and formality. Sleek powder coated Steel legs supporting Maple table tops, form the basis of the Pazzo allowing it to be structurally sound and stable. The Pazzo uses only the finest sourced Steel and Maple and crafted using high quality, Industry standard machinery to achieve such a stunning finish. Over weeks of intense designing, modelling, testing and prototyping, I created this absolutely beautiful piece that not only looks gorgoues but also performs brilliantly.

02 the idea for this project was to create a product which utilised a new or developing technology, which would be able to solve a problem which I had investigated. for this project I decided to look into wearable technology. i looked into various problems including sustainablity, anti-socialness and fitness. fitness is something that i was most interested in.


the Klammer for


the klammer, german for clip, was inspired out of bauhaus, with its minimalist style and efficient design. the klammer features a clip system that clips to the side of the desk, keeping the desk area free from bulky bases.

the Klammer space is becoming a larger and larger problem in todays modern urban society, meaning homes are becoming smaller and smaller. the idea for the klammer was to utilise more of your desk space in a small home office. the lamp does this by having a clip system which clamps to the side of your desk, freeing up precious desk space.


Penguin Donkey



Isokon use plywood and cnc to create useful and quirky storage units Called Donkeys. the breif was to redesign the donkey for todays market and uses, but still keeping the donkey aspect and isokon ethos.

Donkey 4 Most of the project was more modelling based as it was important to get a really good understading into the what my donkey wopuld be used for and if it would function in the intended way. modelling was both carried out in physical 3d forms and CAD modelling. for my donkey i focused on the storage of audio products, mainly vinyl, as i felt this was a unique concept for the donkeys.

Portfolio 1/12/16