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Internet Marketing Tools: 5 More Ways to Win with YouTube This is our second post re: YouTube and another 5 ways to use this marketing tool to successfully promote firms or products with only a limited budget. Many businesses are now utilizing YouTube to create more special relationships with their list, build awareness with a base of new people, share information and grow business leads – thus taking advantage of this outstanding marketing tactic. YouTube can help any business – even those relatively inexperienced with the internet – with practical advertising uses and multiple benefits. Here is another 5 ways to use YouTube for businesses. Five Marketing Tips that Integrate YouTube 1. Add your YouTube URLs to all your marketing materials You can’t forget to add your YouTube URLs to every print marketing material and other online marketing tools you have in your business. For instance, you could add your YouTube URL on your business cards, letterhead, print newsletters, brochures or magazine/newspaper ads… even tattoo it on your arm. When you meet prospects at network events, be sure to mention your firm has videos on YouTube and give them a brief (seconds) elevator speech on why they should check you out there. 2. Identify your YouTube URL in each of your social network profiles. Your business uses SEO marketing tools to optimize your landing pages for search engines. Similarly, your social network profiles should be optimized. How do you do that? Obviously, you link to your official website wherever possible, and link to your YouTube videos in your profile wherever possible. That gives social network users an additional way to engage with your company, to increase or strengthen relationships and enhance lead generation. 3. In your social media posts include links to your videos. Whatever internet marketing tools you use—(blog, website, social network, etc.) —you can integrate YouTube video when you want to enhance participation, start conversation or make a commentary by producing more framework for your visitors.

Internet Marketing Tools

Internet Marketing Tools: 5 More Ways to Win with YouTube 4.

Display company information in every video including name, URL, phone number and email address. Similar to other media, this gives YouTube users an additional way back to your site, blogs, articles, etc. to engage with your company and learn more about you and deepen a relationship with you. 5. Create how-to videos to help your customers use your product or service. Sometimes it’s hard to get a feel for exactly what a product does simply by looking at images or reading copy. People want to see it in action to better understand if it’s easy to use or not. It also gives them confidence that even if they misuse the product they can review the video and “get it right.” If you liked these marketing tips, then read on… Small business owners that want to increase prospects, improve revenue and retain customers use automated marketing tools & templates for maximum impact & results. Will Brennan created a web online marketing tools and email marketing tool kit, which provides hundreds of tools, tips and tricks for those who would like to take control of moving their business forward by themselves without using expensive consultants or reading outdated eBooks or attending too-long seminars. Get the full story & reap the rewards Today at: Share your marketing tips by leaving a comment on how your business uses YouTube.

Internet Marketing Tools

Internet Marketing Tools 5 More Ways To Win With Youtube