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Auxiliary View Drawings This project shows the use of auxiliary views drawn to display parts in a needed way converted from two separate views.

Auxiliary View This project displays the use of auxiliary view to properly dimension and show all the attributes of a part.

Bearing Locator This project expresses the use of auxiliary and section views as well as the proper dimensioning and format to show everything needed for the part.

Oblique Sketches This project represents oblique sketches used to show all aspects of a part in one view converted from two standard views.

Problem 7-10 This project illustrates the use of datums to show how different areas of a part are relative to other areas of the same part.

Section View Drawing This project introduces how to represent a part as different types of section views.

Section Views This project demonstrates the use of different section views in order to display certain aspects of individual parts.

Sheet Metal Drawing This project shows sheet metal being used as the building material for a part.

Flat Pattern

This project reveals the use of sheet meatal as the building material of a flat pattern part converted from the original.

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