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Monthly News JULY 2011

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Wigan Chapter held its May Dinner meeting at the Oak Hotel. The guest speaker was Aaron Wilde from Aylesbury. Prior to the main speaker Phil Clough gave a short testimony of his childhood experiences. Having grown up in a Christian home, he simply Phil Clough accepted and believed the things he was told. Phil was a very shy boy, and found it difficult to ‘get involved.’ After a call for prayer, his sister literally ‘took’ him to the front of the church. When the minister prayed for him, he felt as if the top of his head was being peeled back, and the Spirit of God being poured into him. He was baptized with the Holy Spirit, and spoke in tongues as the Spirit gave him utterance. Since then, Lord has kept him faithful in all the difficulties of his life. Bob Mathie, who runs his own Music shop in St Helens, led the praise and worship, setting a spiritual tone for the whole meetBob Mathie ing with various well loved and known choruses.

Mar 12:17

Stuart Jones Chapter President invited our quest speaker, Aaron, to tell of his experiences in coming to Christ. Aaron told his story in a simple, humorous, down to earth, ‘tell it like it was’, sort of way. He said that he had grown up in a rough part of London, avoiding any ‘Christian’ contacts, and became acquainted with drugs from an early age. But, when he was 13 years old, he became addicted to them. He spent most of his teenage years living in a drugged up stupor, stealing from his family, friends and any hapless victim. He used any means to get money to feed his habit – including the ‘Gas man’ or ‘Water Board’ scams. Eventually, his drug dealer of-

Aaron Wilde and Dave Clarke (Vice President)

WIGAN Monday 27 June 2011 th

And Jesus answering said unto them, Render to Caesar the things that are Caesar's, and to God the things that are God's

Bernard Cocker Mercure, Oak Hotel, Orchard Street WIGAN Contact

Stuart Jones 01942 495 316 or 07980 536 566

fered him a job as a ‘runner’ for him, paying Aaron with packets of drugs. One day Aaron offered to clean the windows of a lady he had met – for £20.00. As he was cleaning the windows, the lady offered to pray for him. When she did, God instantly took away the Stuart Jones desire for drugs. He was visited by the Church Pastors the same day, and gave his life to Christ. Nevertheless, he struggled for a while to get free from smoking ‘weed’. In time, God met with Aaron, and took away the craving, setting him completely free. He no longer has any desire for drugs what so ever, and walks in the Spirit on a daily basis. Aaron now enjoys a ministry of telling his story, and praying for the sick. After a public prayer of commitment, four young men stood up, and came to the front to acknowledge the surrender of their lives to Christ. The sick were prayed for, and the Lord was present to heal. The Lord’s presence was evident throughout the whole meeting, and everyone went on their way feeling satisfied and blessed.

Aylesbury Saturday 9th July Breakfast with Guest Speaker

John Harrison The Bell Hotel, Market Square, Winslow, MK18 3AB Contact John on 01296 336712 or 01296 712618

What you said about the Morecambe Conference “It was a very fantastic day, and the ministry was very good. The Lord really spoke to me, and encouraged me.” Jonathan Lawrence “I found the Workshop to be very uplifting, and enjoyed every minute of it. It was a very good meeting, especially the ministry, and the worship. Thank you to the organisers and ministries.” Julian Bosy David Clarke: “A great day! I was blessed with the word, and particularly blessed when the invitation was given to go forward for prayer. The anointing of God which was poured out upon me broke stuff off me.” David Clarke “The day’s ministry was conducted in the liberty of the Spirit to the benefit of all who attended.” Jon Copland

Businessmen’s Fellowship UK Autumn Conference Almondvale Stadium, Livingston 9th-11th September 2011


John Harrison

Seved Savedson

David Walker

Friday only: £25 Saturday only: £35 Sunday only: £25 Full Weekend: £75 Prices include all meals and refreshments.


BMF Outreach Kenya, Saturday 30th July Saturday 6th August

Steven Turnbull, 1 Muirfield Drive, Uphall, West Lothian EH52 6BU Tel: 07785 721454 Email:

By Stephen Jefferies th

Wednesday 15 June the BMF Vision was shared with 50 Pastors and leaders in Gikambura (Kenya). In the sharing of the Vision, 1Cor.11: 3 was referred to where the bible says that the head of every man is Christ…most women are married to headless men because many men have not received Christ their head! A pastor in the group stood and talked about a vision he saw last august. In it he saw many smart women going to church. What shocked him was that all of them had no heads! He did not understand the meaning of the vision. He later talked about it with the same pastors and leaders who were present in this meeting. No one could tell him the meaning…they now all got the interpretation. They are eager to attend the open–air lunch meetings in July onwards and to invite unsaved men

Sunday 19th June the BMF Vision was shared with around 10,000 men in a church in Kenya. They were excited about the vision and many wanted to join BMF

Jesus as their Saviour at the Lubaga (Uganda) Outreach on Saturday 25th June, 22 men present. Two believers present joined the Gayaza Chapter For the Tallinn (Estonia) Outreach on BMF Kenya is now a registered soci- Wednesday 15th June…a lot of healings, ety (as of Friday 27th May) with the name words of knowledge, 30 people attending ‘Business Men's Fellowship Kenya Association’ which allows the Fellowship to get a permanent entry permit to the 93 men’s prisons and to work effectively with some Answer Chiefs and government institutions New Features For the one hundred and twenty Intensifying men and four women who responded to the vision! the salvation call at a BMF meeting in th Nyeri (Kenya) on Saturday 25 June, 130 men and 10 women attending. Plans are now underway to start Chapters everywhere those men came from For the six men who acknowledged


July 2011 BMF Monthly News  

Business Men’s Fellowship (UK) PO Box 679 Whitley Bay England United Kingdom NE26 9AX Tel: 0845 519 2473 And Jesus answering said unto them,...

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