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Cloud Service Platform for Field Sensor Network

Agriculture SOS Station

Satellite Wather Station Box



SOS Station


Wather Station Box



SOS Station

Internet Wather Station Box



Cloud Service Platform for Field Sensor Network

GPRS Researcher

SOS Station



Wather Station Box

SSG ( Sensor Service GRID)



SSG provides a cloud service for constructing field sensor telemetry system in a minutes. You can start field monitoring immediately without complicated development and maintenance jobs.

SOS Station

Wather Station Box



Field Sensor

SSG on Cloud


A small node called SOS Station collects your sensor data at remote fields and sync to SSG. Then SSG archives, visualizes sensor data on the internet.

SSG takes care of complicated back-end processing required for telemetry system, such as server setup & maintenance, metadata management, archiving, visualization, data export, user management, sending command to sensor nodes under private IP or firewall environment, and etc. Convenient API to access sensor data and metadata from Java, VB, Ruby, makes it easy to develop higher level applications. The API is based on the international standard on sensor data; SOS (Sensor Observation Service). SSG comes with “Open” , “International Standard” , “Plug&Play” and “Cloud Service” to minimize the cost and time while maximizing easiness for field sensor network development and operation.


SSG comes with the concept of Sensor Plug & Play It requires less than 10 minutes to setup the whole system including sensor configuration and activation to SSG. Sensor observations are seamlessly retrieved, processed, integrated and delivered to end users on demand. This will achieve easy installation of sensors, archiving of sensor data, and graphical user-friendly visualization and publishing by anyone. Also adding sensor and changing sensor configuration is easy. You can change sensor configuration on web interface. Visualization & GIS Interface We provide a user-friendly GIS visualization interface which shows the location of devices on web-maps. It also shows the data from various kinds of sensors and weather-stations in easy-to-understand graphs and dials. Any Network Anywhere It works under any network environment. SOS station sends, receives data and command even from private network, behind firewall, mobile phone network, satellite internet. This system can work from very remote places in the World. Open Sensor Network for Applications The SSG provides a platform for ubiquitous and open sensor networks. The queries and response to/from sensor nodes are based on standardized XML. Purpose specific applications can be easily developed by obtaining sensor data through standard XML interface or through convenient Java API. Sensor manufacturer can easily make their sensors to “plug & play� using data feeder template program.

What is SOS Station? Field Side Agent Box which is connected with sensors. The SOS Station has the capability to collect data from several types of weather stations and data loggers. Once deployed in the field, the SOS Station can be used to register sensors and device at the SSG central servers. The sensor set can be added or changed easily with a user-friendly interface. Once registered, the SOS Station can be controlled and configured remotely from the SSG itself. The SOS Station has been made resilient to overcome firewalls and NATs, so that sensor data can be sent from any kind of Internet connection. The SOS Station has its own webserver, which is capable of displaying sensor data and images in the local network even if connection to the SSG is lost.

WHO SHOULD USE SSG ? Users / Sensor Data

SOS Station

SOS Station Owners

Sync Sensor Data Internet

Internet Wather Station Linux Box

User Interface Fieldserver

Control / Configuration Sensor

SSG Server

Control / Configuration Sensor O&M data

Do you want your field observation be real-time ? SOS station collects data from your sensors and send to SSG central server real-time. Your data logger / sensor may be listed in our sensor P&P list, then just plug-in. Otherwise we will help you to write a small program "data-feeder"

Do you use Multiple Sensor/Data Logger System ? SSG takes care of multiple sensor/ data logger and manage data in a unified database.

Do you want to share and publish sensor data on the Internet ? You will have a full-control on your data on SSG server. You can open to everyone, or limit access only to your group members. You do not need to run your servers. You will be released from hectic server management job.

Do you develop applications on your sensor data ? Applications to analyze sensor data is your final goal. SSG server publish data using international standard protocol. Convenient API will help you to develop a Web application or stand alone application.!

Are you a solution provider for real-time monitoring system ? !

Scietific field observation ? Agriculture ? Property Security ?

! SSG is ideal for back-end system for real-time field sensor applications. It works as a field sensor middle-wear. SSG takes care of the foundation of real-time publishing service. You can focus on field sensor configuration and application development using SSG API for your cusotmer.

Do you want to run SSG server in your company for security reasons ? ! Contact us. We provide SSG license with installation service.


SOS STATION SUPPORT User Friendly Interface

User Friendly Interface

Data Visualization

Data Visualization Geo-Information


Archive Data From Remote Site


Synchronize Data From Remote Site to Central Server (SSG) Remote Observation Setting

Device Template Support

Control Remote Data Acquisition through SSG Sensor Plug & Play

Lacrosse Weather Station GPS with Serial Interface Decagon Data Logger

SOS Station Group Management Serial Interface Storage Management

Schedule on Clean Space

Sensor Template Support

CSV Data File Download

TCP/IP Interface Database Interface

Data Download XML Data File Download Storage Management Sensor Meta Data Management

Manage Information on Sensor eg. Name, Location, Unit of Measurement, Conversion Equation etc.

Schedule on Clean Space Sensor Meta Data

SSG Synchronization Sensor Data

Standard Query Interface

SOS Interface Sensor Meta Data Management

JAVA API, Ruby, .NET, JavaScript

Manage Information on Sensor eg. Name, Location, Unit of Measurment, Conversion Equation etc.

User Management Standard Query Interface

Set Up Log Revision Management

SOS Interface JAVA API, Ruby, .NET, JavaScript

Data Log User Management Status Log Set Up Log E-Mail Alert Service Revision Management

Status Monitoring

Data Log

Status Visualization Status Log Private IP Data Acquisition Over Varieties of Network

E-Mail Alert Service Firewall

Status Monitoring Status Visualization

Satellite Start/Stop Sensor Monitoring via Web Interface Start/Stop Sensor Monitoring via Web Interface Device Control

Device Control Camera Control via Web Interface

Camera Control via Web Interface Security

User Authentication

Upgrade Software (Optional Service)


User Authentication

Upgrade Software (Optional Service)

Geomove contributes to the betterment of society and people’s life through its advanced technologies in geospatial science specialized in field sensor network, geo-science numerical simulation, high-performance computing, remote sensing and GIS data analysis and system development

Geomove Co., Ltd. 99 Moo 1 Banna Banna Nakhonnayok, Thailand website: e-mail: Twitter: geomove Facebook: geomove

EXAMPLE APPLICATIONS ON SSG SSG contributes to agriculture broadcasting Food Safety information SENSOR STATION AT SPINACH FIELD CHIANGDAO A spinach field monitoring system has been setup near Chiang Mai, Thailand which collects various sensor data and sends them to a restaurant in Tokyo. SSG helps to construct this kind of system quickly and low cost. This system is an ideal example to bridge agricultural producers in Thailand and consumers in Japan through real time sensor monitoring

Spinach Monitoring on Mobile We developed a mobile web application for Spinach Field Monitoring in Japanese. SSG provides easy access through its API to applications. Users can see: - Live! in spinach field - History of weather within one week - Spinach story, Station story, etc. on their mobile phones from

SSG contributes to Flight Safety

AIR ROUTE MONITORING A weather station and a camera were set at a ridge of Annapurna, Himalayas, Nepal to provide air route weather and visibility information to air controller and pilots. This project is under cooperation with Nepal wireless.

Khopra monitoring station 3600 m. high in the Annapurna and The interface Link to the page:

SSG Brochure  
SSG Brochure  

Overview of SSG and Some example of applications.