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Health Problems

Products to help with chronic health problems and mobility issues If you suffer from chronic health problems you are not alone, recent statistics from the USA claimed that 60% of the population suffer from at least one chronic condition. With an ageing population that percentage is likely to increase, at Life Comfort Products we are anxious to ensure that the increase in life expectancy is matched by an increase in quality of life and specialise in manufacturing products, especially adjustable beds and rise and recline chairs, that improve comfort and reduce the impact of chronic health problems. We have lots of experience in manufacturing products for clients with chronic health problems and mobility issues and our adjustable beds and riser recliner chairs feature powerful reliable motors with really easy to operate controls allowing complete personal adjustment to suit our clients requirements. In addition to bespoke adjustable beds and riser recliner chairs we offer a full range of products for clients with chronic health problems at our online store lcmobility.

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Do You Want To Eliminate Back Pain After Sleeping? At Life Comfort Products we can manufacture superb quality electric adjustable beds, perfect for helping you prevent back pain after sleeping. Our unique Comfort Care Sleep System ensures our made to measure adjustable beds guarantee back pain after sleeping will be a thing of the past, our beds are known for being the best bed for bad back problems. Back pain after sleeping can become aggravating and may prevent you from enjoying life to the full. Our adjustable beds can bring great benefits for your health by preventing back pain after sleeping. Independent adjustment of the head and foot sections result in you achieving your perfect sleeping position, eliminating back pain after sleeping. Contact us for a FREE colour brochure today and let back pain after sleeping become a thing of the past.

Click Here To Contact Us If You Have Back Pain After Sleeping With one of Life Comforts adjustable beds uniquely manufactured for your needs you need never have back pain after sleeping again. They are made to measure, to suit you and you alone using proven technology to reduce night time tossing and turning, ensuring you wake up feeling energised and better able to deal with life's ups and downs. Our electric adjustable beds and mattress feature a powerful, extremely reliable motor, providing the independent adjustment of head and foot sections at the press of a button. We have virtually unlimited design options and fabric choices to make choosing the perfect adjustable beds to prevent back pain after sleeping an absolute pleasure, and what's more we offer great service, free delivery and considerate after care, covered by our product guarantee, if you have back pain after sleeping, we are here to help. Contact us today to see how choosing from the range of back pain after sleeping eliminating adjustable beds from the market leaders, Life Comfort Products, can make your life more comfortable!

Health problems  

Products to help with chronic health problems and mobility issues