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Whitehall and surrounding areas pick up & set down arrangements for Taxis London2012 Horse Guards Parade IOC people will be dropped by Tilt Yard (The Horseguards Parade Arch) Taxis will need a Local access permit, which we have agreed will be confirmed by LOCOG Marshalls who will look directly at drivers Mobile Data terminals to gain validation and to confirm that they actually have been booked by someone inside the “closed” area assuming the passenger (whether it is a set down or a pick up the passenger must themselves have an authorization to be in the closed zone: For example if the passengers business or place of work is in the zone or if they are part of the Olympic family:All taxi radio circuits are sending“screen shots”of their data terminals so as to verify they have a bona fide trip pick up or set down. LOCOG/TfL so that they can train their security marshals to recognize these: Any access which is given in Whitehall the set down will be strictly the Eastern side of the road of Whitehall/Parliament Street only; most likely any pick-ups will need to be restricted to meeting at the security barrier in Horseguards Ave. West side of Whitehall will only be for IOC family and volunteer driven London2012 BMW’s The Horseguards Ave check point to get in will be one check point a check point will be Parliament St junction with Whitehall (Nth Bound) additionally there will be a closure/checkpoint at Whitehall Southbound approx. 50 – 100 metres from Trafalgar Square. Only real entrance will be Horseguards Ave. Map of routes from Victoria Embankment into Horseguards Ave

From East to West (Southbound) Vic Embankment no right turn into Northumberland Ave, nor into Horseguards Ave only access is going all way to Parliament Sq. back along Victoria Embankment and then Left turn into Horseguards east bound (north) only. To get from Trafalgar Square to Horseguards Ave to pick up will be difficult. It will entail going up to Piccadilly along to Hyde Park Corner, down Grosvenor Place, around Bressenden Place to Victoria Street along to Parliament Square into Victoria Embankment and then left turn into Horseguards Ave. Diary of Closures and re-openings 18 June 2012 onwards the Mall and Horseguards Rd. closed From 25th June Constitution Hill & Birdcage Walk along with Whitehall will be closed except for Buses. Whitehall does not re-open until 10th Aug.temporarily. Birdcage Walk & Constitution Hill re-opens on 15th Aug. temporarily Then Whitehall, Constitution Hill and Birdcage Walk then all close again for the Paralympic Games from 25th August until 11/12th September The Mall will remain closed all the way up until the end of September The Road torch events with local closures will be 26th July On 28/29 July the Cycle road race will go down the Mall, Knightsbridge, Fulham, Putney, Richmond and then Kingston. The route will be supplied Aug 2nd the Triathlon will take place and go through Hyde Park Corner A handbook will be issued to every London Taxi driver Luke Howard suggested a possible further Radio Circuits meeting th


The 4 and 7 Aug.will be the Triathlon with Hyde Park Corner closed in the morning till mid-afternoon. Aug 5, 12th and Sep 9 will be the Paralympic Marathons in north of Central London

London2012 Whitehall taxi pick up arrangements  

A guide of where your pre ordered taxi can pick up or set down near to the Beach Volley ball facility at Whitehall and Horseguards Parade