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OLYMPIC UPDATE ....................... Welcome to the ‘Fun and Games’

FROM MID-JUNE traffic will be affected throughout the summer until late September i.e. not just for the duration of the Olympic Games themselves. There will be road events, concerts, security cordons as well as free events and the Olympics Arts Festival and a myriad of other Olympics-associated events going on all over London. It is worth noting that all distances to and from London are measured from Charing Cross, which is the east side of Trafalgar Square – this is considered to be the ‘centre’ of London. Thus, the first road closures to be implemented will take place around The Mall and Trafalgar Square. One of the direct consequences of these Central London road closures will be that all journeys that go from one side of town to the other will take longer or will involve a more circuitous route. It is safe to say that from Monday 18th June ‘normal’ service in London will effectively be suspended for three months. Remember that taking a longer route can sometimes save you time, money and raised blood pressure! If in doubt, please feel free to consult your friendly cab driver en route, about the specific route taken. THE FOLLOWING IS A DIARY OF CLOSURES AND RE-OPENINGS FOR CENTRAL LONDON AND A MAP OF THE AFFECTED AREA FOR REFERENCE: • 18th June onwards the Mall and Horse Guards Road will be closed. • From 25th June Constitution Hill and Birdcage Walk along with Whitehall will be closed except for buses. • Whitehall will re-open temporarily on 10th August. • Birdcage Walk and Constitution Hill will re-open, temporarily on 15th August. • Whitehall, Constitution Hill and Birdcage Walk will all close again for the Paralympic Games from 25th August until 12th September. • The Mall will remain closed until the end of September.

• The Road ‘Olympic Torch’ Event will be on 26th July, with local closures in place. • On 28th and 29th July the Cycle road race will encompass the Mall, Knightsbridge, Fulham, Putney, Richmond and Kingston. Road closures will be supplied nearer the event. • The 4th and 7th August will be the Triathlon Events in Hyde Park. Hyde Park Corner will be closed from the morning until mid-afternoon. • On 5th and 12th August and 9th September the Olympic and Paralympic Marathons will be held in central London. Road closures will be supplied nearer the event. Normally, in late July when the schools break up for the summer, transport journeys in London fall by approximately 15%. With the Olympics taking place this summer, there is a campaign to reduce traffic by 30% to help accommodate the Olympics family travel times and to try and make it a safer environment for the expected influx of spectators and visitors to London. Below is a reminder of the advice being given to employers and employees. If you have yet to put any measures in place, please read the advice below and see if it prompts a discussion that might reduce your stress levels whilst the Games are taking place! REDUCE NON- ESSENTIAL TRIPS AND MINIMISE DISRUPTION TO YOUR STAFF, VISITORS AND SUPPLIERS: • Encourage staff to work from home or an alternative location. • Allow staff to work compressed weeks, for example, work five ‘normal’ days compressed into four longer days. • If possible, encourage staff to take annual leave. • Reduce the number of journeys made during the working day. • Where possible, use alternative methods for meetings, like conference calls, video conferencing and web conferencing. RETIME ESSENTIAL JOURNEYS TO AVOID BUSY PERIODS: • Change working hours so staff avoid the busiest times on transport networks. • If possible, change core hours of operation. • Stagger staff start and finish times to provide flexibility. • Schedule appointments for less busy times of the day. • Shift meetings to less busy days. RE-ROUTE ESSENTIAL JOURNEYS TO AVOID BUSY AREAS: • Avoid busy stations and roads during the Games. • Finding alternative meeting points that are less affected by the Games will make things easier for you. REVISE MODE – USE A DIFFERENT TYPE OF TRANSPORT: • Avoid the busy transport network and walk or cycle during the Games.

Olympic Traffic and road closures update from Radio Taxis  

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