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Community Café

Newsletter Autumn // 2010

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The fun and frivolities of the Community Café return after the summer break. Join us on the 17th of September. Don’t miss out on Lincoln’s best kept secret.

Head of Science Rupert Fairweather alias Neil Farrow and Head Teacher Tony Bartlett (Phil Bowman) celebrate the schools triumph in the inter county Hockey finals. At May’s school dinners event.

The Dragon Of Nocton ******* The Urban Scrawl/Graffiti Art by Neil Lannon *****

THE BIG DRAW Saturday 23rd October ***** The return of the Community Café September 17th *****

What’s on at Hello IMParters! 2010, England at its best, football aside. First, a real winter and now a proper summer! It’s wonderful and we deserve it! Here at IMPart we’ve continued with improvements for your No.1 community venue – We’ve got new tables, a baby changing unit, new kitchen appliances and the garden is looking stunningly beautiful! The Community Café and the Community Sing have been a popular addition to our services bringing people of all ages and walks of life together whilst showing off and sharing the many hidden creative talents that wander amongst us! As most of you know IMPart is an independent non-profit social enterprise that is purely run by volunteers who give their time and support in kind. Due to relocation and change of work patterns we have lost two valued members of our administrative team that is the vital backbone in continuing our service provision. Therefore, we are looking for 2 people who can spare a few hours on a Tuesday (10.30-3pm). If you are interested in joining us, please contact Marion for more information. Happy times and best wishes, Marion

July - September CEILIDH Friday 2nd July 8pm—11pm LCG—LINCOLN CRAFT GROUP Friday 9th July & 3rd September 6.30pm—9.30pm The perfect place to meet like-minded people, share ideas, ask questions and work on your craft project BEGINNERS IMPROVERS PAINTING IN ACRYLIC Monday 6th September 7pm—9pm 6 weekly sessions commencing on the 6th Sept For further details contact Phil on / 07720810468 TINY TIGERS TODDLER GROUP Starting on Wednesday 8th September For further details contact Caroline on 01522 568557 IMPart’s ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING Friday 10th September at 6pm Followed by the ANNUAL EXHIBITION PREVIEW IMPart ANNUAL EXHIBITION Saturday 11th September 10am-3pm IMPart COMMUNITY CAFÉ Friday 17th September Starts at 6.30pm Delicious hot food, bar and great entertainment

The Dragon of Nocton

Urban Scrawl/Unbridled Art form Neil Lannon

My job at artsNK’s visual arts team created a fantastic opportunity for IMPart to get involved in one of artsNK’s community projects in May 2010. The Spires and Steeples Arts & Heritage Trail connecting the villages from Lincoln Cathedral to Sleaford St Denys’ Church in Sleaford was launched with the support of countywide partnerships in May 2008. The trail celebrates the unique beauty of artworks, most of them created by residents through community projects, landscape, history and heritage along the route. Since then, every year in May the trail gets recognition by staging a diverse range of activities and festivals along the Spires & Steeples route. This year, Rhubarb Theatre along with Liam Robinson, the Mini Morris Company, has been commissioned to work with schools in Potterhanworth and Nocton and devised a selection of short drama & music pieces based on the unique stories and landscape surrounding the two villages on the trail. In one of the tales, the children of the villages chased a dragon who landed in the woodlands of Nocton in desperate search of a safe refuge to rest and lay her eggs. The frightened residents built up enough courage to approach the intimidating intruder only to find that its arrival could prove a blessing for their lives. That year, the villagers were fighting for survival as an unusually fierce and never-ending winter had diminished their reserves of fire wood. They struck a deal and while the villagers of Nocton promised to protect the dragon from her pursuers, the dragon in return kept them warm and their fires lit for the rest of the winter. In the dawn of spring the dragon buried her eggs in the clearing close by the church raised her wings and was never seen again. The people of Nocton though are still waiting for the eggs to hatch. If you ever go that way, see if you can find them. The creation of the dragon as a major prop for the performance was fun and an ideal and exciting occasion for IMPart volunteers to work together and in partnership on a piece of community art, enabling an enthusiasm that is simply infectious. The IMPart dragon team consisted of Suzy Omelia, Neil Farrow and Neil Lannon who worked hard and beautifully alongside me to meet the tight deadline and we enjoyed the performance on a glorious sunny May Bank Holiday. Check out the photo gallery on


In the world today, is there a more controversial art genre than street art (or graffiti, as preferred)? Probably not. Preconceptions and misconceptions are popular with the subject of graffiti. Whether the apparent mindless vandalism that plagues the walls of troubled neighbourhoods or the frustrating scratches across train windows, graffiti is an art that forces itself on people. Not waiting for the gallery space or chance exposure but rather forcefully thrust on the unsuspecting public. However, behind what is perceived to be one of the diseases of over-population lies a vast subculture to which many are religious in their dedication. Often, graffiti is directly linked to other subcultures and music types such as Hip-Hop and B-boyism, or to youthful criminals and territorial street gangs. Although its routes may originate there, the modern street art scene is a law unto itself without any kind of prejudice – neither racial or cultural. And contrary to public perception, participants range from every imaginable social background, and this crescendo of cultures is replicated on a global scale creating an international family and movement, of which I am proud to be a part. As diverse as the artists are, so too are the styles, concepts, visions and motivations, with the argument eternally remaining about the balance between the illegal vandalism and property defacement, and the creativity of expression with a spray-can. This may come as a surprise to many, but the anarchistic 'spit in the face of society' attitude that is believed to govern graffiti writers, is not so common. Today, street art is at its height of public recognition with graffiti originated designs populating both fashion and graphic trends, and street artists such as Banksy and Shepard Fairey becoming household names with high profile commissions and equally high profile appreciations. But behind the public facade which artists like these have created for themselves, the scene thrives at its most primitive and urban levels with the most energetic types habitually painting, everything from a small street tag to a 30foot multicoloured mural of the most technical intensity and highest possible calibre. The time will no doubt come when graffiti and its incredibly wide history and diversity will be appreciated and better understood (and also better managed) by a more tolerant generation, but until then, it remains what it is – the controversial yet insanely creative lifestyle lived in the shadows by those who celebrate individuality and are its followers. I♥Graffiti.

Wendy Olsen’s Summer Beer Choice

What Jenni Did Next... For those of you who are regulars at IMPart you may have noticed the office looking a little empty of late. The extra space (which will no doubt be filled by a fabulous new volunteer before you know it) used to be mine; that's right I was the one with an irrational love of paperwork! But alas, the time has come for me to move on now that I have finished my degree in Fine Art at the University of Lincoln. As it turns out it doesn't matter how passionate and creative you are, a plucky spirit just wont pay the bills. Lucky for me I've managed to wrangle a job working as a Publications Assistant for Visit Lincolnshire, a job which requires me to be super busy and organised, my two favourite things. Now I'm not too far away so I'm afraid you're not getting rid of me that easily, I will still be a dedicated member of the IMPart management committee, run regular craft groups and help out at events like the Community Cafe and Book Festival. So here comes the soppy bit, but I'll keep it brief, no one wants to read my ode to IMPart now do they?! My time working in the IMPart office, with the team and all of you lovely members, has been the most fantastic of my life. I have had the greatest experiences and opportunities here and I would like to take this chance (although technically I'm not really going anywhere) to thank you all for letting me be a part of the wonderful world you help to create everyday at IMPart. It has truly been an honour and a privilege and I hope to keep being a part of your community for as long as you'll have me!

Jennifer Cooling

Open studio regular Wendy, when not painting beautiful expressionist pastiches likes nothing better than to take in a good beer festival. Here are her festival favourites. Donnington BB…..a well balanced Amber Bitter Fulstow Marsh Mild….Malty aroma Chocolate and Toffee Taste. Rudgate Ruby Mild…..Nutty ,Rich Ruby Mild (CAMRA Champion) Summer Soltice………..Bright Summer Ale. Wendy says the band to watch while your quaffing is‘Tree House’ as seen at the Golden Eagle Beer Fest.

Songs of Power and Inspiration The IMPart regulars pick their favourite tracks Bea Bendelow………’The Power Of Love’ Jennifer Rush Phil Bowman………..’Hallelujah’ Jeff Buckley Alan Smith…………..’Eleanor Rigby’ Beatles Wendy Olsen………..’Lyla’ Oasis Neil Lannon………….Lonely Boy Andrew Gold Frank Kelly…………..’Jerusalem’ Any good choir Neil Farrow…………..’Wish You Were Here’ Pink Floyd Kate Steane………….’Love Me Do’ Beatles Annette Crossley…….’Dear Mr. President’ Pink Marion Sander……….’Da, Da, Da’ Trio Patrick Slater. ’Trail Of The Lonesome Pine’Laurel and Hardy. Matthew Spencer ‘With or without you Scarla

THE BIG DRAW ‘Make your mark on the future!’

Saturday 23rd October Join the IMPart gang for their annual big drawing bash!

Impart Newsletter S/A 2010