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Ten Takeaways from a good vacation:

1. Detaching from the grid resets all DRAM bits to zero. Very good for the memory cells! Just remember to restore data from disk selectively. 2. Consumer end of tech is now overplayed. Time to shift focus back to the enterprise. Enterprise systems of engagement is the "next big thing." 3. In this context, security is no longer primarily about securing data (the mandate for systems of record). Now it is about securing channels of communication (the mandate for systems of engagement). 4. The only way to increase market cap meaningfully in a large cap company is to add on a net new earnings enging of material size--e.g. one that generates a minimum of 10% (and growing) of total corporate revenue. 5. The only way to do that is to commit the entire management team end to end to bringing one, and only one, earnings engine on board at a time, and to maintain that exclusive focus until the end goal is reached. 6. When I listen to marketing professionals talking about interactive digital social marketing, it reminds me of third graders talking sex--they are very interested, they want to sound authoritative, but they are unsure exactly how it works. 7. The three great reengineering opportunities of our time are education, health care, and legal services. All three are over-ripe for disruption. All three will be led from outside the establishment, not inside. 8. This is more of a stretch, but America also needs to disrupt global manufacturing with a nextgeneration approach that brings core work back on shore. There is just too much to be learned by making what you design, and the job creation is too fundamental to give away. 9. That said, offshore outsourcing has been the single most successful foreign aid program in the history of the planet, its impact on China and India being nothing short of miraculous. 10. Finally, America's biggest challenge is not innovation--we are actually world class at that with a culture that is biased toward discovery. It is instead overcoming our sense of entitlement. Here our culture is holding us back big time. Time to step up.

Ten Takeaways from a Good Vacation  

A list of thoughts upon returning from a vacation.