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WordPress is today's version of the "Killer Application." Like WordPerfect, Microsoft Office, and Netscape before it, WordPress transforms what was once a terribly technical procedure into something that any 'normal' person can accomplish with ease. These days, it's common for everyday people to build and maintain their very own blogs. Moms do it to keep their families on-track with what's going on and to show off their children's triumphs. Grandmas can build their blog to stay in-touch with friends and family and to reach out to the world around them where otherwise, the might be isolated. Even a neighborhood bridge club can have one to talk about that great game they won last weekend! The point is... building your own WordPress blog on your own domain couldn't be easier these days. In fact, if you have a few spare moments some morning, you can prove it to yourself. Here's how... You need three, basic parts to get this project up and running; A domain name A hosting service An application on that hosting service called 'Fantastico' Let's cut-to-the-chase and deal with numbers one and two first. First, get your domain name from "". There are other domain registrars, to be sure, but NameCheap works just fine. Second, get your hosting from "". Again, there are many others, but Hostgator will do nicely and I tend to favor them over GoDaddy due to their faster and simpler interface. Once you have your hosting and domain name, just log-in to your Hostgator account and navigate to your 'cPanel' - this is where you control all aspects of your web site. Once you are in cPanel, you will find an application called "Fantastico". Fantastico is an installer program that, among many other things, will allow you to install the WordPress blogging software. Click on the install WordPress icon, answer a couple of very simple management questions, and Fantastico will go to work building your blog for you. Once it's done, you'll be able to log-in to your blog and start posting immediately! Of course, you

can spend many hours just tweaking the settings of WordPress to get it to look and perform exactly like you want it to, but that isn't necessary in order to begin blogging. As a matter of fact, you would probably be better off to just use the blog for a few weeks before you jump in to the customization aspect of running your blog. WordPress is much like an iceberg... it looks tiny at the top, but is enormous beneath the waves! To recap, figuring out how to install WordPress couldn't be simpler, just register your domain, signup for Hostgator hosting service, and use Fantastico to install your blog. Very simple... very straight-forward. And remember, use your new blog for awhile before you go 'crazy' with customization! Enjoy!

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==== ==== Check out Hostgator the best in WordPress hosting and support here ==== ====

Wordpress Hostgator Sites Up in Less Than Five Minutes Flat  

This article gives the features that demonstrate why Hostgator and WordPress are the best combination when you want to create a site or blog...

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