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FNFN Land Use and Protection Workshop November 20th 5:00 – 8:00 pm Dinner served at 5:00 pm November 22nd 1:00-4:00 pm Refreshments provided

Health & Wellness Centering Space

Join FNFN Lands staff in a discussion on land use values and ways to protect those values for future generations. Flip flyer for more information. All band members are invited to participate

To arrange transportation, contact Barry Capot-Blanc at (250)500-1077.

WHAT WE’VE HEARD SO FAR In 2009, the Lands Department began to map out areas of land use importance with FNFN band members. We did this through traditional use studies, a strategic land use planning process and one-onone consultations. The goal was to set out FNFN’s vision for land use and protected areas across our territory, and to give direction to the Lands team as we work to protect our land, our treaty, and our way of life, now and into the future. After many interviews, mail-out surveys, group discussions, and social media feedback, we have grouped FNFN members’ concerns into the following themes:    

We have always had a special connection to the land In recent years we have been separated from the land and cannot access areas and resources we depend on to exercise our treaty rights Our land and resources are being harmed, and that harm has an impact on traditional practices and treaty rights We need to protect our practices, treaty rights, land and resources for the future of our Nation

FNFN has always held the vision of a balance between taking care of the land while engaging in industry and economic development. This vision and the importance of taking care of the land was confirmed this year in the updated Reaching for Our Vision document, where Land Use and Protection ranked as the #2 most important priority after taking care of our Elders. WHAT IS HAPPENING We are compiling and re-examining the work that we’ve done on land use and protected areas. We need to confirm and expand what we already know about FNFN members’ vision for our territory now and into the future. We are developing an agreement with BC that will set aside protected areas and bring a new land management system to our territory. We need to make sure our demands reflect our community’s needs when it comes to prioritizing land use values and specific areas for protection. HAVE WE GOT IT RIGHT? These workshops provide opportunities for FNFN members to tell us if we’ve got it right. Reflecting on all the community engagement the Lands Department has done since 2009, we need to answer the following questions: What values on the land do we want to protect? What areas do we want to protect? What do we need to change to make things better for our land and our families? What trade-offs will we accept? After these sessions, the Lands team will report our updated findings to Chief and Council. Chief and Council will review our recommendations and, ultimately, decide what position we take at the negotiation table when it comes to land use values and securing their protection. WHAT TO EXPECT AT THE WORKSHOPS The workshops will begin with a report back from the Lands Department on overarching FNFN land use values and areas reserved for protection, special management, or economic development. We will identify specific areas of interest (e.g. Old Fort, Alaska hwy properties, valuable portions of traplines, etc.). Following the report back, we will have an open discussion to confirm and/or change the vision presented. Each session will end with FNFN members prioritizing values and areas for protection. We hope to see many community members on the 20th and 22nd. Together, we can deliver a strong message to the BC government stating what we value within our homeland, what areas require special management to protect those values, and how we will manage our own territory. “We not only have the right to manage and plan for the use of our land. We have an obligation to do so.”

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