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Guy 1: Oh S***, what’s up Ryan? Ryan: Not much man, what about you? Guy 1: Hungover as F*** right now, I was at Sports last night, there were no chicks there. Ryan: Dude, when did you go? Guy 1: it was like 11:30, didn’t stay too long, didn’t want to spend too much money Ryan: (laughing) it was a Wednesday night, what did you expect? Guy 1: F*** that dude I’ve gotten laid on a Wednesday before. Ryan: No you haven’t, stop lying. Guy 1: F*** you, I’ve got game Ryan: F*** you, I’ve got more game than you do and I know that you can’t expect girls to be at sports on a Wednesday night. Guy 1: Whatever, F*** you

Max: Where have you been? Zach: Intramural basketball… you won’t believe what happened. Max: Well what happened? Zach: We lost by one, and Dolan took like all the shots. Max: He legitimately doesn’t believe in passing. Like, he told me, he legitimately doesn’t believe in passing Zach: He took almost 40 shots. They left him open so we would pass it to him, and then he wouldn’t pass when they covered him. Max: Yeah I know, what the f***, how’d you guys only lose by one though?

Zach: He made like half of his shots, and he also had like 8 blocks. We played really good defense. If Dolan didn’t suck so much, we would have won that game easily. Max: F***, why don’t you just not pass it to him? Zach: He’s always open. That’s the only thing he does decently. That and being tall. Max: (Laughs)


Two conversations - One overheard in Herman B. Wells Library, the other at the Sigma Pi House.