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In the Sentinel’s 2008 mock election, Barack Obama squeaked ahead of John McCain, 46.5 percent to 44.4 percent. This year, President Obama’s popularity has increased among voting NIC students, garnering him 50 percent of the votes, compared to Mitt Romney’s 43 percent.

Art by Connor Coughlin

1 in 5 voting-age students do not plan to vote

older people more likely to vote

Men 50% Women 50%


Men and women equally likely to be undecided


} 26+ years 20%

18-25 years


Romney 41% Obama 59%

Younger Voters More Likely to Vote for Obama

The Breakdown: Undecided



OBAMA WINS NIC Incumbent’s popularity increases among north idaho college students

184 students participated in the Sentinel’s 2012 Presidential Election Poll. The results mirrored those of the Sentinel’s 2008 poll, in which Barack Obama pulled ahead of his opponent, John McCain, by a slim margin. This year, Obama’s popularity has increased among voting students while the Republican candidate, Mitt Romney, is less popular than his predecessor among NIC students.


1 the sentinel infographic  
1 the sentinel infographic