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3R MATERNAL FOCUS BUILDING BETTER COWS We focus on producing beef genetics that work in a commercial production environment. Key to this focus is the ability of heifers and cows to develop to puberty, breed early, sustain condition, calve easy and raise a strong, healthy calf. The ability to achieve these demands over a long period of time is critical to the value of a beef cow. The genetics at work in the 3R program are focussed on profitable beef production.


3R COMMERCIAL BREEDING FOCUS 5 KEY GENETIC GOALS > Calving ease derived from moderate birth weight with short gestation length; > Strong early growth with early-mid maturity point suitable for grass/short fed programs; > High carcase value & Producer profitability derived for early finishing (growth & higher fat coverage), adequate muscling and MS3+ quality beef; > Build maternal cow herds featuring fertile, productive cows that last a long time under the stresses of commercial conditions & environment; > Utilise complimentary breeding traits of maturity pattern, calving ease, fat coverage, marbling and fertility to drive herd profitability.

COMMITMENT TO ADVANCING > Large scale embryo transplant based breeding program to maximise reproduction of superior individuals; > Utilisation of industry-leading science practices including genomic testing of all breeding stock (including all sires); > Continual global search for the world's leading genetics including importation and marketing of genetics through Beefgen company; > Maximising industry knowledge and connections to capture future advancements; > A breeding program focussed on both the future demands of the beef supply chain (Producer to Consumer) while always recognising the factors that generate Producer profitability. It is our belief that 3R can help producers add unsurpasssed value to their production by providing exceptional beef genetics.

2020 SIRES The selection of sires is a task that requires great commitment. Our sires are selected for their combination of phenotype, genotype, alignment to market demands and suitability for the Australian environment. Uniquely our focus is 100% commercial and trying to select the sires who will not only produce valuable progeny but equally daughters that will hold down a place in a herd for many years and drive Producer profitability. We recognise the commercial cow is the factory of the beef industry. Each of our sires is backed by generations of maternal excellence.


LD Capitalist 316

S Powerpoint WS 5503

G A R Ashland

SAV Rainfall 6848

Baldridge 38 Special

S S Niagara Z29

BY THE NUMBERS 3R PRIMARY ANGUS SIRES Calving Ease Direct Breed +2.3 3R +8.2

+255% Breed Avg Birth Weight

Breed +4.3 -36% Breed Avg

3R +2.7

200 Day Weight Breed +48 3R +60

+24% Breed Avg 400 Day Weight Breed +86

3R +108

+25% Breed Avg 600 Day Weight Breed +112

3R +135

+21% Breed Avg Carcase Weight Breed +64 +18% Breed Avg

3R +75

Intramuscular Fat Breed +1.9 +7% Breed Avg

3R +2.0

Angus Breedplan Mid-August 2020 - 3R Primary Sires 2020 including LD Capitalist 316, GAR Ashland, Baldridge 38 Special, S Powerpiont WS 5503, SS Niagara Z29, SAV Rainfall 6844,

2020+ SIRES

The following young sires were selected from the 2020 selling season as standouts not only within their herds but the industry. Each combines impressive phenotype, deep genetic lines and complete EBV profiles. They each offer genuine commercial relevance as designed for shortmedium finishing of quality beef and a valuable legacy of maternal value. These sires will be used in 2020-2021 to as the next evolution of the current Primary Sires and further build on the traits of importance 3R is striving to produce.


Milwillah Power Broker Q11 (S Powerpoint) $40,000 High Seller - 3R Herd Sire

Texas Quantum Leap Q29 (GAR Ashland) $42,000 High Seller

Millah Murrah Quixote Q96 (S Chisum) $60,000 High Seller

Clunie Range Queenslander Q311 (Baldridge Beast Mode)

Clunie Range Quality Time Q327 (GAR Scale House)

Mill Brae Benchmark 9016 (Confidence Plus) 2021 USA - 3R Imported Sire

BY THE NUMBERS 3R NEW ANGUS SIRES Calving Ease Direct Breed +2.3 3R +2.5

+8% Breed Avg Birth Weight

Breed +4.3 Breed Avg

3R +4.3

200 Day Weight Breed +48 3R +61

+26% Breed Avg 400 Day Weight Breed +86

3R +107

+25% Breed Avg 600 Day Weight Breed +112

3R +137

+22% Breed Avg Carcase Weight Breed +64 +26% Breed Avg

3R +81

Intramuscular Fat Breed +1.9 +18% Breed Avg

3R +2.3

Angus Breedplan Sept 2020 - 3R New Sires 2020 including Milwillah Power Broker Q11, Millah Murrah Quixote Q96, Texas Quantum Leap Q29, Clunie Range Q311, Clunie Range Q327


In 2013 we visited the Cooper Hereford Ranch in Three Forks, Montana and began our affinity with Line One Hereford genetics. Linebreeding is a valuable technique in increasing predictability and honing the reproduction of desirable traits. No other beef genetics do it better than Line One. The L1 cow herds of Cooper's and Holden Herefords are absolutely worldleading. Since 2017 we have set about creating Australia's only Line One Hereford herd. To do this and maintain the absolute purity of the Line One cattle we have invested in donor females in the USA and imported embryos exclusively from these females. In 2018 an impressive group of heifers was bred and have excelled under testing Australian conditions.


CL 1 Domino 7131E

HH Advance 6007D

HH Advance 8120F

HH Advance 8132F

HH Advance 7076E

HH Advance 7088E

WHY CHOOSE LINE ONE? The Line One breeding program was established in 1934 by the United States Department of Agriculture at the Fort Keogh Research Station in Montana and continues today as the world's longest-running beef cattle project. From the outset, the program has been entirely based on the utilisation of line breeding principles to maximum effect in the production of commercially aligned, profit focussed beef genetics. No other program has maintained the core focus and recording of relevant traits for as long as Line One. In the 1960s the Cooper & Holden Families began satellite herds of the USDA program and have continued to line bred exclusively with Line One genetics. Today these herds are world-renowned for the quality, consistency and performance of their cattle and the remarkable maternal function of their cow herds. Annually Breeders converge on Montana to secure their genetics for all corners of the world. During the 85 years of line breeding the Hereford genome has separated from Line One genetics and therefore now Line One genetics generate maximum heterosis (Hybrid Vigour) when utilised on both nonLine One Herefords and other cattle breeds - heavier progeny and cows that last a long time.

BY THE NUMBERS 3R LINE ONE SIRES American Hereford Association - EPD Calving Ease Direct Breed +2.1 3R +4.1

+95% Breed Avg Birth Weight

Breed +2.9 -17% Breed Avg

3R +2.4

Weaning Weight Breed +51 +20% Breed Avg

3R +61

Yearling Weight Breed +82 +12% Breed Avg

3R +93

Mature Cow Weight Breed +87 +6% Breed Avg

3R +92

Carcase Weight Breed +64 +42% Breed Avg

3R +91

Rib Eye Area (EMA) Breed +0.35 3R +0.59

+69% Breed Avg Marbling Breed +0.08 +313% Breed Avg

3R +0.33

AHA Breedplan - Domino 7131E, Advance 6007D, Advance 8120F, Advance 5107C, Advance 8132F, Advance 7076E, Advance 7088E.

LINE ONE MATERNAL FOCUS - 3R L1 DONORS The picture-perfect example of a modern Hereford cow. We believe 4011B is one of the finest breeding cows in the USA today. She is the leading daughter of the immortal 0121X cow (sons to $240,000). 4011B EPD's position her as one of the leading highly maternal, high marbling cows in the breed. Her 2018 son was the highest marbling bull recorded at Holden Herefords in their 26 years of carcass recording. Owned with Holden Herefords. HH Miss Advance 4011B 1010Y is without doubt one of the leading Hereford cows of her generation. She has produced a number of leading stud sires and remarkable daughters that are breeding at the elite level. 1010Y is a maternal gem. She is a 6th generation donor cow and has now produced many donor daughters and granddaughters. Son, 7162E is the heaviest yearling ever recorded at Holden's. Seldom do females of this quality arise. Owned with Holden Herefords. HH Miss Advance 1010Y


Kanimbla Power Town P067

NJW 79Z Z311 Endure 173D

Injemira Fortune M152

Koanui Techno 6179

BY THE NUMBERS 3R POLL HEREFORD SIRES Calving Ease Direct Breed +1.6 3R +3.3

+107% Breed Avg Birth Weight

Breed +4.3 -12% Breed Avg

3R +3.8

200 Day Weight Breed +33 +24% Breed Avg

3R +41

400 Day Weight Breed +55 +25% Breed Avg

3R +69

Scrotal Circumference Breed +2.0 +60% Breed Avg

3R +3.2

Carcase Weight Breed +51 +39% Breed Avg

3R +71

Eye Muscle Area Breed +3.4 +56% Breed Avg

3R +5.3

IMF Breed +0.5 +140% Breed Avg

3R +1.2

Hereford Breedplan July 2020 - Kanimbla Power Town P067, NJW Endure 173D, Injemira Fortune M152, Koanui Techno 6179

44 FARMS INTERNATIONAL BEEF CATTLE ACADEMY 3R will be represented in the prestigious 44 Farms International Beef Cattle Academy in 2020/21. This program is conducted by the world renowned Texas A&M University and brings together a small group of Producers from around the globe to be educated and engage with leading Educators, Scientists and Professors. We are delighted to have access the world's best beef minds and look forward to utilising these global connections and knowledge in the future of 3R.

THE WAY FORWARD 3R was established with an unwavering goal of producing truly world-class beef genetics for Australian commercial Cattlemen & Women. We believe world-class genetics to be those that perform exceptionally from the paddock to the rail and generate opportunity for all levels of the beef supply chain. In 2020 3R aims to implant over 500 embryos containing, in our opinion, the most desirable beef genetics available. It is our aim to continue to utilise embryo transplant and breeding technologies each year at this level to produce large numbers of bulls and females. All breeding decisions are made in alignment with our selection goals and we have full confidence these cattle will drive beef production further. Supporting our breeding choices is the full utilisation of technology and knowledge available to the industry. We believe that Genomics provides assurance and integrity to the Breedplan system and increases our faith in the data analysed in our breeding decisions. 3R has made a commitment to utilise the best technology and knowledge. The inaugural 3R Production Sale is scheduled for Spring 2021 to be held at the historic Goonoo Goonoo Station. The next chapter in the rich history of Goonoo Goonoo's involvement in breeding registered cattle is being written. After a nearly 40 years absence of selling stud cattle on Goonoo Goonoo Spring 2021 will see this return. We are in the process of developing feedlot infrastructure which will be crucial in the next stage of our development. The ability to connect our genetic focus with grain fed and grass fed production programs will produce a desirable beef product for Consumers globally. It is our anticipation to form long term partnerships with those using 3R genetics to ensure the value of their production is maximised.  Our global relationships and associations continue to position 3R at the forefront of the beef industry. We continue to enrich our network with leading Producers throughout North & South America to be at the forefront of the beef industry in those industries. We are proud of these connections and friendships with the exchange of direct information considered invaluable. Underpinning all of our endeavours is a vision to the future but a commitment to always doing things the 'right way'. We desire long term, rich partnerships built on the foundations of trust, integrity and shared ideals.



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Spring 2020 - 3R Genetic Guide  

Springtime 2020 3R Genetic Herd Guide including Sires, Donors & Breeding Philosophy. Visit www.3rbeef.com.au for more information.

Spring 2020 - 3R Genetic Guide  

Springtime 2020 3R Genetic Herd Guide including Sires, Donors & Breeding Philosophy. Visit www.3rbeef.com.au for more information.