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The Tulsa Running Club is a non-profit organization whose purpose is to promote the benefits of running and walking by providing social, financial and moral support to Tulsa and the surrounding communities and to establish camaraderie among runners and walkers of all ages and abilities.

Tulsa Running Club Contact Information Mail: P.O. Box 3304 Tulsa, OK 74101

Tulsa Running Club’s Entertainment, Activities & Dates

Feb. 2011

The Tread is Going Digital! That’s right! The Tulsa Running Club is taking our fantastic monthly newsletter online! For many of you, this will be the last tread your receive by mail and we are excited to show you what we have in store for the online version. In the next few days, you should receive an email with the instructions on how to view the new online TREAD. We hope you will take the time to see how exciting it can be to read about your events and see photos in full color!

And finally, many of you have expressed concern about the large amount of paper waste the printed TREAD leaves behind. As runners, we tend to be very in tune to the needs of the world around us. It is not uncommon to see a runner stop mid run to pick up a piece of litter on the trails. We felt it was a great time to follow the lead that many other running clubs have given in creating a more environmentally friendly way to inform our members and friends of events.

What does this mean for your TREAD? It means Many of our members we hope to include many and advertsiers have more photos of our requested the move to members, race series an online tread for updates, race results for several reasons. We our members, and even know that many of more valuable articles you read the news about fitness, health, online, and so we are running, and events. This offering our newsletter in the format that many new format will allow us to give you more of you already use. information each month! Additionally, as many of you have noticed, the cost of postage continues to increase. As these costs increase, we were faced with higher and higher costs to mail the treads to our members. We felt that the Tulsa Running Club can do wonderful things in this area, and wanted to utilize your membership dues in the best way possible.

This is just one of the great things the Tulsa Running Club is doing to support our members better. We hope you are as excited as we are about this great opportunity to use our club funds better and look forward to the additional services and events we can provide with your membership!

Hotline: (918) 512-1872

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If you would like to continue to receive the TREAD by mail, you must notify the TRC by February 20th. Please use the contact methods listed to the left.



From the TRC President... By Shawna Simpson Greetings from your Tulsa Running Club! I wish I could say that I hope you are having a nice, warm February, but as I sit and write this, I am watching a forcast for 12 inches of snow! Ironically, while most people see this as a chance to stay inside and rest, many of you, like me, are waiting for the moment to put on ice cleats and head out for a snow run! We are crazy, aren’t we? I hope you read the front page article with as much excitement as I have for this change! We are working to give you better information in ways you are more likely to read. Hopefully you will enjoy this chance. You’ve probably already noticed that we are working to concentrate the information we send. I made a promise to many of you to reduce the number of emails and put better information and more announcements in the new year. I hope you are happy with the change. As always, I want you to know this is your organization! We are here for you and we want your feedback.

Race Calendar Sponsored Races and Race Series Races in bold

You will notice some changes this month already. We want the TREAD to be an opportunity to brag on yourselves, so please send us your race results. Send us your photos of runs that you’ve done. We want to talk about you! We have a few great events coming up. Our Winter Banquet is being replaced with a Winter Social on February 20th. We will be emailing out details this week. We will be giving out our race series awards as well as celebrating the successes of 2010! Please be there. The Treehouse is a wonderful location that has offered their location to us and we are very excited. If you haven’t registered for the Post Oak Challenge, don’t wait any longer! This is going to be a great event for Tulsa! Most importantly, thank you for your membership! If you’re not a member, we would love to have you join us! Run or walk, we are here to celebrate your healthy, active lifestyle!! Run Happy, Shawna Simpson - TRC President

February 5 – Groundhog Run 8k (OKC) 12 – Frigid 5 Miler (Edmond) 19 – Sweetheart Run (Tulsa) 19 – Bowen 5k (Little Rock) 19 – St. John Indoor Triathlon (Tulsa) 20 – Austin Marathon 20 – Run the Line Half (Texarkana) 26 & 27 – Post Oak Run Events (Tulsa) 27 – Cowtown Marathon (Fort Worth)

March 5 - Band on the Run (Tulsa) 5 - Founders Day 5k (Tahlequah) 6 - Little Rock Marathon (Little Rock) 12 - St. Patrick’s Day Run (Tulsa) Sources:,, &

We Want Your Articles! Do you have an article you would like to see printed in the TRC newsletter? Have you recently completed a race out of state? Do you have a story you’d like to share? If so, please send an e-mail to

Please note: Articles submitted for this publication are the opinion of the author.




Tulsa Running Club Board Members and their Duties Name: Robert Anquoe Kristin Bunch Joel Everett Norm Gonzales Gary Hawkins Wes Hollander Derek Jones Carter Marsh Kim McCall Brian Powers Geoff Simpson Shawna Simpson Johnny Spriggs Darryl Stillson John Williams

Duties: Post Oak Lodge Challenge Post Oak Lodge Challenge Post Oak Lodge Challenge Post Oak Lodge Challenge TRC Treasurer TRC Race Series Von Franken Family Food Run Co-Race Director Apparel Director TRC Secretary TRC Vice President Information Technology, Mohawk 5000 Co-Race Director TRC President, Von Franken Food Run Co-Race Director Post Oak Lodge Challenge Race Director Post Oak Lodge Challenge Post Oak Lodge Challenge

Questions? Interested in joining the TRC board? Send an e-mail to

Tulsa Running Club Members in Motion Congratulations to these Tulsa Running Club members who have recently completed races! Houston Marathon Full Lori Davis Marv Reith Darryl Stillson Bryan Warren Denny Wooten

Houston Marathon Half Tim Davis Cyndee Maxwell Glenda Reith Holly Shalhoop Jarrett Shalhoop

Rock ‘n’ Roll Arizona Marathon Matt Bowler Cassy Russell

Mississippi Blues Marathon Bronda VosBurgh

St. Jude Marathon Bronda VosBurgh Paula Lee Cassy Russell Mary Arnold

Ironman Western Australia Carolyn Fairless

Walt Disney World Marathon Derek England (Goofy Challenge) Robert Michaels (Goofy Challenge) Susan Michaels (Half) Laurie England (Half) Jeff Parker (Half) Mary Parker (Half)

If you don’t see your results listed, it could be because we didn’t receive them. Please email your race results to to be included in the TREAD. Any photos mailed will also be included if space allows!




Featured Race Series Race - St. Patrick’s Day 5k The Lesters Make the St. Patrick’s Day 5K Run a Family Affair by Patti Lester One of the best family running events in the Tulsa area is the annual St. Patrick’s Day Run. Our family has participated by running and helping on the planning committee for the past few years. One of the unique differences of this run is the opportunity for Special Olympics Oklahoma athletes to have their own exhibition run in between the fun run and the 5k run. This allows them a showcase to display their enthusiasm and running skills. The spectators cheer them on and celebrate with them. School children can also compete for a monetary prize for their schools by having the most competitors in the event. Last year there were approximately 400 children participating.

Most were running with their families and friends, decorated with various forms of St. Patrick’s Day attire, adding to the festivities of the day. This year, my son Richard, (45) and my grandson, (9) will be running. They both have Down Syndrome and compete in many of the Special Olympics events. Family members from OKC, Denver and the surrounding areas are coming to celebrate this day by running also. We have our own contest for the best costume and celebrate after with the music and fun that accompanies the event. Each year, more of our family has been coming to celebrate the day together.

It doesn’t matter if you are a Special Olympics athlete, young or old, this will be a day for your family to participate either by running, walking, cheering for the Special Olympics athletes or celebrating St. Patrick’s Day with all the fun.




Special Thanks to our TRC Sponsors The Tulsa Running Club would like to recognize and thank its sponsors: Gold Medal:

Silver Medal: Bob Soucek, CPA, CommunityCare, Glen’s Road Race Service, Peace Chiropractic, Tulsa Run & Walman Commercial Real Estate Services Bronze Medal: Brookside Cleaners, Crystal Pools, ENGlobal Engineering & Sherwin-Williams If you are interested in a TRC sponsorship package or would like more information, please send an email to

Tatur Trail Runs Every Sunday at 7:30 A.M. - Turkey Mtn. by Brian Hoover

No Membership Necessary You do not have to be a Tatur member to run with us during our training runs. These are beginner level training runs. We invite you to come out have fun. While trail shoes can help, they are not mandatory.

No One Gets Left Behind Our motto is that no one gets left behind. We will break up into groups based on speed and experience and each group will have a run leader.  Typically the run consist of running for a while then waiting for the rest of the group to catch up. Training run will  be between 3-8 miles.

Walkers Welcome We usually have a fantastic group of walker or very “not fast” runners. We are proud of walkers and hope that this group will grow over time.

Field Trips Every 3-4 weeks we will take a field trip to go somewhere besides Turkey Mountain.  We try our best to go out beforehand and pre-mark the courses so that everyone can find their way. During field trips, Tatur will bring some light snack s and provide water and/or Gatorade.

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Thoughts from Yogini on the Run by Meghan Donnelly

The physical release of mental and emotional tension through yoga poses is very similar to the mental and emotional benefits of running but less harsh to the joints and the body. Plus it is a fabulous way to cross train, stay flexible and injury free. The mental steadfast that yoga can bring to your running practice may be one of its greatest benefits.

So it is no secret that we as runners have a hard time sitting still. That’s why we run right? Our feet pounding on the pavement is about the only form of meditation that we can handle. I include myself in this statement as someone who loves to run and remembers very clearly the first time someone made me sit still and meditate for more than 5 minutes. I thought I was going to jump out of my skin. We as runners have already discovered the beauty of burning all of that off excess energy on the pavement through the experience of running. It is one of the most inherently brilliant gifts of the running meditation; where intense mental and emotional surges can be burned off physically as a healthy release. I was not afraid to admit that I too ran for the high and mental clarity. So when I suffered several knee injuries from running off too much stress, I quickly discovered that the yoga high is similar to the runner’s high. But the yoga high’s long lasting benefits (plus knee therapy) quickly made yoga my drug of choice. Some runners cringe at the thought of taking out time to do yoga instead of getting an extra long run in. But the truth of the matter is, doing yoga is an investment in your running and much more than just the physical reasons.

It helps you to become relaxed and focused at the same time. Anytime you take large inhales and exhales slowly, it is followed by a period of relaxation. The intense processing of oxygen in yoga in addition to strategically stretching, aligning and strengthening, creates a lean mean (injury free and very sane) running machine.

Inner Peace Yoga owner Meghan Donnelly, E-RYT 200, began her yogic journey in 1997 and has taught over 7,000 private and group classes in Tulsa, OK since 2000. Her passion for continuing education has led Meghan to specialize in helping students who have pain, and her classes emphasize alignment, injury prevention and rehabilitation. Meghan focuses on blending the body, mind and spirit. Her passionate, authentic and light hearted style of teaching integrates breathing, meditation, mindfulness, balance, presence, and self awareness. Students are encouraged to listen to their bodies, adapt the postures accordingly, and play with their limits without exceeding them. Her hope is to facilitate students to improve their life by incorporating the life changing principals of yoga into everyday living.

More thoughts from Yogini on the Run next month………… Runner’s Stretch of the month for tight calves and knee pain: Roll a twin size thin blanket up in a tight roll and place it in the crease of your knees and kneel down slowly and sink down as much as you can handle. You will feel a lot of pressure on the hamstrings and calves as they press on the blanket. Breathe deeply and relax for 30 breaths (or longer if it feels especially productive). Then move the blanket down your calves an inch and kneel down again for 30 breaths. Keep repeating all the way to your ankles. You will immediately notice more openness in your calves and soleus. Repeat daily.

Presented by Fleet Feet Sports

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The TRC Post Oak Challenge by Johnny Spriggs

The TRC Post Oak Lodge Challenge is a two day event. On Saturday, February 26 we will run the 10k, 25k, 50k trail runs. These are, for the most part, single track trails through the woods and meadows. You will climb hills and run through creek bottoms. Everything is dry now but that is subject to change before race day. I have no control over the weather and as all experienced trail runners know, you get what you get and everyone has to deal with it the same way. That’s what makes trail running fun. Sunday, February 27 we will run a Quarter, Half, and Full Marathon on the road and trail, we are calling them TROAD races. These trails are very different however. The Katy Trail and River City Trail are paved trails that run through park settings. The Quarter Marathon is ran 100% on the road. The Half Marathon is on the road for 8 miles and 5.1 miles on the Katy Trail. The Full Marathon is on the road for 8.2 miles and 18 miles on the Katy and River City Trails. If you run the Double, any one of the three races on Saturday and Sunday, you will receive a special Doubler Trophy. If you sign up for any Double combination before February 1st you will receive a special Doubler Shirt. This is a long sleeve technical shirt that says “I Doubled” the TRC Post Oak Lodge Challenge. The only way you can get one of these shirts is to sign up before February 10th. You can sign up on line by going to or you can sign up at either Fleet Feet Sports location.

The guest speaker at this year’s Pasta Dinner on Friday and Saturday is a good friend to anyone who has ever run with the TATUR group. Randy Ellis is a great Ultra Runner and an even greater individual. Randy will tell about his running the Bunion Run route that Andy Payne won. Randy ran this route, over 3,000 miles and wrote a book about his adventure. The next night Randy will talk about running and runners in general. We are very fortunate to have Randy as our speaker this year. I hope you will attend one or both nights to enjoy some great food, friends, and get to know Randy Ellis. Fleet Feet Sports, our presenting sponsor, will be having training runs on the trails at Post Oak Lodge on February 6th, 13th, and 20th. For more information on the training runs please e-mail me at I always ask runners for their story, what sets them apart. Here are a couple of examples from runners who have signed up to run this year. I hope you enjoy them, but more that that, I hope they inspire you to reach for the stars.

What sets me apart: I am a 12 year brain cancer survivor.I’ve only been running for the last 6 years. I had to relearn how to speak and walk post operatively. It took many years to recover and now I run marathons to raise money for the cancer crusade and the hospital that saved my life. I started running in 2005 to do one very special race, the ‘Race for Hope’ in Washington DC, the only race in the country that honors brain cancer survivors and raises money for the brain tumor society. That 5K was my goal for my entire recovery process of 2 years of relearning how to walk and eventually run. It was very important to me to be a part of the ‘survivors’ and represent! That carrot, the Race for Hope, was my motivation for nearly 2 years. Silly now that I worked so hard for a 5K race, but when you are on deaths door, fighting for your life to make it to the hallway of your own apt, by yourself, without your wheelchair or cane, completing that 5K race is a HUGE deal.

Tulsa Running Club Offers Speedwork

I am dedicating this ultra to my brain tumor, for in retrospect, it was the greatest thing that could have happened to me. If it wasn’t ultra hard to go through my ordeal then it wouldn’t have given me an ultra desire to live every day to the fullest and to challenge myself and to push past my comfort zones and now, 6 years later, I’m ultra amazed that neither my zest for life nor my body have lost their edge. I am ultra grateful to have the ability, to have the desire, to have the privilege to run my very first ultra marathon, I hope this will be one of many to come and the first chapter of a new book in my life as an ultramarathoner.

The Tulsa Running Club offers a weekly speedwork track session. All levels are welcome!

Thank you, Julia

As requested, here is some info about myself: This is going to be my first ultra, I am ultra excited. I have run 18 marathons, in 13 states, and 1 in Canada (Montreal). I am trying to become a 50 stater, my goal is 50+ DC before I’m 50, which as the rate I’m going appear to be no problem at the moment.

When: Tuesdays at 6 p.m. Where: University of Tulsa track (Sixth and Delaware)

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Are You Ready for a Race Series? The 2011 Tulsa Running Club Race Series is here and is better than ever! The race series is open to all Tulsa Running Club members and is a wonderful way to get involved, compete, and have fun with your fellow runners. We have a few changes in store this year for the race series. First, we are limiting the number of races in the series in 2011. This will allow the races in the series to see better competition between Race Series participation and will make the series more competitive. Additionally, the double points for races will be standard across all races. We had a fantastic 2010 Race Series and will be handing out the awards at the TRC Winter Social. This year proves to be just as fun and competitive as last year’s series. Race Series Details 2011 TRC RACE SERIES SCORING SYSTEM 1. 25 points for race participation. 2. Age group placement points 1-5th place = 5pts 6-10th place = 4pts 11-15th place = 3pts 16-20th place = 2pts 21-25th place = 1pt

3. Bonus points for distance. 1 point for 10K to 20k 2 points for 20k to half marathon 3 points for half marathon to 30k 4 points for 30k to marathon 5 points for marathon and longer. 4. 10 participation points for the second race of a double (this includes TRC Post Oak Lodge Trail races). 5. All TRC Races and TRC Sponsored Races will be included in the TRC Race Series. 5 bonus points for TRC races (Post Oak and Mohawk). At the end of the year your top 10 scores will be tallied. 6. 10 bonus points for volunteers. The volunteer points will only count on the following TRC races. The TRC Post Oak Lodge Run (all races), The TRC St Patricks Day 5k, The TRC Mohawk 5000,

The TRC Von Franken Family Food Run. There may also be volunteer opportunities along the way. You must put in at least two hours helping at the race and the Race Director must acknowledge to the TRC Race Series committee that you did volunteer.. 5. All TRC Races and TRC Sponsored Races will be included in the TRC Race Series. 5 bonus points for TRC races (Post Oak and Mohawk). At the end of the year your top 10 scores will be tallied. 7. There is no charge for participating in the TRC Race Series, you must be a TRC member and sign up however so we will know to track your progress. Each participant who completes or volunteers for four races will receive a TRC Race Series t-shirt furnished by Prairie Productions. Register at


Footnotes: Is Your Foot Fracture an Early Sign of Osteoporosis? By Dr. Maureen Crotty, DPM

Many of our patients are unaware that unexplained foot pain or foot fracture can actually be an early sign of osteoporosis, a bone thinning disease that is blamed for 1.5 million bone fractures each

Osteoporosis is referred to as the “silent crippler” since it often progresses without any symptoms or isn’t diagnosed until a person experiences pain from a bone fracture. This is true because bones with osteoporosis are in a weakened state and normal weight-bearing actions, like walking, can cause the bones in the foot to break. In fact, many of our patients visit our office suffering from foot pain only to find out they actually have a hairline break in the bone (stress fracture), without having experienced an injury. While osteoporosis is most commonly seen in women over age 50, younger people and men are also affected. Early symptoms can include increased pain with walking accompanied by redness and swelling on the top of the foot. Oftentimes we notice patients don’t seek treatment for their symptoms for weeks or even months, thinking the pain will pass.

Our best advice: don’t ignore foot pain of any type; early intervention can make all the difference in your treatment and recovery. If you are suffering from unexplained foot pain, don’t ignore it. If you’d like to talk with a podiatrist about any questions you may have to help maintain healthy feet, or for a complete evaluation, please give us a call at Green Country Podiatry. Our Doctors and staff are always ready to help if you need treatment of foot and ankle conditions. Please logon to, or call 918-747-4855 for more information.


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Tulsa Area Training Opportunities There are several great opportunities for training in the Tulsa Area. Always make sure you contact the organization or store to verify times and locations of training runs. These are the current training opportunities in the Tulsa area, alphabetically.

Fleet Feet Tulsa Mondays - 6pm - KingsPoint Village - 3-4 miles at various paces; informal run & walk Tuesdays - 6pm - Blue Dome - 3-4 miles at various paces; informal run & walk Tuesdays - 6pm - TU Track - Speedwork Thursdays - 6pm - KingsPoint Villiage - 3-4 miles at various paces; informal run & walk Thursdays - 6pm - Blue Dome - Pub Fun Run & Walk Sundays - 2pm - Post Oak Trail Training - contact store for details Saturday Half/Marathon Training - contact store for details No Boundaries classes forming soon, call 492-FEET for details

Runners World Tulsa Mondays - 5:30pm - RunnersWorld Tulsa Thursdays - 5:30pm - RunnersWorld Tulsa Saturdays - 7:45am - various locations - call 749-7557 for location

TATUR Sundays - 7:30am - Various locations - Tatur TOTS training run; Trail running mostly at Turkey Mtn. call 749-7557 for exceptions

2011 Newsletter Advertising Rates • Business card size ad: $20 • ¼-page ad: $40 • ½-page ad: $55 • Full page ad: $100 • Ad design: $25 (if needed) Receive a 10 percent discount if you purchase three or more ads per year (you must pay in advance). Ads are due by the 20th of the month for the following month’s newsletter. To schedule an ad, please send an email to

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P.O. Box 3304 Tulsa, OK 74101-3304

PLEASE NOTE: If your mailing address, phone number or e-mail address has changed or you would like to be added to the TRC e-mail list, please send your name and information to

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February 2011 Tulsa Running Club TREAD  

February 2011 Tulsa Running Club TREAD