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Design: Norbert Beck, 2010

Design: Kai Stania, 2011

Gozo is a perfect example of oriental organic design: flowing, curving and soft. A series of lounge tables in three different heights, with two different diameters. The leaf is lacquered and underneath it the table is provided with a soft filling. You adapt the covering to your interior. You choose one or two colours, whereby the strips alternate. page 253.

This boulder-shaped footstool offers a playful resting point in your home. With the striking stitching, you give Piatra a face of its own, which is reinforced if you choose alternating colours, piping or garn colours. So every Piatra is different, just as no two stones are identical in nature. Winner of a Good Design Award. page 257. 190 | Extra space

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Leolux design collection 2012 - design furniture  
Leolux design collection 2012 - design furniture  

Leolux offers you millions of options: coverings, colours, different variants and countless comfort options based on which you can put your...