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Calbuco Design: Hugo de Ruiter, 2005

[there’s a secret under the leaf] You can enlarge this oval table by simply sliding the leaves apart. The extension leaves are located in the compartment beneath the top leaf. You press on them, the leaves come up and you fold them out. That’s it. Calbuco stands on a foot of anodized steel and a column in veneer or lacquer. At its lowest point (the storage compartment) Calbuco is 67 cm high, so most dining chairs can be pushed up to it normally. Available in walnut, oak or cherry veneer, lacquer or (Metallic) Brush. The texture of the extension leaf is square to that of the top leaves. A colour difference between the top leaf and the stored leaves will develop over the course of the years. Programme: (Extendable) oval dining table in various dimensions.

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Doppler Design: Axel Enthoven, 2005

[dine sumptuously, and then relax...] After-dinner conversation is especially comfortable if the chair fits. Especially as it gets late, a more relaxed posture is sometimes preferable. Doppler has a seamlessly adjustable back and a seat that moves with it for a perfect sit, during and after dinner. You choose high or low feet or castors. Also suitable as a mini-armchair elsewhere in the living room. Programme: (Recline) armchair. 178 | Table times

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