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comfortable sofa with an international face

The cooperation between Leolux and Gabriele Assmann goes back to 1998. In that year she created the stunning Pupilla, an organically shaped series of sofas which quickly created a furore and is still in the collection today. Unique in its design, innovative and completely new in the way in which a modular sofa and a chaise longue are combined. the covering, the stitching and even the functions of a design. From experience I know it’s a practical aid for the product developers.’

Pupilla was and is characteristic of her work, in which she combines strong design and a high utility value Copparo also fits with that tradition, with the difference that the design of this seating idea is rather low and cubistic (but nonetheless on a high plane). Assmann’s working style is exceptional in terms of the way she prepares her designs. ‘I always build models on a scale of 1:10 that come as close to the reality as possible’, she explains. ‘To make what I want as clear as possible, these models also show 100 | Roots

What keeps reappearing in the words of Gabriele Assmann is the notion of motion: ‘I look for a plastic play on lines and variety in the function. The Copparo programme is a perfect example of that. The motion is created in the generous softness of the upholstered seats, which with a concealed function bring the user into an optimum sitting position.’ She has succeeded in combining southern European charisma with especially high levels of comfort: low, soft with fluid lines and many possible combinations: ‘This series was developed for the international market’, says Gabriele Assmann. ‘It includes both large and small elements. So Copparo offers options for every interior.’ The Copparo programme comprises freestanding elements, modular sets, corner ensembles and ensembles with a little rounding, but Copparo always convinces through the elegance of its soft shapes. | 101

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