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The world of the designer Leolux works together with a large number of freelance designers. Every one of them has his or her own background and a different vision about the world around them. What they all have in common is that the final result is what counts. From the sum of their creative contributions comes a pluriform collection that is nonetheless recognizable at once in the distinctive shapes and the characteristic Leolux handwriting: a refined finish, high comfort and a colourful presentation. The world of Leolux begins with the designer, in a creative process crowned by an endproduct built by craftsmen. A designer does not work in a vacuum. He stands at the middle of the world, looks around himself, travels and explores. A design6|

er is sensitive to trends and to the way we live. He lets himself be inspired and he translates all those impulses into new ideas. Indoors or outdoors, colourful and warm, with solid materials or lacquer products? All those factors play a role in the form and function that its creator endows upon a sofa or armchair. This makes good furniture a mirror of the time we design it in. And the products that best reflect the spirit of the times remain valuable to people for a long time. You might say they acquire a touch of eternity value.

The designer and the product developers at Leolux get down to work together to make a product from the first sketch that meets the criteria that Leolux sets for a piece of furniture. Sometimes they need to make a concession on the shape for the sake of the comfort. Another time, the design might be adjusted for a better construction or to stop the price getting out of hand. But the designer’s basic idea must not be eroded thereby. The choice of materials, the dimensions, the comfort and the stitching; all choices that are

made in this stage are crucial to the quality of a product. The know-how and skills that Leolux has built up over more than seven decades give it a decisive lead. Not always visible on the outside, but more than perceptible as soon as you sit down. This book will introduce you to a number of designers. Read more interviews on the Leolux website. Have questions for one of the Leolux designers? Simply ask them via |7

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Leolux offers you millions of options: coverings, colours, different variants and countless comfort options based on which you can put your...