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What is your added value for Leolux? ‘As a designer, I’m always looking for products that fuel the imagination and represent a nice combination of form and function. The one cannot be allowed to dominate the other, but must reinforce it. Leolux is a company where that vision is a top priority. At that level we can complement and strengthen one another really well.’ Did you get enough freedom during the production process? ‘As a designer, you must never lose the initial spark that gave you the goose pimples. You have to get the power and character out of it to achieve your goal. In that sense, you have to allow yourself the space you need as a designer to arrive at that strong design. In my search for the ultimate form for the Sella, I treated myself to that space, as did Leolux too. Essentially, of course, you must never lose sight of functionality and practicality. After all, a lovely but uncomfortable chair will miss the target.’ How do you see Leolux as a furniture brand? ‘It’s a strong Dutch brand that combines quality with captivating design. The fact that they can produce a lot themselves makes them unique. Brands with their own production are few and far between at the moment and that’s where Leolux is different. Their passion for a quality experience is apparent in their furniture. Nothing is left to chance, and I like that.’

comfort and a cupboard the right storage space, a lamp the light you need. Apart from that, any product has above all to make you happy. Now, but also after 20 or 30 years. Then a design has been successful in my eyes.’ In that respect, do you have an all time favourite? ‘I don’t have one favourite design, but there are several designs I really like given the time they were created in and the passion and originality they exude. Take the Panton Chair from Verner Panton for example. A chair I have at home too. It’s a stunning design that stimulates you and adds a quality to your interior that’s unique. It combines a provocative design with a high degree of functionality. It’s a design that tested the limits.’ What is your dream as a designer? ‘I suppose you could say I’m at the bottom of the ladder of course. I’ve taken the first couple of rungs pretty well, but I want to go right to the top! I’d love to have my own design studio over time, where I can translate my imagination into lovely products that are appreciated worldwide, but above all by making people happy and fuelling their imagination!’ By Monique van Empel

Patrick Belli (1981, Maastricht) Belli first studied Product Design at the Academy of Fine Arts in Maastricht (2004) and then graduated in 2008 from the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in The Hague (Industrial Design). His Sella armchair for Leolux won a prestigious Interior Innovation Award from the Furniture Fair in Cologne immediately on being launched.


What is a good design in your eyes? ‘A good design gives you goose pimples, but it also has to do whatever it was designed for. A chair has to offer you the 36 | Sculptures

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