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Design: Patrick Belli, 2011

Patrick Belli

‘a good design gives you goose pimples’

Leolux has an eye for talented young designers. For years now, we have worked together in projects with students from the renowned Design Academy Eindhoven. Leolux also keeps its ears and eyes wide open at all national and international furniture fairs. And of course, designers themselves make contact with Leolux. The latest string to the bow is 29-year old Limburg designer Patrick Belli, whose Sella armchair seemed to hit the mark for Leolux. An interview with Patrick about fantasy and functionality, passion and provocation, good quality and goose pimples. Why not introduce yourself as a designer. ‘I see myself as a designer in search of provoking design combined with quality and functionality. I suppose I’m a perfectionist in that respect. I don’t want to lose sight of the image that captivated me at the beginning of the design process, but at the end of that journey want to express it in a

product that I as designer can be proud of. I draw my inspiration for that from everyday life.’ How did you come into contact with Leolux? ‘That happened via the designers Dick Spierenburg and Karel Boonzaaijer, who I’m working for at the moment. When I presented my idea for the Sella to them, they were immediately enthusiastic. So we decided to offer the Sella to Leolux, because we felt it would fit nicely into their collection.’ How was the cooperation? ‘Fantastic! It is my very first design that has actually gone into production, and that

with a furniture manufacturer as highly regarded as Leolux. That of course makes it really special. The first idea that came to mind back then when I began with the design has worked out really well and that’s something I’m proud of. For me it was also really interesting to learn how a project like this works between the designer and the manufacturer. Leolux shared our enthusiasm about the Sella from the outset and that made it fun to work on. The communication was good and I really liked the finishing and presentation of Sella in Cologne 2011. All in all, it was a pleasant learning experience for >> me.’

[sensational addition to any living room] Sella combines a streamlined shape with refined finishing, high comfort and sprung back. A hint of humour does the rest. As a separate seat, Sella forms a creative life object; in small groups it offers boundless playful variations. Available in fabric or leather, with one or two colours of choice. Besides the 19 standard “Sella Sensations” versions you can also put your own Sella combination together via the online configurator. Programme: Armchair. 34 | Sculptures

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Leolux design collection 2012 - design furniture  

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