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support. The foam in furniture of an active character is usually stiffer and tighter, whilst a lazy sofa has softer cushions. The back cushion should always be softer than the seat. That “nestles” better. For the same reason, a sumptuous cover layer is fitted on top of the foam. That cover layer provides for a light, homely nonchalance and gives an extra comfortable feeling when you sit down. Furniture with a flat seat and upright back is seldom really comfortable. The lack of rake creates the feeling that you are sliding off the sofa, especially with smooth coverings. But even with such furniture, Leolux succeeds in providing for a rake by combining foams in the seat with different levels

of stiffness. The softer foam varieties at the back of the seat create the right rake here. You sit in rather than on a Leolux seat. Naturally that also means that the foam should not have so much springing power that the covering is totally stretched. That would give you a permanent feeling that you are being pressed upward. Comfortable cushions are a distinguishing feature of quality furniture and demonstrate its softness, even after use. So creasing is inevitable.

Leolux comfort You can recognize Leolux furniture by its superb seating comfort. You might not always realize it when you sit down, but under you are countless precious materials that were selected with care to make sure that you are sitting comfortably. With lots of experience, attention and love for the job, we at Leolux seek the best solution for every new design. Three factors are crucial thereby: ergonomics, springing and foam. The attention the people from Leolux pay here results in unprecedented levels of comfort. Studying the human body in various sitting positions is the basis for the comfort of any piece of Leolux furniture. Active sitting needs a fairly high seat, high armrests and a smaller angle between the seat and the 26 |

back, the so-called “rake”. That type of seat is easier to get up from. The more passive the seat, the more difficult it is to get up: the seat is lower and deeper, the back has more of a rake and the armrests are lower. When the dimensions and relationships of the seat match the human dimension (the ergonomics) and the function, the basis has been laid for a comfortable seat. The springing Leolux chooses depends on the level of comfort chosen. A hard or soft seat sets different demands for the spring-

ing fitted under the seat. Leolux usually chooses steel coil springs that, depending on the thickness and the pre-tensioning, offer more or less springiness. Sometimes we also span webbing that stretches on loading, or the product developers choose springing consisting of high-density foam. One of the most precious elements of a piece of Leolux furniture is invisible, yet all the more perceptible for that: the foam. Leolux applies several types in every piece of furniture that together ensure the right | 27

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