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Advice before choosing The perfect home interior does not exist. It’s different for everyone. There is only one rule when furnishing your home: you have to feel comfortable in it. Follow your feelings in furnishing. We can help you: that’s why you will find some advice here in helping you with your choice at home and in the store. 1. At home: what’s your style? You know your style best. In this book you will undoubtedly find furniture that suits you. Please note: the comfort is just as important as the form. Try out a large selection of seats before choosing and be well advised about the right seat height and depth.

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2. At home: how do you choose the character and colour? Make a collage. Combine photographs of your current interior with pictures from home magazines that appeal to you and to these add samples of curtains, flooring and your wall colours. This will give a picture of your interior’s character. Now look for the colour that matches. There aren’t any hard and fast rules. Some guidelines: use light colours in darker areas, and vice versa. Furthermore: watch out for trends! They are usually valid only for a year. It is preferable to change the accessories a little more often.

3. At home: avoid a piece of furniture not fitting in! Furniture always looks smaller in the store! Make a floor plan to scale of your room. Add in the windows, plug points and doors and the way they open. Draw the furniture of your choice to the same scale, cut it out and slide around the floor plan until you have found the best layout. The sizes of all the pieces of Leolux furniture are included in this annual. You can also download drawings from the Leolux website. 4. At home: How do I keep the room looking spacious? Make sure that you look at the front of the sofa as you enter the room and not

at the back of it. Do not put a sofa with a high back in the middle of the room, unless you wish to use the sofa as a divider in a large living room. If your room is on the small side, choose a sofa that is open underneath. 5. At your adviser: what must I watch out for when trying out a seat? Ideal furniture does not exist, ideal for you does. Try sitting in the piece of furniture of your choice and be critical: does the depth of the seat fully support you? Is the seat too high, cutting off the blood circulation in your upper legs? Or is it too low, making it difficult for you to stand up again?

6. At your adviser: how do I choose the right upholstery? Your interior adviser and the Leolux Design Center have a tremendous selection of samples to aid you. To get good advice, take your character collage with you (see 2), or at least samples of the colours in your room! 7. At your adviser: how do I choose quality? You will find descriptions of the userfriendliness of the Leolux leather sorts in this annual. The fabric collection is too diverse for a good overview. Specifications of the durability and colour-fastness of all the upholstery in our collection are known. Ask your adviser for the details.

The Leolux guarantee applies to the upholstery: the conditions can be found in the technical section at the back of this annual. 8. At your adviser: how do I decorate my interior? You can create a real Leolux atmosphere by working with one of our in-house artists. Our collection includes silk-screen prints as well as unique paintings and sculptures. There are also Leolux rugs enabling your Leolux furniture to blend in even better. They are tailor-made both in size and colour, so that they perfectly match your furniture.

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Leolux design collection 2012 - design furniture  
Leolux design collection 2012 - design furniture  

Leolux offers you millions of options: coverings, colours, different variants and countless comfort options based on which you can put your...