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Via Creandi Literally Via Creandi means “the road of creation”. It stands for the road every product at Leolux goes down. From the moment the furniture is born in the designer’s mind to delivery to the customer. See with your own eyes how winding that road is, and how many interim stops there are before a piece of furniture is finally ready. Craftsmanship Via Creandi is a dream long cherished at Leolux. The idea: show those interested that Leolux really exists and that traditional skills and craftsmanship have not vanished from Western Europe. The first plans for such a visitors center go back to the end of the last

century, but Via Creandi is finally realised 2007. The building of a new logistics centre is the right moment to make the dream reality. Red bridge The Via Creandi visitors center is opened to the public in the autumn of 2007. It is built based on the design by Amsterdam architects Soeters van Eldonk. A characteristic red bridge links the existing production facility with a new logistics center and adjoining warehouse, in which Leolux also accommodates its visitors center. Here, with a fantastic view across the Meuse, visitors get acquainted with the world as Leolux sees it: modern and hospitable, with a feel for the arts.

Via Creandi visitors center Want to see how Leolux furniture is created with your own eyes? Discover how we work on the most beautiful seating ideas in the south of the Netherlands, created by international designers and produced by craftsmen with a love of quality and natural materials.

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Leolux design collection 2012 - design furniture  
Leolux design collection 2012 - design furniture  

Leolux offers you millions of options: coverings, colours, different variants and countless comfort options based on which you can put your...