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Decorative rugs The Leolux rug collection Leolux’s motto when putting together the collection is “everything that makes for pleasant living”. Naturally, the collection is centred around seating concepts, tables and dining-room chairs. But homes are made up of more than just seats. That’s why the collection also includes art. Leolux has carpets to complete the collection. After all, they provide your living room with warmth, a higher “softness factor”, or simply the right optical effect. That’s how the Leolux rugs contribute to a pleasant living environment. Leolux rugs complete your living room because they match the colours of your furniture. Individualists can, however, create very special effects with carpets. With a rug in a 228 | Facts and backgrounds

contrasting colour you can create a “colour island” so that your furniture stands out even more.

More information on Leolux rugs can be obtained from your Leolux dealer or in the Leolux Design Centers.

You choose the colour that best matches your home environment from a large variety of possibilities. The carpets are available in different sizes, designs and pile heights. Naturally, putting a rug together to your taste is also possible. They are made to your requirements and size. • The Leolux Saltino rugs are available with a pile height of 32, 45 or 60 mm. • More information on Leolux rugs and their maintenance can be found on

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Leolux design collection 2012 - design furniture  
Leolux design collection 2012 - design furniture  

Leolux offers you millions of options: coverings, colours, different variants and countless comfort options based on which you can put your...