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Caring for wood Solid wood is oiled and lacquered. For maintenance of lacquered tables, please refer to the chapter on Leolux lacquers and veneer types. Maintenance instructions for solid wood Do not place your solid wood table too close to a radiator or open fire. Avoid major fluctuations in temperature and humidity. Make sure the relative humidity in your home is between 50 and 70 %. Cracking as a result of a relative humidity outside that margin is excluded from the guarantee. Rules for oiled wood An oiled table is more susceptible to stains and damp than a lacquered table. Remove spilt liquids immediately. For day-by-day maintenance, wiping the table with a dry or moist cloth suffices. Treat your table with the oil supplied with it on a regular basis. Apply the oil thinly to a clean, dry table using a cloth. Rub in using a dry cloth. Do not use corrosive or scouring agents. Treat minor scratches and stains carefully with a scouring sponge in the direction of the grain. Then apply oil again. A maintenance kit for solid wood is available from Leolux dealers and the Leolux Design Center.

Veneer A wood veneer is a product with all the known characteristics of a natural product. No veneer table leaf, no matter how expertly cut or treated, is identical to another. When selecting separate veneer leaves for tables such as Calbuco and Tablet, Leolux endeavours to make the best selection out of the available raw materials. Slight deviations are unavoidable, but that is the charm of a natural wood product.

Caution Plastic protective feet which are, for example, underneath electric equipment can sometimes cause stains in matt-natural lacquer. These stains cannot be removed. Felt is therefore advised to protect your table against scratches. All our wood originates from reforested areas.

Finishing and maintenance of veneer The Leolux veneers come in various shades, which can all be finished with a variety of lacquers. In all cases, they are given a finishing coat using a matt lacquer. The properties of the lacquer are identical to those of other Leolux lacquers. Maintenance only consists of normal cleaning with a damp cloth and mild detergents. Do not use any scouring products. After delivery, this Leolux product needs two months in which to harden through and through. Do not overload the table during that period.

Caution Wood discolours under the influence of daylight. Do not place hot objects (saucepans) directly onto the wood. This creates rings that are impossible to remove.

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