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Living wood Whether it’s oiled or lacquered, you want to live with wood forever; a wooden table lives and experiences much. Tea is drunk and food is eaten, a paper read, everyone tells their story: a wooden table is the centre of family life and grows older and ever more beautiful with use. Leolux makes such home tables in a large variety of wood sorts and combinations. Many of these tables, as well as the arm sections in seats, for example, are made of the most beautiful of solid woods. When that is not technically possible, Leolux makes them in top-class veneer.

Solid wood A solid wood table is a natural product. A “solid” tabletop or its legs are not necessarily made from one piece of wood, as wood “works”. Humidity causes the wood to shrink or expand. A table made from one piece of wood would warp. To avoid warping, the tabletop is constructed from slats of wood that are glued on all sides. This limits the shrinkage and expansion of the wood. The table legs are also constructed from more than one piece of wood for the same reason. With use you must be aware that solid wood “works”. Never place your solid wood table too close to a fire or radiator to avoid changes in temperature and humidity (5070% is ideal). Wood veneers However beautiful, solid wood does have its limitations. It works, warps and cannot be used if very thin. This means that certain constructions in solid wood are not possible. The leaves of the Tablet coffee table, for example, need to be thin. And if the intermediate leaf of the Calbuco table were to warp it would no longer fit into its housing and would fail on this technical principle. For such challenges, Man has fortunately discovered a technical solution: wood veneer, a thinly peeled or stripped layer of real wood that is applied to a base layer. Real wood, worked into a manageable product.

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Wood sorts and combinations Oak Leolux reveals the time-honoured European oak of high standing. It’s not possible to imagine life today in the furniture industry without this wood with its peaceful and beautiful grain. The Leolux oak is supplied with a natural or lacquer. Cherry Our cherry has a beautiful, light striped pattern. t is a charming type of wood that, depending on the light, displays various nuances of a deep, copper glow. Walnut Walnut is highly variegated. Leolux has chosen American walnut wood that has a dark warm glow. Navajo (combination) A graceful combination exists when oliveash is glued together with thin strips of walnut. Both the light and dark shades of the Navajo are exceptionally subtle. Navajo is available natural as well as in several lacquer colours.

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