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Caring for Leolux fabrics Leolux selects its fabrics with care, and with the right care from you they will remain lovely for years.

Quality fabrics Just as there are norms for leather quality, so there are norms for the quality of upholstery fabrics, which provide insight into the qualities of the material. During its development, an upholstery fabric is constantly tested to see whether it will meet expectations. Two qualities - durability and light-resistance - are of the utmost importance in evaluating a fabric. Light-resistance The light-resistance degree of a fabric is tested by means of UV-light from Xenon lamps (synthetic daylight) and is expressed in an International Standards Organisation (NEN-ISO) norm. The fabric is exposed to the light for a certain standard time. Then a colour comparison is carried out with standard colour samples on a scale of 1-8, whereby 8 equals no discoloration and 1 equals high discoloration. The discoloration due to light is unavoidable with fabrics, so that an 8 is unattainable for the furniture upholstery. A light-resistance to a degree of 3-4 is generally accepted as sufficient, but can deviate according to colour. Not all shades can therefore be realised.

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Durability Durability is established by means of the Martindale test, which consists of testing how quickly plain woven fabrics wear through and how quickly pile fabrics become threadbare. The name “Martindale” comes from the name of the apparatus which carries out this internationally recognised test. The results are expressed in the number of revolutions that are needed before a maximum of three threads or less are broken off by a plain weave, or if visible pile damage occurs. Generally a fabric evaluated at 6,000 – 10,000 revolutions is suitable for light duty, 10,000 – 20,000 for daily use. From 20,000 revolutions a fabric is suitable for heavy usage. Choosing a fabric Leolux quality fabrics are always suitable for normal use. Yet some patterns or colours can only be achieved if a certain technique or certain yarns are used. Luxuriousness, refinement or pure reliability create the subtle differences between “good” and “better.” All Leolux fabrics meet the stringent lightresistance norm of 3-4, and have a durability

minimum of 12,000 revolutions. On request, the degree of light-resistance and durability of the Leolux Calata patterns can be explained by your dealer at the Leolux Design Centers. If you desire absolute certainty or if you opt for a heavy-usage fabric, these statistics will guide your decision. Fabric options A complete overview of the Leolux fabric collection can be found at your Leolux dealer or at the Leolux Design Centers.

General • Any fabric can discolour under the influence of light. Brightly coloured and dark fabrics suffer the most. For that reason, try to avoid placing your furniture in direct sunlight. • urniture fabrics with natural fibres, and especially woollen fabrics, also appreciate the right humidity (50-60%). • D o not let children play on your furniture with their shoes on. Buckles and heels can cause permanent damage to the fabric. • Do not let pets lie on your furniture or scratch on the covering.

Maintenance • Particles of dirt on coverings are practically invisible but they will damage the fabric. So vacuum clean your furniture once a week with a duster. Always use the right attachment. • Care for your furniture from day one with Leolux cleaning fluid. This removes skin fats that collect on headrests and armrests and attack the fabric over time. See the packaging for the correct cleaning intervals.

to dry. Do not dab, rub or scrub. Do not check to make sure it’s working; this interrupts the absorption of the liquid into the dishcloth. • Let stubborn stains dry properly. Consult the stains disc or call the James Stains Line for expert advice: +31-(0)77-3278008.

Stains • C onsult the stains guide or • Remove elements sticking to the fabric as far as possible using a spoon. • Then soak a dishcloth in cold water, wring it out, place on the stain and leave

Quality foams Leolux furniture comes with a very high level of comfort. Leolux achieves that by applying a combination of foams depending on the demands placed upon a certain piece of furniture. Its developers equip an “active” sofa with foams of greater stiffness, while a lounge sofa is provided with much softer variants. Fire-resistance Leolux furniture conforms to the European standards set down by the EUFAC directives for fire-resistance; BS 5852-PART 1. Standard or extra fire-resistant Leolux furniture is developed to meet the

most stringent legal requirements in the field of fire safety. The foam materials Leolux uses as standard also satisfy the European regulations. Different standards apply in certain countries, whereby additional fire-retardant components in the foam are required by law. Although it results in a different level of comfort, Leolux applies foam provided with the fire-retardant melamine for those countries.

European standard foam, that is almost always possible*. Your Leolux advisor will be happy to tell you more about this. NB: the comfort level of the fire-retardant foam differs somewhat from that of the standard foam.

In production, Leolux follows the lead of the laws and standards that apply in the country a piece of furniture is intended for. If you choose the fire-resistant foam meeting the so-called “British Standard” rather than the | 219

Leolux design collection 2012 - design furniture  

Leolux offers you millions of options: coverings, colours, different variants and countless comfort options based on which you can put your...

Leolux design collection 2012 - design furniture  

Leolux offers you millions of options: coverings, colours, different variants and countless comfort options based on which you can put your...