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Caring for Leolux leather Leather is a natural product and the right care is very important. Coated leathers appreciate regular maintenance, but buckskin varieties need less care. We recommend the Leolux care products for maintenance. Which product is most suitable depends on the type of leather on your furniture. You’ll find the right cleaner for your covering in the table later in this book and on the Leolux website. Important tips for leather • Dust your furniture weekly and look after it from day one with Leolux cleaning fluid (except buckskin). This removes skin fats that collect on headrests and armrests and attack the fabric over time. See the packaging for the correct cleaning intervals. • Wipe up spilt liquids immediately using a cotton cloth so moisture has no chance to penetrate the leather. • Never place leather furniture in direct sunlight. The leather may dry out or discolour. • Never place your leather furniture too close to a stove, fireplace or radiator. The leather may dry out in places and shrink, which can cause cracks. The wooden frame may also twist or crack. • Provide for the right level of humidity (5060%). As a natural product, leather then feels most at home. Periodic maintenance Leolux care products keep your leather supple and prevent it drying out. The standard Ecocare and Anilinecare products are transparent. Ecocare is also available in col-

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our. The colours are matched to the Leolux leather collection. In most cases, use of the transparent product suffices. We recommend a coloured product if (a part of) your furniture has discoloured through excessive sunlight or is showing signs of use. The treatment is simple: apply a few drops to a cotton cloth and rub in. Allow to dry for a short while and then rub out using a dry cotton cloth. Caution: never press or rub too hard because that can cause unnecessary wear on the leather. Test the product for the first time at an inconspicuous spot. Your care kit is available from your Leolux dealer, in the Leolux Design Center and via

Caring for buckskin leather (Suave) We recommend a little restraint when it comes to caring for this type of leather. One cleaning session a year or every two years is normally enough. A special cleaning agent for buckskin leather is available from your Leolux dealer, the Leolux Design Center or

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