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can ultimately be produced. The selection is defined by the Leolux design team, a group of Leolux experts in the field of creating, presenting and marketing Leolux furniture. What do they base their choices on? The design must not only be beautiful, but it must also be comfortable. It has to have a character of its own and be innovative in form, function or technology. But by far the most important criterion is that it meets the needs of the Leolux customer.

How is Leolux furniture created? The Leolux collection is not created from one moment to the next. The collection has grown and is still evolving every day. Some models prove themselves and remain an element of the collection for years. Others vanish from the picture more quickly. But a cause can only seldom be given for that. Good products are not always recognized at once, whilst less revolutionary designs are sometimes well accepted simply because of the point in time they appear on the market. Selecting the right furniture has everything to do with “fingerspitzengefühl”, the talent of choosing the right model from the enormous volume on offer. Before a model appears in the showroom at your Leolux dealer, it has been worked on 18 |

for months, sometimes more than a year. By the designer, of course, but also by the scores of people at Leolux that make sure the designer’s dreams are translated into a real piece of furniture. Only the best and most beautiful are then presented to the dealers during an (international) furniture fair. Then, and only then, does a sofa, armchair or table arrive in the shop and in this Annual. Design: a people process Designing furniture is anything but an abstract process. It is a process in which people play a main role. The designer, the peo-

Product development at Leolux Up to now, a piece of furniture is nothing more than an abstract idea of the designer in the form of a sketch or a scale model. It is the product developers at Leolux that turn it into a real piece of furniture. They work on the ergonomics (body posture), the right rake, height and seat depth. But they also think about the comfort that Leolux is famous for at this stage (see page 28). The product developers first work out the piece of furniture in a 3D program. They begin with the outside of the piece and then work their way into the inside. Every ele-

ment of the product is included in the drawing, down to the last detail. This working drawing forms the basis for the prototypes. The body, the foam, the covering; these are all built by hand without a single work instruction being available. Building a prototype is a true work of art that can only be executed with a great deal of inventiveness and years of experience.

Design Centers and you can order it in all its variants and with all its options in terms of covering, colour and comfort. The collection offers millions of possibilities, so no two pieces of furniture are ever the same.

Every week, the Leolux design team meets to discuss progress and to evaluate the prototypes. How are we doing in terms of comfort and design? Do we perhaps need other variants? Do the mechanics work? And what about robustness? This happens as often as needed until the product is ready. Only if all the details have been approved are the parts of the furniture digitized, the dies made and the working instructions written. The sofa, table or armchair is ready for production and can be presented to the world during one of the international furniture fairs. The presentation After the long period of development, the model is finally in the shops and in the Leolux

ple from Leolux, but also all the others that contribute as a source of inspiration to the ideas: artists, specialists in the field of leather, colours and trends, the people around us. That cooperation combines know-how and experience to create products that have real value for their users. Leolux does not work with designers of its own, but with international freelance designers. Sometimes they work on commission when there is a specific need for a certain design. But usually they put forward their own dreams, their vision on sitting and living. Every year, Leolux receives many hundred of proposals, but only a few | 19

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Leolux offers you millions of options: coverings, colours, different variants and countless comfort options based on which you can put your...