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Best Quality Barcode Scanners In 2018 Barcode is used by all organizations to reveal their





So, Barcode Scanner has become a mandatory electronic device that can scan the printed barcodes. Genx has brought you superior industrial top graded barcode scanners along with much authenticity, durability & warranty. We provide wireless scanners that capture the requisites of a variety of technical appliances. These Barcode Scanners are available in UAE & these handheld scanners are used for a variety of purposes such as high volume barcodes for hi-tech settings. They are designed small for a greater mobility. Many employees & workers use in a day-today work intensive jobs. So, order Barcode Scanner Dubai today. 1. QW2120-BKK12S:

QW2120 is small, easy to operate and it has an ergonomic design that comforts people to use it on a daily basis. The scanning line is thin & vibrant. Features best on 1D and 2D barcodes. • Worth purchase • Availability: Stock • Data logic QW2120: • Imager: Linear 1D Small • Weight: Light • Colour: Black • Accessories: USB Cable, stand. • Warranty: Minimum 2 years So buy it today 2. 1900GSR 2USB: Honeywell Xenon 1900 is well-designed handheld scanner for high-quality barcode scanning. It provides high reliability, superior barcode scanning & possesses versatility. It captures the high digital quality image. • Availability: Stock • 1900GSR 2USB • Imager: 1D & 2D • Weight: Lightweight • Colour: Black • Accessories: USB • Green Compliment: yes • Warranty: 5 years So buy this immediately 3. MK7120-31A38: Honeywell MS7120 Orbit is small size, lightly weighted barcode scanner but it delivers an enormous performance. It is categorized as a point-of-sale scanner with precise focus on the laser that provides great efficiency as well as performance. It has a specialty to scan bulky items at a time. • Availability: Stock • Imager: 1D

• Weight: Lightweight • Pattern: Omni-directional • Laser Light Source • Accessories: USB • Warranty: 2 years So buy this Honeywell product soon & enjoy scanning. 4. ZK4500: ZK4500 is an excellent fingerprint reader scanner designed with a high-quality industrial class plastic. High performance & maintenance free sensor. The stock is available . • Weight: Lightweight • Pixel: 500 dpi • Optical laser light • Accessories: USB • Advanced and high tech • Colour: Black So, soon buy these scanners available in UAE for enjoying benefits. There are many other scanners available in UAE worth buying & can be used widely for scanning barcodes in mobile phones, computers. Along with the scanners, there are other accessories available such as stand, repair toolbox or USB cable wire. Some of them are punch time clock, Bundle with 100 cards, attend BN6000 Biometric Fingerprint time clock and many others with much more effective & efficient features. Explore more products for your convenience. High tech applications are available in varying range & prices. UAE is a tech nation & so one must purchase barcode scanner in UAE because of its vulnerability, warranty, lightweight & mobility. Go with Genx today and buy the best barcode scanner with amazing offers and discounts.

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Best Quality Barcode Scanners In 2018  
Best Quality Barcode Scanners In 2018  

Barcode is used by all organizations to reveal their originality & product authenticity. So, Barcode Scanner has become a mandatory electron...