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WELCOME TO THE FIRST EDITION OF GENUINE GEMS. All praise is due to Allah (SWT) and may peace and blessings be upon Muhammad (SAW), His beloved messenger. We are extremely delighted to present to you our very first edition of “Genuine Gems”. Our aim is to motivate the young ones towards Deen. Through incidents from the life of Rasululah (SAW) and Islamic heroes we wish to inspire and encourage our youth towards Deen so they can emulate the virtues contained in these true stories. Children love reading and listening to stories. It is the duty of parents to impart adequate knowledge of Deen to their children and provide them with the correct literature. Now-a-days children only read fairy tales or adventure and mystery stories solely based on lies and imagination. Consequently they idolize pop stars, actors and fiction heroes. We intend to introduce the youth to our pious predecessors hence they can walk in their footsteps and consider them as their role models. We have selected significant stories and included puzzles and quizzes for the young ones to enjoy. We ask for forgiveness for any errors. Jazak-Allah. The editor Genuine Gems

Virtues of praying the Holy Qur’aan

Hadrat Uthman (R.A.) narrates a Hadith of the Prophet (SAW) (Words to the effect) “The best of you is he who learns and teaches the

Holy Qur’aan.” The Qur’aan is the word of Allah. Since Allah is the greatest, so is his speech. Dear children, we should endeavor to learn the Qur’aan and teach it to our friends too. How awesome is the word of Allah! AL-QUR’AAN. QUR’AAN Al –Qur’aan is the book of God, The word Al-Qur’aan is the word of the Lord. of ALLAH!! A message of guidance for all… Towards Allah a loving call! Muslims pray it through out the world, It remains unchanged word for word. Memorized and protected in the hearts of some A light of guidance for years to come… Learn and teach Al-Qur’aan Be a good Muslim and strengthen your iman. Rasululah (SAW) said, whosoever read one letter from the Qur’aan, will be granted one reward for it and one is equal to ten. I do not say that alif lam meem is one letter but alif is one letter, lam is one letter, and meem is one letter. (narrated by tirmizi)


In a Hadith it is mentioned: “Every thing has a heart and the heart of the Qur’aan is Surah Yaseen.” Whoever reads Surah Yaseen, Allah Ta’alah records for him a reward equal to that of reading the whole Qur’aan 10 times.

Hazrat Ata Bin Raibah (RA) reported that Rasululah (Saw) said, “Whoever recites Surah Yaseen in the beginning of the day, all his needs will be fulfilled.” This Surah is also first of the two Surahs in the Qur’aan Shareef which on the day of reckoning, will plead with Allah Ta’alah for and on behalf of the Muslims who recites it regularly. WILL YOU READ SURAH YASEEN EVERY MORNING?

WEIGH BEFORE YOU SAY! Hadrat Abdullah Ibn Mubarak [R.A] once said that I was returning home after Hajj when I saw a camel approaching. As it came near I saw a woman mounted on it. I greeted her with salaam: She replied “SALAAMUN KAULAM MIR RABIR RAHEEM.’’ I understood from the verse she prayed that it was in reply to my greeting. Next, I asked where she was coming from and she answered: “WA ATIMMUL HAJJA WAL UMRATA LILLAH.” Hearing this, I gathered she was returning from a visit to the Holy Lands. I further queried why she was all alone and she said: “ MAYY YUTHLILILLAHA FALA HAADIYA HAH. I understood that she was an old woman who had lost her way and therefore asked her where she wanted to go. ‘’UDKHULU MISRA INSHA ALLAH’’ she recited in reply to my query. I deduced she wanted to go to town and offered to take her as I was also going there myself. ‘’WA AHSINU INNALLAHA YUHIBBUL MUHSINEEN.’’ She prayed as a token of gratitude. I took hold of the bridle of her camel and started walking. After covering a short distance I started reciting poems in Arabic but her recital, “FAQRAU MA TAYASSARA MINAL QUR’AAN.’’ silenced me. I began to wonder who she was and out of curiosity asked her about her background. Again her Qur’aanic

recital, ‘’LA TAS’ALU AN ASHIA’A AN TUBDA LAKUM.’’ cautioned me against further questioning and I gathered she did not want to discuss her personal life. I continued walking. Once we entered the city I asked her whom she wanted to meet. She replied, ‘’AL MAALU WAL BANUNU ZEENATAL HAYAATAD DUNYA ‘’ I understood from the verse she recited that Allah had gifted her sons whom she wished to summon. When I asked her the names of her sons she replied, ’’EBRAHEEMA WA ISMAEELA WA IS, HAAQ’’ As I gathered from her recital that those were the names of her sons I called them out aloud. Three handsome and worried men came running in response to my call. They expressed great relief upon finding their mother as they had been looking for her. As I turned to leave she stopped me with yet another Ayah of the Qur’aan,’’ WA YUTIMUNAT TA AAMI HUBBI ‘’ This was a gesture to her children to serve some food. They complied and brought some fruit on a plate. I tried to excuse myself but she recited “INNAMA NUTIMUKUM LIWAJHILLAH’’ expressing her sincerity. Baffled and unable to understand this woman, I asked the children about her.

‘’Since I have met your mother, she has replied to all my questions with Qur’aanic Ayah only.” They explained, “Our mother is a Hafiza of the Qur’aan (someone who has memorised the Glorious Qur’aan) and a learned scholar of Ahadeeth. She fears that her words will be weighed on the Day of Qiyamah. Hence, she hasn’t uttered anything other than verses from the Qur’aan for the past twenty years. MORAL: SubhanAllah! Can you imagine how much fear of Allah Ta’ala was instilled in her heart that she had not spoken any word besides verses of the Qur’aan for twenty years! Weigh before you say. Nowadays, we utter the most unbelievable things without giving a thought. [Story taken from Hadrat Moulana Zulfiqar Ahmad Naqshbandi (D.B)’s book entitled, Khutbaate-Faqeer part 1] QUIZ. 1. Which prophet is mentioned the most in the Qur’aan? 2. Where was the Holy Qur’aan revealed first? 3. How long did the entire revelation of the Holy Qur’aan take? 4. Through which angel was the Holy Qur’aan revealed? 5. On which night was the Holy Qur’aan revealed? Send your answers to: Genuine gems, 32437, Lusaka, Zambia (Fax: +2601 286768) 0r SMS your answers to +26096637377 on Mondays after 22.00 hours Remember to include your name and address.

First ten correct entries will receive a free copy of the next edition of “Genuine gems”. Please include your name and postal address. Readers are requested to send their contributions on: Qur’aan, Hadith, Islamic history or poems and stories that are related to these topics

HEY WHAT’S IN STYLE? YOUNG BOYS- Spotless white long robe, long shoulder length hair (one size), and neat turban preferably white made of soft material. Elegant trouser that falls just above the ankle and gives a classy appearance! Look cool in the beautiful Sunnah dress. It will remain in style for life.

YOUNG GIRLS- for under fifteens any color garments with long sleeves and matching scarves or dupattas. From the variety of necklines; any style will do as long as the neck is not deep. For older girls the same attire is appropriate but an addition of an abaya and a veil is essential whilst going out. Look decent not only this season but through out your life. We as Muslims should follow the styles and fashion of our Beloved Master (SAW). Let us wear the brand of ‘Sunnah’. Follow the ways of the Beloved Master (SAW); 1.What kind of clothes did he like best? 2.Which fragrances did he love? 3.What kind of hairstyle did he like? 4.What was his style of walking, talking, eating sitting…? We should endeavor to revive his Sunnah and be proud to look like our Beloved Master (SAW). WE LOVE YOU, OH PROPHET OF ALLAH (SAW)!!!

LITTLE STEPS OF THE GREAT SAINTS… SHEIKH SAA’DI SHIRAZI (R.A.) Sheikh Saa’di Shirazi (R.A.) was a pious servant of Allah. Once when he was still a small child he accompanied his father to see the Eid celebration. Unexpectedly amidst the teeming crowd he was separated from his father. He was only a little child hence he started wailing and crying. His father started searching for him in a state of panic too. Finally when his father found him he reprimanded him saying, “Oh mischievous one! I told you not to let go of my hand. Didn’t I?” Sheikh Saa’di says that this incident of childhood guided him and served as a lesson through out his entire life. He deduced from this incident that one who does not fasten himself to the pious servants of Allah spiritually and fails to practice upon their teachings gets lost in the mob of this world. Another incident of his childhood served as a guiding light for his whole life too. His father had bought him a gold ring. Someone acquired the gold ring from him by giving a few sweet dates in exchange. In his childlike innocence he did not understand that he had made a trouncing deal. Later he realized that people in this world bargain their precious Akhirat (hereafter) for this cheap, transient and apparently sweet world. The credit of his exceptionally well upbringing and nurturing during the formative years of childhood goes to his father. He was trained to devotedly worship Allah and get up for the pre-dawn prayer from a very young age. On one such night when he was ardently engaged in the worship of Allah with his father, he noticed some people lying fast asleep. He looked up at his father innocently and complained, “Daddy, look at them they are sleeping as though they were dead! They cannot even get up for prayer!” The father replied, “ My son, it would have been better if you went to sleep too. At least you would have been secure from backbiting about Allah’s creation!” Wow! What sound advice! Dear children, we should learn from stories like this how detestable it is to backbite. It has been narrated in a Hadith. (Words to the effect) “Backbiting is worse than adultery.” This means it is a much more acute and severe sin than adultery.

ACQUIRING EDUCATION OF DEEN Once Hadrat Sheikh Saa’di Shirazi (R.A) discovered that a devout worshipper had left his Khanqah (place where people are engaged in the remembrance of Allah .It is also a place where true seekers go for the rectification of their hearts.) and joined the Madressa to acquire the knowledge of Deen. He

approached the pious man and asked him what the difference between a committed worshipper and a learned scholar was. In other words Sheikh Saa’di (RA) wanted to know why he had left his Khanqah and joined the Madressa. The pious and committed worshipper replied, “A devout worshipper only earns his own salvation whereas a learned scholar is a source of guidance and salvation for the entire world.” After this occurrence Sheikh Saa’di (R.A.)’s desire to acquire the knowledge of Deen increased. Hence he strived to attain the pinnacle of accomplishment in obtaining the education in Deen. Dear children, we should endeavour to attain the knowledge of Deen as well. Furthermore we should respect our teachers, Ustaadh and books as well. Did you know that our pious elders never touched a plain paper without wudhu (ablution)? They never scribbled on their books. They sat with humility in the company of their Ustaadh and acquired the numerous blessings of Deen. Knowledge cannot benefit a person who does not respect his teachers and Ustaadh. Let us make a firm intention in our hearts that we shall strive to attain education .We shall respect our teachers and Ustaadh. GRATITUDE. Sheikh Saa’di (R.A.) had always been very grateful to Allah. Once in the moment of desperation he thought to himself, “How unfortunate, I do not even have a pair of shoes.” Thus he walked towards the mosque sadly. Upon reaching there he found a man with no legs. He immediately felt ashamed in his heart for mourning about a pair of shoes and thanked Allah (SWT) for bestowing him with a great bounty like a pair of legs. Dear children, we hope you have not only enjoyed reading the stories of Sheikh Saa’di (RA) but also learned a lot of lessons from them. Let us go over what we have learned; 1. Secure a bond with the pious servants of Allah and never let go off this tie. Hold steadfast to their teachings. 2. Do not bargain the valuable and everlasting life of Akhirat for this transient and glittering world. 3. Never backbite. 4. Always be grateful to Allah (SWT) 5. Strive to acquire the education of Deen. We shall glance into the life of Moulana Rashid Ahmed Gangohi (R.A) in our next edition.

RAHMATUL-LIL ALAMEEN SALLAL LAHUALAIHI WASALLAM. (THE BLESSING FOR BOTH WORLDS.) When darkness and evil took the thrones, When people started worshipping stones, When without alms the poor was returned, When the newborn baby girl was burned, When sins and wrongdoing had flourished, When truth and piety had been diminished, OH ALLAH SEND Then descended upon the Arabs, a pious man SALUTATIONS UPON OUR Muhammad he was, from Banu Hashim’s clan. GUIDE With the knowledge of Islam he filled their hearts MUHAMMAD,(SA W) AND THE He was the source from where civilization starts. FAMILY OF OUR In the cave of Hira He received his prophet hood. GUIDE To the worst of enemies he was always good. MUHAMMAD, (SAW) BLESS Neither had He silver nor he had gold, THEM AND SEND But He was always ready to help the old. PEACE UPON THEM! Whose one action divided the moon in two, For the world His guidance was perfect and true. He who stayed hungry and thirsty to feed others. He who declared all Muslims as brothers. Peace be upon you oh perfect guide Peace be upon You, Oh Ummah’s pride. May the Almighty’s blessings be upon you forever and forever.

‫ﺼﻠﻲ ﷲ ﻋﻠﻳﮥ ﻮﺍﻠﮥ ﻮﺳﻟﻡ‬ RASULULAH (‫)ﺻﻠﻰﷲﻋﻠﻴﻪﻭﺳﻠﻢ‬ ‘To feel the bond of love and affection for Rasoolullah (‫)ﺻﻠﻰﷲﻋﻠﻴﻪﻭﺳﻠﻢ‬ and to have the thirst to befriend Him is the most precious treasure that any Muslim can ever have. Throughout Islamic History Respected Ulema have put to paper, the excellence of Prophethood with utmost love and devotion. They have sacrificed their lives, their dignity, their honour and their worldly luxuries for the deen that Rasoolullah (‫ )ﺻﻠﻰﷲﻋﻠﻴﻪﻭﺳﻠﻢ‬brought. In keeping alive the sanctity and excellence of Rasoolullah’s (‫ )ﺻﻠﻰﷲﻋﻠﻴﻪﻭﺳﻠﻢ‬Mubarak name, they were prepared even to give their lives if need arose. Alhamdulillah, even in this date and age, this fiery love and spirit of sacrifice is very much alive in the Ummah. Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta'alah has specifically blessed the Darul Uloom of Nadwatul Ulema in the field of recording the Holy Seerah. This was an excerpt from the forward of Ahsan-us Siyar.In our next edition we will edit a whole chapter from the English translation of Hadrat Moulana Qamruz Zaman Sahib’s’Ahsan-us Siyar”

THE LIGHT OF GUIDANCE If you travel back fourteen hundred years you will realize that the doors leading to civilization were closed. The spirit of life had expired. Shameful rites and rituals took over truth and honesty. Then suddenly amidst all the corruption and obscurity of evil there shone a light. This was the brilliant light of guidance. This shining lamp of Iman was Muhammad Rasululah (SAW). Harmful environments, negligence in proper upbringing, loss of either one or both parents are the prime factor to mischievous children. However that child was indeed exceptional whose father had passed away even before he came into this world. Whilst he was still a little child of six he lost the warmth of his loving mother’s lap. The One who had been created for the nurturing and rearing of the entire universe had been deprived of tender parental care. Yet this beautiful baby who opened his eyes in an environment of corruption and darkness was safeguarded against even the mere shadow of evil. Despite being an orphan his childhood was pure and uncontaminated by the pollution of sins. His entire life will serve as an example for generations to come. We send our salutations and pay tribute to that Orphan of Makkah, who was a guiding light for this Ummah. (Sallal lahu alaihi Wasallam.) What do you know about our Beloved Prophet (SAW)? Write and share with us. (‫)ﺻﻠﻰﷲﻋﻠﻴﻪﻭﺳﻠﻢ‬


EATING HEALTHY. Our Prophet (SAW) has encouraged us to eat with the right hand. It has been narrated in a Hadith, (words to the effect) “One should eat with his right hand, because Shaytan eats, drinks and holds his food with the left hand.” In another Hadith nabi [SAW] says:(words to the effect) “Take the name of Allah every time you begin eating, for if you do not take Allah’s name, that food becomes halal for Shaytan.” Our Beloved Master (SAW) has taught us to begin the meal by taking a pinch of salt. Prophet [SAW] once told Hadrat Ali (RA), (words to the effect) “Begin and end your meal with a pinch of salt, as salt contains the cure for seventy sicknesses. Included amongst them are all forms of insanity, leprosy, toothache and stomachache.” Salt is very effective for people suffering from frequent blackouts. In another Hadith the Prophet (SAW) has stated, (words to the effect) “Refrain from eating from the center of the plate as the barakah descends there.” The Prophet of Allah (SAW) further advised us to wash our hands before and after eating. By doing so one attains barakah and is protected from indigestion. It has been stated in another Hadith, (words to the effect), “A person who licks his fingers after eating and cleans his plate obtains a prayer from the plate. The plate supplicates to Allah Ta’ala to free the person from the fire of hell as the person has freed the plate from the hands of Shaytan.” Moreover the licking of fingers removes pride. In another Hadith it has been stated, (words to the effect) “Allah will increase the sustenance of a person who picks up a fallen morsel of food from the mat and eats it.” We have been advised by our Beloved Prophet (SAW) to allow the food to cool down before eating, as hot food has no barakah in it. Furthermore hot food weakens the stomach. The Beloved Master (SAW) has said that,(words to the effect)the best food is the one which contains vinegar.



My role model is the one who has been praised and crowned with ‘wa rafa’na laka zikrak.’ The first to answer ‘bala’ when questioned with ‘alastu birabbikum?’ With the blessings of his name Hadrat Adam (A.S.)’s repentance was accepted. For whom Allah created this world. Whose hometown is mentioned as ‘Baladil Ameen’ Yes, he is my role model. I love him because the Almighty Allah loves him. I send salutations on him because even Allah and his angels send salutations on him. I adore him because he is the most handsome and good-looking being ever created. His accomplishments were beyond comparison. Within a space of ten years he created the greatest revolution on earth. If it weren’t for him we would all be uncivilized. I love him so much because of all the favours he has done for mankind. He was more merciful for his Ummah than a father would be for his children. He would beseech and pray for his sinful Ummah until he had sores on his feet. He would remain in sajdah all night and ask Allah to forgive his Ummah .I love him so much. I send gifts of durood and salutations on him, my Beloved Prophet SALLAL LAHU ALAIHI WASALLAM. If Allah had not created him then he wouldn’t have created the seven skies, the rolling earth, the blue oceans and seas, the shining sun and the glittering moon. Yes, he is my role model for whom this whole world was created.

HUMAIRA 10years old Lusaka

My role model is the beloved wife of the Prophet (S.A.W.) Hadrat Aisha Siddiqa (RA). She is the faithful mother of the Ummah. I admire her and want to be like her because of the vast knowledge she attained by staying in the company of the prophet (SAW). It has been reported by Hadrat imam Zuhri (R.A.) that the knowledge of Hadrat Aisha (RA) would surpass the knowledge of all the other wives of the Prophet (SAW) and all the women in the world. Even elderly Sahabaahs came to her to enquire about the masa’il regarding Deen. The prophet of Allah had a greater affection for her than his other wives. I love her because she was the most beloved to our Prophet (SAW). Hadrat Masruq (RA) who was a student of Hadrat Aisha (RA) narrated the Hadith in a beautiful way. He would say, “The truthful, who is the daughter of the truthful, and the beloved of the beloved of Allah has narrated to me that…” The Ummah owes a great deal to her as the verses regarding tayammum were revealed because of her. Regarding her innocence ten verses were revealed in the Surae Noor. I pray to Allah that he makes me pure, chaste and knowledgeable like her. I want to study the Deen and benefit the world with my knowledge like her. Habibah Shahid 12 years old Who is your role model? Please write to us and we will publish the four of the best essays received. You can fax your copies to Attention of: Genuine Gems, +2601 286768



He is the best speaker, a great scholar of Islam, finest sportsman, top scientist, and most excellent engineer in the world. My role model is very special. He is my ideal. When he stands he looks taller than the trees and stronger than the mountains. His walking style is that of a brave soldier. His face shines like the full moon and his warm smile is enough to melt the hardest hearts. When he speaks words of wisdom come out enlightened with truth and guidance. In one hand of his, one sees the light of the Qur’aan and in the other hand one sees the light of the Sunnah of the Prophet Sallal lahu alaihi Wasallam. From head to toe he is adorned with the beautiful Sunnah of the Prophet (SAW). He has dedicated his life to embed pearls of Allah’s love into the hearts of the creation. He gets these precious gems by plunging deep into the oceans of Qur’aan and Hadith. The sky is illuminated with the twinkling stars and the earth is adorned with the presence of my favourite person, my Hazratjee (Hadrat Moulana Zulfiqar Ahmad Naqshbandi D.B.). I see his beauty in all the seven colours of the rainbow, his wisdom and knowledge in all the flowing streams of the world, his steadfastness and courage in all the mountains and his fame in the endless skies. Wherever I look that’s all I see Hazratjee, “My favourite person” and my role model. Uwais (12 years old.) Lusaka. I LOVE YOU!

BE GRATEFUL FOR FIVE THINGS BEFORE ‌ The Prophet (SAW) advised us to appreciate five things prior to five. 1. Youth before old age- (the reward for worship is far greater during youth rather than old age. Moreover it is difficult to devotedly worship with frail and aging limbs.) 2. Health before illness- (one should not be negligent in performing good deeds whilst Allah has given him good health. As the importance of perfect health is only understood during illness) 3. Leisure before life becomes busy- (this applies to the long hours of the night that are meant for worshipping Allah. If one does not make use of this time for worship then he cannot compensate for them during the demanding hours of the day.) 4. Wealth before poverty- (one should utilize his wealth in the path of Allah before he is deprived of this bounty. One should avoid arrogance and be grateful to the Almighty.) 5. Life before death- (once a person dies the chapter of his deeds is closed. Therefore one must endeavour to live his life according to the Shariah, Sunnah and do as many good deeds as possible.)

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DID YOU KNOW? The word Ka’bah means, “cube-shaped” However its literal meaning is exalted The Ka’bah was the first structure built on earth specifically for the purpose of worship. The Ka’bah is situated in the center of the earth and it was the point from where the rest of the world had been created. Al-Baital-Mamur is the Ka’bah of the inhabitants of the seventh heaven. The Baital-Mamur is directly above the Ka’bah on earth and in each of the heavens there is a similar structure. Initially the Ka’bah had no roof. The Quraish were the first to build a roof during the 35th year of the Prophet (SAW)’s life. The floor of the Ka’bah is 2.2 meters higher than the mataf (place where the tawaf is performed) Inside the Ka’bah there are 3 wooden pillars that hold the roof. The internal walls of the Ka’bah are plastered with marble containing beautiful designs on them. Inside the walls are draped with green silk curtains, which are replaced after every 3 years.

. TRUTH GAINS VICTORY STORY OF HAZRAT UMAR BIN KHATTAB {R.A.} During the Khilafah of Hadrat Umar bin Khattab (RA) a Christian king was captured. His anti- Islamic activities had reached such an alarming stage that it had become difficult for the Ummah to tolerate his continued existence. He was brought before Hadrat Umar (RA) with his hands and feet bound. Hadrat Umar (RA) ordered his execution.

Upon hearing this, the king asked if he could be granted his last wish, adding that Muslims were famous for their benevolence. Hadrat Umar (RA) consented and asked him what he wanted. In reply the king asked for a glass of water, which was given to him. He raised the glass to his lips then halted saying that he could not manage to drink the water out of fear of being executed whilst drinking it. Hadrat Umar (RA) assured him, ‘You will not be executed until you finish drinking this water.’ Now when the king heard these words he spilt the water on the floor immediately. He then turned to Hadrat Umar (RA) and said, ‘You promised that I would not be killed until I finish drinking this water, I cannot drink this water now.’ Even Hadrat Umar (RA) was amazed at his craftiness. Now there were two options in front of him, either to execute him immediately or to stay true to his commitment. Hadrat Umar (RA) said, ‘you are right. I had said that you would not be killed until you finished drinking this water. Now, I take back the order of execution and set you free.’ Everybody was stunned at his decision, considering the enormous damage that could be caused and could arise out of the release of this ardent enemy of Islam. However, upon hearing the verdict of Hadrat Umar [RA], the King exclaimed, ‘you have proven that Muslims are truthful in all circumstances. Your act has impressed me so much that I now proclaim my acceptance of Islam.’ Dejected hearts were overjoyed as honesty proclaimed yet another victory. It is said that he became a soldier of Islam and he was so judicious that at times Hadrat Umar (RA) would ask for his advice on state matters. This story was taken from the lectures of Hadrat Moulana Zulfiqar Ahmad Damat Barakatuhum, which were based on the topic of “ Upbringing of children.”

OH CHILDREN OF THE WORLD DON’T DESPAIR! When I try to sleep at night, When mum comes to switch off the light I lay awake listening to your painful cries No one to put you to bed, to close your eyes Here I am thinking of you in my warm bed. There you are looking for a place to cover your head Eating my plate full, I see you instead. Drinking water and eating stale bread. As I leave for school, I think of your life: so pitiful. When the sun sets into a deep orange and gold, All the mysteries begin to unfold… As you wake up everyday, And say towards freedom another day When you look at the sky, Your only shelter, so high; As you look around in a daze, But can’t see even one familiar face. The heartbreak the loneliness I feel it too, Hands are raised high in prayer for you Happiness is due; joy is due Don’t despair, do not fear As help from Allah is near.




NASRUM MINAL LAHI WA FATHUN QAREEB! Hadrat Imam Malik advised Imam Shafi (RA), to make his actions flour and his knowledge salt. What did he mean? Chapatis are made of flour and only a pinch of salt is added to it. Such should be the blend of data and action within a person who has acquired knowledge of Deen. EAT LESS AND YOU WILL BECOME STEADFAST IN WORSHIP.


2. 3.


4. 3

4. ACROSS. 1.The first wife of the Beloved Prophet (SAW) 2.The one and only who created you, and the whole universe. 3.A pillar of Islam. 4.The truthful companion of the Prophet (SAW) DOWN. 1.Opening Surah of the Qur’aan. 2.where the pious and good people will be sent on the Day of Judgment. 3.The Surah of the Qur’aan that made our dear Prophet (SAW) old. 4.the wife of Adam (AS) Test your knowledge of Islamic books.

1.The author of ‘Bahishti Zewar’--------------------2.The author of ‘ Ishqe-Ilahi’-----------------------3.The author of ‘Fazaile-Amal’----------------------4. The author of ‘Ahsanus-Siyar’--------------------------

How much do you know about mountains?

1.The mountain where Musa (A.S.) talked to Allah (SWT)----------------------------2.The mountain that the Prophet (SAW) loves dearly-------------------------------3.The mountain where the prophet (SAW) was blessed with prophet hood. ----------------------------------4.The Mountain on which Abu baker Siddique (RA) carried the Beloved Master (SAW) on his back---------------------------------------------.

TRY THESE‌ um+ C ----------------------


ip ------------------------

==== g +hammad Shah+ tr


d ----------------


In each question below, underline the two words one from each set that together make one correctly spelt word. Remember the word from the left set always comes first. Example: (out, by, open) (bite like side) =outside 1(.Uthman, Huzaifa, Ali) (Bin Auf, bin Affan, Bin Zaid) 2. (Suleiman, Abubakr, Umar) (Rafeeq, Shafeeq, Siddique) 3. (Umar, Usama, Urwa) (Saeed, Faruq, Ismail) 4. (Saad, Abdullah, Zaid) (Bin abi Waqas, Bin Darda, Bin Yusuf.) Answers:

Test Your Knowledge on Islamic Books. 1.Moulana Ashraf Ali Thanwi (R.A.) 2.Hadrat Moulana Zulfiqar Ahmed Naqshbandi Sahib (D.B.) 3.Shaikhul Hadith Hadrat Moulana Zakariya(RA) 4.Hadrat Moulana Qamruz Zaman Sahib (D.B.) How much do you know about mountains? 1.Mt. Tur 2. Mt Uhad. 3.Mt. Hira 4.Mt Thaur. Try these1.Umar 2.Quraish 3.Muhammad 4. Shaheed. Test your wits! 1.Uthman bin Affan.2.Abubakr Siddique3.Umar Faruq.4.Saad bin Waqas. How did you score?

‘’ A mountain is a pebble in the path of the hardworking, whereas, a pebble seems like a mountain to the slothful.’’ {Hadrat Moulana Zulfiqar Ahmed Naqshbandi (D.B.)} People engineer their own accomplishments or failures through either hard work or idleness. One truly attains what one strives for; however he can also lay it to waste through sluggishness.

{Hadrat Moulana Zulfiqar Ahmed Naqshbandi (DB)}

Who does not know about the famous scientist Einstein? As a child he had little knowledge of accounting and therefore often landed up causing a scene by arguing with the bus conductor.The controversy was always about being cheated and given less money. It so happened that after checking it turned out that the bus conductor was always correct. After a few repeated incidents the bus conductor in a fury of rage shouted, ‘’What kind of life will you lead you can not even count?’’ That was it! It just triggered it off ! The conductor’s words hurt his pride so much that, Einstein made up his mind and decided to study mathematics and science.He worked and worked with perserverance, therewith came a time ,when he created a revolution in the world of science with his Theory of Relativity. MORAL:Hard work and diligence is an essential ingredient for the recipe of success.One who strives hard to achieve something, surely reaps the fruits of his labour. [Story taken from HadratMoulana Zulfiqar Ahmed Naqshbandi’s Khutbaate Faqeer part1.]

GOOD BEHAVIOUR WITH PARENTS. In Surah Bani Israel of the Holy Qur’aan, exceedingly clear commands are given to obey parents and be of good service to them. Allah commands us in verses 23-25 to be kind to our parents whether one or both of them are alive. Furthermore Allah Ta’ala warns us not to even utter a word of contempt to them and always address them with respect and kindness. When a child is born he is totally dependant upon his parents who provide him with all the necessities and tender loving care throughout his childhood. Hence we should respect our parents and be kind to them.


There was once a young man who respected his old parents a lot. He was always busy attending to their needs. As the parents had reached old age, his brothers decided to sort out the will in the lifetime of their parents so that they may be saved from conflict later. He told his brothers “You take my share. As our parents are old and they need looking after I will be happier attending to them at home.’’ He took great care of them as he respected them a lot. Unfortunately, a day came when his

old parents passed away. Shortly after his parent’s demise, the man saw a dream. In the dream, he was indicated to fetch 10 rupees from a stone in a specific place. “Is there any barakah in it?” he asked the man in his dream. “No,” he replied, “there is no barakah in the money.” “Then I won’t take it,” said the man.” When he woke up in the morning, he related the whole dream to his wife who advised him not to take it but to ensure if the money was really there. “But,’’ said the man who was a bit perplexed, “why should we check if we don’t want it?” The next day, the man saw the same dream and again he gave the same answer to the man saying that he would not take the money if it had no barakah. “This is your chance to get a reward for helping your parents,” the man in the dream told him, but he stayed firm on his decision, saying that he did not want money without any barakah. On the third night the young man saw the same dream again but this time he was only offered one Dinaar .He agreed to take this little sum. You might have figured out by now that the man only took it because it had barakah in it!

Since there was no food at home, he went to the market and bought fish with it. His wife was delighted to see that her husband had brought home provisions for a delicious meal. She quickly cleaned the fish and cut it open for marinating. The couple was indeed shocked to see a diamond inside it. Their joy and happiness was endless for they knew what great fortune lay ahead. After selling the priceless diamond, all their dreams turned into reality. They lived a happy and prosperous life. MORAL: Allah rewards one in both worlds for being obedient and paying service to their parents. This was his reward in this world. Furthermore, one Dinar with barakah is far more superior to 10 Dinars without barakah. [Story taken from Hadrat Moulana Zulfiqar Ahmad D.B.’s book entitled: Baa Adab Baa Naseeb]

RABBIR HAM HUMA KAMA RABBAYANI SAGEERA! {My Lord bestow on them thy mercy as they cherished me in childhood.}

‘’The world today can advance with new technology and science, but it will eventually end up on the doorstep of the teachings of our Beloved Prophet (SAW) ’’(From the quotes of Hadrat Moulana Zulfiqar Ahmad Naqshbandi D.B.)

…Behold! In the creation of the heavens and universe and the alternation of night and day-There are indeed signs for men of understanding.

FASTING AND SCIENCE It was the practice of Our Beloved Prophet r {S.A.W.} to fast for three days consecutively in the middle of every month. {The 13th, 14th, 15th} Science today has come up with the research that keeping the digestive system free for a period of time every month removes all the slimy mucous liquid that sticks to the intestines and stomach. Fasting is quite prevalent among the Non-Muslims in recent times owing to its acknowledged benefits. MORAL: This was the practice of Our Beloved Prophet {S.A.W.} more than 1400 years ago Today science proves that fasting makes the digestive system strong and free from diseases. Furthermore scientists have through their research come up with the detox system {more or less like fasting}, which they recommend for a few days every month. It has been proven that this detox system gives the body rest and removes harmful toxins from the stomach. Why should one take the pains of this detox system when one can achieve the reward of a hundred martyrs by following the Sunnah of Our Beloved Prophet (SAW) and simply fasting for three days every month?

Green slimy mucous substances stick to the stomach’s lining.

For our next edition we would like readers to contribute essays on the topic of, ‘ What I would like to become when I grow up.’ Two of the best essays will be selected for the magazine. Remember to include your name, age, address and telephone number.

PROBLEM PAGE… Dear Genuine Gems Assalamualaykum. I sincerely hope this letter finds you in the best of health. The main purpose of writing this letter is that I am very upset and need your help. I desperately want a play station, as all my friends seem to have one. My parents are very strict about such matters and will not even allow any simple game boy into the home. Leave alone games, they do not encourage reading of fiction books too. I have a passion for reading and feel that it improves my vocabulary. Please help. Most upset 12 year old. Lusaka. Dear most upset, Walay kumus salaam. I sincerely pray that the Almighty showers you with his choicest blessings. First of all I want to congratulate you for writing to me. A problem shared is a problem half solved, but only when you share it with a person with adequate knowledge and wisdom. To begin with, Islam declares ‘lahuwa la’ab ‘ as Haraam.It is my humble opinion that you should take part in active Sunnah sports not for leisure but with the intention of practicing on the Sunnah.Swimming, horse riding and archery are all Sunnah sports. To learn karate for self-defense would be a good idea. Regarding your passion for reading, there is a variety of Islamic literature available which is suitable for twelve year olds. Books like: Ashraf’s Orchard, Faqeer’s Ocean of Wisdom and books written by Harun Yahya and Mohamed Yasin Owadally are all excellent and constructive literature that you will enjoy and learn a lot from. Was salaam. Dear Genuine Gems, Assalamualaykum, I extend my sincere greetings to you and your family. I am writing to inform you that I am facing a lot of difficulties in memorizing the Holy Qur’aan. Sometimes I feel like quitting. Please advise on the correct procedure of memorizing the Qur’aan and inform me of any dua that might help me. Worried 13 years old. Lusaka. Dear Worried, Walay kumus salaam. It is our earnest prayer that Allah gives you good health and guides you on the right path. Jazak Allah for your letter. Our Mashaikh used to suggest the praying of Surah Alum Nash rah and blowing on the heart for the improving of memory. It is our advice that you make it a habit to recite this Surah and blow on your heart every morning before leaving for school. May the Almighty make it easy for you. Don’t ever quit, you will finally get there Insha Allah.

The importance of Halaal foods Allah Ta’ala states in the Quraane-Kareem, “Oh prophets, eat from the pure and wholesome food we have provided for you and perform righteous deeds.” This verse is a clear indication towards the boundary line between the halaal and haraam foods. Hadrat Abu Huraira (RA) narrates that Rasulululah (SAW) said, (Words to the effect) “A point in time will come when my Ummah will not care whether they consume halaal or haraam food. When such a time arrives then their duas will not be accepted.” Lets have a look at your favourite grub… Candies, chocolates and jellies The following are all haraam. 1.All beacons Easter Egg Products. 2.All beacon Products containing Gelatin. (E441) (So bear in mind the next time you pick up a fluffy packet of Marshmallow.) 3.Beacons Liquorice All sorts. 4.Beacons Midnight Delight. 5.Beechies Chewing gum. 6.Beacons Irish coffee creams. 7.Beacons Dom Pedro 8 Beacons Cappuccino Moulded Squares. 9.Cadbury’s Endearments. 10.Cadbury’s Frutus. In our next issue we will browse through the list of Haraam Yoghurts.


A… Acne. Acne is a common skin complaint in which spots black heads and pimples become visible on the face neck and body. It is most common among teenagers, with over 50% of adolescents suffering from it at some time. Causes. At the root of the skin are the sebaceous glands, which secrete an oily fluid known as sebum. During adolescence, the hormonal changes taking place stimulate these glands into producing greater amounts of sebum than before, thus making the skin greasier. The problem only starts if the exit to the gland (hair follicle) becomes blocked. The sebum begins to gather in the gland, causing it to swell slightly. This may cause the plug at the exit to turn black on contact with the air, hence developing into a blackhead. This is not due to dirt but a chemical process known as oxidation. If bacteria and sebum are trapped together in the gland by the plug then tissues become inflamed and form a pimple. Treatment; Always see your doctor if you have bad acne, mainly if it seems to be developing into painful boils or abscesses. The doctor may prescribe antibiotics. Adolescents usually grow out of acne without any further complications or any long term scarring. Spots that turn into boils or abscesses can leave scars. Sometimes the skin looks pitted, at other times a ‘bridge` of puckered or furrowed skin develops over a sunken scar. Severe cases maybe treated with a drug derived from vitamin A. Preventions, · Wash skin regularly with water drying each time. · Try a special ‘oily skin’ cleansing cream and allow it to be wiped away, but always rinse afterwards. · Wash greasy hair frequently and keep it off the face. · Change towels and pillowcases frequently to prevent acne spreading. · If you want to squeeze your spots confine your attention to the non-inflamed ones and maintain extreme hygiene. Your suggestions and contributions are welcome. Our next topic will be “Adenoids”

STORY TIME… HADRAT RABIA BASRIA (RA) An interesting piece of dialogue took place between Hadrat Rabia Basria (RA) and the two famous angels Munkar and Nakeer after her demise. The appointed angels asked her a series of questions, “ Who is your Lord? What is your Religion? Who is your Prophet?” Hadrat Rabia Basria (RA) responded, “ Before I answer your questions, please answer mine. Where have you come from?” The angels replied that they had descended from the heavens. Hadrat Rabia Basria (RA) posed the next question, “What is the distance between the heavens and earth?” The angels responded, “A voyage of 500 years.” Hadrat Rabia Basria (RA) then inquired, “Having traveled such a long distance have you forgotten Allah Ta’ala?” The angels refused that they had not forgotten Allah. Hearing this reply Hadrat Rabia Basria (RA) stated, “Even after undertaking such a long journey you have not forgotten Allah Ta’ala. What makes you think that Rabia would forget her Rabb after being lowered just 6 feet below the earth? Not to mention, that I had not forgotten him for a split second whilst on earth! Besides why are you asking me who my Lord is? Why don’t you go and ask my beloved Rabb, ‘Who is Rabia?’ He will tell you,’ She is my beloved servant!’ ” Hearing this reply the angels were totally astounded and speechless. These are the same Malaikah that have been described in the Hadith as being so gigantic that the distance from one shoulder to the other would be a continuous journey of several days and whose eyes gleam like the flash of lightning. These are the very Munkar and Nakeer whose voice is as earsplitting as thunder and whose mouths release burning flames and to whom warmth and compassion is unknown. Moral: Imagine the kind of bond and relationship that Hadrat Rabia Basria (RA) had with her Lord that she silenced such huge, gigantic and scary angels like Munkar and Nakeer.

PARENT’S PAGES… THE NATURAL DESIRE Almighty Allah has embedded the desire to beget children in the hearts of all married couples. A new baby is a source of great joy and happiness for the parents, and this joy and happiness is doubled when this child grows to become pious. Therefore whenever we supplicate we are encouraged to ask Allah (S.W.T.) for pious children. Allah Taala loves those parents who inculcate piety in their children. Hazrat Luqmaan [A.S.] was a very wise prophet. He gave his son some commendable advice, which earned such acceptance in the eyes of Allah [S.W.T.] that He mentioned it in His Holy Quraan and even named the whole chapter after him [Surah Luqmaan.] We learn from the verses of the Holy Qur’aan that the Ambiae-Kiraam not only made duas to be blessed with children but through their humble supplication they also asked Allah [S.W.T.] for pious children. Allah [S.W.T.] blessed Hazrat Ibrahim [A.S.] with a child during his old age. He made his dua with the words; ‘’Rabbi hab li minas swaliheen.’’ Even though Hazrat Zakaria [A.S.] had reached old age, his frail body; weak bones and grey hair did not discourage him from beseeching for a child. Being a Messenger of Allah [S.W.T.] he had faith in Almighty Allah. Thus, he continued to ask Allah [S.W.T.] through his humble supplications as his heart yearned for a child. This is the magnificent manner in which the Qur’aan mentions his story, Kaaf, Haa, Yaa, Ain, and Saad. [The opening verses of SuraeMaryam.] Zikru Rahmati Rabbika Abdahu Zakaria.[A mention of the mercy of thy Lord-unto His servant Zakaria.]Ith Naadaa Rabbahu Nidaa ‘an Khafia- [When he cried unto his Lord a cry in secret] The Qur’aan describes the secretive manner in which his heart reached out to Allah [S.W.T.]. Whenever there is a burning desire and a longing in the heart, then automatically it translates into a dua that reaches out to the throne of Almighty Allah [SWT] Zakaria [a.s.]'s heart called out to Allah Ta’ala in a secretive manner. Qaala Rabbi Inni Wahanal Azmu Minni. Wash Ta alar Ra’su Shaiba Wa Lam Akum Bi Duaika Rabbi Shaqiya;[Saying; My Lord!

Lo! The bones of me wax feeble and my head is shining with grey hair and I have never been unblest in my prayer to Thee, my Lord.] The Holy Qur’aan mentions how Hazrat Zakaria [A.S.]’s humility in supplication invoked and brought forth Allah [S.W.T.]’s mercy, as he cried on. Wa Inni Khiftul Mawaliya-Miw Waraai wa kaanatim Ra ati Aqiran Fa Hab Li Mil Ladunka Walia . [Lo! I fear my kinsfolk after me, since my wife is barren. Oh give me from Thy presence a successor.] Yarithuni Wayarithu Min Ali Yaqub. Waj ‘alhu Rabbi Radia. [ Who shall inherit of me and inherit also of the house of Yaqub and make him my Lord, acceptable. We deduce from these ayahs of the Qur’aan that Zakaria [A.S.] asked Allah [S.W.T.] for a pious child who would not only inherit his wealth but his good conduct and excellent qualities. The main purpose of begetting children is that they grow up into pious beings and are a source of Sadaqah - Jaria for the parents. SADAQAH - JARIA It has been stated in the Hadith [words to the effect] ‘’After a person dies, his deeds come to an end too, except for the deeds done by three people for which the reward continues First is he who leaves behind some charitable trust for the benefit of the people, Second is the one whose teachings and knowledge continue to benefit the people after his demise. And thirdly he who leaves behind a pious child whose good deeds and prayers are accounted in the parent’s book of deeds.’’ In fact it is narrated in another Hadith, [words to the effect.] that as long as a pious child lives Allah {SWT} rewards the parents for every breath he takes during his lifetime. Therefore one should always make dua for a pious child. This is the first chapter from Hadrat Moulana Zulfiqar Ahmed Naqshbandi D.B.’s lectures on the topic of, ‘Upbringing of Children’. We shall continue in our next issue.

ISLAMIC MONTHS… RABIUL –AWWAL. It is the third month of the Islamic calendar. Rabiul-Awwal means-The first month of spring. · The birth and demise of the Blessing of both worlds, Muhammad [SAW} took place in this month. · The Prophet of Allah {SAW} migrated from Makkah to Madinah Munawarah. · Ummahatul- Mumineen Hadrat Zainab {RA} passed away in this month. · Hadrat Umme- Kulthum{RA} the daughter of our Beloved Master {SAW}, was married to Hadrat Uthman{RA}

RABIUL-AKHIR This is the fourth month of the Islamic calendar. Rabbiul akhir means-the second month of spring.

· · · ·

Battle of Furu’ from Buhraan in 3AH Sariyyah-battle in which the Holy Prophet [saw] did mot take part in took place. Hazrat khwaja Nizamudeen passed away. Hazrat Abdul Qadir Jilaani passed away at the age of 90.

Jumaada- al- Ula It is the fifth month of the Islamic calendar.

· · · · ·

The Holy Prophet[saw]married his beloved wife Hazrat Khadija[ra] The battle of “Moota” took place in 8AH Hazrat Zaid Ibn Haritha (RA) met martyrdom Hazrat Abdullah Ibn Uthman (RA) passed away. The Holy Prophet (SAW)’s grandfather passed away.

JOKES RIDDLES AND FUN PAGE. 1. Why couldn’t the leopard ever escape? That’s because it was always spotted. 2. How do you weigh fish? Fish scales. 3. What is round and bad tempered? A vicious circle

Once a little boy injured his foot. His mum gave him some Panadol Syrup. The child looked at his mother with concern and innocently asked, “But mum… what if the medicine goes into the wrong foot?” *_*_*_*_*_*_*_*_

Once a little girl screamed whilst having dinner. When her mum asked her what the matter was, she complained, “Mum, my teeth weren’t looking where they were going and they chewed my tongue.” *_*_*_*_*_*_* While a putting her little daughter to sleep the mother asked why she was so afraid of the dark? “Mummy, it gets right into my eyes and I can’t see!” *_*_*_*_*_*_*_*_

Teacher-Who will give the definition of a thief? Student- A person who finds things before the owner loses it.


Ingredients A cup full of remorse A cup full of repentance Half a cup of humility Two cups of abstinence Handful of steadfastness Three jars full of duas. Method Cream together repentance and remorse. Throw in abstinence bit by bit until a froth of firm apology shows. Knead the dough well with tears of humility until it’s nice and soft. Roll out and sprinkle with steadfastness. Bake at a moderate temperature. Cool and whip with the cream of duas and decorate with ornaments of hope. Present this delicious desert to your Rabb with anticipation of ACCEPTANCE.

Do you have any jokes, riddles or puzzles you would like to share with us? Please write to: Genuine Gems, Jokes and Riddles, 35706, Lusaka, Zambia. JAZAK-ALLAH FOR SUPPORTING THIS MAGAZINE .WE HOPE YOU HAVE ENJOYED READING IT AND WILL CONTINUE TO SUPPORT US WITH YOUR IDEAS.

Gen gems 1 First Copy  

The very first genuine gems magazine in Zambia

Gen gems 1 First Copy  

The very first genuine gems magazine in Zambia