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Week 3: Site visit two surfaces II - car(PARK) Julian Millar - S3234230

St Kilda Foreshore Promenade Jackson Clements Burrows

St Kilda Road

catalog of intersections

Union street

Moubray street

Leopold street

Domain road

Southbank boulevard

Hammer Hall

Yarra River

Flinders street

critique of past work -car park developer driven -pop up stores reduce car parks -still have to be functional as car park -how useable as public space -layout copies current shopping centre models

Future neighbourhood vs. current conditions

Centre will be located in medium denisty house surrounded by mixed use buildings

Functional relationalships



I’m not entirely sure that the features of The ubiquity of parking lots these parking lots are all that redemptive has‌led to an overlooked when it comes to providing public space. social dimension: In the United States, parking lots may be the most regularly We need to ask: what can a parking lot be? used outdoor space. The parking lot also has an They are public places that underutilized architectural function. people interact with and use on a daily basis, whether little can be combined with these lots working, shopping, running and indeed most of the time they sit errands, eating, even walking there empty, just like that, as a tarmaced — parking lots are one of the free space with a few white lines. few places where cars and pedestrians coexist. Most of the time they sit there empty

A parking lot is the first part of a space you visit or live next to. 1. 2. 3.

Understand the importance of urban public space. Rethink the way we use public space and our streets. Encourage discussion about we can make cities and urban spaces people friendly.

Planned with greater intent, parking lots could actually become significant public spaces, contributing as much to their communities as great boulevards, parks or plazas.

Car park problem

layout configuration solution -create public space -no good example (for single level) -functional inhibit traffic flow -governed by strict codes


woolworths hours 12

Aesthetic solution -graphic design -Marion car park -Hoenheim-Nord Terminus -Make car park less harsh -

7 car parks are only problematic after hours since they are void of (legal) activity



basket ball