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Anti-counterfeit Product passport

The anti-counterfeit solution

Genuine-ID® makes it possible to mark products uniquely with DNA, the most encrypted coding system of nature. The Genuine-ID product passport uses the principles of the DNA-paternity testing and applies them to consumer goods and industrial products. With the Genuine-ID material passport we give any product a unique and provable identity.

Genuine-ID provides solutions for brand protection and offers more than plain product labeling. We supply the whole anti-counterfeit solution from product marking, product analysis to consulting. We deliver solutions for a wide range of materials and industries: • Polymers & plastics • Textiles • Concrete, cement & other building materials • Liquids & creams • Cosmetics • Oils • Pharmaceuticals • Food • Paper • Colors • Packaging


Product paternity test

The Genuine-ID material passport is added to the pharmaceutical compound in the production process. No extra production steps are required. The Genuine-ID material passport requires very low concentrations. Only 10 to 1000 ppb are needed to uniquely mark any product. Alternative applications within the blister packaging are also possible.

Reliance in the secrecy of the code database plays a key role in the application of the Genuine-ID material passport. The DNA-codes are kept in a molecular form. No electronic or written copy is stored. The proof of authenticity is performed in the laboratories of Genuine-ID. The test is equivalent to a paternity test. The same biomedical methods are applied. In order to perform the analysis a small sample of about 1 mg of material is taken from the product. This sample is matched with the securely stored original DNA sequence. The product paternity is only granted if the match between the product sample and the original DNA is perfect.

DNA coding Encryption


The Genuine-ID product passport uses a 64-digit code length (two 20 bases primers and one 24 bases probe) allowing for 464 (3.4E38) possible solutions: 340’000’000’000’000’000’000’000’000’000’000’000’000 By comparison, the EuroMillions-Lotto allows for 1.2E08 possible combinations: 120’000’000. In order to hide the code, it is mixed with about 100 million other DNA strands of similar length. The code cannot be sequenced and reproduced without knowing the original sequence.

The labile strands of nucleic acids are protected in spheres of amorphous SiO2 (Silicon Dioxide) microparticles with sizes of about 0.1 µm. This protection hermetically seals the DNA and protects the code to temperatures of up to 200°C. This encapsulation eases the handling of the DNA as it can now be processed as conventional powder.

Genuine-ID Product safety

Business opportunity

Silicon Dioxide microparticles (also known as silica) are certified as food additive E551 in concentrations of up to 1% and are egested unchanged. Apart from the DNA itself the particles consist exclusively of amorphous silica. This substance is already used in pharmaceutical compounds and is listed at the FDA as “inactive ingredient”. The necessary quantity of DNA particles is very low (10 to 1000 ppb) and a registration as food additive is foreseeable.

The Genuine-ID service consists of three parts:

The source of the DNA code is taken from biological origins (plants).

• Generation and secure storage of the DNA-code • Delivery of additive or masterbatch • Analysis (paternity test) of a sample Pricing is offered both as a full service flatrate or as case-by-case system. Technology licensing and development for customer inhouse application is also available.

About us Genuine-ID is part of the Swiss company TurboBeads LIc which is a high-tech Spin-Off of the ETH Zürich (Federal Institute of Technology Zürich). TurboBeads is well established since the kick-off in 2007 and is specialized in the production and functionalization of magnetic nanoparticles for medical and industrial applications such as medical diagnostics and water purification. Genuine-ID represents reliability, creditability and discretion. We are experts in handling DNA materials as well as micro- and nanoparticles. Our technology has been developed since 2007 at the ETH Zürich in Switzerland.

Team Max Grass, Project Manager Max Grass earned his Masters in Mechanical Engineering at ETH Zürich in 2006. He has 5 years of work experience in the polymer and manufacturing industry. Robert Grass, PhD, founder & inventor After completing his Masters and PhD at ETH Zürich in 2007 in Chemical Engineering Robert Grass founded the ETH-SpinOff TurboBeads Llc. Wendelin Stark, Prof PhD, cofounder Wendelin Stark is an Associate Professor at the Institute for Chemical and Bioengineering of the ETH Zürich. He has written over 140 papers and 17 patents and cofounded 4 Spin-Off companies.

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