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PERFORMANCES, COMPETITIONS, FESTIVALS: BE PART OF THE WORLD OF VOICES! Dear friends of Choral Music, It is a great pleasure for me to introduce to you today, in addition to the forthcoming premieres in Málaga and Bad Ischl, three brand new destinations for unforgettable choral experiences. Grado in northern Italy has been the place for six successful INTERKULTUR events between 1999 and 2004. In October 2014 we will start a new event series there featuring some of the best venues for a choral event. The second premiere will be only one week later in Vrnjacˇka Banja in Serbia, the first INTERKULTUR event in this important choral country. An international choral event will also premiere in Bad Krozingen, the hometown of our honorary president Walter Scheel. The “Chorfestspiele Bad Krozingen 2015” welcomes ensembles from all over the world to one of the most beautiful regions of Germany. The number of registered choirs for the World Choir Games 2014 in Riga has reached a new record. 400 ensembles from 50 countries, more than ever before in the history of the Games, have already announced their participation. And this is surely not the last number! Registrations are still open! Find out what other opportunities INTERKULTUR offers to your choir! Find further information on Looking forward to seeing you soon! Yours Günter Titsch | President INTERKULTUR

Günter Titsch President INTERKULTUR

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MARCH 12 – 16, 2014 MÁLAGA, SPAIN


The successful concept from Calella goes to Málaga: The first INTERKULTUR competition in Andalusia at the Costa del Sol (Southern Spain). The marvelous Mediterranean metropolis offers history since it is the birthplace of famous painter Pablo Picasso. Málaga offers singing in spring while it‘s still winter in most parts of Europe. The International Friendship Concerts are preferably held in open-air venues, but some wonderful churches and an outstanding theatre are also venues for competitions and Gala Concerts.

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Bad Ischl, located in the picturesque area of the Salzkammergut, offers imperial nostalgia in a classy spa town. There are also unique touristic spots such as Hallstatt or St. Wolfgang. Competitions and concerts will be held in a beautiful concert hall and an outstanding church. Be part of it in one of the traditional categories or with pieces of Jazz, Pop or Gospel! Sing in international Friendship Concerts in the well-known Bad Ischl ‘Trinkhalle’ and other places in the Salzkammergut.

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SING’N’JOY VIENNA 2014 2ND CHOIR FESTIVAL & 29TH FRANZ SCHUBERT CHOIR COMPETITION Appreciate the capital of music at the most beautiful time of year! The well-known “Wiener Konzerthaus” (Viennese Concert Hall) as well as the Schubert Church represent unique stages for choirs from all over the world. For the first time, the Opening Ceremony will be held in the ballroom of the Vienna City Hall! Joint rehearsals and the performance of “Spring” from Joseph Haydn’s “The Seasons” are outstanding highlights of this event! The event will end with an informal evening at the “Heurige” where you can enjoy the unique atmosphere with culinary specialties and the typical music of Vienna.

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JULY 9 – 19, 2014 RIGA, LATVIA

8TH WORLD CHOIR GAMES With over 400 hundred choirs already registered, the 8th World Choir Games promise to be the largest choir competition in the world ever and an unforgettable experience for the participating singers. Registration for the World Choir Games is still open. Choirs should contact the event team as soon as possible in order to apply for participation. Workshops Four workshops addressed to choirs and individual singers will take place every competition day during the World Choir Games. Participants can choose between the following themes:

1) Singspiration – vocal techniques, stage performance 2) Headliners – world-renowned ensembles and composers 3) Cultural Showcase – choral music from around the world 4) Modern Times – Jazz, Pop, Gospel, Spiritual

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The workshops are presented among others from The King’s Singers, The Real Group, Morten Lauridsen, Eriks Ešenvalds, Kirby Shaw, Henry Leck, Cristian Grases, Johan Rooze and Zimfira Poloz. Tickets will be available from May 1, 2014. Concert Highlights The World Choir Games are also a great showcase of international choral music. During the ten days of the Games, Riga will be an international singing city. Hundreds of ensembles from around the globe will perform in international Friendship Concerts in numerous stages in Riga and in the Baltic Region. The concerts of The Real Group during the first part of the Games and The King’s Singers during the second part as well as the OpenAir concert in the Mežaparks on July 13 and the Closing Concert of the Games on July 19 are the absolute highlights of the Games. Participating choirs with thousands of voices from all over the world will present an international repertoire and will also invite the audience to sing along.

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7TH INTERNATIONAL CHOIR FESTIVAL “ISOLA DEL SOLE” The “Sunny Island” Grado is the ideal place for a meeting of international choir. Its numerous venues, short paths in the historic part of town, its top tourist destinations, as well as its location between Venice and Trieste, make Grado the perfect event venue. What is more, performances in the Basilica di Sant‘Eufemia in Grado and the Basilica di Aquileia promise a unique experience of choral music. In addition to the concept of the past events in Grado, the 2014 Festival will give a special focus to the pedagogical activities. The new INTERKULTUR event will feature not only the traditional components such as the choir competition and the international Friendship Concerts, but also the evaluation concerts and individual coaching.

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This event is the first INTERKULTUR choir competition in Serbia. Choral music was one of the first encounter possibilities for the Balkan countries after the wars of the 90s. The regional choral scene features many international activities. Vrnjacˇka Banja is the most popular spa town in Serbia. The therapeutic effect was probably renowned already in the 2nd century. As a cultural center, the city is also well known for its concerts, literature meetings and the colorful carnival parade.

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Zwickau, the birthplace of the composer Robert Schumann, is host of the corresponding choir competition. The event focuses on the compositional works of Robert Schumann and his contemporaries. One of the main intentions of this festival is the new interpretation as well as the cultivation of the 19th century works. An advisory circle, together with internationally recognized experts in the field of choral music, will be responding to the often expressed desire of many choirs for comprehensive pedagogical and artistic advice. The international Friendship Concerts in Zwickau and the vicinity will provide outstanding opportunities for the fascinating experience of this renowned international choral festival.

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CANTA AL MAR 2014 FESTIVAL CORAL INTERNACIONAL Calella will be back in 2014! The fantastic metropolis Barcelona will be an attractive part of this festival. Either as a venue for the competition and Friendship Concerts or simply as a destination for a day trip. 3.5 kilometers of sandy beach as well as its location right on the Mediterranean Coast and close to Barcelona make Calella a popular European travel destination. During the choir festival, numerous international Friendship Concerts will take place in the contemplative old town with its Catalan flair. Choirs will meet, celebrate and sing together as well as get to know other nations and their traditions. Enjoy a unique and relaxing choral event, with your choir, at the Spanish Mediterranean Coast! Sun, beach and sea, singing and celebrating together – this choir festival joins holiday and passion!

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SING’N’JOY LOUISVILLE 2014 · INT. CHORAL FESTIVAL & COMPETITION Sing’n’Joy Louisville, Kentucky USA is an international choral festival and competition for non-professional choirs. Sing’n’Joy is the signature series of INTERKULTUR choral events that celebrate the joy of singing together to create unforgettable musical moments. Choirs will be featured in the “Light up Louisville” Parade, Sing’n’Joy Awards, the Closing Ceremony and the Festival Concert, conducted by Kent Hatteberg, director of the world-ranked University of Louisville Cardinal Singers. Friendship Concerts will combine choirs from the host country and all participating nations. Louisville, Kentucky is home to the world-famous Kentucky Derby and Churchill Downs horse racing. Choirs may visit the Muhammad Ali Museum, the Frazier History Museum, and see the manufacturing of the famous Louisville Slugger baseball bat at the Louisville Slugger Museum.

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MARCH 11 – 15, 2015 MÁLAGA, SPAIN

CANTA EN PRIMAVERA – MÁLAGA 2015 FESTIVAL CORAL INTERNACIONAL The event in Málaga will be continued in Spring 2015. The early announcement is helpful especially for ensembles with long-term planning and projects with international cooperation. This event focuses on international choirs singing together. Outstanding concert halls, churches and theatres are available for the competition and the concerts. Particularly ensembles with sacred music repertoire will be excited about the performance possibilities in Málaga. International friendship concerts will take place at open air stages right in the center of the city. Register also for an Evaluation Performance if you want to benefit from immediate artistic and pedagogical advice from a panel of international choral experts.

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CHORFESTSPIELE BAD KROZINGEN International Choir Competition and Festival 1.000 voices between Black Forest and the Vosges The historic spa town of Bad Krozingen in Germany becomes the host city of a new INTERKULTUR event. This festival will focus on the get-together of choirs from all parts of the world, on mutual performances at the hot spots of the city and its surroundings as well as on the top ten competition categories. Bad Krozingen is situated on the wide Rhine river plains between the Black forest and the Vosges. It enjoys all the advantages of its perfect location – come and relish it, too! Spas and thermal baths for your wellbeing, historic sites like the renaissance castle for your cultural interests or a trip by a cable car to the most impressive panoramas of the region: Bad Krozingen and its surroundings provide memorable pleasures and catchy highlights for mind and emotion. Welcome and let the city sound with your musical vibes!

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JUNE 3 – 7, 2015 LINZ, AUSTRIA


This choral competition is held to honor Anton Bruckner, whose significant and precious romantic works in Linz revolutionized music history. The festival, with elements of the series Sing’n’Joy, creates an unforgettable music experience and is the ideal opportunity for choirs to experience the atmosphere of a truly international event. With its love of experiment and changing perspectives, Linz has often been a laboratory for inventive musicians and composers whether it is Bruckner, Wagner or Philip Glass. Linz, the unique city on the Danube, is looking forward to create a colorful mosaic of choral music.

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EUROPEAN CHOIR GAMES & GRAND PRIX OF NATIONS INTERKULTUR is once again looking for the best choirs of the World to sing in the second edition of the European Choir Games in Magdeburg 2015. Great venues like the Johanniskirche and the monastery “Unser lieben Frauen” will welcome choirs for the Open Competitions, the European Champions Competition and the worldwide prestigious Grand Prix of Nations. Magdeburg is one of Germany’s oldest cities. Home to two of Germany‘s top ranking universities and to one of the most spectacular architectural monuments, the Cathedral of St. Mauritius and St. Catherine, Germany‘s first Gothic cathedral. Magdeburg is a city full of surprises with a strong character and a unique beauty, which always makes a lasting impression. Let this city fascinate you with its serenity, culture, history and idyllic landscapes!

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Wernigerode unites choral arts and music with the irresistible ambience of a fascinating timber-framed town. A special cooperation with the European Choir Games, which will take place only a few days earlier in Magdeburg, will offer even more performance possibilities for the participating choirs. You shouldn’t miss the colorful parade of all the participants through the town center to the market square, where the official Opening, the Awards Ceremony and the choir party will take place. Wernigerode is famous for its architecture, idyllically situated at the fringe area of the Harz. In nearly no other area of Germany can one see so many beautiful timber-framed houses stand in competition for the visitor’s attention.

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Plan the next highlights for your choir with ON STAGE now! We‘re happy to support you with your questions about fundraising and with video material for your presentation. Ask our international office or your national INTERKULTUR representative for further information either via e-mail or by phone! © Sean Hughes

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