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.. Fjalet e urta-Albanian Proverbs .. .. .. .. .. .. Miku jone nese do te na vizitosh, neve do te na gjesh miq e ti do te jesh i zoti i shtepise. Our friend if you visit us, you will find us as your friends and you will be the master of the home. .. .. .. Ate qe e merr me nje dore ktheje me te dyja. That which you take with one hand, return with two. .. .. .. .. .. Pasuria me e madhe e te varferit eshte nderi. The greatest wealth of the poor is honour. .. Kur varferia hyn nga dera, dashuria del nga dritarja. When poverty enters the door, love escapes through the window. .. .. .. .. .. Bej shyqyr te paktes qe te vije e shumta. Be thankful of the small things for greater to come. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. Syri zgjedh te bukuren, goja te emblen, mendja te miren. Eyes choose beauty, mouth the sweet, mind chooses the better. .. .. Ku ka zemer ka dhe krahe. Where there is heart there are Also wings.

There is no place like HOME, except Sofra! The Albanian home is most giving to God and the visitor, so it’s not a surprise that our customers are coming back for our exotic, cultural ambience and marvellously presented food. We are a family owned bakery and cafe passionately mastering our great grandmother’s recipes of Albanian culinary expertise. Renowned as a culture that celebrates the very essence of ritual, ingenuity and craftsmanship, we are dedicated to baking and serving genuine, authentic quality breads, hand-crafted with ingredients of love, tradition, richness and expertise. You may wonder why we chose to name our bakery and cafe Sofra? Sofra originates from the Albanian word dining table, meaning we welcome you to our family’s table to taste the rich, exquisite flavours and specialities of the Albanian cooking, handcrafted by our devoted and dedicated artisans. We treasure our sacred custom of hospitality with immense love and generous spirit which originates from the customary laws of the Kanun of Lek Dukagjini. It is a code highlighted for its governance of Albanian civilization through a representation of traditions, customs and commandments passed through generations. Hence, Sofra becomes a way of treating people, a place of sanctuary, aiming to humanize today’s impersonal surrounding of the cosmopolitan world. You will be engulfed in the inviting, vibrant colours and the women’s artistry found in the meticulous, decorative furnishings. Experience our hospitality and we give you our Besa (promise) that our hearts, spirit and rich flavours will keep you coming back for more.

Ingredients 4 cups of love 1 carton of expertise 6 tablespoons of tradition 3 tablespoons of richness 2 teaspoons of honesty 3/4 cup of comfort

Llokuma Albanian doughnuts

Kifle Bread rolls

Pitalka ALBANIAN bread

Petulla Pancakes

Mantija Meat parcels

Fli Baked pancake

Embelsira & Pije Desserts & Drinks

Sofra Bakery & Cafe  

Branding Identity

Sofra Bakery & Cafe  

Branding Identity