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Kindle Fire HD Review Kindle Fire HD – A Stunning Kindle with Revolutionary Features Kindle Fire HD is the most intelligent 7” tablet. Built with superior technology for fast, fluid performance, the tablet delivers uncompromised experiences. This is the first tablet to have dual band and dual antenna Wi-Fi, providing 40% faster streaming and download compared to one of its major competitors - iPad3. Let’s Get into More Details The 1280×800 HD display is perhaps the most outstanding feature of the tablet, but the core of Kindle Fire HD is the top-performance 1.2 Ghz dual-core processor that features Imagination PowerVR 3D graphics. The astonishing 7” display is different from ordinary HD displays, revealing rich colors with deep contrast from all angles; it features superior polarizing filter and intelligent anti-glare technology. It brings a new meaning to details and brings any image to life. Vivid photos, crisp text and rich HD videos are complemented by excellent sound without distortion. [imaioVideo v=1]

Buy The Kindle Fire At The new Kindle Fire integrates the exclusive, custom Dolby Digital Plus system providing an amazing audio experience regardless if you choose to use it with or without headphones. The Dolby Digital Plus technology is superior, perfecting sound adjustment, creating virtual surround sound and offering very clear dialogues in movies and shows. Furthermore, the tablet will automatically adjust the audio profile according to your current activity. The audio profile is also optimized differently when your headphones are plugged in. The tablet displays dual-driver stereo speakers that frame the display on both sides, allowing it to create a wide sound field that provides a highly similar experience to a home stereo.


Kindle Fire HD has the fastest Wi-Fi a tablet can have; with it, buffering and slow downloads will long be forgotten. It features the Multiple In/ Multiple Out technology that enables powerful Wi-Fi that is HD ready. It receives and transmits over both antennas at the same time. The technology supports faster media streaming with fewer dropped connections. Users have greater mobility, being able to draw away from their wireless hotspot further than what other tablets allow. Your Kindle Fire HD will switch between 2.4 GHz and 5.4 GHz frequencies, taking the advantage of the less crammed 5 GHz band and providing superior range with less interference. High performance requires plenty of resources, which Kindle Fire HD has, but this superior performance does not take its toll on the battery life. The low battery consumption is a great feature of the tablet – it allows for over 11 hours of usage.

Main Advantages of the Kindle Fire HD Kindle Fire HD has lots of outstanding features, but here are its top advantages: Most advanced 7� display with the touch sensor and the LCD laminated together into one layer of glass, allowing the display to remain easy to view in all conditions, including overhead light; The ordinary In-Plane Switching (IPS) used for faithful color reproduction is improved by the adding of a polarizing filter straightly to the LCD panel, which results in deep contrast and vivid, rich colors at any viewing angle; Sharp sound with custom Dolby audio and dual- driver stereo speakers; no distortion even at high volumes; The fastest Wi-Fi (40% faster speeds); 16 GB or 32 GB of storage on device;


Drawbacks of the Kindle Fire 2 The new Kindle Fire is highly appreciated and well rated. There are no major issues, apart from a slight instability of the OS, which may cause delays to appear when clicking on certain apps or games.

What’s the Difference between This Model and Its Predecessor? Compared to the previous Kindle Fire, the Fire HD features superior audio system, 1280×800 resolution – instead of the 1024×600 High Definition LCD, much better WiFi, more storage space and better battery life; in addition, the new Kindle Fire is also more lightweight.

What Do Users Say about the Product? The Kindle Fire HD has received quite a large number of very favorable Kindle Fire HD reviews. According to reviewers, some of the best features of this tablet are the incredible screen, the fast web browser and the impeccable sound. Customers have also noticed that the device is solid and nicely finished; a big plus is also the portability of the tablet. Some other noteworthy aspects mentioned by reviewers are: the camera provides high quality streaming and works excellently for Skype, the tablet is visibly more responsive to the Touch than the original Kindle, and e-mail sync and Cloud sync work like a charm.

Bottom Line If stunning image quality, clear, crisp sound, great WiFi and sleek design are what you are looking for in a tablet, your new gadget should be the Kindle Fire HD.

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Kindle Fire HD Review  
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