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Genomed’s Franchise System An Investment for the Future Many individuals, having read on the progress of Genetics, have been waiting in anticipation to enjoy the benefits of such knowledge. The goal of Genomed’s scientific team is to provide high quality services that utilize the latest technologies based on recent genetic findings.

Why do Predictive Genomics testing? 

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DNA testing is a powerful tool to control health, lifestyle and to screen the overall genetic make−up!

Further training provided as the technology progresses

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Head office: 70 Omirou Street – Nea Smyrni, GR - 171 21, GREECE Tel: +30 210 9370222 | e-mail:

Predictive Genomics Services Master Franchise

Following the Gene Map!

All human characteristics, from the colour of the eyes, hair colour and texture, height, shape of the face and body, to how a single cell formed an entire organism are encoded in the human genetic material, DNA. Particular segments of DNA, called genes control growth helping the organism to stay healthy.

Predictive Genomics

Predictive Genomics is the area of medicine that deals with the identification of specific “changes” in DNA, which is called mutations. These mutations have been associated with a higher risk to certain biological systems in the organism. The philosophy of Predictive Genomics is based on the early detection of increased risk to take appropriate preventative measures and make the necessary corrective action to avoid diseases, to control your weight, to stay healthy and look younger and to achieve the peak of your athletic performance.

Predictive Genomics Testing investigates genetic screening in the following categories: Genomed Sport Elite Genomed Lifestyle Choice Genomed Medical Care Genomed Obesity Management

The genes which are analysed have been selected by the following criteria: Relevant • Variant exerts direct influence over specific biochemical imbalances that create known symptom clusters, traits, or disease • Documented effect Prelevant • Variant relatively common in the general population • Common variations Modifiable • Variants expression modifiable by pharmaceutical intervention, nutrition, diet, lifestyle, etc • Positive intervention Measurable • Impact of clinical interventions to modify expression of variants measurable by laboratory assays

The Concept

The Health & Life-Style Genetic Screening that Genomed offers analyses approximately 150 genes and mutations that display a strong association to the biological systems investigated, all of which are supported by the medical bibliography.

Genomed Sport Endurance Capacity Strengh Muscle Performance Tendon Apparatus Psychological Aptitude Nutrigenomics \ Nutrigenetics

About Genomed

GENOMED in collaboration with the Central Laboratory Research Diagnostics, (ISO 17025 certified, spin-off company of the University of Athens, Scientific Director Nikolaos Drakoulis, MD, PhD), developed Predictive Genomic Services in Greece and Internationally. This collaboration offers the highest standards in methodology as well as professional counselling in connection to multifactorial disease development. Consequently, appropriate guidelines regarding pharmacological, nutritional, environmental and lifestyle choices are recommended. Furthermore, these tests may provide an individualised lifestyle change that is more specific than the universal recommendations applicable to the general population. Thus, one’s medical health is personalized according to one’s genetic profile.

Identify genetic advantages, overcome genetic barriers, optimize training programs and nutritional supplements for maximum utilization suited to your genotype for optimal sports performance and injury avoidance.

Elite Genomed Lifestyle Choice Derma Genomics Metabolomics Caffeine Metabolism Alcohol Metabolism Nutrigenomics \ Nutrigenetics Predictive genomics assesses variations in key skin aging genes that are extremely important to one’s overall health and appearance. This well-being Elite Genomed Lifestyle Choice is a customized, individualized and personalized tool that makes the “fountain of youth” accessible to all. Corrective action is offered in the form of a specialized nutritional guide, customized skin care range and dietary supplementation.

Genomed Medical Care Pharmaco Genomics Asthma response sensitivity Neoplasia (Cancer) Thrombosis – Embolism – Hemochromatosis Warfarin dosage Common multi-factorial diseases Cardiovascular Disorders Osteoporosis Nutrigenomics / Nutrigenetics The GenoMed Medical Care assessment will identify individuals that have an increased risk for certain common chronic diseases. Corrective action involves pharmacogenomics, increased medical follow-ups and nutritional guidelines, Vitamin supplements and specific lifestyle alterations.

Genomed Obesity Management Weight Loss Reward Deficiency Syndrome Nutrigenomics / Nutrigenetics Obesity Intervention Genomed Obesity Management aids in weight control and loss by identifying the bodies specific nutritional needs as well as increased risk to certain chronic diseases. For example, caloric restriction will be implemented in food groups other than dairy products if there is an increased risk for osteoporosis.

Genomed’s Personnel Company Director:

Mr John Kalivas

Management Director:

Mrs Tzombanaki Eleni

Biotechnology Consultant:

Mrs Mary Gianniosis, MSc

International Franchise Manager and Legal Counsel:

Mr. Sotiris Yanakakis

Chief Financial Officer

Armandos Constantinides

Marketing Management:

Mrs Dimitra Manousiadi

franchise genomed  

franchise genomed

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