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SPRING FASHION ISSUE THE RED ISSUE! Paris FASHION SHOW REPORT! fashion! BEAUTY! Shopping! makeup trends! get the look!



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On our cover: April Bowlby in Valentino flower scarf photographed for Genlux by Tracey Morris

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VANITY HAIR We showcase Nicholas French’s wild avant-garde hair styles. SPLASH OF RED Dive into the latest hot red accessories this season. OH, OSCAR! Arun Nevader snaps rare Oscar de la Renta moments at NYFW.


LIP SERVICE Matusik and Schlip bring us the latest lip-looks for spring. LUCKY LUCIA Marc Baptiste shoots super violinist Lucia Micarelli. MOVIN’ TO MISSONI Jennifer Missoni is movin’ to the beat of a different drum. APRIL IN SPRINGTIME April Bowlby is beautiful, sexy, and really quite hilarious.


OFF THE RED CARPET You’ve just won the night’s big prize. Now what? LE BALLON ROUGE Andrew Matusik goes to Paris to recreate the classic film.


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Fashion Editor’s Picks: Amanda’s spring classics. Editor at Large’s Picks: Outside the box. Jewelry Editor’s Picks: Put a ring on it! Beauty Editor’s Picks: Dawn’s faves of the season. Anastasia Expert Opinion: Spring cleansing. Expert Opinion: Dr. Nguyen on age-defying. Jetsetters: Barbara Simonian & Kirsten Lea Style ID: Demet Öger talks about style. File-of-Facts: Red haute & happening. Out-of-Towner: Rachel Roy.

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Fashion Report: Paris Fashion Week, Spring 2010

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Her Secret Service: April Bowlby’s cover look.

Closet Desires: True Blood, Earth Goddess Top to Toe: Haute Fashion Designer Profile: Matthew Williamson. Chic Boutique: New to Beverly Hills—Vhernier.



Editor’s Picks: Samia’s sparkling finds.




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Makeup Trend: The ever-hip red lip. Hair Do’s: Tips for red tresses. Beauty News: LA’s beauty happenings.

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Publisher and Editorial Director: Cecilia Moreno Editor in Chief: Samia Arslane

Creative Director / Photo Editor Stephen Kamifuji Fashion Editor: Amanda Eliasch Jewelry and Accessories Editor: Zeta Graff Editor at Large: George Blodwell VP of Luxury Advertising: Andrea Aal Account Executive: Holly Landfield Financial Director: Marc Meshekow Director Human Resources: Yolanda Garcia Managing Editor: Shannon Lee Bowen Beauty Editor: Dawn Shand Johnson Charities Editor: Francesca Forrester Copy Editor: Larry Lederman Genlux Website Editor: Hannah Ciallella Video Features Editor: Elizabeth Saab Contributing Editors: Kristi Dunn, Ashley Hume, Dr. Ezra Kest, Anastasia Soare, Marsha Takeda-Morrison Assistant Art Director: Jordan Holcomb Director of Digital Imaging: Luke Hanscom Contributing Photographers: Marc Baptiste, Rob Deutschman, Luke Hanscom, Andrew Matusik, Arun Nevader, Tracey Morris, Paul Schefz, Alexo Wandael, Ming Wu Distribution Manager: John Sugrue Interns: Raquel Casio, Kirstin Fisher, Jordan Kopstein, Lauren Mitchell, Lindsay Reich, Rosalind Rivas, Sarah Williams Spring 2010 - The Red Issue Š2010 by Genlux Magazine™, LLC., All rights reserved. No part of this periodical may be reproduced in any form or by any means without prior written permission from Genlux Magazine. To our readers: Genlux Magazine invites you to share your thoughts, ideas and critiques of our publication. Please send comments to Editor, Genlux Magazine, 9713 S. Santa Monica Blvd., Suite 202, Beverly Hills, California 90210 or by email, editor@genlux.com. Subscriptions: Please subscribe online at genlux.com. To advertise: Please contact Cecilia@genlux.com or call 310-275-5700. Photo by Andrew Matusik



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N ow let’s talk about spring! T he looks o n th e ru n way rang ed from soft, feminine f a shi o ns to clean -cu t outfits, to a myr iad of neu tr a l p alette color s. Check out the sexy tan a n d nu d e dres s by Fen di. Eyes wil l fol l ow you wherev-


er yo u g o wea r i ng t hat nu m b e r ! ( p. 1 1 9 ) Pe r s o n a l l y, I ’ m h av i n g a bl a c k -a n d -g o l d l ove a f f a i r. M y a b s o l u t e f avo r i t e i tem i s th e g o rg eo u s Ro m a i n e hi g h heel sa nd a l by C h r i s ti a n L o u b o u t i n. M y o ther f ave th i s s ea s o n i s th e mu s t-h ave M i s s S i c i l y h a n d b a g by D o l c e & G a b b a n a — b o t h a r e o n my E d i to r ’s Pi c ks p a g e. ( p. 2 6 ) Red i s the them e o f thi s b ea u ti f u l i ssu e. It’s a l so syno ny m o u s w i t h p a s s i o n a n d l ove. I f yo u ’r e s t i l l l o o k i n g f o r t h e p er f ec t g i f t fo r th e wo m a n i n yo u r l i f e, h o w a b o u t H a r r y Wi n s t o n’s s e n s a t i o n a l r u by r i n g w i th 2 . 5 c ts o f m i c ro p av é d i a m o n d s s et i n p l ati nu m ? ( p. 1 1 8 ) O r yo u c a n a l w a y s g i ve h e r c h o c o l a t e. H m m m … r u b i e s o r cho c o l at e ch e r r i e s ? Yo u d ec i d e.

SAmia’s PAGE

p r i n g i s a l m o s t h e re ! B u t before th at, designer s are of fer ing a r e n d e z vo u s t o e d i t o r s, f a s h i o n i s t a s, buyer s, and celebrities to preview thei r Fall/Winter 2010/2011 collections i n N ew York . It’s a g reat pr ivil ege to see f i r sthand the upcoming trends that wi l l h i t s tores on ly months l ater. T he eco no my may n ot be back on tr ack yet, bu t des ign er s are coming in force to show t h e i r c o l l e c t i o n s. I l o o k f o r w a r d t o s e e i n g s h o w s l i k e B a d g l ey M i s ch k a , D i a n e vo n F u r s t e n b e r g, Z a c Po s e n , M arc Jacobs, and other s. It’s also th e end of an era: this is the last tim e Fashion Week will be held at Br ya n t Pa rk . S o s a d , bu t I ’ m s u re L i n c o l n C en ter will b e a s wonder ful .




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Photo: Kristian Dowling

Dowling Photo: Kristian

Photo: Kristian Dowling

Photo: Kristian Dowling

genlux gadabouts: Rimowa rodeo drive store opening.

Jeremy Piven Stephanie Jacobson

Aaron Eckhart

an Do


: Kristi

Scott Caan, Amy Smart


Photo: Kristian Dowling

Rachel Zoe

Rosanna Ewert, Michael DePrenda, Billy Zane

Rimowa, Beverly Hills

Rachel Zoe minotti los angeles and la art show present young collectors night Photos: Donato sardella for Getty images

Fabrizio Physical Therapy Aaron Eckhart & Sport MEdicine opening. Cecilia Moreno, Jordan Kopstein Photos: ???, Michael DePrenda, Billy Zane Wendy Kreuger

Valerj Pobega, Mattia Biagi, Mary Ta

Mayor of West Hollywood Abbe Land, Martin Gantman

Valerj Pobega, Mattia Biagi, Mary Ta

David and Roseanne Fabrizio


Louis Stern, Mary Ta, Robert Nieto


Cecilia Moreno, Efrem Harkham, Andrea Aal

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genlux gadabouts: GENLUX and Luxe hotel holiday party Photos: John MArciniak/mona molayem

Susie Dobson, Sherwin Banda, Judith Feldman George Blodwell, Mara Granderson Cheryl Woodcock

Laura Dunn, Cecilia Moreno, Kathy Gohari

Wendy Krueger

Jordan Holcomb, Tina Prande

Jennifer Missoni, Zuleikha Robinson

Angelika Cerny, Paul and Lindsay Schefz with their son Owen

Geary’s Rolex store opening at Westfield century city Photos: lee salem

Duane Hutchison, John Couris, Tom Blumenthal Rolex’s Cliff Cook


Sharona Nazarian, Bill Gordon, Danny Nazarian

Bruce Meyer, Raylene Meyer, Jack Blumenthal, Susan Blumenthal, Tom Blumenthal






At first glance it was April’s large, deep hooded eyes that piqued my interest. But a more subtle yet just as striking feature is her gorgeous skin—translucent and flawless. I knew I had to put that front and center. I opted to give her face and body a slightly matte, bisque-like finish. I knew her jawline and cheekbones would photograph mannequin-perfect. I really wanted April’s look to feel both classic yet oh-so modern at the same time— monochromatic with touches of shimmer." 2


“To sculpt out April’s beautiful eyelids I used M•A•C Wedge on her crease. On her lids I went with DermaMinerals Ion; it’s a matte shadow with a hint of pale pink and it sets the stage for the shimmery eye liner. To get a ‘wet’ lid look add Lancôme Juicy Tube in Pure as lid shine. I dotted Benefit Mr. Frosty along the lash line, top and bottom, to catch the light. To pop her brow bone with a little glisten, I applied NARS Orgasm Illuminator. And finally, for lashes that really pop I used L’Oréal Voluminous in Carbon Black mascara.”

Brett Freedman Makeup Artist Celestine Agency

M s A s C Wedge eyeshadow, $14.50, maccosmetics.com

Energizing Pomegranate Moisturizer SPF15 protects as it delivers oil-free hydration. $33, murad.com

BROWS: Vanitymark UltraBrow in Blondie (taupe with a touch of gold—gorgeous!)

Vanity Mark ultra-brow pencil in Blondie, $16, vanitymark.com

Lancôme Juicy Tubes ultra-shiny lip gloss in Pure, $18, lancome-usa.com

NARS Orgasm Illuminator, $29, Sephora.com

Benefit Mr. Frosty $20, benefit.com

L’Oreal Paris Voluminous Volume Building Mascara in Carbon Black, $7.50, target.com LORAC Natural Performance Foundation, $35, loraccosmetics.com

LIP: “I love the satin-finish full color of M•A•C Honeylove matte lipstick. It’s time to take a break from gloss for a second.”

FACE: “To perfectly prep her skin I applied Murad Pomegranate moisturizer, which brought out her inner healthy glow. For foundation I used LORAC Natural performance #2; it’s a sheer coverage that really moves with skin. I powdered her face with Coty Air Spun for a soft, light, diffusing finish. For concealer, I used Revlon Age Defying concealer.

MAC Honeylove matte lipstick, $14, maccosmetics.com

Coty Air Spun Powder, $6.99, drugstore.com Revlon Age Defying Moisturizing concealer, $9.99, cvs.com




DermaQuest Skin Therapy Dermaminerals pressed eye treament, $16, dermaminerals.com



The products I used for this look were by Redken. To prep the hair I used Spray Starch 15 Heat Memory Styler, and then I finished it with Headplay 12 Pliable Working Spray.

Redken Headplay 12 Pliable Working Spray, $13; Spray Starch 15 Versatile Ironing Spray, $13, redken.com

Photo courtesy of Genlux Magazine, Photo by Marc Baptiste

Luxe Hotel Rodeo Drive, 360 North Rodeo Drive, Beverly Hills, California 90210, T/310.273.0300 F/310.859.8730 www.luxehotelrodeodrive.com


Enjoy some of my favorite things this spring! – Samia Arslane

Blancpain Saint Valentin 2010 diamond watch, $54,700, Tourbillon, Costa Mesa, 714-800-1925; blancpain.com

Buccellati one-of-a-kind 18K gold handmade sapphire and diamond necklace $217,000, Buccellati, Beverly Hills, 310-276-7022

Harry Winston platinum diamonds and star ruby ring, price upon request, Harry Winston, Beverly Hills, 310-728-1128

Rachel Roy sequin skirt, $795; Rachel Roy sequin tank, $895, Saks Fifth Avenue, Beverly Hills, 310-275-4211

Gucci magenta croc large clutch, $6800, Gucci, Beverly Hills, 310-278-3451, gucci.com Donna Karan skirt, $895, Saks Fifth Avenue, Beverly Hills, 310275-4211

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Valentino tee shirt couture, $790, Saks Fifth Avenue, Beverly Hills, 310-275-4211

Miu Miu Bugatti glazed leather tote, $1450, netaporter.com


Photo of Tiffany & Co. charm: © Tiffany & Co.

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Dolce & Gabbana Miss Sicily black crochet with gold leather handbag, $1795, Dolce & Gabbana, 310-247-1571 Christian Louboutin Romaine sandal, $1295, Christian Louboutin, South Coast Plaza, 714754-9200, christianlouboutin.com

Dolce & Gabbana strapless dress, $3495, Neiman Marcus, Beverly Hills, 310-550-5900


Avant-garde hair stylist Nicholas French and photographer Babak find inspiration in the Ascot horse-race scene from My Fair Lady and shows us why he’s a cut above the rest.

Photographer: Babak / babak.ca Hair Stylist: Nicholas French using Matrix Products and So.Cap.USA / She Hair Extensions Styled by: Carole French Makeup: Merrell Hollis / KenBarboza.com Models: Anissa / Q Management NY Katy Beal / Q Management NY Aleksandra / Basic Model Management NY Art Direction: Stephen Kamifuji





Louis Vuitton small ring agenda cover in monogram vernis, $350, Louis Vuitton sunglasses, price upon request, Louis Vuitton, 295 N. Rodeo Dr, Beverly Hills, 310-859-0457


Louis Vuitton animal coin purse, $500, Louis Vuitton, 329 N. Rodeo Dr, Beverly Hills, 310-859-0457

splash of red The power color always makes a bold statement. GENLUX goes to Luke Hanscom to photograph some of the latest red accessories in a wet and wild way. Photography: LukeHanscom.com; Digital Imaging: HDMstudios.com; Photo Assistant: Mike D.; Art Direction: Stephen Kamifuji


Melamed Regal skinny silk satin with brass belt, lined in suede, price upon request, melamedbelts.com


Casadei red-patent triple-platform pump, $600, Neiman Marcus, Beverly Hills, 310-550-5900


Rimowa Salsa series beauty case in Orient red. Extremely light polycarbonate, and flexible under pressure. 13.8” by 11.4” by 8.1” $410, Rimowa, 332 N. Rodeo Dr, Beverly Hills, 310-888-8686 rimowausa.com





OH, oscar!

Genlux gets a behind-the-designer peek into the Oscar de la Renta Spring 2010 fashion show during Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week New York. Photography: arunnevader.com; Art Direction: Stephen Kamifuji


MODEL: Taylor Kraemer

Raffaele Ilardo, Ateliers Director for Oscar de la Renta, prepares Karlie Kloss MODEL: JAC



oscar de la renta puts his finishing touch on Amanda Laine


Karlie Kloss


Model: Frida Gustavsson


MODELS: Iris StrubeggeR, caroline trentini



MODEL: Edita Vilkeviciute





Model: Kamila Filipcikova

Model: JAC


La Mer skin care; Armani silk Luminous Foundation; Physicians Formula Mineral Wear Powder; M•A•C lashes; Dior Show Mascara Unlimited in black; Benefit contour in Hula; M•A•C Lip Stick Red; NARS Lip Pencil in Jungle Red; NARS lip gloss in bloodwork

lip service

Luscious lips are made even more delicious when drenched in deep red. Photographer Andrew Matusik and makeup artist Joanna Schlip show us how it’s done! 48 GENLUX SPRING / 2010

La Mer skin care; Armani Silk Luminous Foundation; La Mer Powder; Physicians Formula Black Felt Tip Eyeliner; Shu Uemura lashes; Dior Show Mascara Unlimited in black; NARS Exhibit A blush; NARS lipstick in Tamango; Dior lip gloss in draped burgundy

Photography: AndrewMatusik.com; Makeup: Joanna Schlip / Cloutier Agency Hair: Nancy Roonie / FaceTheMakeup.com; Model: Bre Joyner / FORD models, LA Manicure: Beth Fricke for Artists by Timothy Priano using O.P.I.; Photo Assistant: Danny Yoon Post Production/Compositing/Retouching: DigitalRetouch.net; Art Direction: Stephen Kamifuji


La Mer skin care, M•A•C Paint Stick in red and black; Obsessive Compulsive Lip Tar in black; Physicians Formula Felt Tip Eyeliner in black; RCK on hand


La Mer Skin care; Armani Silk Luminous Foundation; M•A•C lashes; Physicians Formula Shimmer Strips in Sunset Strip bronzer, blush and eye shadow; M•A•C Brow pencil; Bottom: M•A•C Paint Stick in red and black; Physicians Formula Black Felt Tip Eyeliner; RCK on hand


La Mer skin care; Monet red lashes; Physicians Formula Bamboo Silk Bronzer; M•A•C Blankety Lip Stick, RCK on Hand


Left: La Mer skin care; Armani Silk Luminous Foundation; La Mer powder; Physicians Formula Felt Tip Eyeliner in black; Shu Uemura Lashes; Dior Show Mascara Unlimited in black; M•A•C Paint Stick in red; M•A•C Brow Pencil Right: La Mer skin care; Armani Silk Luminous Foundation; La Mer powder; Physicians Formula Felt Tip Eyeliner in black; Dior Show Mascara Unlimited in black; NARS Fast Ride Lipstick; Obsessive Compulsive Ironic Black Tar Glos





Kaufman Franco brick sequin/ crystal silver embroidered dress, $10,950, Saks Fifth Avenue, Beverly Hills, 310-275-4211 1950s vintage bracelet, price upon request, The Way We Wore, LA, 323-937-0878


Lucia Micarelli was on top of her game—one of the most dynamic violinists in the world. Then, a freak accident sent her into emergency surgery. Here, she shares with Stephen Christopher how life, in large part thanks to the fall, has dealt her a new hand.

Photographer: Marc Baptiste / DR Photo Management Stylist: GeorgeBlodwell.com Makeup: Amber Kerns / SoloArtists.com Hair: Jason Stanton at cloutieragency.com for Sager French Salon using Go 2 by Ergo Stylist’s Assistants: Sarah Williams, Rosiland Rivas Location courtesy of Nathan Sager and Cynthia French, owners of Sager French Salon Manicure: Janel Castellanos / Fiore Beauy / fiorebeauty.com Digital Tech and Digital Imaging: Kim Millard / DIY Digital, diy-digital.com Red Violin rental courtesy of Hans Weisshaar Musical Instruments / hweisshaar.com Art Direction: Stephen Kamifuji


Vintage Kenneth J Lane earrings, price upon request, The Way We Wore, LA, 323-937-0878 Oday Shakar satin silk chiffon gown, $3395, Odayshakar.com



t’s July 6, 2009, and violinist Lucia Micarelli is flying back from Italy to Los Angeles for emergency surgery. The night before, after performing with trumpeter Chris Botti at the wedding of a successful English hedge fund manager, she tripped and fell on a glass she was holding, sending shards splintering deep into her left hand. The cut severed three nerves and missed a tendon by less than two millimeters. Lucia’s manager, music legend Bobby Colomby, called in Dr. Charles Lane to examine the hand. “So the doctor opens up the bandage,” Colomby recalls. “He looks and says, ‘Yeah, got you pretty bad here. We need to schedule surgery as soon as possible.’ So Lucia starts crying, and I say to her, ‘Right now we actually have a choice: we can look at this as the worst thing that’s ever happened in your career, or we can say ‘it’s going to be fine’ and we’ll figure out a way to make everything work. And my recommendation is to be optimistic because that’s part of the healing process.’” I meet Lucia for dinner at Il Forno Caldo restaurant in Beverly Hills. It’s been six months since the accident and Lucia is in town from New Orleans, where she’s now taken on a new career: acting. As luck would have it, HBO came calling just as she needed time to rest her hand. The show, ‘Treme,’ is a drama series written by “The Wire” creator David Simon, and Eric Overmyer. The plot, set against a post-Katrina backdrop, follows the lives of an eclectic group of New Orleanians trying to rebuild their lives. Lucia plays a violinist street musician. She shows me her scars and ponders how she went from professional musician to professional actor playing a musician. “I was out of work. The doctors are telling me, ‘It’s going to be six months before you’re fully recovered.’ My left hand is screwed, and then this offer comes in. Acting? Really? Me? I guess while my hand’s out of commission, I could go and learn something else.” Lucia Micarelli was born in Queens, New York, to an Italian-American father and a Korean mother. When she was five years old, the family moved to Hawaii, and at seven, Lucia was performing in front of an orchestra as a soloist. Regrettably, I mention the word genius and Lucia lets me have it. “I hate the word ‘genius.’ I think people misuse it. They think that if someone’s a genius, everything just happens. That’s bullshit. It’s about respecting yourself and your talent, and realizing that there are no shortcuts. Whether it’s now or later, you have to put in the effort to get from point A to point B. You can’t just take a side street.” In Lucia’s case, that effort included Juilliard prep school, followed by a stint at the prestigious Manhattan School of Music. It was there that she hit a wall. “Music college was really not what I expected,” she says. “It didn’t make sense to me that after eight years of being in a music school, I was in another music school—and to what end? Am I just going to take theory classes forever? It didn’t feel right, so I dropped out.”

And how did her mom take this decision? “My mom was a little upset,” she says sheepishly. “She thought it was really irresponsible. I


Kaufman Franco stretch high twist jersey off shoulder long belted white dress, $2995, Saks Fifth Avenue, Beverly Hills, 310-275-4211 Ariane necklace, $150, Ariane, LA, 323-951-9929, ariane-millinery.com Jamie Joseph semiprecious stone ring, price upon request, Arcade, 323-944-0018 Ten Over 6 vintage 14K crystal bangle, $595, Ten Over 6, LA, 323-330-9355 Brian Atwood Wagner shoe, $584, Saks Fifth Avenue, Beverly Hills, 310-275-4211


Chantal Thomass Bra, $228; high-waisted panty, $180, Le Bra Lingerie, West Hollywood, 310-360-6655 1980s beaded lariat, price upon request, The Way We Wore, LA, 323-937-0878 Ten Over 6 vintage 14K and crystal bangle, $595, Ten Over 6, LA, 323-330-9355


1980s resin Buddha necklace, price upon request, The Way We Wore, LA, 323-937-0878 Erickson Beamon bracelet, $550, Beckley, West Hollywood, 310-652-3500 Kaufman Franco silk chiffon butterfly hem cami dress, $1350, Saks Fifth Avenue, Beverly Hills, 310-2754211


was studying with an amazing teacher in a studio of only six students, I had a full-ride scholarship, and I had a stipend to live on. My mom’s like, ‘Are you insane!?’ ” When Lucia reveals that the amazing teacher was 21-time Grammy-nominated violinist Pinchas Zukerman, I side with her mom and feel the urge to strangle her myself. But Lucia defends her decision. “Honestly, if I hadn’t dropped out of school, I still may not have listened to a non-classical record. I didn’t listen to a single non-classical anything ‘til I was 17. Never. I only listened to classical music. I only went to classical concerts.” Then, three words changed her life: Trans-Siberian Orchestra. “A friend of mine was like, ‘There’s this tour called TSO and they’re looking for someone to play electric violin. It’s like a rock-opera, crazy show with a band and lasers and pyrotechnics. Everyone is wearing leather, and there’s smoke up to your knees, and stuff ’s blowing up to packed arenas! After six weeks, I was so addicted. I was like, ‘I don’t know what this is, but I want to live in a tour bus for the rest of my life.’ It was awesome!” Good fortune strikes again when she’s standing outside the TSO bus in the parking lot of the Grand Ole Opry. “My cell phone rings and the guy on the other end says, ‘Hi, this is Josh Groban. I’m a singer about to go on my first tour, and I’m looking for a violinist.’” As the Groban tour was rolling on, Lucia signed a record deal with Warner Bros. and released her first album, “Music From a Farther Room,” executiveproduced by Groban. Then another famous rocker, Ian Anderson, caught Lucia’s performance and contacted her. “He invited me to tour with Jethro Tull.” Lucia remembers, “I was thinking, ‘This is so weird. What on earth? What am I going to play? What’s a violin going to do there? But if he wants me, then I just have to do this.’” Then Chris Botti came calling and she joined his tour. “I first saw Lucia perform with Josh Groban and I was just mesmerized,” Botti says. “She’s a rock star and she’s a brilliant violinist. In the “Chris Botti in Boston” special, the way she performs Emmanuel and the passion she puts into her playing really stole the heart of the evening.” YouTube Lucia Micarelli and you’ll catch her ripping through a screaming rendition of Led Zeppelin’s Kashmir, wearing a slinky, somewhat revealing dress by Yvette Romano—in her bare feet. Lucia explains, “When I first started doing the barefoot thing it wasn’t a fashion choice, it was a comfort choice. Being in a gown and being done-up but being barefoot makes me more comfortable, earthy and approachable. It’s more sensual, so my movements are more fluid.” And her hand? On October 16, only three months after her accident – with her hand healed – she rejoined Chris Botti on stage at the Clearwater Jazz Festival in Florida. Now into her second month of shooting ‘Treme,’ (Lucia’s other job), she says, “It’s one of those projects where I look around at all the people and think, ‘What am I doing here? How did I get into this room? This is the cool room.’ For my first acting experience to be with HBO, with David Simon, Wendall Pierce, Steve Zahn, Melissa Leo, Khandi Alexander, and John Goodman, it’s like a dream project. It’s art and it’s politically relevant. It’s beautifully shot. Amazing actors. Everybody in the entire ensemble is so good. It’s a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. I knew it when I went down there, and every day affirms it. I am so lucky.” G





Movin’ to Missoni

Jennifer Missoni, born into the fabric of the fashion-family dynasty, now finds herself moving to the beat of a different drum.

Photographer: AlexoWandael.com Stylist: Stephanie Tricola / LGroup, igroupnyc.com Stylist Assistant: Stefanie Cooper Makeup: Julie Begin / Halley Resource Hair: Jennifer Brent / Kramer+Kramer for Kerastase Paris Photographer’s Assistant: Sarah Long Digital post: Alexo Wandael Location: Special thanks to Minimal Cucine NY, www.minimalusa.com and to Wendell Figueroa Ruiz Art Direction: Stephen Kamifuji


Corset LaPerla Aphrodite hoop corset, $509, La Perla Rodeo Drive, 310-860-0561; La Perla Malibu, 310-456-7078



ennifer Missoni is curled up tightly on the makeup chair. She’s wearing Lululemon sweatpants, a Broadway Dance Center hoodie, and a pashmina that her grandmother brought back from India. She looks up, wiggles her face from between the thick brown locks, pinches what looks like pot out of a small baggie, and offers me some. “Cale? So good for you. Wanna try some?” I expect an Italian accent, but she speaks both English and Italian perfectly.

Jennifer Missoni is a part of that Missoni family—the Italian fashion empire. Her grandfather, Ottavio, started the brand over 55 years ago. Since then, Missoni ventures have spidered out from their original signature knitwear collection to fragrance to hotels to the project that Jennifer’s dad, Luca, is currently heading up: the new Missoni museum. Her aunt is designer Angela Missoni, and her cousin is Margherita Missoni, the face of Missoni fragrance. While most girls would die to be a part of such a fashion dynasty, Jennifer’s career path is veering off in another direction. “I always, always wanted to act,” she says. “I love escaping into someone else’s mind and trying to comprehend what they’re going through and why.” Jennifer puts on some ballet toe shoes for our photo shoot which, until just recently, was a very painful experience for her. “I loved dancing, but I stopped because I actually had a weird experience. This man—my teacher—turned out to be a pervert. When I was 12 I realized that the way he was correcting me at the barre was very inappropriate. The other girls started to notice that, too. So I told my mom and dad, and I quit dancing, and we told the police, and they closed down the school.” The experience even made it hard for Jennifer to take in a Lincoln Center performance. “Toe shoes were the trauma. This year, I auditioned to play a Russian ballerina and specifically had to dance in toe shoes. So I found a Russian ballet teacher in LA to help me prepare. I told her the story. It turns out her husband did the same thing to her daughter. So it was this incredible, meant-to-be moment in the universe where I ended up in the home of this woman who made me feel so comfortable and had me doing pirouettes

By Stephen Christopher on toe shoes after 10 years. In the end, it was between me and an actual Russian ballerina. She ended up getting the role.” Jennifer recently appeared in the second season of ‘Fringe.’ “I’m also in season six of ‘Medium,’ where I play a student putting herself through school as a stripper.” Ironically, if given her druthers, she would be to play “characters that are fighting against the system of oppression…like Julia Roberts in Erin Brockovich , Charlize Theron in North Countr y , or Nicole Kidman in Be witched . Her father really wants her to be a witch, but she doesn’t want to be a witch anymore. And he’s not happy about that, but she’s doing everything she can to no longer have that in her life.” Jennifer grew up in a converted farmhouse in Varese, Italy, a small town just north of Milan. “I feel so blessed to have been raised in that family. My parents have been together 25 years. The way they look at each other is so special and rare. That’s what I want! I have a brother who is 16 and a sister who is 13. They’re my angels.” Jennifer’s sister, Madeleine, has Down Syndrome and is one of the loves of her life. “Maddy has been such a gift. She’s the funniest person, and I’ve learned more from her than anyone about what really matters in life.” Her other love is director Tommaso Cardile. “I’ve known him for 19 years,” she says. “I married him when I was 5; he was 9. We were in Switzerland on our families’ ski trip, and I forced him to marry me. That’s what I was like as a girl—I was so aggressive. My mom taught me to be open and express how I felt. Throughout my whole life I kind of thought that was what you were supposed to do with guys—just tell them how you feel. In high school I would just go up to guys and say, ‘Would you like to have sex?’ ” Ask her favorite designers and there’s a short list. “Prada for their cuts, and Hervé Léger. I like tight, sexy fashion.” And when it comes to shoes, Jennifer will sacrifice a little comfort. “I like really, really, really high Christian Louboutins. I always find his shoes in my size—which is very rare, since I wear a size 42 (size 11).” Jennifer had two requests at her Genlux photo shoot: No diamonds and no fur. On the subject of fur she says, “When growing up I was like, ‘you kill the animal for meat, and then the fur is left over so you make a jacket out of it.’ Then I realized they kill the animal for the fur. There’s also something about fur that loses a sparkle unless you skin the animal alive. So when I found all this out, I went through this whole guilt trip. I couldn’t believe I’d been wearing fur my whole life.” So where does Jennifer see herself in fifty years? “I’ll be 74, so hopefully, even though I’ve never been to Sicily, I feel like I’ll be living there. From what I’ve heard, it’s the most beautiful place in Italy. I don’t drink, but I see myself drinking. And eating meat.” And still with Tommaso? “Yes! It’s so great to go to sleep and get up each morning next to the man who inspires you.” G


Kiton tuxedo jacket, $5310, pant, $1290, shirt, $800 Kiton, NY, 212-486-5250 kiton.it This Bow nylon netting birdcage veil, $120, thisbow.com


Alexandre Herchcovitch red wired skirt with chiffon tie on sheath, price up on request, Opening Ceremony, New York 212 -219-2688 Ballet shoe, Jennifer’s own


Dolce & Gabbana cotton jacket with grosgrain ribbon detail, dolcegabbana.it customer service 1-877-70-DGUSA Azzuro white cotton short, price upon request, www.azzarocouture.com


Alexandre Herchcovitch latex white dress with colored stripes, price up on request, Opening Ceremony, New York, 212 -219-2688


april in springtime PHOTOGRAPHY BY




By Marsha Takeda-Morrison

April Bowlby is as beautiful, fashionable, and sexy as she is downright hysterical.


u m m y . That’s a word April Bowlby uses often in conversation, but not in an annoying way. In fact, after a two-hour-plus lunch with the actress, it’s clear that there isn’t a single thing to dislike about her, except maybe the fact that she loves French fries with a passion while still managing to maintain a dancer’s body and impeccable skin. But if you were to ask April to describe herself, she’s likely to use another, more self-deprecating adjective. “Goofy. That’s just who I am. Even if I try to fight against it, it doesn’t work!” she laughs. But other words come to mind after you’ve spent some time chatting with April: charming, accessible, genuinely funny. It’s this humor that’s made her a popular character on such shows as “Two and a Half Men,” “Drop Dead Diva,” and “How I Met Your Mother,” and she swoons about playing the love interest of that show’s star, Neil Patrick Harris. “I had a huge crush on him during his ‘Doogie Howser’ days. And then in ‘How I Met Your Mother’ I totally got to make out with him because he played my boyfriend. I was like, “Aha—dream come true! One down, forty-five to go!”

Fendi dress, $1225, Neiman Marcus, Beverly Hills, 310-550-5900 Valentino flower scarf, $695, Valentino, 360 N Rodeo Dr, Beverly Hills, 310-247-0103 Sergio Rossi shoe, $895, sergiorossi.com Vilaiwan bracelets, prices upon request, 310-220-9785

Speaking of dreams, April is far from the Hollywood cliché of the starlet who dreamt of becoming an actress since childhood. She grew up in Northern California and studied French and marine biology before making the jump to acting. “I went to school because that’s what I thought I was supposed to do, but never thought I would do anything

Photographer: Tracey Morris / TraceyMorris.com Stylist: Angel Terrazas / Aterrazas.com Stylist Assistant: Rosiland Rivas Makeup: Camille Clark / AIM Artists Hair: Eric Sebbag / CloutierAgency.com Photo Assistant: Alexander Fink Art Direction: Stephen Kamifuji


Kaufman Franco chiffon belted dress, $4995, Saks Fifth Avenue, Beverly Hills, 310-275-4211 Miriam Haskell gold beaded necklace, miriamhaskell.com, Jimmy Choo shoe, $1195, 310-860-9045, jimmychoo.com


with it,” she says. “It’s always been a more artistic path for me. I wanted to become a ballerina because they don’t have to speak, but they get to perform and be seen—you wouldn’t know it, but I’m shy.”


hen I point out that because of her lithe, graceful frame, she would have made a perfect ballerina, she seems genuinely surprised. “Really? Oh, thank you!” she says while mock-fluttering her eyelashes. On this day she’s wearing a Juicy Couture coat and boots by Marc Jacobs, who, she says, is one her favorite designers, along with Ralph Lauren. But she describes her personal style as much more eclectic. “I’m a bit Holly Hobby,” she notes, referring to the rag-dress-wearing character popular in the ‘70s. “I like comfy and really cute, yummy pieces, but I’m trying to evolve into a nice, classic, clean Audrey Hepburn style.” Having said that, however, April admits she’d be reluctant to give up her wardrobe of “yummy, comfy, strange, delicious clothes.”

“I feel that as a blonde, my goofiness might be too much for people— but if I have dark hair, it tempers my goofy personality a bit.”

April’s beauty regimen is equally homey. “I don’t pluck my eyebrows—I wait until I get a job and then have them clean them up for me,” she laughs. “Also, I love taking baths, using scrub on my skin that just makes it glow and yummy.” She’s got definite plans for her hair, which is blonde at the moment but was a fiery red during her stint on “Two and a Half Men.” “I’ve already decided that after ‘Drop Dead Diva’ wraps in July I’m going to go brown. I think changing your hair color makes you look at yourself differently and a new energy comes out. Also, I feel that as a blonde, my goofiness might be too much for people—but if I have dark hair, it tempers my goofy personality a bit.” Bucking the trend among most actresses, April is actually eating her lunch (a healthy chicken sandwich) during our interview, so I ask about her diet. “I love French fries,” she says dreamily. “They’re my favorite food. And I really like Taco Bell. Sometimes when girlfriend’s husband is out of town, we go to Taco Bell and then we have scary-movie night, and it’s the best night ever.” Toward the end of our meal, April joins in singing Happy Birthday with a group of women dining at the next table, and she’s humble and gracious when they recognize her from “Two and a Half Men,” even when they good-naturedly chide her for divorcing Jon Cryer in the show. In real life, April isn’t married, but is happily involved with someone. “I have a boyfriend, and he’s awesome. He’s delicious and I like him very much,” she giggles. April Bowlby seems to be such an intrinsically good person that you can’t help but wish for huge success to come her way. But her own plans are much simpler. “It’s going to be great. I’ll have dark hair, I’ll be working on something I love, I’ll have a house by the beach with my dog, my cat, my man and a glass of merlot. That’s it.” Yummy. G


Marc Jacobs dress, price upon request, Neiman Marcus, Beverly Hills, 310-550-5900 Valentino shrug, price upon request, Valentino, 360 N Rodeo Dr, 310-247-0103, Chloe shoe, $699, Diavolina, 310-550-1341


Zac Posen blouse, $1550, Christian Loboutin peeptoe patent leather shoe, $725, Saks Fifth Avenue, Beverly Hills, 310-2754211, Stella McCartney skirt, price upon request, Neiman Marcus, Beverly Hills, 310-550-5900



Yves Saint Laurent jacket, $1490, Gucci pant, $995, Saks Fifth Avenue, Beverly Hills, 310-275-4211, Bally suede boot, $925, Bally, 310-271-3310, Dan Deutsch sunglasses, price upon request, Dan Deutsch Optical Outlook, Beverly Hills, 310-2469468, Miriam Haskell metallic coil bracelet, price upon request, miriamhaskell.com.


Fendi dress, $1225, Neiman Marcus, Beverly Hills, 310550-5900 Valentino flower scarf, $695, Valentino, 360 N Rodeo Dr, Beverly Hills, 310-247-0103


Giambattista Valli blouse, price upon request, Neiman Marcus, Beverly Hills, 310-5505900, Monique Lhuillier leopard print pencil skirt, $1100, Monique Lhuillier Salon, 323-655-1088 Jimmy Choo shoe, $525, Beverly Hills, 310-860-9045 Bally belt, $295, Bally, 310-271-3310, Valentino handbag, price upon request, Valentino, 310-247-0103, Miriam Haskell grey pearl hoop earrings, price upon request, miriamhaskell.com





Reem Acra peacock dress, price upon request, Reem Acra, 212-308-8760 Paolo Costalgi bracelet, price upon request, Bergdorf Goodman, NY, 212-753-7300 Joan Hornig four strand lapis with 18K leaf motif necklace, $2385, joanhornig.com Opal Stone Sleeping Beauty turquoise & diamond ring, $12,720, Colette hoop earrings, $4200, brokenenglishjewelry.com On him: Spurr Raspberry leather motorcycle jacket, price upon request, spurr.tv Robin’s Jeans Flag Tobacco jeans, $350, robinsjean.com Soffer Ari jewelry Smaller Cross Necklace by Ari Soffer, Samob 1000 Mobsilver med o.g. cross necklace $1160, Mia D Designs large cross necklace, $400, miadhandbags.com


off the red carpet

The screaming adoration of one’s fans doesn’t always equal happiness. As some discover, life can be lonely at the top. Photography: RobDeutschman.com Styling: sybilekohn.com Makeup: Marco Berardini / CloutierAgency.com using NARS at memosalon.com Hair by Jason Stanton / CloutierAgency.com using Oribe Hair care at Blo Salon West Hollywood Manicure by Debbie Leavitt for cloutieragency.com using Sheswai Lacquer Model: Sarah Emmons / Vision Models; Paul Porte / Ford Models Art Director: Stephen Kamifuji


Bodyamr silk jersey floor-length dress, price upon request, Beckley boutique 310-652-3500 Velvet Angels shoes, $295, Diavolina, Beverly Hills, 310-550-1341 Vintage belt, price upon request, The Way We Wore, LA, 323-937-0878, thewaywewore.com Opal Stone white and black diamond ring, $14,100, brokenenglishjewelry.com Damiani Aurora collection diamond, citrine quartz and 18k white & yellow gold jeweled bracelet, $17,590, Damiani boutique, Beverly Hills, 310-862-1320 Sasha Primak platinum and diamond earrings, $85,905, sashaprimak.com


La Perla Night club demi bra, $177, brief, $182, La Perla Malibu, 310-456-7078 Victoria’s Secret thigh stockings Amrapali ruby and gold necklace, price upon request, Amrapali Inc, NY, 212-944-0435 Zorab Atelier de Creation kunzite earrings, price upon request, Zorab Atelier de Creation, 877-967-2287 Le Vian blue sapphire bracelet, price upon request, levian.com Perrin Paris 1893 Spider glove in black leather, $165, Perrin Paris 1893 Boutique, Beverly Hills, 310-786-9936, perrinparis.com

On him: Love Heals Pandora braided blue iolite ovals and silver charms necklace, $580, loveheals.com


Mimi Holliday Rose D’Amour brief, $55, cocodemerusa.com Dona Daneshi dress, price upon request; Sara Weinstock citrine ring, $6350, Maxfield, LA, 310-274-8800 Amrapali bakelite earrings, price upon request, Amrapali, NY, 212-944-0435 Zorab Atelier de Creation ring, price upon request, 877-967-2287 Damiani Angel & Demons Collection diamond 18K rose gold and onyx rosary, $5190, damiani.com Mark Schneider square gold pendant necklace, $34,000, Schnieder Design, 800-452-5804

On him: Robin’s Jeans, $259, robinsjean.com Soffer Ari Chris cross, $2390, Ari Soffer leather cuff, $483, Soffer Ari, 310 -849-9272


Mark Schneider Royal Tanzanite Engraved platinum ring featuring a 5.56ct oval tanzanite, 0.54ct tsavorite garnets, and 0.21ct white diamonds, $25,000, Mark Schneider Design, 800-452-5804 Zorab Atelier de Creation kunzite earrings, price upon request, Zorab Atelier de Creation, 877-967-2287, zorabcreation.com


Kevan Hall blouse, $990, Kevan Hall, LA, 323-658-7979 See by Chloe skirt, $435, Antik Batik genko belt, $191, Madison, Beverly Hills, 310-273-4787 Joan Hornig earrings, $3850, vintage diamond ring, $2500, joanhornig.com Darlene De Sedle diamond necklace, $15,000, Broken English, 310- 458-2724 Sara Weinstock ring, $7750, Cotton Club, Houston, 713-465-9101 Arman 22K tourmaline and diamond bracelet, $21,000, Neiman Marcus, Beverly Hills, 310-550-5900

On him: Soffer Ari wife beater, $170, Crocodile Rolex watch band, $655, Soffer Ari Band ring $198, Soffer Ari Penance Band ring $328, Soffer Ari, LA, 310-849-9272


Tony Ward dress, $12,000, tonyward.net, Shelight sandal, $1046, Lior, 702-650-9005 Damiani Antera diamond earrings, $35,000, diamond bracelet, $28,270, Damiani, Beverly Hills, 310-862-1320 Chad Allison diamond pendant, $12,825, bracelet, $44,775, chadallison.com Opal Stone Kunsite ring, $49,350, Broken English, 310-458-2724 Peter Norman platinum diamond and kunzite ring, $16,000, Peter Norman Jewelers, 310-459-8222 On dresser: Soffer Ari N.C. Heavy Sacrum photo album, $4798, Don’t f’ around heavy ashtray, $6492, Soffer Ari, LA, 310-849-9272, sofferari.com

On him: Love Heals Shining cuff, $717, loveheals.com Rock & Republic Diego boot, $448, Rock & Republic Damian Angst jeans, $228, Rock & Republic, LA, 310-285-0486 Love Heals necklace, price upon request, loveheals.com Soffer Ari ring, $198, Soffer Ari Penance ring, $328 Soffer Ari, LA, 310-8499272, sofferari.com


Louis Vuitton red embroidered collar coat, approx. $22,466, Louis Vuitton, 866-VUITTON Sasha Primak platinum and diamond earrings, $85,905, sashaprimak.com


Monique Lhuillier cocktail dress, $5500, Monique Lhuillier, LA, 323-655-1088 Report Signature pump, $196, Diavolina, LA, 310-550-1341 CHANEL Pluie de Pastel 18K yellow gold, amethyst, yellow beryl, tourmaline and rubellite earrings, price upon request, CHANEL Fine Jewelry Boutiques, 1-800-550-0005 Opal Stone kundite pendant, $29,110, and Opal Stone chain necklace, $13,170, Broken English, 310-458-2724 Opal Stone Sleeping Beauty cuff $46,760, Opal Stone Cut Out bracelet $41,200, brokenenglishjewelry.com Amrapali gold bracelet, price upon request, Amrapali Inc, NY, 212-944-0435 Zorab Atelier de Creation gold bracelet with rubies, price upon request, Zorab Atelier de Creation, 877-967-2287 Damiani Ruban Collection diamond and 18K rose gold ring, $8940, Damiani boutique, Beverly Hills, 310-862-1320 Perrin Paris 1893 Riva Ball bag, $850, Perrin Paris 1893, Beverly Hills, 310-786-9936 Oliver Peoples Sacha sunglasses, $390, Dan Deutsch Optical Outlook, Beverly Hills, 310-246-9468


LE ballon rouge In 1956, Albert Lamorisse directed a whimsical short film in which a little boy befriends a magical red balloon. Neighborhood bullies steal the balloon and pop it. The boy’s sadness turns to joy when balloons from all over Paris make their way to him and carry him away. Here, photographer Andrew Matusik and stylist Cory B. Savage present their version of the classic for Genlux. Studio Photography: Andrew Matusik using Canon D1s Location Photography: Andrew Matuskik in Provence, France using Canon G9 Stylist: Cory B. Savage / Artists by Timothy Priano Makeup: Burke Daniel / Artists by Timothy Priano Hair: Stephanie Pohl / Artists by Timothy Priano Model: Heather Hahn / Next Models / Los Angeles Photo Assistant: Gustavo Marrufo Wardrobe Stylist Assistant: Cecilia Villegas Fashion Assistant: Mallorie Jones Post Production Compositing and retouching: DigitalRetouch.net Studio Rental and Digital Tech: DIY Digital Studio, Los Angeles / diy-digital.com Art Direction: Stephen Kamifuji


Christian Dior blue flounced mini dress, $4700, Dior, Beverly Hills, 310-859-4700 Carla Reiter raisin garland necklace, $6600, Carla Reiter Cornetti earrings, Roseark, LA, 323-822-3600 Signature Report Cooper sandal heel, $196, Diavolina, LA, 310-550-1341


BodyAmr teal dress, $1495, BodyAmr Bvlgari B.Zero1 bracelet, $4500, Bvlgari Openworks Parentesi bracelet, $12,600, Bvlgari Parentesi Cocktail earrings, $7900, Bvlgari Openworks Parentesi ring, $5400, Bvlgari boutique, Beverly Hills, 310-858-9216, bulgari.com


CHANEL gray tank, $1310, CHANEL metallic gray shorts, $1080; YSL fuscia bubble jacket, $1695, Saks Fifth Avenue, Beverly Hills, 310-275-4211 Patricia Finkle bronze, diamond and pearl bracelets, $8000, $6600, $6500, Church, LA, 323-876-8887 Le Vian black and white diamond paisley cuff set, $25,647, black and white diamond earrings set in rose gold, $9197, Le Vian, 877-253-8426 Zorab Atelier de Creation fancy sapphire and scapolite ring, $11,004, Zorab Atelier de Creation, 977-967-2287, zorabcreation.com Dior Frisson mirror calfskin wedge, $1200, Dior, Beverly Hills, 310-859-4700


Alexander McQueen white bubble blouse, $935, Saks Fifth Avenue, Beverly Hills, 310-275-4211 IRO suede shorts, $449, Curve, LA, 310-360-8008 Brian Atwood Byrdie lavender thigh-high leather boot, $1200, Saks Fifth Avenue, Beverly Hills, 310-275-4211 Bvlgari 18K yellow gold with diamonds and peridot necklace, price upon request, Bvlgari, Beverly Hills, 310-858-9216 Le Vian 18K white gold and diamond hoop earrings, $6300, Le Vian, 877-253-8426


Christiane King orange sherbert Lena dress, $395, christianeking.com Brian Atwood Miri ankle boot, $785, Saks Fifth Avenue, Beverly Hills, 310-275-4211 Andrea Gutierrez silver cuff, $2850, Church, LA, 323-876-8887


Escada silk jumpsuit, $1250, Escada, Beverly Hills, 310-285-0330 Lee Angel crystal necklace, $345, Kitson, LA, 310-360-0051 Bvlgari white gold and diamonds Parentesi Openwork ring, $9500, Serpente bracelet, $39,400, Parentesi Revolution earrings, $21,200, Bvlgari, Beverly Hills, 310-858-9216 Sutra diamond and blue sapphire cuff, $20,000, Sutra, 713-517-2156


Jimmy Choo Zoom Multi shoe, $1195, Jimmy Choo, 866-JCHOO-US, jimmychoo.com


Tony Ward tulle dress, $14,000, tonyward.net Azzaro vintage butterfly bangle, $6000, azzaroparis.com



GENLUX SHOP 3.1 Phillip Lim light blue beaded chiffon dress, $895, Diavolina, 310-550-1341 Bvlgari 18K white gold and diamond Parentesi Openwork earrings, $7300, Bvlgari, Beverly Hills, 310-858-9216


AMANDA eliasch Genlux Fashion Editor’s Picks

Goodbye Alexander McQueen b.1969 - 2010 Alexander McQueen died today. In Bloom teddy panties in black and ivory, $68, Saks Fifth Avenue, Beverly Hills, 310-275-4211 Photo: Marcel Indik ©Alan Davidson/The Picture Library Ltd.

For me, nobody was as interesting or unique as this man - his concepts, ideas, clothes, shoes, and creative teams. He made the whole fashion business exciting. You guessed it, I was a fan. Without the flamboyance from the son of a London taxi driver, it will be some time before fashion can truly be the same or as interesting again. He was amusing, witty, ahead of the game—many times unwearable but always memorable.

CHANEL dress and cami in white, $1980, Saks Fifth Avenue, Beverly Hills, 310-275-4211

It was claimed that he found fame through Isabella Blow, while he was at St. Martins. She told everybody about him. Wearing his couture clothes in turn made her famous. At one stage they were visual partners – he produced them – she wore them. Once Issy gave me a dress to wear, she took it from me and with its labels still intact, told my son to trash it through the garden to give it more character. This he did happily. Valentino handbag in red, $995, Saks Fifth Avenue, Beverly Hills, 310-275-4211

Loved and worn by many, including Daphne Guinness, Annabel Nielson, Kim Hersov, Pam Hogg, Lucy Ferry and Rushka Bergman. I myself have so many of his black jackets – probably fifty at the very least – I live in them – they gave me my love of tails. This is a true tragedy. He was well loved and very well respected. I shall mourn him. My heart goes out to his team: to Guido’s expert team of hair stylists, Snowden Hill among them; to the make up artists; to Phillip Treacy who made his hats; to the models; to Connie in his shop who dresses me, and to him. You were all the most exciting thing about fashion week.

Oscar de la Renta coat in dark navy, $1790, Saks Fifth Avenue, Beverly Hills, 310-275-4211

–Amanda Eliasch CHANEL boot in black and white, $895, Saks Fifth Avenue, Beverly Hills, 310-275-4211

100 GENLUX SPRING / 2010

CHANEL black velvet open-toe sandal with carved heel, price upon request, select CHANEL boutiques, 800-550-0005

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HOTEL WALES £Ó™xÊ    - " Ê 6

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genlux fashion editor’s report





ARIS FASHION WEEK SPRING 2010 OVERVIEW. GIVENCHY last night. Rushing through the streets of Paris after a huge lunch at my favorite brasserie, Lipp, with one of the people I most love, David Collins— architect, designer, and creator of the atmosphere of so many restaurants in London. He brings a smile to my lips every time I see him. He has it all: talent, wit and humor, and he’s even brilliant at cards. Wow! —Amanda Eliasch is Irish to the bone; he adores David his family. I met him with another of my big loves, Alek Keshishian, who did the famous documentary of Madonna, In Bed with Madonna. Now back to Givenchy. It was made all the more fun because of the commentary by Rushka Bergman. I loved the chiffon over harem pants. (Rushka thinks it will make me look fat. Okay, okay, they’re not for me). There were pretty tops, Russian hats, and lots and lots of long, thin legs. I suppose I’m a Galliano/McQueen girl, but there is a definite style here. Roughly forty gorgeous women and a lot of men in black suits looking like bouncers. Black painted hats, patent shiny leggings, fitted jackets over billowing shirts in black and white. Nothing really new, but I liked it. I love Givenchy’s quality—it feeds my

102 GENLUX SPRING / 2010

And me? I wanted everything. All of it! Everything! I have no doubt but that I am the CHANEL woman.

passion for expensive fabrics pressed against my skin. Fashion weekend, and my head hurts from the noise and being squashed and heated to 150 degrees. I want to sleep an extra hour, cuddle a boyfriend...I don’t know, run in the streets. I love fashion, but not first thing in the morning. What is ‘in’ and what is ‘out’ really does not interest me unless it’s the right time of day. Still, I definitely like to have my invites, and I’m pleased my friend Tim Willis made style.com, sitting next to Alexandra Shulman in the front row of LANVIN. Take note, girls, the only good-looking ones were the Japanese, Carine Roitfeld, Franca Sozzani, Carla Sozzani, Anna Wintour, Rushka Bergman and some PRs. Look at the girls standing, the keen ones; the gate-crashers look




Photo: Christopher Moore

wonderful, and the rest of you are a tired, bloody mess. I get up at 7 a.m. so Snowden Hill (straight off the catwalk) can do my hair and nag me to be thin. CHANEL this morning looked like it was going to be a struggle. First Snowden forgot his case-full of magic to do my hair with, then it was pouring rain—plus I was exhausted and wanted to curl up in bed for another hour. By now, everyone needs to be amused and, boy, did Karl Lagerfeld understand that. The fashion world would be a sad, sorry place without heroes like him! And Galliano and McQueen. For a week I’ve been hearing from Snowden about the aliens, fish, and water creatures being made for McQueen’s show, so I will not be missing that. But back to CHANEL. So here’s my impression: superstars, cameras, mad models coming out of a haystack to the sound of a kitsch ‘Chopsticks,’ puffed skirts, black lace on cream, cutie pie, summer pie, talking on mobiles, rock chicks, hicksville party, boom boom boom, beautiful girls in high-waisted jeans, narrow legs, long chiffon dresses over short mini-skirts, pretty, pretty. And Lily Allen singing her number-one hit in a stunning silver and black dress with sparkly shoes. The show finished with a modern story of love gone wrong: an abandoned girl in a puffed white mini-dress, with a simple scarf on her head, returned to the haystack and her broken dream. And me? I wanted everything. All of it! Everything! I have no doubt but that I am the CHANEL woman. And so should you be. You can’t go wrong with it now, can you? That evening, we went to ALEXANDER McQUEEN—the best of the best in impossible shoes. He created a hit DOLCE & collection, creations—swimming aliens, robots—with the GABBANA use of videos, exotic hairpieces and very clever makeup. Guido’s team outdid themselves, proving that Alexander pushes himself to the limits. (Watch Amanda’s commentary of the McQueen show video on Style.com). The charming Carl de Canada is following me with his small but very efficient camera, the cheap version of the Leica. He manages to squeeze photographs out of the most unlikely people. Anyway, today he merrily followed me and Rushka around, and it was never dull. We went to the DIOR show and sat boiling in a huge tent in the Tuileries with a capacity of about 1500 editors and buyers. The show started in a spectacular way: a man with a gun, bang, smoke, screams, and then the blonde, brunette, red-lipsticked, immaculate molls began strutting down the catwalk. It was underwear as overwear: hookers, rich-bitch birds in reds, pinks, purple, creams and beading—Rita Hayworth types, the sort that are mistresses rather than wives. (In this scenario, no one has seen the wife for 45 years, as she is boiling the pasta back at home.) I loved the show—my friend, too—not because of its good taste, but maybe because it embraced bad. It ended, of course, with the very glamorous John Galliano, my fave, coming LOUIS out to show his beautiful body, worked-out and VUITTON muscled. He loved his moment, and so he should, because he made it cool to sit in the sweltering heat.


DOLCE & GABBANA Wonderful little Japanese girls come up and say, “Please, m’am, you look so beautiful…can we have a picture?” So by the end of the day, I felt like a star as I was being swept away in my black Mercedes car service to dash home to change clothes, as it was so hot I was going to die…also because I wanted to put on my Rick Owens coat. The LANVIN show mixed up my seating but walked me to another seat in the front row. Gillian, my very good friend from Purple PR, was under the assumption that I had seating...something obviously had gone wrong. So what did Lanvin have to offer? Again, clothes from the ’40s and ’50s: expensive glam in jeweled reds and greens, the kind of thing a gangster buys his second wife when the first one has been retired to a nunnery. I’m not reflecting. Afterwards, I had my hair redone backstage by Snowden Hill. What a difference the English Channel makes. Entering The Museum of Mankind, cameras flashing, it was so welcoming. I was immediately taken up to Karla Otto, who gave me great seats at Rochas, where the designer MARCO ZANINI showed mostly wearable clothes for rich ingénues and simple girls on the Riviera. I loved the floating white dresses, which inspired me to book a holiday last night in Positano. And even though it’s not really the clobber I wear—as I prefer black—I was taken by the short snappy clothes in soft greens, reds and whites. I hate this new passion for prints in lime greens and pinks. No, I am much more a fan of GARETH PUGH, who loves structure. And mushroom. Mushroom chiffon, mushroom faces, mushroom hair and spiky mushroom head gear. Gareth has brilliant ideas, designing shapes with unusual materials. Mushroom, of course, is not for me, but chiffon is, and seeing it attached to trouser legs and coats left imposing, unforgettable images in my brain. However, he is not letting us forget 2012 is on its way. RICK OWENS. A Southern Californian living in Paris. I love his austere, funky designs for the modern woman. He has an intellectual air about him. His audience was interesting, too. Plus, he had the crème de la crème of artists from Paris. Yes, there was American Vogue—Grace Coddington, Hamish Bowles, etc., funky goth types and drag queens, Carla Sozzani radiating happiness, Michael Stipe exuding cool. I liked his friends immediately. His clothes reflect a life I Michael Klein want to live—shaped but easy, broad shoulders, slim arms, RICK OWENS tight minis and flapping chiffon. The girls wore beautiful makeup—simple in the extreme—with stunning eyes and a slightly shaved look for the hair. Yes, it’s the End of the World, but I feel happier in his version. Meanwhile, lunch with Rushka Bergman is never dreary. She has just been given an amazing styling job for a huge pop star. She sat down with me at the Costes Hotel, with big glasses covering her tired eyes, red lips and black straight hair. She’s still gorgeous in a black Balenciaga dress that I have too—from a season or two ago. It’s a winner, and looks as fresh as the day she bought it. The Costes was full of fashion people. But none as chic as Rushka.

Jennifer Rouselet

SPRING / 2010 GENLUX 103


Chrome Hearts double-dip glasses, $1595, Dan Deutsch Optical Outlook, Beverly Hills, 310-652-9144

Step out of your box. —George Blodwell Spring is fast approaching. The time of renewal and change. One can’t help being awestruck by the magic of new life. What might seem barren, desolate, even forgotten, is about to burst forth into vibrant color— It’s all so beautiful.

nylon number that looks surprisingly good when you try it on. The suede zip-front hoodie by In Aisce is another great piece. If you like big, interesting hoods, this is the one—supercool! I’m also coveting the Galliano military-inspired jacket. Dress it up or down with jeans—amazing!

Talking about change, a little while ago I was given a short leather motor jacket, something that I would not normally wear. I prefer the blazer style or even a good coat. Even in summer I would wear a lightweight Yohji duster. Well, I gave the short jacket a few outings and was surprised by how sporty I felt and that I liked the look, as it was quite flattering and received many compliments. Once again I was inspired to stay open to new possibilities and to be adventurous.

Polka dots abound this spring in fashion. D&G makes a great jacket that is bang-on. Again, dress it up or down. Step out of your box with a bow tie (polka-dot, of course). It’s a great look and fun…and why not? For casual footwear, the Prada sandal speaks for itself, as does the Lanvin patent sneaker. I usually find something a bit over the top for the few out there who love all the attention. One such item is the ring by William Griffith, guaranteed to grab everyone’s eye. If you want attention, here’s a great vehicle for just that purpose.

Two good contenders are the Gucci Steve McQueen– inspired motorcycle jacket and the Dolce & Gabbana

Enjoy…and stay happy!

A147G bow tie, $150, Traffic, LA, 310-659-4313

Gucci leather jacket in black, $2995, Neiman Marcus, Beverly Hills, 310-550-5900

William Griffith Cathedral Ring, $5600, Traffic, LA, 310-659-4313

Prada Coat, $2460, Neiman Marcus, Beverly Hills, 310-550-5900 Dolce & Gabbana rain jacket, $895, Neiman Marcus, Beverly Hills, 310-550-5900

Prada sandal, $295, Neiman Marcus, Beverly Hills, 310-550-5900

Dolce & Gabbana velvet blazer in burgundy, $1395, Neiman Marcus, Beverly Hills, 310-550-5900

Rimowa Salsa Air 29” case in navy, $495, Rimowa, Beverly Hills, 310-888-8686 Dolce & Gabbana bow tie, $165, Traffic, LA, 310-659-4313

Lanvin shoe, $495, Neiman Marcus, Beverly Hills, 310-550-5900

D&G polka-dot blazer, $945, Neiman Marcus, Beverly Hills, 310-550-5900

104 GENLUX SPRING / 2010

John Galliano gray sport jacket, $1860, Traffic, LA, 310-659-4313

Alexander McQueen sport jacket, $2560, Traffic, LA, 310-6594313

Alex Soldier solid gold and diamond handmade cufflinks, $5500, alexsoldier.com

John Galliano pinstripe blazer in gray and brown, $1550, Traffic, LA, Dolce & Gabbana 310-659-4313 leather jacket in brown, $3275, Neiman Marcus, Beverly Hills, 310-550-5900

D.D.O.O. glasses, $259, Dan Deutsch Optical Outlook, Beverly Hills, 310-652-9144 In Aisce zip-front hoodie, $1840, Traffic, LA, 310-6594313

Tw o o f t h e B e st I t a l i a n R e s t a ur a nt s i n L A . I n ti ma te s e tti n gs . M o d e r a te ly pr ic ed. Ste l l a r wi n e l i st. Wi n n e r , Wi n e Spe c t a to r M a ga z i ne’s A wa r d o f Ex c e l l e n c e !

In Pacific Palisades

In Beverly Hills



15306 Sunset Blvd, 90272 310-459-7685

9705 Little Santa Monica Blvd, 90210 310-777-0040

genlux JEWELRY/Accessories EDITOR

PUT a RING ON IT!—zeta grafF

de Grisogono amethyst, rubies and diamonds ring, $22,000, de Grisogono, NY, 212-439-4220; de Grisogono, LV, 702-834-4220, degrisogono.com

Buccellati cabachon amethyst and diamonds ring, price upon request, Buccellati, Beverly Hills, 310-276-7022

Leviev Fancy intense blue internally flawless diamond ring, price upon request, Leviev, NY, 212-763-5300

Van Cleef & Arpels Lotus diamond ring, $24, 300, Van Cleef & Arpels, Beverly Hills, 310-276-1161

106 GENLUX SPRING / 2010

Chopard Toi et Moi fancy pink and fancy yellow heart-shaped diamond ring, $555,030, Chopard, Beverly Hills, 310-550-7220, chopard.com

genlux beauty editor’s picks

Spring has sprung, and with it, these fresh beauty finds. Enjoy! —Dawn Shand Johnson

La Falaise Organic Honey & Macadamia Duo Body Wash, $9.95, savonlafalaise.com Intraceuticals Clarity Blemish Repair shortens the life of blemishes; just replace the tip daily to prevent contamination. $89, Terri Lawton Skincare + Age Management, 310-855-0895, intraceuticals.com

Odacite delivers freshly made, organic, paraben- and fragrancefree skincare products right to your door. They even offer a mini-fridge that extends the products’ freshness. $45–$418, odacite.com

Z Palette’s customizable palette helps you organize and simplify your makeup. $20, zpalette.com

Bamford Organic Lip Balm with pink grapefruit, cooling peppermint, and rose, $24, barneys.com

Origins Starting Over Age-Erasing Oil Free Moisturizer with Mimosa, $45, Origins, Century City, 310-772-0272, origins.com

108 GENLUX SPRING / 2010

Ego Facto’s Prends Garde à Toi, with notes of jasmine, lily of the valley, hyacinth, and nettle, $90, lucyscent.com

From celebrity makeup artist Joanna Schlip, Red Carpet Kolour RCK Body Glow is the first luminous body lotion that provides glowing coverage for blemishes, veins, cellulite, stretch marks, age spots, and wrinkles— without transferring to your clothes. 5.5oz, $39.95; 7oz, $49.95; redcarpetkolour.com

W3LL People’s Universalist Stick contains color for the eyes, cheek, or lips. $33, Planet Blue, 310-317-8566; w3llpeople.com

La Mer’s Regenerating Serum combines powerful antiaging ingredients. $250, Saks Fifth Avenue, Beverly Hills, 310-275-4211; lamer.com

The Organic Pharmacy’s Detox Kit is a comprehensive, homeopathic detox program that uses the appropriate antioxidants to restore overall health and promote radiant skin. $274, Organic Pharmacy, 310-272-7275, theorganicpharmacy.com Dessert Essence Organics’ Coconut Shampoo and Conditioner are 100% vegan and sulfate- and parabenfree. $8.99, Whole Foods, West Hollywood, 323-8484200; desertessence.com

A FRESH START FOR THE NEW DECADE. “I promise not to make you feel like you’re entering the chaos of a reality show or a place where you’re just a number. I’m a cosmetic surgeon with a long, proven educational and professional track record with many, many satisfied clients. Give me a call at 310-360-0504 to schedule your complimentary consultation.”

Breast augmentation, Liposuction, Mini Face-Lift, Mesotherapy, Botox, Restylane and the newest injectable treatments


8500 Wilshire Blvd. Suite 1020, Beverly Hills, California 90211 (310) 360-0504 1-866-NEWSELF perfectself.com

All procedures at the Beverly Hills Cosmetic Surgical Group are performed by Board-Certified surgeons. Dr. Fardad Forouzanpour, D.O., F.A.C.O.S., was raised in Los Angeles and attended UCLA. He went on to complete his medical studies at Midwestern University in Chicago and served a five-year residency in general and trauma surgery. He completed a fellowship sponsored by the American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery where he trained in total facial and body aesthetic and cosmetic surgery. Dr. Forouzanpour successfully passed the board examinations sponsored by the American Board of Cosmetic Surgery.


gENLUXshop spring clean from the inside with a whole-body detox. —Anastasia try a raw-food detox.

Replace a heavy breakfast with my Glowing Green Smoothie every morning; that alone will start to detox and alkalize the body. If you get dizzy or lightheaded, eat some cooked food afterwards. Continue until your body starts to adjust to more raw food, then proceed to lunch, snacks, and finally, dinner. Do not shock the body by switching right to a 100% raw diet—your body will not be able to eliminate toxins as fast as they’re being kicked up, and you can detox too fast.” —Kimberly Snyder, yoga instructor and certified raw-food nutrition specialist and chef (kimberlysnyder.net)

“Take small steps and build up gradually. Whenever you eat raw vegan food and give your body a break from using up the massive energy it takes to digest heavy and cooked food—even if you start with just one meal a day—your body will be cleansing to an extent. Therefore, it’s better to approach this as a long-term lifestyle, and make gradual steps.

The Optimal Cleanse

is a 10-day nutrient-based whole-body detoxification program that incorporates targeted foods, powerful rice-based detox shakes, and step-by-step instructions. “Designed to feed the liver and target fat, this program promotes the efficient elimination of toxins and the boosting of the metabolism,” says celebrity nutritionist Haylie Pomroy, who helped develop the program. 10-day supply, $196, eastwestessentials.com

Holistic health Chiropractic: In conjunction with the physical opening of blockages and improved circulation resulting from traditional chiropractic therapy, FBE doctors use lymphatic flushing to stimulate the body’s natural detoxification process. Ask for FBE-based celebrity chiropractor Dr. Ken Best, D.C. Vibration Machine: By agitating the internal organs, it literally shakes up your system, thereby regulating the body and improving blood circulation and lymphatic drainage. Infrared Jade Sauna: The deep penetration of infrared energy naturally purifies the body to a degree unattainable in traditional saunas: One liter of sweat in an ordinary sauna contains approximately 3% toxins, while in an infrared sauna, this number jumps to 20%. In addition, FBE’s infrared saunas are lined with jade stone, which has long been used to strengthen the body’s filtration and cleansing systems. Air Therapy Machine: This full-body glove applies pressure and movement to soft tissue to promote the flow of blood and lymph. It squeezes the lymphatic tissues, draining unwanted toxins. Acupuncture: Acupuncture naturally improves blood circulation, promoting drainage of harmful toxins, removing blocked energy, and restoring balance. Keep your body balanced and toxin-free with innovative health equipment and services available at FBE Holistic Health & Fitness (5858 Wilshire Blvd, Ste 200, LA, 323-936-3737, fbespa.com).

110 GENLUX SPRING / 2010

Anokha Red Sandalwood and Neem Clarifying Masque, $30, anokhaskincare.com Renée Rouleau Detoxifying Mask contains pore-clearing basil and camphor essential oils, which help banish bacteria and prevent breakouts. $31.50, reneerouleau.com

Green cuisine Augment your detox plan with health-conscious meals from Paleta, an organic gourmet meal delivery service. Paleta creator Kelly Boyer can customize your meal plans according to your needs. Plus, Paleta boasts SoCal’s first green commercial kitchen. Meal plans, $39–$59 per day, paleta.com

Kimberly Snyder’sg Glowin Green ie: Smooth

water 1½ cups ttuce maine le ro 1 head ry cele 4 stalks o ch cilantr 1 / 3 bu n y le rs a p ch 1 / 3 bu n on ½ a lem Juice of 2 apples 2 pears a 1 banan until g redients Blend in rst, g reens fi smooth— akes m is h its. T then fru u o gh cups (en four full two fo eople r for two p n for o one pers days, or at least k n ri ys). D three da y. Stir a d unces a cold. 16–24 o ry e v e serv first, and

GliSODin’s 15-day Advanced Detoxification Formula provides a great source of soluble fiber, aiding digestion, elimination, and weight loss. $125, glisodinskin.com

Introducing Aquage SeaExtend Silkening Oil Treatment



quage, leader in salon haircare, introduces their first line extension to the highly successful SeaExtend Ultimate ColorCare system with Silkening Oil Treatment. This revolutionary new styling treatment easily creates silky, smooth, frizz-free hair. •

Infused with a unique blend of sea kale, sea fennel and sea beet extracts to restore moisture, soothe and protect the scalp

Ultra-light argan oil and sweet almond oil penetrate to nourish and silken hair

Provides humidity resistance and lasting frizz control

Accelerates drying time by up to 40%

Crystal clear, no dyes to alter haircolor tone

Easily recyclable bottle with lockable pump

For more information on SeaExtend Silkening Oil Treatment, to view streaming step by step video or to find an Aquage salon near you, visit www.aquage.com.

sold only to independent salons | no national chains or retail stores ®

www.aquage.com SPRING / 2010 GENLUX 111




BEST LIP COLORS Dior Spring 2010 New York Runway

“Following the spring/summer runway shows, the fascination with Mad Men, and all things vintage, Tim Quinn the red lip remains a strong trend for spring. When choosing a red lip, I always advise Page, my clients toDickconsider both the shade of red and the Shiseido Artistic Director texture or coverage they’re looking for. In terms of colors, it’s best to consider your complexion—women with fair skin will need a different red than women with olive complexions—and of course you can always look to your favorite celebrities for color advice!

BERRY RED: Julie Hewett Film Noir, a blackberry red, $22.50, juliehewett.net

GOOD COVERAGE: Lorac Leading Lady is paraben-free and long-wearing. $22, sephora.com; beauty.com

SHEER TO GOOD COVERAGE: Luna Twilight staining balm, $18, twilightbeauty.com

WARM RED: Urban Decay Lipstick in Revolution, $22, sephora.com; ulta.com


SHEER: Dolce & Gabbana Shine Lipstick in Sheer, $30, Saks Fifth Avenue, Beverly Hills, 310-2754211, saks.com

“I love when a celebrity chooses a bold lip for the red carpet; it makes a great statement. Each woman chooses a slightly different tone of red to highlight her look. For example, Megan Fox looks great in a warm red, whereas a woman with a fairer complexion, like Debi Mazar, looks wonderful with a red that has a blue undertone. A warm blond like January Jones can definitely pull off the orangey red that’s so popular right now, and a woman like Camilla Belle, who has an olive-toned complexion, can definitely BLUE RED: use more of the berry-red shades.” Julie Hewett Femme Noir, MORE COVERAGE: M sA sC Viva Glam Lipstick $22.50, juliein Cyndi donates 100% of proceeds to the hewett.net M sA sC AIDS fund. $14, M sA sC, Hollywood & Highland, 323-465-5030, maccosmetics.com BALM: Lucy B Stung Lips in Ruby Red, $18, Studio at Fred Segal, 310-3948509, lucybcosmetics.com

& FLAWLESS SKIN Clarins Wonder Perfect Mascara for volume, curl, and length, $23.50, Nordstrom at The Grove, 323-930-2230

L’Oréal Paris Telescopic Explosion Mascara, with a spherical brush applicator for more coverage, $9.49, cvs.com

112 GENLUX SPRING / 2010

Sukicolor Tinted Active Moisturizer SPF15 is naturally pigmented and infused with organic ingredients. $45.95, Whole Foods, Beverly Hills, 310-2743360; sukipure.com


SHEER: Giorgio Armani Sheer Lipstick #6, $26, Saks Fifth Avenue, Beverly Hills, 310-2754211, saks.com TIM’S FAVORITE: Giorgio Armani Rouge d’Armani Rouge #400, $30, barneys.com

GREAT COVERAGE: Guerlain Lip Color Rouge G Le Brilliant Lip Color has a great shiny finish. $46, Nordstrom, South Coast Plaza, 714-549-8300, nordstrom.com

Sheer and weightless, NARS Orgasm Illuminator can be used all over the face—on the cheekbones, lips, under the eyes, or on the eyelids. $29, sephora.com

Estée Lauder Double Wear Stayin-Place makeup, $33.50, esteelauder.com

GLOSS: YSL Rouge Volupte Gloss #3 in Cherry Red, $30, yslbeautyus.com

Temptu AIRbrush Makeup System, with brush and compressor, was created for daily at-home use. $225, sephora.com


This spring, celeb stylist Kim Vo gives us the trend report for up-to-the-minute tresses—plus tips and products for red-hot redheads —Dawn Shand Johnson For blondes, Kim Vo suggests trying his own invention: the smudge technique, which softens roots and adds volume. “As blondes age, their hair tends to get darker, and we need to switch up what we’re doing in order to get that same blonde color. The smudge technique—which is quick and painless and is applied for just 30 seconds, then rinsed out—softens the roots so you don’t get such a grow-out line. This way, you don’t have to do lowlights and highlights—you can just do highlights where you need them. And you don’t have to worry about highlighting the root color.” For Highlights: “Use the lacing technique, where the hair is teased near the root, then the highlights are painted on sporadically to create a sun-kissed look. You can see this look on Jennifer Aniston and Gisele.”—Kim Vo at the Montage Beverly Hills, 225 N. Cañon Dr, 310-860-7854 From Colorective’s nonchemical, color-enhancing line: Bloody Mary Shampoo, $37; Crème, $39, curlisto.com

“Translucent and bright colors are in; we don’t want to compete with that—we want to complement it. The Bohemian look is still in, but it’s more of a beachy, touched-by-the-saltwater-andsun’s-rays look than the messy look we’ve been seeing. Right now, hair is wavy with curls and lots of movement. Skater, ’80s, jagged bangs— tailored cuts that are soft and approachable, like a modern rocker.”

Get the wavy Bohemian look with the GlamPalm 1” Styling Wand, which works as a flat iron and a curling iron, $196, GlamPalmUSA. com, or the R Session NaluWaver, which was designed to create the look of natural curls, $179.99, blissworld.com

Davines Alchemic Shampoo for Natural and Colored Hair in Red: shampoo, $23; conditioner, $28; Chop Chop, 323-464-8100; davines.com

The Loft Hair Lounge Green Tea Hair Masque helps the hair maintain its color. $28, TheLoftHairLounge.com

What STYLE+cuts are hot?

Beauty HAIR DO’s


FHI Heat Holiday Combo pack, $199, Nelson J AVEDA Color Salon & Spa, 310-274-1553, nelsonjsalon.com John Frieda Collection Radiant Red Color Magnifying Shampoo and Conditioner, $6.79 each, walgreens.com

TIPS FOR RED TRESSES What hair treatments do you recommend for sun-damaged hair? Maintenance: “I recommend using a shampoo with no laurel sulfate and using a red-intensifier shampoo between coloring sessions. Flat-ironing that is too hot will fade the color. I recommend using cold air after blow-drying. Use products that have little or no alcohol.” —GiGi of GiGi Vision Hair Salon, 434 N. Roxbury Dr, Beverly Hills, 310-273-0851

Treatment: Privé Salon’s Vert Eclat for Red Headed Hunnies is an all-natural therapeutic treatment that heals damaged and discolored hair. Fighting breakage and frizz, it delivers rich keratin and vitamins deep into the hair cuticle and combines Privé’s sulfateand paraben-free Concept Vert Conditioner with eco-friendly ingredients like chamomile, coffee beans, and beets. What’s more, Vert Eclat offers special additional formulas to enhance individual hair colors; redheads should opt for the Autumn Harvest treatment with puréed beet extract and rooibos tea. $75; shampoo, $28; conditioner, $30, priveproducts.com

SPRING / 2010 GENLUX 113

EXPERT OPINION: Turn back the clock

gENLUXshop Davis B. Nguyen, M.D. gives Genlux his take on the best anti-aging treatments available today. Double Board Certified, Beverly Hills Facial Plastic Surgeon Dr. Davis Nguyen trained at Harvard, Yale, and subsequently with the famed Dr. Kamer of the renowned Lasky Clinic. A highly skilled surgeon, Dr. Nguyen specializes in the advanced facelift technique known as “Deep Plane.” He was recently chosen as one of only seven surgeons nationwide to act as a principal investigator in the FDA clinical trial to make fibrin glue available for use in facelift surgery. Here, Dr. Nguyen fills Genlux in on today’s top anti-aging treatments. How have surgical anti-aging procedures advanced?

The facelift of today is not the same as the facelift of 30 years ago. The latest advancements in facelift surgery are the Deep Plane technique, during which not only skin is lifted, but also muscle, fat, and connective tissue. This technique promotes long-lasting results and, most important, a natural look for patients that is neither “pulled” nor “tense.” In addition to the Deep Plane technique, the use of fibrin glue to re-adhere elevated facial tissue alleviates the need for uncomfortable drains and reduces bruising and swelling, thereby making facelift patients look and feel better much faster.

How have nonsurgical anti-aging procedures advanced?

For younger-looking skin, there’s Dysport, a newly FDAapproved product that relaxes, not paralyzes, muscles in order to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. I administer Dysport primarily to treat crow’s feet as well as vertical and horizontal lines in the forehead. Also, I recommend maintenance skin therapy through anti-aging facials and peels. An anti-oxidant facial corrects large pores, uneven pigmentation, sun damage, and fine lines. Using Kinerase’s C8 Peptide serum as part of this anti-aging treatment not only helps hydrate the skin, it also reduces inflammation and redness. On another note, I prescribe Latisse lash-growth solution, the first Michelle Hood andPhoto: only FDA-approved product to treat hypotrichosis of the eyelashes. This product makes eyelashes grow by increasing their length, thickness, and darkness. Who doesn’t want longer, thicker eyelashes?

What tips do you have for patients who are healing from surgical procedures?

I recommend that all of my patients use Kelo-cote® Advanced Formula Scar Gel post-op to ensure that scars are nearly invisible. It impacts the three key components of optimal scar outcome: hydration, protection, and normalization of collagen synthesis. Kelo-cote® is also effective at improving the appearance of existing scars, and at fighting pain, itching and redness. It’s a plastic surgeon’s secret to beautiful results. ANTIOXIDANT FACIAL WITH C8


fine lines and environmental damage with The Spa at Linden Clinic’s Anti-aging Antioxidant Facial, $165, available at Dr. Nguyen’s office, 310-550-0288 Teddy Bass


From Advanced Biotech, Kelo-cote™ Scar Gel is an advanced formula scar gel to be used post-op to ensure that scars are nearly invisible. This patented 100% silicone gel is clinically proven to reduce the chances of red or raised scars; it can also flatten and soften existing scars and reduce redness, itching, and pain. 15gm tube, $45


Dysport is an injection used to temporarily improve the look of moderate to severe frown lines between the eyebrows in adults under 65. $5 per unit or $300 to treat vertical lines between the brows, dysportusa.com


C8 Peptide Serum, $120; AntiOxidant facial is $165

Latisse™ Eyelash Extension is a topical prescription product from Allergan, the makers of Botox and Juvéderm. It’s the first and only scientifically proven product approved by the FDA to stimulate eyelashes to grow longer and thicker. Latisse™ is a prescription eye drop for glaucoma that was discovered to also stimulate eyelash growth (and in some patients, eyebrow growth). While using Latisse, lashes continue to grow without shedding as they normally would. Results are typically seen in four to eight weeks, but may take up to three months. When lashes have reached the desired length, maintain them with two to three treatments per week. If application is discontinued completely, eyelashes will begin to shed normally and return to their pretreatment appearance in two to four weeks. Two-month supply kit, $130, 310-550-0288 For more information contact: Davis B. Nguyen, M.D., Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, 9735 Wilshire Blvd, Suite 216, Beverly Hills, 310-550-0288, drdavisnguyen.com

114 GENLUX SPRING / 2010

SPRINGING AHEAD LA is ripe with new beauty offerings this season, from a brand-new blow-dry bar to Anastasia’s new Brentwood outpost. —Dawn Shand Johnson

WHOLE NINE YARDS If your 2010 resolu-

tions are already falling by the wayside, visit Allure Pilates Spa, which is offering 20% off your first private Pilates session, and for new customers, 20% off your first Pilates class group package. Specializing in innovative wellness, Allure treats both the body and face, offering not only Pilates but facials, skincare, and massage. 9701 Santa Monica Blvd, Beverly Hills, 310-777-0201, allurepilatesspa.com


Anastasia Beverly Hills has

opened a second location. A full-service salon, this newcomer to Brentwood offers facials, manicures, hair services, and of course, brow treatments. Services range from $15 to $650. 11933 Wilshire Blvd, Brentwood, 310-479-8300, anastasia.net


Saleh & Ora Dentistry Spa are offering minimal veneers, a reasonably priced alternative to full upper and lower veneers, which can cost as much as $50,000. This “less is more” approach is perfect for problem areas, Dr. Saleh says, and might involve two veneers instead of 10, as well as the sculpting and contouring of existing teeth. It’s the perfect way to brighten up your smile. Ora Dentistry Spa, 421 N. Rodeo Dr, 310-273-0848, oradentistryspa.com


LA’s first blow-dry bar has opened its doors in Brentwood. At Drybar, don’t ask for cuts or color—expect (fabulous) blowouts only. $35, 11677 San Vicente Blvd, Brentwood, 310-442-6084, thedrybar.com

Beauty NEWS news



Beverly Hills Cosmetic Surgical Group

is now offering products by NEOCUTIS, a skincare and anti-aging line containing Processed Skin Cell Proteins (PSP®), a mixture of proteins including antioxidants, cytokines, fibroblasts, and other essential cellular extracts that nourish and improve the appearance of post-procedure skin. Based on the latest biotechnology research, NEOCUTIS bio-restorative products represent the next generation of high-perLoews Santarejuvenating, Monica Beach Hotel formance skincare, restoring, and revitalizing aged and damaged skin— and resulting in visible improvements in skin quality and texture after only five days. $30–$225, Dr. Fardad Forouzanpour, Beverly Hills Cosmetic Surgical Group, 8500 Wilshire Blvd #1020, Beverly Hills, 1-866-NEWSELF, perfectself.com


With its new skincare solution, Crystalize, Philips is taking the confusion out of determining which skincare products are right for you. It starts with analysis—which includes the use of a patented skin camera that assesses skin type, redness, sun damage, and smoothness—and provides recommendations for products and follow-up care. This science-based solution will help you better understand your skin’s needs. $90, appointments recommended; available exclusively at Studio BeautyMix at Fred Segal, 888-396-8275

SPRING / 2010 GENLUX 115

Eres Bachata swimsuit, $415, Eres, Beverly Hills, 310-246-1008

Roberto Cavalli dress, $3225, Saks Fifth Judith Leiber turquoise Avenue, crocodile trim andHills, Beverly matching 310-275detachable wristlet, $2995, 4211 judithleiber.com

Photo: Mary McCartney at the Four Seasons Hotel, Hampshire, England


Barbara Simonian of Westime gives Genlux a peek into her oh-so-stylish luggage. As co-owner of Westime, Barbara Simonian is elegance personified. A connoisseur of fine timepieces—Westime carries such prestigious brands as Audemars Piguet, Blancpain, and Breguet—she’s fashionable but never over the top, no matter where her travels take her.

Photo: Paul Schefz



Who are your

At Westime, everyone entering the store has the potential to be a client. Naturally, thanks to our location and the level of brands we carry, Westime is synonymous with the entertainment industry, and also has a healthy international following.



My teddy bear.

What’s your favorite place to escape to?

The Maldives.

It’s truly heaven on earth—so peaceful. My La Perla nightie, a few swimsuits—Eres has beautiful ones; my gold Roberto Cavalli flip-flops, a few dresses, also by Roberto Cavalli; a couple of T-shirts, a pair of jeans from my favorite brand, 7 For All Mankind, and a few scarves, including a red one.

What would you pack?

Roberto Cavalli red satin sandal, What three items could you not leave behind? My stun$1190, Roberto Cavalli, ning Roberto Cavalli red high heels, jeans, and white Ts. Beverly Hills, How do you go from day to night without taking your 310-276-6006 entire closet with you? If I’m at the beach in the daytime, I usually roll up my jeans and pair them with flip-flops and a T-shirt. Then, at night, I roll down my 7 jeans, trade the flip-flops for the red Cavalli heels, put on the red scarf, add Salvatore Ferragamo leather lots of jewelry, and I’m ready. You’d be amazed—red shoes Gancio bag, $1350, go with everything. Salvatore Ferragamo, BevSalvatore Ferragamo What shoes do you pack? erly Hills, 310-273-9990 Giois stiletto, Along with the Roberto Cavallis, a $790, Salvatore few pairs by Salvatore Ferragamo. Ferragamo, What handbags? Again, Beverly Hills, 310-273-9990 Salvatore Ferragamo. What’s your favorite item this season?

My Versace knee-high boots. I bought the same pair in three colors: brown, gray, and black.

116 GENLUX SPRING / 2010



Producer and star of the chick-lit pic Fashionistas, Kirsten Lea lets Genlux rifle through her luggage.

CHANEL Spring/Summer 2010

Narciso Rodriguez For Her, $92, She made her Hollywood debut in The Soloist, starring Robert Bloomingdale’s, Downey Jr. and Jamie Foxx. Next, look for British starlet Kirsten Westfield Lea in Fashionistas, about a young designer who schemes against Century City, her evil boss by creating a fictitious new designer. 310-772-2100 What are you working on? I’m an executive producer on two films, Fashionistas and Hell Fire Club, and I have an exciting acting role in the latter. I’m also co-executive producer of “Hollyscoop,” an entertainment TV show that airs on select CW stations and around the world. If you could take only one of your co-stars on vacation with

If you could take only one of your clients on vacation with you, who would it be?


you, who would it be and why? He’s not a co-star, but it would be Ryan Seacrest. I have huge admiration for his work ethic and self-discipline. Plus, he knows about fashion, so there would be plenty to chat about by the pool!

The Grand Hotel at Villa Feltrinelli in Italy. It has the most amazing view of Lake Garda and the mountains. They also lay out pillowcases with my initials on them when I visit.

What’s your favorite place to escape to?

T-shirts and sportswear by Escada Sports. CHANEL sunglasses are essential. I often wear my hair tied up in a Hermès scarf when I’m sunbathing, and I always take my Missoni bikini. For bedtime, a couple of satin and lace slips by La Perla. And perfume—my favorite right now is For Her by Narciso Rodriguez.

What would you pack?

My eye mask, Hermès cashmere blanket, and cashmere socks

What three items could you not leave behind? How do you go from day to night without

I haven’t figured that one out yet. If I have a lot of luggage, I’ll FedEx it to the hotel before I leave.

taking your entire closet with you?

Prada ostrich bag, $4990, Bergdorf Goodman, NY, 800-558-1855

What shoes do you pack? I love CHANEL’s pink clear sandals; they’re very comfortable and super-cute. For more elegant sandals, Giuseppe Zanotti. My favorite evening shoes are by Rene Caovilla. Oscar de la Renta top, $1890, Neiman Marcus, Beverly Hills, 310-550-5900 What handbags? Prada

I’m ordering Christian Dior and CHANEL outfits directly from the runway. At the moment, I love Oscar de la Renta.

What’s your favorite item this early spring season?

/ 2010 M’ATTIAS 1403 MONTANA AVE, SANTA MONICA, CA 90403 (310)SPRING 576-4711






gENLUXshop MOVING & SHAKING Demet Öger, the stunning turkish actress found a moment to talk about her style with Genlux.

Demet Öger, accomplished Turkish poet, actress, and author, descended into LA last week for a photo shoot, some R&R, and of course, shopping. Having now set her sights on the U.S. market, she’s here for negotiations with Hollywood insiders to develop a TV show. It’s all hush-hush of course, but judging by the gleam in her eye and her perpetually ringing telephone, Demet is thrilled by the response her ideas have evoked. She took some time out to give GENLUX a low down on her style favorites. —George Blodwell   How would you describe your personal style?

I always try to be sexy but classy.

What’s your favorite item in your closet?

A custom-made red alligator pocketbook by Emré NY. CHANEL Inimitable mascara, $30, chanel.com

What’s always in your purse?

Agent Provocateur gypsy bra, $190, gypsy brief, $150, gypsy waspie, $290, Agent Provocateur, LA, 323-653-0229

Sunscreen, Chanel mascara, and most importantly, my evil eye necklace by Gilan. What’s your weekend look?

It depends on what I have planned, but it’s always chic. What message do your clothes give the world about you?

My clothing expresses a very sensuous look.

If you could only wear one designer from head to toe, including accessories. Who would it be? Absolutely Chanel.

What’s your favorite secret weapon store? Wolford. What’s your earliest fashion memory?

My Armani miniskirt.

What do you sleep in?

I usually sleep in lingerie with lace. I love La Perla and Agent Provocateur. I am half French, and I can’t stay away from lace. What kind of watch do you wear?

Chopard for dressy occasions, Bulgari for everyday, Rolex for business. What’s your favorite scent, and why?

Clive Christian. The flagship bottle has a 5ct diamond in it. I have a little bottle. It’s very mystical and sexy. What’s your favorite vacation destination, and why?

Istanbul. Historically it’s one of the oldest cities in the world. Its magical beauty and romantic places on the Bosphorus will capture you, and Istanbul has a real high-class society.

Do you overpack or underpack?

I use to overpack, but not anymore. Chopard Haute Joaillerie Watch, price upon request, chopard.com Clive Christian No.1 The Worlds Most Expensive Perfume Imperial Majesty special edition bottle with Baccarat crystal and 5 ct diamond, price upon request, clive.com

118 GENLUX SPRING / 2010

Sportmax coat, $1150, Sportmax Boutique, NY, 212-674-1817 Wolford Fatal Dress, $180, Wolford Boutique, Bevelry Hills, 310-277-8112 Gilan Black diamond cuff, $40,000, Gilan Boutique, NY, 212-949-4350 Glove, stylist’s own

Style I.D.


Photography: Vital Agibalow Stylist: George Blodwell Makeup: Kate Iniakina-Romanoff using vitalmakeup

Marchesa dress, $3500, Neiman Marcus, Beverly Hills, 310-550-5900 Dior Hypnoeve sandal, $2150, Dior, Beverly Hills, 310-859-4700 Gilan black diamond cuff, $40,000, Ghintamani earrings $4000, Tulip ring, $38,000, Gilan Boutique, NY, 212-949-4350

SPRING / 2010 GENLUX 119

closet desires:true blood

gENLUXshop Harry Winston ruby ring with 2.5 cts micropavé diamonds set in platinum, price upon request, Harry Winston, Beverly Hills, 310-728-1128

3.1 Phillip Lim coat, $695; crimson mini shorts, $310; terracotta button-down shirt with elastic waist, $325; Page handbag in ruby, $895, 3.1 Phillip Lim, West Hollywood, 310-358-1988

120 GENLUX SPRING / 2010

Christian Dior Frisson mirror calfskin wedge, $1200, Christian Dior, Beverly Hills, 310-859-4700

Nicole Miller ruffle dress, $450, M’attias, Santa Monica, 310-5764711

JVL Los Angeles superfine jersey cotton, $53, Zainab, Hollywood, 323-930-8951, jvllosangeles.com

Roberto Cavalli Jellies flat, $275, Roberto Cavalli, Beverly Hills, 310-276-6006

Flair Patsy-Mimi detachable shoulder strap handbag in red wine, $408, Argyle Salon & Spa, West Hollywood, 310-623-9000; flairhandbags.com

Ralph Lauren high-waist wide-leg pant, $655, Saks Fifth Avenue, Beverly Hills, 310-275-4211

Charley 5.0 Ahoy mate in true red, $288, Revolve Clothing, West Hollywood, 888-442-5830, revolveclothing.com Metalskin classic red Lolita bracelet, $48, shopbop.com

Christian Louboutin Miss Cha Cha red crepe-de-Chine slingback with grosgrain gathered bow detail, $945, Saks Fifth Avenue, Beverly Hills, 310-275-4211; christianlouboutin.com

Fabergé Emotion rouge ring set in gold and silver with rubies, price upon request, faberge.com Shelton Wilder Sheltini Louis Vuitton Alma BB handbag paparazzi in monogram vernis, $1000, protector in ruby red, $84, Louis Vuitton, Beverly Hills, sheltini.com 310-859-0457

Eres Alpha swimsuit in rouge tomate, $390, Eres Boutique, Beverly Hills, 310-246-1008

gENLUXshop MCM sportivo bowler bag, $1075, Saks Fifth Avenue, Beverly Hills, 310-275-4211; mcmworldwide.com

Jenny Bird leather ruched clutch, $360, Jenny-Bird.com

Kim Munoz Dynasty push-up bra and thong, price upon request, biatta.com

Coach rose sandal, $158, coach.com

YSL beige jacket with side zipper, $1990, Neiman Marcus, Beverly Hills, 310-550-5900 Christian Dior dress, $1990, Neiman Marcus, Beverly Hills, 310-550-5900

Fendi leather jacket, $3240, Neiman Marcus, Beverly Hills, 310-550-5900 CSX-36 Day Diamond watch. $1195, Bloomingdale’s, Beverly Center, LA, 310-3602700

Jean Paul Gaultier crop pant, $695, Saks Fifth Avenue, Beverly Hills, 310-275-4211 Prada pleated skirt, $545, Neiman Marcus, Beverly Hills, 310-550-5900

closet desires: earth Goddess

Alberta Ferretti blush silk chiffon dress, $2515; Alberta Ferretti beige grosgrain belt, $195; Alberta Ferretti white patent leather mesh heel, $760, Alberta Ferretti, LA, 310-652-9000, albertaferretti.com

Fendi tan and nude dress, $1580, Fendi, Beverly Hills, 310-276-8888 Tod’s D-bag in white alligator, $31,000, Tod’s, Beverly Hills, 310-285-0591, tods.com

Jimmy Choo Private, nude patent open-toe sandal, $950, jimmychoo.com, 866-JCHOO-US

SPRING / 2010 GENLUX 121

top to toe: haute fashion


Mikimoto cultured pearl necklace, price upon request, Mikimoto, Beverly Hills, 310-205-8787

CHANEL haute couture dress, $15,000, Saks Fifth Avenue, Beverly Hills, 310-275-4211

Bvlgari high jewelry collection Concentrica 18K white gold and diamonds watch, price upon request, Bvlgari, 800-BVLGARI, bulgari.com

122 GENLUX SPRING / 2010

Christian Dior small Lady bag in black shiny crocodile, price upon request, Christian Dior, Beverly Hills, 310-859-4700

Christian Louboutin Parisienne Plato black satin with black and white polka-dot print chiffon platform peep-toe pump, $925, Saks Fifth Avenue, 877-551-SAKS; christianlouboutin.com Â

Designer Profile


A favorite of the red-carpet set, British designer Matthew Williamson has won the hearts of beautiful people on both sides of the pond— and beyond. —Amanda Eliasch

Tom Ford White Patchouli eau de parfum, 50ml, $92, Neiman Marcus, Beverly Hills, 310-550-5900

With all the charm of Captain Hook, in a turquoise coat, with crooked teeth and smile, Matthew Williamson enters the room—an obvious star. A three-time nominee for Designer of the Year at the British Fashion Awards, and winner of the Red Carpet Designer of the Year prize in 2008, he has the “it” factor—that special something that’s impossible to define but that all successful designers have. He even had the pull to persuade Jade Jagger and Kate Moss to model for him at his unforgettable London Fashion Week debut show, called Electric Angels, in 1997, when he was only 25. The models and actresses now follow him, not the other way around.   Heather Kerzner, wife of the hotel tycoon Sol, tells me “He’s adorable. I love his clothes.” As for Williamson, he loves color, which guarantees red-carpet appeal, success, and press.   Inspired by the girls who wear his clothes, he likes an actress to adore what she is wearing. Sienna Miller, he tells me, is his “perfect model.” She wore one of his most stunning dresses—a strapless floor-length emerald-green gown—to the 2004 Academy Awards ceremony, supporting her then-boyfriend Jude Law. Another favorite is the stunning Thandie Newton, who looked beautiful in his tie-dyed mini dress.   But what’s even more endearing about Williamson is that he is truly loved and appreciated by these girls. His dresses might not be for me, but then, I’m not a regular on the red carpet! As a boy growing up in smoky Manchester, with its predominant gloomy shades of gray and black, he dreamed of different lights

124 GENLUX SPRING / 2010

Matthew Williamson ruched beaded puff-sleeve dress, price upon request, matthewwilliamson.com

and hues. Through his travels, he became enchanted by the colors of India and the Far East: oranges, greens, purples—in fact, all the colors of the rainbow. Now he loves dusty-pink Marrakech. After graduating from Central Saint Martins in London, Williamson worked for Georgina von Etzdorf, Monsoon Accessorize, and Marni, and gained first-hand experience dealing with different types of manufacturers. In 2005, he began a stint as creative director of the house of Emilio Pucci, while continuing to design his own collection. “I’m a workaholic,” he admits, and often foregoes the pleasures of nightlife, choosing instead to work in solitude. Even in the car, he prefers silence.    At the helm of four women’s-wear collections, and having just opened his U.S. flagship store in New York, as well as a standalone location in Dubai in 2009, Williamson will find little peace from now until the collections in the early part of this year. He did, however, enjoy a short New Year’s holiday in South Africa in the company of the Kerzners. (Heather has one of his dresses “in every color.”) I saw her last week in an adorable pink chiffon dress with mirrored details, and just knew it was his—it had a happiness appeal that was alluring.   Recently, Williamson has slightly altered his direction, going from “girlie hip-star” to “sophistication and class,” while keeping his love of color. And somehow he’s able to flatter and enhance almost any figure.   No lost boy, he.

Ad Design: The Style Group

My name is Gigi. When I was only 18, I suffered from the embarrassment of severe hair loss. I’ve made it my lifelong pursuit to help those with this problem. I have created what I feel is the best process ever developed to help revitalize the circulation, oxygen and intensity of blood flow to help nutrients to cleanse

Ready to wait on you, hand and foot.

the roots and scalp. If you are suffering from hair loss, please give me a call. I can help you. I treat both men and women and those who have hair loss due to chemotherapy treatments.

Genlux readers receive 10% off one treatment of choice.

I offer a complete line of organic shampoos and conditioners along with my revolutionary capillary lotion specifically for hair loss. I also have developed an ammoniafree hair color and highlights that are herbal based. I mix shades and tone levels from organic pigments with organic silk to cover hair permanently—a safe way to cover gray and leave your hair shiny and healthy. Call me at 310-273-1816


Beverly Hills 239 N. Robertson Blvd. Beverly Hills, 90211 310.550.5822

Brentwood 11712 Barrington Court Los Angeles, 90049 310.295.0016


Gigi’s Vision Hair Salon 434 North Roxbury Dr, Beverly Hills 90210 310-273-1816, www.capillarybygigi.com

INTERNATIONAL TREASURETIQUE Italian fine jeweler Vhernier, known for its innovative designs and superior craftsmanship, has set up shop—its first in the U.S. —in Beverly Hills —Shannon L. Bowen


Vhernier Orecchini Doppio Senso in jet and diamond pavé, $38,000

Photo: Ming Wu



Vhernier Doppio Senso in jet and diamonds, $72,000

n one corner, there’s a row of dainty caterpillars, and a golden fish, its body contorted as it leaps out of the water. In another, there’s a toucan, with its unmistakable beak, and a frog, one leg outstretched. No, you’re not in a zoo—you’re on Brighton Way at Vhernier, one of Beverly Hills’ most exclusive new boutiques and the brand’s first location in the United States. Known for its amazing craftsmanship and goldsmithing expertise, Vhernier was founded in Italy in 1984 as a jeweler’s workshop, and the individuality and personality one would expect from such beginnings still define the brand.   While Vhernier offers no shortage of stunning architectural pieces, like white gold and diamond “Calla Mini” earrings shaped like a cascade of arrowheads, or blinding ice, like a large “Camuration” pavé ring with 654 diamonds, Vhernier is less about “serious” baubles and more about wearable luxury with a sense of playfulness and fun. “There are fewer and fewer very formal occasions where women have the opportunity to wear classical and important pieces of jewelry,” says Vhernier president and managing director Carlo Traglio, who joined the firm in 2001 and has had a lifelong love affair with fine jewelry. “We offer them high-end and top-quality objects that are wearable all day long.”   To that end—and drawing inspiration from not only nature but contemporary art, another of Traglio’s passions— Vhernier’s collections include Trottola (Italian for “a spinning top”), with the “top” pendant available in everything from turquoise and coral to chrysoprase and chalcedony,

Vhernier Catena Doppio Senso in gold and ebony, $9000

and Carosello, with flat, abstract, animal-shaped pendants in kogolong and rose gold with pavé diamond accents. There’s also a new collection, Doppio Senso, which merges hard and soft lines and incorporates rose and white gold, ebony, jet, and white and black diamonds. And not to be missed is Animalier, which includes the aforementioned menagerie of caterpillar- and other creature-themed pieces, along with festive “Palloncino” earrings in the shape of balloons, complete with pavé diamond “strings.” The Animalier collection exemplifies another of Vhernier’s defining characteristics: a technique that Traglio describes as “the superposition of two or three different stones, one on top of the other, to create a play of transparencies and new colorations.” Vhernier has perfected this method, which uses a thin sheet of mother of pearl to separate each layer of gemstone, resulting in a subtle, unusual sheen.   If you’ve already fallen in love with Vhernier’s Animalier collection, you have something else to look forward to this year. “Our wonderful collections of animal brooches are enriched every year by a new ‘member,’” Traglio explains. “In 2009 it was a stunning penguin in onyx, mother of pearl, rock crystal, cornelian, and diamonds. For 2010 we will introduce…the Skorpio.” Have your pocketbook ready, as details are set to be released this spring. And you’ll be in good company, as devotees of the brand include illustrious figures from both here and abroad, such as Hilary Swank; Lucy Liu; Cécilia Attias, French president Nicolas Sarkozy’s second wife; and Letizia Moratti, the mayor of Milan.

All items shown available at Vhernier, 9546 Brighton Way, Beverly Hills, 310-273-2444, vhernier.it

126 GENLUX SPRING / 2010

chanel bvlgari chrome hearts christian dior roberto cavalli alain mikli Oliver peoples

DAN DEUTSCH OPTICAL OUTLOOK dandeutschoptical.com

7 Locations: Beverly Hills: 437-B N. Bedford Dr, 310-246-9468 Brentwood: 11677 San Vicente Blvd, 310-447-8630 Manhattan Beach: 904 Manhattan Ave, 310-374-4449 Studio City: 12050 Ventura Blvd, 818-752-8606 UCLA: 200 Stein Plaza Suite-231, 310-206-7184 West Hollywood: 8555 Sunset Blvd, 310-652-9144 Westwood: 1061 Westwood Blvd, 310-824-1002

The Ideal Location For All Of Your Event Needs Parties Runway Shows Photo Shoots Filming Location Weddings Exhibits Parking Lot available

The Brick Building Located in the heart of the Culver City Art District 8870 Washington Boulevard Culver City, CA 90232



gENLUXshop gENLUXshop RED HAUTE Be brave! Add a splash of crimson to your look (think Ice Watch’s Sili timepiece), your home (Lalique’s serpentine bowl), or your Friday night (the Golden Pomegranate Martini at Parq). —Shannon L. Bowen Still think the scarlet fruit that tempted Eve was an apple? More likely, experts say, it was a pomegranate. These days you can indulge without being cast out of paradise, and better still, you can imbibe your pomegranate at Parq Bar at the Montage Beverly Hills. There, the mixologists have created a delectable Golden Pomegranate Martini ($16) by mixing 2oz Pearl Pomegranate Vodka, 1oz Pom Pomegranate Juice, ½oz Nikolaihof Hollerblüten Elderflower Syrup, and a squeeze of lime. Shaken and garnished with fresh pomegranate seeds or a lime wheel, it’s temptation—21st-century style. Parq Bar at the Montage Beverly Hills, 225 N. Cañon Dr, Beverly Hills, 310-860-7800

Looking for the perfect vintage for your discriminating oenophile friends? Pick up a bottle of Beaulieu Vineyard’s Georges de Latour, the first private reserve cabernet sauvignon produced in the U.S. A favorite of collectors, Georges de Latour has been poured at the Primetime Emmy® Governors Ball for six years in a row, as well as for numerous heads of state. $110, John & Pete’s Liquor, 621 N. La Cienega Blvd, LA, 323-655-5497

Lalique Serpentine Red Bowl, $3200,

lalique.com, 800-CRISTAL

In 1939, the British Ministry of Information created a poster proclaiming “Keep Calm and Carry On,” meant to quell Britons’ fear of invasion. The poster was never issued, but it inspired a fun line of decorative products, from cufflinks and coffee mugs to this handy blank book ($35)—all in a cheery, brightred hue. Don’t you feel better already? decorativethings.com

In Chinese culture, red is highly auspicious, so you’ll be seeing plenty of it during the Huntington Library, Art Collections, and Botanical Gardens’ Chinese New Year Festival on Feb. 20. Don something red and join the festivities, which will include lion dancers, a string and bamboo orchestra, a tai chi demonstration, and much more. 10:30 a.m.–4:30 p.m., 1151 Oxford Rd, San Marino, 626-405-2100, huntington.org

Ice Watch unisex Sili time-

piece in red: small, $110; large, $125; Altivo Timepieces Inc., 7221 Melrose Ave, LA, 323-933-1460; ice-watch.com

Madeline Weinrib Magnolia Bakery, where everyRed Charm Suzani pillow, thing is baked from scratch every $500–$1200, day—including irresistible Red Velvet depending on size, Cupcakes, $3 each.Yum! 8389 W. 3rd madelineweinrib.com St., LA, magnoliabakery.com

128 GENLUX SPRING / 2010

Jimmy Choo’s 24:7 is a collection of the brand’s most iconic looks, like this “Quiet” red patent open-toe pump, $665. 866-JCHOO-US

Shanghai Tang

red lacquered box with lattice-front detail, $465, shanghaitang.com


Genlux Out-of-Towner

One of the fashion industry’s fastest-rising stars, Rachel Roy began her career when, fresh out of college, she ventured to New York and began styling fashion shoots and music videos. Her keen eye landed her an internship at Rocawear, where she climbed the ladder all the way to creative director. ¶ But Roy was destined to make her own mark. (Indeed, her first fashion memory involves making over her brother, Rajenera, “dressing him up and perfecting his style,” when they were kids.) So in 2004, she created her own eponymous collection, which now encompasses four full collections a year, as well as a diffusion line, Rachel Rachel Roy. ¶ The Rachel Roy woman “is inspired by life, past experiences, what’s to come, women around her, art, colors, paintings, and emotions,” Roy says. “She’s modern and classic with a twist. The ‘twist’ is the most important, as this allows self-expression and personal style.” ¶ Roy’s philosophy has clearly struck a chord; among those who’ve put their own stamp on her classic looks are Iman, Sharon Stone, Penélope Cruz, and Michelle Obama. —Shannon L. Bowen

Photo: Cliff Watts



Stay in LA? The Four Seasons for the comfortable beds, good service, and bright corner rooms Have drinks? The Sunset Tower FAVORITES IN LA:

Shops: Maxfield, Barneys, Hillary Rush, American Rag Restaurants: E. Baldi, La Scala, Malo when I miss La Esquina, Joan’s on Third for sandwiches, and the Beverly Hills Hotel for delicious, fresh salads

130 GENLUX SPRING / 2010

Museum: The Getty Beaches: Malibu and Paradise Cove Neighborhood: Chinatown for dim sum!   Time of year: Anytime— it’s always summer there.

RACHEL Rachel Roy python scarf in espresso, $42, Macy’s, Sherman Oaks,

What’s in your carry-on? A pillow from home, a small cashmere throw, socks, a current book, a good mix of music, and always Tic Tacs What’s on your iPod? Otis Redding, Sade, the Black Keys, Jay-Z, and Billie Holiday Reading material? David Sedaris and Gary Zukav What are your packing essentials for LA? I love a simple Eres bikini paired with comfortable Indian sandals. Also, I can never go to LA without my Levi 501s, a  classic Rachel Roy cardi, and a patterned Rachel Rachel Roy scarf. What packing essentials do you recommend for friends visiting LA? It’s more about your attitude than what you physically pack. Make sure to bring a free spirit and good, positive energy! What is the first thing you do to unwind? There’s nothing like LA weather, so I open the windows and let the sun hit my face. How do you make your hotel room feel more like home? I never leave home without my favorite candles, photos of my girls, and my all-white bathrobe. Red-eye or morning flight? Red-eye when leaving LA so I can stay as long as possible How do you look refreshed after a long flight? Rosewater spray and a glass of great white wine What do you wish LA had more of that you have in New York? A little less focus on how much time I spend at the gym! What do you wish New York had that LA has? Constant sun, the ocean, and apartments with outdoor space

Rachel Roy New York Moroccan cardigan, $895, Neiman Marcus, Beverly Hills, 310-550-5900

Rachel Roy oneshoulder matte jersey dress, $1295, neimanmarcus.com RACHEL Rachel Roy striped necklace scarf in black, $34, Macy’s, Sherman Oaks, 818-788-8350

Rachel Roy liquid ribbed top in silk, $895, Rachel Roy tailored petal silk-blend skirt, $795, Neiman Marcus, Beverly Hills,

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