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GENLUX Paris Hilton

LOVE ME OR HATE ME? THE DREAM ISSUE! Fashion+Beauty+Shopping! .


Š 2007 Monique Lhuillier. Jewelry by Fred Leighton.

Lhuillier 8485 melrose place


los angeles





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ina Solt an i.com








neiman marcus

Beauty: You work on the inside. Weâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ll work on the outside.

“…offers the best high-tech machine for your skin tone.” – In Style Magazine “A star is born” – American Spa “Calidora combines technology with TLC” – Womens Wear Daily Calidora is recommended by Allure Magazine

In celebration of our new clinics we invite you to receive a complimentary photo imaging complexion analysis and learn how you can reveal luminous, youthful, flawless skin for life. You’ll also receive $50 towards the treatment of your choice.* Calidora.com 866.451.6776 three convenient locations: Montana Avenue In Santa Monica the Waterside in Marina del Rey Americana at Brand in Glendale Model: Nora Salem May not be combined with any other offer. No cash value. Offer expires 11/30/2008

“The Jewelers’ Jeweler.” – Los Angeles Magazine

“Poems without words.” – E l i s e M i s i o r o w s k i , GI A M u s e u m


B A S TA 2 0 3 S o u t h B e v e r ly D r i v e , B e v e r ly H il l s 9 0 2 1 2 ( 3 1 0 ) 2 7 8 - 4 7 9 2 R ic a r d o B a s ta . c o m S tor e ho u r s : T u e sd ay T hr o u g h F r id ay 1 0 : 3 0 a m to 5 p m ; S at u r d ay 1 0 : 3 0 A M T o 4 P M designs:


ricardo basta

ad design: the style group


beverly hills

photo of ricardo basta by

Megan Mack

Ad Design: The Style Group



The largest purveyor of alain mikli sun and eyewear for over 25 years. 7 Locations: Beverly Hills: 437-B N. Bedford Dr, 310-246-9468 Brentwood: 11677 San Vicente Blvd, 310-447-8630 Manhattan Beach: 904 Manhattan Ave, 310-374-4449 Studio City: 12050 Ventura Blvd, 818-752-8606 UCLA: 200 Stein Plaza Suite-231, 310-206-7184 West Hollywood: 8555 Sunset Blvd, 310-652-9144 Westwood: 1061 Westwood Blvd, 310-824-1002 DanDeutschOpticalOutlook.com

Eric Buterbaugh flower design at the four seasons hotel

300 S. Doheny Drive

310 247 7120

los Angeles 90048


Genlux magazine









On our cover: Paris Hilton wearing Oscar de la Renta photographed for Genlux by Giuliano Bekor



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DO YOU DREAM? Photographer Brian Nice’s fashion photos beg us to question our dreams. DREAMSCAPES Escape into a fashion dreamland courtesy of shooter Bonnie Holland. MOONLIGHT REVERIE Heidi Niemala shoots a team up for a fashion story under stars. CARPE DREAM Andrew Matusik finds fashion inspiration in M.C. Escher’s art. DREAM DEEP Photographer Ming Wu goes to the depths for some images with fluidity. INSOMNIA Paul Schefz sets the lens on model Stefanie Wood at the Thompson Hotel. PARIS HILTON, INC. Giuliano Bekor captures Paris Hilton in dreamy fashions like never before.





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Beauty Editor’s Picks: Dawn’s cant-live-withouts. Anastasia’s Expert Opinion: Finding your inner peace. Jet Setters: Phillip Bloch; Ina Soltani. BuyLines: Lingerie designers; Greek’s Amber Stevens. Shop for a Cause: ‘Tis the season for giving. Opening Presence: Grand openings. File-O-Green-Facts: Picks for Mother Nature’s gift bag. File-O-Facts: Holiday delights. Out-of-Towner: Tory Burch shares her LA faves. Accessory Access: Boots: Made for walkin’. Accessory Access: Bags: Get a grip. Accessory Access: Jewelry: Garden of Eden. Accessory Access: Winter wonders: Bundle up. Chic Boutique: Erotic luxury at Coco de Mer. Holiday Gifts: For the gents. Holiday Gifts: For the pooch. Holiday Gifts: For the ladies. Closet Desires: Winter wonders. Head to Toe: Street Chic; Silver Spoon. Designer Profile: Narciso Rodriguez. Designer Profile: Reem Acra.

Spotlight: West Hollywood beauty destinations. Beauty News: What’s happening on the beauty front. In the Bag: Stocking stuffers. Makeup Trends: The season’s red hot lips. Hair Do’s: Holiday party tips. Beauty Ingredients: Lavender and chamomile. Expert Opinion: How to get the well-rested look. Her Secret Service: How the experts achieved Paris’ look. Spas: Sleep tips and tricks. Sweet Smells: Our top 12 fragrances.



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Accessories Editor’s Picks: Elizabeth’s finds.



Editor at Large’s Picks: George’s faves.



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Editor’s Picks: Samia’s selections.



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Three-stone diamond rings with pear shape, oval, radiant, emerald and cushion cut center stones. Available in various stone sizes.

Available at:



Publisher and Editorial Director: Cecilia Moreno Editor in Chief: Samia Arslane

Creative Director: Stephen Kamifuji VP of Advertising: Jenny Behrstock Advertising Directors: Julie Arde Brooke Bryant Financial Director: Marc Meshekow Director Human Resources: Yolanda Garcia Editor at Large: George Blodwell Managing Editor: Shannon Bowen Beauty Editor: Dawn Shand Johnson Accessories Editor: Elizabeth Saab Charities Editor: Francesca Day Copy Editor: Larry Lederman Contributing Editors: Davida Deutsch Hall, Anastasia Soare, Marsha Takeda-Morrison, Trisha Tucker Production Director: Jordan Holcomb Editorial Assistant: Miranda Romano Director of Digital Imaging: Luke Hanscom Contributing Photographers: Marc Baptiste, Giuliano Bekor, Bonnie Holland, Megan Mack, Andrew Matusik, John Marciniak, Brian Nice, Heidi Neimala, Paul Schefz, Ming Wu Photo Assistant: Eilish Morales Distribution Manager: John Sugrue Intern: Susan Tran

Holiday 2008 - The Dream Issue - Š2008 by Genlux Magazineâ&#x201E;˘, LLC., All rights reserved. No part of this periodical may be reproduced in any form or by any means without prior written permission from Genlux Magazine. To our readers: Genlux Magazine invites you to share your thoughts, ideas and critiques of our publication. Please send comments to Editor, Genlux Magazine, 9713 Santa Monica Blvd., Suite 202, Beverly Hills, California 90210 or by email, editor@genlux.com. Subscriptions: Please subscribe online at genlux.com. To advertise: Please contact Cecilia@genlux.com or call 310-275-5700. Photo of Stefanie Wood / Next Models by Paul Schefz


ay what you will, I stand behind our choice to have Paris Hilton on our Genlux cover. There’s no debating that Paris is one of our most controversial covers to date, especially with the luxury market’s approval of the hotel heiress pretty well divided. Ask them, “Should we have Paris on our cover?” using one of those five-checkbox, multiplechoice “strongly agree”-to-“strongly disagree” surveys and you could lay big bucks that if a Hummer ran through the center of that poll, it wouldn’t hit a single mark. People are as polarized about their love/hate of Paris as that other SNL parody-of-the-month, Sarah Palin. What are the odds that these two women would both share presidential campaign commercial time with Senator John McCain?


magazine magazine


Public opinion aside, Paris has always been extremely gracious to me and to those I know who’ve met her. On the day of our shoot she was, albeit slightly late, more than willing to make up for it by shooting well beyond our scheduled hours—with nary a whisper of negativity. And the images taken by Giuliano Bekor are the proof. Paris looks gorgeous—especially in the Oscar de la Renta gown on our cover. PARIS HILTON IN Les Habitudes burgundy silk taffeta evening coat with roses, $7995, Les Habitudes, Robertson Blvd, 310-273-2883 Fendi blackwhite tulle skirt, $2490, Neiman Marcus, Beverly Hills, 310-550-5900

Listen, my Genluxers, any woman who loves fashion to the point where she’s willing to convert her two-car garage, her sauna, her housekeeper’s quarters, and her gym into closet space can’t be all bad. But before you get huffy about my applauding any hint of fashion excess, may I also mention that this is also a woman who pays her own way, and who, apart from her family inheritance, earns tens of millions through her own business dealings. Paris also quietly gives to numerous charities, and recently donated part of a wing to the new Cancer Center at the Los Angeles Childrens Hospital. Team Paris? Count me in.

PS: A special thanks to those who gifted Paris Hilton: Aquage, Babor, Chaya, Claire Pettibone, DERMAdoctor, Three Dots, Lierac, Ona Spa, Oraia, Phyto, Privé Salon, Sircuit, Single, Trina Turk


Time to unload my two closets full of light clothes— donate them—and cram them with brand new things. Thicker jackets, colorful cashmere sweaters, scarves, gloves, and boots, and even some thicker denim. While I’m not crazy about the cold weather (one of the benefits of being in California), it’s all forgotten when I think about how gorgeous my new Fendi purple wool dress (p.102) will look paired with my sassy Jimmy Choo black knee-high boots (p.144). I hope you enjoy my favorite items this season; they’re on my editor’s picks page. Check out the amazing Marcello bag and the beautiful knee-high platform boots from Sergio Rossi. Yes, it’s all about getting a fabulous pair of tall boots this season. Or two. I’m so excited about this DREAM-themed issue of Genlux. We bring you the talented Narciso Rodriguez. We also bring you the brilliant Lebanese designer Reem Acra, whose gowns are simply...well, a dream. Finally, thanks to our entire Genlux photographic team. Our fantastic shooters from LA and New York —like Giuliano Bekor, Andrew Matusik, Paul Schefz, Bonnie Holland, Ming Wu, Heidi Niemala, and a new contributor, Brian Nice. Along with a stellar group of stylists, makeup artists, hair stylists, and manicurists, they have helped our creative director, Stephen Kamifuji, create yet another masterpiece. Indeed, we have been blessed with a community of the most talented people in the business—and that’s a dream come true. Enjoy!


SAmia’s PAGE

love this time of the year! Everything around us is changing: the days are getting shorter, the air is getting crisper, and rainy days and cooler nights can’t be far behind.

magazine magazine


GenLUX Genlux

deco ceramic


Register for a chance to win the Deco Ceramic at michele.com/genlux


Genlux genlux events! Issue Launch Party! PHOTOS: John Marciniak

Beth Springer, Julie Arde, Mackenzie Hamilton

Erika Adato, Kelleen Fray, Sammie Yang, Richlee Levine, Heather Martin

Lyn Tobman, Lisa Ragsdale, Cindy Patino, Christine Haynes of FIDM

Fady and Reham Bastawros

Reality Cares and Gaudy PR Green With Envy Fashion Experience!

Dr. Fardad Forouzanpour, Mara Granderson

Brooke Bryant, Michelle Vink


Misao Arauchi

Liz Crupi, Kristin Everett

Avo Yermagyan, Janice Dickinson, Todd Krim, Lizzie Grubman

Cecilia Moreno, Caran Sealey

Karosh and Ina Soltani

Brooke Bryant, Vida Emanuel

Dawn Shand Johnson, Chaz Dean, Jenny Behrstock

Photo: Marc Salsberry

Girls from Grey Goose

Cynthia Pinot, Stephanie Baker

Taylor Yun, Samia Arslane, Cenna Choi

the neiman marcus hip event!

Mark Grayson, Niku

Lovely Israel, Tiffany Fackrell, Bernadette Israel

Galina Sobolev, Samia Arslane

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Gevril USA - 1-866-425-9882 www.gevril.com Gevril Switzerland - Rue Meval 20, 2720 Tramelan - Switzerland info@gevril.ch

Photo: Casey Rodgers/WireImage

Photo: Casey Rodgers/WireImage

Photo: Casey Rodgers/WireImage

genlux events! Giorgio Armani runway presentation hosted by Roberta Armani at Giorgio Armani boutique on Rodeo Drive, with a percentage of proceeds going towards Aviva Family and Children’s Services! Judy Briskin, Danica Perez, Larissa Sabodash, Jamie Tish

Leah Sydney, George Blodwell, Adrienne Lau

Brawley?Nolte, Navi Rawat, George Blodwell

Christine Peters, Michael Cerenzie

Tia Carerre, Joshua LeBar

Solange Knowles

Mara Granderson, George Blodwell

Christine Peters, George Blodwell, Janice Dickinson

David Skyler, Melissa Rodwell


Ana Alexander, Dr. Randall Hayworth, Natalia Premovic

Caleigh and Skye Peters

Tia Carerre, Linda Thompson

Roberta Armani, Samia Arslane

Jacqueline Bissett, Emin Boztepe

GENLUX editor at large george blodwell’s birthday party!

Tracy Thayer, Karen and Ricardo Basta

Premlata Rawat, George Blodwell, Simon Lewis

J[DešJ^[8[l[hbo9[dj[h"Bei7d][b[iš)'&#.++#/'+/ i^efedb_d[Wjj[de$Yec

A product of skillful hands. And ingenious minds. Eterna Vaughan Big Date with the Eterna Calibre 3030 movement, the thinnest self-winding mechanical movement with a cambered big date display. The result of modern engineering and traditional craftsmanship. www.eterna.ch Tel. 866-425-9882

My family has been in the investment business for the better part of the last century. My grandfather, Henri de la Chapelle, was an early partner at Paine, Webber, Jackson & Curtis. My grandfather, Rudolph Eichler, founded Bateman Eichler & Co. in 1929. My father, Peter Eichler Sr., became chief executive of Bateman Eichler in the 1970s. I worked on the floor of the NYSE, developed investment products for E.F. Hutton and launched a money management division for Bear Stearns. To say that I have worked in this business my entire life is not an overstatement. My forbears taught me that to be a successful investor one must be an independent thinker. At Aletheia, we have always done our own research. Another important family trait I have incorporated is common sense in terms of valuation, risk and return expectations. I also believe common sense guides the amount of effort needed to achieve superior results. It takes an incredible amount of time and effort to add value in today’s challenging financial markets. At Aletheia we have combined a rich heritage, creative thinking and a tireless work ethic. We look forward to hearing from you. Peter J. Eichler, Jr. Founder, Chairman, CEO

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Large Cap Growth Composite


Income Composite

Balanced Composite

Aletheia 100 Core Composite



★ ■s

Large Cap International Value Composite Growth Composite

★■s ★■s

Gross Performance 394.78%






1 1 1

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1 2 2

1 1 1

18 18


1 1 1

Inception Date






Performance ★ Excess Return ■ Alpha


A l e t h e i a™ Research and Management


Source: eVestment Alliance. 3/31/08. Large Cap Growth and Large Cap Value as of 6/30/08

Aletheia Growth Aletheia Value Aletheia Int’l Growth

S&P 500‡

2007 -2.69% 17.18% -3.22% 3.35% -2 .80% 27.10%

2008 YTD



2006 20.11% 23.19% 24.60%

2005 30.39% 19.38% 17.72%

2004 17.18% 15.07% 7.73%

2003 62.16% 30.52% 45.61%

Since 12/31/97 391.78% 209.35%* 185.43%**






Aletheia Research and Management 100 Wilshire Blvd, Suite 1960, Santa Monica, CA 90401 (310) 899-0800 aletheiaresearch.com Past performance is not indicative of future performance.*Value performance since 3/31/00. The S&P 500 performed -1.76% over the same period. **International Growth performance since 6/30/02. The S&P 500 performed 44.49% over the same period. S&P 500 performanceincludes reinvested dividends. 2008 returns net of fees estimated through 6/30/08. Performance results are net of management fees.



KELLAN ARCHULETA Photography: Brian Nice / AlyssaPizer.com Stylist: KellanStylist.com Prop Stylist: LISA LEE Makeup: Jessica Liebeskind / Ford Artists NYC Hair: Kazuya Kobayashi at Warren Tricomi NYC at The Plaza Model: Ana Leticia / Ford Models New York Stylist Assistant: heather sands Art Direction: STEPHEN KAMIFUJI


Ina Soltani handruched snake belt gown, $6900, Ina Soltani Studio, 310-454-5817 inasoltani.com Carolina Amato opera-length suede glove, $300, Saks Fifth Avenue, Beverly Hills, 310-275-4211 Giuseppe Zanotti Design white patent leather lace-up booties, $925,  Giuseppe Zanotti Design, New York, 212-650-0455, Costa Mesa, 714-979- 3300, giuseppe-zanottidesign.com Judith Leiber Cupcake Austrian crystal minaudière in Strawberry, $4295 Judith Leiber, South Coast Plaza, 714-549-7177 JudithLeiber.com

Of t ryi n g t o get away, bu t you r feet w o n ’ t m o v e?


CHANEL black tweed suit with tafetta underlay and collar, $9165, CHANEL Beverly Hills 310-278-5500 Sergio Rossi gold lace bootie, $1265, Sergio Rossi, 310-271-0111, sergiorossi.com Fogal stockings, $55, fogal.com Opposite page: Brian Reyes electric blue Moiré strapless dress, $1695, Saks Fifth Avenue, Beverly Hills, 310-275-4211  Reem Acra wool hand-detailed floral capelet, $1985, Reem Acra Salon, 212-308-8760, reemacra.com Bally Egista black suede and leather boot, $895, Bally, 340 N. Rodeo Dr, 310-271-3310 bally.com

O f r unning late f or a v ery im p ort an t d at e?


Do you d ream i n bl ac k a n d w h i t e?


Dolce & Gabbana gray chiffon fur print sleeveless dress, $4695, Dolce & Gabbana, 310-888-8701, dolcegabbana.it  David Webb 18K yellow gold and platinum diamond coral brooch, $71,900, David Webb, 310-858-8006 Longchamp Rodeo Luxe lady’s patent leather belt in Aubergine, $205, longchamp.com 1-866-Longchamp Fogal Opaque tights in Bordeaux, $43, fogal.com Opposite page: Naeem Khan jet beaded T-shirt, $2640, Naeem Khan cocque-feather trumpet skirt with jet beaded waist, $5230, Neiman Marcus, Beverly Hills, 310-550-5900

O r in colo r?


D o you ever d ream of w i n n i n g i t all?


D o y o u d re am o f disco v ering love—

on l y t o fin d h e’s a s t on e- h ear t ed bas t a r d ? 42 GENLUX HOLIDAY / 2008

Alberta Ferretti printed blue and pink silk/satin dress with sash, $2440, Alberta Ferretti, albertaferretti.com Ellen Christine Millinery Schiaparelli hat in bottle green velour felt, by special order, ellenchristine.com

Do you e v er w a k e u p relieved t o f i n d t h a t your dee p e s t s e c re t s are still s a f e — t h a t i t w as all j u s t a d rea m ?


Oscar de la Renta coral floral dégradé silk faille one-shoulder gown, $6550, Neiman Marcus, Beverly Hills, 310-550-5900, neimanmarcus.com

D o you ever d ream of flyin g?


What do you d re a m a b o u t ?

Alberta Ferretti purple satin coat with hood, $2680, Bergdorf Goodman, 800-558-1855, bergdorfgoodman.com



dreamscapes Kevan Hall mint silk chiffon Vanessa gown with ostrich feathers, price upon request, kevanhall.com Erica Courtney drop diamond and aquamarine earrings, $21,000, ericacourtney.com Barin’s Fine Jewelry diamond flower ring, $8400, yellow gold ring, Barin’s Fine Jewelry, 818-761-3300





Lloyd Klein cream jacket with gold floral details, price upon request, 323-549-9999, lloydklein.com Max Azria tulle skirt, $325, 323-658-8083, maxazria.com Erica Courtney coral rose ring, $8200, Erica Courtney yellow gold pavĂŠ diamond crown rings, $6000 each, 323-938-2373, ericacourtney.com


Photography: BonnieHollandStudio.com Stylist: KelvinTheStylist.com Makeup: DAWN SHAND JOHNSON / DawnShandJohnson.com Hair: CORI BARDO using Sebastian Professional / CelestineAgency.com Model: PINKIE / Next Models Los Angeles Stylist Assistant: Melissa Richtmeyer Props: JCH Studio Art Direction: STEPHEN KAMIFUJI


Hervé Léger lush organza gown with train, price upon request, Hervé Léger, 310-275-2550 Ricardo Basta gold, platinum, and diamond necklace, $97,700, Ricardo Basta, 310-278-4792 RicardoBasta.com Barin’s Fine Jewelry quartz ring, $6700, Barin’s Fine Jewelry, 818-761-3300 Jimmy Choo Cyndi lilac patchwork sandal, $1395, Jimmy Choo boutique, 310-860-9045, jimmychoo.com


Ina Soltani white chiffon gown with gray and onyx details, $3850, 310-454-5817, inasoltani.com Todâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s satin clutch with diamond lock, $2250, Todâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s, 310-285-0591 Ricardo Basta yellow gold and quartz ring, $2400, Ricardo Basta, Beverly Hills, 310-278-4792, ricardobasta.com Jimmy Choo Heat black leather silver-star-encrusted ankle boots, $1095, Jimmy Choo boutique, 310-860-9045



Max Azria sky gray tulle scalloped big top, sky gray tulle skirt, and bronze corset, price upon request, 323-658-8083, maxazria.com Jimmy Choo Kiera smoke eel peep-toe shoe, $815, Jimmy Choo boutique, 310-860-9045, jimmychoo.com Ricardo Basta platinum, diamond, pink and green tourmaline drop earrings, $24,900, Ricardo Basta, 310-278-4792 RicardoBasta.com





MIRIAM STERNOFF Photography: HeidiNiemala.com Stylist: Miriam Sternoff / Oliver Piro New York Makeup: MASHA GVOZDOV / FORD Hair: PAMELA BAUMGARTNER Model: PILAR / Supreme Models New York Digital Technician: JIM OSEN Photographerâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Assistant: JOEY POPOVICH Digital Imaging: JIM OSEN and KRISTEN MONTHEI Art Direction: STEPHEN KAMIFUJI


Temperley London silk dress with tiers, price upon request, TemperleyLondon.com


Catherine Malandrino silk chiffon waterfall dress, price upon request, Catherine Malandrino, 310-360-1037


Karen Millen chiffon asymmetrical dress with floral print, price upon request, Karen Millen, 310-659-8220, karenmillen.com


The Blondes black and magenta silk chiffon dress



CARPE dream Photographer Andrew Matusik takes his inspiration for Genlux’s dream theme from the works of M.C. Escher: “In Escher’s prints, like our dreams, stairways have no beginning and no end. A symbol of aspiration, they take us to new horizons, new places—and in this case, new fashions around every turn.”





Photography: AndrewMatusik.com Stylist: MiriamSternoff.com Makeup: Deborah Altizio for Exclusive Artists using Smashbox Cosmetics Hair: Brian Magallones for Exclusive Artists using Bumble & Bumble Model: Ana Leticia / Ford Models New York Stylist Assistant: nikki ogunnaike Digital Post: DIGITALRETOUCH.NET Photo Assistant: Kirk Palmer Casting: Richard Wheeler Art Direction: STEPHEN KAMIFUJI


Temperley London dress, $1195, Temperley London, 323-782-8000 Nicole Miller shoe, $325, Nicole Miller, 310-652-1629, nicolemiller.com


Hervé Léger by Max Azria dress, $1950, Hervé Léger, Beverly Hills, 310-275-2550, Herveleger.com Nicole Miller shoe, $325, Nicole Miller boutique, LA, 310-652-1629, nicolemiller.com


“So let us then try to climb the mountain, not by stepping on what is below us, but to pull us up at what is above us, for my part at the stars.” —M.C. Escher 64 GENLUX HOLIDAY / 2008

Left to right: Vera Wang gown, $2395, Neiman Marcus, Beverly Hills, 310-550-5900; verawang.com Earrings, stylistâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s own Nicole Miller gown, $1430, Nicole Miller, 310-6521629, nicolemiller.com Pearl bracelet and earrings, stylistâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s own Aurelio Costarella gown, $1404, Curve, Robertson Blvd, 310-360-8008


Nicole Miller gown, $630, Nicole Miller, 310-6521629, nicolemiller.com Bracelet, stylistâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s own



Nicole Miller gown, $925, Nicole Miller, 310-652-1629, nicolemiller.com Bracelet, stylistâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s own


Amsale gown, $770, Saks Fifth Avenue, Beverly Hills, 310-275-4211 Nicole Miller shoe, $295, Nicole Miller, 310-652-1629, nicolemiller.com


Left to right: Amsale gown, $770, Saks Fifth Avenue, Beverly Hills, 310-275-4211 Nicole Miller shoe, $295, Nicole Miller, 310-652-1629, nicolemiller.com Gucci gown, $5885, Gucci, Beverly Hills, 310-278-3451, gucci.com Nicole Miller shoe, $295, Nicole Miller boutique, 310-652-1629, nicolemiller.com Bracelet, stylistâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s own


ABS Allen Schwartz gown, $440, ABS boutiques: Montana Avenue, 310- 393-8770 South Coast Plaza, 714-979-9101 Pasadena, 626-577-8505




JORDAN HOLCOMB Photography: Ming Wu / H2WU.COM Makeup: DAWN SHAND JOHNSON / DawnShandJohnson.com Hair: Maryl velbeck using Esuchen Haircare Models: HEATHER KEMESKY and LOLLY / Ford Models LA Digital Imaging: Luke Hanscom / HDMStudio.com Art Direction: STEPHEN KAMIFUJI


ABS by Allen Schwartz ombré chiffon front-draped gown, $485, ABS by Allen Schwartz, Santa Monica, 310-393-8770


ABS by Allen Schwartz ombré chiffon empire-waist gown, $435, ABS by Allen Schwartz, South Coast Plaza, 714-979-9101


Maria Bianca Nero silk chiffon tie-dye dress with sequins, $450, biancanero.com


Bally dress, $760, Bally, Rodeo Dr, Beverly Hills, 310-271-3310


Ina Soltani silk georgette gown with Swarovski crystal-encrusted belt, $1750, Ina Soltani Studio, 310-454-5817


Thompson Beverly Hills merges the sophisticated cool of late ’70s and ’80s design with the casual elegance of Californian modernism. The sister hotel to SoHo’s famed 60 Thompson, the sleek 107 room hotel is designed by renowned Dodd Mitchell Design and (fer) studio architects, and features art installations by photographer Steven Klein throughout. Thompson Beverly Hills also includes the West Coast’s first BondSt sushi restaurant and a private rooftop bar and pool lounge.



GENA TUSO Photography: Paul Schefz / PaulSchefz.com Stylist: Gena Tuso / CloutierAgency.com Makeup: Jessica Liebeskind / Ford Artists NYC Hair: Tami jensen for Privé Salon using Privé products Model: STEPHANIE WOOD / nEXT Models LA Art Direction: STEPHEN KAMIFUJI


La Perla chiffon top with panties, price upon request, La Perla, Beverly Hills, 310-860-0561 Agent Provocateur black stockings, Agent Provocateur Heels, prices upon request, 323-653-0229 Vintage bracelet, price upon request, The Way We Wore, 323937-0878 Kristen Elspeth small African quill earrings, $145, kristenelspeth.com


La Perla lilac top, garter, and panties, $550, La Perla, Beverly Hills 310-860-0561 Jimmy Choo heel, $760, Madison, Beverly Hills, 310-273-4787


Dolce & Gabbana bra, $120, panties, $206, Neiman Marcus, Beverly Hills, 310-550-5900; dolceandgabbana.com Vintage chiffon blouse, $295, The Way We Wore, 323-937-0878 Kristen Elspeth necklace, $138, kristenelspeth.com


La Perla robe, $550, La Perla, Beverly Hills, 310-860-0561 Cosabella panties, $72, Neiman Marcus, Beverly Hills, 310-550-5900 Agent Provocateur stockings, Agent Provocateur, 323-653-0229 Vintage bug earrings, $275, The Way We Wore, 323-937-0878



Stella McCartney bra, $140, and panties, $55, Neiman Marcus, Beverly Hills, 310-550-5900 Jenny Dayco ring, price upon request, Show Pony, LA, 213-482-7676, jennydayco.com


Eres lace bodysuit $480, Eres boutique, 441 N Rodeo Dr, Beverly Hills, 310-246-1008


Vintage blouse, $165, The Way We Wore, 323-937-0878 Agent Provocateur panties, Agent Procateur, 323-653-0229


Eres high-waisted briefs, $200, Eres boutique, 441 N. Rodeo Dr, Beverly Hills, 310-246-1008 Vintage gloves, $125, The Way We Wore, 323-937-0878 Bruno Frisoni heel, price upon request, Neiman Marcus, Beverly Hills, 310-550-5900, BrunoFrisoni.com


paris hilton inc.

Love her or hate her, Paris Hilton is a brand with a global reach, employing thousands through film, TV, and music projects, endorsement deals, books, and a bevy of her own product lines, from hair accessories and clothing to shoes and handbags.



IVY JARRIN Photography: GiulianoBekor.com Stylist: IVY JARRIN for Margaret Maldonado Makeup: Carol Shaw for Margaret Maldonado using LORAC Hair: FRANK GALASSO for Margaret Maldonado using Frank Studio Stuff Set Designer: John Geary Contributing Editor: Vanessa Fontana Art Direction: STEPHEN KAMIFUJI


Ella Zahlan Peacock strapless gown with sequined bodice, $16,000, ellazahlan.com David Webb diamond and platinum/gold bracelet with jade, $28,000, David Webb, Beverly Hills, 310-858-8006 Erickson Beamon green and blue bead necklace, $565, Beyond Seven, NY, 646-619-6818



By Marsha Takeda-Morrison

ring up the name Paris Hilton in conversation and you’re bound to get more groans than if you announced you were going to attempt to bring parachute pants back into fashion. And with the Paris

portrayed in the press—the party-hopping rich girl who epitomizes the image of the dumb blonde— it’s easy to understand why she arouses such negative emotion. But could there be another side to Paris Hilton? Hey, some people even think parachute pants were misunderstood. When I meet Paris for our interview on the rooftop of the Thompson Hotel in Beverly Hills, she looks perfectly put together and relaxed as she sits on a couch sipping a lemonade, despite the fact that she’s just gone through two interviews and a photo shoot in about ninety minutes. She’s wearing a long Tiva halter dress and arrives with— surprise—no entourage, only her manager, Jason Moore. And not to start off our chat with a downer, but I have to ask her: Why is she the celebrity everyone loves to hate? “I think people have just gotten used to seeing me in a certain way. Since I was 15, people have seen me at clubs and at parties, and my sister and I started being photographed, and I think people just remember that party-girl image. And who didn’t go to parties when they were a teenager?” she says, almost apologetically. “But when you’re in the spotlight, and when you’re on camera, people are going to make up stories and perpetuate them and make it ten times crazier than it really was.” “When people say [negative] things, I just say, ‘You don’t really know what’s going on.’ Now when I go to parties I’m doing an appearance: I’m getting paid to be there, and I’m promoting my movie or my album or a product. I work very, very hard, and I am a serious businesswoman. And I’m a lot smarter than most people give me credit for.” As for her reputation for not being the brightest bulb in the bunch, well, she doesn’t entirely blame the media for that. “I can understand, doing ‘The Simple Life’ for five seasons. People saw me on TV, and they think that character is me,” she says. “On the show I’m playing this spoiled, kind of airhead, typical blonde heiress who doesn’t know


how to do anything and messes everything up. And on TV that’s fun, but I also want people to know there’s a real person under there.” The public will get to see more of the “real” Paris in action soon, albeit on another reality series, “Paris Hilton’s My New BFF,” which debuts this month on MTV. On the show, Paris goes in search of a new best friend to accompany her on her dizzying schedule of parties, shopping trips, and product launches. But these days, her real BFF seems to be boyfriend Benji Madden, who will appear in several episodes. “It’s the first mature relationship I’ve had. He’s such a great guy,” she gushes. “And I know he doesn’t want anything from me, but me. He would never lie to me or hurt me, and that’s so hard to find in this town. It’s hard to find someone you can trust. I’ve been hurt in the past, so I have trust issues. But now I’m finally in a really great relationship. I’ve just grown up so much this year.” And are there little heiresses in the future? “Not now, because I have to travel and I work so much. But eventually I would love to have three or four kids.” Of her own childhood, Paris says she dreamt of working with animals—dreams that were replaced by those of being in the spotlight when reality reared its ugly...paw. “When I was little I always wanted to be a vet,” she says. “I’ve always been a huge animal lover, but when I realized you had to give them shots and put them to sleep and cut them up, and do things with blood, I decided I couldn’t be a vet. I’d rather just have a lot of pets.” It was then that the world lost an animal doctor, but gained a clothes horse. “I’d always looked up to Audrey Hepburn and Marilyn Monroe and all the Hollywood starlets, and I knew then I wanted to be in front of the camera.” And who would have thought, in these difficult times, that Paris Hilton might be helping to bolster a small portion of our economy? Between her corporation, production company, and various product lines, Paris is responsible for keeping (continued on page 92)

Les Habitudes burgundy silk taffeta evening coat with roses, $7995, Les Habitudes, Robertson Blvd, 310-273-2883 Fendi black/white tulle skirt, $2490, Neiman Marcus, Beverly Hills, 310-550-5900 David Webb topaz and gold ring, $32,700, David Webb diamond platinum and gold bracelet, $38,900, David Webb, Beverly Hills, 310-858-8006 Melamed black beaded belt, $460, Diavolina, 310-550-1341 Vintage top hat, long black tulle skirt, stylist’s own


TeNo diamond, steel, gold, and rubber rings necklace, price upon request, TeNo, Beverly Center, 310-855-9159, teno.com



(continued from page 88) thousands either directly or indirectly employed, and four hundred stores, either currently operating or set to open soon here and in Asia, Dubai, and Europe, carry her handbags. All this in addition to her other lucrative brands: a wildly successful licensing deal with Parlux perfume, a clothing collection with Samantha Thavasa in Japan, and her DreamCatchers line of hair extensions, just to name a few. But who wants to hear about finances (yawn) when there are scandals to be dug up? “I wish the public could see me in a press conference or a business meeting. The media doesn’t want to focus on ‘Paris was in ten business meetings today’ because it’s boring,” she says. “They want to make up some crazy, wild story. It’s what they’re used to. But I’ve always wanted to make a name for myself, and not just be known as the Hilton Hotels’ granddaughter.” But fear not—Paris isn’t just about the bottom line. The businesswoman gets much more animated when the talk turns to fashion, especially when I ask who her favorite designer is. “Me!” she answers without missing a beat, as she proudly shows me her handbag, which is from her own line. “I love my purses, my shoe line. But I also love Dolce & Gabbana, Diane von Furstenberg, Betsey Johnson, Versace, and Dior.” Her reputation as a fanatical shopper is evident when she describes her latest remodeling project: turning practically her whole house into a massive closet. “The entire two-car garage is filled with clothes, the housekeeper’s room is filled with clothes, my guest room is filled with clothes, and I turned my gym into a mirrored closet...and my sauna is filled with jewelry!” But as for that other mainstay of the celebrity entourage, the stylist, Paris says she can take it or leave it. “When I’m doing a huge press day I may have to wear six different outfits in one day, depending on what’s going on, so I’ll have [a stylist] put something together, but if it’s just the normal day-to-day stuff, I love shopping and I have good style, so it’s fun to pick out my own things.” One celebrity accessory she’d rather do without is the paparazzi, who dog her wherever she goes. “Being followed from the time you leave your house to the time you go to bed at night is very invasive. It gets scary when they’re chasing me and going through red lights. Their lenses hit my windows, and their battery packs have completely scratched up my cars.”


While much of the blame for the troubles of young Hollywood has been placed on a lack of parental supervision, Paris gives the impression that her parents were, and still are, very much in charge. “They were very strict…so strict. Stricter than anyone else’s parents. I wasn’t allowed to wear makeup or go on dates. A lot of people think that my sister and I were allowed to do whatever we wanted, but that’s not the case. And they still try to tell me what to do!” she laughs. And who would have thought Paris Hilton had a curfew? “My mom’s always asking me, ‘What time are you getting home?’ I’m like, ‘Mom, I’m 27. Are you serious?’ And she’ll say, ‘You get home before 2!’” But she’s clearly enormously proud of her parents, Richard and Kathy, and of their enduring marriage. “They’ve been together since my mom was 15 and my dad was 18. They’re best friends and they have an incredible relationship,” she says. “I feel so lucky because 90 percent of the people I know in this town are divorced. I think that’s really important, when you do get married, to make sure it’s someone you want to be with forever because divorce is hard on the kids. I couldn’t imagine that happening. They had me really young, and they’re really cool, hip parents.” One thing not widely publicized is the work Paris does for various charities, something she says she does because “it makes me feel good in my heart. I do Toys for Tots every year. Also, I lost my grandmothers to multiple sclerosis and breast cancer, so those are two charities I’ve been involved with since I was young. And I recently donated part of a wing to the new Cancer Center at the Los Angeles Childrens Hospital. When I do these things, they’re very private. A lot of people don’t talk about it, because I don’t do it for press.” But despite her good deeds and her desire to be taken seriously as a businesswoman, there will still be those detractors who think the world would be better off without Paris. And to that, she’ll say she’s one step ahead of you. She’s booked a seat on Richard Branson’s Virgin Enterprise Rocket, set to blast into space in 2009. “Well, we’ve been talking about it, but I’m very scared to do it. What if I don’t come back?” she laughs. “With the whole light-years thing, what if I come back ten thousand years later, and everyone I know is dead? I’ll be like, “Great. Now I have to start all over!” G

“I lost my grandmothers to multiple sclerosis and breast cancer, so those are two charities I’ve been involved with since I was young. And I recently donated part of a wing to the new Cancer Center at the Los Angeles Childrens Hospital. When I do these things, they’re very private. A lot of people don’t talk about it, because I don’t do it for press.”

This page and cover: Paris Hilton in Oscar de la Renta green and white dress, $10,950, Neiman Marcus, Beverly Hills, 310-550-5900 David Webb diamond and gold collar with multicolored precious stones, $108,300, David Webb, Beverly Hills, 310-858-8006 Arturo Rios bird nest hat, $389, arturorios.com


Ricardo Basta 18K gold, platinum, diamond, and pearl necklace, $98,000; Ricardo Basta 18K gold, tourmaline, beryl, and diamond earrings, $85,000, Ricardo Basta, Beverly Hills, 310-278-4792, ricardobasta.com Vintage feather hat, stylistâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s own


Carolina Herrera overcoat, $5990, Neiman Marcus, Beverly Hills, 310-550-5900 Ella Zahlan bodysuit dress with silver tulle bottom and crystal bodice, $14,780, ellazahlan.com Ricardo Basta 18K gold, platinum, diamond and pearl necklace, $98,000, Ricardo Basta 18K gold, tourmaline, beryl and diamond earrings, $85,000, Ricardo Basta, Beverly Hills, 310-278-4792, ricardobasta.com Pierre Hardy green shoe, $660, Diavolina, LA, 310-550-1341 David Webb ring, price upon request, David Webb, Beverly Hills, 310-858-8006 Vintage feather hat, stylistâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s own


Rodarte pink tulle dress, $12,400; Dolce & Gabbana champagne capelet, $750, Neiman Marcus, Beverly Hills, 310-550-5900 David Webb diamond and sapphire earrings, $56,900, David Webb rings, prices upon request, David Webb, Beverly Hills, 310-858-8006 Christian Louboutin nude shoes, Parisâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s own; Vintage collar and feather hairpiece, stylistâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s own


Ella Zahlan Peacock strapless gown with sequined bodice, $16,000, ellazahlan.com Erickson Beamon green and blue bead necklace, $565, Beyond Seven, NY, 646-619-6818



Elie Saab Couture silver sequined gown, price upon request, eliesaab.com TeNo steel and diamond ring, price upon request, 310-855-9159, TeNo.com Ericson Beamon star drop necklace, $643, Beyond Seven, NY, 646-619-6818 Nicole Miller silver tassel necklace, price upon request, Nicole Miller boutique, 310-652-1629, nicolemiller.com Vintage gloves, faux silver fox fur shrug, stylistâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s own


Oscar de la Renta white and black dress $11,950, Neiman Marcus, Beverly Hills, 310-550-5900 TeNo diamond, steel, gold, and rubber rings, necklace, and bracelets, prices upon request, TeNo, Beverly Center, 310-855-9159, teno.com Vintage feather headpiece, stylistâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s own



GENLUX SHOP Paris Hilton

LETâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;S SHOP!


editor’s picks

This season I’m going from gray to purple, adding just a touch of brown to my wardrobe —Samia Arslane L.A.M.B. Tawny 90mm nude leather peep-toe platform pump with paillettes, $395, Cusp, Century City, 310-552-0300, cusp. com

TX stainless-steel case watch, $425, Barneys, 310-276-4400 Christian Louboutin Alta Dama watersnake pump, $995, Christian Louboutin, Beverly Hills, 310-247-9300, christianlouboutin.com

Marcello de Cartier bag in brown crocodile skin, $33,000, Cartier, Beverly Hills, 310-275-0903; Cartier, Topanga, 818-737-3471, 1-800-CARTIER; cartier.com

Fendi purple wool dress, $990, Neiman Marcus, Beverly Hills, 310-550-5900

Cartier Love diamond bracelet in 18K white gold, and diamonds with screw motifs, $33,733, Cartier, Beverly Hills, 310-275-0903; Cartier, Topanga, 818-737-3471, 1-800-CARTIER; cartier.com T Luxury raisin ruffle-edge scarf, $176, Brander Parsons, Santa Monica, 310-458-9940; Rococo, Dana Point, 949-632-4300; tluxury.com

Manak Couture Fleur ring 3.71 ct natural pink, yellow, and white diamond ring, $11,800, XIV Karats, Beverly Hills, 310-551-1212; Jewels by Joseph, Newport Beach, 949-640-6788

Elle Macpherson Intimates spellbound contour bra, $65; boyleg, $35, East Thirteen, Pasadena, 626-795-9386; Nordstrom, Mission Viejo, 949-347-2710


Darby Scott silver ring lizard slim wallet, $1430, darbyscott.com

Issey Miyake/Shiro Kuramata L’Eau d’Issey Shiro Kurameta Limited Edition Perfume, 20ml, $350, Saks Fifth Avenue, Beverly Hills, 310-275-4211; Costa Mesa, 714-540-3233

Sergio Rossi Zaira python and suede knee-high platform boot with ankle zip, $1715, Sergio Rossi, Melrose Place, 323-944-0864, sergiorossi.com

Tibi Magnolia black-and-silver lace backless shift dress, $595, netaporter.com

Burberry Prorsum ostrich leather gloves, $595, Burberry, Beverly Hills, 310-550-4500, burberry.com

editor at large

Tobi Tobin Designs Marilyn necklace, $4500, Maxfield, LA, 310-274-8800

Red or blue? It’s entirely up to you. —George Blodwell Fall is such a wonderful time of year and, for us fashionistas, a great time to enjoy the cooler weather that dictates what we should wear to stay comfy and warm. I love it! I can now start to wear my coats and scarves, my cashmere sweaters, shoes with socks, and even splurge on a great new pair of boots. This fall promises to be quite a stimulating time. We’ll soon know who will be the next American president. But will it make much difference? I doubt it. No matter whom you choose, the government will still rule in any case, so let’s just enjoy the beauty of this life and breath…and the wonderful things that we humans create and design to make us look and feel great. This issue I have spotlighted some lovely creations. One of my favorites is the Princess sweat dress by Jane Booke. What Juicy Couture did for the track suit, Jane has done for the gown or maxi. This dress feels absolutely scrumptious. It’s so soft and comfortable that if I were a lady I’d be putting it on in the morning—even with a pair of Uggs—and languishing around in it all day. That’s how good it feels! I could even be tempted to wear it at night. I would have to change the Uggs, though, and could quite possibly Imperial Rose gold ring, $5980, Traffic, LA, 310-659-0613

adorn it with some fabulous accessories like a Tobi Tobin vintage necklace. Check out the feather skirt or the hot zipper leggings, which are seriously cool. The Bolero cape jacket is a nice touch to update and revitalize your classic evening look. Genlux readers will be happy to know that I’ve selected a great shoe designer, who will soon be the talk of the town. Her name is Charlotte Olympia. Her Daphne shoe, shown here, is your introduction to her line. Step aside, Choo, Blahnik, and Louboutin. Charlotte Olympia is here, and I am your Editor at Large. You can thank me later. Send me flowers, chocolates, or your private jet, if you like. I could sure use it.

Christian Cota skirt, $2975, H. Lorenzo, West Hollywood, 310-659-1432


Phillipe Audibert cuff, $675, On Sunset, 310-289-8711

Jane Booke black silk velvet coat, $825, Jane Booke, LA, 323-9361122, janebooke.com

Derek Lam dress, $1711, Tracey Ross, 310-8541996

Stay happy. Love, George

Lloyd Klein purple jacket, $5200, Lloyd Klein, LA, 323549-9999

Domenico Vacca shirt, $540, Domenico Vacca, Beverly Hills, 310-247-0325

Georgina Goodman black boots, $787, Tracey Ross, 310-854-1996

Charlotte Olympia Daphne shoe, price upon request, Beckley Boutique, LA, 310-652-3500

Desposyni coat by LadyMuse, $750, shopflick.com

Domenico Vacca Julie bag, $7900, Domenico Vacca, Beverly Hills, 310-247-0325

Jane Booke sweatdress, $750, Jane Booke, 323936-1122, janebooke.com

Bordelle double zip leggings, $250, Le Bra Couture Lingerie and Swimwear, 310-360-6655

La Perla swimsuit, $652, Le Bra Couture Lingerie and Swimwear, 310-3606655

Robert Wan pearl necklace, $3789, H. Lorenzo, West Hollywood, 310-659-1432

Cesare Paciotti t-strap heel, $600, Cesare Paciotti, Beverly Hills, 310-273-3220

michaelstars.com 100% american HOLIDAY / 2008 GENLUX 107 Corte Madera Glendale Las Vegas Los Angeles Manhattan Beach Santa Barbara Santa Monica

Accessory editor’s picks

There are so many wonderful accessories this season—here are a few of my favorites. —Elizabeth Saab

Rag & Bone Runway Blade belt, $160, eluxury.com Michele Tahitian watch, price upon request, michele.com

Alain Mikli eyeglasses, $545, Dan Deutsch Optical, 310-246-9468

Dolce & Gabbana maroon patent knee boot with buckle detail, $1650, 87770-DGUSA, dolcegabbana.it

Ralph Lauren Collection windowpane plaid Ricky 40 bag, $3995, Ralph Lauren, Beverly Hills, 310-281-1500

Yoox Jewelry: Past and Present, unsigned 1970s vintage necklace with resin drops, $249, Yoox.com

Amanda Pearl duchesse satin Roll clutch, $1395, amandapearl.com


REISS Dinah frill waist belt, $140, REISS, LA, 310-276-0060 Oliver Peoples Tayla sunglasses, $390, Oliver Peoples, LA, 310-6572553, oliverpeoples.com

Sir Alistair Rai Parsi silver stole, $210, siralistairrai.com

Alberta Ferretti dark red satin clutch with rhinestone embellishment, $995, Alberta Ferretti, LA, 310-652-9000

â&#x20AC;&#x153;I want cosmeceuticals that are chic, targeted and effective.â&#x20AC;?


For over 30 years Lierac Paris has been at the leading edge of innovation and a valued partner within the worldwide pharmacy network. Developed by Dr. Cariel, a French physician specializing in aesthetic disorders, Lierac is a complete line of dermo-cosmetics utilizing active plant molecules combined with advanced scientific research. Today, Lierac Paris is proud to be available at European Skincare Centers offering the quality, efficacy and convenience that women worldwide know and trust.

Visit a beauty advisor for a personalized skincare prescription. Available at select CVS/pharmacy, Longs, and Duane Reade locations. Call 877.5.LIERAC or visit www.lierac.com for more information.

BEAUTY EDITOR’S PICKS Here are some of my favorite products for this holiday season. I hope you find them as dreamy as I do! – Dawn Shand Johnson

New from CHANEL: Précision Confort cleansers and toners with tulip tree extract for combating environmental pollution. Mousse Confort rinse-off foaming mousse cleanser, $45; Lait Confort Creamy Cleansing Milk, $45; Lotion Confort Silky Soothing Toner, $45; Nordstrom at the Grove, 323-930-2230; chanel.com

Dr. Brandt Microdermabrasion Body, $45, Nordstrom South Bay Galleria, 310-542-9440; sephora.com

Bliss Triple Oxygen Instant Energizing Eye Mask is perfect for when you need a little lift. Box of four under-eye masks, $54, blissworld.com

Giovanni Cool Mint Lemonade Scrub is organic and 100% vegan. Best of all, it smells like a mojito in a jar. $13.95, meijer.com, wegmans.com

I’m loving Jo Malone’s Sweet Lime & Cedar scent. Inspired by Thai-cooking, it has top notes of kaffir lime, blood orange, pink pepper, and spearmint; middle notes of clary sage, lavender, and coconut; and base notes of cedar wood. 3.4oz, $95, Saks Fifth Avenue, 310-275-4211; Neiman Marcus, 310-550-5900

Benefit Cosmetics Benetint Lip Balm SPF15, $20, sephora.com Youngblood Mineral Cosmetics Pressed Mineral Blush in Tangier, $23, ybskin.com

AmorePacific Time Response Skin Renewal Foundation SPF18 with green tea flower extract, $90, Neiman Marcus, Newport Beach, 949-759-1900, neimanmarcus.com

Pangea Organics Holiday Gift Boxes include shower gel, hand and body lotion, bar soap, and facial scrub. You can even plant the box; it will grow into a spruce tree. $40, Nordstrom at the Grove, 323-930-2230; Macy’s at the Beverly Center, 310-854-6655


5bYkUddfcUW\ hckY``!VY]b[ j]hU`]hm UbXVYUihm" “…A med spa with a holistic disposition, their East-meets-West approach will suit you just right.” - Daily Candy “Anti-Aging, skin care and wellness are the focus of this tony facility” - Los Angeles Times

“The best place to go for a med-spa all over wellness center is the new Pure Aesthetics/Pure Wellness... the best of the best.” - LA2Day

8]gWcjYf[fYUhg_]b UbXkY``bYggUhYjYfmU[Y"

advanced skin renewal + rejuvenation anti acne + teen facials + skin repair advanced nutrition + vitamin therapy laser hair removal

www.pa-pw.com / 1.310.470.6362

IPL fotofacials + aluma firming/tightening

2980 beverly glen circle, first floor, bel air, california 90077

cosmetic injectables (botox, juvaderm, etc.)

EXPERT OPINION:health&wellness


Jessica Alba and Heidi Klum are fans of Yogamatic eco-friendly mats. Customize them with your own artwork or photos. $85, yogamatic.com

I love the holidays…the twinkling lights, the shop windows dressed to the nines. But between the festivities and the responsibilities, they can be stressful too. Get centered with some favorite LA pastimes like yoga, meditation, and Pilates. – ANASTASIA

YOGA GOLF: Think yoga and golf have nothing in common? With its Yoga Golf program, the Resort at Pelican Hill wants you to think again. Director of instruction Glenn Deck and

certified yoga instructor Marie Friedlander videotape students’ swings and teach asana poses that will improve their mental and physical golf games. For appointments, contact Glenn Deck at 949-467-5810. Lessons cost roughly $200. Pelican Hill Golf Club, 22800 Pelican Hill Road South, Ne wport Coast, pelicanhill.com THE CLOTHES MAKE THE POSE: The

benefits of yoga and Pilates are numerous, but in either practice, it can be difficult to maintain the proper alignment and posture (if you don’t, you can risk serious injury). With that in mind, Gail Reisman founded Rese Pilates, a new line of innovative—and flattering—athletic wear that will help you strike the perfect pose. “Different items in the Rese line help women focus on different areas. For example, the logo [a yin-yang graphic that symbolizes balance and the dynamic of opposites] is printed on the center front of the bottoms to help you remember to breathe. It’s amazing how many of us hold our breath or don’t breathe properly. Also, many of the tops have panels or stitching to focus your attention on your core or ribcage, which is key in Pilates and important in all types of exercise. By emphasizing certain key points either with stitching, panels, or my logo, it pulls one’s attention there and helps you remember to focus on form. It can also be helpful if an instructor wants to highlight an area so you can see it as well as hear about it. “It was also important to design clothes that are feminine and flattering. I created longer tops when most tops were short, so the top creates a longer line and also helps you focus on your exercise and not spend your time pulling your top down and adjusting it. This is something that both women and instructors appreciate! Comfort and fabric are very important to my line. I use a unique moisture-management fabric that keeps you cool and dry while wicking away excess moisture so you feel confident.” —Gail Reisman, founder and owner, Rese Pilates, resepilates.com MEDITATION: With the iPhone constantly ringing, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to maintain balance and harmony. One of the best ways to rediscover your center is through a practice that goes hand-in-hand with yoga: meditation.

“Cultivate a meditation practice. It’s the easiest thing to do everywhere and anytime [and provides] the most amazing results. Don’t forget, it’s a practice, and consistency will bring the most results. The benefit of meditation is that the mind is clear, and we let go of the thought process, so this gives us perspective to see beyond the tricky doings of the mind, which can sometimes feel so powerful and real. Meditation, and having a clear mind as a result, gives us perspective on being caught up, and [on how even though] the business deal didn’t come through, it doesn’t mean the world will end.” —Andrea Emmerich, ayurvedic practitioner, therapist, and Spa-Ritual-ist


“The practice of yoga is the missing piece in golf. Integrating yoga into your golf routine builds strength and flexibility and helps bring balance into the body, mind, and spirit while enhancing your game. It will also increase your focus and concentration, which will ultimately sharpen your mental golf game. Learning to bring yoga YogaWorks into your life Eco-Friendly will clear your Yoga Mat by mind and slow Manduka, things down so you $40, can actually think YogaWorks, Santa and increase the enjoyment of golf. Monica, 310-393The equipment can only take your game 5150, YogaWorks, so far; it is ultimately Main Street, up to the player to 310-322make the difference. 6500 Yoga will enhance your golf game and your life. [At Pelican Hill Golf Club] it is the combination of yoga and golf professionals that makes us unique. We are not in a yoga studio, but right here on the range at Pelican Hill.” —Marie Friedlander, certified Baron Baptiste Power Vinyasa Yoga teacher



2. THE SPOT: Kalologie Skincare Signature Treatment: The Deluxe

10 IN WEST HOLLYWOOD This LA Story is the first in a series of beauty guides in which we’ll focus on some of our favorite LA neighborhoods and their most fabulous beauty destinations. First up? West Hollywood. – Dawn Shand Johnson 1. THE SPOT: Kate Somerville Signature Treatment: Cus-


tomized for each client, the Kate Signature Facial ($135) features a triple exfoliation, steam treatment, extractions, a mask, and an acupressure massage. What’s Happening: In addition to all the elements included in Kate’s Signature Facial, the new White Room signature treatment ($260) is truly hands-on. It features the use of gloves knitted with precious metals that distribute a micro-current, oxygenating the skin in order to firm, tone, and stimulate collagen. The clinic is also using a new Pearl micro-ablative laser treatment ($1500) that resurfaces the skin; fights surface lines, deeper wrinkles, and solar damage; and improves skin texture. Why We Love It: Top-of-the-line products and attentive staff The Details: Prices start at $135 and can go up to $2500 for Titan face and neck treatments. 8428 Melrose Pl, Suite E, 323-6557546, katesomerville.com

Kate Somerville, 8428 Melrose Pl, Suite E, 323655-7546

Kalologie Facial is a workout for your face; it includes exfoliation, extractions, masks, and a customized peel. 75 minutes plus a 25-minute follow-up, $125. What’s Happening: Kalologie just launched its own sulfate- and paraben-free product line. Standouts include the Boost Moisturizing Gel, $75, and Rewind Anti-Aging Serum, $135. Why We Love It: Its extensive treatment offerings. The Details: 132 S. Robertson Blvd, 310-276-9670, kalologie.com

3. THE SPOT: Dawn DaLuise Skin Refinery Signature Treatment: The Galvanic Facial uses

Electrical Muscle Stimulation to tighten and balance out the skin; it requires zero downtime and includes a complimentary hand massage. What’s Happening: This is the first beauty destination in LA to offer Hollywood Eye Magic, an under-eye treatment that combats bags, puffiness, and fine lines and is made with collagen and oxygen. $90. Why We Love It: DaLuise is very knowledgeable and really makes your skin glow. Plus, she’s a sweetheart. We’re not her only fans—clients include Christina Ricci, Sarah Michelle Gellar, and Alicia Silverstone. The Details: 8543 Santa Monica Blvd, Suite 12, 310-659-1828, dawndaluise.com SPA 4. THE SPOT: Ole Henriksen Signature Treatments: A trio

of $115 eight-step facial treatments—the Calmative Complexion Treatment, Purifying Complexion Treatment, and Anti-gravity Complexion Treatment What’s Happening: Check out the African Red Tea Body Cocktail, a purifying and relaxing treatment and hand, foot, and scalp massage followed by a brown-sugar scrub and rain rinse. Why We Love It: The decadent body treatments The Details: Treatments range from $25 to $250. 8622A W. Sunset Blvd, 310-854-7700, olehenriksen.com

5. THE SPOT: Ona Spa Signature Treatment: The

Ona Ultimate Environ+ facial helps to stimulate thickening of the skin; it also improves collagen and elastin and promotes better control of pigmentation production. 75 minutes, $215. Why We Love It: The tranquil Zen vibe What’s Happening: The Environ Body Profile Treatment smoothes and tones the body, decreasing the development of fat cells and improving circulation. 50 minutes, $115; series of six, $575. The Details: 7373 Beverly Blvd, 323-931-4442, onaspa.com 6. THE SPOT: Kinara Spa Signature Treatment: The 55-minute Red Carpet Facial ($150) is a great choice when prepping for a special event. What’s Happening: To get your skin back on track, go with the Skin Care Mini Boot Camp package ($900), which includes six bi-weekly custom treatments over three months. Why We Love It: This is a one-stop shop; from a hair salon and an on-site manicurist to great products, Kinara has everything. The Details: Prices vary; a basic manicure costs $30, and an

anti-aging facial goes for $270. 656 N. Robertson Blvd, 310-657-9188, kinaraspa.com


HAIR 7. THE SPOT: Frédéric Fekkai on Melrose Place Signature Treatment: The first-rate blow-outs. What’s Happening: If your hair needs a boost, opt for the Keratin



Restorative Hair Treatment; it starts at $125 and moisturizes and rejuvenates damaged tresses. Or try the Keratin Hair Therapy Straightening Treatment ($450). Both require a consultation. Why We Love It: Salades de Provence restaurant caters delicious food for Fekkai clients. The Details: 8457 Melrose Pl, 323-655-7800, fredericfekkai.com 8. THE SPOT: Roman Salon Signature Treatment: The stylists here are long-hair specialists. What’s Happening: The newest in-salon offering

is a double treatment that helps prevent hair breakage when you’re doing intense color, like highlights or heavy processing ($70). Why We Love It: One of Roman’s stylists does unique and original aromatherapy hair treatments. He creates them himself using oils and herbs that he picks by hand on site, and custom-blends them for each client. The Details: 818 N. La Cienega Blvd, 310-854-1030, romansalonla.com 9. THE SPOT: Warren Tricomi Signature Treatment: The Warren Tricomi signature blow-out. What’s Happening: The

salon is offering a new type of hair extensions done by Kristin Ess. They look very natural and take about an hour to apply as opposed to five to eight hours. Plus, due to the way they bond to the locks, they are practically invisible ($750– $1500). Why We Love It: Skilled makeup and brow artists The Details: 8327 Melrose Ave, 323-651-4545, warrentricomi.com NAILS 10. THE SPOT: Extremedys 2012 Hand & Foot Spa Signature Treatment: Extremedys is the only place in

WeHo to offer the Minx-acure, a waterless manicure, $45, or pedicure, $80. It’s a heat-sealed solid coating, not a polish, so it can be highly customized. What’s Happening: The Me pedicure leaves toes feeling extra soft. Why We Love It: Founder and lead technician Naja Rickette does amazing reflexology foot massages. The Details: 8001 Santa Monica Blvd, 323-848-8094, extremedys2012.com

Beauty News

gENLUXshop Here’s what’s happening at some of LA’s top beauty destinations. –Dawn Shand Johnson Yale-trained UCLA faculty member Dr. Alexander Rivkin of the Westside Medical Spa on new temporary fillers: “Evolence is collagen, so it is Dr. Alexander Rivkin quite smooth [and has] none of the bumpiness that we sometimes see with the hyaluronic acid fillers. the company says that it lasts for a year. One more thing about Evolence: It bruises much less than other fillers, a big advantage.”

“Elevesse is the same hyaluronic acid as in Restylane or Juvéderm but with Lidocaine, so it doesn’t hurt. The duration may be a bit longer than present-day hyaluronics because it has a high concentration of hyaluronic acid, but we will have to see about that with clinical experience. The company claims six to eight months. [There should be no] long-term effects. That being said, these are new fillers, so we don’t know for sure. Since these fillers are new and only FDA-approved for the nasolabial folds, we will be injecting them only into the nasolabial folds and marionette lines at first. Both Evolence and Elevesse are thicker fillers, so we will probably not be injecting either one under the eyes or into the lips. The companies will be putting out thinner versions of the fillers to be used for fine lines and areas like under the eyes and the lips.” —Alexander Rivkin, MD, Westside Aesthetics, 888-722-7727, westsidemedicalspa.com Paris Hilton introduces “The Bandit,” an interchangeable hair-extension headband. The 100% polyesterfiber hair is attached with Velcro to the headband, leaving your hair free to style as you please; it can be curled, blow-dried, cut, or flat-ironed. The headbands come in eight shades and three lengths. Prices vary by length. $69.99–$79.99, Sally Beauty Supply, 310-839-0197, parisandsally.com

Neil George Salon

co-owners Neil Weisberg and Amanda George are launching a new five-product signature line inspired by their clients. It includes Intense Illuminating Shampoo for dry and chemically treated hair, $22, and Conditioner, $24; Intense Repair mask, $38; and Everyday Cleanse, $20, and Conditioner, $22. The line is paraben-free and comes in eco-friendly packaging. Neil George Salon, 310-275-2808, neilgeorgesalon.com Calidora Skin Clinic is offering

a special holiday treat for Genlux readers during the month of December: Sign up for a package of 12 facials, and you will receive a Clarisonic Skin Care Brush, a $195 value. (Clarisonic is like Sonicare for your face.) Calidora will also give you a Complimentary Photo-Imaging Complexion

Analysis when you visit one of their locations. Calidora, Glendale, 818-334-1023; Santa Monica, 310382-5280; calidora.com Board-certified dermatologist and skincare maverick Dr. Zein Obagi is launching a new line called ZO Skin Health. Based on a four-step concept— activate, stimulate, calm, and nourish—the 11-item line uses the highest possible over-thecounter concentration of retinol. Prices range from $40–$325; Studio at Fred Segal, 310-3948509; Nordstrom at the Grove, 323-930-2230

Celebrity manicurist Marsha Bialo has opened Extremities, a new private nail room at Beverly Hills’s Simply Porceline, a small spa that also offers facials and waxing. Bialo works exclusively with China Glaze polishes and offers a variety of colors. Prices range from $12–$70. Simply Porceline, 372 S. Maple Dr, Beverly Hills; Marsha Bialo, 310-447-8300, bpolished.com


Neil George haircare products, $20 to $38, Neil George Salon, 310-275-2808

Vida Emanuel European Day Spa

is offering a great holiday deal during November and December. With any facial, get Mesotherapy for free in November and December. Mesotherapy is best done on clean, exfoliated skin so that it can penetrate to the skin’s deepest layers. It usually costs $275 a treatment and requires no needles; it’s a great alternative to Botox or fillers. To take advantage of this special offer, just mention Genlux. Vida Emanuel, 9406 Dayton Way, Beverly Hills, 310-246-5111 Ouidad, the author of Curl Talk: Everything You Need to Know to Love and Care for Your Curly, Kinky, Wavy or Frizzy Hair, is opening a West Coast version of her popular NYC salon on Montana Avenue. Prices range from $90–$250. The Ouidad Salon, 1230 Montana Ave, Santa Monica, 800-677HAIR, ouidad.com

accessory access: made for walkin’

gENLUXshop Louis Vuitton leather thigh-high platform Eyeliner boot, approx. $1570, Louis Vuitton, 866-VUITTON, louisvuitton.com

Salvatore Ferragamo bootie, $950, Salvatore Ferragamo, Beverly Hills, 310-273-9990

Mike & Chris textured calfskin Ryce boot, $750, Revolve Clothing, LA, 323-944-0311

Moschino patent leather color block bootie, $780, zappos.com

Giorgio Armani watersnake platform ankle boot, price upon request, Giorgio Armani, Beverly Hills, 310-271-5555

Be&D quilted bootie, $795, H. Lorenzo, LA, 310-659-1432 Gucci dark brown leather boot with embossed crest detail, $1250, Gucci, select stores, 800-4567663, gucci.com

DSQUARED2 patent leather ankle boot with embossed crocodile detail, $770, DSQUARED2, New York, 212-244-5070


Dior stretch nappa leather thigh boot, $1640, Dior, Beverly Hills, 310-859-4700

Devi Kroell stiletto platform boot, $2290, devikroell.com

Hermès leather Rivale boots, $1775, Hermès stores nationwide, 800-4414488, hermes.com

Accessory Access: GET A GRIP


Celine bottle-green alligator Watch Me Work bag, $22,200, celine.com

Ralph Lauren Collection Saranac brown crocodile handbag, $23,495, Ralph Lauren, select stores, ralphlauren.com

Marc Jacobs Collection Daydream handbag, $1195, Marc Jacobs, Melrose Place, 323-653-5100

Celine Watch Me Move cream leather and mirror handbag, $1800, celine.com

Dior 61 handbag, printed crocodile on calfskin, $1850, Dior, Beverly Center, 310-659-5875 Gucci black python medium tote with black leather trim, $3950, Gucci, select stores, 800-456-7663, gucci.com Jill Stuart Dorthea crinkle patent leather magazine tote, $278, Bloomingdale’s, Century City, 310772-2100

Zufi Alexander stamped crocodile tote, $1780, zufialexander.com

Anya Hindmarch, the Brady Glace calf-leather handbag, $1170, Anya Hindmarch, LA, 310-271-9707


Hermès evercalf leather So Kelly handbag, $5800, Hermès stores nationwide, 800-441-4488, hermes.com

Devi Kroell Accordion handbag, $1190, devikroell.com

Weekend Brunch Saturday: 11 am â&#x20AC;&#x201C; 2:30 pm


Sunday: 11 am â&#x20AC;&#x201C; 3 pm

 1 6 / G /  0 @ / A A 3 @ 7 3

1 6 / G / 



& %"   / : 2 3 <  2 @ 7 D 3

    < /D G  A B @ 3 3 B

@ 3 A 3 @ D / B 7 = < A (

@ 3 A 3 @ D / B 7 = < A ( 



E E EB 6 3 1 6 /G/  1 = ;

Accessory Access: garden of eden

gENLUXshop Dior silver metal and onyx flower necklace, $1640, Dior, South Coast Plaza, 714-549-4700

Celine Labradorite and silver stone limited-edition plastron necklace, $1200, celine.com

Yoox Jewelry: Past and Present, Correani cuff, $686, yoox.com

Marni resin necklace on silk cord, $1392, netaporter.com

Dior Fine Jewelry Diorette small model ring, yellow gold, diamond, citrine and lacquer, price upon request, Dior, Beverly Hills, 310-859-4700

Yoox Jewelry: Past and Present, DelphineCharlotte Parmentier cuff, $80, yoox.com

J. Crew double-strand jeweled-flower pearl necklace, $250, J. Crew, Santa Monica, 310-260-9099, jcrew.com

Kara Ross black onyx Lollipop ring with 18K gold and diamonds, $6543, kararossny.com

Slane & Slane sterling silver Sea Pod oval hinged bracelet, $620, Neiman Marcus, Fashion Island, 949- 759-1900



































*>ÀÌÞ]Êi>Ì]Ê`Àˆ˜ŽÊ>˜`ÊLiʓiÀÀÞÊÀˆ}…Ìʈ˜Ê̅iʓˆ``iʜvÊ,œ`iœÊ ÀˆÛi°

Right in the middle of Beverly Hills' most festive holiday shopping destination you'll find the chic Luxe Hotel Rodeo Drive. And in it Bar360 with the signature 360 Martinis and Cafe Rodeo with its global fusion cuisine. Our penthouse suite (shown here) is a very unique location for a holiday party. With Rodeo Drive at your feet, Beverly Hills in the background and the number of catering options we can provide, your holiday party will be a chic, unique event in an unbelievably great location.

L Õ Ý i Ê  œ Ì i  Ê , œ ` i œ Ê À ˆ Û i 3ÈäÊ °Ê,œ`iœÊ ÀˆÛi]Ê iÛiÀÞʈÃ]Ê ÊUÊΣä°ÓÇΰäÎääÊUÊÜÜÜ°ÕÝi…œÌiÃ°Vœ“ Chic. Unique. Great Location.











































Accessory Access: bundle up


Donna Karan Luxe cashmere tights, $200, Nordstrom at The Grove, 323-930-2230

Chloe Nyssa sunglasses, $225, Chloe, Costa Mesa, 714-481-0308 Celine soft jersey Knot stole, $315, celine.com Anne Fontaine Jamy Mystery gloves, $285, Anne Fontaine, Beverly Hills, 310-288-9709

Lambertson Truex ring lizard Butterfly belt, $425, Lambertson Truex, LA, 323-951-9622

Reiss Clarence wide-brim trilby hat, $95, Reiss, LA, 310-276-0060

Alpinestars poly pinstripe Crown fedora, $56, Solutions, Newport Beach, 949-650-0479

Hermès Editeur special limited-edition scarf, Formal Garden, Homage to the Square, Josef Albers, silk twill, price upon request, Hermès stores nationwide, for information, 800-441-4488, hermes.com

J. Crew solid opera gloves, $130, J. Crew, The Grove, 323-939-1070


Versace violet Buckle belt, $520, Versace, Beverly Hills, 310-205-3921

IMAGINE LOOKING AND FEELING BETTER ABOUT YOURSELF AS SOON AS TOMORROW. “I promise not to make you feel like you’re entering the chaos of a reality show or a place where you’re just a number. I’m a cosmetic surgeon with a long, proven educational and professional track record with many, many satisfied clients. Give me a call at 310-360-0504 to schedule your complimentary consultation.” All procedures at the Beverly Hills Cosmetic Surgical Group are performed by Board-Certified surgeons.

“Thank you and your friendly staff for the excellent service and highly successful surgery! I was astonished at how smoothly my breastaugmentation surgery went. The result surpassed my expectations!” – R.L. Services: Breast augmentation, Liposuction, Mini face-lift, Mesotherapy, Botox, Restylane and the newest injectable treatments. Please come in for a complimentary consultation.

–Dr. Forouzanpour


Dr. Fardad Forouzanpour, D.O., F.A.C.O.S., was raised in Los Angeles and attended UCLA. He went on to complete his medical studies at Midwestern University in Chicago and served a five-year residency in general and trauma surgery. He completed a fellowship sponsored by the American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery where he trained in total facial and body aesthetic and cosmetic surgery. Dr. Forouzanpour successfully passed the board examinations sponsored by the American Board of Cosmetic Surgery.

8500 Wilshire Blvd. Suite 1020 Beverly Hills, California 90211 (310) 360-0504 perfectself.com 1-866-NEWSELF



Kiehl’s Musk eau de Toilette, $39, Kiehl’s, Robertson Blvd, 310860-0028 Kiehl’s Musk Liquid Body Cleanser, $15.50, Kiehl’s, 310-860-0028

Hush Puppies Mensa shoe, $170, hushpuppies.com

STYLE SAVVY PHillip bloch

Stylist, author, designer, and TV personality Phillip Bloch, who has collaborated with Emma & Posh designer Alison Pnini on an embellished-cashmere collection—Phillip Bloch for Emma & Posh, launching this holiday season—talks Ts, sneaks, and sexy scents. Who are your clients? My clients vary from Salma Hayek to Barbra Streisand, Christie Brinkley and her daughter, Alexa Ray Joel, to Michael Jackson.


Bosnia-born fashion designer Ina Soltani daydreams about a sexy must-have fashion item in Croatia, sipping wine and nibbling on truffles while overlooking the Adriatic Sea, and gladiator sandals. Who are your clients?

They love art and appreciate design. They recognize the craftsmanship and energy invested in the process that is put into my designs. My clients highly appreciate innovation and are courageous with the choices they make. And I would add that they are most definitely women who are being noticed, and they treat this whole process of getting glamorous as a true ritual. If you could take only one of them on vacation with you,

Diamond in the It’s so hard to choose. I would love to take Rough 28.45cts all of those fabulous women at once on a cruise through the natural rough If you could take only one of them Mediterranean and dock at my favorite Croatian village on diamond earrings, on vacation with you, who would it the Adriatic Sea—drink the most delicious wine and eat price upon request, be? Vivica A. Fox because I can relate to Neiman Marcus, delectable truffles. It would be an unforgettable party. her, and also because she’s loyal. Loyalty Beverly Hills, Don’t you think? OK, if I really have to choose, it for me is extremely important. HUGO wool blend 310-550-5900 would be [CAA’s] Hylda Queally because she looks What’s your favorite place to escape coat, $450, so stylish in a bathing suit. She knows how to accesHUGO, LA, 310to? Usually, to relax I go to Anguilla in sorize them the best! She wears gold and turquoise 360-6935, the Caribbean. I love Africa, too— sarongs, lots of fabulous hats… 800.HUGOBOSS, there’s always so much to learn there. What’s your favorite place to escape to? It hugoboss.com What would you pack? I never check would be Rovinj, Croatia. It’s a small city my bags, so I pack light things and praction the Istrian peninsula, which was heavily cal things that don’t take a lot of room in my influenced by Venetian architecture. The façades suitcase. I bring my white sneakers, hats, baseball Fendi of the buildings look like a color chart—a great caps, shorts, V-neck tees, and sheer sweaters for Over the visual! And the people are so warm and beautiful. It nighttime, and a couple of ties. I also bring two Knee makes you wonder, is it the organic food or is it the Adriatic Sea? I of my favorite eaux de toilette, Kiehl’s Original boot, believe it is their nonchalant mindset and their true passion for life. Musk, with the soap, and Hermès Eau d’Orange $1380, Just gorgeous! Verte, with the soap as well. Smelling good is Fendi What would you pack? I love colors—I’d pack yellow, green, essential, but not too much [scent] though—just boutiques fuchsia… Halter dresses, anything Pucci, and gold jewelry—lots enough to bring the sexy back. nationof it. Chunky Murano rings in every color to rotate with all my What three items could you not leave behind? wide, bathing suits. My favorite Roberto Cavalli gown because it is so My Nike sneakers, my 2(x)ist white tank top, and 800appropriate for the occasion. And a must-have in Croatia: a cromy reversible Gucci belt. FENDI-NY cheted bathing suit. Of course, the tinier the suit, the better—mayWhat shoes do you bring? I can’t leave without be in orange that I would get from a little lady at the town market. my Nike sneakers. I wear only two colors, black What three items could you not do without? A Missoni bathing and white. At the Nike store you can design your suit, Etro gladiators, and my gold and turquoise lariat necklace. own shoes. I have a few pairs with patent leather that How do you go from day to night without taking your entire are exquisite. I can dress up or down. It’s easy—I go closet with you? The key is in versatility. You have to pick those from urban chic to Hollywood chic! I also bring flippieces that are transforming from a.m. to p.m. They start from flops. And, of course, I pack my Hush Puppies. I’ve being a sarong at morning cappuccino time, and they turn into a recently started to represent the brand; their shoes cocktail dress at night. are so chic. What shoes do you bring? Anything Balenciaga. I can’t get What bags? My Prada knapsack is so convenient to enough of the braided, multicolored gladiators carry. For ladies, vintage handbags are so exquisite, like the Birkin or the Kelly from Hermès. this season. And if I were to go in fall, overWhat’s your favorite item this season? the-knee suede Fendi boots would have to be I have a couple of items—I can’t just pick one! I just traveling with me in their own suitcase. got red Dries Van Noten jacket that I really like. I also What handbags? But of course, CHANEL! just got a navy blue military jacket from Hugo Boss. I My red oversized quilted bag with the white piping; howfind military clothes very interesting; I love the look. ever, I would travel with my Givenchy studded doctor bag. I have to say I get a lot of use out of my Hugo Boss What’s your favorite item this season? Must-have YSL jackets. They fit perfectly. platform patent leather Mary Janes.


who would it be?

Marco Bicego Confetti 18K yellow gold ring, $1510, Traditional Jewelers, Newport Beach, 949-721-9010

dinenobu drivelotus surfwaikiki indulgeparc the new parc waikiki exclusive Room & Vroom Lotus Experience, My Place Waikiki Escape Package, and the exciting Nobu Waikiki

(800) 422-0450



gENLUXshop what are you buying?

Genlux’s Shannon Bowen finds out about the retail dreams of two LA-based lingerie designers, who spend their days creating ethereal underthings for the rest of us.

Who: Maria Paz Navales, CEO and creative director, Undrest, Downtown LA Shopper ID: I’m an online shopper! For brick-andmortar stores, I save money and spend it when I’m traveling for work in Paris, New York, Brazil, and London. Where are you shopping? My favorite places to shop are Le Bon Marché and Collette in Paris; the Saint-Ouen region of Paris for flea-market finds; Daslu in Sao Paulo; Barneys and Hermès for riding gear—I have a Belgian warmMoncler bolero jacket, blood horse named $4789, H. Lorenzo, Balthazar; I end up 310-659-1432 wearing a lot of the clothes that I ride in—and eBay! What are you buying lately? Lately I’ve Maria Paz navales been buying K. Jacques sandals in every color imaginable. I’ve also been buying Moncler puffer jackets in every color to prepare for when I travel to Northern California and Europe in January. Golden Goose boots are super-awesome, too—I wear them every day! Accessory fave you crave: The accessory that 1980s model Rolex I’m craving right now is an all-gold Rolex GMT, GMT Master I, circa 1980s. price upon request, Hidden treasure: My favorite secret shopping Roxbury Jewelry, spot is my own closet! I collect so much vintage 213-627-4179 that I’m constantly finding things that I’ve bought and collected and never worn, so it’s like having something brand-new again when I discover it. My closet would be the ultimate boutique. It’s filled with vintage Saint Laurent, Gucci, Chanel, Hermès, and jewelry to fill probably a small Paris apartment. I guess you can say I’m a true shopaholic.

Signature Marissa bralette, $60, and Signature Sofia pants, $98, Bittersweet Butterfly, Silver Lake, 323-6604303; Faire Frou Frou, Studio City, 818-783-4970


Who: Stacey Dash, founder, Letters of Marque, Century City Shopper ID: I’m a calculated shopper. I plan the pieces I need from magazines and campaigns to enhance or transform my wardrobe. I’ve been a fan of fashion since I was a kid but never really followed STACEY DASH a particular trend. I always want to be a woman of style and class—and also realize what is flattering on me and what is appropriate for a woman in different stages of her life. Where are you shopping? I do it all. Neiman Marcus, where I [recently] purchased a Marchesa dress—it’s a peach mini that’s great for summer. Ballon Bleu Chanel, Yves Saint Laurent, and some vintage. I recently purde Cartier chased two new pairs of shoes at Christian Louboutin that I have in 18K rose worn religiously for the last few weeks. They make me feel profes- gold with diamonds, sional and sexy. I’m a self-confessed shoe fanatic. The right shoe $29,375, can make or break my look. I’ve been known to leave the house Cartier, wearing one pair of shoes, only to return that evening wearing a Beverly new pair I purchased that afternoon. For vintage, Hills, 310Julian’s in West Hollywood…Decades for their amazing 275-0903; Cartier, ‘Halston and Ozzie Clark. The seventies for me are the Topanga, epitome ofstyle and fashion. What are you buying 818-737lately? My new Ray-Ban Wayfarers. I have three 3471, pairs—one for sunglasses, one for reading, and another 1-800for seeing from afar. Apparently this is what happens CARTIER; with age. I love having intimate gatherings in my cartier.com home and recently purchased a 1920s art deco bar set—perfect for cocktail hour. Also, as a mother, when I travel for work, I generally buy for my daughter. I never thought I’d be so selfless with shopping, but it happens. I bought her a fabulous tutu from a Parisian ballet shop, as well as a faux-fur pink cape. Very glamorous. She loves to wear the tutu to dinner. Accessory faves you crave: If I’m going through my wish list, an Hermès Birkin bag, the Yves Saint Laurent platforms, a classic CHANEL black suit, the perfect little black dress, and the CHANEL strapless lace mini. And I don’t own a watch, but I think it’s time, so I want a Cartier. Hidden treasure: Julian’s, because it’s very under-the-radar. His vintage jewelry is phenomenal, like his Victorian and Edwardian archive pieces. These inspire me for Letters of Marque designs and also can be mixed with a pair of jeans for a little rock ’n’ Muse bralet with bib, $100; roll look. Everything there is string with bib, $50; short robe, period, and I draw on that for $315, lettersofmarque.com the collection, even if it’s bits of lace, which are so delicate and tell a story. He cares for his pieces, and he’s so knowledgeable about these eras that I often go to him to have a history lesson, and these translate into my designs.

Ray-Ban Wayfarers, $149, Dan Deutsch Optical, 310-246-9468

Noir washed silk charmeuse T, $375, lettersofmarque.com

“The ambiance is killer… Tasty and inventive cuisine”



“ Sexy celeb hot spot” The Men’s book


iEclectic Cuisine

iStylishPrivate Dining Rooms


iRomantic Patio Dining

606 N Robertson Blvd (corner Melrose)

(310) 289-2824



West Hollywood, CA 90069


gENLUXshop what are you buying? amber stevens

Amber Stevens, daughter of radio and TV personality Shadoe Stevens, delights audiences as the perky Ashleigh Howard on ABC Family’s Greek, a dramedy about college life and the Greek system. Here, she gives Genlux the skinny on her new Marc Jacobs bag and what’s always in her purse.


J Brand Suzuki in Stinson, $209, Madison on Robertson, Los Angeles, 310-275-1930

What is your go-to boutique in LA, and what did you buy there recently?

I adore the store LF on Roberton Blvd. All of their clothes are from Europe, so their pieces are more unique.

I love my Fiorentini + Baker brown buckle boots. It doesn’t get more comfortable or stylish than those.

What shoes?

What do you take with you when you get away for a weekend?

My comfy J Brand jeans, a Sonia Rykiel scarf, and Mikli green tortoise cat sunglasses. Do you overpack or underpack?

Mikli cat sunglasses, $550, Dan Deutsch Optical, 310246-9468

I’m an under-packer. I used to overpack to the point where it was embarassing. So now I pack really light—sometimes too light, where I’ll end up wearing outfits twice. But then there is always room to shop! What beauty products do you carry in your purse? I never leave the house without

Chapstick. I also always have my Scott Barnes bronzer and Jurlique hand cream. No one likes dry hands!

Marc by Marc Jacobs Turn-Lock Teri Tote, $438, Neiman Marcus, Beverly Hills, 310-550-5900

Jurlique lavender hand cream, $25, Jurlique.com

Lorac Visual Effects Curling, Separating, & Lengthening Mascara, $19.50, Sephora, Century City, 310-843-0123 Photographer: Paul Schefz / paulschefz.com Makeup: Dawn Shand Johnson / Dawnshandjohnson.com Stylist: Jordan Holcomb

Hair: Jessica Elbaum


Sonia Rykiel modern scarf with a quirky fox intarsia design, $320, netaporter.com

Bally suede boot, $870, Bally, Beverly Hills, 310-271-3310

Trina Turk cranberry Huston silk dress, $248, Trina Turk, LA, 323-651-1382

holiday gifts: HIM

gENLUXshop for the man in your life

A wise man said that it’s in giving that we receive.–George blodwell Although I love to receive gifts, I also love to be around happy people. So if you’re not feeling too happy, go out and get a gift for someone you love. You will feel brand new. Don’t forget, you can even buy yourself a gift; after all, if you weren’t here, the world wouldn’t exist for you…so you deserve to be good to yourself, don’t you think? With gas digging into our fashion budgets, what better time to introduce the super-sexy Inizio, the electric sports car that can go from 0–60 in four seconds with a top speed of 160 mph. It will be introduced next month at the LA car show. This car is a beauty, designed by Ron Cerven for Hybrid Technologies. He has also created an all-electric motorcycle chopper that’s sure to turn many heads as you zoom by while being eco-conscious. Of course, watches to a man are like diamonds to a woman. One of the most exclusive, complicated masterpieces is the Quadruple Tourbillon, created by Greubel Forsey. This watch is for the very serious collector, or a man who has it all. Another great watchmaker, known among the cognoscente, is Bell & Ross. Their black-faced limited-edition is a beauty. I remember the time before Prada started making fashionable attire, they were primarily leather handbags, trunks and shoes. So get a Prada manbag for your guy; they’re very stylish and practical, and very cool. If you don’t like your man to be the center of attention, don’t get him an Alexander McQueen tux. It rocks! Does he like shoes? Get him a pair of green velvet oxfords to wear with jeans, if you dare. These shoes are babe magnets, so if you buy him a pair, don’t blame me…or him.

Bell & Ross BR01-94 Limited Edition watch, $6500, Westime, Beverly Hills, 310-271-0000

Jane Heart sterling silver cufflinks with emerald eyes, price upon request, 888-703-0503, janeheart.com

Alexander McQueen jacket, $3790; pant, $655, Traffic, LA, 310-659-0613

Inizio electric car, $140,000, hybridtechnologies.com

Prada men’s bag, price upon request, prada.com

Enjoy your holidays! Love, George

Greubel Forsey QTD watch, price upon request, westime.net

Versace Acron Tourbillion Watch, $183,000, Versace, Beverly Hills, 310-205-3921; Costa Mesa, 714-380-3237 Field Guide to Stains by Virginia M. Friedman, Melissa Wagner, and Nancy Armstrong, $15.95, Tracey Ross, West Hollywood, 310-854-1996

Moët & Chandon 2000 Grand Vintage Champagne, $69.99, John and Pete's Fine Wine and Spirits, LA, 310-6573080, johnandpetes.com


Ultimate Burn Machine, $299, theburnmachine.com

Paul Smith shoe, $475, Traffic, LA, 310-659-0613

Weâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ll take you there. A Selective Limousine & Private Jet Service 661-943-2600 www.aselectivelimo.com

133 GENLUX FALL / 2008

holiday gifts: pooch


Don’t leave town without your best friend. Pack her up and take her along in this luxe, cabin-size Louis Vuitton dog carrier, $1890, louisvuitton.com

dog day afternoon Has your pooch been naughty or nice? Either way, treat him to something special this holiday season, like a spiffy yellow raincoat for winter walks or customized dog treats with his very own furry face on the label. —Shannon L. Bowen

Who says dogs aren’t allowed? This Gucci dog bag will keep your fluffy companion safe and snug while you browse the racks at Neiman’s. $955, gucci.com

Even if you let your dog share the bed, she deserves a spot of her own, like this plush Madras dog bed. Small, $118; large, $200, jcrew.com

Celebrate your favorite dog of unknown origins with this smart, two-sided Whimsy Press Mutt Wagger wrapping paper. 24” by 36”, $4.50 per sheet, whimsypress.com Every dog owner has had this experience: It’s pouring rain, but it’s time for a w-a-l-k. You leash up, head out, and hightail it back as quickly as possible. But then, as soon as your pup sets four paws in the living room, he shakes it like a Polaroid picture. Next time, suit him up in this adorable dog raincoat and keep him—and your house— cozy and dry. $75, jcrew.com

Louis Vuitton dog charm with a tiny doghouse, bone, and bowl, $330, louisvuitton.com

OK, so Fido doesn’t need to eat off of a silver platter, but who says he shouldn’t dine in style? Jonathan Adler dog bowl, 7.5” by 2”, $50; 10.5” by 3”, $78; jonathanadler.com


For the preppy pooch: Barneys New York dog leash, $40, and Palmelatto collar in red, $35, barneys.com Reward your pup for good behavior with A Dog’s Life organic, 100% natural treats. You can even customize the bags with your beloved’s photo. Treats, $7.97 per bag, D.O.G. (dee-oh-gee) Pet Boutique, 310-424-5807. Customized, $24-$89, adogslife.net, makeyourdogfamous.com

Make your pooch the envy of the dog park with this Tiffany & Co. sterling silver Scottie dog tag charm, which can also be worn on a necklace or bracelet. $100, tiffany.com

WHERE THE URBAN SANCTUARY MEETS THE SPRAWLING CITY WHAT – Experience the newly redesigned W Los Angeles – Westwood featuring modern, spacious bungalow-style studios and suites by celebrity designer Thom Filicia. Sip and savor under the sun in The Backyard poolside lounge, take a dip in the pool or retreat to an airy cabana surrounded by lush botanicals in this ultimate Los Angeles hideaway. When the sun sets, step inside and indulge in NINETHIRTY restaurant featuring modern American cuisine with global influences and bold flavors. The sexy Whiskey Blue lounge mixes high design and art for the perfect place to see and be seen. You’ll have to join us. WHERE – 930 Hilgard Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90024 For more information call 310.208.8765 or visit www.whotels.com/losangeles



holiday gifts: HER


Kiki de Montparnasse candle. $65, Kiki de Montparnasse, LA, 323-951-9545

Picking the right present for a stylish woman might seem complicated, but trust me, unless you bring home a fireplace? Don’t despair—set the kitchen appliance, you’ll probably be No mood with this charming, aromatic fine. Nonetheless, as the holiday candle by Kiki de Montparnasse. $65, Kiki de Montparnasse, LA, 323madness begins, here’s a little help. 951-9545, kikidemontparnasse.com —Shannon L. Bowen Perfect for festive holiday fêtes, this silver-feathered hair accessory by Jane Tran is dreamy indeed. $65, janetran.com; Pink Lili, Santa Monica, 310-576-7100

You simply cannot go wrong by giving a woman cashmere. This snuggly cashmere cable blanket by Magaschoni makes for a thoughtful present that she’ll curl up in for many winters to come. $366, magaschoni.com Sama Eyewear Donna, $348, Destination: Sama, 310271-1734

We ladies do love our accessories. Soft and radiant, Hermès’ metallic silk-twill glam scarf, dubbed the Ex Libris, gives off the perfect holiday glow. $295, hermes.com


If you want to see her eyes open wide with delight, give her Sama Eyewear’s chic Donna frames. Available in brown or black/ turquoise, they feature a charming polka-dot pattern on the inside of the frames, like a secret for the wearer alone to enjoy. $348, Destination: Sama, Beverly Hills, 310-271-1734, samaeyewear.net

Famed Lebanese chocolatier Patchi has created what might be the planet’s most exclusive box of chocolates. Launched exclusively through Harrod’s department store in London, the made-to-order, leather-wrapped box houses 49 pieces of milk chocolate blended with ground almonds, each embellished with either a 24K gold flower and Swarovski crystal or handcrafted silk rose. You can even engrave the interior goldplated plaque with a personal note. $10,000, patchi.us Covered in an elegant white pony-hair texture and lined in rich purple, Krug’s hat box makes a striking and festive holiday gift. Even better, it’s a surefire way to get a party started: It can house two 750ml bottles of Krug Grande Cuvee

packed in individual gift boxes, $300, or three unpackaged bottles, $450. Wally’s, 310-475-0606

Every gift sends a message, and gifting a piece of statement jewelry says “You have style”—especially if the gift in question is this exquisite gold Static Branch Choker from Jewelry Alchemy. The line is the brainchild of goldsmith Melissa McClure, who crafts each piece by hand in her Los Angeles studio. $3000, Roseark, West Hollywood, 323-822-3600; cakejewelry.com

Patchi box of chocolates, $10,000, patchi.us







Flowers.Events. Environment.Home. 8327 West 3rd Street Los Angeles, CA 90048


p. 323.852.1766 f. 323.852.0863 w. thevelvetgarden.com e. velvetgarden@earthlink.net


LEONA EDMISTON Sunset Plaza 8591 Sunset Blvd West Hollywood California 90069 Open daily 10am to 8pm SANTA MONICA 1007 Montana Ave. Santa Monica California 90403 Open daily 10am to 8pm 1-877-7FROCKS leonaedmiston.com


Leona Edmiston Velvet sassy lbd with purple plaid detail, $465, Leona Edmiston, 310-855-9121, leonaedmiston.com

Hanii Y mohair trapeze coat, $820, netaporter.com  

Peter Som plaid alpaca wool jacket, $1495, gray and black patent leather layered belt with multi buckles, $195, Carrot’s, San Francisco, 415-834-9040; Peter Som Prince of Wales suiting multi-layered skirt, $950, Neiman Marcus, Beverly Hills, 310-550-5900 Peter Som plaid dress, $1295, Neiman Marcus, Beverly Hills, 310-550-5900

BB Dakota sleeveless plaid cardigan, $75, M’attias, Santa Monica, 310-576-4711

D&G wool skirt, $845, ruffle chiffon shirt, $880, tights, $170 and boots, $700, dolcegabbana.it

Lian Murray Captain plaid hooded jacket, $85, Nordstrom, Los Angeles, 323930-2230, aqua-vi.com

closet desires: clad in plaid

Jean Paul Gaultier Femme brown plaid jacket, $2495, Jean Paul Gaultier Femme brown plaid pant, $1045, Neiman Marcus, Beverly Hills, 310-550-5900

Dolce & Gabbana plaid shirt and trousers, price upon request, Dolce & Gabbana, Beverly Hills, 310-859-8400

Tibi Glenplaid trousers, $288, Tibi, New York, 212-226-5852


closet desires:shades of purple


Echo blue acrylic extra long soft glove, $25, echodesign.com

Michael Stars cashmere turtleneck, $285, Michael Stars, LA, 323-965-8023, michaelstars.com

Armani Collezioni jacket, Â $2635, Neiman Marcus, Beverly Hills, 310-550-5900

Lauren Merkin small-frame Lucy top clutch in amethyst patent crocodile, $250, Cusp, Century City, 310-552-0300, cusp.com

Versace in-andout coat in purple, $3800, Versace Mary Jane red heel, price available upon request, Versace boutiques worldwide, 1-888-721-7219

T Luxury mauve boyshort, $88, V-neck cami, $158, Brander Parsons, Santa Monica, 310-458-9940; Rococo, Dana Point, 949-632-4300, tluxury.com


JVL Los Angeles Dahlia cowl neck top, $75, jvllosangeles.com

ABS by Allen Schwartz violet oneshoulder top, $125, ABS by Allen Schwartz, Santa Monica, 310-3938770; Costa Mesa, 714979-9101, absstyle.com

Burberry Prorsum trench coat, $3595, Burberry, Beverly Hills, 310-550-4500; South Coast Plaza, 714-556-8110; burberry.com

Velvet Emella fringe top, $174, Cusp, Century City, 310-552-0300, cusp.com

Michael Stars Jordyn velvet cowl-neck shift dress with pockets, $118, Michael Stars, LA, 323-965-8023; Just Basics, Newport Beach, 949-675-6216; michaelstars.com

Mary Norton Liz clutch in amethyst, $1295, Mary Norton, Melrose Place, 323-852-1800, marynorton.com

Stuart Weitzman Nanette purple suede peep-toe bootie, $355, Neiman Marcus, Beverly Hills, 310-550-5900 Marc Bower purple silk gown, $3800, Neiman Marcus, Beverly Hills, 310550-5900

Reem Acra grape silk satin faced chiffon halter gown, $4450, reemacra.com Prada purple dress, $1435, Neiman Marcus, Beverly Hills, 310-550-5900

Rock & Republic purple Bette dress, price upon request; Rock & Republic black Anastasia mary-jane platform shoe, $348, rockandrepublic.com Carolina Herrera belted dress with pleated neckline, $1990, Neiman Marcus, Beverly Hills, 310-550-5900

closet desires:shades of purple


Melanie Avid Mainland lavender bag, $650, Feng Junk, fengjunk.com Gianna Meliani Voila suede boots, $980, Neiman Marcus, Beverly Hills, 310-550-5900, giannameliani.it


closet desires:green forest


Pamella Roland emerald silk charmeuse gown, $2475, fox and coq feather capelet, $3995, Nordstrom, South Coast Plaza, 714-549-8300

Desiree K Jewelry Collection silver plaque with 18 grams of sterolide and 1.8 carats of emeralds on a green snakeskin band, $480, 213-618-0902


Jane Brooke green gown, $1150, Mâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;attias, Santa Monica, 310-5764711 Gucci dress, $1490, Neiman Marcus, Beverly Hills, 310-550-5900

Ecoskin Tourmaline sycamore dress, $210, Vie, LA, 323-944-0530; Stevie Lins, Corona del Mar, 714-9147268; ecoskincollections.com

ABS by Allen Schwartz evergreen low cross-back gown, $370, ABS by Allen Schwartz, Santa Monica, 310-393-8770; South Coast Plaza, 714-979-9101, absstyle.com Hale Bob olive iridescent chiffon dress, $268, Boulmiche, Beverly Hills, 310-2736443; Savvy, Laguna Niguel, 949-249-9720, halebob.com Â

Manak Couture 25ct lemon citrine cocktail ring accented by a 7ct mixed palette of natural color diamonds, $6500, XIV Karats, Beverly Hills, 310-551-1212; Jewels by Joseph, Newport Beach, 949-640-6788

Eric Javitz green hat with feathers, $525, Neiman Marcus, Beverly Hills, 310-550-5900 Isabel de Pedro dress, $495, Mâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;attias, Santa Monica, 310-576-4711

Reem Acra forest-green silk charmeuse dress, $1275, reemacra.com

Michael Stars loden cashmere kimono turtleneck jacket, $330, Michael Stars, LA, 323-965-8023; Just Basics, Newport Beach, 949-675-6216; michaelstars.com

Tory Burch green patent with metal hardware logo clutch, $295, Cusp, Century City, 310-552-0300, cusp.com

closet desires:green forest


Gucci forest-green velvet skirt with gold chain, $1275, Neiman Marcus, Beverly Hills, 310-550-5900

Miu Miu two-tone coat dress, price upon request, Miu Miu, Beverly Hills, 310-247-2227

T Luxury olive wide-neck turtleneck, $436, Brander Parsons, Santa Monica, 310-458-9940; Rococo, Dana Point, 949-632-4300; tluxury.com


Closet Desires: bronze vs gold

gENLUXshop 3.1 Phillip Lim bronze classic P.I. trench coat with leather-covered buckles, $750, moon turtleneck with rosebud sleeves, $350, dune dress with rorschach ribbon embroidery and folded-pleat twist, $575, 3.1 Phillip Lim, West Hollywood, 310-358-1988

Marco Bicego Confetti 18K yellow-gold necklace, $1580, Neiman Marcus, Beverly Hills, 310-550-5900; Traditional Jewelers, Newport Beach, 949-721-9010

Leona Edmiston Jerry floor-length peek-a-boo one-shoulder gold evening gown, $985, Leona Edmiston, West Hollywood, 310-855-9121, leonaedmiston.com

Reem Acra gold long skirt, $1200, and gold studded black top, $1450, Neiman Marcus, Beverly Hills, 310-5505900

Ticci Tonetto gold corset, $250, Mâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;attias, Santa Monica, 310-576-4711

Tibi Electric LamĂŠ knot top, $298, Tibi Boutique, New York, 212-226-5852

Tempus Gems diamond bangle, $1900, Coutula, Venice, 310-581-8010 Jenna Blake wide diamond bar gold cuff, $30,000, Roseark, West Hollywood, 323-822-3600, roseark.com

3.1 Phillip Lim bronze split-panel dress with pinwheel raglan wedge sleeve, $695, 3.1 Phillip Lim, West Hollywood, 310-358-1988


Burberry Posey brass woven bracelet, $495, Burberry, Beverly Hills, 310550-4500, burberry.com

Anya Hindmarch Piano gold python clutch, $1250, netaporter.com

M’ATTIAS an extraordinary Boutique. 1403 Montana

You’ll find the latest Italian and American designer fashion at M’attias like: Blank, Class by Roberto Cavalli, Cosabella, Beverly Feldman, Fuzzi, Jean Paul Gauthier, Indie, Isabella De Pedro, Betsy Johnson, Mandalay, Twin Set, Nicole Miller, Rodika Zanin, Sam Edelman, Transit Par-such, Vitamina, Zelda, and more. No wonder stylish women and Hollywood celebs from all over come to shop at M’ATTIAS 1403 Montana Ave., Santa Monica 90403 (310) 576-4711 Open 7 days, Hours: 10-6.

TOP to toe: street chic

gENLUXshop Naeem Khan black top with ruffle collar, $1520, Neiman Marcus, Beverly Hills, 310-550-5900 HayLuv Royal glam ring in 14K rose gold with champagne diamonds and white agate center stone, $2800, hayluv.com

Roland Mouret ivory wool skirt, $1350, Neiman Marcus, Beverly Hills, 310-5505900

Temperley London Mata Hari black leather bag with gold zippers, $1550, Temperley London, LA, 323-782-8000

Sergio Rossi Alek black suede boot with metallic bracelet, $1380, Sergio Rossi, Melrose Place, 323-944-0864, sergiorossi.com


Panthère de Cartier necklace in 18K white gold, $6025, Cartier, Beverly Hills, 310275-0903; Topanga, 818-737-3471, 1-800-CARTIER; cartier.com Hale Bob black and silver sequin and stretch silk charmeuse top, $260, Boulmiche, Beverly Hills, 310-273-6443; M. Fredric, El Segundo, 310-322-5002; halebob.com

Diamond in the Rough Iceberg bracelet with 15.65cts natural rough diamond pavĂŠ accents hand-crafted in 18K white gold, price upon request, Neiman Marcus, Beverly Hills, 310-550-5900; diamondintherough.com

Christian Louboutin black suede Alti booty, $1125, Christian Louboutin, Beverly Hills, 310-247-9300, christianlouboutin.com Black Orchid bootcut jean, $98, Intuition, LA, 877-310-8442, shopintuition.com

head to toe: silver spoon


Christian Louboutin black patent Pouche, $565, Christian Louboutin, South Coast Plaza, 714-754-9200; christianlouboutin.com



gENLUXshop daring to dream Offering fine lingerie and creatively cheeky gifts and accessories, Coco de Mer is about sensual luxury with a wink and a smile —and a vision of making the world a better place. BY shannon bowen

Down a garden pathway and tucked practically out of sight on Melrose Avenue, Coco de Mer, which originated in the U.K., doesn’t even have a storefront on the street itself. But it doesn’t matter. Housing a treasure trove of fine lingerie and artful objects of desire, this purveyor of “erotic luxury for lovers, adventurers, and dreamers” has made quite a name for itself among the town’s pleasureseekers, celebrities included. (Just which famous names are Coco de Mer devotees remains a guarded secret—the company doesn’t kiss and tell.) Like the decadent parlor of a Victorian-era society lady with plenty of secrets of her own, Coco de Mer is filled with unique finds. There are eclectic gift items, all appropriately cheeky, from jewelry and notecards to books, Jimmyjane massage candles, and leather accessories, like the Ilya Fleet harness that Sienna Miller, who has it in both black and brown, made an instant fashion must-have. And of course there’s the lingerie. It’s dreamy indeed, and many of the lines are hard to find. Among others, there’s Coco de Mer’s own label, Australian brand Bulb, Letters of Marque by Stacey Dash, and the U.K.’s Lascivious, which Coco de Mer co-founder Justine Roddick describes as “very sexy, very interesting—always different, but not overt, not obvious.” Silken underthings by the Lake & Stars, seen on Sarah Jessica Parker in Sex and the City: The Movie, are on the way. And fans of flirty ruffles will be delighted to find Strumpet & Pink pieces here as well. “They actually credit us with walking into the store in London—two young designer girls never having made a pair of knickers before in their lives—and


Coco de Mer Lorelei plunge bra, $115

Coco de Mer Lorelei suspender brief, $90

being so inspired by the store that they said, ‘We’re going to make knickers for you,’” Roddick says. Coco de Mer’s aesthetic fires up both the mind and the passions. “We Coco de Mer Lorelei take so much inspiration from Feather tickler, $16 French lace brief, $115 the past,” Roddick says, recalling how she and her sister, co-founder Sam Roddick, “grew up spending every weekend in antique shops, in antique markets, flea markets—obsessed with it.” The result of that obsession is charming 1940s touches and accents from the Victorian and Edwardian eras. “I think that they were so naughty,” Roddick says with a smile. But when it comes to the nuts and bolts of the retail business, Coco de Mer is anything but naughty. Daughters of The Body Shop founder Anita Roddick, Justine and Sam pride themselves on promoting responsible consumerism. “I don’t know any other way,” Justine says. They even commissioned the ornate wallpaper from artisans in beleaguered New Orleans. The accessories on offer, whether wood or silk, are fair-trade, and the sisters go to great lengths to seek out and support local artists. “I think the more we can encourage other businesses to do this, the better,” she says. Plenty of retailers talk about making the world a better place, but the Roddicks are working to make it a reality—one lover, adventurer, and dreamer at a time. Coco de Mer, 8618 Melrose Ave., LA, 310-652-0311, cocodemerusa.com





















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Designer Profile

gENLUXshop Working it

Facing down the complex economics of the high-fashion business, acclaimed designer Narciso Rodriguez’s best weapon is the sexy simplicity of his creations – By trisha K. Tucker

Sping/Summer ’09, prices upon request, narciscorodriguez.com

Narciso Rodriguez is something of an anomaly in the dramatic world of high fashion, where designers are as likely to be known for their prickly attitudes and excessive behavior as for their actual designs. Rodriguez eschews the attention-getting antics favored by so many of his peers—according to The New York Times, Vogue’s Anna Wintour has described him as “not a diva”—and instead leaves the drama where it belongs: on the runway. Since launching his first collection under the Narciso Rodriguez label in 1997, he has garnered near-unanimous raves from both critics and customers for his impeccably tailored and minimalist yet sexy designs. His meticulous attention to detail and ability to emphasize the sensual side of simplicity have also led to an impressive cache of trophies and awards over the years. The only designer ever to win back-to-back Council of Fashion Designers of America awards for Womenswear Designer of the Year (2002 and 2003), he was also named one of the “25 Most Influential Hispanics in America” by Time magazine in 2005. Despite all the acclaim, Rodriguez’s road hasn’t always been a smooth one. In fact, fashion insiders were shocked to learn that the popular designer was in real financial trouble last year. While pecuniary predicaments are nothing new to the frequently volatile fashion world (recent history has seen celebrated brands from Badgley Mischka to Yves Saint Laurent face similar financial hardship), the style community seemed genuinely dumbfounded that a beloved innovator like Rodriguez could be facing bankruptcy. Luckily, the tale of Rodriguez’s money woes looks like it might have a happy ending: American fashion


The designer with Jessica Alba at the 2008 ALMA Awards

giant Liz Claiborne Inc. swooped in with a muchneeded infusion of cash in May 2007. While there have been rumblings that the Claiborne-Rodriguez partnership may not be a long-lived one, the union has (at least temporarily) allowed the designer to return his focus to the runway and an expansion of his award-winning fragrance line. In October, Rodriguez launched a limited-edition version of his popular “for him” and “for her” fragrances. Featuring gorgeous mirrored bottles that Rodriguez has said are designed to echo his view that “masculinity and femininity are reflections of one another,” these little works of art are arriving just in time for the holiday gifting season. Rodriguez is also excited about the spring 2009 release of a totally new fragrance—his first since “for him” launched in 2007. What Rodriguez’s many fans are probably most thrilled by, though, are the gorgeous designs he sent down the runway during September’s New York Fashion Week. There, the master of pulse-pounding minimalism showed that he hadn’t lost his touch, and that, if anything, adversity had merely made him stronger. Given the trials and tribulations he’s had to overcome these last few years, Rodriguez must have found his most recent bit of industry recognition—a 2008 ALMA award for “Special Achievement in Fashion”—particularly gratifying. The ALMA awards, bestowed by the nation’s largest Hispanic civil-rights and advocacy organization, are designed to honor individuals whose work has influenced American culture. While this ALMA award is the latest in a string of well-deserved tributes to his achievements, the combination of Rodriguez’s immense talent with his perseverance in the face of obstacles guarantees that it surely won’t be the last. Pure Reflection limited-edition eau de toilette: 100ml, for her, $87, for him, $75, Saks Fifth Avenue, Beverly Hills, 310-275-4211



Ad Design / Photography: Stephen Kamifuji / The Style Group




ona | spa face + body + medical 7373 beverly blvd, los angeles 90036 323.931.4442 onaspa.com


INTERNATIONAL TREASURE Citizen of the world Reem Acra offers up a sparkling introduction to spring – By Davida Deutsch Hall

Reem Acra midnight blue cashmere cardigan, $1050; cashmere shell, $525; wool felt A-line skirt, $1200, Reem Acra Salon, 212-308-8760

You have to push past a gaggle of celebrity stylists to make your way to the queue of eager reporters at the Beverly Hills Hotel’s exclusive bungalows to await your turn to speak with Reem Acra, the bridal and eveningwear icon. Acra awaits demurely, patiently, with a palpable air of confidence. She must know her collection is killer. Simple. Pulled together. Petite. Clad in black. This is Reem Acra the individual. In contrast, the Reem Acra collection is exuberant, playful, larger than life, and intricate. Spring 2009, her fifth ready-to-wear season, fully reveals the inherent “Reem dichotomy” in which Reem the woman and Reem the fashion designer must temper egos for the sake of a brilliant and balanced runway. Reem Acra silk chiffon gold sequined gown, $4400, Neiman Marcus, San Francisco, 415-3623900

The theme of her collection is jewel boxes. A sunburst of color explodes onto the runways: bright fuchsia, orange, pink, and metallics compete for the light’s attention. Expect to see “lots of jacquards and chiffons with metallic overlays,” Acra says. The designer effortlessly balances a vivid, highly adorned collection with relaxed, simplified silhouettes. With bold jewel embellishments come cinched-in, belted waistlines, and a simple, clean design with “nothing overworked” (hints that a separate belt-focused accessories line may be in the works for the future). The interplay of magical colors and exotic prints reminds us of the rich cultural background from which Acra draws. The designer need only tap into her personal travel diary to define her deepest inspirations. Palestine-born, Acra has studied in New York


Reem Acra silk taffeta blouse, $1740, Neiman Marcus, Beverly Hills, 310550-5900; black silk skirt with embroidered waistband, $1550, Mitchell’s, Westport, CT, 203-227-5165

and Paris and has lived on nearly every continent. “This is my forte,” she says, “understanding different cultures and blending them all together.” Best known for her signature use of embellishment and embroidery, Acra defines a sensibility that speaks to a refined and glamorous jet-setting international woman. “You will see prints based on a painting I discovered on my trip to China 20 years ago. I will take a fabric that is very French luxury, a silk jacquard with gold lamé that has a couture hand, and that will be my influence from Paris. I will take the color of desert sands from a recent trip to Dubai.” And with such global perspective it’s only fitting that Acra counts princesses and heiresses among her patrons. Apart from its spellbinding exoticism and jewel-like sparkle, the Reem Acra spring collection is captivating in its own right. Each piece reflects a methodical, deliberate, almost painstaking attention to narrative and detail. “When I am designing I really think about what the customers around the world will want,” she says. The Reem woman is strong and confident, but also contemplative. “A woman that likes my collection is a well-thought woman,” Acra says. “She reads, she thinks before she makes a purchase, she knows exactly what she wants.” And like her fans, Acra is no shrinking violet. Always at the ready and perpetually on the hunt for the next big undertaking, she’s not one to sit still, and craves constant visual stimulus. So it comes as no surprise that her occasional days off are spent scouring flea markets, forever searching for that next hidden gem. “You can never be bored in fashion,” she notes. But there will be no yawns from her discerning fashionista crowd come spring. When her dazzling masterpieces hit the runway, prepare for jaws to drop.

Photos courtesy of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week

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Quality ingredients, insanely delicious pastries and artisanal breads, and fresh takes on French-inspired sandwiches, soups, and salads make BreadBar one of our all-time faves. You’d be hard-pressed to decide which meal is the most delectable here, as this is an ideal spot for breakfast (opt for the pain de mie French toast), lunch, and dinner (don’t miss the ahi tuna burger with garlicginger fries). Check out the BreadBar Web site for an event calendar, where you’ll find upcoming guest chef and artist series. BreadBar, 8718 W. 3rd St, LA, 310-205-0124, breadbar.net

Best ON 3rd St: A.O.c. A longtime Genlux favorite, A.O.C.’s Suzanne Goin and Caroline Styne continue to get it right with their stylish and eclectic wine bar and tapas restaurant. On this particular Genluxer’s perfect culinary night-out, the experience starts with one of more than 50 dry wines by the glass, an out-of-this-world selection of European cheeses, and a small plate of roasted dates, Parmesan, and bacon. If you can move past the cheese and charcuterie, you’ll find grilled skirt steak with Roquefort butter, Dungeness crab with sweet-corn pancakes, and crushed fingerlings with crème fraîche. And for dessert? Try the Mexican chocolate pot de crème with caramel cream and spiced almonds. A.O.C., 8022 W 3rd Street, LA, 323-653-6359, aocwinebar.com Lavender heated recycled cotton neckroll, $40, and pillow, $40

gENLUXshop 3rd St. has long been one of LA’s most beloved shopping destinations with its popularity showing no signs of waning. surrounded by the behemoth shopping meccas of the Beverly Center and the Grove, 3rd st. is home to some of LA’s hippest freestanding spots. It’s easy to spend an entire blissful day in the stores and restaurants on this delightful avenue, but when time is limited, opt for the following sure things— our picks for the best that 3rd Street has to offer.

BEST On 3rd street

Best ON 3rd St: Breadbar

G enlux s p eci a l p r o m otion a l r e p o r t

Best ON 3RD St: Palmetto

Buddha card holder/jewelry holder, $30

Conscious Beauty Boutique Palmetto, Santa Monica’s wonderful 23-year-old “green” beauty innovator, has a sister store in Hollywood with its own unique collection of green beauty finds. It’s a hidden secret waiting to be discovered. With artistic brilliance, creator Jane Kennedy has pulled together a feel-good environment stocked with fabulous finds to stay healthy and indulged. Her boutique carries the finest skin and body care products, makeup, fragrances, fab loungewear and robes, candles, and some unique vintage finds as well. Their green selection includes bamboo, soy, silk and organic cottons. Fun accessories are all over the store to keep you intrigued. Their made-to-order gifts are wrapped with care and will take the pressure off your holiday shopping. Palmetto is where “looking good comes naturally.” Palmetto, 8321 West 3rd Street, LA, 323-653-2470 Hours: Mon–Sat 10–6; Sun 12–5, palmettobeauty.com Palmetto owner Jane Kennedy Reproduction Chinese laquer Chinese laquer box (includes tissue box, $50 chopsticks), $50


G enlux s p eci a l p r o m otion a l r e p o r t

BEST On 3rd Street


100% kosher organic soy candle, $48

Best ON 3rd St: Milena’s Boutique When entering this intimate candle boutique, get ready to take your senses on a spectacular ride! For over 30 years, Milena has been using pure, natural oils and fragrances. She has created candles that are the perfect “green” accent in your home. Handmade with superior 100% kosher vegetable soy, they’re all non-toxic, non-carcinogenic and biodegradable. Her candle wicks are lead-free, boasting larger, brighter flames that burn up to 40% longer than traditional paraffin candles. What’s more, when her candles burn in liquid form, the vegetable soy is so pure that it can be dabbed on rough areas of the skin as a moisturizer! A simply indulgent treat. And with a keen celebrity following, Milena’s candles are coveted treasures. Her boutique offers more than 200 different scents of candles, plus a variety of spa products such as body creams, scrubs, perfumes and soaps, along with organic teas and bath teas. Milena’s Boutique, 8302 West 3rd Street, LA, 323-6559999, milenasboutique.com, Hours: Mon–Sat 11–7; Sun 12–5 Milena’s Boutique owner - Milena

Best ON 3rd St: jlmarks boutique For rockin’ party-girl dresses, jlmarks is the go-to fashion boutique. Designer Jessica Marks opened her little gem four years ago, and feels so blessed that her girlie/glam fashion concept is capturing Los Angeles. The majority of the pieces in this intimate, boudoir-styled store are one-of-a-kind. Her collection is bright and colorful. Vintage fabrics and trims are used, which are complemented by her funky accessories. Jessica Marks, owner “What makes me the happiest is that most girls come to me for their birthday dresses,” says Marks. “They want to be a princess for the night and they feel safe knowing that no one else will be wearing what they choose to wear for the evening.” Truly, her inspiration is “Girls Just Want to Have Fun.” However, if you’re not into wearing bold colors or showing a little leg, the ambiance of this Moulin Rouge boutique might not be for you. jlmarks boutique, 8238 West 3rd Street, LA, 323-655-4111, jlmarks.com Hours: Tues–Fri 12 – 7; Sat 11:30–7; Sun 11:30–5


100% kosher organic soy candle, $48

G enlux s p eci a l p r o m otion a l r e p o r t


BEST On 3rd street

Audrey Hepburn Framed Giclee print, $139

Best ON 3rd St: Nathalie seaver boutique Nathalie Seaver’s

namesake store is a cozy space reminiscent of shops she loves in Paris. Known for her delicious fabrics, Nathalie is an LA designer whose immaculately imagined women’s clothing has a devoted following. Women come for fashions that are classic with a flirty French wink. This style haven also offers all sorts of handpicked treasures for grownups and babies gifts that are fun, funky or just plain fabulous. Nathalie Seaver Boutique is a real rarity in retail - a destination that reflects an individual vision, not a corporate decision. Only on Third Street,

Silk Deb dress, $348

Nathalie Seaver, owner

Stuffed Stuff, from $11-$24

Nathalie Seaver Boutique,

Silk Jessica Blouse, $198

8360 West 3rd Street, LA, 323-653-8286. Hours: Mon–Sat 11–6; Sun 11–4, seavergifts.com

Best ON 3rd St: Alyson Powell at The Parlour Stylist Alyson Powell Whether you’re looking for a new style, a cut, or drop-dead-gorgeous highlights, Alyson Powell is the stylist to go to on Third Street. Alyson has won LA’s Best of Citysearch 2007 and 2008 Audience Winner for Best Color & Highlights. Passionate about health, nutrition, the environment, and making smart eco-green choices in her own life, Alyson enjoys educating her clients about making smart choices for their hair. It’s that quality of care combined with her warm personality, keen eye for detail, and the highest quality of artistic and technical skill that ensures her clients are thrilled when they leave the salon. One Genluxer even said that after going to Alyson, for the first time ever, she loved her hair! And as any good Genluxer knows, you can’t put a price on great hair! Call to book your appointment while her special promotional rate for haircuts is still available. Alyson Powell, The Parlour on 3rd, 8113 W. 3rd Street, LA, 310-402-8989, alysonpowellhair.com




Jason Grapefruit and Aloe Vera Shampoo & Conditioner, $8 each, Whole Foods, West Hollywood, 323-8484200; gnc. com

Cristophe Beverly Hills Purely Natural Clarifying Shampoo, 5.5oz, $7.99, cvs.com

party tress

Holiday party season has officially begun. Before you head out, avail yourself of these useful tress tips, and try adding organics to your routine. —Dawn Shand Johnson

1. Use hot rollers Oliver for body and curl, Ifergan of or use Velcro rollers Oliver for a natural bounce. Ifergan For a more dramatic Atelier effect, apply heat with offers up a curling iron or crimper, or use a flat his iron for a slick look. top 10 holiday 2. Braiding wet hair and letting it dry hair tips: creates soft, natural waves for any daytime party style. 3. Hairpieces and hair accessories can pump up any hairstyle. 4. Slicking the hair back with a few strands around the face may soften your facial structure for a more sophisticated party look. 5. The best party styles are achieved when you work with natural textures. Whether your hair is curly, wavy, or straight, there’s always something you can do to complement that natural effect. 6. Do not run your hands through your hair, because your hands retain natural oils that weigh the hair down. 7. Do not use excessive hair products. 8. Do not use a strong conditioner treatment prior to a blow-dry. 9. Always use proper styling aids according to your hair texture: For fine to medium hair, use a root-lift, mousse, or body hair gel; for coarse or curly hair, use leave-in conditioner, flattening gel, or oil; for thick hair, use any silicon cream or straightening serum. 10. To make a blow-out last, use a silk scarf during a nap or at bedtime; it will help you keep your style longer, even for the next day. —Oliver Ifergan, Oliver Ifergan Atelier, 205 S. Robertson Blvd, Beverly Hills, 310-967-0100, oliverifergan.com Celebrity clients include America Ferrera, Gina Gershon, Kathy Baker, and Tom Ford.


Nature’s Gate Organics Asian Pear & Red Tea Shampoo, $7.99 each, naturesgate.com

Stuart Gavert of Gavert Atelier on organic hair products: What should you look for when buying organic hair products?

Lamas Hold Me Thermal Styling Spray provides medium hold and uses certified organic ingredients. $12.95, Whole Foods, Santa Monica, 310315-0662; amazon.com

Kevin Murphy Fresh Hair Dry Cleaning Spray is perfect for freshening up while on the go. $22, kevinmurphy.com Pravana Naturceutical Kertin Fusion Shampoo & Conditioner is sulfite-free and gentle on fine hair. $14.50 each, beautymart.com

“When we are thinking about using a new product, we Wikipedia all the ingredients that we don’t know to see what it says. We would handsdown not buy a product that contains animal-derived proteins, as there are so many proteins derived fro other sources—why use animal proteins? Additionally, there are ingredients listed on a product’s label that are 20–25 letters long and look very scary, yet are biodegradable. Knowing about ingredients is important.” Is sodium lauryl sulfate in shampoo harmful?

Simply Organic Retreat Color Therapy Color Treatment contains honey, olive oil, and essential oils. $20, Estetica, 818980-1711; GiGi’s, 310-273-0851

“While sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS) in its pure form can be toxic if inhaled, its use in shampoos is usually in the form of sodium laureth sulfate (which, according to Wikipedia, has been modified by a process called ethoxylation), which is less irritating to the skin and eyes. For many years, I used a shampoo that contained a coconut-based surfactant, something that creates bubbles, such as SLS. So it’s really not harmful, per se, especially with all the added ingredients that condition hair in most modern products.” —Stuart Gavert, colorist and owner, Gavert Atelier, Beverly Hills, 310-858-7898, gavertatelier.com Celebrity clients include Christina Applegate, Kathy Hilton, Lisa Kudrow, Christine Lahti, and Shannen Doherty.



stunning permanent, natural hair color. no ammonia. no parabens. no lead. no animal testing. imported from italy. 800-747-0515 www.yourhaircolor.com

BEAUTY In the bag


Face Boutique Fresh Faced Moisturizer, $20, kitcosmetics.com; spacenk.com

stocking stuffers

This holiday season, there’s a beauty fix for everyone on your shopping list.—Dawn Shand Johnson for the pragmatist

Bumble and Bumble’s Bandball holds 100 bright elastic bands. $20, Euphoria Apothecary, 310652-1001; Rudy’s Barber Shop, 323-650-5669

Malin+Goetz Lime and Rum Hand Wash Set, $40, Sephora at the Beverly Center, 310-6579670; malinandgoetz.com

Zensual Chai Latte candle, $22, Roxbury Pharmacy, 310-553-4131; zensual.com

Phyto 7 Gold Limited-Edition Daily Hydrating Cream is the firm’s classic hydrating and replenishing best-seller dressed up in holiday gold and filled with more product. $26, sephora.com Phyto 7 Gold Limited-Edition Daily Hydrating Cream, $26, sephora.com

For the fun-lover Ojon’s The Ball is an antioxidant-rich, full-body-cleansing scrub treatment. $65, Sephora at the Beverly Center, 310-657-9670; sephora.com

Soap & Paper Factory Fizzing Bath Powder in Rosewood, $36, soapandpaperfactory.com

for the one who has it all

The extravagant Lush Legends gift set contains 30 of the firm’s best-sellers. $296, Lush, Beverly Hills, 310-271-0880, lush.com


The bottle that houses Waterford’s Lismore fragrance morphs into a bud vase. 1.7oz, $65; 3.4oz, $90, Bloomingdale’s at the Beverly Center, 310-360-2700

Booty Parlor Kissaholic Kissing Kit in Faint with plumping lip gloss and breath mist, $26, Beauty Collection, 323-930-0300; bootyparlor.com Dr. Tea’s Gingerbread Rooibos tea holiday gift basket includes Dr. Tea’s Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream Tea, a glass steeping teapot, two tea garden teacups, and a gingerbread tea candle. $49.95, Dr. Tea’s, 310-6579300, teagarden.com

For an all-natural solution to dry-weather skin worries, Decleor Ooh La Spa at-home spa check out Sircuit’s four-piece Dry Winter Skin Treatment treatment, $52, sephora.com Kit, which will help you maintain the proper pH balance and firm, hydrate, and protect the skin. It includes Youth Accelerator Pumpkin Pore Refiner Mask, $75; LaLicious holiday Sircuit Secret Sauce Ultimate Anti-wrinkle Solution, $150; Dream Weaver Nighttime Skin Collection Gift Set houses four fullRepair, $60; and Suggah Lip Treatment, $68; size products in a sircuitskin.com Liz Earle Naturally Active reusable box: Skincare Winter Face Sugar Soufflé Essentials, $74, Scrub, Body Oil, Studio at Fred Segal, Body Butter, and 310-394-8509 Whipped Soap. $95, Pure Beauty, 310-399-8107; lalicious.com

Frais Hand Sanitizer, pocket-size set of 14, $33, Studio at Fred Segal, 310394-8509; beautyhabit. com

for the makeup addict Benefit Primpcess Glamorous Eye Primping Kit has everything you need to create a natural look for the eyes. $34, Sephora, Century City, 310-8430123; Benefit Boutique, 323-655-5800

Too Faced Mirror Mirror on the Wall, $25, sephora.com; toofaced.com Lippmann Collection Start Me Up manicure kit with cuticle remover, oil, nail primer, base coat, and Baby Love nail color. $39, Nordstrom, Irvine, 949-225-2800

Stila’s Surprise & Shine Record a Message Palette takes personalization to another level. $40, sephora.com

BEAUTY In the bag


On10’s Gimme Kisses Hershey Clutch features three adorable lip balms in candyinspired flavors. $28, sephora.com

for the boys

for the boys

Baxter of California Shave 1.2.3 kit, $60, detailsformen.com; baxterofcalifornia.com

Kiehl’s Derek Lam Limited-Edition Travel Kit contains a selection of the designer’s favorite grooming products. $225, Kiehl’s, Robertson, 310-860-0028; Kiehl’s at The Grove, 323-965-0569

Clean Shower Fresh for Men has notes of bergamot, citrus, thyme, spearmint, black tea and cedar wood. $79, Sephora, Century City, 310843-0123; Bloomingdale’s at the Beverly Center, 310360-2700

GRAND OPENING It’s more than a nail salon, it’s a haven of bliss in the heart of Sherman Oaks Emanuel Now Vida Open Westfield Fashion Square 14006 Riverside Dr. Sherman Oaks 91423 818-783-2745

Lakeside Shopping Center 331 N. Pass Avenue Burbank, California 91505 818-566-4319 Open Mon-Fri: 9-8 Sat: 9-7 Sun: 10-6 Studio Plaza 10939 Ventura Blvd Studio City, California 91604 818-506-4868 Bring this ad in to receive 10% off all services Manicures, Pedicures, Waxing,Tanning, Brows, Eyelash Extensions


BEAUTY TRENDs: Paint the town red


face: light coverage

Red lips are among the season’s hottest looks. Make them work for you with these tips and tricks. —Dawn Shand JohnsoN Makeup Tips with Gregory Arlt, Director, Makeup Artistry, M.A.C Cosmetics, on M.A.C.’s Cult of Cherry collection and this season’s trends: What is a great way to give the romantic look a modern twist? “The romantic look was always very matte. Take it to the present day by adding shine, shimmer, and light. Take your matte lipsticks and apply gloss over them. Substitute your matte neutral shadows with neutrals that contain sheen.”

Treat Sheer Wonderful Mineral Airbrush Finishing Powders are made with mineral aloe powder. $18, treatbeauty.com Aubrey Organics Silken Earth Translucent Base, $23.95, aubrey-organics.com, Whole Foods, 323-848-4200

What is the best eye makeup to use when going for the red lip? “Red lips and dark eyes can look very 1930s—or 1980s if you’re not careful! I always love a softer eye with red lips. A light shimmer on the lids with loads of black mascara and no eyeliner with keep the focus on the lips.”

Giorgio Armani Python Pallet, $100, Saks Fifth Avenue, 310275-4211, Neiman Marcus Newport Beach, 949-759-1900


Nars Eye Shadow Duo in Cordura, which features a shimmering warm brown and sooty dark brown, $32, Nordstrom Irvine 949-225-2800, narscosmetics.com

Le Metier De Beaute Liner Precision Eyeliner, $42, Neiman Marcus Newport Beach, 949-759-1900, neimanmarcus.com

Benefit Bad Gal in Plum is an eye-color-intensifying mascara. $19, Sephora Century City, 310-8430123, benefitcosmetics.com

ModelCo Lash Wand Heated Eyelash Curler Collector’s Edition, $30, Blue Mercury, 310-553-4440, beautyhabit.com

Anastasia Brow Duality Dual-Ended Matte Shimmer Highlighter, $23, anastasia.net

creative lashes cheek: light blush of coverage

Shu Uemura Rhombus Couture False Eyelashes, an upper and lower brown set with sparkling gold rhombus pieces, $95, shuuemura-usa.com

Chanel Highlighter in Gold Fever, $50, Nordstrom at the Grove, 323-930-2230, chanel.com

Shu Uemura Viktor & Rolf Lashes False Eyelashes wing couture, $95, Barneys New York, 310-276-4400

Amazing Blush Shimmer in Watermelon Fizz, $22, Ulta West Hollywood, 323-878-2524, amazingcosmetics.com

LIPS Chanel Cream Lipstick in Fantastic Plum, $27, Neiman Marcus Newport Beach, 949-759-1900, chanel.com

Too Faced Lip of Luxury in Cougar is infused with champagne. $18, sephora.com

Bourjois So Rouge 31 Trendy Rouge, $15, ulta.com

Stila Cherry Crush Lip & Cheek Stain, $24, sephora.com

Look at your skin tone. Peachy, pale skins look best in blue reds, while more olive skin tones look best in brick or burgundy reds. If you don’t want to go for red lips, what other similar options do you recommend? For those a little wary about wearing a bright, deep, or bold red but who want to stay with what’s current, I’d recommend a red lip stain with a bit of clear gloss over it. Take your favorite red, use a lip brush to dab a small amount on your lips, and rub your lips together for a stained effect. Or, apply your red lipstick all the way, then bite down on a tissue to blot.”

Gregory Arlt on finding the perfect red:


Tips on applying the red lip or darker lip: â&#x20AC;&#x153;Use a lip brush! You need to be in control, not the lipstick. Use a neutral lip pencil to get the shape you desire (or be brave and use a red pencil) and fill in your lips with the lipstick using a lip brush.â&#x20AC;?

Cargo botanical lipstick in Cherry Bliss, $20, sephora.com Read My Lips by The Balm in Wanted, $16, sephora.com

T.LeClerc Lipstick in Organza, $24, fourseasonsproducts.com

Glo minerals Glo Precision Lip Pencil in Hazelnut, $17, glominerals.com

M.A.C Cult of Cherry Lipstick, $14, M.A.C. Hollywood and Highland, 323465-5030

NAILS Pure black nail color, seen on the runway at Zac Posen: Lippmann Fade to Black, $15, Nordstrom Irvine, 949-225-2800; Barneys New York, 310-276-4400

Lippmann Fade to Black, $15, Barneys New York, 310-276-4400

BEAUTY TRENDs: Paint the town red


Timeless, elegant, comfortable style for men and women

1204 Abbot Kinney Blvd., Venice, CA 90291 310-581-8010 www.coutula.com

BEAUTY ingredientS


Spa Ritual Infinitely Wise Fragrant Mist with French Lavender can be sprayed on the body or in the air. $26, Studio at Fred Segal, 310-394-8509; Spa Luce, 323-491-1376 Organics by Noah’s Naturals Lavender Sea Salt Soak, $16.99, noahsnaturals.com

lavender & chamomile Drift off to dreamland with these calming treats. —Dawn Shand Johnson lavender Giovanni Organic Lavender Relax Towelettes, $11.95, greenfeet.com

Ona Lavender Mint Facial Mist is a hydrating post-shave spritz, especially for men. $30, Ona Spa, 323-931-4442, onaspa.com

Red Flower French Lavender Candle, $34, Spa Luce, 323491-1376; amazon.com

Jurlique Lavender Silk Finishing Powder, $36, Jurlique, Beverly Hills, 310-2859820, jurlique.com

Archipelago Botanicals Lavender Home Fragrance Diffuser, $59, beautyexclusive.com Strange Invisible’s paraben-free Lavender Vetiver Body Lotion, $40, Strange Invisible Boutique, 310-3141505, strangeinvisibleperfumes.com

Memoire Liquide Pure Perfume Essence Glass Roll-on in Lavender Provencal, .25oz, $30, Studio at Fred Segal, 310394-8509

L’Occitane Lavender Hand Cream, 2.6fl. oz, $20, L’Occitane, Beverly Hills, 310205-9107, usa.loccitane.com

cHamomile Karin Herzog Camomile Face Cream, with oxygen, $50, luckyscent.com; karinherzogus.com

World of Good Bamboolicious Bowls are crafted by independent Vietnamese artists using traditional hand-coiling methods. Small square, $19.95; large oval bowl, $24.95. Whole Foods, West Hollywood, 323-848-4200


Formulated for use with Klorane Golden Highlights Shampoo with Chamomile Shampoo, $12, Klorane Brightening Cream Conditioner with Chamomile, $14, brings out highlights in naturally blond-streaked or color-treated hair. drugstore.com

Jurlique Chamomile Soothing Mist, $21, Barneys New York, Beverly Hills, 310-276-4400; jurlique.com

Kiss My Face Big Body Volumizing Lavender & Chamomile Shampoo and Conditioner, $8.19 each, drugstore.com

MesoDerm is an advanced drug delivery system now used by many doctors practicing Mesotherapy cosmetic treatments. Its innovative technology allows for painless, no needle mesotherapy and eliminates all complications resulting from standard injectiontype treatments. The effectiveness of MesoDerm is based on the process of Mesoporation. This patented procedure allows for any drug or combination of rejuvenating substances to be delivered into the tissue with the effectiveness of injection. It is an alternative to hypodermic injections. Mesotherapy by Mesoporation, due to pre-set programs, can be successfully used for treatments in the following areas: face & neck rejuvenation, dark circles and/or bags under the eyes, wrinkles, lip/laugh expression lines and more.

For a limited time only, we are offering clients 50% off for the first MesoDerm treatment for dark circles and/or bags under the eyes, lip/laugh expression lines, or anti-cellulite treatments and 50% off all selected Fillers.

9406 Dayton Way, Beverly Hills, CA (310)246-5111 www.vidaemanual.net



FOR THE EYES: Eyecing Fatigue-Fighting Eye Cream by Freeze 24-7, $65 for 10ml, Saks Fifth Avenue, Beverly Hills, 310-275-4211


Genlux’s Dawn Shand Johnson speaks with the experts about how to look like you have nothing but sweet dreams. What procedures can you perform to achieve a rested, refreshed look?

There are so many that can give you a more rested, youthful, glowing look. These include Botox, Thermage, and various laser-resurfacing procedures. Dr. Ezra Kest Botox relaxes the facial muscles that contribute to voluntary and involuntary frowning and squinting, which can make you look tired, angry, and stressed. Thermage uses radiofrequency to heat your dermis, causing stimulation of new collagen and tightening of your existing collagen, which translates to lifting, firming, and tightening the skin.

What can you do to keep your skin looking rested and rejuvenated?

Sleep, exercise, moisturize, and use SPF. A laser-resurfacing procedure every year would be a great extra boost. Which night creams really repair the skin, and what ingredients should you look for? I prefer a night cream with retinol or prescription-strength

tretinoin, which is a form of vitamin A. This helps with skin-cell turnover and has been shown to improve fine lines and wrinkles, as well as help with dyspigmentation. What is the best way to refresh tired eyes? Sleep, Botox, and a product I developed called Intensive Zone Eye Lift Gel. It contains several peptides that help to reduce dark circles and puffiness around the eyes while strengthening the connective tissue and reducing inflammation.

Sircuit Skin Eye Dew is excellent for adding moisture. $140, sircuitskin.com

Dermalogica Medicated Clearing Gel is an overnight treatment with salicylic acid. $40, Dermalogica, 310-260-8682, dermalogica.com

HYDRATION: Intraceuticals Rejuvenate Hydration Gel is rich yet lightweight and nongreasy; it’s great for all skin types. $89, The Sports Club / LA Splash, 310-888-8100; intraceuticals.com

Fillers are used to correct dark circles and hollowness under the eyes. Hyaluronic acid fillers are probably the most common. Juvéderm and Restylane are the most popular, but if they or any other fillers are not properly injected, the result can look and feel bumpy. —Dr. Ezra Kest, The Kest Clinic, 310-276-1252

What fillers are best to use around the eye area?

TECHNOLOGY: Skin renewal for wrinkles, fine lines, and skin laxity: Aluma is a cuttingedge firming and lifting treatment that promotes collagen growth and improves skin’s tightness and firmness by creating a controlled volume of heated tissue in the dermis. The Aluma laser is the only FDA-approved laser that can treat the periorbital area (the delicate area around the eyes). It’s painless, and there’s no downtime; no drugs are involved, and it can be done every week. The Aluma treatment is available at Pure Aesthetics Pure Wellness, where prices range from $200-$600 per treatment (a series of treatments is recommended). Pure Aesthetics Pure Wellness, 2980 N. Beverly Glen Circle, LA, 310-470-6362, pa-pw.com

NIGHT CREAMS: Gabriel Couzian Extra Firming Anti-Dryness Face Cream, $48, Studio at Fred Segal, 310-394-8509

Bioelements Oil Control Sleepwear with retinol, $59, Larchmont Beauty Center, 323-461-0162

AminoGenesis Tripeptinon Nightly Facial Lift Capsules, $79, Pure Beauty, 310-399-8107

WRINKLE CREAMS: 3Lab Perfect Mask, $120, Barneys New York, Beverly Hills, 310-276-4400, barneys.com StriVectin HS Hydro-Thermal Deep Wrinkle Serum, $59, Saks Fifth Avenue, Beverly Hills, 310-275-4211 SK-II Signs Wrinkle Serum is fortified with vitamins. $200, Saks Fifth Avenue, Beverly Hills, 310-275-4211 Priori Tightening Serum with CoffeeBerry, a potent antioxidant, is 99% natural. $75, prioriskincare.com

Lierac Paris Concentre Mesolift Toning Radiance Serum helps restore radiance and suppleness while fighting fine lines and mild dehydration. $60, beauty.com

DR. FARDAD FOROUZANPOUR ON TREATMENTS THAT HELP ACHIEVE THE RESTED LOOK: “The rested look can mean different things to different people. Facial rejuvenation and bringing back the youthful look include varieties of major permanent and long-term plastic surgery, less invasive mid-range surgical procedures, and non-invasive temporary skin treatments. Some treatments can be done with minimal down time and yield rapid improvements, such as fillers and injectables; other procedures may require longer time in order to see the results. These include chemical peels, facial creams, and skincare products (Retin-A, antioxidants, vitamin C, exfoliations). Major surgical procedures such as facelift, laser resurfacing, and facial implant placement require a much longer time to heal and show their full effects.” —Dr. Fardad Forouzanpour, Beverly Hills Cosmetic Surgical Group, 310-360-0504, perfectself.com


How the genlux beauty experts gave Paris Hilton the high-fashion treatment:


gENLUXShop “My inspiration was to give Paris a sexy, sleek, modern, high-couture, editorial look. I think this look really showcased Paris’s versatility; we saw a different side of her emerge. Paris was such a good sport—she let us take her out of her comfort zone for this look, with the clothes, hair, and makeup, and she really pulled it off.” Eye: “I always like to start with the eyes. First I used the Lorac Lorac Double Double Feature concealer Feature, $24, to highlight her brow bone. sephora.com Then I used gray shadows from the Lorac Smokey Grey Multi-Platinum Palette to smoke Lorac Smokey Grey Multiout her eye. I followed this by using the grey Platinum Palette for the face under her eye, and I smudged it along the and lips, $37, sephora.com lower lash line, using the Lorac Front of the Line Waterproof Eyeliner in black Lorac to line her upper lash line. I finished off her Breakthrough eyes by applying the Lorac Visual Effects Performance Curling, Separating, & Lengthening FoundaMascara on the top and the bottom.” tion, $38, Face: “I used the Lorac Natural Persephora.com formance Foundation lightly over her face and the Lorac Double “L’Oréal Professional Infinium Spray Feature cover-up under the eye #4 is the ultimate finishing product Lorac Visual Effects Curling, Separating, and on the cheekbones to give her for all textures. I find it really holds the & Lengthening Mascara, $19.50, skin a flawless, luminous glow.” Lips: “For hair and makes it easy to brush out Sephora, Century City, 310-843-0123 Paris’s lips, I used my all-time favorite lip without being gluey.” color, Lorac Satin Lipstick in Soul Sista, which is a mauve plum-pearl shade. I think “My new favorite thing it really works to give her look that holiday is the crimping feel.” Cheeks: “Paris has great skin and iron. For a great natural color. I just used the Paris’s look, Frank Studio Lorac Tantalizer Baked we crimped Straight Volume, Bronzer on her cheeks to the hair and $16, Studio give a warm, bronzy glow, had it in a low at Fred Segal, combining it with the ponytail, then 310-394-8509; blush from the Lorac rolled it up apothia.com; Smokey Palette to and pinned it.” frankstudios.com add some color.” Frank Galasso for Margaret Maldonado Agency L’Oréal Professional Infinium Spray #4 $23, lorealprofessionnel.com Lorac Tantalizer Lorac Front of the Line Waterproof Eyeliner in black, $20, ulta.com

“My inspiration for Paris was to try out a different look for her. We are used to seeing her really pretty, Barbie-doll look. We wanted to go the other way, so we went for an edgy, editorial, high-fashion look, taking inspiration from Alexander McQueen and John Galliano.”—Frank galasso for Margaret Maldonado using Frank Studio Stuff

Baked Bronzer, $28, Sephora, Manhattan Beach, 310-546-8889

Carol Shaw for Margaret Maldonado Agency


BEAUTY SPA:Sleeping beauty

gENLUXshop Sweet dreams are made of this

Drift off to dreamland each and every night with these sleep tips and aids. —Dawn Shand Johnson

Drift off with Mette Vangso Eye Catcher in Matryoshka. $28, mettevangso.com Sleep: The Four Seasons Westlake Village wants to ensure that guests drift off to a peaceful slumber every night, so all rooms have a comfy-as-a-cloud signature Four Seasons bed, Relax tea, and blackout drapes. The hotel has also developed a special program called Sleep Well, created with guidance from physicians, dietitians, and other experts. It includes cuisine suggestions, soothing spa treatments, specialty pillows, and a Sleep Well facial (a 50-minute service with the relaxing aromatherapy benefits of chamomile, along with cleansing, exfoliation, and a purifying mask). The hotel also recommends its

Bath & Body Works Warm Milk and Honey Sleep Body Lotion, $13, Bath & Body Works at the Beverly Center, 310659-0927, bathandbodyworks.com

The Twilight Kit from elizabethW includes an eye pillow, lavender pillow insert, and twilight CD. $75, elizabethw.com Thymes Sleep Well Mist for Body & Bed, $29, bathandbodynet.com

This Works Deep Calm Bath and Shower Gel blends vetiver, lavender, and chamomile. $60, beautyhabit.com

pure lavender body treatment, Japanese energy treatment for the chakras, and a chamomile bath. Guests can opt for complimentary therapies like acupuncture and mind-body therapies such as guided imagery and meditation. The hotel even offers bedtime cuisine, eye masks, sound machines, earplugs, foot warmers, humidifiers, bath salts, and teddy bears. Rooms range from $225 to $3795 for the Presidential Suite. Four Seasons Westlake Village, Two Dole Drive, Westlake Village, 91362, 818-575-3000, fourseasons.com/ westlakevillage


8. Refrain from strenuous exercise

1. Create a sleep environment that is dark, quiet, comfortable, and cool. Make sure pillows and mattresses are comfortable and supportive. 2. Try to eat at least two hours before bedtime. If eating early is not an option, a bedtime snack that is high in carbohydrates stimulates serotonin, which aids sleep. Suggested snacks include whole-wheat toast with natural peanut butter, banana, and honey served with chamomile tea or oldfashioned blueberry oatmeal topped with non-fat vanilla yogurt, almonds, and honey. 3. Avoid caffeine after 2 p.m. 4. Avoid spicy foods, protein, and alcohol two hours before bedtime. 5. Try not to watch television or use a laptop computer for at least 30 minutes before bedtime or while in bed. 6. Establish a bedtime routine such as drinking a cup of non-caffeinated herbal tea, soaking in a warm bath, or listening to soothing music. 7. Don’t stress out if you feel you’re not getting enough sleep. Try not to look at the clock in the middle of the night.

two hours before bedtime. Try relaxing stretches and yoga. 9. If lying awake for more than 20 minutes, get up and engage in a relaxing activity such as reading. 10. To improve the 24-hour sleepwake cycle—your circadian rhythms— establish consistent rest and activity patterns from day to day. Studies show that regular exposure to bright or outdoor lights, especially in the late afternoon, stabilizes those rhythms, enhancing the quantity and quality of your sleep. 11. Develop a ritual to break the connection between sleep and the day’s stressors. One method is to make a list of any pressing issues, along with a possible plan for dealing with them. Another is to keep a favorite photo nearby that has a calming effect. —Provided by California Health & Longevity Institute physicians and wellness experts, including registered dietitians, exercise physiologists, lifestyle consultants, clinical hypnotherapists, and physicians of Western and Eastern medicine


Blue Lagoon Iceland Mineral Balance Foam Bath is a geothermal aromatic spa bath. $60, Neiman Marcus Newport Beach, 949- Spa NY Sleepyhead Bath Oil, 759-1900, $45, Bloomingdale’s Century bluelagoon. City, 310-772-2100 com

Lush Dream Cream Hand and Body Lotion, 8.4oz, $22.55, Lush at the Glendale Galleria, 818244-5874, usa.lush.com Aromatherapaes Spa Shower AM Wake-Up & PM Wind-Down is natural and eco-friendly. Box of five, $4.99, svnaturally.com

“Give us six weeks and we’ll give you 10 years.” Results are instant and cumulative.

• With 22 active ingredients • Clinically Proven • Superior Collagen Complex • Always a favorite at Spa 415

www.spa415.com 415 North Crescent Drive, Suite 110, Beverly Hills, California 90210 (310) 276-8018

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AESTHETIC QUEEN WITH AN ANTI-AGING ARSENAL THAT INCLUDES LASERS, NEEDLES, PEELS AND MORE, CINDY KOKESCH TREATS EACH PATIENT ON A FACE-BY-FACE BASIS. If you happen to be the fortunate one under her care, this is when you value her aesthetic sensibilities. What are the results of her laser artistry on her priceless canvases? Besides looking younger after a mere 40 minutes through stimulated collagen, smoother skin tone, balanced red and brown discoloration, and tightening of the skin, this amazingly painless laser treatment leaves its patients with a healthy pink glow without unwanted side effectsâ&#x20AC;&#x201D;none. Thereâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s also dramatic improvement in uneven skin texture, pore size, and fineline wrinkles. The bottom line is youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ll probably look younger for your next high school reunion.


Cindyâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s other aesthetic treatments: laser hair removal, leg vein removal, Botox CosmeticÂŽ, JuvĂŠdermÂŽ, RestylaneÂŽ, and chemical peels. Cindy Kokesch, PA-C, Cosmetic Dermatology, 9090 Burton Way, Beverly Hills, 310-550-1747. Office hours: Monâ&#x20AC;&#x201C;Fri, 9â&#x20AC;&#x201C;5pm; evenings & Saturdays by appointment only. www.cindykokesch.com



Juicy Couture Viva La Juicy suggests Mandarin orange, wild berries, honeysuckle, gardenia, and creamy amber. 3.4oz, $85, Bloomingdale’s, 310-3602700

Inspired by Brigitte Bardot, Tocca’s Brigitte has notes of ginger, papaya, Moroccan rose, iris, saffron, and sandalwood musk. $68, tocca.com Magnolia Romana by Eau d’Italie boasts the freshness of basil, lotus blossom, lemon, nutmeg, and cypress. 100ml, $120, luckyscent. com

gENLUXshop top 12 holiday fragrances Christina Aguilera’s Inspire, 3.3oz, $59, Nordstrom, 310-5429440 Tom Ford White Patchouli features woody notes. 50ml, $92, Neiman Marcus, Beverly Hills, 310-5505900 Michael Kors Very Pretty is a floral interpretation of Kors’s original fragrance. $75, Neiman Marcus, Beverly Hills, 310550-5900

Victoria’s Secret Very Sexy Dare has notes of bergamot, blood orange, yellow jasmine, nutmeg, grapefruit, and sandalwood. 3.4oz, $59, victoriassecret.com David Yurman eau de parfum spray, 2.5oz, $165, 1.7oz, $120, David Yurman, Beverly Hills, 310888-8618

Marquise des Anges has notes of laurel sumac, California sagebrush, wild fennel, and white sage. $155, Scent Bar, 323-782-8300; luckyscent.com Narciso Rodriguez Pure Reflection limitededition eau de toilette, 100ml, $87, Saks Fifth Avenue, Beverly Hills, 310-2754211


Jean Paul Gaultier Ma Dame features notes of smooth rose velvet, grenadine, musk, cedar, and acidic orange. Eau de toilette spray, 1.6oz, $64, Macy’s, 310854-6655; Sephora, 310843-0123

Inspired by everything from La to Brigitte Bardot, this holiday season’s fragrances are dreamy indeed. —Dawn Shand Johnson Kiehl’s Forest Rain Eau de Toilette hints at wet grass, damp moss, jasmine, white flowers, and cedar wood. $38.50, Kiehl’s at The Grove, 323-965-0569, kiehls.com


shop for a cause


Ernst Benz Time for Change Mary J. Blige watch, $19,500, Saks Fifth Avenue, Beverly Hills, 310-275-4211

Falling Forward

Cartier Love bracelet, $995, Cartier, Beverly Hills, 310-275-4272

This holiday season, give a gift that keeps on giving—to a charity, that is! – Francesca Day During the month of October, Tory Burch will donate 10% of proceeds from her pink and navy canvas Tory Tote and pink canvas cosmetic bag to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation;

both items will sold exclusively at Tory Burch boutiques and on the brand’s Web site. October will also see 10% of proceeds from the sale of full-priced merchandise on the Web site go to the BCRF. Tory Tote, $195; cosmetic bag, $45; Tory Burch, Costa Mesa, 714-689-0450, toryburch.com


Tory Burch Tory Tote, $195; Tory Burch cosmetic bag, $45, Tory Burch, Costa Mesa, 714-689-0450

Luxury Swiss watch manufacturer Ernst Benz has just introduced a limited-edition collection, Time for Change, to support Chrysalis, a nonprofit that helps homeless people find employment. Time for Change includes three distinctive watches designed for Eric Dane of ABC’s “Grey’s Anatomy,” Mary J. Blige, and Russell Simmons. I adore the Mary J. Blige timepiece, a 40mm chronoscope with a double row of 2ct diamonds set in 18K rose-gold bezel on a caramel alligator strap. The watches will be available in limited quantities at Saks Fifth Avenue, with 50% of proceeds benefiting Chrysalis. Ernst Benz Time for Change Mary J. Blige watch, $19,500, Saks Fifth Avenue, Beverly Hills, 310-275-4211


are a symbol of hope and inspiration to people around the globe. With the purchase of the Love bracelet that features a pink cord and white- and pink-gold bands, you can pass on some of that good karma, as Cartier will donate $200 from the sale of each bracelet to the Breast Cancer Research FounNotting Hill Design dation. $995, Cartier, Beverly Hills, 310-275-4272 Westbourne, $3642,

Cartier’s classic Love bracelets

If your handbag is becoming a bottomless pit, check out the Notting Hill Design Westbourne bag, a vibrant pink python purse lined in purple grosgrain and loaded with handy pockets. Fifty percent of all proceeds will benefit the Susan G. Komen Foundation. Notting Hill Design Westbourne, $3642, nottinghilldesign.com Walk the straight and narrow with HairArt’s revolutionary H3000 Ceramic Straightening Iron, which features advanced silicon-coated plates that bend to your hair’s texture and volume. HairArt will donate 10% of net proceeds from the H3000—in pink, of course—to the National Breast Cancer Foundation. Hair Art H3000, $100, Fasham Beauty, 800-761-2793

Hair Art H3000, $100, Fasham Beauty, 800-761-2793

Mackage Hope Coat, $695, Saks Fifth Avenue, 310-275-4211

For the third consecutive year, Murad and Sephora have partnered to benefit the Breast Cancer Research Foundation. Murad will donate 10% of proceeds from its new and improved Energizing Pomegranate Lip Protector SPF15, available exclusively at Sephora beginning October 1 while supplies last. Murad Energizing Pomegranate Lip Protector, $16.50, Sephora, Costa Mesa, 714-429-9130

As you pack your bags for the slopes this holiday season, take along Mackage’s Hope Coat. Stylish and sleek, it will warm you up outside and in, as $100 from the sale of each coat will benefit the Breast Cancer Research Foundation. Mackage Hope Coat, $695, Saks Fifth Avenue, 310-275-4211

Murad Energizing Pomegranate Lip Protector, $16.50, Sephora, Costa Mesa, 714-429-9130

Darphin Predermine Wrinkle Corrective Serum, $205, darphin.com

Battle wrinkles and breast cancer at the same time with Darphin’s wrinklereducing Predermine

Wrinkle Corrective Serum.

For each serum sold during the month of October, Darphin North America will donate $20 to the

Breast Cancer Research Foundation.

Darphin Predermine Wrinkle Corrective Serum, $205, darphin.com

shop for a cause


Brad Pitt and beauty products—two of my very favorite things! This October, Pitt and Kiehl’s are introducing Aloe Vera Biodegradable Liquid Body Cleanser in Kiehl’s Aloe Vera Biodegradable stores nationwide. The new Cradle to Cradle–certified product will benefit a Liquid Body charitable foundation that Pitt created Cleanser, $16.50, in order to support global environmenKiehl’s, 310tal initiatives. 100% of net profits from 860-0028 sales of the eco-friendly product will benefit the noteworthy JPF Eco Systems charity. Aloe Vera Biodegradable Liquid Body Cleanser, $16.50, Kiehl’s, Robertson, 310-860-0028

With Philosophy’s She Colors My Day Green bubble bath, you can do good while soaking in the tub, as 100% of net proceeds will benefit Philosophy She the Entertainment Industry Foundation’s Colors My Day Green Women’s Cancer Research Fund. bubble bath, $20, Philosophy She Colors My Day Green philosophy.com bubble bath, $20, philosophy.com

Red and green go well together—and not just during the holidays. For your next red-carpet outing, consider evening-gown maker Dalia’s green Dalia dress. The company will donate 20% of proceeds from the sale of the gown to Women for Women International, which helps women around the globe who are victims of war. Dalia Dress, $350, daliaonline.com

Dalia Dress, $350, daliaonline.com

That super-cute 3.1 Phillip Lim dress you just fell in love with deserves better transportation than a paper bag. Load up one of the designer’s totes, available at Lim’s Robertson Boule- 3.1 Philip Lim Tote, vard boutique, with $20, 3.1 Phillip Lim, your new duds in- 310-358-1988 stead. 100% of proceeds benefit the Al Gore Climate Project. 3.1 Philip Lim Tote, $20, 3.1 Phillip Lim, 310-358-1988

Samira Asemanfar had branding on the brain when she opened her first business, an innovative nail salon, named Bellacures in 2006. Equipped with a business degree from USC, Samira quickly jumped from consultant to Entrepreneur overnight. Samira has positioned Bellacures as one of the only branded nail salons in town, taking cleanliness seriously and believing in eliminating any risk of bacteria in their treatments. Since its inception, Bellacures has taken its place as one of the most frequently lauded nail salons in LA with reviews online and on television, as well as in many of the top magazines. They offer a full range of unparalleled manicure and pedicure services. Conveniently located on North Robertson Blvd., between Samira Asemanfar Burton Way & Clifton Way on the West side of the street, Bellacures is also becoming an increasingly popular stop for private parties and corporate events.

Bellacures 239 N. Robertson Blvd. Beverly Hills, 90211 310.550.5822 www.bellacures.com

opening presence


This fall, jewelry collectors and connoisseurs can welcome the distinctive and luxurious Fred Leighton to Rodeo Drive. The remarkable store, designed by architect Nicolo Bini, will showcase estate jewels from Paul Flato, fine Art Deco baubles from Rubel Frères, 1940s Hollywood glamour pieces by Trabert & Hoeffer, items from the rare Janesich line and, of course, Fred Leighton’s signature vintage-inspired line. 313 Rodeo Drive, 323-782-0975

easy as louboutin! grand openings—just in ‘time for the holidays. – Francesca Day

in Beverly Hills has transformed its already fabulous shoe salon into 10022-SHOE, named after its New York flagship location. In addition to its current assortment of footwear from CHANEL, Christian Louboutin, Prada, and YSL, among others, the salon will soon be stocking Jonathan Kelsey, Givenchy, and Gianvito Rossi. To celebrate the launch, Saks will be offering a 10022SHOE Gift Card, available in increments of $500 and packaged in a miniature shoebox marked “Special Delivery.” 9600 Wilshire Blvd, Beverly Hills, 310-275-4211 Saks Fifth Avenue

Diamonds, pearls, precious stones—it really doesn’t matter as long as they come in one of Tiffany & Co.’s signature blue boxes. On Oct. 24, the doors to the jeweler’s striking new minimalist outpost at the Americana at Brand in Glendale will open, revealing 2,600 square feet of sparkling baubles. Your holiday shopping just got a whole lot easier. 796 Americana Way, 818-244-0262

Tucked away behind the Carousel Court on Level 2 of South is the fourth Balenciaga boutique to open in the U.S. The 2,231-square-foot shop is filled with men’s and women’s ready-to-wear collections as well as the brand’s edgy shoe and accessory lines. A tip for Genluxers: Park in the north parking structure for immediate Balenciaga access. 3333 Bristol Street, Costa Mesa, Level 2, 714-668-0557

Coast Plaza

This fall, the Malibu Country Mart will also welcome the first retail store from Tylie Inc. Lisa Izad, founder and designer of Tylie’s recognizable “triple diamond” motif, was inspired to create her belt and handbag line by her coastal community. Genluxers who visit Tylie will find the designer’s complete line of bags, boots, and accessories, as well as her new line of contemporary clothing. 3835 Cross Creek Road, #2, Malibu, 310-456-8886 Now that you’ve got those red-soled heels, head on over to the ninth North American location of world-renowned house of diamonds DeBeers. Opening late October at South Coast Plaza, the 1,600-square-foot boutique will house the jeweler’s one-of-a-kind creations, including signature collections and bridal. 3333 Bristol Street, Costa Mesa


The ever-growing Westfield Topanga “luxe” wing recently welcomed Jimmy Choo. The unique space will showcase an extensive selection of shoes, handbags, small leather goods, and sunglasses. Ready, set, Choo! 6600 Topanga Canyon Blvd, Canoga Park, 818-340-7221 It’s your chance to sleep with Peter Alexander! The world-renowned line of whimsical sleepwear is opening its first American flagship location right here in LA. The 2,200-square-foot store is divided into a series of intimate and entertaining alcoves filled with cheeky loungewear, pajamas, books, gifts, and much more. 109 South Robertson Blvd, 310-275-4438

Come mid-October, LA will finally welcome Neil Lane’s flagship boutique. The jeweler’s 1,400-square-foot store will open its doors on the corner of La Cienega and Melrose Place, offering a bevy of delightful baubles. 708 N. La Cienega Blvd, 310-275-5015

The Beckley boutique,

from Melissa Richardson (co-owner of hot spot Social Hollywood and its California-French eatery Citrus at Social), has arrived on Melrose, offering a well-edited selection of readyto-wear, eveningwear, and loungewear from the likes of Zac Posen, Azzaro, Cacharel, and Guy Baxter. Also on the shelves are shoes, bags, jewelry and vintage items, making Beckley something of a onestop shop. And if you crave a personal touch, the boutique even offers the services of tailors, personal shoppers, and stylists. 8620 Melrose Ave, West Hollywood, 310-652-3500

opening presence


Fifteen years ago, Kate Spade started a handbag revolution, and her faithful followers are still asking for more. Those in the O.C. have something to be excited about this fall: a new Kate Spade boutique opened its doors in Mission Viejo, introducing a limited-edition tote sold only at that location. The Nadadores retails for $155 and is available while supplies last. 555 The Shops at Mission Viejo, 949-364-0420

You don’t need quarters to visit the recently opened Arcade on Melrose. The luxury women’s boutique was inspired by 18th-century European shopping malls, dubbed arcades, where designers would gather to share their recent creations. Filled with such brands as Alexis Mabille, Vivienne Westwood, Emanuel Ungaro, and Gemma Kahng, Arcade is a high-fashion destination. The shop also provides professional alterations, valet parking, at-home closet organization, and even signature cocktails while you shop. 8473 Melrose Ave, West Hollywood, 323-944-0018 Jewelry designer Susan Foster, whose unique 22K designs are inspired by nature and a variety of cultures and religions, has set up shop on San Vicente, offering not only her own line but select other collections and vintage pieces. 11695 San Vicente Blvd, 310-820-4244 LeSportsac, with its well-known blue-tile floor and all-white interior, has finally landed on Melrose. The iconic handbag brand, with its chic and functional wares, has opened a 1,565-square-foot boutique offering LeSportsac classics, Men’s and Guy’s collections, Stella McCartney for LeSportsac, and a new collection, Artist in Residence. 8414 Melrose Ave, 323-782-0975, lesportsac.com

Accessorize your space Balance your life

Inspire your soul Berlin Wall Collection Contemporary Urban Art



gENLUXshop Conserve water and save on your water bill with the sleek Evolve Eco Friendly Showerhead. $39,


Online magazine Ecostiletto.com has re-launched, serving up a variety of stylish, environmentally minded fashion, beauty, celebrity, lifestyle, and event content. The site will also calculate your carbon Ecostiletto.com footprint and help you reduce it from the size of a founder and CEO Rachel Sarnoff, clunky Ugg to a slender Manolo. Ecostiletto.com

left, with Josie Maran of Josie Maran Cosmetics

Rebagz are like post-modern pop art: colorful and kitschy, they’re made of recycled juice packs and nylon rice bags, challenging our notions of how materials can best be reused. Magnolia Cinchy Tote, $95, Studio at Fred Segal, 310-394-8509; Half the Sky Designs, 818-376-0125; rebagz.com

Earth Friendly Products Pomegranate Body Soufflé, $25, ecos.com


This holiday season, don’t just give presents to friends and family. Give back to the planet by thinking about what you buy. —Shannon L. Bowen & Dawn Shand Johnson

GRN Natural White Tea Body Lotion by Exhale, $19,

Exhale Spa, Santa Monica, 310-899-6222, exhalespa.com

Make Love Not Trash reusable shopper, $34, makelovenottrash.com

Pomp Salon, 1431 Ocean Ave, #B, Santa Monica, 310-393-1543

Soy candles are a green alternative to traditional candles, which are made of petroleum-based paraffin. Scented with essential oils, this 16oz California Collection candle is available in five varieties: Fresh Cut Herbs, Sunshine Day, Surf, Vanilla Almond Cinnamon, and an unscented version, Pure Light. $28, Green and Greener, 818-358-4313, green-and-greener.com 174 GENLUX HOLIDAY / 2008

DOIE Designs’ adorable duds are made with Earth-friendly fabrics such as bamboo, organic cotton, organic wool, and silk—plus, the line is produced in LA. $230, Ilene’s Boutique, Westlake Village, 818-879-5060; doiedesigns.com

The Westside’s Pomp Salon is now offering a completely green hair experience, using organic and natural hair-care products such as EcoColors, PureOlogy, and Privé. Pomp, 1431 Ocean Ave, #B, Santa Monica, 310393-1543, pompsalon.com



Organicare, a new USDA-certified-organic skincare line, uses bursts of oxygen to improve the top layer of the skin. $125, Nordstrom at the Grove 323-930-2230

Spice up your skincare routine this holiday season with Lamas Pumpkin

Organicare, $125, Nordstrom at the Grove, 323-930-2230

Spice Polish, which

cleanses, exfoliates, and polishes. Made with certified-organic botanicals, all of the firmâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s products are paraben-free and vegan. $21, lamasbeauty.com

Beauty Garden by Sothys

is a new organic, Ecocertcertified line of face and body products on the market. $30â&#x20AC;&#x201C;$52, sothys-usa.com












Made of bamboo and fine long-staple cotton, these Harbor Linen bath towels dry quickly, reducing energy costs. Plus, bamboo fiber is naturally antibacterial, antifungal, and antimicrobialâ&#x20AC;&#x201D; not to mention soft and luxurious. $3â&#x20AC;&#x201C;$27, currentenergy.com


VITALITY INSTITUTE 416 N. Bedford Drive, Suite 204 Beverly Hills, CA 90210 (310) 278-2122 www.vitalityinstitute.com








The Vi Derm Skin Care System greatly enhances the benefits of the Vi Peel by providing on going skin maintenance. Our products cleanse, nourish and protect, for skin that grows more beautiful every day.



gENLUXshop gENLUXshop From a tailor who will custommake the outfit of your dreams to a limoncello liqueur that will transport your taste buds to Italy, there’s no shortage of delights to be had this holiday season. – Shannon Bowen Harry Winston

invites you to fall in love: Visit the famed jeweler’s salon to experience Winston Bridal Week, running Nov. 14–22 at 310 N. Rodeo Drive. Engagement rings start at $19,500. 310-271-8554

Just in time for the holidays, superpremium ginger liqueur Domaine de Canton and famed chocolatier François Payard have joined forces to create sumptuous handmade Domaine de Canton Ginger Truffles. Filled with chocolate ganache, infused with Domaine de Canton ginger liqueur, and dusted with cocoa powder, the truffles are available through Dec. 31. Box of 30 truffles, $46, payard.com I don’t know about you, but I daydream about Italy all the time: the landscape, the language, the food, the wine. Happily, Ventura Limoncello Company

If you’ve ever found yourself admiring the picture-perfect wait staff at a swanky party, chances are you were in the presence of Beautiful Bartenders. A unique luxury service that provides skilled servers who are easy on the eyes, the company staffs everything from major events to intimate gatherings. 310-600-1077, beautifulbartenders.com Arguably the No.1 tailor in LA, Rancho Tailor’s Arturo Padilla has made quite a name for himself in entertainment circles, creating custom-made garments for everyone from Gwen Stefani to Kanye West to Kimora Lee Simmons. He’s also the city’s go-to guy for professional alterations and repairs, including for leather goods. 2456 Overland Ave, LA, 310-8395971, ranchotailor.com


has created a little slice of Italy in SoCal. Made from locally grown fruit, the company’s naturally vivid-yellow limoncello is handcrafted and available in Originale and Crema versions. It’s a pleasure to sip—especially in the traditional fashion: chilled in a small glass, surrounded by good friends. 750ml, $24.99; 350ml, $14.99; Larchmont Wine & Cheese, LA, 323-856-8699; venturalimoncello.com

Guide to Wine, $14.95, amazon.com

From Alyssa Rapp, founder and CEO of Bottlenotes, the popular customized wine club, online wine retailer, and wine special-events firm, comes Bottlenotes Guide to Wine: Around the World in 80 Sips. With an overview of the history of wine, insights into some of the world’s burgeoning wine regions, and all the facts one would need to carry on an informed conversation about anything wine-related, it’s a delightful tome for anyone who appreciates a good vintage and wants to know more. $14.95, amazon.com

From actress and singer Taryn Manning (who played the scene-stealing Nola in 2005’s Hustle & Flow) and her best friend and fellow actress Tara Jane, Born Uniqorn is a collection of cool and casual looks with a true Californian vibe—like this adorable coral maxi dress with a fun feather detail reminiscent of an old-school dream catcher. $143, Brunette, LA, 323-650-9018; bornuniqorn.com

The glamour of old Hollywood is alive and well at the Hollywood Roosevelt, a Thompson Hotel, where the floor of the pool boasts a David Hockney mural, the sinfully good steaks are prepared precisely to order at the posh Dakota restaurant, and the scene at the poolside Tropicana Bar is hopping. Once the hangout of Clark Gable and Marilyn Monroe, there’s no better place to unwind while soaking up some Hollywood history. 7000 Hollywood Blvd, Hollywood, 323-466-7000, hollywoodroosevelt.com





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It seems like everywhere you turn in Los Angeles, the chic flat shoe of choice bears the insignia of New York–based sportswear and accessories designer Tory Burch. That the fashion industry and the market have so warmly embraced Burch’s signature style—a clean, everyday-luxury American aesthetic that features bold prints, Bohemian touches, and ’60s and ’70s influences—speaks volumes about her keen eye for shape, cut, and color. She even beat out industry titans Michael Kors and Marc Jacobs in the Accessory Designer of the Year category at this year’s Council of Fashion Designers of America awards. That would be a noteworthy accomplishment for any designer, but with Burch, it’s all the more impressive considering that, though she earned her stripes at Harper’s Bazaar, Ralph Lauren, Vera Wang, Loewe, and Zoran, she first tried her hand at design with her own line. She launched her brand with the opening of a flagship store in New York in 2004, and since then has turned out one bravura collection after another, each replete with modern looks that are informed with a sense of history and that showcase her understanding of tailoring and vintage. It’s remarkable that Burch has only been on the scene for a few short years; unlike so many other designers, she’s here to stay. –Shannon L. Bowen When you’re in LA where do you… Stay? The Peninsula Have drinks? The Sunset Tower

FAVORITES IN LA Place to shop: Fred Segal, Maxfield, and The Way We Wore All photos from Resort 08 collection. Sanura dress, $545; Aman-dine sandal, $265, Tory Burch, LA, 310-248-2612

Restaurants: Il Sole on Sunset Blvd. and Hamasaku and Il Ristorante di Giorgio Baldi on the Westside Museums: LACMA and the Getty

Kerry clutch in tortoise, $365, Tory Burch, LA, 310-248-2612

Neighborhoods: Silver Lake and Venice Favorite time of year: Summer

Red-eye or morning flight? Morning flight


How do you look refreshed after a long flight? Exercise is a great way to get your blood flowing after a long flight. I also try to drink water and use moisturizer when I fly.

What’s in your carry-on? When I travel, I always pack a red ribbon for luck. It’s something I picked up from my grandmother. What’s on your iPod? I love all different kinds of music. My iPod has everything from Kanye West and Estelle to Neil Young and Van Morrison. Reading material? I always bring a few books with me when I travel. Right now, I’m reading Slavery by Another Name: The Re-enslavement of Black Americans From the Civil War to World War II by Douglas Blackmon.

Sheffer moccasin, $225, Tory Burch, LA, 310-248-2612


What’s the first thing you do to unwind? As soon as I check in to my hotel, I like to take a walk on the treadmill with my iPod. It’s the perfect antidote to jet lag. How do you make your hotel room feel more like home? Framed photographs of my boys make the hotel room feel more like home and are always in my suitcase.

Beaches: Broad Beach in Malibu

Brewster tote, $595, Tory Burch, 142 S. Robertson Blvd, LA, 310-248-2612

pack in my suitcase. Layering is key when traveling, so I pack a variety of cardigans and sleeveless shells. I love bold jewelry, so I always bring a few necklaces and cuffs. I also pack a pair of jeans, a pair of wide-legged cream trousers, a few dresses for day and evening, and a couple of handbag and shoe options.

What are your packing essentials for LA? There are a few key pieces I always

What do you wish LA had more of that you have in New York? One of my favorite things about New York is the fact that it’s a walking city, and I find that I miss that when I’m driving around LA. What do you wish New York had that LA has? The beaches and mountains are amazing. When I was in Malibu this summer I took a long hike in the canyons. It would be incredible to be able to do that at the end of every day.




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