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Š 2007 Monique Lhuillier. Jewelry by Fred Leighton.

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“The Jewelers’ Jeweler.” – Los Angeles Magazine


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– Stevie Wilson


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Beauty: You work on the inside. We’ll work on the outside.

“…offers the best high-tech machine for your skin tone.” – In Style Magazine “A star is born” – American Spa “Calidora combines technology with TLC” – Womens Wear Daily Calidora is recommended by Allure Magazine

In celebration of our new clinics we invite you to receive a complimentary photo imaging complexion analysis and learn how you can reveal luminous, youthful, flawless skin for life. You’ll also receive $50 towards the treatment of your choice.* Calidora.com 866.451.6776 Introducing three new locations: Montana Avenue In Santa Monica the Waterside in Marina del Rey Americana at Brand in Glendale May not be combined with any other offer. No cash value. Offer expires 5/30/2008



Genlux [





THE FLOWEr ISSUE On our cover: Model/Actress Alicia Witt Photo: Giuliano Bekor; Makeup: Troy Jensen / Margaret Maldonado Agency; Hair: Christian Marc / Celestine Agency; Stylist: Jessica Paster



20 GENLUX April / May 2008

34 46 58 66 78 88


FLOWER GIRL The Daily 10’s Catt Sadler tells her most embarrasing fashion moment FLOWER TRIP Photographer Bonnie Holland takes us on fashionable voyage IN FULL BLOOM Photographer Heidi Niemala on floral-inspired fashion WITT AND WISDOM Alicia Witt talks about music, Al Pacino and Galaga. Galaga? Woman in Red Giuliano Bekor shoots Aussie model sensation Tiah Eckhardt FLOWER CHILD Photographer Michael Cuneo takes Melissa Haro to the Haight for a little fashion inspiration









126 144 154

22 GENLUX April / May 2008


Anastasia’s Expert Opinion: On floral scents BuyLines: What are the style-makers buying? File-O-Facts: LA is in full bloom Opening Presence: Grand and brand openings Shop for a Cause: Shop guilt-free! Out-of-Towner: Ports 1961’s Tia Cibani on LA

Art 101: Fashion that’s suitable for framing Flower Power: Flower-showered accessories Flower Jewels: Flower-inspired jewelry is blooming Designer Profile: Celebrity florist Eric Buterbaugh

122 123 124 126 128 134

Colorful Bouquet: Parade of floral-print dresses

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Beauty News: Additions to your beauty treasure trove.

Flower Appliqué: Fashion with a floral touch Eye Candy: Eye-popping fashion drenched in color Knee-Length Skirts: The flirty length is back Head to Toe: Inspiring looks from top to bottom Designer Profile: Stella McCartney unveils her lingerie

Her Secret Service: Alicia Witt’s cover look uncovered. Sweet Smells: Spring’s nose-worthy notes. Hair Do’s: The latest looks for spring. Oh, Baby: What every baby wants Mom to know. Makeup Trends: Get this spring’s darling doll look. Dr. Kest’s Corner: Tips for beating the mean reds. Spa: Summer, summer, summertime—legs, that is. Beauty Ingredient: Flowers are blossoming. LA Story: Chinese healing remedies.



Color Me Beautiful: Bright, bold and beautiful

Beauty Editor’s Picks: Dawn’s delights



112 114 116 118 130

Accessories Editor’s Picks: Elizabeth’s must-haves



Editor’s Picks: Samia’s colorful picks for spring


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Genlux Publisher and Editorial Director: Cecilia Moreno Editor in Chief: Samia Arslane

Creative Director: Stephen Kamifuji Vice President of Advertising: Jenny Behrstock Advertising Director: Brooke Bryant Director of Marketing: Michelle Vink

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24 GENLUX April / May 2008


Las Vegas Los Angeles Manhattan Beach Santa Barbara Santa Monica

I find it hard myself not to want to hear about what trouble the girls are getting into, or jonesing to read about which poor soul Perez Hilton is slamming in his blog. On my Yahoo homepage, admittedly I’m drawn to things like, “Kimora Lee Simmons files for divorce from entertainment mogul.” Why? I admit that I’ve become sort of a negativity addict. Ironic, since the one thing I’ve been trying to build Genlux on is positivity. So what are these forces that cause us to seek bad news? Or the better question, how do we break the habit? One of the things I noticed about LA Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week was the negativity that was flying around the shows. Everyone, it seems, is a critic, and during Fashion Week the noses tilt about 15 degrees north and the withering comments about all that’s wrong with LA fashion circulate like a virus, infecting even those who “liked” the shows. I’m not going out on a limb when I say that every one of those designers who showed at LA Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week poured their hearts into their work. They stayed up late. They couldn’t sleep when their designs didn’t translate to the fabric. They worked to the last minute fine-tuning their creations, hoping that the models would fit them, that the makeup artists “got it,” that the hairstylists “understood” their vision, that the music would be in sync with the walk of the models­(and that it would be cool enough and not too loud), and that the gift bags on the seats would be worthy of the editors receiving them. They had to make invitations and plan the seating with their publicists and reseat the seating plan when more than those who said they’d show, showed. They did all of this because they love fashion and their craft and hope to find their place in this industry where many are so quick to blow their flames out. It’s common knowlege that my own industry—magazine publishing—is one in which no apologies are made for eating one’s young. A new magazine has its odds of survival

26 GENLUX April / May 2008

stacked against it—not because it’s not being nurtured, but because competing magazines are so threatened, they’ll take whatever measures they can to bury it. I can safely—and sadly—say that you may now add LA Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week to that list. How can our young designers possibly continue to grow and develop toward success unless our fashion community nurtures that growth?


t’s so easy to get caught up in negativity.

magazine magazine


GenLUX Genlux

One of the most positive and hard-working people I know is our new editor in chief, Samia Arslane. She is a true fashionista who grew up in France and lives an envious lifestyle. She is one of those lucky individuals who chooses to work. I have to say that, in a way, Samia’s a fashion snob. (Forgive me, Samia!) That is, she wears only designer, but she’s cool about it. She doesn’t flaunt it. She’s almost embarrassed by her position in life, and that’s what I love about her: her unpretentiousness. What a breath of fresh air. And everyone who knows Samia says the same thing about her. It was Samia’s decision, along with that of Stephen Kamifuji, our creative director, to focus on what was positive about LA Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week: the home-runs of each designer. Think about it. What CD did you hear recently where you liked every song? Or an artist’s show where you had to have every painting? If our designers can bring us a few showstoppers each season, isn’t that worthy of praise? And that praise might be all the inspiration they need to get them to their next collection. So in our next issue, we’ll be bringing you the best of each designer who showed at LA Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week. The fact is, no creative entity can survive a concerted wave of negativity—just as nothing can keep a wave of positivity from helping our young talent emerge as the next fashion heroes. Won’t you join Genlux as the champions of our LA designers? Maybe a little focus on the positive can help save the world.

My family has been in the investment business for the better part of the last century. My grandfather, Henri de la Chapelle, was an early partner at Paine, Webber, Jackson & Curtis. My grandfather, Rudolph Eichler, founded Bateman Eichler & Co. in 1929. My father, Peter Eichler Sr., became chief executive of Bateman Eichler in the 1970s. I worked on the floor of the NYSE, developed investment products for E.F. Hutton and launched a money management division for Bear Stearns. To say that I have worked in this business my entire life is not an overstatement. My forbears taught me that to be a successful investor one must be an independent thinker. At Aletheia, we have always done our own research. Another important family trait I have incorporated is common sense in terms of valuation, risk and return expectations. I also believe common sense guides the amount of effort needed to achieve superior results. It takes an incredible amount of time and effort to add value in today’s challenging financial markets. At Aletheia we have combined a rich heritage, creative thinking and a tireless work ethic. We look forward to hearing from you. Peter J. Eichler, Jr. Founder, Chairman, CEO

No taglines. No gimmicks. Just one thing: Performance. ALETHEIA: Performance, Excess Return and Alpha Rankings (Since Inception – period ended 12/31/06) Large Cap Growth Composite

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2007 17.18% 13.20% 27.10%

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2003 62.16% 66.27% 45.61%

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Aletheia Research and Management 100 Wilshire Blvd, Suite 1960, Santa Monica, CA 90401 (310) 899-0800 aletheiaresearch.com Past performance is not indicative of future performance.*100 performance since 8/31/99. The S&P 500 performed 27.47% over the same period. **International Growth performance since 6/30/02. ‡ / MayPerformance 2008 GENLUX 27 The S&P 500 performed 64.03% over the same period. S&P 500 performance includes reinvested dividends. 2007 returns net of fees estimatedApril through 12/31/07. results are net of management fees.

Shoes are singing the flfloral oral song too, as are handbags and even belts and jewelry. All are taking on saturated hues of blue, yellow, and red. Witness CHANEL’s red-red patent belt or Diego Dolcini’s Mondrian-inspired heel. Or what about Lanvin’s Padova hobo bag (looks like the dye is still drying on this glossy masterpiece). Marc Jacobs and Richard Prince for Louis Vuitton Handbag Project have come to life with my personal favorite: their yellow oversized monogram pulp weekender bag. What better time for our renowned color advisory board—Etro, Missoni, and Emilio Pucci—to shine in, in all their psychedelic-color glory.

Our models for this issue are no slouches either. Our cover girl, Alicia Witt, stars with Al Pacino in the new fifilm lm 88 Minutes; Catt Sadler is the beautiful and effervescent host of the E! Channel’s Daily 10; Melissa Haro, whose fifirst rst appearance in the Sports Illustrated swimwear issue this year garnered “rookie of the year” honors; and, of course, our usual smattering of gorgeous, world-class models—Tiah Eckhardt, Camillia Clouse, and May Lindstrom. This issue of Genlux marks a new chapter for me. Hired at its inception as the fashion and jewelry editor (both are obsessions and passions of mine), I now have the envious role of not only working as the fashion curator of Genlux but, as the new editor in chief, also overseeing all other aspects of our magazine. And so, to keep up with what’s going on in fashion, it all really boils down to the Genlux motto: Let’s go shopping!

And let’s not forget the beauty products that are dripping in living color. Dior has a brilliant fifive-color ve-color iridescent eye shadow, and for those who dare, Givenchy’s orange satin lipsticks are fresh off the Paris runways. The “doll” look is big this spring. Rosy cheeks on your apples, and berry-stained lips. Our beauty editor, Dawn Shand Johnson, has all the trends for you on page 148. Which brings us to the theme (as if you hadn’t already guessed) of this issue of Genlux: Flowers! Nature’s ultimate swatch book. If ever one element dominated the fashion scene, this would be it. So our creative director, Stephen Kamifuji, handed the flfloral oral baton to some of the best photographers in the biz: Heidi Niemala from New York, Michael Cuneo of San Francisco, plus LA’s own Giuliano Bekor and Bonnie Holland. Some pretty talented stylists like Jessica Paster, Ronit Nabi, Kelvin Seah, Angel Terrazas, and Rudy Rochas joined in too. The results of these pairings (true to the Genlux aesthetic) are the glorious color-drenched fashion stories on pages 35 to 96. Brooke Mueller, Samia Arslane

28 GENLUX April / May 2008


ashion is singing a brighter tune this season. The palette is lively, flfluorescent, uorescent, and in some cases, downright electric. And everyone’s in the pool. Dolce & Gabbana, Prada, Marchesa, Ina Soltani, Christian Lacroix, Ralph Lauren, Bianca Nero, Gucci, Dior. Yep, all of them are splashing about in the primary paint box this spring— wringing out all the colors of spring’s blooming flflowers owers on their brilliant creations.

MAGAZINE magazine MAGAZINE magazine



Jane Won, Lani Park, Cindy Choi

Michelle Vink, Cecilia Moreno, Brooke Bryant

genlux events! genlux issue launch party! photos: john marciniak Celebrity DJ : DJ Casey Connor

George Blodwell, Ricardo & Karen Basta, Ricardo Basta Jewelry

Taber Schroeder, Genlux cover model Mini Anden

Katya Evtushenko, Sue Wong

Cecilia Moreno, Catt Sadler, E! Daily 10

Katie Erlandson, Paul Magill, Melissa Varon

Angie Proshak, Galina Sobolev, Anna Gelikman

Arno and Melissa Marukian

GalinaCatt Sobelev, the La Prairie Nicole Wool, Dr. Fardad Forouzanpour, Jill Wilderman, Michelle Marie, SadlerAnna Geylikman atKristen Tammer,event Marianna Koons, Lierac

Alyssa Rapp, Katherine Mathis, Bayard Collins, Emily S. Levin, Ainsley Hines

Avo Yermagyan, Erica Macke

VIP CardStacy Members Shannon Grimes, Lee, Melissa Tan, Cecilia Moreno, Dagmar Jouni

30 GENLUX April / May 2008

Audray Montgaillard, Nathalie Zapata

Thomas Papavassiliou , Elina Katsioula-Beall

Jaga Buyan, Ana Gallegos

DJ Jack LeFleur, Trumpeter Rico DeLargo

Moran Atias, Greenwood Liat Zuckerman TheDvora gorgeous womenand of Beautiful Bartenders

Eric Buterbaugh flower design at the four seasons hotel

300 S. Doheny Drive

310 247 7120

los Angeles 90048


Photo: Todd Williamson

Genlux Photo: Glen Lipton

genlux events! The an family celebrates! It’s Crustacean’s 10th Anniversary Party!

Angela Bassett, atKeisha Galina Sobelev, Anna Geylikman the LaWhitaker Prairie event Photo: Glen Lipton

Vicki and Raul Walters Photo: Glen Lipton

Jordana Brewster, Sophia Bush

Eva Pigford

32 GENLUX April / May 2008

Photo: Lester Cohen

Diana Rogue Ellis

Dania Ramierez

Photo: Todd Williamson

Photo: Todd Williamson Taylor Dayne

Garcelle Beauvais Photo: Todd Williamson

Photo: Glen Lipton

Alan Thicke and Tanya Callau Thicke Photo: Todd Williamson

Julie McCann Quinn and Francesco Quinn

Catherine An, Melissa George, Jackie An Photo: Todd Williamson

Valerie Fitzgerald, Tracy Murdock, Elizabeth An, Laura Dunn

Lady Victoria Hervey

Eternal Exploration. The KonTiki Diver Eterna has redefined the functional requirements of a diving watch from the bottom up. The result is the KonTiki Diver, with its innovative hinged mechanism. The movement is housed in a case which can be raised and lowered. When the case is raised, the diving time is set using a bezel which can be rotated in either direction. With the case in the lowered position, the bezel is protected against accidental movements, and the display of the correct diving time is guaranteed. Both the time and the power reserve are clearly legible from the well-structured dial. With its revolutionary sealing system, the KonTiki Diver dispenses with a screw-in crown, and is water-resistant to 1000 metres. A new class of diving watch.



34 GENLUX April / May 2008

FLOWER girl Genlux finds Catt Sadler, host of E! Entertainment Television’s The Daily 10, to be everything we suspected: bright, beautiful and as easygoing in person as she is on television.




RUDY ROCHA Christian Lacroix hand-painted gown, $5580, Neiman Marcus, Beverly Hills, 310550-5900; Levian green quartz and diamond earrings set in 14K rose gold, $4900, Bloomingdale’s, Beverly Hills, 310-360-2832, levian.com

Photography: GiulianoBekor.com Stylist: Rudy Rocha / RudyRocha.com Makeup: TROY JENSEN at Margaret Maldonado Agency using Dior Beauty Hair: CHRISTIAN MARC for Redken/celestineagency.com Art Direction: STEPHEN KAMIFUJI

April / May 2008 GENLUX 35

The GENLUX Questionnaire: Catt Sadler What’s your favorite item in your closet?

A super-thin gray vintage boy’s tee that I stole from my brother. What’s your weekend look?

Bohemian chic. High-waisted wide-leg jeans. Love Denim of Virtue. Soft v-neck tee or cashmere sweater, hair up, Kiehl’s lip balm and Lancôme mascara. FRESH and CLEAN! What’s the first thing you notice about what someone is wearing?

Are they wearing clothes or are the clothes wearing them? But more specifically, their shoes. What’s always in your purse?

NARS lipgloss, DITA shades, pictures of my kids If you could only wear one designer from head to toe, including accessories, who would it be?

Marc Jacobs

What’s your favorite low-price secret weapon store?

Forever 21

What’s your earliest fashion memory?

It’s a toss-up. 1) In second grade my mom bought me a gold necklace with a record pendant. I wore it every day for a year straight. Even at age seven, it was that particular fashion piece that affirmed my love for rock ’n’ roll … or 2) In kindergarten I had a serious crush on my classmate, Jason Bradley. In retrospect, it was far more about his groovy plaid pants than his charm or wit. Most embarrassing fashion moment?

Wearing a one-piece royal blue geriatric looking swimsuit—with ridiculously heavy “padding”—in front of thousands of onlookers while walking a catwalk in the one and only pageant I’ve ever been in. What’s your favorite flower:


Favorite fashion icon?

Audrey Hepburn

Favorite fashion magazine?

Elle ... (and Genlux, of course).

36 GENLUX April / May 2008

Donna Baxter for Elsie Katz Couture yellow v-neck cocktail dress with tulle, $3200, by special order, 206-625-1200, elsiekatzcouture.com Sergio Rossi Veronica patent-leather pump, $395, Sergio Rossi Boutique, 323-944-0864 Amarapali of Jaipur pink tourmaline and diamond earrings set in 18K gold, $13,600, Amrapali of Jaipur’s LA Showroom 323-651-3184

Valentino floral print evening gown, $8900, Neiman Marcus, Beverly Hills, 310-550-5900 Sergio Rossi gold strappy stilettos, $480, Sergio Rossi Boutique, 323-944-0864 Amrapali of Jaipur emerald, ruby, and diamond bracelet set in 18K gold, $11,000, Amrapali of Jaipur’s Los Angeles Showroom, 323-651-3184 Amrapali Jaipur 18K gold leaf earrings, $2100, Amrapali of Jaipur’s Los Angeles Showroom 323-651-3184

April / May 2008 GENLUX 37

Robert Rodriguez green ruffled silk dress, $363, Neiman Marcus, Beverly Hills, 310-550-5900 Vicini yellow suede platforms, $550, Giuseppe Zanotti Design Boutique, Costa Mesa, 714-979-3300 Amrapali of Jaipur natural tourmaline bracelet with stones set in 18K gold, $4290, Amrapali of Jaipur’s Los Angeles Showroom 323-651-3184 Rebecca drop earrings, $375, Rebecca ring, $420, Rebecca Jewelry at Westfield Century City, 310-552-8090

38 GENLUX April / May 2008

Agent Provocateur hold-ups with classic back seam, $30, Agent Provocateur, 323-653-0229 Loriblu black patent-leather pumps, $720, loriblu.it, PRB, 323-931-9300

April / May 2008 GENLUX 39

Christian Dior chiffon oneshoulder cocktail dress, $4365, Neiman Marcus, Beverly Hills, 310-550-5900 Sergio Rossi gray satin ruffle d’orsay pump, $485, Sergio Rossi Boutique, 323-944-0864 Swarovski drop earrings, $95, Swarovski stores nationwide, 800-426-3088

40 GENLUX April / May 2008

Ralph Lauren pink silk blouse with ruffled trim, $898, Neiman Marcus, Beverly Hills, 310-550-5900 Heavenly Sinful Jewels 18K white gold and diamond Divinity earrings from the PURE Collection, price upon request, Siera Jewelry, LA, 213-623-6370, heavenlysinfuljewels.com

April / May 2008 GENLUX 41

Biba navy silk blouse with flower detail, $450, bibaexperience.com, MHA, 323-461-1100

42 GENLUX April / May 2008

Christian Lacroix handpainted gown, $5580, Neiman Marcus, Beverly Hills, 310-550-5900 Sergio Rossi Alessandra peep-toe pumps, $495, Sergio Rossi Boutique, 323-944-0864 Levian green quartz and diamond earrings set in 14K rose gold, $4900, Bloomingdale’s, Beverly Hills, 310-360-2832, levian.com Rebecca three-stone ring, $420, Rebecca Jewelry at Westfield Century City, 310-552-8090

April / May 2008 GENLUX 43

FLower trip. Louis Vuitton logo-print parasol, $610, Saks Fifth Avenue, Beverly Hills, 310-275-4211 Rickard Shah pink satin Bernadette heel, $595, II Primo Passo, 310-828-4149

44 GENLUX April / May 2008



KELVIN SEAH Models: MAY LINDSTROM / NEXT Model Management CAMELLIA CLOUSE / LA Models Makeup: DAWN SHAND JOHNSON / DawnShandJohnson.com Hair: Marcia Hamilton / hamiltonhair@gmail.com Prop Stylist: JCH Studio Floral Hats: ERIC BUTERBAUGH FLOWER DESIGN / ericbuterbaugh.com Photography: BonnieHollandStudio.com Stylist: KelvinTheStylist.com Art Direction: STEPHEN KAMIFUJI

April / May 2008 GENLUX 45

Georges Chakra silk organza dress with crystal bodice beading, price upon request, GeorgesChakra.com Autore baroque South Sea pearl with black diamonds, rubies, and sapphires in 18K white gold pin (in hair), $103,500, Autore Keshi and aquamarine with diamonds in 18K white-gold drop earrings, $44,500, Autore at Neiman Marcus, Beverly Hills, 310550-5900; Bo Chic diamond and quartz cocktail ring $30,000, Neiman Marcus, Beverly Hills, 310-550-5900

46 GENLUX April / May 2008

Ralph Lauren ruffle collar silk organza top, $898, Saks Fifth Avenue, Beverly Hills, 310-275-4211, Le Vian Aquamarine and pink diamond in rose gold drop earrings, $7550, LeVian.com

April / May 2008 GENLUX 47

Giambattista Valli taffeta printed short dress, $1800, Neiman Marcus, Beverly Hills; Renee Caovilla emerald and sapphire satin bow heel, $925, Neiman Marcus Beverly Hills

48 GENLUX April / May 2008

Marni off-white coat dress, $1460, Saks Fifth Avenue, Beverly Hills, 310-275-4211 Louis Vuitton logo-print parasol, $610, Saks Fifth Avenue, Beverly Hills, 310-275-4211 Bo Chic emerald, pearl, and diamond star cocktail ring $9000, Bo Chic amber cuff with citrine and diamonds, $7700, BoChic.com Bo Chic onyx diamond on amber disk gold earrings, $25,000 from Bo Chic at Neiman Marcus, Beverly Hills, 310-550-5900

April / May 2008 GENLUX 49

Albino tan pleated taffeta dress, $1650, Saks Fifth Avenue, Beverly Hills, 310275-4211; Tito Pedrini white agate drop Artigli long earrings, $12,800, Tito Pedrini white agate Occhio ring, $3300, TitoPedrini.com; Bo Chic Burma sapphire enamel cuff, $30,000, Neiman Marcus, Beverly Hills, 310-550-5900

50 GENLUX April / May 2008

Oscar de la Renta cotton canvas khaki dress, $2080, Saks Fifth Avenue, Beverly Hills, 310-275-4211; Donna Karan black and white skirt with tulle lining, $1295, Saks Fifth Avenue, Beverly Hills, 310-275-4211, Sergio Rossi champagne silk sling with beaded platform and heel, $1200, Sergio Rossi, Melrose Place, 323-9440864, SergioRossi.com

April / May 2008 GENLUX 51

Rami Kashou taupe bias-cut tiered bell dress with flowering buds, $3800, special order at RamiKashou.com; Mikimoto white South Sea 15mm baroque pearl and diamond drop earrings $43,000, Mikimoto white South Sea 21mm baroque pearl and diamond cocktail ring, $40,000 Mikimoto white south sea baroque pearl 16� necklace (worn as bracelet) $54,000, Mikimoto Beverly Hills, 310-205-8787

52 GENLUX April / May 2008

Renee Caovilla metallic steel and citrine stack with Swarsovski crystal heel, $1175, Renee Caovilla, Two Rodeo, Beverly Hills, 310-385-0879, Vera Wang gold washed silk tunic, $1650, Sak’s Fifth Avenue, 310-275-4211, Le Vian white gold and sapphire dragonfly pin (on socks) $1250, Bloomingdale’s

April / May 2008 GENLUX 53

Thierry Mugler vintage gold bustier dress, $2900, Decades; Bo Chic tourmaline flower with pearl center and diamond drop earrings, $19,000, Bo Chic at Neiman Marcus, Beverly Hills, 310-550-5900

54 GENLUX April / May 2008

Versace vintage mint silk chiffon dress, $3600, Versace Atelier at Decades, 323-655-0223; Jimmy Choo Isto neon turquoise with gold hardware exaggerated platform, $1400, Jimmy Choo boutique, Two Rodeo, JimmyChoo.com

April / May 2008 GENLUX 55

Tadashi Shoji opaline starburst pleated metallic organza cocktail dress, $870, Tadashi, South Coast Plaza, 1-877-Tadashi Bo Chic white bakelite with diamond, spinel, and tourmaline drop earrings $5500, Bo Chic at Neiman Marcus, Beverly Hills, 310-550-5900

56 GENLUX April / May 2008

Donna Baxter for Elsie Katz Couture emerald satin jacket with tulle bustle, $2700, Donna Baxter for Elsie Katz Couture beaded boy-shorts, $225, by special order, 206-625-1200. Rickard Shah emerald satin Zandra heels, $775, Il Primo Passo, Santa Monica, 310-828-4149 Le Vian 14K white gold with diamond and sapphires butterfly pin, $2050, 18K white gold with diamonds butterfly pin, $1850, Le Vian 18K with diamonds and sapphires dragonfly pin, $7300, (all worn on bow), LeVian.com David Yurman silver globe earrings with pavĂŠ diamonds, $4600, David Yurman amethyst cocktail ring, $1900, DavidYurman.com

April / May 2008 GENLUX 57

INfull bloom Heidi Niemala finds our fashion gardens awash in petals and stems. Here, she offers a unique bouquet of spring’s floral-inspired delights.



JENNIFER KRAKO HeidiNiemala.com Model: Thaysse @ Supreme Models NY Stylist: Jennifer Krako Hair: Pamela Baumgartner Makeup: Masha Gvozdov @ kramer & kramer for Make Up For Ever Digital Tech: Jim Osen Photographer’s Assissant: Joey Popovich Retouching: Kristen Monthei, Jim Osen Art Direction: Stephen Kamifuji

58 GENLUX April / May 2008

Ralph Lauren Collection dress and gloves, price upon request, Ralph Lauren, 444 N. Rodeo Dr, Beverly Hills, 310-281-7200

April / May 2008 GENLUX 59

Liliana dress, Mayle, $805, 212-625-0406 Marc Jacobs cardigan, $895, Marc Jacobs shoes, price upon request, Marc Jacobs, 8400 Melrose Pl, LA, 323-653-5100

60 GENLUX April / May 2008

Ralph Lauren Collection dress, price upon request, Ralph Lauren, 444 N. Rodeo Dr, Beverly Hills, 310-281-7200

April / May 2008 GENLUX 61

Marni gray dress, $1260, Ralph Lauren Collection hat and gloves, prices upon request, Ralph Lauren, 444 N. Rodeo Dr, Beverly Hills, 310-281-7200

62 GENLUX April / May 2008

Mariposa dress, $695, Mayle, 212-625-0406

April / May 2008 GENLUX 63

Temperley London jumpsuit, $630, Temperley London, 8452 Melrose Place, LA, 323-782-8000 Marc Jacobs transparent stripe polo dress, $895, Marc Jacobs shoes, $595, Marc Jacobs, 8400 Melrose Pl, LA, 323-653-5100

64 GENLUX April / May 2008

Twenty8Twelve by S. Miller silk ruffle collar dress, $425, shopbop.com Marc Jacobs transparent stripe pleated skirt, $625, Marc Jacobs, Marc Jacobs, 8400 Melrose Pl, LA, 323-653-5100 Belt stylist’s own, Miu Miu necklace vintage

April / May 2008 GENLUX 65

wittand wisdom Alicia Witt talks about music, Al Pacino, and why you should steer clear of her at car washes.




Christian Dior rosalie bustier dress, $5800, Dior, Beverly Hills, 310-859-4700, dior.com

Photography: GiulianoBekor.com Stylist: Jessica Paster / MagnetLA.com Makeup: TROY JENSEN at Margaret Maldonado Agency using Dior Beauty Hair: CHRISTIAN MARC for Redken/celestineagency.com Art Direction: STEPHEN KAMIFUJI

April / May 2008 GENLUX 67

Charles Chang Lima light pink cotton sleeveless dress with pleated bottom and flower detailed front, $1415, Nordstrom’s, The Grove, 323-930-2230

68 GENLUX April / May 2008

By Marsha Takeda-Morrison


o here’s a tip: If you’re ever at a car wash in the San Fernando Valley and see a stunning redhead racking up some serious points on a video game, do not, I repeat, do not challenge her to a match. It’s probably Alicia Witt, and she takes her gaming seriously— even in such an unglamorous setting. “I will kick anyone’s ass,” she threatens those who dare attempt to beat her at her favorite game, the ’80s arcade classic Galaga. “I would never say this about anything, seriously,” she laughs, “but I really am the best Galaga player I’ve ever met.” Witt, who stars opposite Al Pacino in Sony Pictures’ upcoming 88 Minutes, displays a more subdued side when I steer the conversation away from shooting digital aliens to shooting fashion. “It was probably one of the most fun shoots I’ve ever done,” she enthuses about her recent Genlux session. It was also right in line with her fashion philosophy: Keep it light and bright. “I love bright colors with somewhat classic lines and something fun about it.” And please, eighty-six the black. “I think black is kind of boring, and I try to avoid it whenever I can. I went through a phase when I was a teenager where I wanted to wear nothing but black, but it seems a little silly now.” I look down at my own black sweater and black jeans and thank the gods that this is a phone interview.

While Witt has her favorite designers—Prada, Nanette Lepore, Celine—it’s a designer named Louis Mariette that I want to ask her about. In 2004 Witt modeled the Chapeau d’amour, believed to be the most expensive hat ever made—valued at $2.7 million— for Christie’s auction house in London. She recalls that day and laughs. “I remember Louis just guarding me like a hawk the entire time I was wearing it! He was walking behind me like a mama bird … he didn’t let it out of his sight. It was an interesting way to spend a Monday morning.” But none of Witt’s television or film characters would be caught dead wearing a million-dollar hat. Most recently seen on NBC’s “Law and Order: Criminal Intent” as the strong-willed Nola Falacci, in 88 Minutes, Witt plays an intense assistant to Pacino’s forensic psychiatrist. What was it like playing opposite the Academy Award®–winning actor? “It was a dream come true. He was just amazing to work with. He was really sweet, and I found him very accessible and

very giving as an actor. I hope I learned a lot from him.” Witt’s interests are varied, however, and bubbling with enthusiasm, she speaks most passionately about her music. But don’t confuse her with those other actresses-turned-singers. (Hello, Lindsay! And Paris. And Scarlett…must I go on?) Playing since she was a child, Witt is an award-winning, classically trained pianist who made a living playing at the Beverly Wilshire hotel before her film career took off. And while she says she would never give up acting, a career in music is not out of the question. “I think I’m at a place now where I could actually do both, much more than when I was just starting out as an actor. Music is my obsession right now. I was actually writing a song when I started this interview! I’m constantly writing now; I’d want to do a lot more gigs and find out what comes next.” I tell Witt that I listened to all of her songs on her MySpace page (myspace.com/aliciawittmusic), reassure her that I’m not stalking her, and ask her about her featured tune, “Blind,” whose lyrics tell the story of a dying relationship. Did she write it about anyone in particular? “I did!” she answers coyly, but declines to name names, despite my begging. “But none of the songs are a hundred percent about one specific person. ‘Blind’ is a very personal song, and I’m really proud of it. Sometimes you just know that something needs to end, but there’s no reason, and that’s what it’s about.” We talk some more about her Genlux shoot, and I tell her that one of the things that stands out is her luminous skin. I’m hoping she has an exotic secret to share that involves milk from some rare animal, but she reveals a simple skincare regimen and her allegiance to a single product. “The one thing I can say has really transformed my skin in the years that I’ve been using it is a product my friend Dino Morra makes, Dream Cleanser. But I think that more important than anything you put on top of your skin is eating right, drinking lots of water, and exercising. I don’t eat meat, chicken, or turkey. I eat fish, lots of broccoli, sushi, and fruit. But I also indulge—I don’t shy away from chocolate or desserts!” And she admits to having another secret. “I have good genes. My dad is almost seventy-four, and he looks ridiculous— he doesn’t have a line on his face!” With good genes, musical talent, and a successful film career, Alicia Witt is a force to be reckoned with. And not just at Galaga.

April / May 2008 GENLUX 69

70 GENLUX April / May 2008

Issac Mizrahi painted dress, price upon request, watchisaac.com

April / May 2008 GENLUX 71

Elie Saab couture one -of-a-kind rouched green dress, price upon request, MHA Media, 323-461-1100 Loriblu bijoux gold heels, $675, PRB, 323-931-9300, loriblu.it

72 GENLUX April / May 2008

Pamella Roland one-of-a-kind gown, price upon request, pamellaroland.com

April / May 2008 GENLUX 73

Monique Lhuillier silk charmeuse strapless draped gown with embroidered center front, $3800, Monique Lhuillier Boutique, 8485 Melrose Pl, 323-655-1088, moniquelhuillier.com

74 GENLUX April / May 2008

Marchesa one-shoulder draped satin chiffon gown with embroidered detail, $4290, 212-4638135, marchesa.com

April / May 2008 GENLUX 75

Ella Zahlan Couture gown, $12,000, ellazahlan.com

76 GENLUX April / May 2008

Gucci off-white taffeta fringe dress, $11,655, Available at select Gucci stores, 800-456-7663, gucci.com

April / May 2008 GENLUX 77

78 GENLUX April / May 2008

woman inred Beneath her fiery exterior, Elite New York model Tiah Eckhard is just a sweet Australian lass who really knows how to light up the camera.



ANGEL TERRAZAS Photography: GiulianoBekor.com Stylist: Angel Terrazas / aterrazas.com Makeup: TROY JENSEN for Margaret Maldonado using Dior Cosmetics Hair: CHRISTIAN MARC for Redken/celestineagency.com Model: Tiah Eckhardt, Elite Model Management, New York Art Direction: STEPHEN KAMIFUJI Kevan Hall Schlappens feather chubbie, $5400, Kevan Hall, 8313Â Beverly Blvd, 323-658-7979, kevanhalldesigns

April / May 2008 GENLUX 79

Dolce and Gabbana corset dress, $3695, Neiman Marcus, Beverly Hills 310-550-5900 Sheer gloves, stylist’s own

80 GENLUX April / May 2008

Yves Saint Laurent blousson top, $1325, Neiman Marcus, Beverly Hills, 310-550-5900 Maggie Barry short, price upon request, maggiebarry.com Yves Saint Laurent heel, $775, Madison, 9630 Brighton Way, Beverly Hills, 310-273-4787

April / May 2008 GENLUX 81

Matsu dress with scarf neck, $375, matsudesign.com

82 GENLUX April / May 2008

Gucci trench coat, $2395, Neiman Marcus, Beverly Hills, 310-550-5900 Matsu dress with scarf neck, $375, matsudesign.com Bally heel, price upon request, Bally, 340 N. Rodeo, Beverly Hills, 310-271-3310 Pure Collection by Heavenly Sinful Jewels Egg ring with white gold, rose gold and diamonds, Pure Collection by Heavenly Sinful Jewels HeavenlySinfulJewels.com

April / May 2008 GENLUX 83

Stella McCartney high-waisted pants, $795, Neiman Marcus, Beverly Hills, 310-550-5900 Loline Jolink banded top, $85, jolinejolink. Bally shoe, price upon request, Bally, 340 N Rodeo, 310-271-3310 Chulo Pony double collar vest, $198, chulopony.com Off the Chain Jewels vintage bead scoop necklace, price upon request, Sy Devore, Studio City, 818-783-2700

84 GENLUX April / May 2008

Vanessa Carreno weaved leather overalls, $320, Vanessa Carreno pebbled Georgette top, $245, at vanessacarreno.com Sexton Santa Fe cuff, Parisa & Co., 323-938-7300

April / May 2008 GENLUX 85

Nathu Couture ruffled cotton gown, price upon request, PRB Studio, 323-931-9300 Brian Atwood heel, $750, Madison, 9630 Brighton Way, Beverly Hills, 310-273-4787 Hat and belt, stylist’s own.

86 GENLUX April / May 2008

Dolce & Gabbana belted flower dress, $3595, Neiman Marcus, Beverly Hills, 310-550-5900 Alexander McQueen shoe, $795, Madison, 9630 Brighton Way, Beverly Hills, 310-273-4787

April / May 2008 GENLUX 87

FLOWER CHILD Etro knit sweater dress, $1745, Etro, Beverly Hills, 310-248-2855 Suzi Roher linked belt, $225, Neiman Marcus, Beverly Hills, 310-550-5900 Jimmy Choo flat suede boot, $660, Jimmy Choo, Beverly Hills, 310-860-9045

88 GENLUX April / May 2008

40 years ago, 100,000 “flower children” melted into San Francisco’s Haight-Ashbury district, fueling a counterculture revolution of love-ins, psychedelic drugs, and electric-colored fashion. They called it the Summer of Love. We take model Melissa Haro there —and find the scene eerily the same.



RONIT NABI Makeup / Hair: TOKYO / WorkGroup San Francisco Model: Melissa Haro / Elite Model Management NY Photo Assistant: Simon Cameron Digi Man: Steven Powell Art Direction: STEPHEN KAMIFUJI

April / May 2008 GENLUX 89

Jean Paul Gaultier knit dress $2075, Neiman Marcus, Beverly Hills, 310-550-5900; Suzi Roher belt, $225, Neiman Marcus, Beverly Hills, 310-550-5900; Jimmy Choo flat suede ankle boot, $495, Jimmy Choo, Beverly Hills, 310-860-9045

90 GENLUX April / May 2008

Roberto Cavalli floral blouse $1105, Neiman Marcus, Beverly Hills, 310-550-5900 Prada pants, $1860, Prada, Beverly Hills, 310-278- 8661 Jimmy Choo snake printed leather sandal, $425, Jimmy Choo, Beverly Hills, 310- 860-9045

April / May 2008 GENLUX 91

Missoni floral dress, $2935, Missoni, 212-517-9339 Stella McCartney knitted cardigan, $1695, Stella McCartney, 310273-7051 David Webb 18K turquoise bead necklace, $21,000, and carved amethyst green enameled roundels, $11,500, David Webb, Beverly Hills, 310-858-8006

92 GENLUX April / May 2008

Wunderkind dress, price upon request, H. Lorenzo, 310-659-1432 Erica Courtney 18K gold carnelian and rubalite necklace, 18K gold bangle with long cross, $1320; 18K gold bangle, $3000; 18K gold skinny bangle, $1080, Erica Courtney, 117 N. Robertson, 310-858-6700, ericacourtney.com Jimmy Choo flat suede boot, $660, Jimmy Choo, Beverly Hills, 310-860-9045

April / May 2008 GENLUX 93

Etro paisley chiffon gown, $3295, Etro, Beverly Hills, 310-248-2855 Erica Courtney 18K gold chalcedony pearl with London blue topaz and aspessertite necklace, $4320; 18K gold bangle with long cross, $1320; 18K gold bangle, $3000; 18K gold skinny bangle, $1080, Erica Courtney, 117 N. Robertson, 310-858-6700, ericacourtney.com

94 GENLUX April / May 2008

Stella McCartney sheer floral dress, $1495, Stella McCartney, 310-273-7051 Heidi Abbra belt, $1500, Neiman Marcus, Beverly Hills, 310-550-5900 Cole Haan sandals, $125, Cole Haan, 310-553-4800 Erica Courtney 18K gold citrine blue topaz with South Sea pearl necklace, $5280, Erica Courtney, 117 N. Robertson, 310-858-6700, ericacourtney.com

April / May 2008 GENLUX 95

Prada denim overalls, $595, Prada, Beverly Hills, 310-278-8661 ECI tie-dye shirt, $88, ecinewyork.com Casadei gladiator sandal, $950, by special order, 212-765-6846 Etro scarf, Neiman Marcus, Beverly Hills, 310-550-5900 Erica Courtney 18K gold bangle with long cross, $1320; 18K gold bangle, $3000; 18K gold skinny bangle, $1080, Erica Courtney, 117 N. Robertson, 310-858-6700, ericacourtney.com

96 GENLUX April / May 2008


GENLUX SHOP Tiah Eckhardt








Weekend Brunch Saturday: 11 am – 2:30 pm


Sunday: 11 am – 3 pm

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@ 3 A 3 @ D / B 7 = < A (

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dinenobu drivelotus livewaikiki indulgeparc the new parc waikiki exclusive Room & Vroom Lotus Experience, Parc Sunrise Package, and the exciting Nobu Waikiki

(800) 422-0450


editor’s picks It’s going to be a very colorful spring!! – Samia Arslane

Stuart Weitzman platform sandal, $299, Stuart Weitzman, Beverly Hills, 310860-9600; Costa Mesa, 714-432-8100, stuartweitzman.com

Escada orchid print Margaretha bag, $1750, 800-869-8424, escada.com

Asprey Daisy multicolored pendant, $7400, Asprey, Beverly Hills, 310-550-0520, asprey.com

Asprey Daisy pink tourmaline double ring, $4450, Asprey, Beverly Hills, 310-550-0520, asprey.com

Parker Blue yellow and heather-gray striped cashmere tank top, $198, Fred Segal, Santa Monica, 310-451-7139; hotmooncollection.com

Hand Picked floral accessories flower clip, $16, M’attias, Santa Monica, 310-576-4711

Christian Louboutin Declic yellow suede leather round-toe pump with hidden platform, $660, Christian Louboutin, Beverly Hills, 310-247-9300

100 GENLUX April / May 2008

MZ Wallace gold capri sequin stripe york bag, $225, Past & Presence, La Jolla, 858-459-3911

Leviev heart-shaped ring hand-crafted in 18K pink gold with fancy vivid-orange 1.98 carat diamond and highlighted with mixed colored diamonds, price upon request, 8774LEVIEV, leviev.com Dolce & Gabbana sand dress with high waist, $4350, Neiman Marcus, Beverly Hills, 310-550-5900

AccessorIES editorâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;S pickS Bags and shoes and jewelry, oh my! â&#x20AC;&#x201D;Elizabeth Saab

Christian Louboutin Keops patentleather clutch, $1395, Shoe-In, Wynn Hotel Boutique, Las Vegas, 702-770-3460

Marc Jacobs plastic bangles with jeweled detail, specialty item, price upon request, Marc Jacobs Collection, West Hollywood, 323-653-5100

Stuart Weitzman Essential tangerine open-toe flat, $250, Stuart Weitzman, Beverly Hills, 310-860-9600 Emilio Pucci cotton multicolored bag, $750, Emilio Pucci, Bal Harbour, Florida, 305-866-7742, emiliopucci.com

Gripoix Oyster Flower brooch, $500, gripoix.fr Bruno Frisoni framed tote, $1540, available to order, Bruno Frisoni, Paris, 33-1-42-84-1230

Derek Lam Astrid wedge, purple suede with python, $675, Derek Lam, shopbop.com

Yves Saint Laurent oversized Muse light blue-grey tote, $1395, Yves Saint Laurent, Beverly Hills, 310-271-4110

CHANEL resin strass metal cuff, $1575, CHANEL Fine Jewelry, Beverly Hills, 310-278-5055

102 GENLUX April / May 2008


Craving something fresh and new? Try these innovative products that caught my attention! – Dawn Shand Johnson Marc Jacobs Sorbet Splash in Basil, a refreshing and simple spring scent, can be worn alone or layered. $65, Neiman Marcus, Beverly Hills, 310-550-5900; Nordstrom at the Grove, 323-930-2230

Too Faced Slenderize Guilt Free Lip Gloss is infused with fruit flavors and the appetite-curbing, energy-boosting ingredients found in Fuze beverages. Try it in Dragonfruit Lime, Strawberry Melon, or Blueberry Raspberry. $18.50, Sephora, Beverly Center, 310-657-9670

Chrysalis Super Powder Brush feels great on the skin and places makeup beautifully. $65, timalan.net Make your skin glow with Kate Somerville ExfoliKate™, its a clinical-strength exfoliant that uses fruit enzymes to eliminate dead skin cells. $85, Neiman Marcus, 310-550-5900, neimanmarcus.com

For quick touch-ups, opt for Nicole by OPI Nic’s Sticks. $6.99, Target, West Hollywood, 323-603-0004, target.com

Prescriptives Good in Bed skinrestoring night moisturizer, $65, Nordstrom at the Grove, 323-930-2230; prescriptives.com

Le Cherche Midi Candle in 05 is hand-poured and boasts a cotton wick. Best of all, it smells like an afternoon garden party. $50, lecherchemidi.com Cate Blanchett, who’s been using SK-11’s skincare line for seven years, has just signed on as the company’s global ambassador. I’m loving all of the products in this line, dubbed Cate’s Essentials Collection by SK-11. They’re loaded with vitamins, amino acids, minerals, and organic acids, as well as Pitera (on which the line is based), the brand’s secret key to restoring and maintaining the skin’s balance. The kit includes Facial Treatment Essence, Facial Treatment Repair C, and Facial Treatment Mask. $250, Saks Fifth Avenue, Beverly Hills, 310- 275-4211, saks.com

104 GENLUX April / May 2008

Tocca Body Polish in Stella, a fresh scent of blood orange and white freesia, leaves skin glowing, thanks to the healing properties of Italian olive oil, safflower oil, and grapeseed oil. $54, Sephora, Century City, 310-843-0123; beautyhabit.com

Dr. KERRY assil is the eye doctor to the la lakers–not a bad endorsement from a group of guys who can afford to go anywhere for great eyesight. Now, he’s developed an even more advanced laser procedure for those needing near- and far-sighted help. – Dawn Shand Johnson Let me start with the good news: If you’re over 38 you can get rid of not only your reading glasses, but your driving glasses as well. Sound too good to be true? Read on. In February, an article was published in the Journal of Refractive and Cataract Surgeons in recognition of a procedure developed by Dr. Assil. In that article, his newest procedure...well, one that he actually created over six years ago, called Photopic Pupillometry-Guided LASIK (PPL), is given national credence for its groundbreaking benefits. In short, this new procedure helps correct the vision of those around 40 years of age who may need two pairs of glasses­— one for reading and one for seeing far. Also, people who may have to take off their glasses to read can now have LASIK and not need reading glasses after their treatment. Another of Dr. Assil’s innovations is Custom-Tailored All Laser LASIK. All laser revolutionized LASIK by removing the metal blade (assuaging most patient’s fears, mine included). This procedure also helps people who have thinner corneas and larger pupils.



These two procedures combined can help many people who have been told that they are not a candidate for LASIK. They can be used for about 99% of patients. For the remaining 1%, Dr. Assil can offer options other than LASIK. His state-of-the-art facility is designed to resemble a luxury resort (as opposed to a doctor’s office) to create an environment that soothes patients from the moment they walk in. The result? They feel more at ease and more relaxed, and their overall experience is enhanced. The thing that really puts me at ease is that Dr. Assil lectures all over the world, teaching other doctors how to perform the latest visionenhancing procedures. He has also assembled a staff to assist his patients that is the “best of the best.” Dr. Assil sums up his philosophy this way: “By having a procedure that we offer, it changes how you see the world and not how the world sees you.” Okay, let me ponder that visionary statement. Visit assileye.com or call for a consultation, 310-453-8911. 450 N. Roxbury Drive, 3rd Floor, Beverly Hills 90210 and 2222 Santa Monica Blvd, Suite 107, Santa Monica 90404

April / May 2008 GENLUX 105



The Skin Refinery’s Dawn DaLuise on floral ingredients:

This spring, add a little extra luxury to your every day: fill the house with fresh-cut flowers (my favorites are tiger lilies, jasmine, orchids, and peonies). Or try an enticing floral scent you haven’t used before. I recommend Jo Malone’s White Jasmine and Mint, Serge Lutens’s Un Bois Vanille, and The Different Company’s Bois d’Iris. Better yet, do both! – ANASTASIA Ron Robinson of Apothia on classic florals:

Do you prefer a traditional single floral or floral bouquet, and why? I prefer a blend of florals mixed with other notes to create a clean, modern blend that is fresh, timeless, and not too sweet. This way, it can be worn day or night and enhances rather than overpowers the senses. As a purist, a single note is nice, but a fine combination can create smoothness—hopefully a mystery that becomes interesting, alluring, and begs for another whiff. What are your favorite classic floral scents? Antonia’s Flowers has always been a favorite. It’s a classic blend of favorite notes. Laila is a simple, beautiful fragrance based on rare white Norwegian flowers. Child has been excellent. My all-time favorite is Apothia’s signature fragrance, If. It was created to be a modern classic—one for the lifestyle we live today—and it has achieved cult status. It’s a blend of citruses, white flowers, and musk. It’s my favorite by far! What do you think makes a good blend? Rare or unusual flower notes, citrus to awaken the senses, spicy or deeper undertones to make it sensual and sexy and a bit mysterious—something alluring, but not heavy and overpowering. If a fragrance suggests “bright, fresh, and independent” while also being romantic and sexy, it is one that I think is great—along with the wearer!

If by Apothia has notes of bergamot, yuzu, grapefruit, gardenia, freesia, tuberose, crystalclear musk, and precious woods. 50ml, $75, Apothia at Fred Segal, 310-851-0606, apothia.com

106 GENLUX April / May 2008

Serge Lutens Fleurs de Citronnier is a distinctive scent with hints of lemon blossom, white honey, neroli essence, and musk. Eau de Parfum, $120, Neiman Marcus, Beverly Hills, 310-550-5900, neimanmarcus.com

Which floral ingredients can be beneficial to the skin? Calendula [marigold] extract is used to reduce body scars, soothe chapped skin, and eliminate broken capillaries. Chamomile-flower extract is an excellent anti-inflammatory agent. Azulene is also derived from chamomile flowers; it reduces redness and soothes sensitive skin that is irritated or inflamed. Elderflowers have an excellent astringent quality and are commonly used in under-eye products, cleansers, and moisturizer. Geranium oil is an anti-inflammatory agent used to help with dermatitis, while jasmine oil is great for revitalizing and stimulating the skin, and lavender oil is effective in treating acne and oilyskin problems—it is an antiseptic and anti-inflammatory. Rose hip extract is rich in natural vitamin C and great for moisturizing, hydrating, skin protection, capillary damage, and firming and toning the skin tissue. Dawn DaLuise Skin Refinery, 8543 Santa Monica Blvd, West Hollywood, 310-659-1828

Serge Lutens, perfumer and creator of Serge Beauté, on new floral scents: What are the new floral scents? Flower essences, so to speak, are of the same quality as a hundred years ago— it depends on the flower being used: jasmine, rose … Flowers like the Bulgarian Otto rose are used less—because of their price and intense scent—than they were a hundred years ago. Today, the flowers often used in perfumery are easier to cultivate because they are less fragile in nature and less susceptible to the vagaries of weather, or easier to cultivate using less costly labor. How long do floral notes last on your skin? Floral notes have the weakest hold on the skin, in contrast to the animal notes (castoreum), woody notes (cedar, oak), or resins (amber, sap), which last longer. Even in a sealed bottle and stored under good conditions, floral notes degrade faster than others. On the skin, in general, floral notes can last a day or even longer, but everything depends on the skin, the pH balance … so it’s difficult to generalize.

Serge Lutens Fleurs d’Orange Eau de Parfum, $120, Neiman Marcus, Beverly Hills, 310-550-5900

New SeaExtend® Ultimate ColorCare with Thermal-V ® Protection

S E A L I N C O L O R & S E A L O U T H E AT

We’ve redefined color care with the gentlest, most luxurious shampoos and conditioners ever created. New SeaExtend Ultimate ColorCare dramatically extends the life and vibrancy of haircolor results, restores hair to its ultimate condition, and protects against thermal styling damage. To learn more, or to find a salon near you, visit www.aquage.com

available only at independent salons and spas ®®

buy lines

gENLUXshop what are you buying?

Genlux’s Shannon Bowen speaks with some of LA’s fashion trendsetters about what’s been on their shopping radars

Jaye Hersh, trend-spotter and owner, Intuition, 10581 W. Pico Blvd., LA, 310-234-8442, shopintuition.com SHOPPER ID: I’m a discerning shopper, but I’m definitely not a label snob. Because I shop all day for business, when it’s personal, it has to be fun. I’m always on the treasure hunt for Intuition to find things I’ve never seen before, so that trickles down into my personal shopping habits. WHERE ARE YOU SHOPPING? I love Opening Ceremony—I love it! And I love Decades Two for vintage. And obviously, Neiman’s Ralph Lauren, limited for staples and makeup—I think that would be my favorite place; edition, $135, Rizzoli I have a relationship with the personal shopper there, so I always International Publica- have ways of getting things before anybody else. tions, rizzoliusa.com WHAT ARE YOU BUYING LATELY? I’m totally into coffee-table books, like the new Ralph Lauren limited edition, that new Marc Jacobs one that just came out [Visionaire 52: Private], and Drawing Fashion: The Art of Kenneth Paul Block that’s limited at Bergdorf ’s right now that I’m trying to secure. It’s all about finding something you can’t have. ACCESSORY FAVE I CRAVE: There are new bags that we’re getting in from Jerome Dreyfus, a Paris designer who’s just starting to ship to LA, and I’m obsessed with them. I’m literally waiting for them to Visionaire 52: Private, clear customs so I can get one for myself, because they’re limited edition, $375, these multifunctional leather bags that do more than one thing, Visionaire, visionaire- and they’re lightweight—and they’re not that easy to find. Also world.com some great enamel bangles that I found downtown at the LA Philharmonic store. I love shopping museum shops, because you find things that you can’t find anywhere else. HIDDEN TREASURE: The new Martin Margiela store—that is definitely a decadent treat. That’s something I would save up for. WHO:

WHO: Tarina Tarantino, VP and designer, Tarina Tarantino, 7957 Melrose Ave., West Hollywood, 323-651-5155, tarinatarantino.com SHOPPER ID: I am very spontaneous … It’s really wherever I find myself if I have a moment. WHERE ARE YOU SHOPPING? One of the reasons we chose Melrose Avenue for our store is because that’s the neighborhood I love to shop in—Melrose Heights— because there’s a little bit of everything, and some of my favorite stores are along there. I love the shop called Bird…they carry that Deborah Marquit lingerie line, and it’s all neon…and I love it because, of course, I love neon. WHAT ARE YOU BUYING LATELY? A lot of Splendid—Splendid legSplendid tank, gings, Splendid T-shirts that you can layer under everything. I’m a sucker for See by Chloé. That’s my $56, Ron favorite line right now. And I just bought myself a new Herman, LA, iPod and the most amazing thing ever: a B&W sound 323-651- system that’s called the Zeppelin. You just stick your iPod 4129 on it, and on top of having the most amazing sound, it looks like a piece of art. I wear a lot of those Melissa jellies because I love them; they come in neon colors this season, and I’m a neon freak right now. But the other shoes that I love are Sigerson Morrison. I love them! ACCESSORY FAVE I CRAVE: That’s not mine? [laughs] There’s actually a crystal ring that I want to buy. I saw it and I said, “This is actually the only ring I’d buy that’s not from my line.” It’s from Baccarat. I’m lusting after it. Now that I have a handbag line, all I carry is my own! Wait until you see the new ones we just did—they’re these crazy leopard and zebra doctor bags, but with neon trim. HIDDEN TREASURE: The third floor at Neiman Marcus—that’s where I buy Rag & Bone, See by Chloé, Phillip Lim. There’s also a strip on Yucca [in Hollywood] of these shops called Lost & Found. If you need to grab a gift, it’s the best place to go.

Hari Gems bracelets, $2500– $4200, Intuition, LA, 310-2348442, shopintuition.com Tarina Tarantino Animal Doctor bag, $688, Tarina Tarantino, 323-651-5155, tarinatarantino.com

Bowers & Wilkins Zeppelin iPod speaker, $599.95, Apple stores, store.apple. com

Fluorescent garter belt, $105; g-string, $58; stockings, $55; Deborah Marquit, NY, 212-478-3092, deborahmarquit.com Glam flat, $69, Melissa Shoes for Alexandre Herchcovitch, Revolve Clothing, revolveclothing.com

WHO: Lisa Rinna, television personality and owner, Belle Gray, 13812 Ventura Blvd.,

Sherman Oaks, 818-789-4021; 4751 Commons Way, “0,” Calabasas, 818-222-2917; bellegray.com a hunter. I like to discover things; I like to create looks. WHERE ARE YOU SHOPPING? I shop all over the place. I also go everywhere just for research. Everywhere I go, I get ideas, so I shop everywhere from Barneys to Scoop in New York to Bergdorf Goodman. Intermix, too. WHAT ARE YOU BUYING LATELY? Some great Jimmy Choo platform shoes. Some Brian Atwood patent-leather pumps. A really beautiful black Nancy Gonzalez alligator clutch. And I did just get a cute pair of Jet jeans at Fred Segal that I want to carry at Belle Gray, because they’re so great. ACCESSORY FAVE I CRAVE: I like a shoulder-strap bag right now that you can slide across you. I got really addicted to that when we lived in New York this summer while we were doing Chicago on Broadway. It’s hard to find a cute bag that has a shoulder-slung strap. Miu Miu has some bags out right now that I’m looking at that have that sort of shoulder strap, but I haven’t really found anything I’m in love with. HIDDEN TREASURE: I love Satine on 3rd Street. Every time I go in there, I find something fabulous, like a dress or a pair of shoes— something that nobody else has anywhere. And I always pop into Fred Segal; I like the Free City line—I get the sweatshirts. SHOPPER ID: I would call myself

Drawing Fashion: The Art of Kenneth Paul Block, $95, Pointed Leaf Press, 212-5351086, pointedleafpress.com

108 GENLUX April / May 2008

Jimmy Choo Idol foundation patent platform sandal, $775, Jimmy Choo, Two Rodeo, Beverly Hills, 866 JCHOO US, JimmyChoo.com

Beauty NEWS


The sun has finally started to shine! It’s time to get out of the house and discover what’s new on the LA beauty scene. – Dawn Shand Johnson

You no longer have to travel to Iceland to partake of the healing geothermal seawaters of the Blue Lagoon Spa—you just have to go to the Saks counter. Blue Lagoon is the only place on Earth where individuals can bathe and experience treatments while immersed in the 104˚ waters between the Eurasian and North American continental plates. Now, it’s launched a skincare line utilizing the water’s healing properties and based on unique natural ingredients such as silica, minerals, and algae. The results-driven, one-of-a-kind Blue Lagoon product line is based on the fundamental processes necessary for healthy skin— cleanse, boost, and nourish—and the company’s production methods are entirely environmentally friendly. Ranging in price from $70 to $200, the Blue Lagoon Skin Care line is available exclusively at Saks Fifth Avenue, Beverly Hills, 310-275-4211, saks.com the line, which includes beauty powder, lipstick, eye shadow trios, pigments, nail lacquers, mascara, and new and innovative dualedge eye pencils. $14–$32, , 133 N. Robertson Blvd, LA, 310-271-9137, maccosmetics.com

M·A·C has joined forces with Heatherette design duo Richie Rich and Traver Rains for a new limitededition makeup collection. Richie and Traver worked with M· A· C every step of the way to create Now open in Beverly Hills is LMG Studio, a sleek 3,600-square-foot salon that is the result of a collaboration among renowned stylists Laurent Saint-Cricq and Maurice B and in-demand colorist Garry Simmonds. The three have European roots but are hardly newcomers to the LA scene: Saint-Cricq studied at Paris’s famed École de Haute Coiffure and appears regularly on E!’s The Girls Next Door; and Maurice B, who draws on his background of British, French, and Italian style, has been featured on ABC’s Extreme Makeover and Fox’s Good Day LA. Simmonds began working as a colorist in London at the age of 15, but has been working his magic in Beverly Hills since 1976. 157 N. La Cienega Blvd., Beverly Hills, 310-230-5320

Eliza’s Eyes eyebrow products and services are now available at Exhale Mind Body Spa in Santa Monica. Eliza is an East Coast eyebrow guru who has personally trained the staff at Exhale to execute her techniques. 1422 Second St., Santa Monica, 310-899-6222, elizaseyes.com

Sally Hershberger has launched a new 14-product hair-care line called Supreme Head. Hershberger, one of the most influential and sought-after hair stylists around, has worked with everyone from Michelle Pfeiffer to Nicole Kidman and Kate Moss. A standout is her signature Shagg Spray, inspired by her famous haircut. Her Web site even offers video tutorials about how to use each product. sallyhershberger.com

110 GENLUX April / May 2008

Upscale Seattlebased Calidora Skin Clinic has opened three new LA locations, in Glendale, Marina del Rey, and Santa Monica. Calidora uses a three-step skin-analysis system that includes photo-imaging, followed by a custom-tailored skin regimen, and its clinics are open late nights and weekends. Calidora, Santa Monica, 1413 Montana Ave. The Marina del Rey location opens at 4772 Admiralty Way in April, and the Glendale clinic, part of the new Americana at Brand mixed-use development, opens in May. 800-750-0772, calidora.com Physicians Formula introduces Organic Wear, a line of 100% natural and organic cosmetics that are free of harsh chemicals, parabens, and synthetic preservatives. Organic Wear has received the seal of approval from organic-certification organization Ecocert, and all of the line’s packaging is recyclable. $6.95–$13.95, organicwearmakeup.com

Beauty NEWS


On May 1, SpaLuce opens by the pool at the Hollywood & Highland Center’s Renaissance Hollywood Hotel. The spa will have two signature treatments: Imagine Japan, a five-part ritual massage with therapeutic benefits, and Dream Hammam, based on the hammam bathhouses of Turkey and featuring massage, scrub, and wrap treatments, and aromatherapy. The spa will house seven treatment rooms and a private couples’ sanctuary with a hydrotherapy tub. Renaissance Hollywood Hotel, 1755 N. Highland Ave, Hollywood, 323-856-1200

Accessory Access: Color Me Beautiful

gENLUXshop David Yurman Signature Oval Collection™ Split Shank Ring, red coral and yellow sapphire, $9500, David Yurman, South Coast Plaza, 714-444-1080

Chloé Freja alligator stamped calfskin clutches in Glacial (small), Apricot (small), and Irene (large), prices upon request, chloe.com

Smythson hand-made grosgrain fabric clutch with leather trim, $790, Smythson, Beverly Hills, 310-550-1901, smythson.com

CHANEL red patent belt, $1535, CHANEL, select boutiques, 800-550-0005 Emilio Pucci orange and red resin bangle, $405, Emilio Pucci, South Coast Plaza, 714-641-5669

112 GENLUX April / May 2008

Lanvin patent-leather Padova hobo bag, $2000, Barneys New York, Beverly Hills, 310-276-4400

Marni green and gray patent-leather heel, $684, Marni, South Coast Plaza, 323-782-1100

Diego Dolcini satin open-toe heel, $599, Jeffrey, New York, NY, 212-206-1272, jeffreynewyork.com

Damiani Belle Époque watch set with .80 carats of diamonds and .58 carats of rubies, $15,980, Tourneau Time Dome, The Forum Shops at Caesars Palace, Las Vegas, 702-732-8463

Accessory Access: Art 101

gENLUXshop Marni cream tubular vinyl fringe bag, $1335, Marni, West Hollywood, 323-782-1100

Yves Saint Laurent black patent and multicolor chevron Hero sandal, $1360, Yves Saint Laurent, Beverly Hills, 310Christian Lacroix linen and silk taffeta clutch with Lucite stone detail, $1380, Christian Lacroix, The Forum Shops at Caesars Palace, Las Vegas, 702-731-0990

Dolce & Gabbana painted silk organza pump, $995, Dolce & Gabbana, select boutiques, 212-750-0055

ChloĂŠ patent-leather wedge ski boot, $745, ChloĂŠ, South Coast Plaza, 714-481-0308

Has art history Class ever been this fashionable?

Yves Saint Laurent Besace messenger bag, $1895, Yves Saint Laurent, Beverly Hills, 310-271-4110

Miu Miu black satin maryjane with candlestick heel and metallic flame detailing, $655, Miu Miu, select boutiques, 888-977-1900

Marni patent-leather wedge, $702, Marni, South Coast Plaza, 714-380-3155 Diego Dolcini patent leather Plexi sandal, $1142, Stiletto, Philadelphia, 215-972-0920, www.stilettostyle.com

114 GENLUX April / May 2008

Accessory Access: Flower power

gENLUXshop Who needs chocolate when you can have flowers? Jean Richard Bressel Flying Hands Orchids watch, $15,500, Boutique du Temps, Pasadena, 626-568-8878; jeanrichard.com Prada purple multicolored leather T-strap shoe with floral detail, $950, Prada, Beverly Hills, 310-278-8661

Louis Vuitton Tresor flower necklace with owl, price upon request, Louis Vuitton, Beverly Hills, 310-859-0457

Dior Joaillerie pink-diamond and pink-gold Bagatelle ring, price upon request, Dior, Beverly Hills, 310-859-4700

Bottega Veneta Kawaii Print Intrecciato handbag, $1420, Bottega Veneta, Beverly Hills, 310-858-6533, bottegaveneta.com

Maloles leather Anna pochette, $730, shopbop.com

Marni orange petal nylon handbag, $1083, Marni, South Coast Plaza, 714-380-3155

CHANEL lambskin and cork wedge, $975, CHANEL, Beverly Hills, 310-278-5500

116 GENLUX April / May 2008

Gripoix Fruit Punch Color glass brooch, $750, gripoix.fr

Ralph Lauren Collection black hat with feathers, $1800, Ralph Lauren, Beverly Hills, 310-281-1500

Chic. Unique. Great Location.

L Õ Ý i Ê  œ Ì i  Ê , œ ` i œ Ê À ˆ Û i 3ÈäÊ °Ê,œ`iœÊ ÀˆÛi]Ê iÛiÀÞʈÃ]Ê ÊUÊΣä°ÓÇΰäÎääÊUÊÜÜÜ°ÕÝi…œÌiÃ°Vœ“ BVLGARI












Shop till you drop-in. ERMENEGILDO ZEGNA
















CaféRodeo – al fresco













“Martini” LOUNGE
































closet desires: flower jewels


M2Design by Mary Margrill sterling silver 36” flower station necklace with diamonds, $295, Sparkle at Fred Segal, Santa Monica, 323-655-3734; Neiman Marcus, Newport Beach, 800-395-1036, neimanmarcus.com

Asprey Daisy blue ear studs, $4800, Asprey, Etro Hills, - New310-550-0520, York Beverly asprey.com Fashion Week ‘07

CHANEL Fil de Camelia earrings in 18K white gold with diamonds and emeralds, price upon request, CHANEL, Beverly Hills, 310-278-5500, chanel.com

H.Stern 18K white-gold floral diamond bracelet, price upon request, special order only, Gearys, Beverly Hills, 800-793-6670

118 GENLUX April / May 2008

Leviev ring hand-crafted in platinum and featuring a fancy red radiant-cut 1.16 carat diamond and mixed colored diamonds, price upon request, 877-4LEVIEV, leviev.com

Harmon Milano Orbite limited-edition 18K white gold diamond pavé flower ring with south sea pearl, $7850, 917-678-2616, harmonmilano.com

Bez Ambar1.40cts tw black and white diamond five-row pavé band with ruby flowers and black diamond center, $4750, Nathan Alan, Costa Mesa, 714-545-8337; bezambar.com

Bez Ambar 1.62 - 11 row wide pave band with black and white diamonds, $5200, Nathan Alan, Costa Mesa, 714-545-8337; bezambar.com

Cecelia Lotus brooch with Swarovski crystals, $250, ceceliashop.com

LEONA EDMISTON Sunset Plaza 8591 Sunset Blvd West Hollywood California 90069 Open daily 10am to 8pm SANTA MONICA 1007 Montana Ave. Santa Monica California 90403 Open daily 10am to 8pm 1-877-7FROCKS leonaedmiston.com

closet desires: flower jewels

gENLUXshop Elizabeth Showers 18K yellow-gold diamond Maltese ring with green amethyst briolettes, $2596; Neiman Marcus, Newport Beach, 800-395-1036; elizabethshowers.com

Anthony Nak 18K milky aquamarine pendant with free-form petals and diamond detail, $9800, Barneys New York, Beverly Hills, 310-276-4400; anthonynak.com

Jessica Hicks 14K gold daisy with turquoise beads, $675, Cami, Manhattan Beach, 310-545-2264; jessicahicks.com

Jamie Wolf Athena’s yellow-gold signet cuff with diamonds, $9500, Barneys New York, Beverly Hills, 310-276-4400, barneys.com Sandy Leong fine jewelry earrings 14K gold flower posts and larger flowered earring jacket, $400, sandyleong.com

Harmon Milano white-diamond micro pavé flower on gold, $11,200, 917-678-2616, harmonmilano.com

120 GENLUX April / May 2008

MS Orianne Collins white-gold with black diamonds ring, $14,000, rightlabel.com

Caresse d’orchidees par Cartier ring with rubellite center stone set in 18K pink gold, $7500, Cartier, Beverly Hills, 310-275-4272; Costa Mesa, 714-540-8231; Canoga Park, 818-7373471, cartier.com Jamie Wolf pinkgold pavé flower engraved bangle with diamonds, $1500, Barneys New York, Beverly Hills, 310-276-4400, barneys.com

Nicole Khristine large Woodstock ring in 18K yellow gold, sunstone, white topaz, and turquoise, $6342, nicolekhristine.com

IMAGINE LOOKING AND FEELING BETTER ABOUT YOURSELF AS SOON AS TOMORROW. “I promise not to make you feel like you’re entering the chaos of a reality show or a place where you’re just a number. I’m a cosmetic surgeon with a long, proven educational and professional track record with many, many satisfied clients. Give me a call at 310-360-0504 to schedule your complimentary consultation.” All procedures at the Beverly Hills Cosmetic Surgical Group are performed by Board-Certified surgeons.

“Thank you and your friendly staff for the excellent service and highly successful surgery! I was astonished at how smoothly my breastaugmentation surgery went. The result surpassed my expectations!” – R.L. Services: Breast augmentation, Liposuction, Mini face-lift, Mesotherapy, Botox, Restylane and the newest injectable treatments. Please come in for a complimentary consultation.

–Dr. Forouzanpour


Dr. Fardad Forouzanpour, D.O., F.A.C.O.S., was raised in Los Angeles and attended UCLA. He went on to complete his medical studies at Midwestern University in Chicago and served a five-year residency in general and trauma surgery. He completed a fellowship sponsored by the American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery where he trained in total facial and body aesthetic and cosmetic surgery. Dr. Forouzanpour successfully passed the board examinations sponsored by the American Board of Cosmetic Surgery.

8500 Wilshire Blvd. Suite 1020 Beverly Hills, California 90211 (310) 360-0504 perfectself.com 1-866-NEWSELF

closet desires: colorful bouquet

gENLUXshop Collette Dinnigan retro floral silk georgette asymmetrical gown, $1100, collettedinnigan.com

Single magenta and yellow floral maxi dress, $312, CUSP, Century City, 310-552-0300; buysingle.com

Leona Edmiston silk silver-gray paisley dress, $945, Leona Edmiston, West Hollywood, 310-855-9121; Santa Monica, 310-587-1100, leonaedmiston.com

Leona Edmiston green jersey floral dress, $535, Leona Edmiston, West Hollywood, 310-8559121; Santa Monica, 310-587-1100, leonaedmiston.com

Alexia Admor dip-dyed floral lace dress, $225, Polkadots & Moonbeams, LA, 323-655-3880

122 GENLUX April / May 2008

Stella McCartney sheer floral dress, $1495, Stella McCartney, 310-273-7051, Neiman Marcus, Beverly Hills, 310-550-5900

Prada flower blouse, $995; Prada flower skirt, $760, Neiman Marcus, Beverly Hills, 310-550-5900

Christian Dior pink cropped jacket with flower details, $2400, Neiman Marcus, Beverly Hills, 310-550-5900

Moschino Cheap & Chic mustard textured sleeveless A-line top, $647, saksfifthavenue.com

Rajesh Pratap Singh gray or navy tunic dress with detachable origami flowers, $345, Malgosia, LA, 323-782-9188, malgosia.com

Manolo Blahnik Cointreau pink high-heel sandal with flower appliqué, $665, Bergdorf Goodman, NY, 212-753-7300

Brighton handmade patentleather petals with silver accents on a framed pouch with removable chain strap, $88–$92, Brighton, Sherman Oaks, 818-981-5566; Newport Beach, 949-467-0473, brighton.com

Single white embroidered peasant dress, $150, buysingle.com

Dolce & Gabbana white sleeveless top with back flower appliqué, $895, Neiman Marcus, Beverly Hills, 310550-5900

Judy Stanley vintage lavender daisy brooch with Swarovski crystal center surrounded by purple quartz stones and pearls, $240, judybuckles.com Derercuny origami flower dress, $1680, Nordstrom, LA, 323-930-2230; Saks Fifth Avenue, Beverly Hills, 310-275-4211; neimanmarcus.com

closet desires: flower APPLIQUé

Maria Bianca Nero crimson one-shoulder dress with rose, $326, Neiman Marcus, Beverly Hills, 310-550-5900; Newport Beach, 949-759-1900; biancanero.com


Ports 1961 muslin bolero in safari, $395; Ports 1961 jersey dress in safari, $625, Satine, LA, 323655-2142; ports1961.com

Castaner wedge, $280, netaporter.com

Giuseppe Zanotti patent-leather thong sandal with silk teal rose, $550, Giuseppe Zanotti, South Coast Plaza, 714-979-3300

April / May 2008 GENLUX 123

closet desires: eye candy


Freedom of Choice spirit cigarette leg in lust, $149, Intuition, 877-310-8442, shopintuition.com

Dolce & Gabbana one-of-a-kind croc and brocade Miss Romantique bag, price upon request, 1-877-70-DGUSA, dolcegabbana.it

Versace 100% silk coral dress, price upon request, by special order, Versace patent leather star pump in rich orange, $660, versace.com

JVL Los Angeles Black Label 100% ultrasheer cotton honey cowl-neck tank, $86, Market, Brentwood, 310-471-3408, jvllosangeles.com

Lust 4 Luxe Selene woven leather tote bag with internal lighting system, $560, Fred Segal, Santa Monica, 310-394-9814

Versace orange linen shorts, $780; Versace pipistrello coral blouse, $1050; Versace beige darling bag, price upon request; Versace gold sandal in calfskin in rich orange, $730; Versace, Beverly Hills, 310-205-3921, versace.com; Saks Fifth Avenue, Beverly Hills, 310-275-4211

Cabochon cut Madeira quartz, blue topaz, smokey quartz, amethyst and prehnite set in 18K rose gold, $2275 each ring, Neiman Marcus, Beverly Hills, 310550-5900; Single Stone, Pasadena, 626-799-3109; pomellato.com

Eva Varro short knit skirt, $90, Ames Apparel, Santa Monica, 310-393-1244; Selvaggio, Newport Beach, 949-759-8020

Trina Turk citrus dress, $248, Trina Turk, LA, 323-651-1382, trinaturk.com

Sonia Rykiel silk v-neck dress with flower at the shoulder, $2720, soniarykiel.com

124 GENLUX April / May 2008

ABS by Allen Schwartz cotton shirt dress with ruffle in kelly green and khaki, $240, ABS, Santa Monica, 310-393-8770; Costa Mesa, 714-9799101, absstyle.com

YSL yellow-green top, $670, Neiman Marcus, Beverly Hills, 310-550-5900

Hale Bob red and teal polka dot top, $172, Hale Bob, 323-8351166; Blue Eyed Girl, San Clemente, 949-429-8180; halebob.com

Bulga purple patent Misa satchel with two front pockets, $760, Saks Fifth Avenue, Beverly Hills, 310-275-4211; House of Petro Zillia, LA, 323-782-0424; bulgausa.com Michael Stars crepe sleeveless swing shift dress in royal, $168, Michael Stars, LA, 323-965-8023; 877-STAR-TEE, michaelstars.com

Fabrizio Gianni grape sleeveless cowl-neck jersey dress, $175, Alley, West Hollywood, 323-655-1357; Novecento, Newport Coast, 949-7151700

Versace silk open-back dress in emerald, $2000, Versace stardust close-toe sandal in crocodile and raffia in peacock green, $810, Versace, Beverly Hills, 310-205-3921, versace.com; Saks Fifth Avenue, Beverly Hills, 310-275-4211

Libertas leather sandal with goldbrass stud detail and signature gold peace charm in sage, $142, Hands On, Beverly Hills, 310-8600137; Ooh La La, Carlsbad, 760434-1897

Manic Trout red roses lucite earrings, $15, manictrout.com

Alexis Hudson clutch in poppy ombre, $525, Nordstrom, 800-695-8000; alexishudsoninc.com

Karta embellished fushia dress, $214, netaporter.com Gerge 18K white-gold watch with 4.03 carats of diamonds and light blue crocodile strap, $21,385, Total Time, Arcadia, 626-447-3656; shopping.gergeusa.com

Michael Stars supima elbow sleeve open crew in orchid, $46, Michael Stars, LA, 323-965-8023; 877-STAR-TEE, michaelstars.com

closet desires: eye candy


Bishop of Seventh Debutante Tribeca sapphire twill cashmere slim bootcut denim, $198, Ames Apparel, Santa Monica, 310-393-1244; Novecento Boutique, Newport Coast, 949-715-1700; bishopofseventh.com Jessica Kagan Cushman color assorted resin reproduction scrimshaw, $79, Madison Et Cie, Los Angeles, 323-651-4003; The Wild Grape, Rancho Cucamonga, 909-646-8460, jessicacushman.com

April / May 2008 GENLUX 125

Closet Desires: sexy legs


Miu Miu knee-length skirt, $590, Neiman Marcus, Beverly Hills, 310-550-5900

Derercuny geometric skirt, $851, Derercuny ribbon satin vintage blouse, $806, Saks Fifth Avenue, Beverly Hills, 310-275-4211

Rebecca & Drew jingle print pleated full skirt, $265, neimanmarcus.com

Gucci black and red knee-length skirt, $1895, Neiman Marcus, Beverly Hills, 310-550-5900

Roberta Scarpa skirt, $435, M’attias, Santa Monica, 310-576-4711

YSL black pleated skirt, $360, Neiman Marcus, Beverly Hills, 310-550-5900

Peter Som red patent belt, $295, eluxury.com; Peter Som red chintzed poplin long-sleeved shirt, $595, Bergdorf Goodman, NY, 212753-7300; Peter Som red intarsia print georgette shirt, $1150, Saks Fifth Avenue, NY, 212-6441704

Miriam Ocariz floral print skirt with darts, $358, Malgosia, LA, 323-782-9188, malgosia.com

Carolina Herrera red flower print skirt, $1790, Neiman Marcus, Beverly Hills, 310-550-5900

Marc Jacobs multicolored skirt, $1100, Neiman Marcus, Beverly Hills, 310-550-5900

BCBG Max Azria knit top, $198, BCBG Max Azria, Beverly Hills, 310-275-3024, bcbg.com; BCBG Max Azria woven skirt, $218, BCBG Max Azria, Beverly Hills, 310-275-3024, bcbg.com

126 GENLUX April / May 2008

head to toe: tweety bird

gENLUXshop Salvatore Ferragamo chartreuse silk strapless ruffle dress, $3500, Salvatore Ferragamo Vara bow belt, $310, Salvatore Ferragamo, Beverly Hills, 800-822-1956, ferragamo.com

Michelle Vale limited-edition silver satin clutch with removable chain, $525, michellevale.com

Christian Louboutin Pigalle, $945, Christian Louboutin, Beverly Hills, 310-247-9300; Footcandy, Brentwood, 310-820-4800

128 GENLUX April / May 2008

Caresse d’orchidees par Cartier necklace with diamonds set in 18K white gold, $43,000, Cartier, Beverly Hills, 310-275-4272; Costa Mesa, 714-540-8231; Canoga Park, 818-737-3471, cartier.com

Caresse d’orchidees par Cartier ring with diamonds set in 18K white gold, $22,300, Cartier, Beverly Hills, 310-275-4272; Costa Mesa, 714-540-8231; Canoga Park, 818737-3471, cartier.com

Alexander McQueen black-and-white polka dot dress, $1775, Neiman Marcus, Beverly Hills, 310-550-5900

Harmon Milano white-diamond bangle on white gold, $2750, black-diamond bangle on white gold, $4900, Harmon Milano, 917-678-2616, harmonmilano.com

head to toe: dot dot dot


Stuart Weitzman Globobola shoe with crystals from Stuart’s 2008 Academy Awards® collection, $740, Stuart Weitzman, Beverly Hills, 310-860-9600; Costa Mesa, 714-432-8100, stuartweitzman.com

April / May 2008 GENLUX 129

Designer Profile


Florist to the stars Eric Buterbaugh turns flowers into fine art BY Tara tyson

How do you describe a profession that requires building a wall out of red roses, wrapping vases in orange ostrich leather, and constructing a dress from flowers instead of thread? Floral designer? Flower engineer? Artiste des fleurs? “Everybody thinks we’re so fancy that I’d want to call myself something,” says Eric Buterbaugh, founder, owner, and head designer of Eric Buterbaugh Flower Design, the company responsible for the aforementioned creations. “I don’t ever think about it. I just say florist.” While Buterbaugh’s appellation may be modest, his arrangements are anything but: sequin-covered vases of purple and pink orchids, a heart of pink roses and akito framed by bright green monstera, skinny cylinders of rich red rosebuds stacked one on top of the other. “We do very opulent flowers,” he says, “but we try to present them in a modern and new way.” This provocative yet accessible approach has made Buterbaugh’s flowers the must-have details at events in the U.S. and abroad, from Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore’s wedding, to Sharon and Ozzy Osbourne’s vow renewalcum-New Year’s Eve party, to Princess Beatrice’s eighteenth birthday party at Windsor Castle. But Buterbaugh’s blooms aren’t only for A-listers and royalty. “It’s a very broad range,” he says of his clientele and their occasions. “We do everything from dinner for twelve in someone’s dining room to dinner for six hundred on the lawn.” Buterbaugh has been a “florist” for more than a decade, but he started out in fashion, working with Gianni Versace for several years in London and then briefly with Valentino before moving to Los Angeles “to figure out what I wanted to do when I grew up.” A spontaneous offer to

130 GENLUX April / May 2008

do the flowers for a friend’s dinner party earned him unexpected attention from her guests, and before he knew it, he was in the flower business. Still, he credits the fashion world, particularly Europe’s catwalks, as a source of insight for his designs, “especially when it’s very couture. A lot of times, the inspiration is just from shape—the motion of the things, how they move,” he says, citing London hat designer Philip Treacy’s work as particularly meaningful: “The feathers, the colors, the way the stuff is made—he’s a huge inspiration.” By the looks of things in his quietly bustling studio at the Four Seasons Los Angeles, anyone wanting to say “happy birthday” with a bouquet of red roses and blue hydrangea in a taffeta-wrapped vase still has the opportunity, but Buterbaugh says he plans to “play with some simpler things” right now, such as using clear vases that give a view of the water and implementing carnations in his arrangements, a flower he loves for its variety of colors, ruffleedged texture, and compact bloom. Where most people see little more than bouquet filler in carnations, Buterbaugh sees artistic potential. “We’ve been using them a lot more. I might make it my mission to make them fashionable,” he says. “People should be adventurous. Really, there are no rules.”


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Wearing truly gorgeous underwear is one of life’s most delightful indulgences. Because silky panties, lacey bras, and filmy little camis both look and feel fabulous against the skin, one needn’t buy them simply to please a significant other; wearing underthings that are anything but “everyday” operates as a subtle reminder that there’s nothing wrong with an occasional dose of extravagant pampering. Plus, owning and wearing a cache of special lingerie makes it easier to pretend on occasion that you’re a decadent French sophisticate rather than a responsibility-addled denizen of Los Angeles. If you can’t have the lifestyle, you can at least have the underwear. Unfortunately, ladies looking to transcend their cotton Jockeys for less than a La Perla–level budget haven’t had a very easy time of it—until now. Bursting onto the high-quality, so-beautiful-it-almost-hurts lingerie scene is super-successful British designer Stella McCartney McCartney has already conquered the worlds of high fashion (at both French house Chloé and her own eponymous company), fragrance (with the scents Stella and Stella in Two), sportswear (Adidas by Stella McCartney), and skincare (Care, an organic luxury skincare line). Her first foray into lingerie is a logical extension of what she calls her lifelong obsession with “beautiful French slips, lace inlays, and handiwork”—an obsession reflected in the sexy yet undeniably feminine collections she’s been churning out since her days in design school. McCartney’s signature color palette, replete with dusky pinks, creams, and pearl grays, is perfectly suited to the delicate but saucy pieces she has concocted for her inaugural lingerie line. Some pieces also include delightful echoes of her Spring–Summer

132 GENLUX April / May 2008

2008 runway collection, which featured lovely frocks with flower prints ranging from bold brights to elegantly washed-out pastels. Photo: Megan Mack

The new lingerie collection features 13 different sets or “stories,” each with a cheeky name that reflects the character of the pieces. The sweet Mia Winking features a bra, bikini, and boyleg brief in floral-print cotton mesh, while the naughtier Dolly Snogging features a bra, boyleg brief, and thong in sexy black lace. McCartney chose to craft the collection out of the finest silks, organic cottons, and georgette silk chiffons because, she says, “When I think about lingerie I tend to think of really handmade precious pieces.” Her bras, briefs, bodysuits, and chemises are certainly beautiful enough for special occasions, but McCartney promises that they’ll provide “all the comfort and support that you need” on a daily basis, too. And with panties ranging from $45–$90, bras from $110–$275, and bodysuits from $210–$250, McCartney’s charming collection is at the perfect price point for reasonable extravagance. Best of all, the variety is such that you’re guaranteed to find pieces to suit your every lingerie mood, from out-and-out gorgeous to playfully girly. No matter their style, McCartney’s lovely underthings are designed to make a woman feel sexy, feminine, and oh-sogrownup in the best possible way. Stella McCartney’s lingerie line is available at fine LA retailers including her eponymous store at 8823 Beverly Blvd, West Hollywood, 310-273-7051; Pink Lili, 1129 Montana Ave, 310-576-7100; Tracey Ross, 8595 W Sunset Blvd, LA, 310-854-1996; and Neiman Marcus, Beverly Hills, 310-550-5900.

“The ambiance is killer… Tasty and inventive cuisine”



“ Sexy celeb hot spot” The Men’s book


iEclectic Cuisine

iStylishPrivate Dining Rooms


iRomantic Patio Dining

606 N Robertson Blvd (corner Melrose)

(310) 289-2824



West Hollywood, CA 90069

Best Abbot Kinney Spa: Nitespa Abbot Kinney’s Nitespa is the beauty secret for Angelenos in the know. A pioneer of late-night luxury, this intimate beach bungalow spa offers excellent treatments on your time. Menu includes organic facials, expert waxing, meticulous manicures and pedicures, holistic massage and professional makeup. Bonuses include complimentary wine, gorgeous (and caring) staff, and unforgettable bachelorette parties. Book early: All services are by appointment only from noon to midnight Tuesday–Sunday. Mobile spa treatments and private spa parties also available. Nitespa, 1301 Abbot Kinney Blvd., Suite 33, Venice 90291, 310/396-5122, www.nitespa.com

Genlux brings you our picks for the Best of the best on abbot kinney in venice­— One of the coolest New streets in Los Angeles.

BEST Of abbot kinney


Best Abbot Kinney Perfume Boutique: Strange Invisible Perfumes A picturesque botanical perfumery featuring truly organic beauty, bath and body necessities. Discover the narrative fragrances of visionary perfumer and beauty connoisseur Alexandra Balahoutis, and the boutique’s collection of authentically pure apothecary treasures. Conjure radiant beauty and inspire your senses with Strange Invisible Perfumes’ In Fiore, Talulah, 100% Pure, Vosges, and more. Strange Invisible Perfumes, 1138 Abbot Kinney Boulevard, Venice, CA 90291. 310-314-1505, www.siperfumes.com

April / May 2008 GENLUX 135

BEST Of abbot kinney

gENLUXshop Best Abbot Kinney Flower Shop: FLORAL ART When cruising down hip Abbot Kinney Blvd, don’t miss Floral Art, the design studio that creates luscious floral arrangements that look so good you’ll want to eat them. Whether a simple bouquet or an elaborate event, Floral Art adds the ‘wow’ factor we all crave. You’ll be equally enticed by the spacious boutique featuring eclectic home accessories with a totally modern edge. Floral Art, 1338 Abbot Kinney Blvd, Venice 90291 310-392-1633 Store Hours: Mon–Sat, 10am–6pm; Sun, noon–5pm

Best Abbot Kinney Specialty Boutique: Brick Lane is the hippest place in LA to find the best fashion from the U.K. The store’s opening was pivotal in spurring the resurgence of the “British Fashion Invasion.” From designers inspired by the woods of the fjords, to contemporary resort and beach wear, and studied elegance, Brick Lane’s collections offer a whimsical abundance of stylish luxury. Collections for women and men from Anya Hindmarch, Oliver Spencer, Orla Kiely, EDUN, Favourbrook, ISSA, Ted Baker and many more. Brick Lane is your one-stop all-U.K. fashion shop. Brick Lane, 1132 Abbot Kinney Blvd, Venice 90291, 310-3922525. Store Hours: Tues–Sat, 10am–7pm; Sun & Mon, 12–6pm. www.bricklaneuk.com Brick Lane

136 GENLUX April / May 2008

Best Abbot Kinney bar: HAL’S BAR & GRILL Our favorite watering hole on Abbot Kinney is the popular Hal’s Bar and Grill. They have free jazz on Sunday & Monday nights. 1349 Abbot Kinney Blvd, Venice 90292, 310-396-3105

is our pick for Best Restaurant on Abbot Kinney. Lovely ambiance with really nice art on the walls. Delicious French cuisine with the most beautiful outdoor patio area. A wonderful place that’s perfect for brunch or an intimate candlelight dinner. 1031 Abbot Kinney, Venice 90292, 310-314-0004, lillysfrenchcafe.com

Photos: Megan Mack


gets the Best Restaurant on Abbot Kinney nod from Genlux for their all-organic cuisine conjured up from local farm organic ingredients. Delicious menu! A popular spot for brunch, lunch, and dinner too! 1009 Abbot Kinney Blvd, 310-664-9787 axerestaurant.com


Carrie Hauman

Best Abbot Kinney Real Estate Agents: Sue & Rachael Rosales Multi-million-dollar producers Sue & Rachael Rosales are a motherdaughter team who have a combined 25 years in the business and have been working on Abbot Kinney Blvd. for over three years now. They specialize in single-family residences, condominiums, residential income and commercial properties all over the Westside. Please call or email them at Sue@abbotkinneyrealestate.com or Rachael@abbotkinneyrealestate.com. 310-566-0336, abbotkinneyrealestate.com

abbot kinney real estate by suzy frank & associates

Best Abbot Kinney Boutique: COUTULA

BEST Of abbot kinney


Best Abbot Kinney restaurant (tie): Lilly’s, and AXE

Crisp white walls, luscious citrus scents, and a signature flower painted on the floor create a St. Barts– meets- Paris vibe at Coutula on Abbot Kinney. Owner Carrie Hauman has filled the quaint shop with an eclectic mix of men’s and women’s clothing, jewelry and accessories from designers across the globe. We found the items timeless and elegant, with a comfortable style. Coutula, 1204 Abbot Kinney Blvd,Venice 90291, 310-581-8010 Hours: Mon–Sat, 11am– 6pm; Sun, noon–6pm

April / May 2008 GENLUX 137



Whatever language you say it in, flowers are the order of the day. HERE’s a veritable bouquet of delights from around the city. – Shannon Bowen

While many high-end salons opt for a cold, minimalist look, Chaz Dean Studio is a garden oasis, with fountains, bamboo, ivy-covered walls, roses, lilies, and various exotic flowers, creating a sanctuary-like environment. Soak up the studio’s beautiful natural surroundings while you get a cut or color, or stop by Dean’s adjoining lifestyle store, which is packed with luxe home-decor items. 6444 Fountain Ave, Hollywood, 323-467-6444, chazdean.com

Sure to be met with a smile, Teuscher’s Fantasy Flower Boxes are decorated with

colorful bouquets of flowers and filled with the Swiss company’s finest assorted truffles or famous champagne truffles, which have a milk shell and a dark ganache and Dom Perignon cream center and are sprinkled with powdered sugar. $9.95– $145.95. 9548 Brighton Way, Beverly Hills, 310-276-2776, teuscher-beverlyhills.com

The natural beauty of fresh-cut flowers is tough to beat, but Silver Lake’s Bittersweet Butterfly has found a way to improve on Mother Nature. How? By adding fine lingerie, couture chocolates, unique jewelry, and luxurious candles. From its signature bohemian floral style and selection of exquisite underthings, including such labels as Chantal Thomass and Princesse tam.tam, to its DayNa Decker candles and irresistible MarieBelle chocolates, the boutique is brimming with beautiful things. It’s every woman’s dream—or at least mine. 1406 Micheltorena St, Silver Lake, 323-660-4303, bittersweetbutterfly.com

138 GENLUX April / May 2008

Known for its star sightings, The Ivy is, at heart, a warm and inviting neighborhood restaurant—and a labor of love. Try one of co-owner and executive chef Richard Irving’s favorite dishes, the lobster ravioli, handmade with fresh lobster every day. And don’t forget to stop and smell the flowers; the owners grow them in their own gardens at home. 113 N. Robertson Blvd, LA, 310-274-8303

Photo: Andrea Bricco Contrary to popular stereotypes, fashion people love to eat, and thanks to the Fashion District’s Tiara Café, they can do so in style. The brainchild of Fred Eric of Fred62 fame, Tiara boasts a specialty market and appropriately chic decor, with vaulted ceilings, blue-leather booths, and chandeliers whose shape suggests floating water lilies. But the food is the star: The locally sourced fare has international flair; Mediterranean influences and organic ingredients make for a menu that’s healthy, creative, and most important, delicious. 127 E. 9th St., LA, 213-623-3663, tiara-cafe.com

Photo courtesy The Huntington


Wearing flowers in your hair is lovely—in theory. In practice, it’s not what you’d call convenient. And nothing says “prom” like wearing flowers on your wrist. But with Louis Vuitton’s Inclusion Bracelet GM and Inclusion Hair Clip, you can do both in high style. Fashioned from resin and golden brass, the bracelet is available in turquoise or parm, and the hair clip is available in turquoise, parm, grey, or pomme d’amour. Bracelet, $385; hair clip, $265. 866-VUITTON, louisvuitton.com

Love everything about gardens except the gardening? With the help of Blik, you can bring a little of the great outdoors into your home—without the mud and goofy gardening outfits (you know what clogs I’m talking about). Billed as “wall graphics for the commitment phobic,” Blik’s self-adhesive removable decals come in a variety of colors and designs, but the whimsical Anise by Venice, Calif., artist Ilan Dei is the company’s best-seller. Package of 11 decals, $65; whatisblik.com For some serious flower power, visit Downtown LA’s historic Flower District, roughly four blocks of flower markets near the intersection of Wall and 8th streets. The two primary markets are the Los Angeles Flower Market and the Southern California Flower Market; they and the surrounding smaller, individual vendors are fabulous resources for fresh flowers and floral supplies. The markets are open to the public after members of the trade have first pick in the early morning hours. $2 admission: Mon, Wed, and Fri, 8 am–noon; Tues and Thur, 6 am–noon; $1 admission: Sat, 6 am–noon; laflowerdistrict.com

You can spend big bucks on a gorgeous gift, but if you deliver it in a brown paper bag, you might not convey the message you intended. But even brown paper can be made beautiful with Soolip’s cotton flowers, made from recycled cotton rag remnants from Jaipur’s garment district and perfect for topping presents. One dozen cotton flowers, $28; nine cotton flowers with ties, $18; available in white or tea-stained. Soolip, 8646 Melrose Ave, West Hollywood, 310-360-0548, soolip.com


Spending the day at the Huntington Library, Art Collections, and Botanical Gardens is like escaping the city altogether. The library is one of the world’s largest, and the art collections include stunning pieces from Great Britain, France, and the United States. But the gardens are simply a delight, comprising 120 acres and more than a dozen thematic areas, from the Rose and Japanese gardens to my favorite, the Shakespeare garden, which is filled with plants featured in Shakespeare’s writings—with accompanying quotes on rustic plaques—and in Elizabethan gardens. What’s more, running through April 28 in the Boone Gallery is La Rose Impériale: The Development of Modern Roses, showcasing 110 rare illustrated herbals and rose books. Admission: adults, $15 on weekdays, $20 on weekends and Monday holidays; 1151 Oxford Rd, San Marino, 626-405-2100, huntington.org

In Homer’s Odyssey, when Odysseus’s vessel came upon the land of the Lotus-Eaters, some of his men tasted the delicious food made from the lotus flower. Such was the euphoria it produced that they thought of nothing else, and Odysseus had to tear them away. Look out or you might have the same problem with Lotus Vodka, a thrice-distilled, super-premium vodka infused with all-natural ingredients. The White Lotus variety boasts B vitamins, while Blue Lotus is enhanced with guarana, Taurine, and caffeine. Don’t say we didn’t warn you. $28, thejugshop.com

April / May 2008 GENLUX 139

gENLUXshop Movin’ on up

This spring, some of the fashion universe’s biggest stars are arriving in Los Angeles—or making key moves. HERE are some of the highlights. – Francesca Day

Renowned accessories designer Stuart Weitzman joined the posh group of storefronts on Rodeo Drive this spring with 2,000 square feet of accessories bliss. You won’t know what to admire more, the sexy and sophisticated must-have shoes or the innovative store design by Italian architect Fabio Novembre. 437 N. Rodeo Dr, Beverly Hills, 90210, 310-860-9600

has brought its irresistible boots and flats to the Beverly Hills area. It’s your turn to join the faithful group of this line’s fans, who include Gisele Bündchen and Gwyneth Paltrow. 9604 Brighton Way, Beverly Hills, 90210, 310-858-1564, sigersonmorrison.com

Belle by Sigerson Morrison

The Comme des Garçons Guerrilla Store—coowned by Tak Kato and Brett Westfall—is one of the city’s newest treasures, full of current Comme des Garçons collections, as well as vintage pieces from ten years back. The store also offers wallets and fragrances, and special items by Unholy Matrimony will be arriving by the end of spring. Don’t delay— it’s only open for one year, and the countdown has begun. 125 W. 4th St, #106, LA 90013, 213-6266606, guerrilla-store.com

Coming Really Soon: Alexander McQueen on opening his first LA boutique in April 2008: “I am excited about the opportunity of being more accessible to a community that will clearly understand and appreciate the glamour in my work – it’s a natural fit in that respect.” Alexander McQueen, 8379 Melrose Avenue

New to Robertson Boulevard is a reinvented CHANEL concept boutique inspired by the neighborhood’s “of-the-moment” vibe. Reinventing the formula of the flagship store on Rodeo Drive, this location has a gallery-like feel and presents a focused, hand-chosen, and continuously renewed selection of products presented in a seamless white environment. 125 N. Robertson Blvd, LA, 90048, chanel.com

In the OC: Oscar de la Renta recently opened a 2,600-square-foot boutique in South Coast Plaza, giving us yet another reason to spend afternoon upon afternoon strolling at the OC shopping mecca. Complete with ready-to-wear collections, a full range of accessories, and a few select items exclusive to Oscar de la Renta boutiques, the penthouse level location is everything OC could ever want. South Coast Plaza, 333 Bristol Street, Costa Mesa, Penthouse Level 3, 714-754-9044. Rolex’s first domestic flagship store will open its


opening presence

Mark Badgley and James Mischka have brought their captivating designs to Sunset Plaza. No need to feel desperate for elegant couture—you can now sport the same looks as Teri Hatcher, the face of their latest collection. Badgley Mischka, 8667 Sunset Blvd, West Hollywood, 90069, 310248-3650, badgleymischka.com

At the beginning of May, the Malandrino Maison doors will open on La Cienega for all of us who are anxiously waiting. The new retail concept will feature the Malandrino collection and accessories, the Catherine Malandrino contemporary line, and a new collection of fantasy jewelry unveiled in conjunction with the opening. And as if that weren’t enough to keep us coming back, the designer will also feature her first men’s made-to-measure tuxedo line. 651-631 N. La Cienega Blvd, LA, catherinemalandrino.com

the LA fashion scene, owned by Los Angeles natives Lori Bzura and Day Baker, adds a little “mod beach” to the Pacific Palisades Highlands. With soughtafter lines such as Hudson, Genetic Denim, Chan Luu, Me&Ro Jewelry, American Vintage, and Velvet, what’s not to be happy about? 541½ Palisades Drive, Pacific Palisades, 90272, 310-459-5511 happy



H&M has added another star attraction to Hollywood Boulevard with its tenth location in Southern California. As of March 27, you can grab Asian- and African-inspired wide-leg trousers and slinky dresses before the rest of LA realizes the doors are open. Need another reason to be there on opening day? H&M is celebrating its new location by gifting the first 200 customers with branded T-shirts and gift cards ranging in value up to $300. Remember to keep your eyes open for a few key fall garments that will be specially priced— as if your shopping bags weren’t heavy enough already. 6922 Hollywood Blvd, Suite 110, Hollywood, 323-466-7633, hm.com

doors in early April at South Coast Plaza. The location will boast one of the largest collections in the world, comprising more than 1,000 timepieces. That’s 1,000 reasons not to be late. What more could you want than an on-site seamstress making your dreams come true with an 18K gold sewing machine? At the beginning of April, visit the AG Adriano Goldschmied location in South Coast Plaza and discover your latest greatest pair of jeans. Coming soon to South Coast Plaza: Harry Winston, Calvin Klein

April / May 2008 GENLUX 141



Dior 5-Colour Eyeshadow in Pink Idol 770, $54, nordstrom.com

BEHIND THE SCENES: We asked celebrity makeup artist Troy jensen and hair stylist christian marc how they created Alicia witt’S beautiful look for genlux magazine.

What did Troy use? Skin/face: iS Clinical Hydra-Cool Serum and Eye Complex, DiorSkin Sculpt Lifting Smoothing Concealer in Ivory, DiorSkin Sculpt Line-Smoothing Lifting Makeup SPF20 in Ivory, and DiorSkin Pressed Powder in Light Cheek: DiorShow Powder in Catwalk Pink, DiorSkin Shimmer Star in Rose Diamond, and Benefit Cosmetics High Beam for an angelic sheen Eye: Benefit Cosmetics Creaseless Cream Shadow/ Liner in Tattle Tale, Bourjois Multi Shimmer Loose Eye Shadow in Illuminateur 10 (white shimmer), Dior 5-Colour Eyeshadow in Pink Idol 770, and Diorshow Unlimited Mascara in Rich Black Lip: Dior Rouge Dior Replenishing Lipcolor in Red Premiere 752 and DiorKiss lipgloss in Red Currant 778 (vibrant pink with pink shimmer).

Bumble & Bumble Surf Spray, $21, Studio at Fred Segal, 310-3948509; Rudy’s Barber Shop, 323-650-5669

Bb. Spray de Mode, $25, Steam, 323966-0024 shop. fredsegalbeauty.com

Alicia’s hair by Christian Marc for Redken/celestineagency.com “I used Surf Spray from Bumble & bumble all over her hair, then I took some small sections of hair and wrapped them around a medium-barrel curling iron. I then used mediumhold spray from Bumble for the texture, as well as to hold the curl. When I was done with the curls, I put her head upside-down and shook out all the curls to break them up. I finished off the look with a small amount of Curl Conscious from Bumble and bumble.”

142 GENLUX April / May 2008

Diorskin Shimmer Star, $42, Sephora, Century City, 310-843-0123, sephora.com

Benefit Cosmetics High Beam, $24, Sephora, Santa Monica, 310-395-3460, sephora.com

Alicia’s makeup by Troy Jensen at Margaret Maldonado Agency using Dior Beauty. “The inspiration was springtime in a Japanese garden. I did a watercolor wash on the cheeks and into the eyes in a bright purple, pink, and coral, and the eye a shimmery pearl white with beautiful lashes. The lips were a vibrant raspberry red, courtesy of Dior’s Rouge Replenishing Lipcolor in Red Premiere 752 and Dior Kiss lipgloss in Red Currant 779. Alicia Witt has the perfect porcelain skin tone to complement this spring’s vibrant color palette.”

Benefit Cosmetics Creaseless Cream Shadow/Liner in Tattle Tale, $16, Bloomingdale’s at the Beverly Center, 310-360-2701, benefitcosmetics.com

DiorKiss lipgloss in Red Currant 778 (vibrant pink with pink shimmer), $24.50, Sephora at the Beverly Center, 310-657-9670, sephora.com

Diorshow Unlimited Mascara in Rich Black, $24, Nordstrom at the Grove, 323-930-2230

Bourjois Multi Shimmer Loose Eye Shadow in Illuminateur 10 (white shimmer), $16, Sephora, Hollywood, 323-462-6898

Dior Rouge Dior Replenishing Lipcolor in Red Premiere 752, $27, Sephora, Manhattan Beach, 310-546-8889

The Body BeautĂŠ, the leader in body slimming and body firming business, now has a painless and successful alternative to liposuction. This new alternative offered by The Body BeautĂŠ removes fat without surgery or anesthesia. Give us a call now, 310.273.2337 or 949.640.4469 and make your appointment for our Get Acquainted Preview for only $299 (a $1400 value) and see your fat disappear.

Diorshow Powder, $17, Nordstrom at the South Bay Galleria, 310-542-9440

Hurry, this is a limited time offer. Feel free to visit our website at www.thebodybeaute.com

BEAUTY sweet smells


Spring is all about flowers, and that’s certainly true in the world of fragrance, where we’re seeing florals in everything from new single-note scents to fresh takes on old favorites. – Dawn Shand Johnson

Nina Ricci L’Air du Temps celebrates its 16th anniversary with the Couture Edition, which features a whimsical bottle modeled after a dress by Olivier Theyskens. $53, Macy’s at the Beverly Center, 310-854-6655

Red Flower Guaiac is a unique combination of pink grapefruit, rose absolute, elemi, copalba, and cabreuva. 15ml of concentrated perfume, $186, beautyhabit.com Guerlain Aqua Allegoria FigueIris, a fresh, light, and sexy scent, has notes of spicy bergamot, pink peppercorn, iris, and vanilla, and at its heart, green fig. 75ml, $65, Neiman Marcus, Beverly Hills, 310-550-5900

The single-note fragrances of Annick Goutal’s Les Soliflores Limited-Edition Collection—La Violette, Le Jasmine, Neroli, Le Chèvrefeuille, and Le Muguetre—present the five favorite flowers of Camille Goutal and her mother, Annick. $400 for a set that includes 1.7oz bottles of all five scents; individual bottle, $80; Saks Fifth Avenue, Beverly Hills, 310-275-4211; Neiman Marcus, Beverly Hills, 310-550-5900 L’Artisan’s new fragrance, L’Ete en Douce, has top notes of mint leaves Bond No. 9 Andy Warhol Union and rose essence, middle notes of orange blossom, lime tree, and green hay, Square has top notes of lily of the valley and base notes of white wood and white musk. 100ml, $135, exclusively at and heart notes of sweet blue freesia and white Barneys New York, Bevelry Hills, 310-276-4400, barneys.com birchwood. 50ml, $135; 100ml, $195; Saks Fifth Avenue, Beverly Hills, 310-275-4211; Kitson, 310-859-2652; bondno9.com The handmade perfume oil in Irie Star Blends Perfume Oil Roll-ons Kenzo is 100% natural and 80% Amour organic. $15.95, iriestar.com Indian Holi Edition is a musky floral with hints of Incanto by I Profumi di Firenze cherry blossom. has hints of iris, narcissus, camellia, Me Perfume Oil 50ml, $65, anemone, nymphea, tulip, and orchid. blends jasmine, exotic Sephora at the $92, Barneys New York, Beverly Hills, sandalwood, warm amber, Beverly Center, 310-276-4400; beautyhabit.com and refined vanilla bean fused 310-657with musk. $48, 9670, de-frazzle.com sephora.com

Carolina Herrera 20th Anniversary 212, 1.7 oz, $63; 3.4 oz, $85; sephora.com Trance Essence Pink Kat features essences of gardenia, rose, wild ylang-ylang, and neroli. $52, Exhale Mind and Body Spa, Santa Monica, 310-899-6222; Coutula, 1204 Abbot Kinney Blvd, Venice, 310-581-8010; tranceessence.com;

144 GENLUX April / May 2008

John Varvatos for Women is a multilayered floral chypre with ambary and fruity nuances. Eau de parfum, 100ml, $92, johnvarvatosfragrance.com







Flowers. Events. Environment. Home.


8327 West 3rd Street Los Angeles, CA 90048 t. 323.852.1766 f. 323.852.0863 w. thevelvetgarden.com e. velvetgarden@earthlink.net


Check out the following tips, trends, and products that will help you get the perfect glossy locks to go with this spring’s fresh floral looks. – Dawn Shand Johnson Photo: Megan Mack



Esuchen G.A.V. Nutri Shampoo protects color, and is loaded with antioxidants and vitamins. $50, Juan Juan Salon, Beverly Hills, 310-278-5826; Bo Balsim Salon, Beverly Hills, 310657-1184 Bb Spray de Mode is workable and fast-drying, and it doesn’t weigh hair down. $15, Studio at Fred Segal, 310394-8509, bumbleandbumble.com

Amanda George, co-owner, Neil George Salon (9320 Civic Center Dr, Beverly Hills, 310-2752808, neilgeorgesalon.com), on spring color: Neil George Salon clients include Ashley Olsen, Mary-Kate Olsen, Kirsty Hume, Lisa Kudrow, Kate Beckinsale, Jennifer Lopez, Eric Olsen, Heidi Klum, Nicole Ritchie, and Lindsay Lohan.

What’s the color trend for spring?

Amanda’s favorite product: René Furterer Okara 80+ Color Protection Spray, $28, Neil George Salon

FHI Heat Nano Weight Pro 1900 Turbo lightweight blow-dryer features an ionic output, allowing for a quicker dry, and infrared heat to prevent hair damage. $200, fhiheat.com

We are still doing roots without roots on long hair—think Victoria’s Secret girls. On clients with bangs—a huge trend right now—we are doing a subtle face frame either two shades lighter or darker, depending on whether the client is blonde or brunette, to give extra pop. Think Reese. On clients Going the short-bob route, we are doing very pretty, soft, natural-looking color with tons of shine—think Katie Holmes.

146 GENLUX April / May 2008

Do you think single-hue or multi-hue hair is going to be the big trend?

“The look at the Tuleh fashion show was very glamorous and polished. Hair was blown out with a large, round brush and then sprayed with Bb. Spray de Mode to set the look and add sheen without weighing hair down. Then, from the mid-shaft to the ends, hair was curled using a one-inch iron and brushed out with a natural-bristle brush to break the curl a bit. To finish the look, roots were back-combed for volume.” – Rebecca Naftzger, Bumble and Bumble, NY Kimble Shine Spray contains both flower oil and lavender oil, which help to create sleek, shiny styles. $12.99, Kimble Hair Studio, 310652-1822, kimblehaircare.com

Single-hue color is the way we are going, but with plenty of dimension. How do you keep hair from getting oxidized in the sun? What products can help prevent oxidation?

To avoid hair oxidizing in the sun, we recommend products with a built-in sunscreen. We sell a lot of René Furterer because they have great selection of these types of products. If you live in California, then wearing some kind of hat or headscarf on beach days or on vacation is a must. The Okara by René Furterer line is the best. Styling Freedom by Barbar has released its professional 1800 Cordless Flat Iron, which heats up to more than 390°F in just three seconds. $140, Chris McMillan Salon, 310-285-0088; barbarartist.com

Leonor Greyl Masque a L’Orchidée combats frizz and is a treat for the senses with its fresh, floral scent. It can be used as a daily conditioner or an intensive weekly treatment. $52, beautyexclusive.com Aquage Hydrating Mist replenishes moisture, repairs dry, damaged hair, and protects hair color. An ultra-light, leave-in, sea-botanical treatment, it seals in moisture and protects hair during styling. $15.95, Chroma Studio, 323-466-6353

“Inspired by the original,” MomSpit is a no-rinse face and body cleanser that goes wherever you do—no sink required. Available in Unscented, Lemon & White Tea, and Fig & Green Tea, $19.95, babesta.com


Snag the following products and you too can join the supermoms’ club. – Dawn Shand Johnson

Vedababy’s Butter is an organic baby moisturizer loaded with cocoa, shea, and mango butter. $30, vedababy.com

The Storksak Elizabeth bag in Rose and Chalk features a thermo-insulated bottle holder, padded changing mat, and numerous handy pockets. The lining wipes clean easily, and when you no longer need a diaper bag—oh happy day!—use it as a laptop case. $275, neimanmarcus.com


Bebe au Lait nursing covers, $42, bebeaulait.com

Juicy Baby Ruffled Swimsuit, $88, Neiman Marcus, Newport Beach, 949-759-1900, neimanmarcus.com

Snorkel Baby Leg Warmers, $15, babesta.com

Max Daniel Baby Blankets are as soft as a baby’s… well, you know. Fans include Jennifer Garner and Heidi Klum. Throws, $56, Chris Collection, 310-478-7015; Nordstrom, South Coast Plaza, 714-549-8300 Susan Brown’s Baby Sensitive Baby Collection Sunscreen Lotion SPF30, $14; talc-free Lotion-toPowder, $16; 310-659-3970, susanbrownsbaby.com

Burt’s Bees Baby Bee Apricot Baby Oil, $8.99, Larchmont Beauty Center, 323-461-0162; target.com

California Baby I Love You Bubble Bath is aromatherapy for your little one. $12.50, californiababy.com Petunia Pickle Bottom Cross Town Clutch in Blue Danube is an innovative diaper changer that looks like a wristlet. $68, Nomi Boutique, 323-782-1069; Lisa Kline Kids, 310-247-0488; petunia.com

Sircuit Skin Cosmeceuticals Baby products are 100% natural Lulu DK Matouk’s baby and parabenfree with linens make no artificial any crib snug preservatives, and luxurious. Confetti boudoir colors, or fragrances. sham, $75; Confetti quilted Baff Time, $36; Body blanket, $125; Wotion, $36; Baby Marlin De Balm, $28, white bumper, sircuitskin.com $295; Solid Sateen fitted sheet, $90; Minnow crib skirt. $225. Between the Sheets, 310-854-0001

Go ahead, give the little guy a fauxhawk with Love Me Baby Me Hair Putty, an adorable nontoxic styling gel. $19.95, Hands on Spa, 310860-0137; lovemebabyme.com

Highlighting Moncalin’s delicious color palette and buttery-soft fabric, these double-sided star-shaped blankees are marvelously squishy, visual, and tactile. $42, 213-489-4001, moncalin.com Noodle & Boo Ultimate Baby Ointment is great for everything from eczema, diaper rash, and chapped skin to lips and cuticles. It even stops lipstick from bleeding. $17.50, Neiman Marcus, Beverly Hills, 310-550-5900, noodleandboo.com

Bee Stroller by Bugaboo is perfect for jet-setting with baby. Stylish and comfy, it’s fully collapsible and works from birth to four years of age. $600–$700, Bel Bambini, 310-855-9272, bel-bambini.com

April / May 2008 GENLUX 147



Kiehl’s Lip Gloss in Downtown Peach gives you shine without feeling sticky. $14.50, kiehls.com

Orange lip:

How can you wear the orange lip? Orange lipstick is sexy and daring. As with any bold color, the key here is to keep the rest of your face clean and simple. This lip looks best when paired with a clean, simple, nude-tone face, a wellgroomed brow, and dark, luxurious lashes. — Celebrity

Givenchy Rouge Interdit Satin Lipstick in This spring is all Tempting Coral, $26.50, Sephora, Santa about the doll Givenchy Rouge Monica, 310-395-3460, sephora.com Interdit Satin look, skinny Clinique Color Surge Lipstick in Lipstick in Fruity lashes, and the Peach Pop, $14, clinique.com Orange, $26.50 orange lip. Beauty Pink lip: editor Dawn Shand Bourjois’ Effet 3D Mobile High Shine makeup artist Vanessa Scali for Johnson asked Lip Gloss Cell Charm Accessory Tracey Mattingly Agency. Clients include celebrity makeup comes in very handy when you’re Christina Ricci, America Ferrera, Bridget on the go. $9, Sephora, Century City, Moynahan, Carrie Underwood, Mira artist Vanessa 310-843-0123, sephora.com Sorvino, and Anna Paquin. Scali for some tips on how to EYE: Clé de Peau #17 Eye Color achieve spring’s Quad, Saks Fifth Avenue, hottest looks. Beverly Hills, 310-275Try Bella II Fiore Double 4211; Barneys New York, Agent Lip Tint in SoftWhat is the best Beverly Hills, 310-276-4400 Spoken Pink; the applicator way to translate helps define the lip. $12, The shades in Dior’s 5-Color Iridescent the doll look bellabeauty.net Eye Shadow are luminous and blendable. Perfect for spring. $52, nordstrom.com from the runway OPI Oh So Glam \ to every day? Nail: The runway doll For sweet spring colors, opt for look is always OPI’s India Collection. $8.50, pretty and fresh, Ulta, West Hollywood, 323878-2524; ballbeauty.com but this season it’s a little less OPI Moon over Mumbai girly and a lot OPI Black Cherry Chutney more wearable. FACE: The apples of the CHANEL Mat Lumière Long-Lasting Luminous cheeks are rosy, Matte Fluid Makeup with SPF15, Neiman Marnot pink. The skin cus, Beverly Hills, 310-550-5900; chanel.com is warm instead M· A· C’s eyeYour inner starlet will thank you for using Cargo’s of pale. The lip shadow quad in Fafi oil-free Blu-Ray High Definition Mattifier, designed Eyes 1 contains four limitedto create a look that’s flawless during high-definition is berry-stained edition shades: Vanilla, Hey, filming. $24, Sephora Manhattan Beach, and semi-matte Pink Venus, and Howzat. 310-546-8889, sephora.com instead of glossy $36, M· A· C, 310-271Benefit Erase Paste is a new concealer that 9137, maccosmetics.com and pink. Add a both camouflages and brightens; it’s great for bit of white liner blemishes and the under-eye area. $26, Going for the doll look? Try Vida benefitcosmetics.com; sephora.com on the inside rim Emanuel’s Eyelash Perming, of the eye, curl which curls the lashes with a special CHEEK: formula that helps results last up to your lashes well, Benefit Thrrrob stains six months. Vida recently performed finish off with a the cheeks the perfect this technique on E! News. $175, generous coat of shade of flushed pink. Vida Emanuel European Day Spa, $28, benefitcosmetics. mascara on the 9406 Dayton Way, Beverly Hills, com; sephora.com 310-246-5111, vidaemanuel.net top and bottom lashes, and you’re Stila Cherry Crush Lip ready to go! and Cheek Stain, $24,

148 GENLUX April / May 2008


Orange lip look: Jason Wu, Spring 2008, NYC

Your Face in Perfect Harmony Your Face in Perfect Harmony

Most women are greatly concerned about a Most women greatly about a particular sign of are aging: the lossconcerned of facial firmness. particular sign of aging: the loss of facial firmness. Timexpert Lift, Germaine de Capucciniʼs newest Timexpert solution for Lift, this Germaine problem, de is Capucciniʼs inspired bynewest the solution for this problem, is inspired the Divine Proportion and therefore aims to bring by facial Divine Proportion and therefore aims to bring facial volume closer to perfect harmony. volume closer to perfect harmony. • An extract obtained from lilac flowers and • An extract obtained from lilac flowers and Kombucha helps to “fill in” volume where the face Kombucha helps to “fill in” volume where the face needs it, thanks to its “lipo-filling” properties. needs it, thanks to its “lipo-filling” properties. • Innovative and complex sesame extracts fill in • Innovative and complex sesame extracts fill in wrinkles and deeply hydrate in minutes, as well as wrinkles and deeply hydrate in minutes, as well as immediately making the skin appear more taut. immediately making the skin appear more taut. Skin is visibly lifted, firmed, and supple after just Skin is visibly lifted, firmed, and supple after just one session. one session.

Available exclusivelyat:at: Available exclusively

April / May 2008 GENLUX 149 (310) 276-8018• •Always Alwayson onthe thecutting cuttingedge... edge... (310) 276-8018



Imedeen Time Perfection Optimal Anti-Aging Formula contains soybean, fish, and vitamin C. $180 for a threemonth supply. imedeen.us; drugstore.com


BEAUTY EDITOR DAWN SHAND JOHNSON asks Dr. Kest how best to combat redness. What is the best way to treat rosacea? There are a few effective ways to treat rosacea. Topically, you can use a product called Finacea by Intendis. There are also topical and oral retinoid therapies that can be very effective. Intense pulsed-light treatments are very effective and cause minimal pain and downtime. You can apply makeup afterward and go back to work if needed. How can you prevent rosacea flare-ups? A lot of rosacea flare-ups are due to certain foods. If you suffer from rosacea, it’s a good idea to avoid coffee, spicy foods, chocolate, and red wine. What treatments do you recommend for broken capillaries? The same treatments used for rosacea will also work for broken capillaries. Which skin treatments can help to lighten and reduce discoloration? Light chemical peels with glycolic acid work great to reduce acne scarring and hyper-pigmentation and improve overall skin condition. Gentle laser treatments also work, along with topical retinols. How can you improve your skin from the inside out? A well-balanced diet rich in antioxidants can really benefit your skin. Deeply colored fruits and veggies, tomatoes, blueberries, broccoli, red grapes, garlic, spinach, tea, carrots, soy, and whole grains are all beneficial. Vitamins are also great; we used to over-vitamin, but lately we have learned that taking too many causes more harm than good. I suggest just taking calcium, omegas, and a good multivitamin. Vichy Peel’s Vi Peel works wonders. It causes little downtime, it’s painless, and the skin that flakes off can be hidden with moisturizer. It works quickly and on all skin colors, and is also used to treat the neck and hands. The company suggests three to four treatments a year. About $300, kalilmedical.com; Marc Edward Skin Care, 213-705-9149; The Kest Clinic, 310-276-1252

New Botox alternative:

Rodial’s new Glamotox is infused with an SPF18 moisturizer and micro-injected with hyaluronic acid. It’s an amazing multi-tasker: It fills wrinkles and freezes muscles, and it’s a fabulous eye cream. Ingredients include pomegranate, myrrh extract, peptides, and vitamin C. $150, Studio at Fred Segal, 310-394-8509; skinstore.com

150 GENLUX April / May 2008

Basic care:

For light moisture, choose La Mer The Moisturizing Gel Cream. It’s ideal for spring. 2 oz., $220, Saks Fifth Avenue, Beverly Hills, 310-275-4211; Neiman Marcus, Beverly Hills, 310-550-5900 This Works Clean Skin is a non-drying cream cleanser that contains rose hip and olive oil. $40, Studio at Fred Segal, 310-394-8509; Barneys New York, Beverly Hills, 310-276-4400 CHANEL Hydramax + Active Moisture Cream practically melts into the skin. $65, Neiman Marcus, Beverly Hills, 310-550-5900, chanel.com HTY Gold’s Night Gold is individually formulated and hand-filled with oils and antioxidants. $180, htygold.com Lierac’s anti-aging Mat-Chrono Regenerating Cream controls shine and reduces pores. $40, drugstore.com

Rebalance skin:

Payot Dermforce Skin Fortifying Concentrate rebalances the skin and reinforces its natural barrier. $44, skin-one.com


Intelligent Aesthetics Soothe Intensive AntiInflammatory Treatment is loaded with vitamins and antioxidants. $32, intelligentaesthetics.com

For sensitive skin:

L’Occitane’s Ultra Comforting Serum is loaded with shea and organic cotton, reducing redness, itching, and stinging. It’s paraben- and fragrancefree and great for sensitive skin. $38, L’Occitane, Beverly Hills, 310-205-9107; bluemercury.com

For broken capillaries, redness, and rosacea:

Natura Bissé’s Special FX Line Red Diffuse soothes, fights inflammation, neutralizes redness, and is ideal for broken capillaries. $48, Neiman Marcus, Beverly Hills, 310-550-5900, neimanmarcus.com Clinique Redness Solutions Daily Relief Cream is perfect for treating rosacea. $39.50; Soothing Cleanser, $20.50; Macy’s at the Beverly Center, 310-854-6655; clinique.com




You’ll find the latest Italian and American designer fashion at M’attias like: Class by Roberto Cavalli, Cosabella, Fuzzi, Jean Paul Gaultier, Isabella De Pedro, Betsy Johnson, Mandalay, Twin Set, Nicole Miller, Parasuco, Rodika Zanin, Vera Wang, Vitamina, Zelda, and more. No wonder stylish women and Hollywood celebs from all over come to shop at M’ATTIAS 1403 Montana Ave., Santa Monica 90403 (310) 576-4711 Open 7 days, Hours: 10-6.



Bliss Spa’s High Thighs

SUMMER-READY LEGS You’ve got legs, and you know how to use them. Even so, there’s always room for improvement. TheSE treatments and products will help you get the summer-ready legs you’ve always wanted. – Dawn Shand Johnson

Body-brushing is a great way to reduce cellulite, rid the body of toxins, and stimulate blood and lymph flow. Start at the feet and move up the leg with long, brisk Skin Haven’s Blueberry Soy Slimming Body Wrap movements aiming toward the heart; pay special attention to the starts with an invigorating dry brushing designed thighs and avoid the chest area. to gently exfoliate skin and stimulate circulation. An organic wrap for elasticity, collagen, healing of Try the Body Shop’s Rounded irritation, and improvement of texture is followed by Body Brush. $12, The Body Shop a blueberry soy massage. 75 minutes, $160, Skin Haven, at the Beverly Center, 310-854300 N. Crescent Heights Blvd, LA, 323-658-SKIN, skinhaven.com 0071, thebodyshop.com

treatment battles cellulite, incorporating lymphatic drainage, an orange peel skin-wringing rub, and the application of Bliss’s Seaweed Task Mask and support Serum. 60 minutes, $100, Bliss Spa at the W Westwood, 323-930-0330

Earth Therapeutics Soothing Leg Lotion contains rosemary and wild mint. $7.99, earththerapeutics.com

Preventing spider and varicose veins: “Not all varicose and spider veins can be prevented, but there are things you can do to reduce your chances of getting new ones. Getting regular exercise, wearing elastic support hose, losing weight, and not standing for prolonged periods can all reduce the risk and extent of varicose-vein formation; however, treatments include sclerotherapy injections, laser surgery, electrodesiccation, radiofrequency, and surgical ligation/stripping.” – Dr. Forouzanpour, Beverly Hills Cosmetic Surgical Group, 8500 Wilshire Blvd, Ste 1020, BH, 310-360-0504, perfectself.com ReVive Body Repair Cream is a moisturizer and repair treatment that reduces the appearance of spider veins and broken capillaries. $235, Saks Fifth Avenue, Beverly Hills, 310-275-4211; reviveskincare.com

Tired of having irritating little bumps on your legs? Try

Created by the founder of Bliss Spa, FitFlop is a flip-flop–style shoe designed to tone and trim legs and buttocks—all while you run errands. $49.99, Macy’s at the Beverly Center, 310-854-6655; bathandbodyworks.com

Dermadoctor KP Duty Kit,

which includes a scrub and moisturizer. $49, Sephora at the Beverly Center, 310657-9670, sephora.com

Combat cellulite and stretch marks with Murad’s Firm and Tone Serum; it can be tough to find,

as it often sells out. For even better results, use it in conjunction with Murad’s Activating Body Scrub. Serum, $75; scrub, $47.50; Sephora, Century City, 310-843-0123; murad.com

Virtually pain-free hair removal has arrived! Alma Lasers Soprano XL System is quick and doesn’t require analgesics, but best of all, I found it to be painless. Its gradual heat-delivery system significantly reduces discomfort during the hair-removal procedure, and it even rejuvenates the skin. Silky-smooth perfection can be achieved in as few as two treatments. I had this done on my legs, and I have to say that it was wonderful! One treatment down, and the hair is already going away. My legs are smooth, and the procedure was totally pain-free. I could have fallen asleep during it. It was so easy that I want to get everything done. An average treatment with the Soprano XL costs $200, depending on the size and area getting treated; great packages are also available. Westside Aesthetics, 1033 Gayley Ave, Ste 104, LA, 310-443-5273

152 GENLUX April / May 2008

“When we needed a top-quality car service for actress Helen Mirren, we selected JC Limo.”–Genlux Magazine

J C L i m o u s i n e S e rv i c e We’ll drive.sm 310-621-5339 jayc e el imo.c om L ow rates . Airp or t p i ckup and drop off. Shopp ing trips . R e d car p et e vents . April April/ /May May2008 2008GENLUX GENLUX153 153

BEAUTY ingredient: FLOWERS

gENLUXshop Flowers have power: They can brighten up a room or push their way up through concrete—and they can also work wonders on your skin, as theSE fabulous products attest. – Dawn Shand Johnson


Liz Earle Energising Body Wash, with rose water and nine essential oils, leaves skin soft and invigorated. $21, lizearle.com, 800-515-5911

Malin+Goetz Geranium Body Wash, $18, Barneys New York, Beverly Hills, 310-2764400; malinandgoetz.com Leonor Greyl Huile de Magnolia, for face and body, is perfect for after-sun care and as an after-hair-removal treatment. It can also be used as a makeup remover. $42, Diamond Beauty, 818-761-1778; beautyexclusive.com


A potent youth elixir, Darphin 8-Flower Nectar is composed of pure essential oils. $150, Neiman Marcus, Beverly Hills, 310-550-5900; darphin.com Weleda Iris Day Cream and Wild Rose Intense Facial Masque, $18 each, shop.weleda.com Guerlain Orchidee Imperiale complete-care serum, $375, Bloomingdale’s at the Beverly Center, 310-360-2701; Neiman Marcus, Beverly Hills, 310-550-5900 Naturopathica Rose Geranium Soothing Plant Milk Mist for dry and sensitive skin, $28, Lavender Natural Beauty, 818986-1280; naturopathica.com Sampar Skin-Quenching Mist in rose and geranium with cornflower, orange blossom, and lime blossom water, $39.50, Studio at Fred Segal, 310-394-8509; skinstore.com Edelbio Soft Floral Rinse-Free Cleanser with organic neroli and verbena floral waters, $22.50, edelbioskincare.com


Voluspa Pink Magnolia aromatic room spray, $22.99, Body Factory, Hollywood, 323-469-2639 Henri Bendel scented candle in Gardenia, $26, Bath and Body Works at The Grove, 323-965-1724, bathandbodyworks.com

DRINK: Jurlique Lavender Hand Cream, $25, Jurlique Concept Store, Santa Monica, 310-899-1923, jurlique.com

154 GENLUX April / May 2008

Irie Star’s Soap-on-a-Rope is organic and handmade, and best of all, it won’t melt away in the soap dish. $8.95, iriestar.com

100% organic Balance water combines flower essences from Australia and spring water from the United States. The benefits of flower essences are numerous, from promoting calm, comfort, and focus to relieving stress. 1 liter, $1.99–$2.29, Whole Foods, Beverly Hills, 310- 274-3360

Napoleon Perdis Gardenia Glam Body Pack includes shower gel and shimmer body lotion with an aloe vera base. $35, Napoleon Perdis, Hollywood, 888-7329111, napoleonperdis.com


Dior Flower Blossom pressed floral illuminating powder for the cheeks, $52, Sephora, Century City, 310-843-0123; Nordstrom at the South Bay Galleria, 310-542-9440 Paul & Joe Beaute Protective Fluid Foundation, with marigold extract, white-lily extract, and sunflower oil, is great for skin protection. $36, Sephora at the Beverly Center, 310-657-9670; blissworld.com Hard Candy Sweet Spot Lip Gloss in Flower Power, $11, Sephora, Hollywood, 323-462-6898, sephora.com

CLASSIC FLORAL FRAGRANCES: Penhaligon’s Ellenisia Eau de Perfum has a rich, uplifting bouquet of gardenia and rose. Base notes of creamy musk and vanilla lend an intoxicating, mystical quality. 50ml, $85; 100ml, $105; Studio at Fred Segal, 310-394-8509; fourseasonsproducts.com With a bouquet like a country picnic, L’Occitane Cherry Blossom has notes of cherry, freesia, black currant, cherry blossom, lily of the valley, rosewood, amber, and musk. Eau de toilette, 3.4oz, $42, L’Occitane, Beverly Hills, 310-205-9107; bluemercury.com Frederic Malle’s ultra-feminine Lipstick Rose suggests the scent of luxurious, old-fashioned lipstick. $140, Barneys New York, Beverly Hills, 310-276-4400, barneys.com

L’Artisan La Haie Fleurie du Hameau suggests a field of flowers in full bloom. $135, Apothia at Fred Segal, 310-851-0606; artisanparfumeur.us

An enthralling bouquet of nocturnal tuberoses, night-blooming jasmine, and rare African resins, Moon Garden is one of six compelling botanical eaux de parfum by Strange Invisible Perfumes. 1.7 oz., $135, Barneys, Beverly Hills, 310-276-4400, siperfumes.com

Jo Malone Vintage Gardenia is a great classic scent that’s lovely alone or layered with Jo Malone’s Orange Blossom scent. Cologne, 3.4oz, $90, Neiman Marcus, Beverly Hills, 310550-5900; jomalone.com

BEAUTY ingredient: FLOWERS


Strange Invisible Perfumes’ Prima Ballerina is a dreamy yet crisp composition of satiny roses, Greek sage, lime and botanical musk. This exhilarating re-take on classic rose layers charmingly with the Egyptian Rose Invisible Body Lotion. Eau de parfum, 1.7 oz., $135, Barneys New York, Beverly Hills, 310-276-4400, siperfumes.com

April / May 2008 GENLUX 155

shop for a cause

gENLUXshop Stop and smell the roses—and help those in need. – Francesca Day Fergie and M·A·C AIDS Fund have joined forces to raise an estimated $5 million for those at risk for HIV and AIDS. All proceeds from the new VIVA GLAM VI Lipglass will assist the M·A·C AIDS Fund’s Global Youth Prevention Initiative, which supports global organizations addressing the AIDS crisis in the younger population. VIVA GLAM VI Lipglass, $14, M· A· C, 113 N. Robertson Blvd, LA, 310-2719137

Humanitarian Sheila Vance, Sama Eyewear’s designer and owner, founded her company with the intention of giving us much more than elegant eyewear. A percentage of gross sales from all Sama collections benefits the Sam Vance Foundation, an incredible effort named after her son, whom she tragically lost at a young age. The foundation vigorously fights drug addiction and hopes to open a brand-new rehab center this year. Sama’s Mine frames, $345, Destination: Sama, Beverly Hills, 310-271-1734

For the current season, Lutz & Patmos has welcomed guest designer Richard Meier. The well-known architect has assisted in the creation of the 50% Cotton 50% Cashmere Achromatic Cardigan line, available for both men and women. Ten dollars from the sale of each piece from the line will benefit Architecture for Humanity, which promotes architectural solutions and brings design services to communities in distress. Achromatic Cardigan by Richard Meier, $575, Madison Gallery, 310-317-8787

Bombay Sapphire has inspired three prolific names in luxury and design—Baccarat, Garrard, and Karim Rashid—to create five handmade crystal bottles labeled Revelations. The bottles, which are adorned with diamonds and sapphires, will make their debuts in five international airports. Beginning in London Heathrow, each exclusive bottle will be exhibited for two to three months before being securely escorted to its new owner. Profits from Revelation will be donated to the Smile Train, a unique charity that provides lifeenhancing cleft surgery to children in less fortunate countries. Revelation, $200,000, London Heathrow, New York, Dubai, Singapore, and Sydney International Airports

The recently opened Oliver Ifergan Atelier is quickly becoming one of the most fabulous and charitable salons in Beverly Hills. In addition to creating amazing dos, the salon created the Donation Program, through which three percent of sales from all services for the year 2008 benefit Children International. As part of the program, the salon will choose a different charity to support each year. Oliver Ifergan Atelier, 205 S. Robertson Blvd, Beverly Hills, 310-967-0100 Your dreams of long lashes can come true with Talika’s Lipocils Eye Lash Conditioning Gel. Or if you just want to dream the night away, try the Eye Therapy Mask. The Sleeping Beauty therapy mask stimulates the skin surrounding the eye area for a smoother appearance. Through the end of May, Talika says thank you to creative writers by donating $3 from every sale to the Writers Guild Foundation Industry Support Fund. Lipocils Eye Lash Conditioning Gel, $40; Eye Therapy Mask, $69, talika.com Enjoy roses that last forever with Gold ‘n Dulcinea’s Aww, You Shouldn’t Have sachet. This handmade creation is adorned with crimson, blush, and peach silk-petal blossoms enhanced with Swarovski crystals, garnets, and petite brass charms. Proceeds are donated to Dresses that Heal, an amazing organization that enables brides to support breast cancer survivors. Aww, You Shouldn’t Have, $200, goldndulcinea.com

156 GENLUX April / May 2008

Vida Emanuel

Me&Ro Jewelry is sending harmony and support to the Step Up Women’s Network with the Silver Step Up Guitar Pick Pendant. The sterling silver pendant is inscribed with the Tibetan symbols for harmony, and one hundred percent of profits from its sale goes directly to the charity. Silver StepUp Guitar Pick Pendant, $120, Me&Ro Jewelry, 8405 Melrose Place, LA, 323-782-1071 Save the date! Saturday, May 31, is the Seventh Annual Chrysalis Butterfly Ball. This premier Hollywood fundraiser, held at a private Brentwood estate, unites executives from television, music, and film to raise more than $1 million for the life-changing Chrysalis programs. For more info contact Laney Capgan, 310-401-9393.

Escape to Europe for a few hours.

I would love for you to come and experience my European Day Spa—a unique getaway from everyday life. We offer the finest massage, facial and non-invasive cosmetic treatments including Ultrasonic Lipolysis, Vacudermie, and Pressotherapy. We combine a peaceful, beautifully modern environment with a highly trained, friendly staff. I have hand-picked some of the best registered nurses, massage therapists and estheticians in California, not only for their superior skills in massage, waxing, skin care, body treatments, and makeup, but also for their genuine desire to take excellent care of our clients. We’re located in the heart of Beverly Hills – walking distance from most hotels. 9406 Dayton Way, 310-246-5111, vidaemanuel.com For a limited time, we are offering first-time clients 50% off one of the following services: Photo Facial Treatment, Oxygen Facial, Microdermabrasion, and Ultrasonic Lipolysis.

9406 Dayton Way, 310-246-5111, vidaemanuel.com



Non-invasive beauty and healing techniques are becoming increasingly popular. We decided to explore the Chinese traditions of acupressure and acupuncture —they can do it all, from healing to weight loss and facial rejuvenation. . – Dawn Shand Johnson

Traditional and hot-stone acupressure: Acupressure is a 5,000-year-old Chinese healing technique that applies the same principles as acupuncture but does not use needles. How it works: Therapists use their fingers, thumbs, and palms to apply firm but gentle pressure to the appropriate acupuncture points, releasing blocked energy to stimulate a natural self-healing response. “I have found that placing and massaging the acupressure points with hot stones is a gentle yet profound addition to even further activate this natural healing,” says Derek Cardoza, creator of the Cardoza Method Massage. “Hot-stone acupressure causes your body to release strong natural chemicals called endorphins, which are known to improve both physical and mental well-being. I have seen my clients experience incredible results. Common disorders that can be relieved with acupressure include headaches, eye strain, sinus problems, neckpain, back aches, arthritis, muscle stiffness, tension due to stress, fatigue, and insomnia. Acupressure can generally be effective in treating dysfunction affecting any of the organ systems of the body. Acupressure is one of the oldest and most natural approaches to healing one’s body, and because it involves the ‘laying on of hands,’ this form of healing therapy can revive your body toward wellness and away from pain and disease.” Cost: $150–$200. Contact: Derek Cardoza, creator of the Cardoza Method Massage, 310-402-8662 Photo: George Kontaxis

Weight-loss acupuncture: Yi Pan is one of LA’s most in-demand acupuncturists and weight-loss specialists. When we contacted him about this piece, he was concerned about his busy schedule: Pan sees as many as 40 to 50 a day. He was also adamant about keeping the names of his many celebrity clients confidential. (He prefers to remain the stars’ secret weight-loss weapon.) How it works: Pan unblocks patients’ energy flow, as he believes that blocked energy is what prevents extra weight from coming off, along with other factors such as stress or thyroid problems. His approach combines acupuncture with Chinese herbs, and he notes that clients must maintain a healthy lifestyle to keep the weight off. Cost: Initial visit, $225; second visit, $170 plus the cost of herbs. The average monthly cost is $1400. Contact: Dr. Yi Pan, The Chinese Healing Institute, 12381 Wilshire Blvd, Ste.104, West LA, 310-826-1314, chinesehealinginstitute.com

Cosmetic acupuncture, or facial rejuvenation, is one of the fastest-growing segments in the field of acupuncture and the expertise of Nathan Anderson of Ona Spa. The procedure is non-invasive and causes little discomfort, and if the protocol is adhered to, the benefits can be long-lasting, extending beyond the cosmetic to one’s overall health. How it works: Needles placed in the face and other strategic parts of the body increase blood flow, stimulate collagen and elastin production, improve facial muscle tone, and release endorphins that reduce stress and promote restful sleep (a relaxed face looks healthier than a stressed face). Cosmetic acupuncture can treat skin discoloration, under-eye puffiness and dark circles, wrinkles, and fine lines, sagging skin, and mild acne. All patients undergo a comprehensive health-history assessment and physical exam to determine their ideal treatment strategy, and whether their primary concern is cosmetic or related to pain, injury, or dysfunction, they often reap benefits in other areas. Cosmetic acupuncture can be worked into most any treatment protocol, and patients coming in for headaches or digestive issues are often happy to incorporate a few extra needles to address their cosmetic concerns as well (it takes just an extra five to ten minutes to treat facial points). Conversely, patients coming in for cosmetic treatments may notice a reduction in back pain, improved sleep, or fewer headaches. The typical treatment course includes ten sessions; for long-term results, one to two full treatment courses may be necessary. Cost: Initial consultation and treatment, $150; subsequent treatments, $90 Contact: Nathan Anderson, acupuncturist, Ona Spa, 7373 Beverly Blvd, LA, 323-931-4442

158 GENLUX April / May 2008

Yeah, sure, flowers are beautiful, but can you eat â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;em? Send one of these instead. 1-866-4 FRUITS

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Genlux Out-of-Towner

It can’t be denied, it can’t be forestalled: The world is changing, and with it, fashion. But for all the talk of the future, one shouldn’t forget the past, and that sensibility is front and center at Ports 1961, thanks to creative director Tia Cibani. Marrying innovation and old-world romance in her artful yet wearable designs, Cibani has reinvented the luxury label, which returned—with a vengeance—to U.S. and Canadian shores in 2003 and is set to open a Melrose Place location this spring. Born in North Africa and raised in Vancouver, Cibani started at Ports in 1990, working under Dean and Dan Caten (of DSquared2), then the company’s head design team. She ultimately moved to China, where, delving into design and fabrication, she was named Ports’ creative director. Nowadays, she calls New York home—when she’s not jet-setting around the planet, that is. Given all that globetrotting, it makes sense that her designs would be infused with a chic, international sensibility—just right for life in fashion’s fast-paced global village. –Shannon L. Bowen



Stay in LA? The Avalon. I like the retro feel of it.

What’s in your carry-on? Visine. If my eyes feel fresh, I feel renewed and not so tired.

Have drinks? Bond Street

What are your packing essentials for LA? Sunglasses. Most definitely BIG sunglasses.

Go for a hike or work out? I ride horses with a friend in Malibu. FAVORITES IN LA Places to shop: Flounce Vintage and Pearce. They have the best finds. Restaurants: Alegria on Sunset —it’s just delicious. Museum: The Getty Museum is a favorite because it not only houses beautiful art, but its architecture is quite lovely. Beach: El Matador north of Malibu is peaceful and calm. Plus, the drive up there helps me to unwind. Neighborhood: Melrose Place because of its European charm—this is the reason I chose to open our first Ports 1961 store there. Time of year: Springtime anywhere

160 GENLUX April / May 2008

What packing essential do you recommend for friends visiting LA? A cotton dress—it can go from day to evening with simple changes of accessories. What’s the first thing you do to unwind? Unpack How do you make your hotel room feel more like home? While unpacking and organizing, I usually have a candle lit. Something to make the room smell fresh and familiar, which is very comforting when traveling. Red-eye or morning flight? Red-eye. I like to get off the plane and get going right away. Lately it’s been a FlexJet Lear 300. How do you look refreshed after a long flight? A quick shower does the trick every time. What do you wish LA had more of that you have in NY? Walking. Everyone is in their cars in LA. What do you wish NY had that LA has? Palm trees


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