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GENLUX Dita Von Teese



Š 2007 Monique Lhuillier. Jewelry by Fred Leighton.

Lhuillier 8485 melrose place


los angeles







ina Solt an i.com

Ad Design: The Style Group



The largest purveyor of alain mikli sun and eyewear for over 25 years. 7 Locations: Beverly Hills: 437-B N. Bedford Dr, 310-246-9468 Brentwood: 11677 San Vicente Blvd, 310-447-8630 Manhattan Beach: 904 Manhattan Ave, 310-374-4449 Studio City: 12050 Ventura Blvd, 818-752-8606 UCLA: 200 Stein Plaza Suite-231, 310-206-7184 West Hollywood: 8555 Sunset Blvd, 310-652-9144 Westwood: 1061 Westwood Blvd, 310-824-1002 DanDeutschOpticalOutlook.com







“The Jewelers’ Jeweler.” – Los Angeles Magazine

“Poems without words.” – E l i s e M i s i o r o w s k i , GI A M u s e u m


B A S TA 2 0 3 S o u t h B e v e r ly D r i v e , B e v e r ly H il l s 9 0 2 1 2 ( 3 1 0 ) 2 7 8 - 4 7 9 2 R ic a r d o B a s ta . c o m S tor e ho u r s : T u e sd ay T hr o u g h F r id ay 1 0 : 3 0 a m to 5 p m ; S at u r d ay 1 0 : 3 0 A M T o 4 P M designs:


ricardo basta

ad design: the style group


beverly hills

photo of ricardo basta by

Megan Mack


Genlux 36 [





fall fashion ISSUE! tokyo! On our cover: Dita Von Teese photographed for Genlux by Marc Baptiste. ,



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MODERN GEISHA Greg Hinsdale brings us the latest lingerie, geisha-style. ORIGAMI FASHION Bootsy Holler finds origami-like shapes in the newest fall fashion. HEAD DRESS Nicolas French works his hairraising magic with Japanese flair.



NOBU NIGHTS Former Miss Japan Misao Arauchi jets in from Tokyo for a sitting at Nobu. ZHANNA-SAN Meet America’s newest fashion hero. Photographed by Andrew Matusik. LOVELY DITA The queen of burlesque is really just a down-home girl. Well, sort of. TOKYO POP The Harujuku style comes West— albeit with a luxury twist. WILDE SIDE We catch up with Olivia Wilde of FOX’s doc drama, House.



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18 GENLUX FALL / 2008


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Beauty Editor’s Picks: Dawn’s delights. Anastasia’s Expert Opinion: Working toward wellness. BuyLines: Minotti & Mogul; Designers; Raya Meddine. Shop for a Cause: Spend and lend a helping hand. File-O-Facts: Tokyo by way of LA. File-O-Green-Facts: Fabulous eco-friendly finds. Opening Presence: Haute happenings. Out-of-Towner: LA through the eyes of Sonia Rykiel.

Accessory Access: Back to the Future. Accessory Access: High Polish. Accessory Access: Mad Men. Chic Boutique: Mikimoto’s perfect pearls.

The Men’s Page: George’s advice for a dapper gent. Fashion Philanthropy: Vidal Sassoon. Closet Desires: Fall’s freshest finds. Head to Toe: Simple Chic; One Night in Tokyo; Grey’s Anatomy. Designer Profile: Tadashi Shoji’s unique vision. Designer Profile: Go-getter Kelly Nishimoto. Designer Profile: The world of Betsey Johnson.

LA Story: Apothecary adventures. Beauty News: The scoop on the LA beauty scene. Best Face Forward: What you need for flawless skin. Makeup Trends: Color it up; get your shine on. Beauty Ingredients: Brilliant bamboo and super sake. Sweet Smells: Fall fragrances with Japanese flair. Expert Opinion: Dr. Kest’s tips for a brighter you. Spas: Now and Zen—Japan-inspired pampering picks. Hair Do’s: Fall’s fabulous tresses. Her Secret Service: How to get Dita Von Teese’s look.



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Accessories Editor’s Picks: Elizabeth’s faves.



Editor at Large’s Picks: George’s prime picks.



Editor’s Picks: Samia’s must-haves.



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Publisher and Editorial Director: Cecilia Moreno Editor in Chief: Samia Arslane

Creative Director: Stephen Kamifuji VP of Advertising: Jenny Behrstock Advertising Directors: Brooke Bryant Julie Arde Financial Director: Marc Meshekow Director Human Resources: Yolanda Garcia Editor at Large: George Blodwell Managing Editor: Shannon Bowen Beauty Editor: Dawn Shand Johnson Accessories Editor: Elizabeth Saab Charities Editor: Francesca Day Copy Editor: Larry Lederman Contributing Editors: Marsha Takeda-Morrison, Anastasia Soare, Trisha Tucker Production Assistant: Jordan Holcomb Editorial Assistant: Miranda Romano Director of Digital Imaging: Luke Hanscom Contributing Photographers: Babak, Marc Baptiste, Michael Barr, Greg Hinsdale, Bootsy Holler, Megan Mack, Andrew Matusik, John Marciniak, Melissa Rodwell, Morand+Zwirner Paul Schefz, Ming Wu Distribution Manager: John Sugrue Intern: Ashley Ham Š2008 by Genlux Magazineâ&#x201E;˘, LLC., All rights reserved. No part of this periodical may be reproduced in any form or by any means without prior written permission from Genlux Magazine. To our readers: Genlux Magazine invites you to share your thoughts, ideas and critiques of our publication. Please send comments to Editor, Genlux Magazine, 9713 Santa Monica Blvd., Suite 202, Beverly Hills, California 90210 or by email, editor@genlux.com. Subscriptions: Please subscribe online at genlux.com. To advertise: Please contact Cecilia@genlux.com or call 310-275-5700. Photo of Dita Von Teese by Marc Baptiste for Genlux Magazine / DR Photo Management

20 GENLUX FALL / 2008

©2008 Harry Winston. www.harrywinston.com


ne of the perks of bringing you our fashion magazine—and believe me, there are many—is witnessing world-class photographers work their inimitable magic on some of their most interesting and beautiful subjects. Take our cover shoot, for example. We started with one of LA’s flawless fashion girls, Dita Von Teese, and paired her with world-renowned shooter Marc Baptiste. I call them my new dynamic duo because they created some of most fantastic images we’ve had in Genlux—and dare I say outside of Genlux—since a few of their artful, and gorgeous images didn’t make it onto our pages. They were, to borrow a favorite George Blodwellism (and mimicking his proper English tone), “a bit naughty.”

Dita von teese in Monique Lhuillier strapless gown with ruffle bodice, $4900, Monique Lhuiller, 8485 Melrose Pl, LA, 323-655-1088. Photo BY marc baptiste



magazine magazine


Working with the model species is another perk. Dressing these live six-foot dolls in couture is just an extension of my Barbie youth. But just to clear up any misconception that models only lead the ultimate lifestyle—you know, champagne, private jets, and rock stars—photographer Bootsy Holler (yes, that’s her real name) took our poor, sweet model Gina McNeil to the desert for a photo shoot in tight black leather and other nice warm fall fashions. Oh, did I mention it was 110 degrees? Hey, that’s what these models get for being really tall, really beautiful, and really skinny. Someone’s got to keep them humble!

Just when I thought LA’s private pre-schools had tight screening policies, our editor in chief, Samia Arslane, finally back from her month-long vacation in Capri, Luxembourg, and Paris (yes, the French really know how to live), popped into the office carrying the new LV Louis bag. Just tr y calling Louis Vuitton to get one. This handbag is so exclusive that it’s offered by invitation only. Samia wouldn’t go into all the details, but apparently ownership of one involves a private room, a videotaped meeting, screening by a Louis Vuitton committee, and a load of cash in non-sequential unmarked bills. Or your black card.

SAmia with her new Louis vuitton louis crocodile bag—She may be the only woman in LA with one. any wonder why she’s smiling?

22 GENLUX FALL / 2008

can’t believe summer is almost over!

Besides making the months slip by, traveling has made me realize one thing: There was a time when fashion came only from Europe—predominately Italy and France, but now that’s no longer the case. What I noticed while spending time in Capri, appreciating the food, the warm people, their easygoing attitude, and of course their inevitable sense of style, was how o ur sense of style is now being seen on the Europeans. With most of the top stylists and celebrity trendmakers right here in our own backyard, it’s no wonder our local fashion sensibilities are creating global waves. Fall is upon us, and once again black is back. This time I’m adding some warm tones to my wardrobe like camel, forest green, chocolate brown. Black suede boots with gold embroidery will be a hot item to score (p.104). Pair them with a simple black knee-length dress and you’re ready! I can’t take my eyes off those shiny Gianna Meliani grey and purple patent boots on page 142! Add texture to your outfit with velvet—a classic fall/winter fabric (p.138). For those of us who aren’t into wearing huge necklaces, opt for a tie-neck blouse (p.137). It’s so chic.

24 GENLUX FALL / 2008

SAmia’s PAGE

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9 X 10.875 genlux events! Issue Launch Party! CUSP Shopping Event! FULL PHOTOS: Megan Mack PAGE, 4C

Ashley Fultz, Catt Sadler,Melissa Jacey Duprie Laurent and Fabienne Dufourg of Privé Salon Stehile, Kelsey Luce and Tara Hof

dinenobu drivelotus surfwaikiki indulgeparc

Jesse Rodriquez , Jenny Behrstock

Cecilia Moreno, Megan Bassetti of Calidora

Alex Garcia, Michael Wolfgeher

Issue Date:08/08 Ship Date:07/01/08

Lovely Israel, Erin Sullivan

Cecilia Moreno, Dan Deutsch, Davida Deutsch Hall

George Blodwell, Melissa Rodwell

special thanks to dean fujitani of the waikiki parc and Congratulations to Piper Dano who won THE FABULOUS 4 NIGHT DELUXE OCEAN VIEW STAY AT THE WAIKIKI PARC HOTEL at our cUSP for NEIMAN MARCUS shopping event. She the new parc waikiki also won the LOTUS rental!& DINNER AT Vroom Lotus Experience, My Place Waikiki Escape Package, THE NEW NOBU exclusive WAIKIKI!RoomPRIVATE SURFand the exciting Nobu Waikiki ING LESSONS BY CELEBRITY INSTRUCTOR HANS HEDERMANN! SPA TREATMENTS AT SPA HALEKULANI! TOTAL VALUE of $3000!

(800) 422-0450

Victoria Farber, Cara Worley , Heather Kun

Heather Haas, Kendall Kerr, Shelly Chaney, Rebecca Moss of Michael Stars


Catt Sadler, Grayson,Caran StefanieSealey, Wood, Stephanie Angel Terrazas, Noel Jean Fabienne Dufourg, Beatrice Campion of Privé Salon Meghan Mino, DavikaMark Thompson, Meyer

26 GENLUX FALL / 2008

Galina Sobolev, Margaret Nester



Brooke Bryant, Katrina Lowry andDeborah McCarnie of Body Beaute genlux events! HalĂ&#x2030; Bob Summer of Love! MArc Baptiste exhibit Opening! Photos: John Marciniak; HAle Bob Photos: Michael Bucker (Getty)

Nicky Hilton, Daniel Bohbot

Emmanuelle Chriqui

? Korosh and Ina Soltani

Ashley Jones, Kara Holden

Tara Reid

Keisha Whitaker, Marc Baptiste, Autumn Whitaker

Catherine An, Rohan Marley, Michelle Vink

28 GENLUX FALL / 2008

Aimee Garcia

Daniel Bohbot

Beautiful Bartenders and Grey Goose Vodka

Eric Benet, Manuela Testolini Nelson

Shannyn Sossamon

Nadia Bjorlin, Brandon Beemer

Vivica A. Fox

Noelle Maremont, David Streets, Cindy Newman

Joy Donnell and Celebrity Vault Director David W. Streets

GLAMOUR Diamond Collection Automatic 25 Jewels Available with Bracelet Louisiana Crocodile

Gevril USA - 1-866-425-9882 www.gevril.com Gevril Switzerland - Rue Meval 20, 2720 Tramelan - Switzerland info@gevril.ch

FALL / 2008 GENLUX 29

A product of skillful hands. And ingenious minds. Eterna Vaughan Big Date with the Eterna Calibre 3030 movement, the thinnest self-winding mechanical movement with a cambered big date display. The result of modern engineering and traditional craftsmanship. www.eterna.ch

30 GENLUX FALL / 2008

My family has been in the investment business for the better part of the last century. My grandfather, Henri de la Chapelle, was an early partner at Paine, Webber, Jackson & Curtis. My grandfather, Rudolph Eichler, founded Bateman Eichler & Co. in 1929. My father, Peter Eichler Sr., became chief executive of Bateman Eichler in the 1970s. I worked on the floor of the NYSE, developed investment products for E.F. Hutton and launched a money management division for Bear Stearns. To say that I have worked in this business my entire life is not an overstatement. My forbears taught me that to be a successful investor one must be an independent thinker. At Aletheia, we have always done our own research. Another important family trait I have incorporated is common sense in terms of valuation, risk and return expectations. I also believe common sense guides the amount of effort needed to achieve superior results. It takes an incredible amount of time and effort to add value in today’s challenging financial markets. At Aletheia we have combined a rich heritage, creative thinking and a tireless work ethic. We look forward to hearing from you. Peter J. Eichler, Jr. Founder, Chairman, CEO

No taglines. No gimmicks. Just one thing: Performance. ALETHEIA: Performance, Excess Return and Alpha Rankings (Since Inception – period ended 12/31/06) Large Cap Growth Composite

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Gross Performance 330.60%







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17 17 18

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Performance ★ Excess Return ■ Alpha

Aletheia Growth Aletheia Value Aletheia Int’l Growth

S&P 500‡


A l e t h e i a™ Research and Management

4.57% 7.15% 5 .77%

2007 17.18% 3.35% 27.10%

2006 20.11% 23.19% 24.60%

2005 30.39% 19.38% 17.72%

2004 17.18% 15.07% 7.73%

2003 62.16% 30.52% 45.61%

Since 12/31/97 391.78% 209.35%* 185.43%**








2008 YTD

Aletheia Research and Management 100 Wilshire Blvd, Suite 1960, Santa Monica, CA 90401 (310) 899-0800 aletheiaresearch.com Past performance is not indicative of future performance.*Value performance since 3/31/00. The S&P 500 performed 9.23% over the same period. **International Growth performance since 6/30/02. ‡ The S&P 500 performed 60.66% over the same period. S&P 500 performance includes reinvested dividends. 2008 returns net of fees estimated through 5/19/08. Performance results are net of management fees.

FALL / 2008 GENLUX 31

Eric Buterbaugh flower design at the four seasons hotel

300 S. Doheny Drive

310 247 7120

los Angeles 90048

Modern geisha PHOTOGRAPHY BY



Makeup: LAUREN ANDERSEN using M • A • C / CelestineAgency.com Hair: CORI BARDO for Sebastian Professional / CelestineAgency.com Nails: Marsha Bialo for Artists by Timothy Priano using China Glaze / bpolished.com Model: SCARLETT KAPELLA / Elite Model Management / EliteModel.com Digital Imaging: LUKE HANSCOM / HDMstudio.com Photography: Greg Hinsdale / AlyssaPizer.com Stylist: Basia Richard / Artists by Timothy Priano Location: Special thanks to Marc Meshekow Art Direction: STEPHEN KAMIFUJI

34 GENLUX FALL / 2008

Eres Exuberante, $760; Eres Sensuelle, $205; Eres Legerete, $1077; Eres, Beverly Hills, 310246-1008, eresparis.com Cosabella Penelope Thigh-Hi, $33, Pretty Thing, Beverly Hills, 310-277-2725 Ippolita sterling silver earring, $525, ippolita.com Rene Caovilla black velvet bow heel, $1010, Rene Caovilla boutique, Beverly Hills, 310-385-0879, renecaovilla-usa.com

FALL / 2008 GENLUX 35

Eres Exuberante, $760; Eres Sensuelle, $205; Eres Legerete, $1077, Eres, Beverly Hills, 310-246-1008, eresparis.com Ippolita sterling silver earring, $525, ippolita.com

36 GENLUX FALL / 2008

Agent Provocateur black silk Jean bra, $130, Agent Provocateur mini Jean waspie, $80, and black and pink lace Francoise briefs, $85, Agent Provocateur, LA, 323-653-0229 Ricardo Basta rhodochrosite earring handmade in platinum and 18K gold accented with 1.40 cts of diamonds and rubies, $17,400, Ricardo Basta, Beverly Hills, 310-278-4792, ricardobasta.com Cosabella Kinty Thigh-Hi, $38, Pretty Thing, Beverly Hills, 310-277-2725

FALL / 2008 GENLUX 37

Courtworth Paris nude bra with lace detail, price upon request, Faire Frou Frou, Studio City, 818-783 -4970 La Perla black corset, $359, La Perla, Beverly Hills, 310-860-0561 Agent Provocateur nude stockings with diamond seam, $65, Agent Provocateur, LA, 323-653-0229

38 GENLUX FALL / 2008

FALL / 2008 GENLUX 39

Cotton Club one-piece, hook-and-eye lace bustier with string, $395, Luxe Lingerie, Beverly Hills, 310-247-8477 Agent Provocateur Marilyn black garter, $55; Esme suspender belt, $80; Agent Provocateur, LA, 323-653- 0229 Cosabella Penelope Thigh-Hi, $33, Pretty Thing, Beverly Hills, 310-277-2725 Le Vian 18K white gold and diamond pendant, $4000, Bloomingdaleâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s, Beverly Hills, 310-3602832; levian.com

40 GENLUX FALL / 2008

FALL / 2008 GENLUX 41

Cosabella Pear Teddy Swiss dot mesh tulle and high-end French Calais lace, $115, Pretty Thing, Beverly Hills, 310-277-2725 Agent Provocateur Marilyn black garter, $55, Agent Provocateur, LA, 323-653-0229 Nicholas Kirkwood black silk open toe platform, $795, Madison, Beverly Hills, 310-273-4787

42 GENLUX FALL / 2008

Coco de Mer lace black and white bra, $140; panties, $125, cocodemerusa.com Agent Provocateur Marilyn black garter, $65; Esme suspender belt, $80; nude stockings, $65, Agent Provocateur, LA, 323-653-0229 Rene Caovilla tan platform open-toe with crystals shoe, $1250, Rene Caovilla boutique, Beverly Hills, 310-385-0879, renecaovilla-usa.com Ricardo Basta South Sea cultured pearl necklace, $14,000, Ricardo Basta, Beverly Hills, 310-278-4792, ricardobasta.com

FALL / 2008 GENLUX 43

origami FASHION

Fashion takes flight this season in strong geometric shapes and bold, exaggerated origami angles.




Photography: BootsyHoller.com Makeup: LAUREN ANDERSEN for M • A • C / CelestineAgency.com Hair: CORI BARDO for Sebastian Professional / CelestineAgency.com Model: GINA MCNEIL / NEXT model Management Photo Assistant: Gina Cholick Art Direction: STEPHEN KAMIFUJI Special thanks to Dave and Marty at A Selective Limo / aselectivelimo.com

Pauw dress, $1295, Saks fifth Avenue, Beverly Hills, 310-275-4211 Gabrielle Artigas necklace worn as bracelet, $310, Des Kohan, West Hollywood, 323-857-0200 Christian Louboutin booties, $1155, Saks 5th Avenue, Beverly Hills, 310-275-4211

FALL / 2008 GENLUX 45

3.1 phillip lim shirt, $315, Traffic, West Hollywood, 310-659-3438 Pauw skirt, $1075, Saks fifth Avenue, Beverly Hills, 310-275-4211 Sharon Wauchob belt, $330, Des Kohan, West Hollywood, 323-857-0200

46 GENLUX FALL / 2008

Vera Wang dress, $1785, Saks fifth Avenue, Beverly Hills, 310-275-4211 671 clutch, $360, Des Kohan, West Hollywood, 323-857-0200

FALL / 2008 GENLUX 47

Giorgio Armani jacket, $3000, Prada skirt, $980, Neiman Marcus, Beverly Hills, 310-550-5900 Marni platform, $695, Saks fifth Avenue, Beverly Hills, 310-275-4211

48 GENLUX FALL / 2008

Pegah Anvarian jacket, $1750, Hussein Chalayan shirt, $1040, Des Kohan, West Hollywood, 323-857-0200 Yâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s skirt, $750, Neiman Marcus, Beverly Hills, 310-275-4211 Marni platform, $695, Saks fifth Avenue, Beverly Hills, 310-275-4211

FALL / 2008 GENLUX 49

Lela Rose dress, $1295, Neiman Marcus, Beverly Hills, 310-275-4211 Marni platform, $695, Saks fifth Avenue, Beverly Hills, 310-275-4211

50 GENLUX FALL / 2008

Alexander Wang blouse, $310, Traffic, West Hollywood, 310-659-3438

FALL / 2008 GENLUX 51

Photography: BABAK / babak.ca Hair: NICHOLAS FRENCH using Matrix products / Matrix Global Academy / nicholasfrench.com Makeup: ELENA PACIENZA Models: EMMA MACDOUGALL, BEA SANTIAGO, JESSICA SHAW - All with Ford Models, Canada Fashion: Vintage Issey Miyake from Nicholas French collection

head dress Winner of the 2008 North American Hairstylist Award / Avant Garde category.






FALL / 2008 GENLUX 53

54 GENLUX FALL / 2008

FALL / 2008 GENLUX 55

Tadashi Shoji dark grey wool jersey cocktail dress, $590, 877-TADASHI Yohji Yamamoto Stormy Weather Collection for Mikimoto necklace, $8200, mikimoto.com Sergio Rossi peep-toe Mary Jane, $650, Sergio Rossi Bowler Bag, $1690, sergiorossi.com Femme Metale, $295, femmemetale.com

NOBU nights

Former Miss Japan Misao Arauchi jets in from Tokyo for a photo shoot at Nobu Los Angeles, Matsuhisa Nobu’s latest sushi destination.

Photography: MelissaRodwell.com Stylist: GeorgeBlodwell.com Makeup: LAUREN ANDERSEN using M • A • C / CelestineAgency.com Hair: KEIKO HAMAGUCHI / CelestineAgency.com Stylist Assistant: Lusine yeginyan Digital imaging: DAVID STYLER / biggiganticmedia.com Art Direction: STEPHEN KAMIFUJI Special thanks to NOBU Restaurant, 903 N La Cienega, West Hollywood, 310-657-5711

56 GENLUX FALL / 2008

Issey Miyake Echo dress, $2550, Tribeca Issey Miyake, 119 Hudson St, New York, 212-226-0100 Arturo Rios hat, $245, arturorios.com Mercer & Madison gloves, $270, mercerandmadison.com Issey Miyake dress, price upon request, Neiman Marcus, Beverly Hills, 310-550-5900 Ana Reign necklace with garnets, $3600, Ana Reign pearl and onyx bracelet, $1800, Black onyx stone ring, $1300, anareign.com





Yohji Yamamoto dress, $9000, Yohji Yamamoto hat, price upon request, Yohji Yamamoto boot, $800, yohjiyamamoto.com Robert Wan Tahitian pearl necklaces, $10,755 and $8055 H. Lorenzo on Sunset

58 GENLUX FALL / 2008

Tadashi Shoji dress, $590, Tadashi Shoji boutique, 877-TADASHI, Yohji Yamamoto for Mikimoto Stormy Weather necklace, $8700, mikimoto.com Ana Reign crystal ring $1200, anareign.com

FALL / 2008 GENLUX 59

Issey Miyake Fete Memory Knit top, $675, Issey Miyake Memory Knit pant, $1240, Tribeca Issey Miyake, 119 Hudson St, NY, 212-226-0100 Malgosia vintage large coy necklace, $465, medium coy necklace, $325, Malgosia boutique, LA, 323-782-9188 And-i bracelet, price upon request. andi.net

60 GENLUX FALL / 2008

Lela Rose portrait collar dress, $1150, Neiman Marcus, Beverly Hills, 310-550-5900; Arturo Rios hat, $245, arturorios.com Danssara shoe, price upon request, 213-489-4208 Femme metale big sinn ring, $290, femmemetale.com Ana Reign red coral bracelet, $850, Ana Reign, anareign.com

FALL / 2008 GENLUX 61

America’s newest fashion hero is one part rocket scientist, one part ninja, and one hundred percent style manga.



LAURI EISENBERG Photography and Digital Imaging: AndrewMatusik.com Stylist: Lauri Eisenberg / Exclusive Artists Management, eamgmt.com Makeup: GITA BASS / Exclusive Artists Management, eamgmt.com Hair: PHILLIP PASCHKES FOR L’OREAL PARIS Model: ZHANNA V / Wilhelmina Models Assistant to Stylist: NUBIA Art Direction: STEPHEN KAMIFUJI

62 GENLUX FALL / 2008

FRANK TELL silk satin and suede Maggoo Coat, $1370, Grocery Store, SF, 415-928-3615 H.Stern Stars Pendant in 18K Noble Gold with Prasiolite, Sapphires, and Diamonds, $9600, Gearyâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s, Beverly Hills, 310-273-4741

FALL / 2008 GENLUX 63

Agent Provocateur Denna bodysuit in Black, $165, Agent Provocateur, LA, 323-653-0229, agentprovocateur.com Matthew Williamson Chapelle Weave Opera Jacket, $2275, Fred Segal Couture, 310-4588100, fredsegal.com Akiko Ogawa Mini short, Price Upon Request, a-primary.com H.Stern Stars Pendant in 18K Noble Gold with Cognac Diamonds, $9700, H.Stern Rainbow Necklace in 18K Yellow Gold with Assorted Colored Stones, $4600, special order only, Gearyâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s, Beverly Hills, 310-273-4741; 1-800-7HSTERN; hstern.net BULGARI Parentesi 18k yellow gold bracelet with black leather strap Bracelet, $590, BuLGARI boutiques, bulgari.com. HUE RIBBED STIRRUP SOCK, $10, ALL NORDSTROM GIUSEPPE ZANOTTI DESIGN SILVER PATENT LEATHER SANDAL ON BLUE WEDGES, $895, GIUSEPPE ZANOTTI DESIGN BOUTIQUE,COSTA MESA, 714-979-3300, GIUSEPPE-ZANOTTIDESIGN.COM

64 GENLUX FALL / 2008

STELLA MCCARTNEY Ivy Print Rain Jacket, $1595, Stella McCartney, LA, 310-273-7051 FENDI Shiny Black v-neck Dress and black tulle see-thru skirt (sold as set), $5450, Fendi boutiques, 1-800-FENDI-NY M.C.L by Matthew Campbell Laurenza cream cuff with diamond points, $2200, Neiman Marcus, beverly hills, 310-550-5900, mcldesign.net XOVO DESIGNS by cara singleton ong Black czech Crystal Necklace, $166; Webbed Pendant, $75; Oval Link Necklace with swarovski crystals, $75, xovodesigns.com

FALL / 2008 GENLUX 65

AKIKO OGAWA SKIRT WORN AS A TOP, $20,648, a-primary.com POLTOCK & WALSH Ruffle Short, $450, poltockandwalsh.com

66 GENLUX FALL / 2008

BLANC DE CHINE BLUE SILK GEOMETRIC DRESS WITH SEQUINS, $2995, Blanc de Chine, 800-228-2322 M.C.L by Matthew Campbell Laurenza large turquoise cuff, $3850, Turquoise blue enameled lady bangle with 80ct fancy color sapphires, $4590, Neiman Marcus, Beverly Hills, 310-5505900; mcldesign.net Made Her Think Mirage Pendant in Black, $396, madeherthink.com CESARE PACIOTTI BLACK SATIN BOOTIE WITH RED TRIM, $720, cesare paciotti, beverly hills, 310-273-3220, CESARE-PACIOTTI.US

FALL / 2008 GENLUX 67

GUCCI peacock fine cashmere high neck top, $935, select Gucci stores, 800-456-7663, gucci.com HARLAN BEL Grey Stretch Wool Channel Structured Layered Jumper Skirt/ Dress with a Visible Front Zip-up, $695, HARLAN BEL Fuchsia Cashmere Wool Structured Bra with Straps Across and Front Snap Closure, $345, harlanbel.com THE BLONDS Blue and Burgundy Ombre Blouse, Price upon Request, MAO PR, 212-226-8510 PACO GIL Peep-toe platform, Price Upon Request, pacogil.com

68 GENLUX FALL / 2008

JEAN PAUL GAULTIER JEANS FEMME Jacket, $1295, Anastasia, Laguna Beach; M.C.L by Matthew Campbell Laurenza large Turquoise blue enameled lady bangle cuff with 80ct fancy color sapphires, $4590, Neiman Marcus, beverly Hills, 310-550-5900

FALL / 2008 GENLUX 69

FENDI Long Leather Zip-front Skirt, $5380, Fendi boutiques, 800-FENDI-NY BASSO & BROOKE TOP, $1995, Addiction, Atlanta, 678-927-9383, DEMITASSE diamond ROSE GOLD WEDDING CAKE KNIFE, $715, SATINE, LA, 323-655-2142, SATINEBOUTIQUE.COM Diane von Furstenberg by H.Stern in 18K Gold with Rutilated Quartz Power Ring, $5400, H.Stern 18K Noble Gold with Amethyst and Diamonds Highlights Stars Ring, $8600, H.Stern Highlights Ring in 18K Yellow Gold with 100 carat Rock Crystal and Diamonds, $6300, Gearyâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s, Beverly Hills, 310-273-4741; 1-800-7 HSTERN, hstern.net VPL Thigh-Highs, $95, Presse, LA, 323-937-1560 GIUSEPPE ZANOTTI DESIGN BLACK PATENT LEATHER CUT-OUT WEDGE, $695, GIUSEPPE ZANOTTI DESIGN BOUTIQUES, COSTA MESA, 714-979-3300; GIUSEPPE-ZANOTTI-DESIGN.COM

70 GENLUX FALL / 2008

M BY MISSONI Floral mine dress with green disc neckline, $1195, Saks fifth avenue, beverly Hills, 310275-4211

FALL / 2008 GENLUX 71

LOVELY dita.

The world-famous queen of burlesque, Dita Von Teese is really just a down-home girl whoâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s not shy about speaking her mind.



72 GENLUX FALL / 2008

Farah Angsana pleated-bodice silk jersey gown, price upon request, farahangsana.com Valentino patent leather shoes with bow detail, $695, Saks Fifth Avenue, Beverly Hills, 310-275-4211


I “

By Marsha Takeda-Morrison

hope I end up on the worstdressed list,” says the glamorous Dita Von Teese, undisputed queen of burlesque, without the slightest hint of sarcasm. She’s trying to prove her point that society, and in this case Hollywood, has become too conformist and that

taking chances is where the real fun is. “People don’t see the benefit in being different, and don’t want to end up on the worstdressed list. But you know, that list is where all the greats have been. Madonna, Cher—they’ve all been on there!” she says with a laugh. “To me, it just means you’re doing something right.”

Teese calls her “favorite party date,” sends her new shoes every season). And despite having been tailed by paparazzi on the way in, Von Teese doesn’t seem a bit flustered. I point out the obvious—that she looks beautiful—and can’t resist asking how long it takes her to get ready in the morning.

Von Teese is obviously doing something right, as she’s never far from the spotlight, whether it’s performing her worldfamous burlesque act, designing (her lingerie line, a collaboration with Wonderbra will debut in September), or gracing the pages of fashion magazines, although sometimes for the wrong reasons. “I was in one of those columns that say, ‘Get this look for less,’ and it had a picture of me in a dress, and then a picture of another [similar] one. But the funny thing is, mine was a vintage dress that I literally paid twelve dollars for, and their ‘get-it-for-less’ version was like three hundred dollars.”

“This? One hour flat. But if I’m going to an event, I’ll spend two hours because it’s fun to have a little champagne, take my time, and listen to music. I just really enjoy the process of getting ready. And if I don’t enjoy it that day? I don’t go anywhere.” But Von Teese doesn’t just save her glamourous looks for the red carpet. “I like going to the supermarket when I’m dressed up, because I can make my shopping experience more fun if I’m in my dress, my high heels, my red lipstick, and my hairdo. It certainly makes Whole Foods more exciting for the people who work there.”

She’d be disappointed to hear many people would put her on their best-dressed list on this particular day. She arrives at lunch looking impeccable in a vintage dress and Christian Louboutin heels (Louboutin, whom Von

74 GENLUX FALL / 2008

It’s hard to imagine Von Teese doing anything ordinary like schlepping down the frozen food aisle, but she points out that she’s just a girl from the Midwest (and later Orange County) who was inspired by actresses (continued on page 76)

“I do a lot of Russian birthday parties, and I usually get around 100,000 Euros. I’m sure you can do the math on that.”

Photography: Marc Baptiste for DR Photo Management / drphotomgmt.com Stylist: Angel Terrazas / aterrazas.com Makeup: KATHY JEUNG / Magnet LA Hair: KIM GUELDNER / The Wall Group Catering: SUR RESTAURANT / SurRestaurant.com Digital Imaging: LUKE HANSCOM / HDMstudio.com Art Direction: STEPHEN KAMIFUJI

FALL / 2008 GENLUX 75

“I might not like the repercussions of this. Should you actually bathe in champagne? Maybe this could be the one time decadence could come back and bite me in the ass.” (continued from page 74) from the ’30s and ’40s. “I grew up in an old house in Michigan, and we watched a lot of old movies. I felt like a boring blonde girl from a farming town, but I would look at Rita Hayworth and Marlene Dietrich—the red lips, blue eyeshadow, penciled eyebrows—it was a created, artificial look, and I liked it! Even now, something about artifice appeals to me, especially because it’s an attainable goal. I can’t look like a supermodel who looks great running on the beach, with no makeup on and a tan with a healthy glow. I don’t look like that.” And why would anyone want her to? Von Teese makes a hefty sum, thank you very much, for being herself. There’s a rumor that she received $100,000 for a single performance, but she quickly clears up that bit of rubbish. “Oh, actually, I’ve made more than that,” she says nonchalantly. “I do a lot of Russian birthday parties, and I usually get around 100,000 euros. I’m sure you can do the math on that.” (I couldn’t, but Google’s currency converter could, and it turns out to be a hefty $159,000.) “These parties are a great way to enjoy the fun part of performing, and I love watching people spend their money in decadent, frivolous ways,” she says. Decadent doesn’t even begin to describe one recent bash at which Von Teese performed. “I did an event where they hired me and Jennifer Lopez, and she had her full concert staging there—her backup dancers and everything for a crowd of forty people.” But a girl’s got to have her limits, and Von Teese knows when to draw the line. She talks about a recent party where she was doing her signature routine, performing in a giant martini glass, and her hosts wanted to up the ante. “So they rolled up a cart with cases and cases of Cristal champagne, and they asked me, ‘How many of these do you need to fill your glass with?’ I thought, ‘I might not like the repercussions of this. Should you actually bathe in champagne? Maybe this could be the one time decadence could come back and bite me in the ass.’” When she’s not fending off offers to swim in expensive booze, Von Teese is plenty busy with other pursuits. She’s been the brand spokesperson for M • A • C’s VivaGlam lipstick for the past two years, and although her official duties are coming to an end, she remains passionate about promoting the cosmetic company’s fundraising efforts on behalf of people living with HIV/AIDS. “This was one of the most rewarding things I’ve ever done, and I was really devoted to it. I especially got into their promotion of teaching women about safe sex and about not being afraid to carry condoms. One of the things I tell them is, ‘Most men are just going to be really happy to be there in the first place, so don’t be afraid to insist on safe sex every time.’” Her role with Wonderbra goes way beyond just being a spokesper-

76 GENLUX FALL / 2008

son, though, and she’s been waiting a long time to find a company that was a perfect fit. “I worked in a lingerie store when I was fifteen years old. It was my first job—wearing my obsession—and my love of lingerie is what launched my career. I love lingerie, and I’m a serious lingerie-wearer, which also means I’m a lingerie snob,” she says. “I didn’t want to collaborate with anyone until I felt it was a brand that I felt good about, that could make functional, highquality lingerie at a good price.” Von Teese enthused that she had a great time working with Marc Baptiste for the Genlux shoot, and felt right at home in the Japan theme of this month’s issue. “I was the face of one of [Japan’s] big lingerie companies, Peach John, which is very pinup-style lingerie. I’ve performed in Japan a couple of times, and I enjoyed it so much. The Japanese love things that are over the top and cartoon-like, and that’s exactly what I do. I loved looking out into the audience and seeing all the girls who had dressed for it, all in burlesque-style and pinupstyle and wearing their lingerie.” One thing’s for certain: Von Teese is most comfortable when she’s in complete control of her look. “I was at Cannes this year with a guy I was dating, and he asked me when my hair and makeup people were going to arrive. And I said, ‘I’m hair and makeup, and the stylist, too. I’ve got this bag of safety pins. I’ve got my needle and thread. I went to [Christian] Lacroix myself and picked out my dress.’ I’m anti-stylist. Stylists are great people, but I don’t need someone to tell me what shoes to wear.” Or what pants to wear. “I don’t get why people always ask me why I don’t wear jeans. There’s so much effort to make your jeans look cool, and then your sweater and your belt and your layers. It’s just easier to pick out one dress from your closet, zip up the zipper, put on a pair of shoes and walk out. And there’s no excitement in buying a pair of jeans.” I thought I could smoothly segue from her diatribe on denim to the subject of ex-husband Marilyn Manson, but Von Teese would only say, “Why would we talk about him? Why would anyone want to talk about an ex-husband and how he did you wrong?” But she did divulge what she’s looking for in a man. “I mostly look for someone who has the same sense of humor that I have, someone who gets past the exterior of what I do and really gets to know me.” And a couture suit isn’t necessarily a requirement, either. “I love being dressed to the nines and being on the arm of a guy wearing jeans a polo shirt. I love it! I live for it! I like the odd coupling.” “But I feel great about being single. I can’t wait for what’s going to happen next. It’s a great adventure, and I’m looking at everything in a positive way. I know I’m a catch.” G

“I’m anti-stylist. Stylists are great people, but I don’t need someone to tell me what shoes to wear.”

FALL / 2008 GENLUX 77

Chanel dress, $6335, Saks Fifth Avenue, Beverly Hills, 310-275-4211 Christian Louboutin shoe, price upon request, Madison, 9630 Brighton Way, Beverly Hills, 310-273-4787 David Webb black enamel, diamond, and pearl earrings, price upon request, David Webb, beverly wilshire, a four seasons Hotel, 310-858-8006 Tights, Ditaâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s own

78 GENLUX FALL / 2008

Monique Lhuillier strapless gown with ruffle bodice, $4900, Monique Lhuiller, 8485 Melrose Pl, LA, 323-655-1088

FALL / 2008 GENLUX 79

Zac Posen dress, $1600, Neiman Marcus, Beverly Hills, 310-550-5900 Missoni two-tone cashmere gloves, $515, Missoni Boutique,1009 Madison Ave, NY, 212-517-9339

80 GENLUX FALL / 2008

FALL / 2008 GENLUX 81

82 GENLUX FALL / 2008

“Most men are just going to be really happy to be there in the first place, so don’t be afraid to insist on safe sex every time.” FALL / 2008 GENLUX 83

Moschino couture silk ruffle jacket, $2060, Saks Fifth Avenue stores, 877-551-7257 Alaia skirt, $2585, Saks Fifth Avenue, Beverly Hills, 310-275-4211, Bally Eda suede pump, $435, Bally, Beverly Hills, 310-271-3310 David Webb white enamel diamond cuff, price upon request, David Webb, beverly hills, 310-858-8006

84 GENLUX FALL / 2008

Oscar de la Renta brocade collared dress, $2990, Saks Fifth Avenue, Beverly Hills, 310-275-4211 Mikimoto black pearl necklace, $34,000, Mikimoto, mikimotoamerica.com

FALL / 2008 GENLUX 85

Harajuku, the high-low street style that Gwen Stefani made famous, has arrived in the West—with a luxury twist.

TOKYO pop Photography: MichaelBarr.com Makeup: Nichole Servin Hair: Ryan Randall using Redkin / CelestineAgency.com Model: AMY DAVIS / LA Models Stefanie wood / NEXT MODELS Ania zeyne / LA Models Photo Assistant: WES BROWN Stylist Assistant: Christina Torres Post Production: edcDigital.com Art Direction: STEPHEN KAMIFUJI




Georges Chakra Couture Purple Tulle dress with plastic appliqué bodice, by special order, georgeschakra.com Moschino polka-dot jacket, $1525, Neiman Marcus, Beverly Hills, 310-550-5900 18th century beaded vest, $750, Julian’s Vintage Clothing, 323-655-3011 John Fluevog specialty laceup boots, $389, fluevog. Stephen Jones sparkle hat, by special order, stephenjonesmillinery.com

FALL / 2008 GENLUX 87

Armani Jacket, $1850, Neiman Marcus, Beverly Hills, 310-550-5900 English Clientele ruffle chiffon shirt, PRB, 323-931-9300 black long ruffle skirt, price upon request, skingraftdesigns.com Kitsch pink plastic belt, $25, Kin Boutique, loveyourkin.com Accessories by Closet Chameleon, 818-522-8795 Gil Carvalho silver sequin Tramp highheel pump, $595, Parisa & Co., 323-938-7300, parisastyle.com

88 GENLUX FALL / 2008

Escada Fuschia Silk dolman-sleeve dress, price upon request, Escada boutiques, 800-869-8424, escada.com, Collette Dinnigan silver asymmetric bustier dress, $3490, collettedinnigan.com.au Silver belt, $25, Kin Boutique, loveyourkin.com B&W print hosiery, $35, Closet Chameleon, 818-522-8795 Swarovski clear crystal Nirvana ring, $240, Swarovski blue crystal Glacier ring, $240, 800-426-3088

FALL / 2008 GENLUX 89

Valentino forest green sweater, Neiman Marcus, Beverly Hills, 310-550-5900 Pink belt, $25, Kin Boutique, loveyourkin.com Chanel woolen skirt, $1170, Saks FIFTH Avenue, Beverly Hills, 310-275-4211 Accessories by Closet Chameleon, 818-522-8795 Danssara black satin boots with primary color detail, Price upon request, danssara.com

90 GENLUX FALL / 2008

Marc Jacobâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s gold and black pleated wide leg pants $4800, Neiman Marcus, Beverly Hills, 310-550-5900 Love yourself, i heart me t-shirt, $49, LoveYourself.net Skin Graft Gun Holster, $120, skingraftdesigns.com Black leather and green tassel wrap, price upon request, Closet Chameleon, 818-522-8795 Chanel red belt with bow detail, PRICE UPON REQUEST, Saks fifth Ave, Beverly Hills, 310-275-4211

FALL / 2008 GENLUX 91

Vivienne Westwood striped top, price upon request, Kin Boutique, loveyourkin.com Alex & Chloe Cape Town red glasses, $190, alexandchloe.com Gold mini, $75, Closet Chameleon, 818-522-8795 Zufi Alexander SILVER tote, Zufi Alexander red tote, priceS upon request, zufialexander.com Mary Norton gold leather Sashaâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;clutch with chain strap, price upon request, 843-534-2233

92 GENLUX FALL / 2008

love sex money Flower Print Dress, $1300, lovesexmoney.com rodarte Couture Blouse, $2760, Neiman Marcus, Beverly Hills, 310-550-5900 Rose print hosiery, Grey leather driving gloves, PRICES UPON REQUEST, Closet Chameleon, 818-522-8795 antique Rose Necklace, $50, Julianâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Vintage Clothing, 323-655-3011 TEBAZILE gold and turquoise earrings, $180, TEBAZILE.com Mary Norton leopard pump, price upon request, 843-534-2233

FALL / 2008 GENLUX 93

Nicole Miller purple shortsleeve top, Nicole Miller boutique, 800-365-4721 Elsie Katz Couture purple tulle strapless dress, price UPon request, elsiekatz.com Swarovski â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;Especiallyâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; bracelet, 800-426-3088 Yellow pocket accessory, $150, Closet Chameleon, 818-522-8795 Swarovski headbandS, $115 to $170, Swarovski, 800-426-3088

94 GENLUX FALL / 2008

Stephen Jones hat, BY special order, stephenjonesmillinery.com Elsie Katz Couture pink tulle tank with chiffon floral appliquĂŠs, price upon request, elsiekatz.com Zuhair Murad yellow cropped jacket covered with clear crystals, price upon request, zuhairmurad.com.lb Farah Angsana Couture green chiffon tiered pleated gown, price upon request, farahangsana.com Silver vintage gloves, $50, Closet Chameleon, 818-522-8795 Gil Carvalho Tramp pump, $595, Parisa & Co., 323938-7300, parisastyle.com

FALL / 2008 GENLUX 95

Marc Jacobs gold and black pleated wide-leg pant, $4800, Neiman Marcus, Beverly Hills, 310-550-5900 Love yourself, â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;I heart meâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; t-shirt, $49, LoveYourself.net Skin Graft Gun Holster, $120, skingraftdesigns.com Black leather and green tassel wrap, PRICE UPON REQUEST, Closet Chameleon, 818-522-8795 Chanel red belt with bow detail, Saks fifth Ave, Beverly Hills, 310-275-4211 Ellie Saab silver peep-toe crossover shoes, elliesaab.com

96 GENLUX FALL / 2008

Miu Miu Charcoal Trench, $2910, Neiman Marcus, Beverly Hills, 310-550-5900 Ina Soltani Pink silk chiffon pleated dress with dramatic ruffle neckline, price upon request, inasoltani.com Kenneth Cole yellow leather belt, kennethcole.com Swarovski black crystal Bugs ring, $220, 800-426-3088

FALL / 2008 GENLUX 97

Olivia Wilde is the unique beauty on Foxâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s intense and enigmatic medical drama House. Here, we catch her in a quieter moment.




98 GENLUX FALL / 2008

Photography: Morand and Zwirner / mememereps / morandzwirner.com Stylist: RudyRocha.com Set Designer: Susan Anderson / TheRexAgency.com Makeup: KENNETH HIGGINS / BubbleBeauty.com Hair: FRANK GALASSO / MargaretMaldonado.com Manicure: NETTIE DAVIS / NettieScrub.com Art Direction: STEPHEN KAMIFUJI

Reem Acra black silk taffeta gown with necklace embroidery, $4990, available upon request, reemacra.com Hellmuth black onyx ring, $212, Neiman Marcus Newport Beach, 949-4673344; hellmuth.de

FALL / 2008 GENLUX 99

Issey Miyake navy ruffled dress, $2430, Neiman Marcus Beverly Hills, 310-550-5900 BCBG Max Azria Dion heel, $275, bcbg.com Plast square bangle, Plast round bangle, Medaille ring, prices upon request, Avant Garde Jewelry Couture, 323-655-5592 Sharelli silver hoop earrings, $90, 888-527-3033, sharelliinc.com

100 GENLUX FALL / 2008

MaxMara Sportmax taffeta and silk tulle dress, $3270, MaxMara, Beverly Hills, 310-385-9343 Kenneth Cole wood ring, $45; Kenneth Cole wood bracelet, $42, kennethcole.com

Genlux interview with Olivia Wilde. What’s your favorite item in your closet? My Bella Freud black “Je t’aime Jane” sweater. Jane Birkin, Bella, and I are the only ones who have that exact piece. It’s a perfect item. The back says “Gainsbourg is God” and people always think it says “Ginsberg is God,” which makes me laugh. What’s your weekend look? A tiny bikini and a vintage dress I can hardly feel on my skin. It’s the closest I can legally get to public nudity. When you meet someone, what’s the first thing you notice about what they’re wearing? Whether or not I’ve seen it a million times before. I love when people wear completely unique pieces. What’s always in your purse? A book—in case I get stuck in a waiting room for more than five minutes. I try not to read in traffic, but just in case, steer clear of me on the 405. If you could wear only one designer from head to toe, including accessories, who would it be? Chanel. Damn, they’re good. What’s your favorite low-price secret weapon store? Countless vintage boutiques I would ne v er disclose. What’s your earliest fashion memory? My mother’s purple burka she brought back from Afghanistan where she was shooting a documentary. They can be quite beautiful and delicate…if you don’t have to wear them all the time. It was a fashion moment for me because it was so foreign and interesting. It stretched my fashion boundaries. Your most embar rassing fashion moment? Walking the red carpet with my very low backzipper completely undone. Oops. At least I wasn’t wearing anything underneath, so it looked quite sexy. What’s your favorite flower? Casablanca Lily Favorite fashion icon? Keith Richards and Julie Christie are duking it out in my head right now. Favorite fashion magazine? Italian Vogue

FALL / 2008 GENLUX 101

David Meister amethyst hammered satin cocktail dress, $350, special order only, davidmeister.com Bochic black onyx and coral earrings, $7250, Neiman Marcus, Beverly Hills, 310-5505900; bochic.com

102 GENLUX FALL / 2008


GENLUX SHOP Issey Miyake navy ruffled dress, $2430, Neiman Marcus Beverly Hills, 310-550-5900 Sharelli silver hoop earrings, $90, 888-527-3033, sharelliinc.com

Olivia Wilde

LETâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;S SHOP!

editor’s picks

Fall is upon us! Dark colors will be back in my closet in no time. To lift up the spirit, mix it up with gold embroidery and camel tones. – Samia Arslane Avakian Riviera collection 18K black and yellow gold necklace with 494 black diamonds 21.72 ctw, and 379 yellow diamonds 3.11 ctw, $23,800, Beverly Wilshire Hotel, Beverly Hills, avakian.com

Corey Lynn Calter beige Cyril stand collar tunic, $196, coreylynncalter.com

Gevril Avenue of Americas Glamour watch with 316L stainless steel, exclusive mother of pearl and silvered guilloched dial, 2.25 ctw diamonds, louisiana crocodile leather band, automatic movement, limited edition of 100 pieces, $11,995, gevril.com

Chopard 4 carats amethyst and 22 carats citrine drop earrings, $54,460, Chopard, Beverly Hills, 310 550-7220

Harry Winston introduces the “HW” bridal collection, a newly designed selection of exquisite engagement rings and wedding bands, hand-set in platinum, starting price $19,500, Harry Winston, Beverly Hills, 310271-8554

Tadashi Shoji mahogany silk wool belted day dress, price upon request, Tadashi Boutique, Costa Mesa, 714-438-0056

Pencey Peek-a-Boo dress with plume hem, $535, Cusp, LA, 310-552-0300, cusp.com

Mary Norton Nevas clutch in black suede with gold silk embroidery, $795; Mary Norton Stella boot in black suede with gold silk embroidery, $895, Mary Norton, Melrose Place, 323-852-1800, marynorton.com Parker Blue Emelia hooded open cardigan with separate tie, $588, Dressed, Santa Barbara, 805-5651253, parkerbluecollection.com

104 GENLUX FALL / 2008

michaelstars.com 100% american FALL / 2008 GENLUX 105 Corte Madera Glendale Las Vegas Los Angeles Manhattan Beach Santa Barbara Santa Monica

editor at large

Falling into Dressing Up. These are my picks! —George Blodwell “Summertime and the living is easy.” At least it should be, if we could only silence that little pest, the chatterbox in our head that loves to distract us from the beauty of the moment, telling us that we should be somewhere else or, worse, someone else. Mind you, I just returned from a little jaunt over the pond to the U.K. and Europe. How could I refuse an invitation to hear Prem Rawat speak in the Midlands of England and again in Scotland? I just adore the incredible feeling of love and gratitude I experience being in his company and listening to his unique message. I was also very happy to get a chance to attend a concert by my favourite singer songwriter, Leonard Cohen, who had not performed in 15 years. His opening song sat very well with me: “Dance Me to the End of Love.” Gosh, I loved this concert. What about the fashion? Well, I can definitely say that it’s time to dress up a bit. What do I mean by ‘dress up’? Just that. Step up a bit and take time to adorn yourself with care and quality. The guys are getting back to wearing suits—dark, subtle, and sharp. The ladies also seem to be less prone to display their décolleté and more into big shoulder treatments and shapes and great lines. I expected to be swamped in purple-clad girly girls, but instead I could see that the lady was making a strong presence. This is a good Alexander McQueen Skull Clutch, $1350, Alexander McQueen, 323-782-4983

thing, because I’m getting tired of the Hollywoodinspired trashy show-everything look that has turned kids into little Lolitas who won’t be happy unless they stop traffic and show it all off. The lady and the gent are marching back. I think it’s certainly time. I know here in California our climate dictates that we stay comfortable, but we don’t have to look like we just left a spin-thebottle strip party. So, lads and lassies, dress up! It will make you feel like ladies and gentlemen. To look your best as ladies and gents, you have to sleep your best. The Hästens bed is the real deal, made with natural materials, hand-placed layer by layer. The bed is ventilated and keeps you dry. The materials— cotton, flax and pure new wool —readily adapt to your body shape. Simply put, they are the best! But if you’re still lying awake, the Glo to Sleep Mask will lull you to sleep without any chemicals, and that’s a good, good thing, isn’t it?!

Preen Pow dress, $2605, H. Lorenzo, West Hollywood, 310659-1432

Kelly Rodriguez dress, $1261, Tracey Ross, West Hollywood, 310854-1996

Marsell tall leather boot with wool sock, $1819, H. Shoes, LA, 310-6591432

Alice Temperley Mini Zola dress, $1295, Temperley, 8452 Melrose Pl, 323-782-4983

Face Award Theron watch, price upon request, faceaward.jp

Shambalia bracelet, price upon request, Tracey Ross, West Hollywood, 310-854-1996

Alice Temperley top, price upon request, Alice Temperley Lark leather trousers, $1995, Temperley, 8452 Melrose Pl, 323-782-4983

Face Award Kruger watch, price upon request, faceaward.jp

Glo to Sleep Mask, $59, glotosleep.com

Hästens Bed, $5000 to $60,000, hastensonbeverly.com

106 GENLUX FALL / 2008

Leonello Borghi ostrich Icarus bag, $3995, Tracey Ross, West Hollywood, 310-854-1996

Philosophy di Alberta Ferretti dress, $715, Traffic, Beverly Center, 310-659-3438

Miel de Abejas diamond necklace, price upon request, Tracey Ross, West Hollywood, 310-854-1996

Zagliani Bag, $14,500, H. Lorenzo, West Hollywood, 310-659-1432

Marsell short boot, $1195, medium boot, $1525, H. Shoes, West Hollywood, 310-6591432

Preen long sleeve dress, $1319, H. Lorenzo, West Hollywood, 310-659-1432

Chi Mihara leather shoe, $445, H. Shoes, 310-659-1432

FALL / 2008 GENLUX 107

Accessory editor’s picks There are so many wonderful accessories this fall—here are a few of my favorites. —Elizabeth Saab

Bruno Frisoni patent leather zip bootie, $600, Neiman Marcus, Beverly Hills, 310-550-5900; brunofrisoni.com Pierre Hardy patent black and white cube geometric print clutch, price upon request, Madison Gallery, Malibu, 310-317-8787 Eight Centuries 18k gold Valentina necklace, price upon request, 214-2195156, eightcenturies.com Derek Lam Ella sunglasses, $325, Barneys New York, Beverly Hills, 310-276-4400, dereklam.com

Louis Vuitton monogram suede embossed Whisper GM, approx. $3750, Louis Vuitton, 866-VUITTON, louisvuitton.com

Longchamp Cosmos handbag, $1455, by special order, Saks Fifth Avenue, South Coast Plaza; longchamp.com

Elle Macpherson Intimates Coranto black culotte, $30, Bloomingdale’s, LA, 310-360-2700; ellemacphersonintimates.com

Christian Louboutin suede ankle Trotinette boot with hidden platform and large buckle detail, $1195, Christian Louboutin, Beverly Hills, 310-247-9300

108 GENLUX FALL / 2008

LEONA EDMISTON Sunset Plaza 8591 Sunset Blvd West Hollywood California 90069 Open daily 10am to 8pm SANTA MONICA 1007 Montana Ave. Santa Monica California 90403 Open daily 10am to 8pm 1-877-7FROCKS FALL / 2008 GENLUX leonaedmiston.com



From cosmetics and skincare products to teas and candles, the influence of Japanese culture has brought us a bevy of bliss-inducing goods. Here are some of the best! – Dawn Shand Johnson

The Body Shop Japanese Cherry Blossom Body Butter, $20, The Body Shop at the Glendale Galleria, 818242-4880, thebodyshop.com

Reviva Labs AllNatural Seaweed Soap has a pure vegetable base and contains palm and coconut oils. $3.49, Whole Foods, Beverly Hills, 310-274-3360

Soap and Paper Factory Fig Sugar Scrub is free of parabens, phthalates, and petroleum. $44, soapandpaperfactory.com

Yu-Be Moisturizing Skin Cream has been the top-selling medicated, vitamin-enriched cream in Japan since 1957. Glycerin-based with vitamins E and B2 and camphor, it nourishes dry skin. 1.25oz tube, $15, beautyhabit.com Diptyque’s citrus Oyedo candle is named after the Tokyo of old and has notes of yuzu, grapefruit, and mandarin. $55, Apothia@Fred Segal, 323-651-3698; beautyhabit.com

Cor Silver Service Treatment is an all-natural facial soap with silver, silica, and marine collagen; it’s a great antibacterial agent and helps even out skin tone. Sample size, $14; full size, $125, blissworld.com

Lierac Arkéskin is a rich, replenishing face cream. $50, cvs.com; beauty.com

Launching in September, La Mer Hydrating Infusion. $95, Neiman Marcus, Beverly Hills, 310550-5900; blissworld.com Part of Shu Uemura’s new collection, the Limited Edition Luring Powder in Rose creates a perfect, subtle glow. $38, Barneys New York, Beverly Hills, 310-276-4400; shuuemura-usa.com

110 GENLUX FALL / 2008

Le Palais des Thés Selection of Green Teas, 12 teas, $78, beautyhabit.com

FALL / 2008 GENLUX 111

EXPERT OPINION:health&wellness

gENLUXshop So much to do, so little time…Making healthy choices can be difficult when you’re living in LA’s fast lane, so we’ve wrangled some professionals—and products—to help you get back on the path to wellness. – ANASTASIA Feeling stressed out? Overworked? Pressed for time? If the answer is yes, you’re not alone. Thankfully, there’s CrossFit, a workout routine designed for those of us who don’t have hours of free time to spend in the gym. Andy Petranek of Santa Monica–based Petranek Fitness, which uses CrossFit as its primary training method, gives G e n l u x the skinny on this workout for the time-deprived: What is CrossFit? CrossFit is a strength and conditioning fitness methodology aimed at creating the quintessential athlete: equal parts gymnast, Olympic weightlifter, and sprinter. CrossFit features varied workouts based on functional movement performed at high intensity. Packages range from $110– Workouts are brief—often 20 minutes or less—and rely on the $299, Petranek Fitness, body’s own resistance through exercises such as squats, running, 1453 14th St., Unit C, Santa pull-ups, and sit-ups. The goal is to perform the workout as quickly Monica, 310-260-9550, as possible. What are the benefits of CrossFit? CrossFit is a buttpetranekfitness.com kicking workout that comes with guaranteed results. Whether you’re seeking a tighter butt, ripped abs, cut shoulders, or weight loss, the system delivers. Workouts are short and very intense. Unlike most workouts, CrossFit training focuses on athletic performance and capacity, not losing body fat or gaining muscle…those results come naturally as a byproduct of improved performance. The WOD, or workout of the day, changes every day so you will never get bored and the workout remains challenging. The old adage still rings true: Less is more—

especially when it comes to products and treatments. Stacy Malkan, author of Not Just a Pretty Face: The Ugly Side of the Beauty Industry, gives G enlux a few tips about how to make healthy beauty choices: “In general, the best advice is: simpler is better. Choose products with fewer synthetic chemicals, fewer ingredients overall, and no synthetic fragrance—and ask yourself if you really need the product. Bubble baths, air fresheners, expensive perfumes, and elaborate hair treatments can add unnecessary toxic exposures—and cost—to our lives. A great tool consumers can use to research products is Skin Deep (cosmeticdatabase.com), a free online database that provides toxicity scores for more than 25,000 Not Just a Pretty products. I don’t like to name particular brands, but there are Face, $15.95, many good ones and many that barnesandnoble.com I use. Skin Deep is also a great place to research companies and see which ones rise to the top.”

How often do you actually eat five servings of fruits and vegetables a day? Probably not that often; after all, it’s not easy, with so many on-the-go food choices created for taste rather than health. ThinkFruit bars, made of unprocessed fruits and nuts—and antioxidant-rich superfruits—offer a quick, healthy solution. They’re also high in omega-3 fatty acids, which help boost immunity and protect you from disease. ThinkFruit bars come in four new flavors: Chocolate Pomegranate Power, Acai Protect, Peanut Goji Glow, and Apple Noni Nourish. $1.29 each, Whole Foods, Beverly Hills, 310-274-3360 112 GENLUX FALL / 2008

“The goal behind Teavalize is to take a tradition that’s more than 3,000 years old and modernize it for the 21st century. We are all about doing something simple each day to keep ourselves healthy. Teas are naturally high in antioxidants and polyphenols, which help raise the rate at which calories are burned— something we should all get more of. Every day there are new headlines and studies about the benefits of natural teas, and they also taste great. Why not drink them?” —Juliette Sussman, founder, Teavalize Countless cultures all over the world have long embraced tea for its many health benefits, but hot tea—especially of the looseleaf variety—isn’t always the easiest beverage to grab on your way out the door. Teavalize is making it easier to embrace this healthy choice with its patentpending Travel Infuser, a double-walled portable container with a $14.95–$25.95, stainless- teavalize.com steel filter that keeps the tea leaves where they belong.



VALLEY GIRL: THE BEAUTY CLOSET FOUNDER: In 2004, Los Angeles native and former beauty editor Shannon Levy decided


here are four of the city’s best beauty apothecaries, all packed with fabulous products to keep you looking your loveliest. – Dawn Shand Johnson WEST HOLLYWOOD: APOTHIA FOUNDER: Ron Robinson’s business philosophy

is “old-world values, new-world vision,” hence the name Ron Robinson, of his beauty emporium, founder, Apothia Apothia, which combines “apothecary” and “utopia.” Robinson is known as a pioneer in the Los Angeles beauty market, having carried many of today’s mainstay brands before anyone had ever heard of them, and now, Apothia also boasts its own line of LA-inspired fragrances, candles, and home diffusers. ON THE SHELVES: 100% Pure, Aqua Dessa, Comptoir Sud Pacifique, Go Smile, Lisa Hoffman, Osea, Peter Thomas Roth, Tocca, L’Artisan Parfumeur, Lucy B, Tan Towel, This Works WHAT’S NEW FOR FALL: Apothia is celebrating its 15th anniversary in September; it’s also launching a new line of hand and body washes. Apothia @ Fred Segal, 8118 Melrose Ave, LA, 323-651-0239, apothia.com

to put her extensive beauty expertise and love of products to work, and The Beauty Closet was born. Opening the boutique was a natural move for Levy, who had been the managing editor at Makeup Artist magazine and beauty director at Makeup411.com, for which she interviewed hundreds of internationally Shannon Levy, renowned makeup artists. Levy graduated founder, The from USC with a degree in journalism and continues to write about beauty, serving as the contributing Beauty Closet LA editor for On Makeup magazine. She also co-writes a blog, Lipglosschicas.com, with celebrity makeup artist Mai Quynh. ON THE SHELVES: Scott Barnes, Hourglass, Leaf & Rusher, BeautyBlender, Kevyn Aucoin. WHAT’S NEW FOR FALL: Bold neutrals with metallic accents for eyes; warm, rosy cheek colors; and sheer, neutral lip colors. The Beauty Closet, 12216 Ventura Blvd, Studio City, 818-5081818, thebeautycloset.com NORTHERN EXPOSURE: Beautyhabit FOUNDERS: Teresa Mitchell and Paula Weiser opened Beautyhabit in 1997, and more than a

decade later, their motto, “Simply… addicting,” still rings true. Ensuring that Teresa Mitchell and their customers keep coming back for more, Paula Weiser, founders, they offer a sample program, allowing Beautyhabit clients to try various skin- and body-care products before they buy. What’s more, their catalog and online shop are fantastic resources for hard-to-find brands. ON THE SHELVES: Diptyque, Dr. Hauschka Skin Care, Jurlique, Kai, Leonor Greyl, Molton Brown, Tocca, Red Flower, Weleda, VedaBaby, ModelCo, Balm Balm, ModelCo WHAT’S NEW FOR FALL: “Natural beauty is a trend not only for fall, but one that I believe is here to stay,” says Mitchell. “Our customers are requesting that we add more and more products without Beautyhabit, 2991 E. Thousand Oaks parabens, chemical Blvd, Thousand Oaks, 805-496-1011 fillers, and artificial colors and fragrances. In fact, many of our best-selling brands have had recent reformulations that reflect this trend.” Beautyhabit, 2991 E. Thousand Oaks Blvd, Thousand Oaks, 805-496-1011, Beautyhabit.com

Apothia Hand and Body Washes are priced at $28 Apothia @ Fred Segal WESTSIDER: Marie Mason Apothecary FOUNDER: A former Shu Uemura makeup artist and a buyer for Fred Segal in Santa Monica for 15 years, Marie Mason had

always dreamed of opening her own shop and filling it with her favorite things. Her dream became a reality when, one day, she saw a “for lease” sign at the Brentwood Country Mart. Fate was on her side, as it turned out that she knew the owner, and Maria Mason Apothecary was born. The whimsical boutique is now a destination for beauty mavens seeking hard-to-find products. ON THE SHELVES: Me! Bath, Napoleon Perdis, Kate Somerville, Santa Maria Novella, Parfums Serge Lutens, 100% Pure. WHAT’S NEW FOR FALL: Marie Mason Apothecary is expanding its custom-blending section with bath fizzies; body scrubs; room diffusers; organic body oil, body lotion, shower gel, and hand soap; and bamboo towels from Bamboo Moon. Marie Mason Apothecary, 225 26th Street, Santa Monica, 310-394-5710, mariemasonapothecary.com

114 GENLUX FALL / 2008

FALL / 2008 GENLUX 115

Beauty NEWS


The LA beauty scene is buzzing— here’s what you need to know! – Dawn Shand Johnson

Kate Somerville’s new Discover Kit. A great skin care kit for traveling that includes some of our most favorite products including Gentle Daily Wash, ExfoliKate and Quench. $90, katesomerville.com

Exhale Spa services are now available at the Fairmont Miramar Hotel & Bungalows, Santa Monica. “For guests looking to stay fit while on the road and have a genuine ‘urban escape’ experience, Exhale at the Fairmont Miramar provides the perfect scenario and encompasses fitness, spa therapies, relaxation, healing, and beauty—all within one unique setting,” says the hotel’s general manager, Ellis O’Connor. The Fairmont is also a great one-day escape; I love its poolside appointments, and, of course, the sushi at Koi. Fairmont Miramar Hotel & Bungalows, 101 Wilshire Blvd, Santa Monica, 800-257-7544

Looking for a fresh, late-summer read? Check out The Beauty Prescription: The Complete Formula for Looking and Feeling Beautiful. Written by Beverly Hills dermatologist Debra Luftman and South Beach psychiatrist Eva Ritvo, the book is aimed at helping women achieve a positive self-image and incorporates medical, body, and skin advice. $24.95, amazon.com; Borders, 323-463-8519

Spa Connections is a new luxury mobile spa company that offers comprehensive on-site, on-call beauty and wellness services, including hair, nails, makeup, fashion, hair removal, eyelash extensions, spray tan, personal tanning, and body treatments. Eco-friendly and natural products are available upon request. spa-connections.com Australian celebrity makeup artist Napoleon Perdis’s empire continues to grow, with a makeup academy and boutique offering his extensive product line right here on Hollywood Boulevard. From his Los Angeles base, Napoleon oversees his numerous freestanding stores all over the world and, of course, caters to his celebrity clientele. He’s even launching a TV show this fall: On TLC’s “Get Your Face On,” Napoleon will lead the search for the next superstar makeup artist. He’s also launching a capsule collection, NP Set, at Target in the U.S. and Australia. It’s light and bright and easy to use; I’ve been trying it out, and I’m officially a fan! $12–$30, Target, Hollywood, 323-603-0004; npsetcosmetics.com

116 GENLUX FALL / 2008

Fix Malibu has declared this the summer of recession-proof beauty, dropping prices by 25% on laser and injectable treatments that will last through the end of September. Fix is a beauty clinic with a luxurious atmosphere that’s anything but clinical; it even boasts a full-time concierge to cater to your every need. Fix Malibu, 310-4565350, fixmalibu.com







Flowers.Events. Environment.Home. 8327 West 3rd Street Los Angeles, CA 90048


p. 323.852.1766 f. 323.852.0863 w. thevelvetgarden.com e. velvetgarden@earthlink.net

accessory access: Back to the Future


mission to mars.

Christian Louboutin leather quilted Apollonia boot, $1520, Christian Louboutin, Beverly Hills, 310-247-9300

Fendi suede booties with metallic leather trim, $730, Fendi boutiques nationwide, 800-FENDINY

Christian Louboutin suede Cube handbag, $1055, Christian Louboutin, Beverly Hills, 310-247-9300

Louis Vuitton calf leather Curl belt, approx. $3260, Louis Vuitton, 866-VUITTON, louisvuitton.com M.C.L. by Matthew Campbell Laurenza Super Star pavé ring with 3.5cts of rubies, $440,Bergdorf Goodman, New York, 212-753-7300

Pierre Hardy orange moiré silk sandal with gold metal detail, $1025, The Webster, Miami Beach, 305-674-7899 Katherine Kwei water-snake Isabel shopper, $2145, katherinekwei.com Emilio Pucci printed clutch, $2340, Emilio Pucci, South Coast Plaza, 714-641-5669, emiliopucci.com

Louis Vuitton evening gloves, approx. $960, Louis Vuitton, 866VUITTON, louisvuitton.com Marni leather platform ankle boot, $921, netaporter.com

118 GENLUX FALL / 2008

Chic. Unique. Great Location.

L u x e H o t e l R o d e o D r i v e 3ÈäÊ °Ê,œ`iœÊ ÀˆÛi]Ê iÛiÀÞʈÃ]Ê ÊUÊΣä°ÓÇΰäÎääÊUÊÜÜÜ°ÕÝi…œÌiÃ°Vœ“ BVLGARI








When it happens on Rodeo Drive, it happens at our front door. Like the Rodeo Drive Concours d’ Elegance (shown here), the MTV Awards, Fashion Week, the Emmys and the holidays (have happy ones).

FALL / 2008 GENLUX 119

























Luxe Hotel


CaféRodeo – al fresco










































Accessory Access: High polish


this fall, shiny black accessories are backâ&#x20AC;&#x201D; and stronger than ever.

Emporio Armani laminated small top vinyl handle bag, $650, emporioarmani.com

Hugo Boss Radiance ring, $180, hugoboss.com Dior grained Pop calfskin heel, $780, Dior, Beverly Hills, 310-859-4700

Derek Lam leather and black hammered patent envelope clutch, $845, shopbop.com

Chanel patent leather calfskin boots, $1550, select Chanel boutiques, 800-550-0005 Tila March large black canvas Zelig handbag with patent leather detail, $468, Hillary Rush, LA, 323-852-0088; tilamarch.com

Hugo Boss Radiance cuff, $190, hugoboss.com

120 GENLUX FALL / 2008

Diego Dolcini patent leather ankle boot, $920, boutique@diegodolcini.it

Sang A patent leather Flash clutch, $642, sanga.com

Bottega Veneta dark purple and nero BV crocodile clutch, $6800 each, Bottega Veneta, Beverly Hills, 310-858-6533, bottegaveneta.com

Giorgio Armani patent oxford with suede bow, $745, Giorgio Armani, Beverly Hills, 310-271-5555 Christian Lacroix black cuff, $920, Christian Lacroix, The Forum Shops at Caesarâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s, Las Vegas, 702-731-0990

Accessory Access: high polish


Bally Ionia black patent bag, $1195, Bally, Beverly Hills, 310-271-3310 Geox croc printed patent leather boot with patented breathable rubber sole, $260, Geox, Beverly Hills, 310-402-5550

FALL / 2008 GENLUX 121

accessory access: MadMen

gENLUXshop Tory Burch Pamela pump, $350, Tory Burch, South Coast Plaza, 714689-0450, toryburch.com

Fendi F3 handbag, $29,400, Fendi, Beverly Hills, 310-860-0190

Giuseppe Zanotti Design purple suede oversized clutch, $1140, Giuseppe Zanotti Design, Costa Mesa, 714-979-3300, giuseppe-zanottidesign.com

Chanel metal and resin necklace, $1565, select Chanel boutiques, 800-550-0005

Dolce & Gabbana multi color loafer, $595, Dolce & Gabanna boutiques nationwide, 877-70-DGUSA, dolcegabbana.it Louis Vuitton ostrich leather belt, approx. $890, Louis Vuitton, 866VUITTON, louisvuitton.com

Marni tan leather handbag, $1614, Marni, Melrose Place, 323-782-1100, marni.com

key accessories inspired by new yorkâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s advertising heyday.

Tory Burch resin French Clutch, $425, Tory Burch, South Coast Plaza, 714-689-0450, toryburch.com

Prada suede peep toe pump with ruffle detail, $650, select Prada boutiques, 888-977-1900

122 GENLUX FALL / 2008

“The ambiance is killer… Tasty and inventive cuisine”



“ Sexy celeb hot spot” The Men’s book


iEclectic Cuisine

iStylishPrivate Dining Rooms


iRomantic Patio Dining

606 N Robertson Blvd (corner Melrose)

(310) 289-2824



West Hollywood, CA 90069

buy lines

gENLUXshop WHAT ARE YOU BUYING? local home-design gurus give genlux a peek into their oh-so-stylish worlds. Who:

Mary Ta, founder and president of Italian homedesign mecca Minotti and owner of LA’s Bang & Olufsen concept store.

Mary Ta

Who are your clients?

My clients are discerning, intelligent, successful, and very cosmopolitan people with impeccable taste and a passion for design and art. They come from many different backgrounds and professions but all have the singular quality of being leaders. My clients do not merely buy furniture or objects; they seek environments and living styles that reflect their unique and enlightened visions. If you had to take one of them on vacation with you, who would it be?

Sergio Rossi gray water snake and leather sandal, $1100, Sergio Rossi, Melrose Pl, 323-9440864; sergiorossi. com

There are several clients I would take on vacation, and many with whom I have already vacationed and traveled. My clients are adventurous, strong personalities willing to take risks, so traveling is always fun because the destination is always explorative and exotic. Because we have similar tastes, it’s reflected in the journey, from accommodations to excursions. I’m planning a safari at the moment and will keep you posted. What’s your favorite place to escape to?

Mulege, Mexico; [it has] a coastline of white sand and turquoise water along the Sea of Cortez only accessible by a ridiculously long drive or by small plane. There’s no Wi-Fi, phones, etc.—just pure sand, sea, smiling locals, and fresh seafood. This is where I learned how to fish for dorado and to dive for sea urchin and chocolate clams. There’s only one road, and it separates the sharpness of the desert rock formations and cactus from the softness of the sand and sea. I escape here to sleep, to let the landscape and colors of nature inspire me, to write poetry, listen to music, to remember.

How do you go from day to night without taking your entire closet with you?

I’m a shoe person, so a change from Giuseppe Zanotti sandals to Sergio Rossi heels makes the difference for me. What shoes do you take with you?

Lots of Giuseppe Zanotti flat sandals, Christian Louboutin espadrilles, Pierre Hardy heels for night, and Sergio Rossi snake strappy heeled sandals and rose-gold flats with wooden beads. How about handbags?

My Paul Smith pink pony travel bag with my Brookstone blanket and pillow; my iPod; Genlux, T he Economist and Departures magazines; a Bottega Veneta duffel bag for the beach because it’s big enough to carry extra Pucci bathing suits and a change of dress, books and magazines, and makeup, etc.; and a CHANEL Uni clutch for evening. What are your favorite items this season?

The CHANEL Uni evening clutch and CHANEL linen slingbacks with gold heels, YSL black leather pumps, and lingerie from Kiki de Montparnasse and Chantal Thomass of Paris—always. Minotti, 8936 Beverly Boulevard, LA, 310-278-6851, minotti-la.com; Bang & Olufsen, 8950 Beverly Boulevard, West Hollywood, 310-278-9264

What do you pack?

Lots of bikinis by Pucci and Milly; soft, short sundresses for day, and my Jay Godfrey short yellow and orange strapless kimono dress for night, along with one sleek black dress. What three items can you not leave behind?

My CHANEL bronze leathertrimmed sunglasses, iPod, and Hermès leather journal.

124 GENLUX FALL / 2008

CHANEL resin and metal clutch, $1890, select CHANEL boutiques, 800-550-0005

Bottega Veneta uniform Intrecciato VN duffel, $3100, Bottega Veneta, 877-362-1715, bottegaveneta.com

YSL black leather pump, $660, Yves St. Laurent, Beverly Hills, 310-2714110

Thomas Piscitello, partner and designer, and Neal Wagner, partner, designer, and artist, Mogul home design boutique.


Who are your clients?

Neal: Mogul is for anyone who enjoys beautifully made, decadent home furnishings. Most are affluent and run the gamut of all ethnicities and lifestyles. Thomas: Celebrity clients include Tyler Perry, Rihanna, THOMAS PISCITELLO Teri Hatcher, Vanessa Williams, and Paris Hilton, to name a few. NEAL WAGNER If you could take one of them on vacation with you, who would it be?

Thomas: Rihanna! She’s fabulous, and she always has an umbrella when you need it. Favorite place to escape to?

Thomas and Neal: Florence, Italy What would you pack?

Neal: Old clothes so that I can throw Babette Wasserman Punk Stud cufflinks them away and replace them with the newest collections from Gucci and YSL. in rose gold with Jet Crystals, $89, Your favorite item this season? Fred Segal, Santa Thomas: Anything Tom Ford has put his hands on. Neal: Gucci alliga- Monica, 310-393tor loafers. I love them so much, they 4477; babbettewasserman.com inspired us to do the Riviera bed in white embossed alligator for Mogul’s En Vacances collection. What three items can you not leave behind?

Thomas: My Gucci bamboo belt, YSL slacks, and Tom Ford sunglasses. How do you go from day to night without taking your entire closet with you?

Thomas: We like to pick a color scheme and build our wardrobe around it. Usually it’s black and tan or brown and blue. Neal: We wear the same size shoe, so we get to double our choices in that department. But we limit our blazers to one or two each. Dress shirts are bejeweled with Babette Wasserman cuff links from London for that evening bling. What shoes do you bring?

Neal: Comfortable Gucci loafers; they go with everything. How about handbags?

Thomas: Neal’s crazy about bags!

Mogul, 8262 Melrose Pl, LA, 323-658-5130, MogulLife.com

Tom Ford limited-edition Carlos sunglasses, $2200, available exclusively at Ilori SoHo, NY, 212-226-8276

Gucci brown leather crocodile, ostrich and lizard moccasin with horsebit detail, $1795, select Gucci boutiques, 800-456-7663, gucci.com

buy lines

gENLUXshop The Pola Kirei Experience.

In Japan, Kirei means beauty and as the Skincare Giant from Japan since 1929, Pola Kirei knows how to make and keep you beautiful. Through both a scientific and holistic approach, Pola Kirei recognizes your skincare needs and can personalize treatments and home skincare products for every individual.  Pola Kirei provides the best total skincare solution.   Using the world’s first skin analysis, Pola Kirei checks your skin cell history by testing cell size and turnover speed.  This technology, developed over 80+ years in the business, lets Pola Kirei tell you, not what you want, but what you need for skincare. Relax while you enjoy the full facial that includes a hand, foot, head and decollete massage.  These facials are a safe and gentle way to achieve true beauty without pain.  Pola Kirei is results oriented and your face will be glowing after the facial treatment. Maintain your “kirei”  through Pola Kirei’s total skincare solution with facials once a month, a skincare analysis every three months and  “all-you-need”  home skincare products.      Make an appointment today to bring out your radiant, beautiful skin.  

A Scie ntific and H olis tic A pproach fro m Japa n, S ince 1929 1511B Montana Avenue, Santa Monica, CA 90403 310.587.3502 www.polakirei.com



CHANEL J12 watch, $4200, CHANEL Fine Jewelry boutiques, 1-800550-0005 J.F. Chen parchment table, price upon request, JF Chen, LA, 323-4669700


Genlux’s Shannon L. Bowen speaks with some of California’s fastest-rising fashion designers about their latest fab finds. Julie Chaiken Who: Julie

Chaiken, chairman and founder, Chaiken Clothing, San Francisco Shopper ID: I am very strategic. As a working mother, my time is limited. I like to go at the beginning of the season, get what I think I’ll need, and that’s it. Since most of my clothes come from my own collection, it’s all about finding the perfect shoe or bag as a complement. For shoes, I love to go to Barneys; I can find four or five pairs that will be perfect each season—I can trust that they’ll get it right. For clothes, in LA, Fred Segal Flair is my favorite; Jeannine [Braden] picks the best of the best. Where are you shopping? I shop wherever I am—New York, Los Angeles, Paris, San Francisco. I prefer to see a designer’s entire collection whenever possible. It’s much nicer to see a collection in context rather than just a few pieces. When I’m in Paris, I love shopping RueDuFour and the Rue de Bac on the Left Bank for smaller designers. Of the more known, Lanvin is my current favorite; Alber Elbaz is doing amazing work. I just got a muddygray asymmetrical ruffle top that is so subtle and perfect. What are you buying lately? I just got a new gold suede “Soft Babe” bag from Dior. It’s perfect, and holds everything—all the mom stuff, even a quick change of clothes for when I’m on the go. Lately, I’ve been into buying stuff for my new house. It’s a lot of fun to create a totally new environment for me and my kids. Our new place is Mediterranean-influenced outside and totally modern and minimalist inside. It’s all about finding old pieces and putting them together in a modern way. I just got the most amazing antique chandelier that came from an old lodge in France for my front entry. I also just got some fantastic parchment tables from J.F. Chen in LA for my bedroom. Accessory fave I crave: A black ceramic watch from CHANEL is on my wish list. It’s so simple and perfect. Hidden treasures? For home, I love March in San Francisco. They bring in amazing pieces from Europe and make them look modern; their style is unbeatable. I also love to walk through the stores on La Brea or Beverly to see what’s new and find the perfect piece for the house.

Lanvin white poplin one-shoulder ruffle top, $1615, Barneys New York, Beverly Hills, 310-276-4400

126 GENLUX FALL / 2008

GEren lockhart

Geren Lockhart, president and designer, Geren Ford, Los Angeles Shopper ID: I have a multitude of shopping personalities. I would say I’m a hunter; the majority of time I think about what’s missing from my life or my wardrobe. I have a mental list that’s already formed and deeply edited; however, I’m also an impulse buyer. If I have an emotional connection to something, I will buy it; this is usually for those things that are just perfectly right, such as a CHANEL J12 watch or great screened, paper-thin tees from Urban Outfitters. It’s not about price, but more about the connection. I’m also a calculated buyer; if I find something that’s right, I’ll load up on it. Where are you shopping? Barneys, Barneys, Barneys and the Rose Bowl. Anywhere I travel: Joan Shepp in Philadelphia has a great selection of Dries Van Noten. In LA, Creatures of Comfort. Net-a-Porter.com for shoes that are hard to find in person in LA. EBay for anything vintage. Urban Outfitters—I’ve been in a lot because of our collaboration, Hawks by Geren Ford, and every time, I walk out with a bag of scarves, tees, and jeans! Who:

CHANEL J12 watch, price upon request, CHANEL Fine Jewelry boutiques, 1-800550-0005

What are you buying lately?

Vintage Rodo wicker clutches from the YSL Melanzana ’60s and ’70s; they’re amazingly designed— suede sandal, $925,Yves functional, fun, chic, and easy. I’m also Saint Laurent, Beverly purchasing handcrafted textiles from Hills, 310-271-4110 Mexico, Central and South America, India, Africa, and Eastern Europe. Of course, with the warm California weather, sandals—lots of sandals by Bottega Veneta, YSL, and J.Crew. Accessory fave I crave: I want perfect, black, everyday, designer gladiator sandals, and I’ve searched at any price for two years now with no luck! I’m also craving a vintage man’s gold Rolex with a black face, and I’m dreaming of the perfect Missoni summer scarf. Hidden treasures: In New York, 17@17 on Lawson-Fenning, 17th Street; it’s a thrift store, but I’ve gotten 7257 Beverly Bl, CHANEL there, my vintage Gucci coin purse, 323-934-0048 beautiful furniture, and ceramics by collectible designers. In LA, Lawson-Fenning: great home stuff, amazing furniture, and wonderful new and vintage books. In Buenos Aires, Maria Cher: great crafted contemporary clothes that are sexy and creative. In Cabo San Lucas, Mi Casa Restaurant store: they have amazing scarves and great crafts from all regions of Mexico. In Paris, Sonya Rykiel: she has wonderful, playful clothes and objects that never make it to the U.S. In Milan, 10 Corso Como: it has an amazingly creative, edited collection of the best designers on the planet. In London, John Rocha: it’s next door to the Dover Street Market (also a favorite). John has beautiful clothes and great objects. I got an amazing set of Waterford crystal highball glasses in blood red when I was last there.

Britt Bardo, stylist and designer/co-owner, Rose clothing line, Los Angeles


Argh! I hate to admit it, but I am all of the above. I mean, come on, I shop for a living. That’s a good excuse, right? But I must also say that I’m really trying to be more aware of not being so wasteful and definitely always britt bardo bring my own canvas bags. Where are you shopping? Curve, Satine, Maxfield, The Way We Wore, Kiki de Montparnasse, New York Vintage [Chelsea, NY], A Little Vintage [Beverly Hills]. What are you buying lately? I’m obsessed with this place in LA called Krislyn on Third Street. They have the most amazing pieces for your home that are made out of driftwood and feathers and weird sea grass…It’s like you’ve walked right into a Dr. Seuss book. They make amazing gifts. A Meredith Kahn 18K rose gold and blackdiamond pavé pyramid pendant. Audrey Kawasaki artwork. L’Artisan Parfumeur Passage d’Enfer perfume—I blow through this stuff like water! Sigg water bottles for me and all my friends so we can stop using all that darned plastic. Vintage jewelry from the 1700s and 1800s—I can’t get enough! It makes me crazy! L’Artisan Passage Accessory fave I crave: Crazy Christian d’Enfer 3.4 Louboutin platform heels with spikes. oz, $135, Hidden treasure: The Way We Wore. I just Fred Segal absolutely love this vintage store. I live three Apothia, LA, blocks away. All the girls who work there are 323-651like family to me, and Doris [Raymond], the 0239 owner, is one of the coolest, most amazing women I’ve ever met. Shopaholic?

Christian Louboutin Suede Platform Peep-Toe Pump, $770, neimanmarcus.com

The Way We Wore, 334 S. La Brea, LA, 323-9370878

Red “Daredevil,” $500, Krislyn, LA, 323-692-7862

Blue “Night Bird,” starts at $375, Krislyn, LA, 323-692-7862, krislyn.com



Shopper ID—Impulse buyer? Bargain-hunter?


Jewels Steger, stylist and designer/coowner, Rose clothing line, Los Angeles Shopper ID: I think there’s a picture of me in the dictionary under Jewels steger the word “consumer.” My three-year-old daughter and I spend two hours on Sunday in the Larchmont Beauty Center store. Diptyque candles, Côté Bastide Figuier Bubble Bath, and REN Wild Yam Omega 7 Body Firming Repair Cream are all necessities in our house. And then we hit the flower stand together. And after flowers, there’s this wonderful little children’s store called Flicka. I try to explain to her that Cote Bastide people pay me for my opinFiguier Bubble ion on clothes, but that Bath, 12oz doesn’t interest her at all $42, neimanor hold any meaning— marcus.com the big question is, “Is it pink?” When we’re together, we call shopping “treasure hunting.” Diptyque I’m not a stylist—I’m a treasure hunter! candle, $60, Where are you shopping? Larchmont beautyhabit. Beauty Center, Roseark, the Farmer’s com Market, Capezio, the Nuni Gallery Monroe Co. [La Brea Ave.], M+B fine art [West T-shirt, $16, M+B Gallery.” Hollywood], eBay, and Curve. monroecommbfala.com What are you buying lately? Hanky panyco.com 310-550-0050 Panky undies, Timpa bras (a Britt discovery that changed my life!), Giuseppe Zanotti gladiator sandals, Genetic Denim, the most gorgeous viscose Missoni scarf on the planet, anything Isabel Marant, tuberose Diptyque candles, and Monroe Co. Clothing T-shirts. Accessory fave I crave: I want the Balenciaga gladiator sandals from last season. I search every day on eBay! Anything from the Meredith Kahn fine jewelry line, specifically the stacked gold ring. Hidden treasure: The store Presse [La Brea Ave.]. My good friend Zoe Schaeffer owns this Giuseppe Zanotti sandal, gorgeous boutique. I grab lunch from M $750, South Coast Plaza, Café and bring it there. I love that I 714-979-3300 can see our line, Rose, hanging next to Proenza Schouler and Rodarte while Zoe and I lunch and chat about our little girls, London and Gemma. Made Her Think by

Zoe Schaeffer, owner, Presse, 323-937-1560

Meredith Kahn bracelet, price upon request, 646-267-1793

FALL / 2008 GENLUX 127

BUYLINES:raya meddine

gENLUXshop World traveler and soap actress Raya Meddine dishes with Genlux


What are you working

What do you take with you when you get away for a weekend?

Gratitude and my sexy husband. You’d be surprised what these two ingredients can do to a woman’s complexion.

on right now?

I play the role of Sabrina, a European art consultant, on CBS’s “The Young and the Restless.” What’s your favorite boutique in LA, and what have you bought there recently?

I love EM & Co on Third Street. They always have sexy dresses that have an edge and attitude. I recently bought a gorgeous vintageinspired Iodice dress there.

What handbags have you bought this season?

What beauty products are in your Bag?

Kiehl’s Lip Balm #1, $6.50, Kiehl’s, Americana at Brand, Glendale, 818-553-1955

Kiehl’s Lip Balm, Burt’s Bees Hand Salve, Zuzu Luxe vegan lipstick, Jouer cream blush, and M • A • C mascara—and dark eye kohl, of course. Can’t help it. I’m Middle Eastern. Do you tend to overpack or underpack?

M • A • C Pro Lash Mascara in Naughty Nauticals, $12, M • A • C , Robertson, 310-271-9137

I took my first airplane at the age of four months, and have since lived in eight different countries. So you’d think I’d have learned my lesson. But no, I still overpack.

I'm currently into vintage clutches. I see them as portable pieces of art. What outfit?

A ruffled Alice + Olivia cocktail dress. How about shoes?

I recently bought a pair of beaded lavender Irregular Choice pumps in London —very Marie Antoinette. I only wore them once, to a red-carpet event, and am now seriously thinking of displaying them in a Plexiglas box because they’re too beautiful.

Photographer: Paul Schefz / paulschefz.com

Zac Posen dress, $1700, Saks Fifth Avenue, Beverly Hills, 310-275-4211; zacposen.com

128 GENLUX FALL / 2008

Makeup: Dawn Shand Johnson/Dawnshandjohnson.com Stylist: gena tuso/cloutieragency.com Hair: eric sabbag/cloutieragency.com

What’s your latest purchase for your home?

A Pioneer digital turntable set. I’ve been wanting to mix and DJ at my house for friends and my own personal pleasure. I love the idea of creating a festive and sensual atmosphere.

Alice + Olivia ruffle detail dress, $385, Bloomingdales



Donna Karen satin body suit, $1295, Saks Fifth Avenue, Beverly Hills, donnakaren.com Nicole Miller Collection C hoop earrings with long chain drop, $160, nicolemiller.com

Farah Angsana black dress with white satin insert, price upon request, farahangsana.com Vintage bracelet, $145, The Way We Wore, 334 S La Brea Ave, LA, 323-937-0878

Ad Design / Photography: Stephen Kamifuji / The Style Group




ona | spa face + body + medical 7373 beverly blvd, los angeles 90036 323.931.4442 onaspa.com

The Men’s Page


Roman Paul sword with heart pendant and horse necklace, $2250, Traffic Men’s, Beverly Center, LA 310659-4313

Sartoria Partenopea for Scott Hill Bespoke Designs tissue weight flannel chalk stripe 3-piece suit, $3895, Scott Hill Bespoke Designs shirt, $425, tie, $165, pocket Square, $65, Scott Hill Bespoke Designs, LA, 213-884-5950

MAKING YOUR OWN DIRECTION – BESPOKE! –George blodwell I grew up in Scotland and England. My first job was in fashion, working for a tailoring chain that made bespoke (madeto-measure) suits. Living in England in those days meant having your suits made-to-measure, well, at least one of them. I loved Sartoria Partenopea Bespoke watching the working man come Designs 6x2 double-breasted chalk in, pore over his fabric choices, stripe suit, $3895, powder blue his pocket placement, the color solid handmade shirt, $425, Nicky of the lining, side vents or cen- from Milano mocha and powder ter vent, hand-stitched lapels, blue red stripe tie, $175, Robert etc. It was always a special time Talbott Best of Class mocha and for these chaps. I had my suits blue paisley handkerchief, $60, All cut with a super-tight high cen- for Scott Hill Bespoke Designs, LA, ter vent with a really flashy lin- 213-884-5950

The double-breasted suit is a strong model for fall ’08. Here is another example of “old Hollywood” fabrication, and a stunning approach to an old classic, worn in the 1940s by Cary Grant and the Duke of Windsor. This Scott Hill Bespoke model is a favorite for fall Designs velvet shoes, ’08. It reeks of elegance $1250, Scott Hill and is a break away from Bespoke Designs, LA,, the status quo. I tend to 213-884-5950 advise that the doublebreasted suit look is the best on larger, tall men simply because of the extra fabric and cut. If you’re slight and not too tall, stick to a single-breasted model, as the extra fabric might appear cumbersome. If your look is “prosperous” (my word for not-the-gym type), then go for the doublebreasted classic, especially if your wardrobe is all single-breasted. This sartorial touch will separate you from the “run of the mill” that you see in the offices and board rooms. Curtis and Co. red and

ing so that when I hit the dance floor and did my spin, the jacket would fly open at the back flashing just a hint of my turquoise lining. Oh, the simple things in life. I once won a Best-Dressed Mod contest where my prize was to go to George Best’s boutique (Georgie was the David Beckham of the 60s; he even played for Manchester United) to choose an armful of duds. This was my initiation into the world This classic “houndstooth made-to-measure fashion—a solid foundation which jacket” is created with a still remains at the core of my style sensibilities. twist of a peak lapel, a

Scott Hill Bespoke Designs bench made leather and shoes with Norwegian o f $1295, Scott Hill Bespoke stitching, Designs, LA, 213-884-5950

modern two button model, this jacket is also another example of old Hollywood heritage, worn by Fred Astaire, Douglas Fairbanks Jr., and James Stewart: Look Great with a clean V neck sweater underneath, and a crisp white shirt. Note the This is not as pricey as you might imagine, and the “pochette” in the pocket adds reward is immense. I urge men to go as far as possisome flair when not wearing ble—even to having some shirts cut for you. Coma necktie. plete the look with bespoke shoes that have been For many years, Scott Hill made especially for you and fit your feet perfectly— has had a remarkable presnot to mention the handmade look that connoisence in town. He loves to seurs instantly recognize. give personal attention to all his clients; he has honed Fall is the time for women and men to start dressing up again— and fine-tuned his expertise great clothes and grooming. Behaving gentlemanly is coming to deal exclusively with the back into vogue in a big way. Can I turn that page for you? demands of Bespoke tailorStay happy! ing and French-made shoes. Love, George To order, go to his new Scott Hill Bespoke Designs Studio Comments and questions, email me at George@genlux.com. at 450 N Robertson Blvd, LA 90048, 213-884-5950 Cut to today. I realize that many of our vocations have a major effect on our sartorial choices, and most professions even require men to have an image of wholesomeness and respectability. Let me begin with some basics for your consideration, and my first piece of advice is for every man is to get “bespoked.”

Idol London gold wings with black diamonds ring $2145, Traffic, Beverly Center, LA, 310-659-4313

130 GENLUX FALL / 2008

Roman Paul gold skull ring with diamonds, $4255, Traffic, Beverly Center, LA, 310-659-4313

Scott Hill Bespoke Designs bench made crocodile shoes, $5995, Scott Hill Bespoke Designs, LA, 213-884-5950

silver face watch, price upon request, Traffic Men’s, Beverly Center, LA, 310-659-4313

Sartoria Partenopea for Scott Hill Bespoke Designs sand and natural 2-button pure cashmere houndstooth jacket with peak lapel, $3495, Crucciani for Scott Hill Bespoke Designs sand and oatmeal v-neck herringbone sweater in cashmere and silk, $695, Partenopea solid white French cuff shirt with high collar, $450, All for Scott Hill Bespoke Designs, LA, 213-884-5950

IMAGINE LOOKING AND FEELING BETTER ABOUT YOURSELF AS SOON AS TOMORROW. “I promise not to make you feel like you’re entering the chaos of a reality show or a place where you’re just a number. I’m a cosmetic surgeon with a long, proven educational and professional track record with many, many satisfied clients. Give me a call at 310-360-0504 to schedule your complimentary consultation.” All procedures at the Beverly Hills Cosmetic Surgical Group are performed by Board-Certified surgeons.

“Thank you and your friendly staff for the excellent service and highly successful surgery! I was astonished at how smoothly my breastaugmentation surgery went. The result surpassed my expectations!” – R.L. Services: Breast augmentation, Liposuction, Mini face-lift, Mesotherapy, Botox, Restylane and the newest injectable treatments. Please come in for a complimentary consultation.

–Dr. Forouzanpour


Dr. Fardad Forouzanpour, D.O., F.A.C.O.S., was raised in Los Angeles and attended UCLA. He went on to complete his medical studies at Midwestern University in Chicago and served a five-year residency in general and trauma surgery. He completed a fellowship sponsored by the American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery where he trained in total facial and body aesthetic and cosmetic surgery. Dr. Forouzanpour successfully passed the board examinations sponsored by the American Board of Cosmetic Surgery.

8500 Wilshire Blvd. Suite 1020 Beverly Hills, California 90211 (310) 360-0504 perfectself.com 1-866-NEWSELF


gENLUXshop Hair to Help

Hair-industry icon Vidal Sassoon is rebuilding homes—and lives—in the hurricane-battered Gulf Coast By Francesca Day Vidal Sassoon, founder, Hairdresser Unlocking Hope

Sometimes you can walk away from a simple conversation feeling utterly inspired. In just 44 minutes on a recent Wednesday afternoon, hair-industry legend Vidal Sassoon did that for me. Nearly two years ago, Sassoon joined forces with Mary RectorGable, founder of Behind the Chair, an online community for salon professionals, to form Hairdressers Unlocking Hope. Its goals: to show the world that the hairdressing community can work together to make miracles happen and to remind the nation that victims of Hurrican Katrina, including so many who lost their homes, remain in need. The word “home” has special meaning for Sassoon, who spent six years of his childhood in an orphanage in London before going on to learn the hairdressing trade. Since then, he has revolutionized the hairdressing world with innovative cuts and techniques. Now 80 years old, the humble icon has turned his attention south, to homebuilding in New Orleans, and since its inception, HUH has raised more than $2 million to build 21 homes in partnership with Habitat for Humanity. A spate of hair and beauty professionals and organizations have gotten involved, including Paul Mitchell, Bumble and Bumble, Ratner Companies, Professional Salon Concepts, Chicago’s art+science salon, John Allan’s Club, the Charles Penzone Family of Salons and sister company the Brittany Group, Intercoiffure, Cincinnati’s Mitchell’s Salon & Day Spa, and Pump Salon. Young professionals in particular have answered the call. “Young people are saying, ‘Yes, it is our responsibility. We are not even responsible for ourselves, but we are responsible for fellow citizens, especially in a disaster,’” says Sassoon.

132 GENLUX FALL / 2008

The rebuilding effort is ambitious: In addition to homes, volunteers have built a playground, a baseball diamond, and a community pavilion. But it’s not really about structures—it’s about people. Kiwana Thornton, her partner, Dionne Garrett, and Kiwana’s four children—along with 55 other members of her family—were evacuated to Atlanta the day before the storm, and they soon realized that they would never go home again. After multiple applications for aid, in June they finally received word that HUH was sending help. “After all this, after all I was going through, I kept asking the Lord, ‘When am I going to get my blessing?’” says Kiwana. “This is my blessing.” John and Chelsea Dailey and their daughter, Annabelle, lived in one of the neighborhood’s hardest hit by Katrina. “Although our house was up on a hill, we still got over six feet of water in our house and lost everything we had—most of our valuables, located on the first floor,” says Chelsea. But Thornton, Garrett, and the Daileys are just a few of the millions affected by the disaster, and Sassoon wants people to remember that the work doesn’t end here. “In the consciousness of America, Katrina wouldn’t go away,” he says. “It keeps coming back because we realize how relaxed we’ve been.” Fortunately for so many hurricane victims, neither Sassoon nor his HUH volunteers plan on relaxing anytime soon. To support the work of Hairdressers Unlocking Hope and Habitat for Humanity, please visit behindthechairexchange.com/ unlockinghope

F O R A U N I Q U E H O L I D AY E X P E R I E N C E , B O O K Y O U R D I N N E R O R E V E N T N O W A N C AT E R I N G . C O M

˝ B E S T O V E R A L L C AT E R I N G AT A N E V E N T ˝ - B I Z B A S H 2 0 0 8


Closet Desires: cocoon coats


Single cocoon jacquard coat in blue, green and purple ombre, $336, Angieâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Boutique, LA, 323-933-2726; singledress.com

Monique Lhuillier noir ripple mattelasse box pleat coat, $2800, barossa chiffon halter dress with pinked embroidery, $4000, Monique Lhuillier, Melrose Place, LA, 323-655-1088 Runway Shots Courtesy of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week

134 GENLUX FALL / 2008

Oscar de la Renta long cocoon coat, $3250, Neiman Marcus, Beverly Hills, 310-550-5900

McGinn black bow detailed coat, $369; nordstrom.com

Plastic Island navy hobble-silhouette coat, $165, plasticisland.net

Y3 canvas fishtail parka, $990, Y3 wool body suit shirt, $305, Y3 2L wool asymmetrical tube spant shorts, $395, Lissilaa, La Jolla, 858-454-7601; Y3 Tenji low boot, $400, Canvas, Malibu, 310-317-9895

Malandrino emerald wood crepe coat with jade handembroidered detailing on cuff, $4200, Catherine Malandrino Maison, LA, 310-358-0895

Missoni grey and white wool coat, $3345, Neiman Marcus, Beverly Hills, 310-550-5900

WHERE THE URBAN SANCTUARY MEETS THE SPRAWLING CITY WHAT – Experience the newly redesigned W Los Angeles – Westwood featuring modern, spacious bungalow-style studios and suites by celebrity designer Thom Filicia. Sip and savor under the sun in The Backyard poolside lounge, take a dip in the pool or retreat to an airy cabana surrounded by lush botanicals in this ultimate Los Angeles hideaway. When the sun sets, step inside and indulge in NINETHIRTY restaurant featuring modern American cuisine with global influences and bold flavors. The sexy Whiskey Blue lounge mixes high design and art for the perfect place to see and be seen. You’ll have to join us. WHERE – 930 Hilgard Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90024 For more information call 310.208.8765 or visit www.whotels.com/losangeles



Closet Desires: origami


Oscar de la Renta beige sweater, $1490, Neiman Marcus, Beverly Hills, 310-550-5900

3.1 Phillip Lim A-line funnel-neck Crayon coat with contrast puff origami trim, $725, 3.1 Phillip Lim short shift dress with mock neck and pinwheel raglan sleeves, $650, 3.1 Phillip Lim, West Hollywood, 310-289-0888 Thrive pin-tuck jersey mini dress, $690, Inago, LA, 323653-1888; thrivela.com

Proenza Schouler black dress, $1350, Neiman Marcus, Beverly Hills, 310-550-5900

Plastic Island grey hobble line dress, $130; revolveclothing.com Catherine Malandrino noir short-sleeve dress with pleating, $529, Neiman Marcus, Beverly Hills, 310-550-5900; catherinemalandrino.com

Hervé Léger by Max Azria charcoal painted ribbon appliqué cap-sleeve dress, $1590, Hervé Léger, Beverly Hills, 310-275-2550

Runway Shots Courtesy of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week

Mcginn black and navy dot print tunic, $229, mcginncollection.com

Madison Marcus Stardust plum pleated silk dress, $375, Cusp, LA, 310-552-0300, cusp.com

136 GENLUX FALL / 2008

Valentino olive blouse with front bow, $1650, Neiman Marcus, Beverly Hills, 310-550-5900 Temperley London cream and black Lucia top, $650, Melrose Place, LA, 323782-8000; Temperley London black lark leather skirt, $1795, Melrose Place, LA, 323-782-8000

Tadashi Shoji dark grey stretch silk and cotton crossover pleated cocktail dress, $590, Tadashi Boutique, Costa Mesa, 714-438-0056

Trina Turk black tie-neck sweater, $218, Trina Turk, LA, 323-651-1382

Bill Blass suit, price upon request, billblass.com

Oscar de la Renta purple sweater with v-neck double bow, $1790, Neiman Marcus, Beverly Hills, 310-550-5900

Stella McCartney green silk dress with front bow, $1595, Neiman Marcus, Beverly Hills, 310-550-5900

Runway Shots Courtesy of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week

Single plum silk tie blouse, $148, Angieâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Boutique, LA, 323-933-2726; buysingle.com

closet desires: miss bows


Rachel Pally Kimberly neck-tie top in midnight, $132, reveloveclothing.com

FALL / 2008 GENLUX 137

closet desires:oh so velvet!


Alberta Ferretti pink reversible satin panne velvet cape, $2450, Alberta Ferretti, LA, 310-652-9000 Runway Shot Courtesy of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week

138 GENLUX FALL / 2008

Edie-France Carrie plum velvet and navy lace cocktail dress, $465, Jill Roberts, Beverly Hills, 310860-1617; La Bella, Long Beach, 562-856-3720

Reem Acra sapphireblue velvet gown with draped back, $2650, Wilkes Bashford, Palo Alto, 650-322-7080, reemacra.com

Love Sex Money velvet embroidery dress, $550, lovesexmoney.com

Hale Bob nude eyelet silk jersey and charmeuse dress with flutter sleeves, $308, Too Blonde, Claremont, 909-621-0777; halebob.com

ChloĂŠ green velvet cropped jacket, $1795, Neiman Marcus, Beverly Hills, 310-550-5900

Georges Chakra velvet dress, Special Order, georgeschakra.com Gucci v-neck belted dress with velvet patches on each side, $1795, Neiman Marcus, Beverly Hills, 310-5505900

David Meister black stretch velvet draped one-shoulder cocktail dress, $380, Neiman Marcus, Beverly Hills, 310-5505900

Lisa Michelle Collection quilted brown velvet wrap skirt, $395, lisamichellecollection.com

Corey Lynn Calter Alma Skirt in graphite, $181, coreylynncalter.com

Trina Turk Ethan grey heather long-sleeve v-neck sweater, $248, Trina Turk, LA, 323-651-1382

Agnona grey belted dress, $1850, Neiman Marcus, Beverly Hills, 310-550-5900

Michael Stars Supima oxide long-sleeve s coop neck, $52, Michael Stars at the Grove, LA, 323-965-8023; Just Basics, 949-675-6216, Newport Beach; michaelstars.com Trina Turk Oakes grey tweed skirt, $218, Trina Turk, LA, 323-651-1382Â

Rubin Singer pants, black turtleneck and cropped jacket, price upon request, rubinsinger.com Runway Shot Courtesy of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week

closet desires: monastic


Akris cropped grey cardigan, $2300, Neiman Marcus, Beverly Hills, 310-550-5900

Gucci grey pant, $695, Neiman Marcus, Beverly Hills, 310-550-5900

Leona Edmiston Zane metallic black sleeved cocktail frock, $490, Leona Edmiston, West Hollywood, 310-8559121; Santa Monica, 310-587-1100, leonaedmiston.com



Yohji Yamamoto for Mikimoto Stormy Weather Moon ring with Akoya cultured pearl set in 18K white gold, $1200


Pearls used to conjure up images of garden parties and debutante balls, but at Mikimoto Beverly Hills, the ocean gems are all about modern, everyday style. BY shannon bowen Akoya cultured pearl

opera-length necklace with signature clasp in 18K yellow gold, prices and sizes vary, Mikimoto Beverly Hills, 310-205-8787

Think pearls are just for ladies who lunch? Nothing could be farther from the truth. Need proof? Check out New Line’s Sex and the City. The film chronicles a new chapter in the love life of Sarah Jessica Parker’s style icon, Carrie Bradshaw, and with it, a new look: The famed gold “Carrie necklace” is out, and an opera-length strand of 8.5mm Akoya pearls is in. But not just any pearls will do for Carrie, who gave us Manolo madness and Louboutin lust. Carrie’s pearls of choice are, of course, by Mikimoto, the world’s premier purveyor of fine pearl jewelry. In fact, “every pearl you see is Mikimoto throughout the film,” says Dawn Moore, Mikimoto’s retail manager for the Los Angeles region. “For [costume designer and fashion maverick] Patricia Field to put that character in a long, 32-inch strand of pearls to go with pretty much everything she wears—that’s speaking volumes about the sexiness of a long strand of pearls.” The fashion-forward ladies of Los Angeles, however, have long been fans of lengthy pearl strands, making them some of the bestselling pieces at the iconic brand’s Beverly Hills boutique. “Long strands far outsell classic chokers here,” Moore says of Mikimoto Beverly Hills, which has occupied a space in the historic Beverly Wilshire hotel for six years. “For us, it’s always been sexier, always been longer, always been more fluid.” Fluidity is key to Mikimoto’s designs, which continue to evolve, ensuring the relevance of the brand—and of pearls themselves—despite the changing whims of fashion. Among the jeweler’s collections are Pearls in Motion, which boasts a unique design that allows the wearer to position individual pearls to her

140 GENLUX FALL / 2008

Pearls in Motion Sandstorm earrings feature moveable Golden South Sea cultured pearls and diamonds set in 18K yellow gold. $5600 preference, and Milano, which Moore describes as “sinuous.” Created by Italian designer Giovanna Broggian, the line is curvy and organic, featuring shapes like starfish and coral. Then there’s something Moore calls “a vast departure from anything Mikimoto has done before”: Stormy Weather, created by renowned fashion designer Yohji Yamamoto. Artful and allusive, it includes three collections, dubbed Moon, Drops, and Le Cri (the latter inspired by Edvard Munch’s “The Scream”), and incorporates a range of precious materials, from white and yellow gold to rhodium and quartz. Naturally, pearls are at the center of Stormy Weather. In appropriately stormy shades of white, gray, and black, they nestle in their distinctive settings like precious tears shed by the Moon. But the ultimate pearl fix requires something akin to divine intervention. The Goddess, which has taken 17 years to assemble, is Mikimoto’s most exclusive piece to date. Valued at $1.6 million, it’s a strand of perfectly round, blemish-free pearls the size of gumballs that boast a luster “that no one in this company has ever seen on pearls of their size,” says Moore. “We almost don’t want to sell it because it’s so extraordinary!” The one-of-a-kind Goddess might not be right for a trip to the supermarket, but for Mikimoto, pearls are very much about everyday wear. “Pearls can be worn with a crisp white shirt and a great pair of jeans. Or at your wedding. Or a corporate board meeting with an Armani suit. You can’t talk about another jewel in that same way,” says Moore. “They’re essential.” Mikimoto Beverly Hills is located in the Beverly Wilshire, a Four Seasons Hotel, at 9500 Wilshire Blvd. in Beverly Hills; 310-205-8787; mikimoto.com Yohji Yamamoto for Mikimoto Stormy Weather Moon necklace, $55,000

dinenobu drivelotus surfwaikiki indulgeparc the new parc waikiki exclusive Room & Vroom Lotus Experience, My Place Waikiki Escape Package, and the exciting Nobu Waikiki

(800) 422-0450


FALL / 2008 GENLUX 141

head to toe: greyâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s anatomy


Trina Turk Hijinx charcoal dress with bell sleeve, $248, Trina Turk, LA, 323-651-1382

Michael Teperson D clutch long shiny watersnake evening clutch fold closure with Swarovski ring, $1317; vivre.com; michaelteperson.com; jennychaseinc.com

Avakian Galaxy collection 18K white gold ring with 435 diamonds 2.20 ctw, blue topaz cabochon 20.00 ctw with 139 tsavorite stones 6.00 ctw, $23,750, Beverly Wilshire Hotel, Beverly Hills; avakian.com

Gianna Meliani grey and purple patent boots, $780, giannameliani.it

142 GENLUX FALL / 2008

M’ATTIAS an extraordinary Boutique. 1403 Montana

You’ll find the latest Italian and American designer fashion at M’attias like: Blank, Class by Roberto Cavalli, Cosabella, Beverly Feldman, Fuzzi, Jean Paul Gauthier, Indie, Isabella De Pedro, Betsy Johnson, Mandalay, Twin Set, Nicole Miller, Rodika Zanin, Sam Edelman, Transit Par-such, Vitamina, Zelda, and more. No wonder stylish women and Hollywood celebs from all over come to shop at M’ATTIAS 1403 Montana Ave., Santa Monica 90403 (310) 576-4711 Open 7 days, Hours: 10-6.

head to toe: one night in tokyo


Castle Starr crepe de chine dress with large flower appliqué and overlap gathering at hem, $528; shopbop.com

Amrapali Rhodium silver leaf cuff with diamonds set in 18K yellow gold, $3850; amrapalijewels.com

144 GENLUX FALL / 2008

Shizue Alexa tan pony handmade calf leather bag, $3500, Shizue, Beverly Hills, 310-385-8474, shizue.com

Bally Eddi black patent peep-toe platform, $435, Bally, Beverly Hills, 310-271-3310, bally.com

Barin’s Chalcedony raindrop 18kt pink gold earrings with white diamonds, $1850, Barin’s Fine Jewelry, Studio City, 818761-3300

Temperley London multicolor dress, $1195, Neiman Marcus, Beverly Hills, 310-550-5900

head to toe: simple chic


Hats by Tanya Galaxy black cotton beret with black and white glass/matte jewels, $68, hatsbytanya.com

Libertas Angela black patent leather tote with golden brass hardware and zip closure, $633, Hands On, Beverly Hills, 310-860-0137

Taryn Rose ballet flat with gold zipper detailing, $495, Neiman Marcus, Beverly Hills, 310-550-5900

FALL / 2008 GENLUX 145

Designer Profile

gENLUXshop NOT TOO CLOSE FOR COMFORT Famed LA-based designer Tadashi Shoji offers up style without sacrifice. – BY Trisha Tucker

Black and gold double-silk-satin bateau-neck gown with gold calligraphy embroidery, $1410, Tadashi, South Coast Plaza, 877-TADASHI

From the ancient Chinese practice of foot binding to the intricate corsets and crinolines of 18th century England, the maxim that women must be prepared to suffer for the sake of beauty has a long history.

Scarlet stretch-silk shibori strapless gown, $810

Badgley Mischka Fall 2008 Couture gown, $14,995, Saks Fifth Avenue, 310-275-4211

Both his eveningwear line and his newer daywear collection feature beautiful draping and rich, flattering color palettes.

Today, the beauty-is-pain philosophy is most likely to manifest itself in a gorgeous but torturous stiletto heel, a designer gown’s too-constrictive bodice, or any of the large variety of “shape-fixing” undergarments available in modern lingerie departments. The evidence is overwhelming: Many of us are more than willing to suffer throbbing feet and shallow breathing just to look like the most glamorous possible version of ourselves.

What’s more, his commitment to meeting women’s needs with his designs even extends to the pocketbook. “Women are getting smarter” about investing in evening fashion, Shoji says. “Instead of investing in these one-piece, long dresses, they’re changing to separates. So we’ve started emphasizing evening separates so customers can mix any top or bottom.”

Designer Tadashi Shoji would like women to rethink this equation. A native of Japan, Shoji, who has presided over his LA-based Tadashi fashion line since 1982, is convinced that beauty doesn’t have to equal pain. In fact, he considers the unusually comfortable fit of his gowns to be the secret to his success. “All types of women—it doesn’t matter their age or body type—will fit in my designs,” he says. “I think the comfort of my dresses, especially evening dresses, has been key from Day One. If you feel comfortable, then you can enjoy the night and the party.”

Shoji’s feminine, eminently wearable designs set him apart from many of his Japanese fashion contemporaries, who often produce designs that are more conceptually impressive than practical. “Japanese aesthetics of art and lifestyle definitely influenced me at the subconscious level,” Shoji says; however, he notes with a laugh, the Japanese work ethic he learned as a youth has affected his business far more profoundly.

To achieve his famed fit, Shoji welcomes feedback on his designs from both his fit models and his customers. He even credits much of his popularity with the Hollywood set (his clients include Shakira, Tyra Banks, Debra Messing, and Emmy Rossum) to the exceptional comfort of his clothing. Luckily for women who desire glamour at least as much as the ability to breathe and walk, Shoji’s garments are as lovely as they are comfortable.

146 GENLUX FALL / 2008

Dark gray and black color-blocked wool-jersey knotted-waist cocktail dress, $590

It is precisely that work ethic that has led him to take his fashion empire in some exciting new directions. Recently, the wearability of Shoji’s designs has been put to the ultimate test: In collaborating with highend restaurants and hotels, he has designed everything from dresses for cocktail waitresses to uniforms for bellhops at such properties as the MGM Grand, MGM Macau, Mandalay Bay, and the Ivy in San Diego. Shoji shares how one of his happiest moments as a designer came when a cleaning woman at one of the hotels told him how much better-looking her new uniform was than her old one and how much better she felt wearing it. “That was great!” he says. That makes one more satisfied—and comfortable—customer.

Yes, She Can Kelly Nishimoto is proving that even in the fickle world of fashion, hard work never goes out of style. – by Trisha Tucker

Admiration shirt, $136, Secret Weapon pants, $251, Ilene's Boutique, Westlake, (805) 373-6633, kellynishimoto.com

Guinness World Records might not keep tabs on this kind of thing, but it’s a pretty safe bet that Kelly Nishimoto is the only fashion designer who has both created an entire couture collection out of Reynolds Wrap and been tapped to open a high-profile style event like LA’s Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week. Nishimoto grew up dreaming of a career in fashion, but as the child of a cash-strapped single parent in rural Georgia, she didn’t take the traditional route to fashion-industry success. Self-taught and audaciously self-confident, she’s turned life circumstances that some might consider liabilities into assets. “When you grow up in the backwoods of Georgia, where you don’t have access to anything, and then add being raised by a single parent, you just don’t have the funds to go out and see what’s out there,” Nishimoto explains. “So all you have is your imagination. That’s kind of how I came up with the Reynolds Wrap [collection]—I had 20 rolls of colored Reynolds Wrap laying around, and I was like, ‘Hey, what can I do with this?’” That collection, which Nishimoto created at the ripe old age of 19—and which prompted the Miami Herald to label her one of the “Top Ten Designers to Watch”—featured everything from corsets and ball gowns to double-breasted jackets and handbags. After spending five years conquering the Miami fashion market, the young designer decided it was time to bring her flirty frocks, with their trademark bows, corsets, and bold jewel tones, to the women of Los Angeles. Since her arrival in Tinseltown in 2001, Nishimoto has built a loyal customer base of both civilians and celebrities such as Tori Spelling, Jenny McCarthy, and Gwen Stefani, all of whom love the flattering fit and Good & Evil dress, $392, Ilene's Boutique, Westlake, 805-373-6633; kellynishimoto.com

Designer Profile


oh-so-feminine appeal of her dresses and separates. She’s also won critical raves for her eponymous line and her new collection, Imasu, which debuted as the opening show of LA’s Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week this spring. Nishimoto’s Reynolds Wrap days are over, but she continues to explore her love of unusual fabrics and details. “Now I’ve turned more to ripping fabric and using deconstructed methods without it looking too street,” she says. “And I love things with multiple purposes, like pants that roll up into shorts or long dresses that can be tied up into shorter dresses. I love The End Is Near dress, $422, Ilene's Boutique, a good multi-use garment.”

Westlake, (805)373-6633,

Although her business has grown and her aesthetic kellynishimoto.com has matured, Nishimoto still exhibits the energetic, can-do attitude that has already taken her so far. She’s excited about her in-the-works line of baby clothes, which will include a collection of adorable animal-themed onesies called Gaki Chan (Japanese for “little brat”). She also dreams of creating a line of shoes, but admits that it’s uncharted territory. “I can create just about anything with my own hands,” she says, “but I’ve never had to make a pair of shoes from scratch, so that might be a little more of a challenge. I’d have to actually find a team to help me with that.” Of course, that’s never stopped her before…

FALL / 2008 GENLUX 147

Photo: Ngoc Minh Ngo


This year Betsey Johnson is celebrating 30 years in the business, but instead of resting on her laurels, the famously free-spirited designer is just getting started. BY shannon bowen

success with frilly party frocks in particular—“date dresses,” she says—she wants to “get the brand back to a full span of Betsey Johnson work, kind of like the old days, where you had a lot of sportswear, and cotton Lycra, and much, much more daytime.”

“It’s constant interviews, constant design work, constant detailing of clothes, constantly approving and tweaking and fixing them, constant retail, new-store-opening awareness, constant licensing,” she says, speaking from the back of a New York City cab with her dog in tow. “I see my granddaughter for coffee at 7 o’clock in the morning. I moved into my daughter’s building so I could see my granddaughters every day.”

What’s more, she plans to go truly global. “I see no difference in the whole planet anymore, with the Web and TV and global thinking,” she says. “Everything is the same everywhere. I sell great in Turkey, I sell great in Russia.”

Photo: Dan Lecca

Betsey Johnson doesn’t stay in one place for very long. She’s in the middle of “reinventing” her company, she explains, and it’s go, go, go all day, every day. One minute she’s designing, the next minute she’s being interviewed for a story like this one.

But that’s what it takes, she says, and she should know. This year marks the 30th anniversary of the Betsey Johnson label (she’s celebrating that milestone by releasing ten limited-edition designs—all in her signature pink, of course— including sunglasses studded with faux pearls and an embellished satin-and-tulle sandal). In truth, however, she’s been in the business for much longer than that, having had her name on the label at hip Manhattan boutique Betsey Johnson Paraphernalia in 1965. dress, $325; black diamond Since then, her signature look—which has fishnets, $20; many facets, from lots and lots of pink to black T-strap heel, rebellious punk to flirty cocktail frocks and $225, Betsey cartoon and tattoo graphics—has earned her Johnson, 8050 a devoted following, and Betsey fans have a Melrose Ave, LA, lot to look forward to. Last year, she teamed 323-852-1534, up with private-equity firm Castanea Partners, betseyjohnson. and together, their plans for the future are com grand. While her brand has achieved great

148 GENLUX FALL / 2008

She also sells great in Japan, where, in the 1970s, her rock ’n’ roll–inspired brand Alley Cat flew off the shelves and where the Betsey Johnson label continues to be a favorite. She now has ten freestanding retail stores in Japan and licenses countless products there, including handbags and small leather goods, jewelry, lingerie, and a bevy of other accessories. “They love true-blue me,” she says, citing her sense of “comic-book kind of faux-tattoo fun,” as well as colors and trends. “I’m a really Harajuku girl; like every picture tells a story, every outfit is a little story. … They want my look, they want my name, they want my style—they let me be very free.” “Free” might be the best word to describe Johnson, whose one-of-a-kind, uninhibited style brings to mind a ’70s idea that’s always worth revisiting: that whatever we wear, we should be, in the words of Marlo Thomas, “free to be…you and me.” Polka-dot charmeuse flutter-sleeve dress, $355; black diamond fishnets, $20; black T-strap heel, $225, Betsey Johnson, 8050 Melrose Ave, LA, 323-852-1534, betseyjohnson.com

Photo: Dan Lecca

Denim jumper, $295; red "Team Betsey" thigh-highs, $20; platform heel, $230, Betsey Johnson, 8050 Melrose Ave, LA, 323-852-1534, betseyjohnson.com

Photo: Dan Lecca

Designer Profile


G enlux s p e c i a l p r o m o t i o n a l r e p o r t

Panzanella Ristorante and Martini Bar

The Ventura Blvd locale of the celebrated Drago brothers does not disappoint. Delicious, authentic Italian food in a warm, elegant environment provides the perfect setting for a romantic dinner or a night out with friends. The gorgonzola gnocchi is not to be missed. 14928 Ventura Blvd, Sherman Oaks 91423, 818-784-4400

Boneyard Bistro

Co-owner and executive chef Aaron Robins has created the perfect combination of high-end fusion cuisine, hearty comfort food, and probably the most extensive global beer selection in all of Los Angeles. Every Monday is Southern fried chicken night, with half-priced beer. 13539 Ventura Blvd, Sherman Oaks 91423, 818-906-7427

gENLUXshop With so much focus on the luxury offerings of LA’s trendiest areas, the San Fernando Valley is often overlooked. However, recent additions in the way of high-end restaurants and celebritycatering boutiques have given it a much-needed boost. Most of these new arrivals can be found along fabled Ventura Blvd—the original Highway 101 and the longest stretch of road in the Valley. With the recent surge in San Fernando Valley businesses, we thought we’d give you a sneak peek at our favorites. Here are our picks for the Best on Ventura Blvd.


Best on ventura: Restaurant (Tie): Boneyard Bistro & Panzanella

Best ON Ventura: Fine Jewelry Barin’s Fine Jewelry

This striking, gorgeous store, owned and operated by brothers Michael offers the finest in Natural Fancy and white diamond jewelry and custom, innovative design. Their specialty is classic designs that evoke an imagery of antique elegance. Michael Barin’s years of experience and artistic eye make his jewelry the perfect fit for those who seek bold, romantic expression in handcrafted, fine-tuned precision. Michael Barin is especially known for his bridal collections and has designed custom engagement and wedding rings for numerous celebrities, most recently Without a Trace star, Roselyn Sanchez. His patented “Pavilion” ring is something to behold. Barin’s Fine Jewelry, 12236 Ventura Blvd, Studio City, CA 91604, 818-761-3300. Store hours: Mon-Sat 11am-6pm

and Arman Barin,

Pavilion 10ctw diamond ring, price upon request

Chalcedoney chandelier earrings, price upon request

FALL / 2008 GENLUX 149

G enlux s p e c i a l p r o m o t i o n a l r e p o r t


gENLUXshop Best ON Ventura: Gift Shop Razzle Dazzle

At first glance, Razzle Dazzle

looks like a pastry shop or confections emporium; but look closer. All those cakes and pastries aren’t for eating— they’re beautiful and fanciful creations all priced for sale, providing a delectable backdrop for an amazing collection of gifts, packaged candies, home accessories, stationery, jewelry and vintage finds—all presented in the most unique and whimsical way. Dreamed up by Linda Berman, a branding and retail guru, this Studio City gem is both nostalgic and sophisticated. That perfect little gift store you’re always looking for, but can’t ever find. It’s retro-chic just the way we like it! Razzle Dazzle, 12154 Ventura Place, Studio City, CA 91604, 818-980-0180. Store hours: Sun–Fri, 11am–6pm; Sat, 10am–6pm

Keleen Fray, Julianna Thompson

Vintage beaded handbag, $65

Sparkly cupcake, $10

Vintage meets contemporary!

Tammy Lyn boa skin handbag, $830

Oh! Deer pump, $115

Best ON Ventura: Women’s Boutique - Belle Gray

Dolce Vita Haley snakeskin slingback, $150

Belle Gray cashmere shawl, $198

has been a destination shopping spot for celebrities, Genluxers and Los Angeles based fashionistas since 2003. Owned by the stylish Lisa Rinna, a second, fabulous location in Calabasas and a third opening in Las Vegas in Fall 2009 will surely keep your closet stocked with all the names you’ve grown to love - Diane von Furstenberg, Ya-Ya, Genetic Denim, Mike & Chris; plus new hard-to-find lines that will soon become must-haves - Elizabeth and James, Nightcap and IRO, a beautiful new line from Paris. Belle Gray, 13812 Ventura Blvd, Sherman Oaks, CA 91423, 818-789-4021. Store hours: Mon-Sat, 10am-6pm; Sun 12pm-5pm.

Belle Gray

150 GENLUX FALL / 2008

John Wind charm bracelet, $400

Jason Cohen, owner, Alive Fitness

Spa-like amenities


Outstanding trainers, stateof-the-art fitness equipment, nutritional counseling, intimate setting—you’ll find all this and more at Alive Fitness. Jason Cohen has created a high-end private personal training center and gym with a super-friendly family atmosphere in the heart of Sherman Oaks. After an extensive personal evaluation, you are matched to a trainer that will fit you and your goals. With custombuilt, fully equipped locker rooms, steam/shower and towel service, you’ll almost be able to forget the nononsense workout you just endured that is guaranteed to get you the results you haven’t been able to get... until now. Alive Fitness, 14940 Ventura Blvd, Sherman Oaks, CA 91403, 818-907-8600. Hours: Mon–Fri, 6am–9pm; Sat, 6am–4pm, Sunday by appointment only.


Best oN Ventura: Personal Training Facility - Alive Fitness

G enlux s p e c i a l p r o m o t i o n a l r e p o r t

Best ON Ventura: LUXURY Linen and clothing Care - Custom Laundry & Cleaners

After 20 successful years in Beverly Hills, owners Ray and Ani Andriassian opened their Sherman Oaks location almost a year ago, and business is booming. Annie’s father, Anto, was the renowned custom shirt-maker in Beverly Hills . When Annie realized that there wasn’t Ani Andriassian, a place for her father’s clients to take their fine garments for customowner, Custom ized care, she and Ray established Custom Laundry & Cleaners to Laundry & Cleaners accommodate them. If you’re looking for a full-service, detailed, environmentally safe place to take your garments and household linens, this is the place to go in the Valley. Custom Laundry & Cleaners, 14050 Ventura Blvd, Sherman Oaks, CA 91423, 818-788-5455. Hours: Mon–Fri, 7am–5pm; Sat, 8am–4pm, Closed Sunday. Weekly pickup and delivery by appointment.

One of the city’s only sheet presses ensures luxury hotel-quality linens

Low-stress handironing keeps garments looking newer longer.

FALL / 2008 GENLUX 151

G enlux s p e c i a l p r o m o t i o n a l r e p o r t


gENLUXshop Best ON Ventura Blvd Pilates Studio Hardcore Pilates

Hardcore Pilates T-shirt, $20

With the Pilates craze in full swing, choosing the right studio can be daunting. Let us steer you in the right direction. Hardcore Pilates, with two Ventura Blvd locations, is the perfect combination of fun, serious fitness, exceptional instructors and a meticulously organized, zen-like environment with dark wood floors, carpets next to each machine and a view of the sky on the ceiling by professional muralist, Curtis Stokes. Not only does Hardcore Pilates offer more group classes than any other studio in the Valley - including reformer, cadillac, wunda chair and group mat classes, holding to Joseph Pilates tenant that pilates is for ‘every body’, but there are group classes for every level from beginner to advanced. (And yes, once you and your pals take a few private sessions, you can ‘create’ your own class so you and your crew can workout together). Of course their private sessions are specifically designed for your fitness level and special needs. Hardcore Pilates Studio City, 13033 Ventura Blvd., Studio City, CA 91604, 818-380-0833. Hardcore Pilates Woodland Hills, 22435 Ventura Blvd, C, Woodland Hills, CA 91367, 818-888-0325. Call for class schedules and private lessons.

Best ON Ventura Blvd Nail Salon Nail Garden

Started by USC grad, Reham Bastawros, this insanely popular nail salon has been voted best Mani/Pedi for three years running on Citysearch and is a favorite of Genluxers. Each client gets a brand new set of implements and all manicures include their signature citrus cucumber-lemon soak to help detoxify the skin and leave it feeling super smooth. With probably the largest selection of OPI color choices available (over 600!), you’re sure to find the perfect shade to compliment anything in your wardrobe. Add

to that, a complimentary cappuccino/hot tea bar and it’s clear why celebrities such as Miley Cyrus, Jessica Simpson, Ashley Tisdale, Amanda Bynes and Katherine McPhee are regulars. Nail Garden will even host a private party for you and can do gift certificates in any amount. This super hip nail salon has even created a Loyalty Program - for every dollar spent, you get cash towards services. Even a Genluxer can appreciate that. You can also visit Nail Garden at their Burbank (331 N. Pass Ave.) and Sherman Oaks (14006 Riverside Dr., Suite 118) locations. Nail Garden, 10939 Ventura Blvd, Studio City, CA 91604, 818-506-4868.

Nail Garden owner, Reham Bastawros

152 GENLUX FALL / 2008

Over 600 OPI nail color choices

G enlux s p e c i a l p r o m o t i o n a l r e p o r t

Christine Turner, owner, Vanity Cosmetics

Best ON ventura: blvd makeup+brow salon: vanity cosmetics

Inside this quaint and charming studio, you will find a full-service salon that specializes in everything from skincare to makeup application, hairstyling, and their specialty, brows. Christine Turner and her expert, lovely staff provide the ultimate in pampering and luxury beauty services and can get you red-carpet ready for events, weddings, nights out...whenever you need to look and feel your absolute best. Any beauty need can be satisfied here, and you can take it home with you, too! Vanity carries some of the best names in beauty: Bare Minerals, MD Bare Escentuals, Smoky Formulations, Scott Barnes, Italian hair care line Davines, Yonka and Talika. Eye tutorial, $32 Call and book your appointment before this best-kept secret gets out. Vanity Cosmetics, 13547 Ventura Blvd, Sherman Oaks, CA 91423, Call to book appointment: 818-385-0214, thevanitystudio.com Art installation of baseball catcher’s masks, $7500



Best On VENTURA: one-of-a-kind home dÉcor items: atik Atik is the brainchild and labor of

love of

Janet Bertolus. For years, Janet filled her

French Victorian Orchid Terrarium, $895

Large wooden scissors, $120, Cracker Jack’s Sailor Jack head mold, $395 Artist’s model hand, $275 Alphabet balls, $3.50 ea; Basket, $100

Atik owner Janet Bertolus

own home with vintage finds and rare collectibles from all over the world—conversation pieces that captured the curious eye of friends and family. Her husband, after noticing that she was always being asked where she found the one-of-a-kind treasures, suggested that she open a store to share her passion and artistic eye. Janet considers Atik an extension of her home, and hopes the store continues to inspire all those who visit. But beware: before you know it you’ll realize you’ve spent the better part of an afternoon inside this incredibly interesting and eclectic store. Atik, Unique Objects for People That Have Everything, 13027 Ventura Blvd, Studio City, 91604, 818-788-5444. Store hours: Mon–Sat, 11am–6pm; Sun 12pm–5pm.

FALL / 2008 GENLUX 153

BEAUTY Best face forward

gENLUXshop Trends come and go, but flawless, blemishfree skin is always in style. Here are some products and tips from the pros that will help you achieve the flawless face you’ve always wanted. —Dawn Shand Johnson

Benefit Get Even Pressed Powder is perfect for covering shine and redness. $30, Bloomingdale’s at the Beverly Center, 310-360-2851; benefitcosmetics.com Chantecaille Talc-Free Loose Powder is weightless and silky. $58, Neiman Marcus, Newport Beach, 949-759 1900; Barneys New York, Beverly Hills, 310-276-4400

Is it better to apply powder with a brush or with a sponge? “If your T-zone gets oily, I suggest using a sponge to apply powder, but make sure you replace it regularly to avoid breakouts. If you tend to have dryer skin, apply powder with a brush. Oil-blotting papers are also great in between powdering.” —Sarah Woolf, makeup artist, ABC’s Dancing with the Stars and Greek

Pola Whitissimo Base Makeup Line contains whitening ingredients. Pressed powder: container $8, refill $36, Pola Kirei, Santa Monica, 310-587-3502, polakirei.com

Perscriptives Flawless Skin Total Protection Powder SPF15 provides light coverage for a natural look. $30, Macy’s at the Beverly Center, 310-854-6655; prescriptives.com


What’s the difference between oil-based and water-based foundations? “An oil-based foundation means that it has more oil-based properties than water-based properties. An oil-based foundation is usually best for a normal to dry skin, while a water-based foundation is usually best for a normal to oily skin. Skin produces both water and oil; this is pH balance.” —Matthew Arliskas, Sensai Advisor, Barneys New York in Beverly Hills


Shiseido The Makeup Perfect Smoothing Compact Foundation with SPF15 is moisturizing and long-lasting and works on all skin textures. Refill, $30; case, $9; Macy’s at the Beverly Center, 310-854-6655;

Hourglass Veil Fluid Makeup Oil-Free SPF15, $60; Veil Mineral Primer OilFree SPF15, $52; Sephora, Century City, 310-843-0123

Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer SPF20 is lightweight and luminous; it provides flawless coverage and can be used in place of foundation. $42, Nordstrom at the Grove, 323-930-2230; lauramercier.com

Jo Strettell for Cloutier Agency gives Genlux the lowdown on concealer, every woman’s best friend when it comes to hiding blemishes and under-eye circles. Celebrity clients include Diane Lane and Uma Thurman. What does green concealer do? “Concealer cuts red in the complexion; it neutralizes.” What kind of concealer is good for covering blemishes? “To cover blemishes, you need a heavier, slightly drier concealer that has the staying power to set, hold, and last.” For the area under the eyes, should the concealer match the skin tone or should it be lighter? “If you go slightly lighter, the result is cleaner and fresher-looking and creates a reflective effect.” Prescriptives Camouflage Cream is perfect for concealing under-eye circles; it’s a great eyeshadow primer, and it doesn’t crease. $17.50, Bloomingdale’s at the Beverly Center, 310-360-2851


154 GENLUX FALL / 2008

Giorgio Armani Designer Shaping Cream Foundation SPF20 is great on all skin types and gives skin a radiant finish. $65, Saks Fifth Avenue, Beverly Hills,310-275-4211; giorgioarmanibeauty-usa.com

UNDER-eye concealer

Chantecaille Bio-Lift Concealer moisturizes and covers for two-in-one impact. $65, blissworld.com

Giorgio Armani Face Fabric Second Skin Nude Makeup with SPF12 is perfect for light, beautiful coverage. $45, Neiman Marcus, Beverly Hills, 310550-5900

La Prairie Anti-Aging Foundation SPF15 provides full but natural-looking coverage and is formulated with La Prairie’s famed Cellular Complex. $95, Nordstrom, Irvine, 949225-2800

Time Balm Concealer by The Balm works brilliantly for spot treatments. $17, Sephora, Hollywood, 323-462-6898; thebalm.com Editorial Director’s Favorite: Clé de Peau Concealer brightens and smoothes away imperfections. Its new formula boasts a revitalizing moisture complex. $68, Neiman Marcus, Newport Beach, 949-759-1900 Kimiko Multi-Tasker Treatment Concealer is just right for covering up dark circles and fine lines. $39, blissworld.com

Amazing Cosmetics AmazingConcealer provides great coverage. $40, amazingcosmetics.com; sephora.com

UNDER-eye concealer Yves Saint Laurent Touche Éclat Radiant Touch is perfect for throwing in your bag; its easy-to-use pen-brush contours and adds a touch of light. $40, Nordstrom at the Grove, 323930-2230, nordstrom.com

DUO CONCEALER Benefit Powderflage Set, $32, Bloomingdale’s at the Beverly Center, 310360-2851; sephora.com Bobbi Brown Creamy Concealer Kit is yellow-based, making it ideal for dark circles. Powder included. $32, Neiman Marcus, Beverly Hills, 310-550-5900; bobbibrowncosmetics.com Laura Mercier Duo, $22, lauramercier.com; sephora.com

Napoleon Perdis Patrol Conceal It & Auto Pilot Eye Spy does it all—use the cream for dehydration and the matte for spots. $30, napoleonperdis.com BeautyBlender sponge, $19.95, The Beauty Closet, 818-508-1818; Namie’s, 818-655-9922

BEAUTY Best face forward


TIPS FROM VIDA EMANUEL FOR YOUR SUMMER: Sunscreen is your #1 Anti-Aging Essential. We are all told that unprotected sun exposure is bad, but did you know that our bodies actually need the sun to produce Vitamin D? Here are a few facts: 1) There’s no such thing as a true sunblock, so you’re still getting some UV exposure when wearing sun protection.

Vida Emanuel

2) Vitamin D is added to milk, as well as to other fortified foods. Supplements are widely available, and are important to take for calcium absorption—and your bones benefit, too. But what SPF to use? There is currently no rating for UVA rays. Look for sunscreens that say “broad spectrum” on the label. They contain active ingredients that help shield skin from both types of rays. The higher the SPF, the more time you can spend in the sun without burning. But be careful: SPF30 blocks only five percent more than SPF15, and SPF 50 blocks only one percent more than SPF30. Remember, everyone should use sunscreen on a daily basis—those with olive skin and dark eyes as well as those with lighter skin and blue eyes.


What are some of the benefits of mineral makeup? “It’s easy to blend, has reduced allergy risk, and the range provides light to medium coverage.” —Chase Aston, international makeup artist and spokesperson, The Body Shop


Larenim Mineral Makeup Highlighter, $19.95, larenim.com New at The Body Shop: Nature’s Minerals Makeup with SPF25, $25, available Sept. 18, thebodyshop.com

Sensai Smoothing Water Makeup Base provides a great moisturized base. $50, Barneys New York, Beverly Hills, 310276-4400, barneys.com

9406 Dayton Way, 310-246-5111, Beverly Hills www.vidaemanuel.net




Catch the long rays of the late-summer sun with a splash of color on the eyes and nails and a lightreflecting gloss on the lips. —Dawn Shand Johnson

BROWS Tame your brows with Tweezerman’s limited-edition Animal Print Slant Tweezers. $25, Sephora, Century City, 310-843-0123, sephora.com

“The best advice I can give for choosing colorful eye makeup is to experiment and trust your instincts. Start by applying loose powder to the eyelid. If the lid has oil or moisture, the color will come off much stronger than if the area is a bit more matte. Next, opt for a shade that’s a little softer. If the look is highlighter green, try celery green with a pearl finish (pearls are not as shimmery as metallics but are easy to blend). If you try the softer shades and still want more, go for the real color. Use bright colors but in a more wearer-friendly way. Try lining the upper lid with a bright shadow—this should give enough pop to satisfy your color craving. Just make sure the mascara isn’t clumpy because that’s where the focus of the look is. When you’re finished, you should feel confident about it. If not, the makeup will probably be wearing you instead of the other way around.” —Jason Hoffman, principal makeup artist, Shu Uemura

156 GENLUX FALL / 2008

Benefit doubleended Instant Eyebrow Pencil, $20, Benefit Boutique, 323944-0600

New from CHANEL: Exceptionnel de Chanel Mascara Volume in Smoky Noir – it has a great brush designed to get each individual lash, and it has day-to-night staying power. $28, Neiman Marcus, Newport Beach, 949-7591900; chanel.com

Shu Uemura Limited-Edition Duo Eye Shadow in Mesmerizer, $23, shuuemura-usa.com, Barneys New York, Beverly Hills, 310-276-4400

EYE COLOR Shiseido Silky Eye Shadow Duo in Violet Glitz, $35, Sephora, Manhattan Beach, 310546-8889; macys.com

You’ll be ready for anything with Too Faced Cosmetics’ Smoky Eye Palette, which comes with three shades: Day Smoke, Fashion Smoke, and Classic Smoke. $32, Sephora, Century City, 310-8430123, sephora. com

“Powders can be layered over the creams and vice versa to create a shimmery, smoky eye.” —Jason Hoffman, principal makeup artist, Nars Glitter Shu Uemura Bobbie Brown Metallic in Mint, $20, Neiman Marcus, Beverly Hills, 310-550-5900; bobbibrowncosmetics.com Nars Eyeshadow Duo in South Pacific & Caravaggio, $32, narscosmetics.com

CHEEK M • A • C Mineralize Blush in Gleeful, M • A • C, Hollywood and Highland, 323-465-5030, maccosmetics.com

Proenza Schouler, Fall 2008, New York

CHANEL Blush in Rose Dust, $42, nordstrom. com

Pencil in Le Sept, $24, sephora.com

Thierry Mugler Plexi Gloss, $40, T. LeClerc Saks Fifth Reflet d’Or Avenue, BevLipgloss in erly Hills, Fleur de Peau, 310-275- $22, Barneys 4211 New York, Beverly Hills, 310276-4400

Bourjois Effect 3D Cosmic Lipgloss in 38 and 41, $15.50, Ulta, West Hollywood, 323-8782524; sephora.com

Laura Mercier Lip Glacé in Bronze and Platinum, $22, Saks Fifth Avenue, Beverly Hills, 310-275-4211 Napoleon Perdis DéVine Goddess Lipgloss in Marilyn, $20, napoleonperdis.com

Victoria’s Secret Brilliant Lip Shine in Diva, $12, victoriassecret.com

Nails: royal color

OPI La Collection de France in purples and taupes, $8.50, Ulta, West Hollywood, 323-878-2524; Pure Beauty, 310-3998107. Louvre Me, Louvre Me Not; Tickle My France-y; ParlezVous OPI; You Don’t Know Jacques

Ad Design: The Style Group

LIGHtreflecting lips



Ready to wait on you, hand and foot.

CHANEL Nail Color in Fantastic, $20, CHANEL, Essie’s new Beverly Hills, fall collection 310-278includes Big 5500 Spender, a lush redviolet. $8, Nordstrom, Irvine, 949225-2800; essie.com For a non-tacky color gloss, try Vincent Longo Gelli Gloss in Vela, Aria, and Vita. $15, vincentlongo.com; sephora.com

To make your polish last, opt for Bellacures’ Gelicure Manicure: Before polishing, a thin layer of gel is applied to your natural nail; it strengthens the nail, stimulates growth, and gives your polish real staying power. Bellacures uses a biodegradable blend of organic compounds that does not damage nails. $40, Bellacures, 239 N. Robertson Blvd, Beverly Hills, 310-550-5822, bellacures.com

Barielle Love your Nails Acetone-Free Nail Polish Remover Towelettes; 40 towelettes, $10

Bellacures 239 N. Robertson Blvd. Beverly Hills, 90211 310.550.5822 www.bellacures.com

BEAUTY ingredientS:bamboo&Sake


Fruits & Passion Bamboo-Hibiscus Decorative Scented Ensemble room diffuser, $48, amazon.com

The Benefits of Bamboo: “Bamboo is

the fastest-growing woody plant on this planet; it can grow up to one meter per day. It has been used for centuries in Ayurvedic medicine and Chinese herbal medicine. Tabasheer, the powdered, hardened secretion from bamboo, is used internally to treat asthma and coughs, as an aphrodisiac, and to help treat kidney disease and stomach disorders. Its sap is said to reduce fever, and bamboo ash can cure prickly heat. Essentially composed of water, protein, carbohydrates, minerals and vitamins, bamboo is low in fat, high in edible fiber, and rich in mineral elements. Used as a facial exfoliant, it can renew and restore radiance as it gently removes dead surface cells without overdrying or damaging the skin. It helps eliminate extra oils while simultaneously hydrating, leaving skin feeling soft and smooth. Thanks to its mineral and vitamin content, bamboo extract has an antioxidant property that seems to decrease sun damage, improve the appearance of age spots, and decrease mild to moderate acne breakouts. Bamboo salt can soak deep into the follicles, decrease the activity of bacteria and the production of dissociative fatty acid, and reduce the activity of the sebaceous gland.” —Dr. Fardad Forouzanpour

Aqua Dessa Spa Therapy Sake Bath with anti-aging vitamins C and E for a silkening soak. $36, makeup.com

Collective Wellbeing Body Scrub in Bamboo/ Fennel Seed. Bamboo is naturally deodorizing. $11.99, Whole Foods, 310-315-0662

Olivia Garden Healthy Hair Ionic Paddle Hair Brushes made of bamboo, $12.50, oliviagarden.com

SK-11 Facial Treatment Essence is designed to reduce fine lines and improve texture and elasticity. $175, Saks Fifth Avenue, Beverly Hills, 310-275-4211

Matrix Biolage Strengthening Shampoo, $14, biolage.com

Earth Therapeutics Naturally Antibacterial Complexion Towel, $5.99, EarthTherapeutics.com Zia Natural Skincare Skin Basics Bamboo Exfoliant. $5.95, Whole Foods, Westwood, 310-824-0858 The Body Shop’s Bamboo Washcloth, $8.50, The Body Shop, 310-659-7513

Miso Pretty Hot Sake Soak, $14, amazon.com World of Good Bamboolicious Bowls are crafted by independent Vietnamese artists using traditional hand-coiling methods. Small square, $19.95; large oval bowl, $24.95. Whole Foods, West Hollywood, 323-848-4200

Aetó Botanica Bamboo and Wild Mango Fortifying Mask adds volume and shine. Can be applied dry. $10.50, Beautyhabit, Thousand Oaks, 805-496-1011

Naturopathica Bamboo Lemongrass Body Scrub softens calloused skin on the hands, body, and feet. $42, naturopathica.com, 800-669-7618

360 Skin Care Mystic Oasis Hydrating Body Scrub with Bamboo Extract, $20, amazon.com

Fresh Sake Eau de Parfum, $75, Fresh at the Grove, 323-932-2580

158 GENLUX FALL / 2008

Roger & Gallet Bamboo Sap Moisturizing Toning Shower Cream helps to restore skin’s elasticity. $13, beautyexclusive.com

Nuvara Exotique Bamboo & Sugarcane soyblend candle, $36, Moonlight Candles, 310659-0582

Sana Japanese Blotting Papers with bamboo fibers, $4.50, amazon.com

Komenuka Bijin Skin Lotion/Toner, with sake, seaweed, chamomile, aloe, and collagen, contains no alcohol, so it’s not drying. $40, beautyhabit.com

Matrix Biolage Strengthening Conditioner, $15, biolage.com

Lather Bamboo Crème Sink Sidekick, $30, Lather, Pasadena, 626-396-9636

THE SECRETS OF SAKE: “During the sake-brewing process, Koji [a special enzyme-creating mold that is cultivated onto rice] breaks the rice starch down into sugar. When the sugar is fermented, this yields various types of natural acids. There are several different acids, but some of the most common are lactic acid, succinic acid, malic acid, and citric acid. These acids may sound familiar, as some are common ingredients in anti-aging skin treatments. For example, lactic acid is an alphahydroxy acid that is known to help slough off dead skin cells and increase cellular turnover. In addition to acids, other natural chemicals and nutrients may be extracted at various times during the fermentation process.” —Laura Goodman, skin science specialist, P&G Fresh Sake Bath, $80, Fresh at the Grove, 323-932-2580, fresh.com

Aphrodisiac is an irresistibly sexy scent, with top notes of neroli, mimosa, orange blossom, and white rose petals. $92, Apothia @ Fred Segal, 323-6510239 Strange Invisible Perfumes Musc Botanique is a musky fragrance with botanical notes; its set in a base of 100% organic grape alcohol. 1.7oz Eau de Parfum, $135, Barneys New York, Beverly Hills, 310-276-4400; strangeinvisibleperfumes.com Shu Uemura Limited Edition Fleur de Source Eau de Toilette is a 100%-natural fragrance. 50ml, $85, Barneys New York, Beverly Hills, 310-276-4400

Archipelago Pomegranate features top notes of sparkling cassis and pomegranate, middle notes of raspberry and passion flower, and bottom notes of rose petal and vanilla musk. $35, Nordstrom, South Bay Galleria, 310-542-9440; beautyexclusive.com

Cinq Mondes Pluie d’Aromes Ritual de Kyoto, Japan, suggests the gardens of Kyoto, with hints of rose absolu and spicy ginger. $85, beautyhabit.com

gENLUXshop Ajine Fragrance at The Spa at The Four Seasons Hotel Los Angeles at Beverly Hills is a 100%-natural custom scent. It’s created based on the results of a “chakra check” that determines which areas of the body need harmonizing. Ajine.com; The Four Seasons Hotel Los Angeles at Beverly Hills, 310-273-2222; The Langham Huntington Hotel & Spa in Pasadena, 626-568-3900 Aki Eau de Parfum by Tann Rokka is a woody Oriental, rich in notes of amber, patchouli, and sandalwood. $185, luckscent.com; beauyhabit.com

Escentric Molecules introduce new unisex fragrances Escentric 02 and Molecule 02; Escentric is the blend, and Molecule is the single aroma-chemical extracted from it. $145 each, The Scent Bar, 323-782-8300, luckyscent.com

Geisha O-Cha by Aroma M, with green tea at its heart, is a refreshing, enduring scent. $72, luckyscent.com

Voluspa Kyara Eau de Parfum is inspired by Japanese Kyara wood, which is used for incense. $60, DNA Clothing, 323-882-8464; voluspa.com

In September, Bond No.9 is introducing the third in its series of Warhol eaux de parfum, Andy Warhol Lexington Avenue. 100ml, $195; 50ml, $135, Saks Fifth Avenue, Beverly Hills, 310-275-4211


Viktor & Rolf’s Limited Edition Barbican 2008 Flowerbomb Dolls (for women) and Antidote (for men) are a celebration of the Amsterdam duo’s Barbican exhibition. Each bottle is numbered and signed by the designers, with illustrations by Francois Berthoud. Flowerbomb Dolls, $135; Antidote, $95, Nordstrom, Irvine, 949225-2800, nordstrom.com

This FALL’s fragrances are a veritable Japanese garden—a fascinating mix of botanicals with woody, floral, and fruity notes. —Dawn Shand Johnson Notes Fraîches by Kristen Michèle is a soft, green, modern scent with accents of rain and water lily. $70, Spa Gregorie’s, Newport Beach, 949-644-6672, spagregories.com; kristenmicheleparfumeur.com

FALL / 2008 GENLUX 159



Nature’s Gate Light Switch Lemon Skin Brightening Serum, $29.95, natures-gate. com

Kinerase’s two-step Brightening Anti-Aging System is designed to leave skin radiant and even skin tone. $140, sephora.com Kiehl’s Bright Brightening Botanical Hydrating Mask, evens out skin tone. $40, Nordstrom at the Grove, 323-930-2230; kiehls.com

lighten up

Brightening treatments have a long, storied history. believe it or not, geishas once used nightingale droppings to lighten their complexions. DAWN SHAND JOHNSON ASKS Dr. Ezra Kest and Dr. Fredric Brandt about some of today’s brightening products. What are the best in-office brightening treatments? Light chemical peels and IPL [intense pulsed light] or photofacials. You can also do Botox, which doesn’t brighten your skin per se, but can make you look rested, happier, and more youthful. Cryotherapy should never be used as an all-over facial brightening treatment; it can lead to permanent loss of color in the skin. Laser treatments are another excellent choice for in-office brightening, but they’re usually associated with some downtime. What’s the most effective brightening treatment for ethnic skin? Ethnic skin is more complicated. The melanocytes, the cells that make the pigment in your skin, react differently to various treatments. You have to be careful not to induce permanent, unwanted color changes. You can still do most chemical peels and some lasers. You might be able to do an IPL treatment, depending on how dark the skin is. What are some effective topical treatments? You can do different treatments for individual spots vs. all-over freckling. The Iridex laser is very good for individual sunspots and blood vessels; there is no bruising or downtime, and it’s not painful. You can then do a peel or IPL treatment for the entire face. I have found it extremely effective to do one IPL treatment for the entire face, then go over it with a light laser peel. Results have been remarkable, and patients love it.

Clarins Bright Plus HP Brightening Body Veil with SPF20, $40, Sephora, Century City, 310-843-0123; us.clarins.com Sircuit Brilliance inhibits hyperpigmentation and lightens discoloration—plus, it’s all natural and paraben-free. $115, sircuitskin.com

Dr. Ci: Labo Extreme Close Up Brightening Gel Cream, $46, beautyhabit.com

Komenuka Bijin Essence Natural Moisturizer and Serum for lightening age spots, $39, amazon.com SK-II Whitening Source Intensive Mask contains Pitera to balance out the skin. Set of six, $85, Saks Fifth Avenue, Beverly Hills, 310-275-4211 Dr. Brandt Laser Lightning Foaming Cleanser, $45; Dr. Brandt Laser Lightning Night Cream moisturizes and brightens, $90; Sephora, Manhattan Beach, 310-546-8889, sephora.com

We asked Dr. Fredric Brandt: What ingredients should you avoid and why? On Aug. 29, 2006, the Food and Drug Administration proposed a ban on over-the-counter sales of products containing hydroquinone [due to alleged side effects]. The good news is, there are alternatives to hydroquinone. Mulberry extract, bearberry extract, azeliac acid, glycolic acid, and ascorbic acid can all be used for lightening skin and reducing age spots and blemishes; they can be just as effective as hydroquinone Zia Ultimate C Serum helps to reduce signs of without the damaging side effects.

aging. $39.95, Whole Foods, 310-274-3360

Great for everything from acne and sunspots to wrinkles, hyperpigmentation, and large pores, Vi Peel takes 10 minutes and causes no pain and little downtime. “Thanks to its deep penetration and highly active ingredients, it modulates the functions of the melanocytes, the cells that make melanin, the pigment that gives us different shades of our skin. The peel overall tones it down, regulates it, and inhibits its function, or rather over-function.” —Dr. A.F. Kalil, Kalil Medical Products. Vi Peel, $300–$500, The Kest Clinic, 310-276-1252; M Aesthetics Spa, 310-859-4939; kalilmedical.com

160 GENLUX FALL / 2008

Dermalogica Night Bright brightens and evens; Day Bright SPF15 brightens and protects. Night Bright, $48.50; Day Bright, $46.50; dermstore.com

Pola White Shot Spot Eraser, $154, Pola Kirei, Santa Monica, 310-5873502, polakirei.com Shiseido White Lucent Brightening Eye Treatment, $50, Nordstrom, South Bay Galleria, 310-542-9440

Bieux Skin Bionaturals Power Lift & Repair Serum lifts and repairs the skin’s connective tissue. $125, sephora.com Liz Earle Brightening Treatment Mask, $24, us.lizearle.com Intraceuticals Opulence Brightening Infusion, a botanical blend with a high concentration of vitamin C, improves the appearance of fine lines and blemishes and evens out skin tone. $195–$250, Sports Club/LA, 310-473-1447; Veronica Malibu Skin & Body Care Center, 310-456-8883

mondays martin with

turn down the lights. turn up the music!

industry hours all evening in the bar, lounge and patio only chaya bento box : : specialty drinks and appetizers : : special sushi

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gENLUXshop It’s been a long, hot summer, but it’s nearly over—time to cool off and find your center with the latest SKIN and spa treatments and products. —Dawn Shand Johnson Colette Courtion, CEO and founder of Calidora Skin Clinic,

gives Genlux the lowdown on what makes Calidora special. What inspired you to open Calidora? My own personal quest for finding corrective skincare treatments that deliver results in a friendly, aesthetically inviting environment. I’m also a very discerning consumer Colette Courtion, who seeks out the best. At Calidora, we strive to deliver CEO and founder, extraordinary customer service; we want to exceed our Calidora Skin Clinic client’s expectations each and every time. What’s your favorite treatment? The Calidora Custom Facial with the Titan procedure. The facial first exfoliates and hydrates my skin, getting it to a healthy state. Then, one of our medical practitioners performs the Titan procedure, which uses infrared technology to lift, tone, and tighten the skin. It’s a nonsurgical process that takes years off my face. What is the Calidora approach? We take a personalized approach to skincare. Everyone’s skin is different, thus the treatment options need to be customized to each individual’s skin type and condition. We offer a breadth of product and treatment options, using the best in medical technology with qualified skin practitioners and cosmetic procedures for visible results. What makes Calidora different? The Calidora SkinPlan, which is a unique, three-step skincare analysis you receive during your first visit. This scientific approach assesses several factors about your skin using advanced photo-imaging equipment, combined with a very human, person-to-person discussion about your desired results. Think of your SkinPlan almost like a fingerprint: It’s completely unique to your own set of characteristics, because no two people are alike. We offer the Calidora SkinPlan free of charge to all new clients. Calidora Skin Clinic, Montana Ave., The Waterside at Marina del Rey, Americana at Brand in Glendale, 866-451-6776, calidoraspa.com

Indulge in Olympic Spa’s Asian Spa Retreat, with its jade-laden steam sauna, herbal hot pool, mineral sauna, cool pool, and oxygen and bichotan charcoal therapy room. Olympic Spa also offers scrubs, massages, and facials; treatments are natural, pure, and gentle, without lasers, microderms, or chemical peels. Olympic Spa, 3915 W. Olympic Blvd, LA, 323-857-0666, olympicspala.com Red Flower’s Japan Seven-Step Body Treatment line is inspired

by the bathhouses of Japan. Try it at home or let the aestheticians at Spa Luce do it for you (they incorporate Red Flower products into their treatments).

Red Flower Yuzu Mimosa Sea Algae Wash, $28; Ohana Ginger Grass Bamboo Scrub, $58; Wild Cherry Blossom Rice Buff, $22; Rose Camellia Plum Soft Water Mist, $36; Kinmoxei Wild Lime Silk Oil, $44; Plum Blossom Silk Cream, $50; Hinoki Mint Mineral Bath Soak, $38; Barneys New York, Beverly Hills, 310-276-4400

Onaaah is a four-handed tandem

Balinese massage that will leave you needing to be peeled off the table! Choreographed like an ancient dance, two massage therapists rhythmically massage away all of your body’s tension, to bring you to a state of deep, hypnotic relaxation. 60 minutes, $220, Ona Spa, 7373 Beverly Blvd, LA, 323-954-8605, onaspa.com

Japanese beauty secrets Kanebo Wakanka Wrinkle Jelly Pack is a concentrated moisturizing jelly that firms and moisturizes delicate areas, like those around the eyes and lips. Four treatments, $14.45, truerenu.com Salux Nylon Japanese Beauty Skin Wash Cloth Towel exfoliates, massages cellulite, and lathers like crazy. $3.50, truerenu.com

Kanebo Sensai Premier Line Body Cream, with DNA repair/ support, is a lush, resultsoriented cream exclusive to Kanebo. $400, blissworld.com

Shiatsu massage is a classic Japanese treatment originally performed by monks who studied Buddhism in China. I am loving the Shiatsu massage at Spa 415—it really rebalances your energy and leaves you feeling great. 80 minutes, $155, Spa 415, 415 N. Crescent Dr, Beverly Hills, 310-276-8018, spa415.com

162 GENLUX FALL / 2008

FALL / 2008 GENLUX 163



Tsubaki Shiseido Shampoo and Conditioner nourish all hair types with red camellia, which is rich in oleic and linoleic acids. $8 each, truerenu.com

Falling Forward

As the dog days of summer give way to autumn, update your ’do with these products and predictions. —Dawn Shand Johnson Klorane Extra Gentle Dry Shampoo with Oat Extract is

perfect for extending the life of a hairstyle while you travel or after you work out; it absorbs dirt and products and brushes right out. It also comes in a new, nonaerosol container. $18, Sephora at the Beverly Center, 310-6579670, sephora.com

Jessica Galván on color trends Esuchen Lifestyle RD Protein for fall: “We are Cream seals hair color,. going to be seeing Contains natural vitamin a lot of rich, warm E and vitamin B, Kiwi, Green Tea, Rosemary, and tones this fall— Soy Protein. Builds body, lots of chocolaty creates shine, has anti-aging brown hair with oxidants, and protects from dimension and heat and environmental damage. $80, Neil George, subtle contrast, Bevery Hills, 310-275-2808 and blonds with touches of gold. Camellia oil has long been used in Japan as a In terms of color treatment for the face, body, hair, and scalp. Try for short hair, Chidoriya 100% Pure Camellia Oil on the hair for extra shine. $31, beautyhabit.com there are no rules; it just depends on what will look good with your skin tone. To avoid the helmet look, especially for darker hair, I suggest adding a couple of tones of color.” Celebrity clients include Victoria Beckham, Emmanuelle Chriqui, Amanda Bynes, Ali Landry, and Paula Abdul. Jessica Galván, Jessica Galván Hair Studio, 450 N. Cañon Dr, Beverly Hills, 310-2786655, jessicagalvan.com

164 GENLUX FALL / 2008

Aubrey Organics White Camellia and Jasmine Shine Conditioner Spray contains ginkgo leaf extract and ginseng root, imparting natural body and shine while detangling and combating split ends. $8.29, Whole Foods, Beverly Hills, 310-2743360

Jason Natural Salon Hair Care Citrus & Mandarin Wax Pomade

keeps hair styled and controlled without product build-up; it allows the hair to move naturally, making it great for shorter styles. $10, Whole Foods, Beverly Hills, 310-274-3360; jason-natural.com

Desperately seeking a great blow-out? Call Johnny Wright, stylist for Frédéric Fekkai Melrose Pl. $65–$85, depending upon the length of the hair; 8457 Melrose Place, LA, 323-655-7800, fredericfekkai.com

Koji Toyoda hair studio at Kinara, 656 N. Robertson, 310-657-9188

Koji Toyoda on fall trends: “Last year, there were a lot of extensions, curling irons, big hair, and unnatural pin-straight looks that could be seen on some of young Hollywood; it was all overdone—it looked like you spent hours to create it. This year is about smarter, groomed, simpler, natural looks. The bohemian look is very in right now with girls in Japan; it will be more classic, soft waves and natural straight hair with bangs on the face. Healthy hair is needed to create this kind of look. With any hair services, we are more focused on the best hair condition. When I use a coloring process, I often use the 3-D weaving technique. I understand that good hair comes from a lot of things—good products, a healthy diet—but look at an 8-year-old kid’s hair. Kids have the most beautiful natural color and texture; I just simply try to make it look like that. Japanese style and design are simple, beautiful, and classy, with many details. It’s cutting-edge, but there’s something very organic about it.” Born in Tokyo, Koji Toyoda is a fourthgeneration hairstylist. Koji Toyoda Hair Studio at Kinara, 656 North Robertson Blvd, LA, 310-657-9188, kinaraspa.com


Clé de Peau Cream Foundation in #010, $115, Neiman Marcus, Newport Beach, 949759-1900; saks.com

The experts behind Dita Von Teese’s glam geisha look reveal their secrets.

CHANEL Translucent Loose in Clair 20, $50, nordstrom.com; chane.com

Toner: Mario Badescu Special Cucumber Lotion, 8 oz, $15; 16 oz, $26, Naimie’s Beauty Center and Spa, 818655-9922; Blue Mercury, Los Angeles, 310-553-4440 Moisturizer: Mario Badescu Collagen Moisturizer, SPF15, $22, mariobadescu.com Shiseido Benefiance Concentrated Anti-Wrinkle Eye Cream, $49, Macy’s at the Beverly Center, 310854-6655

M·A·C Lipmix Lip Pigment in Crimson, $11.50, M·A·C Pro, Robertson Blvd, 310271-9137

M·A·C Eye Shadow in Bisque, $14, maccosmetics.com Passionate from Julie Hewett’s Soirée Palette, $28, juliehewett.com

M·A·C Fluidline in BlackTrack, $15, M·A·C at the Beverly Center, 310659-6201

M·A·C in Cherry, $12.50, M·A·C at Hollywood & Highland, 323-4655030

Dior Diorshow Black Out Mascara in #099 Kohl Black, $24, Sephora, Century City, 310-843-0123


“ironically, when we were talking about the look for the shoot, Memoirs of a Geisha just happened to be on the TV in the smashbox studios. so that was a part of the inspiration, and of course my mentor Danilo Dixon always does such great work on Dita—that really inspired my vision of taking it to the next level. I used all Pantene Pro-V products. I started with a mousse, did a little rough drying, then put in a nice roller set. Once you get a good set in there, it’s easy to form the hair into the shape you’re looking for.” —Kim Gueldner, hairstylist, The Wall Group

Makeup: “For this story, we wanted to integrate some elements of the geisha look in a modern way.” Eye: “I incorporated accents of red shadow to the eyes and a pink-red blush high on the cheeks. I blended upward to under the outer-eye area, a look inspired by the classic geisha technique. I also exaggerated the eye shape with black eyeliner and eye shadow.” Lips: “We felt that a vibrant crimson lip color would impart the look of a geisha and would also feel very “Dita-esque.” We applied foundation and concealer, first using a brush, then blended with a BeautyBlender sponge. We then lined the lips with a red lip pencil, then added lip pigment for a vibrant undercoat. Finally, we topped the lips with a satin-formula red lipstick.” To get the look of Dita’s eyes: “1. Set with loose powder using a M • A • C velour powder puff, then use a brush to dust off excess. 2. Fill in brows with a pencil using small, hair-like strokes to keep the eyebrow looking natural but to give structure and shape. 3. Cover the entire eyelid to the brow bone with matte eyeshadow Shu Uemura Hard one shade lighter than the skin color. Formula Pencil in 4. Add reddish powder using a brush along the outer area of the upper and Smoke Grey, $22, shuuemura-usa. lower lash lines and outward. 5. Line the upper lash line with black cream com, Barneys New eyeliner. 6. Blend black eyeshadow York, Beverly Hills, 310-276-4400 along the outer edges of the eyeliner to softly extend outer wing shape. 7. Apply a double coat of mascara to the top lashes only. 8. To exaggerate the lashes and wing-shape, add long, graduated -length, half-width-size false eyelashes. 9. Apply matte powder pink-red blush high on the outer cheekbone, blended up underneath the Kathy Jeung for Magnet LA outer eye area.”

FALL / 2008 GENLUX 165

shop for a cause

gENLUXshop Sweet Charity. There’s still plenty of time for fun in the sun—and guilt-free goodies! – Francesca Day

When prepping for that final sultry summer vacation, don’t be a nitwit— pack a Knitwit! Adorned with butterfly wings, this lush, 100%-cashmere hoodie is sure to keep you cozy on the plane. 50% of proceeds benefit the Epidermolysis Bullosa Medical Research Foundation. Knitwit Butterfly Wings Kangaroo hoodie, $280, shopknitwit.com

Manoush makes you look good in more ways than one. The brand’s posh Elga top, available in long or short sleeves, is just right for lazy summer days, and even better, $10 from the sale of each shirt benefits the Helga Heidrich Foundation, which cares for animals in Marrakech. Manoush Elga top, $103, Lulubee, beehivemb.com

Get back to basics with Rosie Jane Cosmetdeveloped by celebrity makeup artist Rosie Jane Johnston to create a naturally fabulous look (Cameron Diaz, Eva Longoria, and Courteney Cox are all fans). In addition to giving your cheeks endless shine, 10% of profits from Cheek Gloss sales will benefit the National Breast Cancer Foundation. Available in three colors, Rosie Jane Cheek Gloss will have you chanting the company’s mantra: “Natural is Beautiful.” Rosie Jane Cheek Gloss in Poppy, Marigold, and Rose, $24 each, Anthropologie, Beverly Hills, 310-385-7390 ics,

You support her during the good times and the bad, so why not support her during cocktail hour! The delicious and fabulous Support Her Vodka is distilled five times and filtered through 12,000 pounds of coconut husks for the perfect flavor. Support Her Vodka will donate $5 per 750ml sold to a variety of breast cancer founda-

until a cure is found. Now that’s commitment. Support Her Vodka, $34.99, Young’s Market Company, 714-283-4933


Follow your instincts and grab the Maya jacket by Rails

GoddessLife, famous for its seductive bellydance and burlesque classes, is heading to the ocean. Get in touch with your inner goddess during the new three-hour SurfGoddess class, which will teach you technique, etiquette, and wave selection. You can also show up a little early for a pre-class beach cleanup, and 50% of the class fee benefits the Surfrider Foundation. Catch a wave— and some karma! GoddessLife SurfGoddess class, $75, goddesslife.com

while you can. Rails designer Jeff Abrams has partnered with Westside boutique Intuition to benefit our city’s beloved Chrysalis organization. Beginning at the end of August, 10% of proceeds from every Maya jacket sold at Intuition will support disadvantaged individuals in LA, helping them to achieve self-sufficiency through employment opportunities. Rails Maya jacket, $172, Intuition, 310234-8442

You don’t have to get grubby to help save threatened wildlife. Acclaimed hairstylist David Babaii and the gorgeous Kate Hudson have launched a line of revolutionary haircare products and appliances, David Babaii for WildAid, which will dedicate 10% of its revenue to WildAid, a global wildlife conservation organization. The collection features shampoos, conditioners, beach sprays, hair polishers, flat irons, and hair dryers, and makes helping animals part of your daily routine. David Babaii for WildAid shampoos and conditioners, $13.95–$14.95; hair dryer, $119.95, db4wildaid.com

166 GENLUX FALL / 2008

The ecofabulous

line has added this chic scarf to its collection. You’ll fall in love with this stylish fair-trade piece, which comes in blue and black and can be customized with a variety of charms available at hayleystarr.com. 20% of proceeds from each scarf benefit opportunity.org, a microfinancing program that helps women in third-world countries start their own businesses. Battalstar-Butterfly, $350, Roseark, 323-822-3600 Battalion

Before taking that stroll down Rodeo, moisturize and protect your skin with AB sun from AB skincare. This SPF45 sunscreen contains an advanced anti-photoaging complex, antioxidants, and green tea—just right for shielding your skin from damaging rays as you head from Harry Winston to CHANEL. Through the end of August, $10 from every AB sun purchase will benefit the Skin Care Foundation. AB sun, $45, abskincarestore.com

Treat yourself to the eco-luxury line Red Flower, which is teaming up with celebrity favorite Atlantis Resort to create an exclusive in-room amenities collection featuring Red Flower’s 100% pure and sustainably sourced body wash, lotion, shampoo, and conditioner. One dollar from every sale of Red Flower Ocean products will benefit the Blue Project, an organization that keeps a watchful eye over delicate reef sites and oceans. Red Flower Ocean collection, $12-$34, redflower.com

“When we needed a top quality car service for the divine Dita Von Teese, we selected JC Limo.”–Genlux Magazine

J C L i m o u s i n e S e rv i c e We’ll drive.sm 310-621-5339 jayc e el imo.c om L ow rates . Airp or t p ickup and drop off. Shopp ing trips . R e d car p et e vents . FALL / 2008 GENLUX 167

opening presence

gENLUXshop talking shop

As autumn leaves start to fall, take a stroll around some of LA’s newest shopping destinations. – Francesca Day New to Rodeo Fred Leighton’s

In & Around the OC

When I hear the siren song of Internet shopping, I usually visit Revolvebut now that the leading online retailer has opened its first location on our own Melrose Avenue, I’ll have good reason to leave my desk. A one-of-a-kind gallery of fashionable goods, Revolve Clothing combines high-end style with a luxurious, artful atmosphere. With more than 30 of the site’s most coveted designers, you just can’t go wrong. 8452 Melrose Ave, 888-944-0311 Feature, 11958 San If you’re seeking intense looks (think Vicente Karen Walker, Mischen, Paul and Joe, Blvd, LA, and Mint) but mellow surrounds (a 310-826-6600 clutter-free space, soothing pale-green wallpaper, and simple hanging racks where the clothes are the main attraction), then Feature is for you. Owner Navin Megji, who’s had style stints at Dolce & Gabanna and Bella Cosa, hand-picks each design, size, and color—all aimed at a SoCal blend of casual-chic/photo-shoot ready. The friendly staff is sure to greet you with warm smiles, and even better, a cool glass of chardonnay—just right for sipping in Feature’s lush dressingroom cabanas. 11958 San Vicente Blvd, 310-826-6600

On your next trip to Fashion long-awaited boutique Island, keep an eye out for will be opening its doors the latest Trina Turk very shortly. We’ll keep boutique; it’s set to open you posted! in October.

Just opened: Calvin Klein The Americana at Brand 889 Americana Way Glendale, 818-662-971

Neiman Marcus, 6550 Topanga Canyon Blvd, West San Fernando Valley, 818-594-8740

Two floors of shopping bliss—also known as Neiman Marcus’s West location—will open on September 5. Don’t let the shimmering glass-mosaic walls or the icy-blue color scheme distract you: Prada, 29, Balenciaga, Gucci, 3.1 Phillip Lim, Dolce & Gabbana, and many more luxurious lines are longing for you to take them home. The posh shopping areas, spacious fitting rooms, Precious Jewel Salon, and exclusive personal shoppers only enhance the experience. 6550 Topanga Canyon Blvd, 818-594-8740 San Fernando Valley

168 GENLUX FALL / 2008

RevolveClothing, 8452 Melrose Ave., 323-944-0311 Clothing.com,

Designer couple Chris and Alexandra Silverman have combined old-world craftsmanship with modern style, creating twenty two shoes, an eclectic footwear company that recently launched its third U.S. retail twenty two shoes, 8304 W. location right here 3rd Street, LA, 323-782-1929 on 3rd Street. After perusing the brand’s women’s flats, heels, boots, and sandals and its men’s line of rustic loafers and boots, you might find yourself walking out with twenty two shoes. 8304 W. 3rd Street, 323-782-1929

Kira Plastinina, 116 S. Robertson, 310-246-3829

opening presence


At the ripe old age of 15, Russian fashion designer Kira Plastinina has opened a brand-new boutique on Robertson Boulevard—you can’t miss it: Just look for the blinding flash of pink. Plastinina’s youthful designs are also set to arrive on Santa Monica’s Third Street Promenade in short order. 116 S. Robertson, 310-246-3829

Shizue, 9627 Brighton Way, Beverly Hills, 310-385-8474


We can all be thankful that Shizue Nobuta never got over her childhood obsession with handbags, because her ethereal creations are now available on Brighton Way. The new Shizue boutique opened its doors in June to crowds of eagerly awaiting shoppers, offering handcrafted couture bags and exquisite diamond jewelry. Shizue’s eye candy for the arms has already won the admiration of celebs like Rihanna, who picked up the Moon River bag and LA Pouch in pink patent leather. Plus, Shizue donated 30% of opening-night profits to the Amanda Foundation to help pets in need. 9627 Brighton Way, 310-385-8474

Alberta Ferretti Girls Collection. 8626 Melrose Ave, 310-652-9000

Ad Design: The Style Group

Melrose Avenue is welcoming yet another big name this summer: Alberta Ferretti. The designer’s first flagship boutique, a contemporary concept store by Sybarite Architects, is an elegant space, just right for the designer’s feminine Alberta Ferretti, creations. Magnetic 8626 Melrose Ave shelves and hangers 310-652-9000 house the Alberta Ferretti Collection, Philosophy di Alberta Ferretti, accessories, footwear, and the

Specializing in music services for celebrity & luxury events LA: 310-581-6622 NY: 646-533-4979 email: info@CaseyLive.com www.CaseyLive.com


gENLUXshop Hollywood’s latest nightlife destination, Ecco Ultra Lounge, is turning up the heat so the planet doesn’t have to. The space formerly known as Tokio has become the area’s first eco-friendly lounge. It’s powered by LA DWP Green Power resources and incorporates eco-friendly cement, energy-efficient LED lighting, recycled wood, solar panels, and organic cuisine. 1640 N. Cahuenga Blvd, Hollywood, 323-464-2065, eccohollywood.com Get out the green word with this Recycle mini top-zip cosmetics clutch made of recycled cotton. $5.99, target.com

Physician’s Formula Organic wear 100% Natural Origin Eye Shadow Duo is ECOCERT-certified and free of harsh chemicals, synthetic preservatives, parabens, and synthetic colors and fragrances. Plus, all of its packaging materials are 100% recyclable. $7.95, riteaid.com

Eco-friendly label loyale clothing is all about sustainably produced luxe looks that flatter your figure. The line, which includes women’s, men’s, and children’s collections, is made using environmentally conscious materials such as bamboo jersey and organic cotton. Bamboo regrows quickly, improves soil quality, and is naturally antibacterial, while organic cotton is grown using methods that have a low impact on the environment. $80–$420, Lost & Found, LA, 323-856-0921; Rita’s Rags, Santa Monica, 310-3934588; loyaleclothing.com

The gas-guzzler is so last season. Step out in style with EcoNation, a new, eco-friendly alternative to traditional car services. The company, which is striving to make a positive impact on the environment by changing the standards of the transportation industry, shuttles everyone from A-listers and studio execs to anybody looking for a luxurious, socially conscious ride. Healthy snacks and beverages are part of the deal, and wireless Internet and touch-screen digital entertainment services are available upon request. EcoNation offers a variety of cars, including Prius, Lexus, Yukon and Tahoe hybrids, and it’s available in numerous cities, including LA, San Francisco, New York and Chicago. Prices vary; trips to the airport start at $55. 310-312-0820, ext.1, econation.com

Green up Your Act

Being a responsible consumer is about making Earth-friendly choices every day and in every area of life. Become a carbon-neutral crusader with these fab green deals and destinations. —Shannon L. Bowen & Dawn Shand Johnson

loyale clothing Elsamere dress, $388

It seems like a no-brainer for a tanning salon, but it’s never been done before—until now: Sun Lounge Studio is using solar power to reduce its carbon footprint. But Sun Lounge is green in more ways than one: Its relaxing interior incorporates sustainable design features such as bamboo and Sherwin Williams GreenSure paints, which use sustainable raw materials. And its top-of-the-line equipment, from the UV-free custom tanners to the VersaSpa sunless tan system with a built-in air purification column, is sure to give you a healthy, guiltfree glow. $7–$35; VersaSpa treatments, $35; packages are available. 3270 Cahuenga Blvd West, LA, 323-876-0200, sunloungestudios.com

For a gift that keeps on giving—to the planet, that is—add a touch of green to your home with The Velvet Garden Succulent Garden. Incorporating driftwood rather than harvested wood, this lovely eco-friendly arrangement (from The Velvet Garden, one of the town’s top florists) features a variety of succulents that can be replanted in your garden at home. $175, The Velvet Garden, 8327 W. Third St, LA, 323-852-1766, thevelvetgarden.com

170 GENLUX FALL / 2008

Savvy retailers are learning that “green” is officially the hottest marketing tool around, which is why we love Green and Greener, the brandnew eco-living general store and design center in Valley Village. Green and Greener promotes true responsible consumerism, which means knowing what you’re really buying, where it came from, how it was made, and where. Green and Greener has fab eco-friendly goods for men, women, baby, pet, and home. 4838 Laurel Canyon Blvd, Valley Village, 818-358-4313, green-and-greener.com





fruits toremember Luxury Fresh Fruit Bouquets


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We all know the mantra: Reduce, reuse, recycle. But it’s the “recycle” part that gets all the play. Start reusing with Sigg, “The Original Swiss Bottle,” a healthy and environmentally responsible alternative to plastic. It’s been proven not to leach chemicals, it’s incredibly durable, and it’s available in 144 different designs created by artists from all over the world. $19.95, Kellygreen Design + Home, 323660-1099; rei.com

Verabella Skin Therapy Salon is putting the environ-

ment first, relaunching this summer as an eco-friendly beauty oasis. It’s also celebrating its 10-year anniversary by making its reformulated product line available nationwide. Verabella’s products are free of parabens, petrochemicals, synthetic fragrances, and dyes, and they’re never tested on animals. 301 N. Cañon Dr, Beverly Hills, 310-278-4733, verabella.com

Happily for the Earth-minded clotheshorses among us, fashion is getting greener by the day. Among the noteworthy eco-friendly newcomers is PurePlay, Clothes for the ReGeneration, which is seeking to establish recycled fabric as the green material of choice— and to reinvent the sweatshirt while doing it. PurePlay makes its cool, casual duds using its patentpending Eco-Logic Fabric, which is created using 70% recycledcotton scraps. The line ranges from $42–$120 and is available at Fred Segal, Lisa Kline, American Rag, and pureplayclothing.com.

Designed by Masami Takahashi, this stainless-steel RamenSpoon/ Fork was created for use at Sugakiya, Japan’s popular chain of ramen noodle restaurants, in order to minimize the waste generated by disposable chopsticks. $12, moma.org

It seems like everyone’s talking about Alter Eco, the new show on the new—and first and only—24hour eco-lifestyle TV network, Planet Green from the Discovery Channel. HBO’s Entourage star Adrian Grenier hosts the eco-lifestyle and makeover series, on which he works to green Los Angeles one stop at a time with the help of activists, experts, and friends. The show is doing a great job of connecting Earthminded city dwellers who want to make a difference. Grenier is seen here on the set of Alter Eco with David Burns (left) and Matias Viegener (right) of Fallen Fruit, an activist art project that maps public fruit trees, and Sarah Shewey of Pink Cloud Events, which pairs brands and organizations with fine artists and eco-friendly resources. planetgreen.com, fallenfruit. org, pinkcloudevents.com

172 GENLUX FALL / 2008

AESTHETIC QUEEN WITH AN ANTI-AGING ARSENAL THAT INCLUDES LASERS, NEEDLES, PEELS AND MORE, CINDY KOKESCH TREATS EACH PATIENT ON A FACE-BY-FACE BASIS. If you happen to be the fortunate one under her care, this is when you value her aesthetic sensibilities. What are the results of her laser artistry on her priceless canvases? Besides looking younger after a mere 40 minutes through stimulated collagen, smoother skin tone, balanced red and brown discoloration, and tightening of the skin, this amazingly painless laser treatment leaves its patients with a healthy pink glow without unwanted side effects—none. There’s also dramatic improvement in uneven skin texture, pore size, and fineline wrinkles. The bottom line is you’ll probably look younger for your next high school reunion. Cindy’s other aesthetic treatments: laser hair removal, leg vein removal, Botox Cosmetic®, Juvéderm®, Restylane®, and chemical peels. Cindy Kokesch, PA-C, Cosmetic Dermatology, 9090 Burton Way, Beverly Hills, 310-550-1747. Office hours: Mon–Fri, 9–5pm; evenings & Saturdays by appointment only. www.cindykokesch.com

Weâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ll take you there. A Selective Limousine & Private Jet Service 661-943-2600 www.aselectivelimo.com

173 GENLUX FALL / 2008

FALL / 2008 GENLUX 173

Photo: Nadya Lev

Photo:courtesy of The Huntington Library

FILE-o-facts Made in japan


Have a yen for zen? Take a breather at the Japanese Garden at the Huntington Library, Art Collections, and Botanical Gardens, where you can lose yourself in the natural beauty of bamboo and Japanese cedars. Stroll past the stern lion-dog statues that guard the entrance and pause on the moon bridge overlooking the reflecting ponds, or contemplate something other than your navel in the raked-gravel zen-garden courtyard. Visit huntington. org for admission information. 1151 Oxford Rd, San Marino, 626-405-2100

Joy Dress, $555; blinkers, $159; atsukokudo.com

A newcomer to the LA fashion scene, debuted last year, bringing its Japanese-influenced aesthetic to Melrose Avenue. JoyRich is a concept—freedom/hope/dream/ love = JoyRich—a boutique, and a brand; the boutique carries avantgarde styles from up-and-coming You’ve done the Grove to death—you need a cultural fix. and established designers from Head over to Little Tokyo for a sushi lunch and an afternoon around the globe, and, of course, its at the Japanese American National Museum, a worldown eponymous brand for men and class museum dedicated to the experience of Americans of women. This is the place for a strong Japanese ancestry. Check out Living Flowers: Ikebana and dose of funky, forward-thinking Contemporary Art; running through Sept. 7, it’s a captivatfashion. 7700 Melrose Ave., LA, ing mix of traditional Japanese flower arrangements and 323-944-0631, joyrichstore.com cutting-edge contemporary pieces by the likes of Isamu Noguchi and Robert Mapplethorpe. Tuesday–Sunday. Adults, $8; seniors, $5; children and museum members, free. edi369 E. First St, LA, 213-625-0414, janm.org

From fying art exhibits to funky fashions, following are some fun and fabulous picks and places with Japanese flair. – Shannon Bowen

Born in Japan and based in London, designer Atsuko Kudo is the creative force behind the scintillating lace-print latex ensembles that Eva Mendes donned for May’s Italian Vogue. But she’s far from new to the world of high fashion: Her designs have been spotted on the runways of Vivienne Westwood and Hussein Chalayan, and she just received the first European Designer of the Year Award for latex fashion. Her take on latex will change whatever preconceptions you might have about shiny material, which she uses to fashion sexychic dresses, hats, and accessories, as well as lingerie and corsets. Prices vary, as many items are custommade. atsukokudo.com


Saké2Me offers up a fresh take on a Japanese classic: Lightly carbonated and infused with all-natural Asian flavors—think GingerMango, Yuzu Citrus, Asian Pear, and Green Tea—Saké2Me is pure, premium junmai saké with a twist. Available in individual bottles or in a four-pack, it’s sure to add a bit of sparkle to any late-summer soirée. Whole Foods, Beverly Hills, 310-274-3360, sake2me.com Photo: 2008 Museum Associates/LACMA

174 GENLUX FALL / 2008

In 2006, The Age of Imagination: Japanese Art, 1615–1868, from the Price Collection went on a four-city tour in Japan and became the world’s most heavily attended art exhibition. But you don’t have to cross the Pacific to see this gorgeous collection of Japanese paintings of the Edo Period, as it’s on display at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art’s Pavilion for Japanese Art and Hammer Building through Sept. 14. Closed Wednesdays. 5905 Wilshire Blvd, LA, 323-857-6000, lacma.org

It doesn’t have to be spring for you to enjoy an Asian Fling cocktail, a delectable libation created by dov33 cocktail designs. All you need is 1.5 oz premium saké (original or pearflavored), 1.5 oz pear vodka, ½ Asian pear (sliced thin in a fan-shaped garnish), and 1 oz pear nectar. In a mixing glass filled with ice, add saké, vodka, and pear nectar. Cover with tin shaker, and shake until shaker is cool to the touch. Strain into chilled martini glass and garnish with fanned pear slices. Designed by Ikuko Nakazawa, these quirky porcelain Chat Plates are surefire conversation starters: They’re modeled after the dialogue bubbles from manga, or Japanese comics. Set of three, each in a different size, $45, moma.org

Sushi aficionados no longer have to trek to Malibu for Nobu’s delectable sushi delights, as Nobu Los Angeles has set up shop in the space formerly occupied by L’Orangerie. Sip some premium saké and see and be seen at this latest triumph from executive chef Nobu Matsuhisa. 903 N. La Cienega Blvd, LA, 310-657-5711, noburestaurants.com

Photo: Tim Porter/Rockwell Group



Domo arigato, you say? If the only Japanese you know comes from a Styx song, then it’s high time for you to stop by the Beverly Hills Lingual Institute, where Japanese instructors Midori and Takao can teach you everything you need to know about this complex and beautiful language. Speaking from personal experience, there’s not a better language school in town. Eighty-minute classes are held once a week; sessions run for eight weeks and cost $275. Private instruction and corporate programs are also available. 439 N. Canon Dr., Ste. 207, Beverly Hills, 310-858-0717, bhlingual.com Cast-iron teapots are a traditional element of Japanese tea ceremonies. Produced in Japan, this Melon Teapot is finished with a moss-green glaze, giving its finish the look of authentic cantaloupe rind. Designed by Iwato Iwashimizu, the teapot houses a stainless-steel mesh infuser, making it a lovely work of art for everyday use. $75, moma.org

FALL // 2008 2008 GENLUX GENLUX 175 175 FALL

Genlux Out-of-Towner

It’s easy to forget that not long ago the fashion industry dictated, in the true sense of the word, how women should dress. Looks were in or out, chic or unthinkable. What was au courant one day was passé the next. Fashion is still fickle, but due in large part to iconic Parisian fashion designer Sonia Rykiel, modern women can make the most stylish choice of all: to dress to reflect their individuality. We have Rykiel to thank for the inside-out stitch and the no-hem look; it was she who launched the philosophy La Démode, or “unfashion,” in 1976, signaling the sea change in fashion that meant that women’s dress should reflect their personalities. And if all of that’s not enough, Rykiel is an actress, an author, and a gastronome. She has designed costumes for numerous plays, and she re-created the interior of the famed Hôtel de Crillon. What’s more, a true Renaissance woman, she personalized a limited-edition faceplate for Microsoft’s Xbox game console in 2006. It’s been four decades since she launched her first boutique and women’s ready-to-wear collection, and Madame Rykiel is still breaking the mold, proving that chic is what you make it. –Shannon L. Bowen When you’re in LA where do you… Stay? Chateau Marmont

What are your packing essentials for LA? Sun protection, sunglasses, useless accessories, a car, a dear friend, coincidences…

Have drinks? The bar at the Chateau Marmont or at the Sunset Tower Hotel

What’s the first thing you do to unwind? Check the weather.


How do you make your hotel room feel more like home? I want to feel like I’m in a hotel. It’s part of the fun!

Place to shop: Maxfield, Fred Segal Restaurants: Matsuhisa and Pink’s were memorable.

Red-eye or morning flight? Morning flight

Museums: MOCA, Gagosian Gallery [in Beverly Hills]

How do you look refreshed after a long flight? I take a nap, regardless of the time.

Beaches: Zuma, Carbon Neighborhoods: Venice, Malibu, Santa Monica, Beverly Hills, West Hollywood

Photo: Brigitte Lacombe

Favorite time of year: I have only visited in the fall.

ON AND OFF THE PLANE Dita Grande bag, $2175, Maxfield, 310-274-8800

What do you wish Paris had that LA has? The same.

What’s on your iPod? Classical, Serge Gainsbourg, Feist Reading material? Bonjour Tristesse by Françoise Sagan Wool cardigan dress, $1180; striped wool angora cardigan, $1580; net-aporter.com

176 GENLUX FALL / 2008

What do you wish LA had more of that you have in Paris? Some people, some music, some rhythm.

Dita bag, $1700, Maxfield, 310-274-8800

Wool/mohair sweater with jeweled horse, $2200, net-a-porter. com; wool/ polyamide pant, $965, Maxfield, 310274-8800



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