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Refer a Friend — Opoponax Dreams! Opoponax Dreams—the epic adventure fantasy novel Do you dare to dream?

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Opoponax Dreams

Sample Enjoy your exclusive preview of the opening chapter of the adventure fantasy novel, Opoponax Dreams

The simple lives of a small tribe are changed forever when a grisly visitation costs them one of their prize warriors. They are thrust into an unexpected journey to find salvation and great treasure in the Lost City of God.

A small band of their best and brightest people sets off on a journey into the unknown. They bravely battle against hosts of seen and unseen enemies and experience a great many adventures.

As they make their way on their quest, they are forced to experience the deepest depths of their own souls, and face the greatest enemy possible - the enemy within themselves. They fight physical and supernatural enemies, but can they prevail against jealousy, obsession, insanity, lust, disease and their own sinful natures and find the Lost City and salvation?

This is an engaging tale of adventure, fantasy, horror and ultimately hope, that takes you on an unforgettable journey through the deep, dark recesses of the human spirit.

Do you dare to dream?

Opoponax’s Progress There are some stories that need telling, but to be told, these stories need a teller. The greatest stories need the greatest tellers. If no great teller can be found, then the great story must slumber, biding its time through ages long, waiting, alone in that utter darkness until the great teller comes along. While a great story waits, does that great story dream? Are its dreams pleasant? Or are they never-ending nightmares?

Manchanon awoke suddenly, as if dragged from fathomless depths into the air. He could feel the icy-cold fingers of wakefulness digging into his deepest psyche. Icy, freezing, cold, piercing, yet somehow hot at the same time. The fragments of some horrible nightmare were grabbing at him still. Dark shadows dancing just out of reach. He tried to grasp on to the dark ephemeral tail of a receding shadow, but it slipped through his fingers and was gone, never to be retrieved again. Not on this day, at any rate. His attention was diverted by a low rustling in the nearby bushes. He pricked up his ears, trying to determine if this sound was being made by beast or man, and if by beast, how small and how dangerous an animal it might be. The rustling stopped for a few short moments, then picked up again. It sounded small. Not significant. He figured it must be a rat or an apopolah. Swiftly and silently, he got up from the warm blankets and furs constituting the bed on which he had spent most of the night. It was with one smooth move that he rose. With the precise agility and lightning-swift, slick fluidity of a cheetah in camel grease, he drew his sword and crouched, then slowly inched his way toward the source of the rustling noise. Swiftly, he struck. He drove the blade of the sword through the thick brush and felt it connect with something small and meaty. There was a satisfying sound of metal slicing through gristle and

The ebook cover—Opoponax Dreams

bone, and the soft squooshing sound of gushing liquid. He laughed and tried to pull back the sword and its prize through the thick green mass of leaves on the bush. It stuck a little. He was forced to put out some effort in order to pull it back, but eventually it gave way. He looked on in absolute horror at the wriggling, bloody, yet familiar thing stuck on to the end of his sword, as the thing slowly uncurled one long-taloned digit after another, starting with what passed for a pinky finger and slowly working its way up to what must be an index finger.

When the index finger opened, its muddy, bloody prize, which Manchanon had not noticed before, fell to the ground. Then the horrid, disembodied hand-like thing shuddered once. The shudder travelled up the blade of the sword, up the hilt, through Manchanon’s hand, to his torso and then to his heart. His eyes rolled up inside his head so the whites showed. He crumpled to the ground and moved no more. The sword fell from his limp fingers and clattered on the rocky soil, freeing its prisoner in the process. The disembodied hand rolled free and slowly the fingers curled up again into a loose fist. All the fingers, that is, except for the index finger and thumb, which now pointed to the muddy, bloody ball of paper that the hand had once contained. Aranda screamed.

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Opoponax Dreams - Refer a Friend!  
Opoponax Dreams - Refer a Friend!  

Refer a friend and claim your rewards. Get a discount on your ebook copy of the fun adventure fantasy novel, Opoponax Dreams. Act now before...