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GENINFO SOLUTIONS INC. About Dynamic markets and the unpredictable economy pose serious challenges to industries throughout the world. The challenges involved in building cutting edge values to augment growth have organizations scampering in search of an optimal solution. The question that organizations need to tackle is how to be cost-effective without compromising on the quality. The cost versus quality debate has spawned an energetic movement to improve the productivity levels. The key challenge lies in controlling one without affecting the other; strike a balance between the escalating costs and weakening quality. Geninfo endeavors to offer a complete alignment of organizations’ processes and technology with their business objectives. We deliver genuine value to organizations by designing a strategically aligned process, providing the technology and seamlessly implementing it. Our associations with some of world's leading organizations have given GenInfo Solutions Inc, an unparalleled expertise and experience in providing specialized CAD Solutions, Document Management Solutions & Facility Management Solutions. To keep abreast with the latest happenings and trends in the AEC Industry "TEAM GENINFO" is continuously investing in upgrades and training our resources to keep evolving to meet newer requirements that enhance Value of our services.

Our Services BIM Modelling Although the concepts and methodologies we now understand as Building Information Modeling date back as far as 30 years—and then primarily within the manufacturing and aerospace industries, BIM as a design and construction term was introduced about 15 years ago to set the then-emerging, information-rich, architectural computer-3-D modeling apart from traditional, and mainly paperbased, 2-D design and drawing. M&E / Arch Design Validation By working with our customers we can provide an extensive design validation service covering one or more of architectural design, structural design and M&E (MEP) design disciplines. Our output can be used for a range or purposes including design development, contingency analysis, scope redefinition, budgeting, project planning or stakeholder communication. M&E (MEP) Design Validation MEP coordination presents an unusual challenge for practice and research. Advanced plant design systems can provide models to assist in coordination, but they are generally not used on hospitals, laboratories, educational institutions, commercial buildings & manufacturing plants. Detailed design and construction for these complex facilities are fragmented because specialty design consultants and contractors perform this work. The root cause of the MEP coordination problem is not the lack of technology but the need to apply available technology tailoring to a specific set of business and technical conditions. 3D BIM models could allow a revised process of coordination.

As Built Drawings The final As Built drawings have always been a critical part and it has always been clear that these need to be the final version of the drawings, which by convention are marked as 'As Built'. But now that we are increasingly using digital manuals and choice of file format is important; should these drawings be provided as PDF files or DWG files? Architectural Rendering / M&E Visualization Through application of our MEP experience and expertise we can assist our clients during the tender / bid stage of projects with presentation material in the form of still images, 3D walkthroughs and detailed animation of a proposed M&E environment. CAD Conversion Services We can offer CAD drafting, manually interpreting paper to CAD conversion services. We can take your scanned paper documents or hand-drawn documents, tiff files or any other image files and converting them into accurate CAD drawings with standard quality that you can then edit and store digitally. Convert your prints to digitized CAD drawings, from a wide range of residential and commercial construction related projects for architects, engineering, consultants, building contractors, structural engineers, electrical/mechanical contractors and real estate developers. Revit Software Coaching Mentoring GENINFO offers clear and decisive options to meet your training and implementation needs. We believe training delivered in a streamlined and targeted way, and within a timeframe directed by our clients is proving to be more effective than traditional methods. Our company offers these services for Autodesk design and engineering solutions.

Cad Outsourcing  
Cad Outsourcing  

GENINFO endeavours to be a leading work share partner to the global AEC industry. We provide value-added design support solutions evolving f...