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Product sheet Lighting control system °REGULIGHT PLUS:





REGULIGHT TERMINAL Technical description

REGULIGHT terminal software The pre-installed management software offers a comfortable and intuitive environment for remote management of a lighting system within the range of rights assigned to the user.

The REGULIGHT terminal software comes pre-installed as an integral part of the REGULIGHT terminal UniqPC. Minimum UniqPC configuration: Display 15 “ TFT Resolution 1024 × 768 LCD panel aspect ratio 4:3 CPU Intel Atom N270 1.6 GHz RAM 512 MB Storage 160 HDD Touch screen Resistive Interfaces 3 × USB, LAN, 2 × RS232 Internal beeper YES Cooling Fanless Power supply 12V Power consumption 23 W Mounting table and wall stand Dimensions (W × H × D) 351 × 350 × 141 mm Display thickness 39 mm Weight 4,5 kg Protection class IP65 front, IP54 around, scratchproof display Temperature Operating 0°C to +40°C Storage -20°C to 60°C Operating system Windows 7 The REGULIGHT terminal UniqPC can be simultaneously used for other applications (ERP, MS Office, OpenOffice, and others). In this case we recommend extending the minimum configuration according to the current offer and the requirements of the software to be used. The REGULIGHT terminal UniqPC has a touch screen available. The REGULIGHT terminal software in the version supplied is not fully optimized for control via a touch screen, however; therefore in cases when system settings must be frequently changed, we recommend adding a keyboard and a mouse to the REGULIGHT terminal UniqPC.

Basic features: • Grouping of light points (up to 15 groups) • Registration of a light point and its inclusion in a group • Visualization of lamp status/condition • Control lamp performance: turn off, turn on, continuous control of power supply/dimming (range of regulation depends on the lamp type) • Control performance of a group of lamps: turn off, turn on, continuous of power supply/ dimming (range of regulation depends on the lamp type) • Programmable schedules of lighting control (for single lamps or lamps groups): daily, weekly, annual schedules • On-line monitoring and reporting of lamp status/condition • On-line monitoring and reporting of consumption • Automatic sending of SMS messages about lights or system status • Alarm when unauthorized interference in the network / stealing of cable occurs • Monitoring of switchboard inputs Advanced Features: • Reporting according customer requirements • Data export for further processing

Ordering number: V2001002 Product: REGULIGHT TERMINAL Type: REGULIGHT PLUS

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