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We bring energy savings. Improve the working environment. Boost your performance.


The flagship of the °GENIELITE project offers unique usage of the latest technological innovations for lighting control through power wiring and without the need for additional cables. A customer gains maximum control over his lighting system along with huge energy savings and increased quality of lighting. The Lighting Control System °REGULIGHT allows for very efficient use of lighting and significant economic savings. The rapid return on investment and the subsequent extremely high recovery rate (up to 60% per year) guarantees the satisfaction of our customers. Benefits of °REGULIGHT

˚˚ allows for control of external and internal lighting, designed for almost all currently used lighting sources (light bulbs, tube lighting, LED) ˚˚ uses existing power lines, so there‘s no need for additional cables ˚˚ energy-saving of 35%-90% (depending on the schedule and the light sources used) ˚˚ allows the controlling of lights individually and/or in groups ˚˚ industrial computer control through unique software ˚˚ possibility of regulation for 15%-100% (with LED lamps from 0% -100%) ˚˚ significant reduction of maintenance costs ˚˚ reduces CO2 emissions by 35%-90% ˚˚ increases lifespan of lamps by up to 40% ˚˚ flexible technology - a modular system that responds flexibly to the changing needs of regulation ˚˚ increases productivity at work


A. °REGULIGHT Control modul - a control module consisting of two basic elements, ALHPA and PLUS. Both control modules can handle instructions and modulate them according to the needs of the next transmission in the energy network. B. °REGULIGHT Active modul - a high-performance module controlling a light point according to the instructions sent to the control module. This powerful module decodes information and in the case of PLUS also actively communicates with the control module. Active modules are offered for all existing types of lamps (fluorescent, LED or HPS), including special applications such as industrial cameras or active sensors. C. °REGULIGHT Software - a unique software package that ensures comfort in managing a control module. The system is implicitly supplied with an industrial tablet PC, the UNIQPC, including its installed software. The system also supports communication via LAN, WIFI, GPRS or SMS. D. °REGULIGHT Peripherals - this system of lighting control supports all peripherals suitable as inputs for the evaluation of lights or other conditions affecting the way lighting is controlled in a space.



Public lighting

Sport and Entertainment


Warehouse and Logistics

Multifunctional Buildings

Health and Spa

Retail stores

Parking lots and Garages

Tourism facilities

Office and Education

Culture and Social life


REFERENCES Indoor LED lighting: NESTLÉ Prievidza, U.S. Steel Košice, Whirlpool Poprad, all in the Slovak Republic

WE CARE ABOUT THE ENVIRONMENT in which we live. We care about the environment in which our children will live. Currently, 85% of light sources in use are inefficient in terms of energy usage. At the same time millions of lamps are without the possibility of continuous lighting control. In the production of 1 kWh from 0.50 to 0.65 kg of the greenhouse gas CO2 is released into the air, which has a significant effect on global warming. Therefore, if humanity continues to use lighting as it does now, such lighting will emit 230 billion kilograms of CO2 every year. One medium-sized tree absorbs about 6 kg of CO2 per year. Thus, 38.33 billion trees will be needed to counteract the huge carbon footprint from lighting... °GENIELITE brings you an ecological, innovative and technologically advanced solution, while offering at the same time an excellent business opportunity. We provide space for open and effective cooperation of professional, innovative manufacturers and service providers in the area of energy-efficient lighting with a strong and bold ecological stance. We are actively searching for new solutions for energy-efficient lighting and the possibility of their appli­ cation.

PARTNER PROGRAM The °GENIELITE affiliate/partner program offers:

˚˚ an effective way of cooperation within °GENIELITE ˚˚ networking, sharing of work, the possibility of exceeding your limits for development, growth

and success on the market ˚˚ access to tools and resources that help create, accelerate and continuously improve mutually beneficial cooperation ˚˚ quality training and continuous sharing of the latest information in the field ˚˚ the opportunity to gain a unique competitive advantage in the form of centralised services and unique products For our partners we create the conditions for concentration and improvement in their own core competencies while giving them the opportunity to provide their customers high added value in the form of complex high-level services. Shared Services We offer quality shared services that make customer satisfaction better and more efficient. Take advantage of professional services which will help you succeed and gain a unique competitive advantage. Thanks to our sophisticated system you will be able to react quickly and efficiently. Offer this unique product and gain the support of the top companies in the business.

Become a part of a global network of professionals in the field of lighting control and technology. Find your place in our team!

CONTACT US: Elcom, s.r.o., Jesenná 26, 080 01 Prešov, Slovakia tel.: +421 51 74 64 235, fax: +421 51 74 64 111 mail:,,

°GENIELITE - basic info flyer  

°GENIELITE energy saving solutions - basic info flyer

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