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JEWELS! JEWELS! JEWELS! 1. BRILLIANT BEAD KIT 850g Pack $39.90 Each A1200A Assorted 750g Pack $39.90 Each A1200B Blue A1200C Green A1200D Red Master jewellery making, add them to creative crafts such as collages, masks and models. Six unique bead varieties including; jug, oval, star, pony, indian and craft beads. Beads feature in full colour, transparent, metallic and patterned types. Sorted into individual compartments in a clear, strong plastic box. Styles may vary to pictured.



2. BOUTIQUE CHRISTMAS BEAD KIT AR200 Transparent 900g Pack (approx). $42.00 Each AR201 Opaque 790g Pack (approx). $32.00 Each All of your students’ Christmases will have come at once! At this competitive price, same can be said for your school budget. An absolute delight to the eye and for the creative mind, our seasonal kits feature an inspiring assortment of beads in both transparent (red, green and crystal) and opaque (red, green and white) families with splashes of metallic gold and silver varieties throughout each. Styles are a fascinating mix of; pony, tri, star, spaghetti, bugle, faceted and seed. A source of endless creativity, students can not only master jewellery making, but use to enhance: counting and sorting skills, creative craft activities (collages, masks and models), textiles ability and public speaking confidence by presenting their designs to the class. Sorted into individual compartments in a clear, strong plastic box for simple storage. Please note that styles and colours may vary slightly to pictured (subject to availability).



3. ROUND PLASTIC BEADS A9760A Gold Pack of 250 $4.95 Lightweight plastic.

4. FACETED BEADS A9760B Silver Pack of 230 $4.95

A9760C Pearl Pack of 47 $1.45

A121 Pack of 1000 $13.90 Diamond-edged translucent beads. Brilliant assorted colours. 1cm.

eye-catching glamour… FOR JEWELLERY DESIGNS!

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exotic beads 1. INDIAN BEADING LOOM A125 $12.95 Each Explore exotic indian beads on your own classroom loom. Create original head bands, jewellery, bookmarks and decorations. Includes instructions. Beads sold separately. 30cm(L).

2. INDIAN BEADS A125A 100g Pack $4.90 Brightly coloured beads for worldly creations. Ideal for use with the Indian Beading Loom (A125). 0.3cm(dia).



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Be dazzled! Adorn greeting cards, picture frames, scrapbooks, masks and more.

Festive colours. 2cm.

4. ASSORTED RHINESTONES A157 25g Pack $5.50

Add glitz and glamour to masks, decorations and more. Features a fascinating variety of stones. Up to


5. JELLY JEWELS $2.95 Each

A971M Animals Pack of 25 A971N Fun Pack of 25 scrapbooks to life. Designs have plenty of personality. Bright colours. Suitable for ages three and up.

6. ALPHABET CUBE BEADS A971C Pack of 500 $21.90

AR421 Christmas Pack of 24

Spring crafts and

Spell it out with beads. Use in scrapbooks, for jewellery creations, sew on to fabric and more.

Lively colours. 5mm (approx).


Be a star. Add them to creative activities for character. Create adorable

jewellery and trinkets. Assorted colours. 0.8cm.

8. BROOCH BACKS A886 Pack of 20 $3.60

Develop students’ conceptual and design abilities by creating unique brooches. 2.5cm(L).

9. EARRING HOOKS Pack of 20 $2.95 Each A9731 Gold A9732 Silver

Design something smashing. Then wear it. Earring wires for pierced ears. Choice of metallic. TIP Encourage conceptual skills through creative experimentation. Bend Aluminium Wire (A9710A to A9710G) into desired earring forms or try out the Eye Pins (A9725A, A9725B) for a long dramatic look. Add beads of all hues and varieties, shells, crystals, Wire Coils (A810A to A810C) or lengths of Satin Ribbon (A916A to A916G). Attach to hooks.



paper bag angel


10. MINI PLIERS SET C1048F Pack of 5 $14.50 Perfect for small student hands. All the tools needed for jewellery making and craft constructions in the one set. Smooth, easy grip blue handles. Five diverse tools 12.5cm.


11. BEADING THREAD A124 30 Metre Reel $3.95 Superior strength with a generous thickness. Ideal for beading, puppet strings and more. White, fray resistant.


12.BARREL CLASPS Pack of 10 $2.80 Each A9735 Gold A9736 Silver Screws together at jewellery ends securely. Suitable for all creations. Choice of metallic. Ages four and up.


13. TIGER TAIL JEWELLERY WIRE A9722A Gold A9722B Silver 9 Metre Reel $4.00 Each Limp enough to hang naturally. Less breakage than thread or leather. Does not stretch. Nylon coated, stainless steel.

14. BEADING WIRE 21 Metre Reel $2.60 Each A917A Gold A917B Silver Wire that works wonders. Students can form shapes, models, use in jewellery making or to tie craft items together.



PAPER BAGS WITH GUSSET ............ C181A POLYSTYRENE BALL, 50mm ................................. C253 KRAFT PAPER SHREDS ............ $5.50 A191 PAPER DOYLEYS, SILVER ................................ A176 SKEWERS.................................... A155 CHROMACRYL, SKIN TONE BASE ................................ $1.65 A29P FLAT BRUSH, SIZE 8 ................................. A72B KRISS RIBBON ......................... AR430 RAFFIA.......................................... A953 CARDBOARD SQUARES ........................ A375 COLOURED EYES WITH LASHES ............. A888 CHUBBY CRAYONS SCHOOL PACK ........... A596 ARTLINE 210 FIBRE TIP PEN............................. A594 PVA CRAFT ADHESIVE ....................... C511 WOODEN STUDENT RULER ................ $0.75 M508 CRAYOLA SCISSORS ........................... SC207 OLD NEWSPAPER .......................... FROM HOME MINI BOW........... FROM HOME

HEAD Using Chromacryl Skin Tone Base and brush,

paint Polystyrene Ball.When dry, add cheeks by colouring with pink Crayon. Use Artline Marker to add mouth.Attach eyes with PVA. HAIR Apply Glue to top of head. Attach a handful

of Kraft Paper Shreds over it, allowing it to hand sown on both sides like hair. With more Glue, attach another handful of Paper Shreds for hair to hand down back of head. If preferred, attach a mini bow. BODY Cut

a piece of Cardboard Square 16x8.5cm. Insert into Paper Bag to the bottom as base for bag to stand. Take some old newspaper and insert into Paper Bag as stuffing for a sturdy body. Stuff to 12cm from top of bag. Gather bag and tie with several strands of t. Fold top of bag, collar-like, down over tied raffia.

WINGS Fold two doyleys in half, position-ing

them in a V-shape. Ensure tops of doyleys are visible when looking at angel from the front. Glue doyleys together. Attach to the back of body. FINISH Cut skewer to 8cm(L). Insert pointed tip

through bottom of head. Push bottom of skewer neck of bag and into body stuffing. Glue inside of neck to skewer to keep secure. Cut Christmas Ribbon to 55cm. Tie a bow underneath head.

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1. STAR SEQUINS A491 50g Pack $4.50 Instant enhancement! Superb assortment of colourful stars. Diverse sizes and designs.

2. ASSORTED SEQUINS A44 25g Pack $3.20

Leaves students spoilt for choice! Round, star, snowflake, flower and leaf sequins in assorted sizes. Ideal for sewing on to fabric, threading on to jewellery designs or simply gluing on creative crafts. Sequin styles may vary.

3. ROUND FLAT SEQUINS A446H 50g Pack $3.90 4. EMBOSSED SEQUINS A52 50g Pack $4.95

The traditional all-purpose sequin. Assorted colours. 0.8cm.

Special ‘raised’ sequins. Adds a sparkling touch to creative activities. 0.8cm.

5. SEQUIN 50g Pack Square $6.00 A553E Multicoloured Diamond $4.95 A589E Multicoloured A589F Gold A589G Silver A589H Green A589I Red Sprinkle sequins over glue, sew on to felt or pin on to polystyrene shapes for a stylish glow. Diamond shaped sequins measure 1.5 x 0.8cm with a threading hole at each end. Squares measure 0.7 x 0.7cm with one threading hole in the centre. 6. EMBOSSED CHRISTMAS SEQUINS AR979 50g Pack $3.45

Flashy festive sequins. Sew, glue or thread on to creative crafts. 0.8cm.

7. ALPHABET SEQUINS A446C 100g Pack $8.00 Spell out imagination in sequins. Students can create name tags, calendars, greeting cards and use for headings in scrapbooks. 0.9 x 0.8cm.



8. GIANT STAR SEQUINS AR206 100g Pack $7.90


A colourful assortment of spectacular stars. They are just waiting to shine on your art work. 2.7cm.

9. ASSORTED XMAS SEQUINS AR449 25g Pack $2.50

Shape-up your students’ festive spirit. Dazzling designs.Vibrant colours.

10. MERRY CHRISTMAS SEQUINS AR205 100g Pack $7.00 11. SNOWFLAKES OF CHRISTMAS AR207 100g $6.35

A vibrant festive touch for any Christmas class activity. 3 x 2cm.

Dreaming of a white Christmas? Chances are it won’t happen here, so get snowflake happy on

your creative crafts. 2cm.




Art + Craft Jewels Sequins from GenieArt  

Art + Craft Jewels Sequins from GenieArt

Art + Craft Jewels Sequins from GenieArt  

Art + Craft Jewels Sequins from GenieArt